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Hi you guys check it out! Cliff and Cody are Up on the Roof Cliff's camera shy I'm not gonna kill him Cody Doesn't care, but uh, we're throwing piles of stuff off of the roof into the trailer and then we're gonna take the roof off of the thing and then I think tomorrow. I'm Gonna Knock the wall down so let's see how this recording action goes. Whoa! Thanks guys! Glad you're here! Today's demolition day. we're not working on cars.

I Cleared the shop out, we pushed the broken Dodge out. That's the fuel pump waiting truck and uh now I'm going up on this route to tear some stuff up. Hey, don't don't hit me. I'm walking by walking by, walking by safe, all right.

Eric Cody Catch the lights coming in. There's one light. you got it. two lights.

I'll get more drop light coming up. Get that one. thank you I Have another drop light but we need to plug it in that's not gonna reach Is it? Yeah, Yes. more lumens.

All right. I'm getting it. Hang on. I got one.

Oh you know what else we found in this joint? Check this out. There was this closet right here and I found a six seven turbo diesel in a closet. Check that out. It's legit.

That's a six seven hanging out Ford Motor in a closet I think I'm gonna leave that closet here and then move the compressor into there I Think that would be perfect, but right now we need uh, we need more lumens so let's get this one. Hey drop light coming up. Don't hit me here. you go.

Oh man, here. grab that I'm recording. You got it. Sweet? What? And you need electrons? Yeah, there's some.

Yeah. This place super organized I cleaned up before I left this weekend. Nice. There's my my female end.

All right y'all Hang on, hang on, Catch the catch the cord good enough and then I'll run this very unsafely over here to that overloaded. Outlet Perfect. Hey, do we have any more power strips? Cliff You need a power strip? You need two more power strips up there. He's not happy with my daisy chain power strip action going on here.

Let's plug this extension cord into this extension cord. This is how we do this for safety and whatnot. Beautiful. Okay, whoa, that was dirt Dusty crusty dirts all right.

I'm coming up. Should we? um, should we open up this ladder and use it for its intended purpose. Are we doing this ladder the wrong way? Or should we like? should we open this and make it a normal ladder? No, it's okay. or should we just do this to OSHA Approved way.

Oh sure. Got it. The Ocean! I I Approve this. I Can't believe they nailed this roof in.

We thought this was screwed in. Look at that and it's nailed. This is gonna be more fun. Are here out Yeah! um can we leave it there and not tear it out? I Don't want to leave that part of the roof though? All right, let's take it out.

So what do you need? You need a you need a meter and a Phillips Yeah and then we're gonna have to see if we can shut the water off down below. I Think it is off? Sound like there's water right here. It should be off. Let me go check it.
I'll throw you. let me grab you a meter and uh and your Phillips and then I'll go check and see if the water's off. It should be I hope it is. If it's not, that's gonna be a problem.

All right. Uh, that's two. There's the Phillips and there is a meter right? I Beg your partner get and get all that 500 feet of garden hose out there. Yeah, so we can drain the tank.

Beautiful! I Knew see I Knew I Didn't throw that away for a reason. We had to save it. There you go. there's a meter fluke and here's the screwdriver.

I Hope that thing fits. Go see if the water is off. We have a dumpster outside too. but I don't have a skid steer here yet.

That's gonna happen tomorrow to check the water. water. Water oh that doesn't work. I think hey I think the water's off guys or not.

Yeah no no, that's that. water's on. Um where's the water that goes up to the water heater? That's this line right here and I can't turn it off there because that valve just goes to the hot on this side right here. So that's a problem.

I Think yeah. I don't know what to do now? Okay I can't find the water line connect but lift some in. Uh, Municip? What do you say? A municipality? You're a marsupial. Yeah, he's a municipality man.

so he's gonna go try to shut the water off. You might want to take a flashlight and a gun. Oh yeah, what do we do now? Wow. More drywall.

Holy smokes, yeah, that's yeah. that's not gonna work. I Can't believe they put nails in this. I Let me check my toolbox for a claw hammer we had to send.

We had to tend to go for it. For a hammer, we got a crowbar that might work. All we got to do is pull the nails. Yeah, hang on, let's go.

Danger danger. See you here. Up up and over into the toolbox. This is a hazardous.

