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Danger. Do Not put your face on Mickey Thompson Are these onesies. Oh, Do Not put your face on the Toyos! Hello there viewers. Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I'm super glad to be here.

Uh, we're gonna return. Uh, end of day it's after hours I'm on a parts hold for another car. but I'm gonna dig into Uh project Jeep 2.0 and uh, we're gonna see if we can't make this thing shift again. Uh, if you guys recall in the last video of this, uh, this green Jeep the screen lifted two-wheel drive Baja Jeep that uh we uh what did I what was I doing in there I had the transmission pan out of it for some reason I was trying to make it like stop slip shifting or something and we found that uh, afterwards or during or it might have even gone unnoticed.

but the thing only has reverse second and like fourth gear so it doesn't really, uh, want to move. Is it going to move? There We go. Uh, we also found that the rear axle was exploded and grenaded internally. Look at that.

that's wild and there's there's glitter everywhere inside of here. metal chunks all over the place. There's that big old chunk, big chunk of metal taken out of one of the gear faces. Yeah, right around here in that area as those bearings are touching the case.

Yeah, that's bad. So I'm not gonna drive this. Oh my. God that's the unless the wheels hitting the fender.

Well I'm not gonna drive it. How about that? We're not gonna drive it. very far because there's no uh Well there's almost no gears left in the rear end. and on top of that, more grinding.

On top of that, there's no fluid in it because I just I slapped the cover back on it after we found the Carnage We actually have another axle for this that came from another. uh Jeep Sitting around here somewhere I think it's over there. but right now I Want to see if we can't uh make this thing shift? What I'm going to do is we're going to get it up in the air. We're gonna pull that pan down one more time and I'm gonna put a set of shift solenoids in this.

There's three solenoids inside this trans powering down and I want to get a hold of those solenoids and uh, change those things out real quick. We'll refill the fluid back up and it's going to end up going back out in the parking lot again. I Cannot test drive it until we get this, uh, this other rear axle in position because that one back there is a death trap and and I don't want to drive it with that axle in it so we're not going to do that. So let's get this hunk of Jeep in here.

On the third lift, we'll get the trans pan back down and we'll go from there. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Here's our brake rotor. There was a brake rudder okay Poppins A Jeep Hood Time there we go felt to snap.

kind of sloshy. it came up I didn't hear it though. Anyway, let's see what we got here. Four liter, straight six.

All right. All right, let's go about setting the rack on this thing here. Frame rails are somewhat elevated so we may have to maneuver this a few times to get it all to line up. but once you get this in the air, we're going to pop those perimeter bolts out of the pan all.
I Remember I put a filter in it last time. it like went right into my shirt that stop dripping on me. Stop it. Well that's a problem.

Look at that and it's leaking more. That should not have been as Loose as it was I wonder if that's the issue? Okay, the driver's side is set up pretty close. I Think let's go ahead and hit that up button and uh, make some contact here. Moving on up.

Immoral contact. see what we get here. Notice: I've got the feet pointed away from each other. That's the proper orientation for stability.

Okay, here we go. Made good contact there. See how the little Notch is uh, fitting into that little uh or inside of the bracket? That's good. That's extra stable.

Okay, same thing here on the left front. left. rears looks good. Let's get this thing up in the air.

Silver subscribe button. You know, like what? I did there? Yeah, all the way up. Come on. G Okay, we're reaching a couple ride height.

I Can fit one of the drain pans under there. Let's get that down on the locks. The safety. There we go.

It's going to roll the drain pan in there and we'll get to work on these uh, transmission pan bolts and pull this guy out of here. All right. drain pan coming in. are you gonna fit? I Meant to do that for extra clearance? There we go.

All right now. Unlike 99 of every transmission pan ever, this one happens to be equipped with a drain plugs. So let's go ahead and pull this plug off. Boy, that's that strip plug, isn't it? I Remember this thing.

Yeah, it came out nasty. Fluid's nasty threads are nasty this whole whole operations. well it's all risky. I Wouldn't say the whole operation's nasty.

We're trying to save this Jeep's life support. Okay, so while that's draining, let's pull these perimeter bolts out. We can just drop them in the pan. The pan is clean.

there's no, uh, no other parts in it. Let's get all these guys out of here. We'll drop this pan and see what I can do about pulling those solenoids out. I Uh, I Did order some a set already a few days ago, so they've been here.

It's kind of just been waiting for me to find the time to uh to get to them and naturally you don't have time unless you make time. So I didn't really find it. I'm making it right now because it's it's after hours and I'm staying late to try to try to accomplish this if they're gonna work or it's not. Fortunately, like I said earlier, we won't know because uh, the rear end on this thing is blown up and I'm afraid to drive it anywhere because it can blow up farther or even lock up.

hey. Troy Troy did you ever put oil in your in this differential or is it still dry? Pardon, it's empty. Okay, all right, that's what I thought yeah, we're not gonna drive it anywhere I don't want to waste a bunch of oil just for a two mile test drive to see if the transmission shifts. So I guess we're gonna have to just wait until the the very end after we change the axle over to see if uh, if we have to change the transmission as well, maybe we will.
Maybe we won't Anyway, that's all the rear bolts. Let me, uh, swing around front over here, look at those front bolts and then drop this pan down and once again bear witness to the Carnage of Destruction inside of this transmission. It's not a healthy, happy camper, that's uh yeah. I got one more left coming down.

