PT 1: Oil in Radiator! 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.8 Manifold Leak!
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Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back to part Two Reassembly: This is a 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo I think it's an SS 3.8 liter GM V6 Super nice engine. Let's light it up. There we go. We pulled this intake off because we found some oil and engine coolant was mixing and it mixes through a failed gasket at these uh, coolant ports right here in the cylinder head and then that coolant will leak down into the oil, mix all together and oil mixes in with the coolants as well.

It's a it's a communication between the fluids and uh, we had to resolve that issue so we pulled the intake off. We've got everything cleaned up I've cleaned out the intake ports, We have flushed out the valley and cleaned all the debris out of that with the exception of this Leaf right here. let's get that out of there. we don't need you.

So now we're gonna go fetch the intake, fetch the gaskets they have arrived and we're gonna prep this uh, this engine block and get this thing put back together and back on the road. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good part too. All right time to start unboxing some pots. This has been previously opened because it was sealed with Scotch tape.

These are supposed to be non-returnable if open, but this one was returned anyway. This one that's our upper intake gasket. so let's go and just, uh, stick this guy in right now. Flip this guy over I Took everything outside and blew all this stuff off, gave it a spray down.

It was kind of dirty. Uh, that's the EGR tube right there. We don't want to forget that. So let's see.

how does this go. We go like this. pull the tube back out, pluck that guy in. like.

so. let's get rid of some old gasket material. I Need to blow this off some more. That's nasty.

Super clean, loud noise is powering down. So what we need to do is we fit this into the tube. There's a little hole right there that has to fit inside of that and then we can snap this plenum gasket on. There we go.

No sealant needed. It already has seals. All right, That's good. We don't need this old one anymore.

Let's go set up the manifold gaskets next. I Think they're in another box. Okay, don't need that box. This is our our lower gasket set right here.

This one's been opened as well. not returnable if open. Okay, these are the these are the updated metal gaskets. Uh, yeah, this stuff's all Velcro stuff.

It's what. I Bought not sponsored, don't need that. Oh, we've got fuel injector. O-rings These are the block seals for the end of the block.

a little bit of sealant. There's actually two types for those block seals, but I think those are the ones. So I'm not going to use these ones. thermostat, gasket, and more.

O-rings for the injectors. We'll do that stuff later. So what I'm going to do I'll fit these block seals first just to make sure everything looks good and seems to line up. They fit in there in such a way where Oil shouldn't be permitted to pass through them.
It's a it's a little sneaky. We'll have to put some silicone sealant at the corners because oil can seep out at the area between the head and the engine block and we don't want that either. So this is kind of like a one chance only type of operation here because if we don't get this sealed properly, it'll leak and then I have to do it again. and I do like my job.

but I don't want to do it twice. Okay, we see how these end pieces right here. They kind of Tuck behind the the block seal right there. You can inadvertently get them on top like this and you don't want to do that.

You got to tuck it down behind there. I will have to pull all this up because I do need some silicone there, but I'm just kind of test fitting everything to make sure it's gonna live in harmony once it's installed in this engine. Oh, we also need to get the little coolant elbow installed as well. That's important.

We're going to find that there's uh, there's two versions of these coolant elbows and I ordered both because I didn't know which one it was. There's the equal length 90 degree version and then there's also one where this, uh, this side is a shorter leg, but it's wider. This particular car is going to use this one. Um, actually there's more than two versions because you can get these in the metal and you can get them in the plastic and I never buy them in plastic when the metal is available.

So I don't ever put one. Don't ever put the plastic one in there. You saw what happened when we tried to take it apart in the last episode. Oh, by the way, if you missed the last episode, just check the link in this video's description and it will take you back to part one.

So what I will do? I'll put a little bit of a dielectric lubricant on that O-ring so it slides in. Very nice hike and we'll get this guy in position first. If so, okay, time to get some sealant in the appropriate locations. So what we'll do, We'll dismantle these gaskets.