Zone I Don't think I have a claw hammer in here I think it's at home? Yeah yeah, it's not in here. Chainsaw? Nope. Nope yeah, nope. Gotta wait for the Gopher to come back from the Home Depot You found it.

Where was it really? But it comes. Oh whatever it. hey, you got it. you got it.

That's fine. whatever chunk. It Go Go You won't hit me. The pile got big bass really fast.

Another nice wait. I'm trying to cross like I'm totally trying to come up there. Go ahead. go ahead.

go ahead. go ahead. there you go. All right now.

Clear Frogger Clear run. Uh, we got a broom request. broom going up. Okay, we're gonna need this this thing in a minute.

No there we go. that's not safe. That one out of here. All right.

I'm coming up. time to yank some Nails out of the ceiling slash floor. I'm scared of heights too. What am I doing up here? Get the ladder slits.

Oh there we go. All right. So we have to start from over here. Yeah sure, let's see how this is gonna work.
Hurt you his his artist was on YouTube video. oh you were following him on your bike. Yeah, we're gonna need the uh oh, this is not gonna work. We're gonna need the uh, the Hammers Oh, it's not cool and we got an idea to drain that tank too.

Garden hose? Yeah. I I would just really hate to chop into that line and then get 90 PSI of water sprayed all over us. So yeah, let's empty it first. I Think we should do that? That's probably smart.

Yeah, let's do that. No, that's not poopy water. it was I Mean it was garden hose water to the camper. That's why there's two female ends.

I Think hey, give me that saw this stupid things in the way. Here We go: pork. This is not the appropriate use for this tool. that was that was beautiful.

Yeah, hold on screwdriver. I'm gonna feed that outside. I'm just gonna start draining it right now. That way he gets water on him.

Is it going? Probably. It should be. You should be getting some flow. you got.

flow. No, no, really. Hmm. nothing.

Yeah, you should. Cody Crank It Up We need more hose or more water. I Tell you that sounds pressurized. I'm pretty sure that that thing's pressurized.

That's sorry. End valve: Yeah, it's just the valve is just leaking like it's closed. but it's leaking everywhere. Cliff Turn off more valves.

Did you turn off more valves? Yeah. downstairs. I Got blow up here I Think oh yeah, it it feels like a lot of flow. Uh uh.

hang on uh. Zach Came through almost a complete stop. Yeah, yeah, it's just lightly leaking by. um, what do we do? just chop off that, uh, shot that valve off and shove the shark right over it even while it's leaking.

Yeah, all right, that's fine. Ho. it's off to the dumpster. I Go with a big old gaggle of light bulbs.

while I'm losing them, they're awkward. We're gonna not break these in the parking lot casting a shadow. There we go. Let's set these down nice and gently.

No, seriously. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna smash him. hey look I found something. we were walking on this but I found out that uh yeah look I thought there it is.

there's more hole. There's nothing here. let's not walk on that. Um The Beam stops here so everything on that side is.

There's just nothing there. Nothing. Why don't we just hook the truck to it and just drag it all off at once. I would say you're the same.

That might be just rip it right out just violently. Well, let's try the responsible way first. Yeah, from pry bars is that on fire? It looks like it's on fire on the camera. It's leaking water though.

that Prvs that means that the oh no, it's just sagged there I wonder how long that water's been in there that's so nasty? I bet it smells good. No. go drink some. Yeah, it's not gonna be like the guy that chops the pipe because the whole roof collapses and I like fall three stories down.
This rat trap set now. Nice. Oh, it's not gonna come out. neither is that one.

We need a screwdriver for those. Got a prying stick? I Don't want to. It's probably easy just to take the screws out. Stop recording me.

seriously. smile. No. if there's water down there, then you need your flotation device.

And we also are going to need you to go ahead and tie off with your harness. Hey, Should I get the caution tape done? Yes, no, you have to. Those are those are the rules for what we're doing here. We really do need to tie off though with with flotation devices because you're rolling off the light fixture.

Is that okay? Sure, Why not? Yeah, let's go get some air I need to get out. It's it's it's hot up here. Uh no. I'm not going to imagine that because I'm going to be down there.

Not up here. Oh man, here we go. Oh look at that. Oh no.

there really is water running off the lights. Oh that's so horrible. Oh one hand for yourself. One for the boat there seeing safety.

Wow. No seriously, you weren't kidding. Cliff. uh I'm gangster like that I know how to not knock you out on the internet.