Oh, it's falling. No fall. Actually, that's probably about as far as I want to go. I've got access to the solenoids.

There's two. two of them right here. one of them over there. Yeah, that's silly.

We gotta gotta get this thing out. I know it comes out I've already had it out, but how under the exhaust is hanging me up? It's a deal here. I Remember how we did this? Yeah, that's how it came out. We had to slide it sideways all right.

I took a lot of jiggle wiggling. but I got it all right. So we've got looks like three shift solenoids in this unit. They're held in with a 10 millimeter nut and like a little bracket.

and they're connected with these uh, little Spade connectors here. So let's pull those tens out there. we go. Oh, you do that solenoid down and uh, I think we've already identified a problem.

Look at that. look right here. This one is broken off. It's not okay.

Let's get. uh, let's pull another one out. see if that one breaks off? let's I Want to see if there were broken pre-broken or if, uh, if they're breaking coming apart, that one looks pretty broken. I Gotta gotta be honest with you.

Yeah, that one's plugged in. Yeah, look at that. See that it's got a little nipple on the end of it that plugs into that little bar right there. so that one's confirmed.

Broken in half? See if I can't Uh, sneak that little guy out of there. There are mini pry bar for the win. Get behind it here. Drop the piece.

no matter. I caught it. Yeah, the little nozzle on the end of that guys busted off. Okay, so that's one confirmed.

Uh. major problem. These solenoids can't really do their job if they can't flow fluid. They can't flow fluid if they're broken in half.

Okay. Now The Replacements On these are a slightly different design. You can see there's the two wires coming out of that one. We've got the spade and then we've got this eyelet right here.

I'm assuming is a ground. These ones right here. they've only got a ground. I Guess through the case.

So this little bracket is not the ground. or this case is not the ground for this solenoid. But it appears you've got to take the wire and loop it on and ground it using the wire and the bolt. I Think that's how this is, uh, supposed to operate here.
So let's get this guy in position, see how that fits in there. Nice tight fit. There we go. Audible snap that confirms it.

It did seat show. Let's take our ground wire. We don't need that validate anymore. It's covered and transferred.

So let's take that ground wire and run that into this bolt hole. right here. Solenoid's already in and the power wire is the only one not connected. So let's tighten this guy down at its bracket.

Foreign like. So um, let's tuck this in. Yeah, we can tuck that in right there so it stays pretty. I Don't like wires dangling everywhere inside of a transmission.

It's a bad look. You stay there All right. That's one and one is down. All right.

So seeing as how this feels like a surgical application. I put on some surgical gloves because number one I have a little cut on my finger and I don't want to trans fluid in it. and number two, there's trans fluid dripping everywhere and it's running down my arm and it feels gross. and I just don't like it.

So this is an operation best suited for. Uh, for some gloves. That's what I'm gonna do. So there's our ground wire.

there's our bracket. There's our second solenoid. Get this guy tight. I need to kind of hold these ground wires over because as as this tightens up, it wants to turn that wire.

which is kind of dangerous actually because it also puts me at risk of Smashing my finger. There we go. That's good and we'll get our control wire installed right here. Plug that guy in.

No missed the mark. There we go. Nice tight. Plug that guy in.

We'll tuck this under the filter. some keep you there. Now we've got uh, one more to go, right? Yeah, let's see if this one's broken or not. Bolts coming out and solenoid coming out.

This miniature pry bar action here. there. She is. okay.

Number three is coming in. put it into his four, wiggle it in so the O-ring seats and then ground wire and our fastener here. there. there we go.

torque action on that guy. But again, I'm going to hold this eyelet over. so when it tightens as that eyelet turns, it won't turn it so far as where it runs into the pan. aftermarket stuff.

That's just the way. And of course, our Command slash signal wire for the solenoid. There we go. All right.

our Pan's coming back into position here. and pardon the crappy view, we've got to slide it in from the side in order to clear everything. That's good. All right.

And I need to get the dipstick tube aligned. Push that guy in his hole. There dipstick tubes in. it's a two-piece tube.

Half of it was hanging down and half of it was, uh, sticking up from the pan. Let's get a couple of the Fasteners in hot tight. We're just going to get them started Here we go, buddy. So this drain plug's still draining on me and I don't like it.
So I'm putting the pan bowl back in Nick Oh I lost it I lost the bolt on this side. Hang on I must not have had it in all the way. but I won't make that mistake twice. There we go.