We need a dab right here in the corner. Evenly spread another one right here in that corner. There we go and you don't have to. but I Always like to just put a real thin film on the bottom of this little gasket here.

just just in case. Maybe some on the top of the block. Some people are saying gonna say that's the wrong way but that's what I like to do. It's my way.

everybody's different. Plug that guy in. let's keep the little Corners see that and I'll do the same thing over here on this side. Let's get these guys out of the way.

pop that up sealant, more sealant right here on that corner. can't see I'm terrible camera man. there it is and a little bit right here on top of the block. thank you and I'm very generous with this on these corners.

that's a high probability leaking area. We don't want that to leak. Okay, so we got the the end seals on time for one more dab of sealant here and here after we get the gaskets back in position here. Yeah, see that actually.
I'm going to double up on this down down here right there. A little bit more gasket coming in. It's got alignment pegs here and here that locate that gasket in its proper position. There we go, and then we're going to be looking for one more dab of sealant right here on the top side.

so that entire corner is encapsulated with some ceiling. That's the idea. a little bit right there. make a nice transition to the rest of it and we'll do the same on this on the front side here.

a little bit right there and another one right over here to the right off screen. I'd move the cam, but I'm covered to seal it. my bottle just split open. look that was not good.

making a mess. Okay, gasket number two is coming in. I'm going to set the quarters down in position, get the little alignment pegs plugged in, and then again a little bit more sealant right here on the top and a little bit right here on the top of that other side. There we go.

since I've got some extra, why not? Let's put it right here. Yeah, I've got extra I See it is. That's a lot of extra. All right.

let's back this up and get the lower Mana manifold where it's installed. All right. lower manifolds coming into position. We've got the ceiling surfaces all cleaned up, polished to a nice shiny, shiny shiniest.

State It's clean. There we go. So what I need to do is we're going to insert the manifold over this little coolant elbow here and then slide it down and into place. That's the plan and of course time is working against us right now because this sealant is setting up.

So what we need to do is move over here a little bit and I'll go ahead and get this manifold down and in position. So we really only get one good shot at this. Anyway, it's gonna be fine, but it's a little tricky. tricky, tricky, tricky.

The goal here is to not smear the sealant and to uh, to not break our little cool elbow thing as well. Let's see here. let's see. let's angle that down some it's a it turns into a real tight squeeze in here.

Foreign. There we go, elbows in position and we're we're almost there. Just kind of Wiggle at some. and it looks like all of my uh, my bolts are lining up.

Gaskets are in position here. Almost okay. So we're all lined up. The bolt holes look pretty good.

Let's check our seals on the end and make sure they didn't get pushed out. The coolant elbow is in position and seal on this end looks like it's in position. We're good to go. Let's go ahead and start threading some bolts.

Let's just get these guys dropped in. We're gonna get them all threaded and we'll slowly kind of work some torque into them. We don't want to pinch those gaskets or put any like side loads on them. We want this to compress nice and evenly evenly.
I think I stuttered or slurred that word I don't remember I Might have not really thinking about my speech patterns just trying to get this. uh, this thing installed. Mistake free because I do love my job. But I don't want to do this one twice.

Not at all. And uh, there's of course the hidden ones there. You go. Got that one in and there's one more.

Where's that other one more at there? It is okay. Awesome. Put a little bit of pressure on this. All right.

Okey doke. So the torque spec on these particular Fasteners is 11 newton meters I'm sorry 15 newton meters which is 11 foot pounds of torque. So we're using the Uh the little guy I don't know if we can hear the clicks or not. Yeah, sure, we can get an actual quick juice.

There we go. I'm gonna end up doing two passes on this. That one's not even tight anymore. See how when you when you run them down, the remaining or the uh, the ones that were already torqued kind of lose their stretch because the assembly is being brought uh, brought down closer to the manual to the uh, the heads I don't know what I'm talking about.

More clicks and I'm just going to keep running through the sequence until they all stop and I no longer get any gasket compression. the Uh. The book doesn't say to run multiple sequences, but I do on this engine. that's my thing.

that hidden guy rear socket all right. now. we're good. We're torqued good all right.

Loud noises. I'm gonna blow out all these ports again in the bottom up just to make sure there's nothing in there carbon. Thank you. Very good.

All right. Next on my Hit List is going to be all this other uh supporting equipment. Let's get the EGR tube back in thermostat, the hoses, and then we'll get the upper intake on and start getting that thing fastened down. Now if I Remember this thing was a little sneaky to remove so it's probably gonna be a little sneaky to install.

