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Hello there everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. This is, uh, not going to be a repair video. We're not fixing anything today. I'm just going to kind of doing a quick walk around through the shop we are gearing up for SEMA which means the shop is closed this week I'm just making sure we're all tidied up actually.

I confess I had to come back to get some business cards to bring with me to Las Vegas So I figured while I was here I'd do one quick walk around video on the State of Affairs of the parking lot in the situation. Uh, give you guys a quick update and then that was going to be that. um I guess Update number one, well see. Here's the thing is, you know Dave works here now and I can't just close my store and go on vacation and run off to Las Vegas for a week because I have a fiduciary responsibility uh to to Dave uh meaning if I leave then Dave has no paycheck.

So what I have attempted to do here? well I'm going to pay Dave anyway cuz I can't just piece out and go on vacation I would quit that job if someone hired me and then few months later they're like hey, we're closed for a week. Bye good luck to you I would take that opportunity to find another job. So what I have done is I have found some things to occupy Dave and he's going to come in in my absence and get some work done that way I can still pay Dave and I can feel good about it and I can pay Dave and he can feel good about it because he didn't just sit at home and not do anything and collect a paycheck cuz nobody likes to sit at home and get paid for nothing. That's a it's just not in our in our core.

You know when when people work flat rate we need to do and produce and create things and so that's what's going to happen. Dave is going to uh, put a new cylinder head on this PT Cruiser You guys remember this thing from long long ago. it uh, it came in and it broke the timing belt and the Pistons ended up kissing a couple of the valves on cylinder I think it was cylinder 4 and cylinder 1 over here and bent the valves. so we have acquired a new cylinder head.

Uh, we're in the process of checking it out Dave's going to do that next week and if that head is any good, we're going to swap that head over to this. Cruiser and we're going to put this thing back together and just get it alive again. Uh, that way I can do something with it I don't know if I'm going to sell it. give it away Smash It Set on fire? Who knows, but we're going to get the thing running again and uh, that's going to be part of Dave's project while I am off gallivanting through.

Las Vegas at SEMA 2023 when I get back I've got some things to do on that charger over there. You guys have noticed that thing for a while now and I will be uh, working on that unit when I return. that's part of my list of things to do. Uh, some of the stuff that's that F-150 that's coming in.

Uh, when I get back, Dave's going to work on that Monte Carlo while I'm gone, that thing is done. that thing is blown up. That thing is more blown up and that one still needs a transmission and I have not talked to the guy that uh, that owns that particular van just yet and then way back there. that's the Chinesium car that should not exist in the United States There's also a video about that car that I made about a week or so ago.
I Will also leave you guys a link to the uh, the Chinesium Unsafe, uh, unfit for road vehicle down inside of this video's description uh, and up here at the top as well. For those of you that missed that video, I I Forget what this is called, but it is 100% made in China It has a two-cylinder engine inside of it. It's got 12-in tires. There's a giant spider that almost, uh, could have bitten me when I was working on this.

You'll see that in the video, but this is an Activa 001 uh, this. is a I think a 2020 or 21 19. It's a brand new car. It only had 150 M on the odometer.

We just did a toolbox tour of the shop the other day, so we're not going to rumage through my drawers. Uh, one other thing I wanted to talk about was the state of affairs on my 07. Chevrolet Silverado I have the dash back inside of it I sort of have the carpet back inside of it. We have a lot of insulation.

lots and lots of Dynamat there's another roll of it over there, but uh, that's that's extra I've managed to reupholster the headliner in a nice gray swed. um, it needs to be ConEd back so it's nice and even. But we've got a good replacement headliner in this unit. I've got some things getting set up for paint right now because I've switched this over to a two-tone Cadillac Escalade Dash with wood grain and we've got some wood grain action going on over there as well.

so the dash pad has been changed out. We've got got the extra large, nice squared away passenger side grab handle and again, there's some of the two-tone stuff. Now some of those components I was able to actually, uh, purchase in the other color and then some of them not so much and I've had to resort to painting them which is okay. For example, these guys in the gray color were 40 bucks used on eBay land and rather than spending $40 on them I use some of my spray paint but these guys are going to connect right here on the bottom side of the deck.

Dash Like that's one of the covers I've got to paint the kick panels, the knee bolster. This is right here going to stay the the dark pter colored but then everything from here down is going to be redone in the gray including the uh, the A pillar covers B pillar covers and the C-pillar covers out back. Yeah, this is the B pillar on the right hand side. You can see it's a much lighter color than uh than the factory colors.

Let's go compare the two real quick like and I'll show you the details I think are what's going to matter here in this build see. we've got the the darker peer one right here next to our lighter colored one. Hey real quick question I I Want to know? Let me have your opinion on this. Does the audio sound different here or any differently over here? I'm wondering how effective all of that Dynamat and sound deadening material is inside of the cabin like I Are you picking up an echo out here? and then when when I come into the vehicle does the echo change like let me know in the comment section down below.
I'm really curious to see how effective all of my uh, my floor liner and insulating attempts have actually been. So here comes my my favorite part of this entire thing and it's actually the smallest detail. Check this out: Cadillac Escalade Platinum Package I think these only came in the exts that had the uh like the perforated or corrugated grip on it and then the Chrome strip on the front side of it right there. see that that is the coolest detail by far in my opinion.