Okay, let's get our perimeter bolts threaded and started. Mill can't tighten any of them down because the gasket is still just, uh, kind of flopping around. I'm not going to change the filter and I'm not going to change the gasket because we just did that a few weeks ago Again, if you guys missed that video or want to go back and re-watch it, I'll put a link to it down in this video's description, but wait until the end of this one before you go there. Okay, because I just decided what I'm going to do is uh, once we refill this, I'm going to start the engine and we're gonna put it in drive and see if it just shifts on the rack and then I'll be able to determine if it's going to shift into a first gear or not I don't remember what gears it didn't have I think it only had second fourth or maybe only a third in reverse I don't exactly know and at this point I'm pretty certain that whatever, uh, whatever drum or band or gear set that that, uh, that solenoid was responsible for is what caused the missing gears inside of this trans almost all the bolts.

I got a couple more out front. Got three up here, four four up here. All right. So it is so incredibly hot underneath the here today that the GoPro is overheating and dying.

So if my edits are horrible, it's because I have to keep turning my camera back on. Uh, you should stop doing that as soon as we get out from under here to, uh, get the trans rebuild. Okay, I've got tightened I I Have had to walk away and let this camera cool off because it's overheated down there. We're letting the Jeep back down coming all the way down.

We're gonna refill it. then I'm going to start it, lift it back up. We're gonna put it in the air and put it in gear and count the gears and make sure. Yeah, I Just want to see if it's going to shift.

it's going to shift and we're good. If it's not going to shift, well, then, uh, it's gonna need a transmission or a trans rebuild. In which case, we're not good. All right.

Yellow funnel coming in. We need about six quarts of fluid and then we can see if this thing is gonna shift. What do you guys think? Is it gonna work? or uh, am I just feeding a dead horse here like I think it's gonna work I don't know how long it's gonna last, but I think it'll at least shift I'm secretly confident that that, uh, that broken solenoid is why it doesn't shift plastic you're gonna do here. That box is hard to manipulate.

so I took the bag out of it. Now you can see what's inside of my bag in the boxes. It's transmission fluid. It's not.

Franzia Don't drink it. It is not a delicious, tasty cherry flavored beverage. Although it looks like it, it does look actually kind of appetizing. Oh yeah, but you don't want to drink it.
Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no, that's not okay. I'm just gonna send this like full bar. I Don't know how much is in here. it's just it's gonna get all of it.

and that is the way there we go. All right. Bag in a box, emptied. Let's let this thing run down and then we'll go ahead and restock things.

the engine, put it in gear and see if it's going to go through the gears or not. Look at the back wheels off the ground. That would probably be best. There we go, All right.

Troy This is your death trap. Jeep So you do the honors, hop in three stockings the engine and we want to put it in drive and let off the brake and see if it will start to shift or not. Um, if it falls off the rack while you're trying to drive somewhere, hit the brakes. Okay I mean I don't think it's gonna go anywhere but I'm pretty sure that the there's enough imbalance in these tires to like send this thing into the next zip code.

Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah, we should take a Sawzall to your fenders and chop those out. Uh, you see where my markings are? yeah I Saw I I Heard it like we could. We could see it when it was shaking the windows. when we were trying to back out and turn.

it was like yeah. Oh I know there's you. Cut most of the other side Tire Yeah, we gotta just chop these out and smash them with hammers and stuff. Anyway, Proceed Begin engine stocking sequence.

All right. Put on the brake. Put in Drive Put a foot on the brake again. You don't have any brakes I Don't think you have a I don't think you have rear brakes.

That other side's just spinning and spinning. Yeah, yeah. Push harder on the brakes. Yeah, you don't have rear brakes.

That's fine now. Yeah, let's go see, give it some gas and see if it shifts Okay Four four, All right. Go ahead and break. Wow.

they're uh, you could drive shafts. Horrible. Oh man, it's like it's Weeble wobbling all over the place and it's going for a closer look. Scrub shaft up.

Sub Scribers Danger. Do not put your face. It could hurt your face. All right.

You can go ahead and shut her down. we're good and put him apart. Wait No no, the wheel is still turning. Oh yeah.

remember I told you it doesn't stop. The brake on that side doesn't work. It's tough now. Megan put in part or shut it down.

or put it in a park and shut it down. Hey, guess what? what? It had all four gears. Yeah, we shifted. Yeah.

so now I Just need brakes. Uh no. You need a new axle in the back. Ouch.

That's right here. That's what. remember. Remember the one where it was all grenades back here? No, we're not welding it.

I'm not doing that kind of work here. Next thing you know, you're gonna want me to swap this thing. That's a negative. Ghost Rider We're not doing that I think after we uh Swap this axle out, maybe you can drive this again.
Maybe I think so. All right. I think we're about done here. Uh, that was proof in the pudding.

It does shift. it has more than third gear in Reverse So worked. Kind of good. So uh.

that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. I'll do that as always by thanking you guys for watching this video. What are you doing? Checking the shaft copy that? Hope you enjoyed this video If You guys did enjoy this video. Please feel free to let us know about that in the comment section down below.

Tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Jeep end of seven slot. Society In a transmission.

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