Let's see I'll pry bar it. Oh that was easy. Went right in. look at that.

I had the Finesse I finessed it just right, gave it some some EGR tube. love. Come here and a little bit of torque on these two 13s. it will be good.

Okay, let's bolt this guy down. Kicks anything right here. Oh there you go. I had to order a gasket.

Let's go ahead and get the Uh upper manifold installed. It's real easy. We need to get the wiring harness out of the way nice. Ah, gravity gasket, gravity hang on redo good.

Come here, let's try this again. I'm a whole bunch of fingers so I need to slip this little uh bung thing right here inside of there. There we go. Now let me get this thing installed and I had to slip the EGR tube that was sticking up from the manifold into the port on this upper manifold.

Okay, that's seated, that's flush and bolt this thing down Next let's put this harness up and over where it belongs right there that runs over there. Good Good good, good and bolts. Let's get them. Let's get them in here.
That one goes right there. Started Good Okay all the Fasteners are dropped in I threaded them to save us video time. Let's go ahead and run these down a little bit and then we can get them torque to spec. I Think these are like 20 foot-pounds or inch pounds or newton meters I Have to check I Don't know, but I will check.

Fear not. see this is a plastic component and torque matters on plastic. Okay, that thing is now seated that's in position. Let's get it torqued.

Well I was wrong. That was way off. It's a 89 inch pounds or a 10 newton meters that was pretty low. lower than I Thought Let's begin actual clicks.

Now you gonna do it or what? There it is. Okay I didn't have them nearly as tight as I should have to start. but that's okay. not tight enough is better than too tight.

When coming up on torque, it's not working for me. Let me just speed this up some. I missed one now I did not miss one. All right, returning to actual picking and again, this is compressing that entire gasket.

So I'm gonna go back to the first ones and recheck them. Let's see, we are getting a little bit of motion out of them. Still, that one a couple more to go. Okay, there's one 10 mil over here.

Oh where'd that go? Got it? I See you 10 mil socket recovery Nick I Had the EGR Shield bracket reinstalled. Let's go ahead and run that thing down real quick. Alrighty moving on Some Got our fuel rail here with our injectors. They've all been re-o-ringed and I've got a little bit of a lubricant on there so they seat well.

Let's go ahead and get this thing down in position and bolt it in. Then we will get the wiring harnesses all set up see here making sure nothing gets captured or pinched like this wire and we're going to get all the injectors kind of in the hole a little bit and a little bit of slight down pressure should seat them without that issue. Just kind of Wiggle them in. If you don't put Lube on it, it's a lot harder to get it in and we've got our nuts to three There it is.

one on the back. Okay, okay, some quick 10 mil action. You want to make sure those are all the way seated and you want to make sure those are all the way seated before torquing the nuts because you could break the injector. That would be bad.

All right, let's move in. some. get the rear injectors connected. See that? Uh, that's the alternator.

There's one fuel injector right now. become plugged in. please. Am I doing this right? Hmm.

what this problem? Oh I had it bass backwards. That's what was going on. See what I've done? I've realized the error of my ways. Come on.

get in there now. All right, that's last injector. Sure what we're looking for? What's next on my to-do list? We have a bracket right here. There's a O2 sensor back there.
We got to get that one there. More lumens. Now we can see plug that unit in and then attach it to a bracket after installing the little. Safety Lock See that we plug that guy in? Let's go ahead right here.

this one that's our alternator control circuit. Plug that in and then 13. for the alternator output wire. let's get that guy on.

No impacts on the alternator stud because you'll break it kick. Okay, let's get all this fuel line stuff set up here. Get these guys plugged in bracket that one there. Vacuum line.

Oh I Love the home stretch section. We've got our solenoid here. Flip that guy into its bracket. Slugger in No, No, No, no, no.

Vacuum line for our fuel pressure regulator. that goes right here so everybody's connected. connected, connected, idle Air control, mass airflow, throttle position sensor and this one is for intake air temperature which is in the little ducting. I'll get that later.

Uh, we forgot a vacuum line This goes back onto that vacuum Port down there. See that? that's good? Alrighty I think I'm there. You do spark plugs and oil change and then we're in the home stretch. All right.