Uh, between that piece this one, this one and then the other one over there, those may be the only pieces of chrome that are going to be on this truck. So I I Know that sounds kind of stupid, but I firmly believe that when you pay attention to the very small details is when you get the best results. For example, if we take a look at the the factory one that came in the Silverado compared to the Escalade one that looks to be a night and day difference to me and I think that just uh solidifies the build project as nice and clean and it's a a detail that would not get noticed right off the bat. but I think the the subconscious would really appreciate seeing that little bit of accent cuz they would just dull the whole system out if I had used these uh original vents.

These things were sought after and I had to piece them together one at a time. I did not get to buy them like all as one, all as one as a kit I had to piece them together and then I had to paint them because the ones that go over here in the two-tone section I couldn't use black I I'm going to have to paint that so those are over there I painted that. Where are they there? they are. Yep, those guys are here.

Those are just assembled. I've got to paint them. well. they're already painted.

but I need to get them assembled. But before I do that I need to fix some of the insulation on the flapper door. see how there was that piece of foam there? And there's foam on the other side. This is a two-piece little flapper.

It appears that that foam has disintegrated and now when this vent is in the closed position, it actually does not close. That'll make a bunch of whistle noises. So I need to figure out how to repair that before all that over there goes back together and then once that's all done and I can put this thing back together, I can start buling the seats in, pull the carpet tight, set the trim up after we cut the carpet and trim it on this side, then we'll get all the rest of the panels on and hopefully one of these days I'll be able to drive my truck again. Uh, while we're here, check this out! We have added an auxiliary wiring harness right here.
See this guy right there? This thing comes out over here and we've got a power in the ground in case I need it and then each of these 18 gauge wires are actually running over down through the firewall. Then they're coming out over here under the secondary battery. Back in that hole, they're going to run over down into the frame and then back back and back and back. You still see some of them hanging out right here.

They're going to come up through the floor. There's a harness coming into this box here and then all of that is going to get wired into a fuse and relay assembly inside of this box that is going to control the auxiliary power unit inside of this toolbox in the back right now real quick. Let me pull some of these goodies and panels and whatnot off of this and I'll show you what I'm talking about cuz I'm sure that there are some new people here that have not seen what's going on inside of this toolbx and perhaps that may interest you. Uh, if there are new people here and you do like what you're about to see, please consider tapping that subscribe button before you click away from this video.

That way you do not miss any future updates uh, to this particular build project and that will end my moment of Shameless self-promotion Oh I've been looking for this too. We were wondering what that BCM bolts to and that's the panel. Couldn't find it earlier now I know. Anyway, let me clear all this stuff off.

I'll save that for Monday We can pop this lid open and then uh, wrap this little project up. Oh hello Banks gauges. We'll take care of you guys later. Coming on, Open.

There we go. Let's climb up and over here since the bed is full of goodies. So what's going to happen is that wiring harness is going to come through that hole right there in the floor where these two power wires are coming in? Probably going to bolt. uh uh.

The fuse and relay panel here, and what that panel is going to do is serve uh as the power source for all of my light bars including the front and the rear. uh, perhaps audio amplifiers. But most importantly, it's going to allow for actuation of my two sine wave inverters that are, uh, on the front side or the back side of this bed bed box. There we go.

under here, we have a gigantic 200 amp hour deep cycle AGM battery and what? I've built effectively. There's that big unit right there. What? I built is a uh, a supplementary and backup power supply for a Uh Hurricane SL emergency type of situation. This thing will allow me to run refrigerators and fans and light bulbs, uh, nearly indefinitely because it gets its power from my modified second alternator.

There's our our backup unit right there. primary and secondary. Those are both 145 amp alternators. So I've got roughly we'll call it 150 amps to play with I'm I'm underestimating that, but we've got 150 amps to play with back here.
And with that battery combined with that charging system, Uh, I can run refrigerators, fans, and um, like a deep freezer. probably indefinitely. or at least till I run out of diesel fuel. which I have 90 gallons of right here.

So there's 90 in that tank. 30 more Down Below in the tank. So that's call it 120 gallons. Uh, I've got enough power to run my essentials for uh, maybe a month? Who knows.

I don't want to find out, but if I have to, at least I can try anyway I feel like I'm talking your ear off? That is the update on the SEMA situation. We're shipping out pretty soon. the truck's coming together Dave has something to do, the shop is tidied up, we're ready to roll. So having said that, guys, thank you for watching this video.

I'm going to goe and close this one out right now. I Appreciate you guys being here all the way to the end. If you're interested in future content on this particular truck, do not forget to subscribe down below. Tap that like button while you're down there.

Drop me a comment or two and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day. See you guys later in a video in a transmission. See you in Las Vegas Oh by the way, if anybody's coming to SEMA we will be in the North Hall at the Jm3 oil filter wrench Booth that's the North Hall See you guys there.

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