Don't worry buddy here, just just Chuck it up here. just don't hit me with it. Yeah there you go. All right flying crowbars.

Throw the hammer I Love the hammer. It's a Milwaukee hammer. Check it out. Super nice hammer.

Is the shark bite gonna fix it? Do I need to hold that for you? Let me hold. switch me spots. This does not want to solve. You gotta give it a running start.

like neutral drop it. Uh, what have we done I know you're not all right. All right. Do it bro.

Don't neutral drop the Sawzall just get it with the demo saw. Hang on. This is great I Love this thing that's hot. Is this gonna turn into a shark bite infomercial? Yes.

Oh Oh that's butchered that all up. Maybe we should use the proper tool. You got a pipe? No. I don't know.

Back to Home Depot I Need uh, air. We need air. Next, you'll see. what we're looking for here is uh uh.

carbide cutter that'll do. Oh nope, nope. this one. that one and the cutter.

This will make sense in a second. Coming up here you go. I'll feed you the hose. Just take it.

Hang on. Hang on. We're stuck. Wait, let it build some pressure first before you hit it.

Okay, if you need more, you can go ahead and take it good Right on. All right while they're doing that, we're gonna go empty the trailer into the dumpster. Over Yonder We don't have the front loader here yet. So we're We're doing this.

uh, the long and hard way. but it's gonna work. It's totally gonna work. Are we clear? Yeah, we're clear.

That way is clear. everybody's clear. all right all the way forward. That should be good for now.

Powering down? okay, that's that's Reloaded that was actually more stuff than I Thought it was all right. Let's back this thing back in and we'll reload it again. The next load is supposed to just be the metal on the roof and then it's supposed to just go on the flatbed that way. I can just take it to the scrap place and dispose of it that way.
I Didn't want to put all the metal in the dumpster because that seemed seemed wasteful and any fish and what question is can I back this thing in the same way? I brought it out sure again. I think I Can we'll go find out? Uh yeah, it's going in nicely I Think cut it. we're hard over cotton. gonna clear the front.

Yep. Oh, we're getting a little jackknife. Hang on forward. Is it going to straighten up? Yep.

Oh, this is beautiful. As long as I don't hit the Silvery Rado am I gonna make it. Yep. I'm gonna make it like a glove.

Hope I don't hit that Silverado It's shinier than than my bumper. Oh yeah, this thing's going straight and I'm not even gonna make a cut. We're gonna do this one with one cut. Are we good on that side? Oh this is beautiful.

Yeah, we're good. Cut a little bit more. There we go. straighten her up just like that.

I think it's good? Yeah. I'm going in straight back. All right. Yeah, we're good.

Can I go straight back. Is that it? Clear the debris on the floor right there? Thank you. Yeah, we're good here. That works.

You mean I Came up here for nothing I mean I can take it down there I'm just over here screwing around with a cell phone like here. Let me get the gloves. Cody Are you going down? Are we gonna hand this to you? Yeah, Yeah. All right.

that's good. That's good. Yeah, you need air. Let's rotate air because I just got air Cliff your next, you get air later.

Okay, thank you Foreign. Yes, that's awesome. Why don't we just try to hold it and lower it some and then drop it the rest of the way. Okay, is that gonna work? Maybe we're totally just gonna drop it soon.

I Know two of us right here. Let's let's try this. Lay it down. This is so bad.

Lay it down like that and then you take one side. That's Sharp So we're gonna. You Feel me? Yes, this morning for you. Yeah, rat food just went into my shoes.

Don't fall. Uh, we're gonna count it and then release. All right? Yep, three, two one. But that works.

I mean we did get it down, right? Oh, that was so bad. Come with me. Yeah, we're We're getting some fatigue up here. Standing is great.

standing and kneeling and pry barring is not. uh. airing on. That's just there we go.

That works. Uh, we can totally eat the wood. No, we can't. It's like bolted to the floor.

Pry bar the wood. Get it. Is it gonna work? That's very bolted down? Try to get the other one. let's get rid of those.

Yeah, it worked. I Just put them down there. Now they're out of the way. There is so much turt.

Oh look at all the mouse poops. Too many Mouse poops Foreign. dual cry action. Let's go.
let's go over here. Hang on. My glasses are falling off. Oh yeah, hang on your part in pieces.