So here's what we're gonna do: I'm Gonna Knock these up this first three spark plugs out and get the wire set up and then I'm gonna go back off and I'll do the rear ones real fast and then we connect. We can proceed okay. like I said, we're gonna power through this a little bit so let me pop these plug wires off. Come here.

They're the reason I'm putting wires on. It is because these always like to break when removing them and there's not much we can do about it. The kick: See how these old ones looked? Not terrible. They're always I think they're Delco they look like they've got the 70 something thousand on them.

Good same units are going in AC Delcos OE Quality I Don't like to change spark plugs too far away from what the OE spec is. For example: I wouldn't put Auto lights in this or Champions. In fact, I don't think I'll put champions in anything. no offense to Champions just don't like them.

Okay, there you go. Number two: Wire gravity and there these started off by hand. Get you in there. very nice foreign number three coming in.

Pull that guy out. come on see, they get really really stuck. Seriously, let's try some. Leverage I'll break you off I Don't care.

Got it. Plug number three coming in. get her started. Run it down mix.

Okay plug wires you guys are next. Delcos Just like the ones we took off. Now this is the front bank so let's go ahead and pull the short ones out. Come here.

Okay, long ones are set aside. Here's our short ones. Start with our shortest one. First, match them up through the engine mount and oh I need some dielectric hang on? let's get a little bit of lubricage in there.

Our heat shield gotta have the heat shield. get her plugged in a click so we know we're good. Now this is cylinder number one, so let's go ahead and plug that into number one right there. They're labeled one, four, two, five three, and six.
Okay, a little bit more grease in there, just a dab to prevent water intrusion. There's three. Click that one on. here's five.

Click that one on there we go, and then we'll run these through the engine mount, connect them to the coil as well. So we'll do. Here's number five going in that's connected and number three going through also connected. Okay, I need to get way back and down to those, uh, rear spark plugs.

So while I have the engine mounts removed, I'm gonna hook a ratchet strap up to this guy and we're gonna just pull it forward with the ratchet strap and that's going to give me some more access in the back of the engine. Pull around forward a wee bit. Nothing crazy. We don't want to break our engine or the intake now.

I've got some space back here to get my hands in and I can finagle out these uh last three plugs and wires. so I'll be right back Don't go anywhere. We're going to do this in super high speed. Lightning.

Fast motion. Foreign. Thank you. Okay, brackets back on all the plugs are in all three of the rear side wires are in.

That was fun. We got a 15 mil to tighten down right here. Boom. Where's my socket? Here we go.

I'll use that impacting fix brackets on. let's release the uh, the ratchet strap. This thing is going to go back to where it's supposed to be and I can get the front motor mounts installed. There we go.

Let's put this thing out of here. Bye Okay motor mounts. Get these Wishbone guys in their home here up. They made it to the ground.

no worries. I will get it. there's one. Mount and I just need to kind of pull on the engine some to get it lined up.

Probably should have left that ratchet strap on. No worries. Muscle power, yo. it's one second.

one's right here right in front of us. Foreign. Slip it through. Bolt it in because the wiring harness bracket here that needs to feed through.

No problem. Oh there we go. Yeah, where's my wrench? Six? Nice. Oh yeah.

there we go. All right. Spark plugs are installed fronts rears later bracket, fuel emissions harnesses, intake cables, Vacuum. All right.

everything's looking good. We need to get this up in the air, dump out the oil because there's coolant in it, and uh, filled with fresh oil and then we can starting the engine. cool beans, moving on up black, subscribe button all the way up rear. Let's go ahead and hold this drain plug and see what Treasures lie within I Think it's going to be nasty in there? Let's find out today some light on the subject.

Oh, see what we get? Is it oil? or is it something else? Okay, looks like it's just oil. It's not bad. A bunch of coolant stuff didn't come out. That's good.

Filter is up here behind that control arm. See it in there? I See you sneak this guy out of its home avoiding spillages, huh? Gloves are coming in handy today. Soil's nasty. It's been here for a while.
Come out, come on you piece of filter. Hmm, not gonna fit. How about through the top? Sure got it. Okay A little bit of manual torque here.

clickage and my spray? Where's my? where's my spray? Okay, let's hose this off. Let's get out of here. Refills the engine shiny to buy oil drippages air. Okay, back up top pouring things.

