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Happenings he Hood shopping powering on Here we go. We need some airflow. It's going to be warm today. Good day everybody.

Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I'm not going to work on anything on this video I would just uh I'd like to give you guys like the updated walk around tour of kind of how this place has uh started to come together. Everybody keeps asking me about the space next door and how the place is developing. so I figured I would just dedicate today's video or this video on such things. Starting with this we can see here: I have another lift.

This is lift number three. It's a rotary I Believe this is a 9 000 pound capacity lift so it's kind of on the smaller side. It's good for 1500 size trucks, cars maybe small vans, loud trucks. A very loud truck so it's of a smaller capacity than the 10 000 pound and of course smaller than the 12 000 pound.

So the new lift the new use lift is going to end up going right over here in the new section where the wall used to be that I took down earlier I have a I've kind of marked out on the floor pretty much where the feet are going to be placed. so we've got x marks a spot right here and the way I figured that is if we look down to the other angled lift right here. that's where that footprint is going to lie right there. so we'll keep this one at an angle.

so I can still just use the single door. Meaning if we follow that one up, there's our other lift arm there so that should be at a good 45 degrees to the door. So if my car is coming in here, it's It's a real tight squeeze, but this is for smaller stuff. that's that's about as good as I can get it.

or I need to take this Hood down. which I'm going to because both of the fans that are in it are blown up and I take some of this wall down right here and I can possibly move this lift maybe a little bit farther forward. I've got to be kind of careful though because the floor has been cut out for these little drains and I can't get too close uh, into that little divoted area I don't know if you can see it on camera, but it's it's like, uh, well, it's a divot in the floor. Either way, this position will accommodate that lift.

I Kind of wanted to put it outside, but the concrete back there is is cracked up pretty bad. Um, maybe I see I'm thinking of doing it straight on. but then I I have to knock that wall down and I wasn't really prepared for that. Uh, with the exception of this closet area right here, this is a outside closet.

I am going to knock this down because getting cars through here is going to be virtually impossible. Plus, this is actually a whole lot of space that I need for uh for other things like this bench over here for example and the brake lathe for example and or bulk oils and fluids for example and or cabinets and or roll carts. There's a lot of stuff and I can find some space right there to to utilize to place all that stuff. Um, let's see what else.

This used to be a window and since uh, long term I'm planning on taking this wall down I'm gonna leave this alone with the exception of a big vent fan that I'm gonna put in right here because there's not much airflow on this side of the building. there's only the one door and then that fan. So I'm gonna cut a hole in that window type of thing over there and we're going to put a high volume come up like a commercial or industrial fan in there that will help move air through the building. I may or may not put another one like up over here or maybe over here because I do need to uh to work on some circulation action now I've got some cabinets.

What had happened is I I Located a shop across town and they were closing up and I kind of bought all their stuff. so I have some nice storage cabinets I have dedicated this one to oils and fluids. so I've got a bunch of filters, some BG stuff, some oils, some transmission fluid, more trans fluid, more trans fluid European trans fluid, European oils and Asian and domestic and European coolants. I still have some other coolant stuff way over Yonder on that other shelf, but I'm starting to gravitate all of these types of materials over here to this end of the building.

Cool stuff, connectors and whatnot that is absorbent mats for the floor oil for the tow truck, a shelf, a kind of a shelf yeah over there I need to get into that that is a top side creeper. that's the type that you climb up into and then you like lay down in the platform and then I can work down in the engine compartment without you know, leaning over the fenders or crawling up and standing on the the radiator core. Support things like that. So I need to put that thing together.

That's useful. Uh, we have a transmission floor jack. Many of you guys have seen that I've got an engine check slash cherry picker that's from the shop that uh, that closed up. Let's see.

Oh this is a new one. The BGE Driveline service pump that is for differential and transfer case oils. You guys have seen the BG transmission fluid one. All right.

let's see, it's what else is going on here. We've got a pressure washer just in case I need to pressure wash and stuff. Uh oh, that thing that's a European oil drain type device. It's actually like a vacuum oil sucker router that way.

I Don't need to pull drain plugs on the Euro Cars I Just stick two down in the little tube, stick that tube inside of the cars tube and you vacuum the oil out. It's super fancy. Uh, let's see if some of this wall like from here down might be removed. I Think you have to pull that out.

We already talked about removing that closet section. We mentioned the brake lathe before. I've got one of those ready to rock and roll. See that sink's gonna go away? No, No, no, no.

what else. What else, What else? What else? More storage, More storage. These shelves are all going to stay. You guys tell me to take these out so I can pull cars closer, but you'll see that the structure of the building is in the way.

So by moving these wooden shelves or removing them rather, I Um I just sort of remove space that's usable when in this configuration. I Do have some level of storage, so that's that. Stuff's all going to stay so you guys know. I've got the refrigerant machine that's good.

No squeezing through here. We've got some jack stands, more storage that's going to go up. I Think right here it's a good spot. Got a shaft for my Silverado don't need that anymore.

the assault blow gun. We've got a power steering exchange machine that's decorative. That doesn't mean I Warranty Interstate Batteries for no reason uh Parts washer a little dirty in there. It's full of diesel fuel we've got.

It's a 20 ton shop press with a hydraulic jack. need to upgrade that this one. the Pf7 that's another BG unit that is the brake fluid exchanger. Got some lights, some tool boxes, stock stuff, inventory Etc et cetera.

Yeah, it's it's coming together. Ah, the swamp cooler and what else is going on. Oh, another one of those cabinets. Um I don't know what I'm gonna do with this cabinet yet.

So far it's just. uh, it's uh, specialty tools where it's specialty tools and Rando stuff. Don't really know what I'm gonna do about that. See some torches? There's the head.

We don't need to go in there. more storage and inventory. This area is for my piles of brake clean. I've got some glass cleaner more BG stuff towels, towels, towels, towels, light bulbs, extension cords, more light bulbs Chamois cloths, more towels, lots of gloves, trash cans yeah all the uh.

all the Necessities oil filters for uh, the Silverado and the tow truck got a fuel filter there more Arctic Cat Stuff oh yeah. smoke machine I have not needed that yet. that's a smoke producing device. more ventilation outside, more storage, more storage delivery of Parts these are all this is all parts pending installation and uh in some shop towel delivery stuff so that's good to go.

Y'all know about the compressor. No one has stolen it yet. Weird right? Let's see. Got the keyboard and office land which also is coming together quite swimmingly.

Yeah, we're getting there guys. so that's the update. That's uh, that's where we're at so far. uh with Project Shop, it's coming together more lights.

also a little bit at a time I Squeeze in an hour or two every day just to try to build this place up to where I want it to be. So that's the tour. Hope you guys enjoyed the tour. Let me know what you think about this place down in the comments section uh, below while you're down there.

don't forget to tap that like button. And as always, do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later! end of transmission.

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