Yeah, look, it's it's coming apart so I uh I Checked the electrical. but I still don't trust this. Uh, just flick it with your finger. You know we have to navigate the power supply there.

Watch the sale. Yeah, finger, is it safe to hang? Just let it ride. just go. Perfect.

All right. Foreign. Foreign. Okay.

Oh I got I think I got most of the nails on them Where'd I stop right there in the hammer. Yeah, so well. you're heading down your takeaway bar and I'll finish up these scales and then we'll send this one down. Yep, Yep.

oh where did I leave off you guys? I Was waiting on you guys to come up with a plan I Just had the idea I never said I had a plan. it's a it'll work you know I don't make plans if it'll work, y'all check this out. I Say we just demo saw the trusses foreign, look at everything for like 20 minutes. Is this the union job? Yeah.

as soon as this panel is done, it's break time. Yeah! Oh I'm in the spot where there's no truss I can feel myself sinking. it keeps going farther down. right here.

Balls: I'll just like roll into it and end up over here. Yeah, the head broke off right now. Tried to kill me. You know the nails don't give you tetanus.

bacteria gives you tetanus. Really? Yeah, it comes from uh, like Farm injuries where you'd step on a board in your yard if you have bacteria in you all the time. Well I mean yeah, but you get like extra when you step on. The Rusty Nail It's not the rust.

it's the soil that's on the rust. But people thought it was the rust. hence the Fable or uh, then why did you have to get a tetanus shot from falling on concrete? There's no dirt there. There was dirt in it.

Oh wow, that's out of dirt. Listen I like that. that's not enough dirt I was always told dirt in it. What? Yeah.

I rubbed dirt in my words. come on. What, it's like an impact. Where's your phone you wanted to get you for the last song.

Uh, tell Lauren she, why not on the last one yet? I Got I think there's more I Gotta make sure I didn't miss any nails. Thank you All right? I'm out of here. Time for the safety Nails I think it's a safety now it's I think I I did leave one left. There's any safety now.

Nope. Nope. I See three? There's three of them. Is it? yeah? I left three times to save it I'll try connection and fall.

wait. Throw me that hammer back. Well we talked about doing it from uh, what you call it from the ladder, right? yo. Foreign.

Okay, that's uh. it's all the safety nails. Don't let the the nasty video will be friends. Foreign? All right.

I'm coming down. Does somebody want to grab this? uh, this light I don't think we need it anymore, do we? Oh I can't stand up straight I could ruin gonna hold it for hotel to stand on. All right I don't know if I can stand up straight in the trailer. All right.
that's the trailer right there. Mmm. tomorrow Cliff's got my saw. hang on.

don't you do it? I'm doing it. Give me that saw back I Feel like you're getting. you're getting a bigger song. Uh well.

let's find out. Let's see the thing here. You want to hold this thing and I'll help Rob Listen because I'm coming through the door because that's a door and a piece of plywood Is it? Yeah, we're gonna need yourself. Okay, yeah, your saw is bigger than my saw that's not gonna work.

You need the other saw foreign, foreign, foreign, five bars and stuff and try to try to go. Oh, you kicked through that other plywood you want a Kool-Aid Man it now. Oh yeah, almost hello. Oh that's a thick door dude.

look at that. It's a very thick door. Ah that's the hinge side. Hmm yeah.

where's the where's the fire ax? This is heavier than that. Uh, let it lay it down. Right here. there's the fire ax.

Oh yeah, there's Johnny Foreign. Hey, are you gonna win or or what? Try hit at the top. Can't say that you get me cancer. there it is.

Good job buddy. Good job. Yeah, it doesn't help that they foamed it in. Oh it's smokier well.

now we can walk through. I Just work here. You ready? Yeah, don't worry it's not connected. anything.

probably not. We have applied a debris plow. This is all metal stuff except for the cooler insulation. Oh it's getting kind of real in here.

like a lot. Ceiling's gone. Um, we did find another circuit that was still live that we can't take down. It goes outside into here and then it runs there and then all the way over there, then all the way over there, then over there to that panel.

but then everything just goes outside. So maybe I'll just take all this away. and Route those Outlets into that panel Over Yonder I Really don't know. but yeah, we're still in demo mode.