This is not 520 as the bottle says I Just used it for a delivery bottle. This is Five Winter 30 fully synthesized engine oil I Think we need five parts. Love good I Love you. That's in the way.

Food: Okay. preliminary dipstick check. What do we have here? Dug it in and pull it out. Well, we need another quart.

ER Just yet, maybe three quarters of a quart because I put in a quarter quart roughly 12 ounces a pint I don't know math I put something I put some extra in when I did the uh the additive there which is a funnel's empty rechecked and then we can restocking Z Engine: All right, we're right on. our full line. Filter is not primed yet so I could go for a couple more ounces. There we go.

Okay, let's start it and check it. done. Woohoo! Okay Cap clickages There we go. okay.

Oil spilled, caps on levels Approximately accurate. We're low on coolant and that needs to be cleaned out with some Tide Pods or something. Battery is connected. Let's go ahead and stopping is the engine.

Give a chin treatment here. Begin engine stocking sequence. Now it is alive. Yes.

All right. Okay, we've got oil pressure. We've got volts. We got fuel.

We got no check engine lights. This is good. Everything we need is right here. Let's get this off the rack.

I'm gonna pull it outside, hose the engine off, give it the wash down treatment, and uh, we can work on, uh, on handling that coolant situation after that. But I think that is going to be saved uh for a future content. Warning: Warning: Door ajar. Okay.

pull this bad boy on out. runs very well. So far, so good. We'll hose it off, let it run for a while, check it for leaks, and uh I can proceed with additional operations at a later date and time.

So uh, that being said, we're gonna go ahead and clean this off I'm gonna close this video out Like thank you guys for watching this series of videos on this intake manifold replacement job. One of my favorite jobs to perform on these GM 3 8s and three fours, three fives, three ones I think the three nine is the same way. Either way, I Like this operation, it's fast, it's efficient and uh, something I like to do so again again And as always, thank you guys for watching this video. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! You're getting nice and shiny operation now.
Goodbye non-shiny little water in there. For now, we're gonna do a tide pod. Cool plus procedure. Give it all this old nasty and get some nice stretch.

Good coolant in there. Oh by the way, fun fact: if you don't replace the gasket on that upper intake, it will leak coolant into the engine at an alarming rate because the uh, there is dual capacity through that I may have mentioned that earlier, but I'd like to reiterate it at this time. So shiny good, you know? Ex: Mission Complete Goodbye Monte Carlo.

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  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Millard says:

    A+ for remembering where all the blots and connectors go and fittings and everything all in its correct place A+ well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Radio Rescue says:

    Besides these intake issues and that coolant elbow and a few other minor things these 3.8's are great engines. I saw a Buick Lasabre at the auction the other day with 462,000 miles still running strong!!

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clinton Turner says:

    Bacon grease 😋.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Ault says:

    I have a tip for any shade tree mechanics. Do not wear wireless earbuds that fall out of your ears while removing intake manifolds. Don't ask me how I know.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Michaels says:

    Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder.NJ

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Ault says:

    I think champion were the OE in my 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars oldbloke135 says:

    It always makes me smile when Americans talk about oil measurement in quarts, saying things like two and a half quarts, never five pints. I suppose you will have the last laugh, if your oil (God forbid) ever goes metric, then you'll get slightly more oil in a liter bottle because a US quart is 0.946 liters. Here in the UK we got robbed, one of our old Imperial quart oil bottles used to be 1.137 litres!

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mathue Lee says:

    I had spray foam do that to me Thursday 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marcel Wildeboer says:

    Zo jammer dat je niet in Nederland bent met je shop, ze proberen je hier allemaal een poot uit te trekken in de garage en ik heb dan ook totaal geen vertrouwen om mijn auto er naar een garage toe te brengen zonder er zelf met de neus op te moeten staan en alles te controleren.
    Ik kan wel een boek schrijven over hoe vaak ze mij geprobeerd hebben op te lichten met onnodige reparaties en kosten voor werk dat helemaal niet is uitgevoerd.
    blijf je zelf Ray met wat je doet en je eerlijkheid, wij voorspellen dat je het goed gaat doen en wij wensen je het allerbeste voor de toekomst.