Cliff Found electricians. We found this we found I Don't even know what this is but it's turned on I mean I do know what this is but wow yeah we found this I'm just gonna step away slowly. let him do it safe. Almost done stripping all the metal off of everything.

and then we can make some cuts on these roof trusses and knock them down. and then tomorrow I'll knock this wall down with a skid steer and then uh, that? I could scoop up all the trash and put it in the dumpster. That's the plan. see if it's the back or the front one just to make sure that it can crisscross right there.

When they came to the ceiling, crisscross applesauce crisscrossing Gotta Have Grape and glass. If we're gonna demolish something that doesn't quite sound like glass, it will be there there now. We got light and ventilation safely 2.3 seconds before the impact. we're good.

I'm wearing uh OSHA approved eye correction devices. Okay, yeah, m3m ear plugs. probably not the whole window for right now. round one.
Oh, that's a good window too this one. It's a good floor to window. You know it is. It works.

What? dude? Let's break the paint off. Are we? uh, are you gonna use it in the next six months? Yes or no? Oh no. I'll never use it again. No.

I'm just saying it's a good window because they're getting hard to find. It's not giving up either. Got it out in one piece. You're going to catch it.

Break the glass. I Don't think it did. it didn't because I know I told you that it was a good window. Very good video.

Sure and no, no, those are dead and so over in that box. it may not be connected. You need to open that bottle. He says that those Outlets work.

That's what he said. the outlets are connected to this line. He says that they work outside. which means either he doesn't know what he's talking about, what are you talking about or wrong.

So I'm wondering if they disconnected it over here over there? Maybe I don't know. The guy who said he disconnected everything was not in that panel over there. I mean that's that four prong plug over there. Oh, don't stick.

You know these look good except for all the Mouse deposits and foam. Well, we can't tell if this is powered or not because um, yeah, it's just wires. All right. Okay Ducks the mess is piling up.

Uh, we've been here Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I've been here ten hours. I'm kind of done. Um, we got the trusses cut away around the electrical stuff tomorrow.

I'm coming in here with the skid steer I'm Gonna Knock this wall down. I'm gonna try to keep that closet. that's gonna stay for now. So I'm gonna cut right here somewhere, lose this wall.

then these trusses come down and then all that stuff gets scooped up and thrown into a dumpster. and then then I'll tear the floor up and then this back wall and then eventually that back wall back there. So we're We're getting somewhere we're getting. We got a lot done today.

I'm whooped Cody's tired Cliff's tired. We're all tired. We're all done here guys. I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out.

Thank you guys for watching this video! I Hope you enjoyed this video! I Know it's a departure from my normal content, but this is allowing me to make more of my normal content whatever that is these days. So uh, stay tuned. This is gonna be a fun ride! Thank you guys for watching. Have a great day! See you later! End of giant mess in shop.

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  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MKVBoii says:

    why aren’t you guys wearing masks lol

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Kline says:

    Wait I'm confused, What was that Room for? Was there no access to that room from the shop?

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dennis 2 says:

    I would have would have wore a mask with mouse droppings around. That is one ugly building. 🙂

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith M says:

    Couple coats of paint and you will be looking like AMMO NYC !

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Art of Ogre says:

    Lol. You need to have a coffee bar at your shop and call it Tetanus Coffee Bar.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Art of Ogre says:

    Seeing this, I guess the restaurant that was there was called Rat Cafe.
    I will see myself out.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pyyhekumi says:

    On a one, or 3, 2, 1, drop!

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Random Blogger says:

    Florida man dies from ungrounded extension cord.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars richard truesdell says:

    Now would be a good time to kick the sheetrock out of the ceiling.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terry Jennings says:

    I would definitely pay someone to come in and completely re wire that entire building.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Pollock says:

    The famous “Hmmm”!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John KaBang says:

    Ray for the win in the Olympic pry-bar toss event.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven urben says:

    Crowbar with nail puller side pound ot with hammer it will strip the lead head nails

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Squirrel Killa says:

    Yeah, most Fords are in the closet

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tony Capa says:

    Keep up the good work and videos dude. I really enjoy your content.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars vawlkus says:

    I highly approve of this content.

    Needs more breaking of things though }B)

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars lazy tnt says:

    Hey the building that you are demolishing it have a fire suppression system and so take caution to unhook the system then you can finish the demolition or you can call the people who installed it to disconnect the system for you