In this video we have a look at a customers '17 Subaru Legacy that has had a long history of the battery always being dead. She's been dealing with it for 2 years now and wants it fixed.
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Hey there viewers, welcome back to the Sou! Main Auto Channel got a 2017 Subaru it's Legacy I think it's a 25. It doesn't have a label so I don't know what it is. it's big and uh, the lady uh has been having problems with this thing with the battery going dead for a couple of years. Uh so it started it back in the year 2020.

That's when everything bad started. but that's when this thing started going through battery. So she's gone through a couple batteries is my understanding. And the car used to be a daily.

it's only got about 58,000 miles on it right now, but then it got to the point where the car would sit like uh, you know instead of driving every day she was only driving it. you know, twice a week and every time she'd go to get in it the battery was dead. uh, someone else in the family has it now or daughter or something like that and uh, the car is often dead and like I say they've gone through the swaps of the batteries and stuff and she says she has to drive it every single day now because if it sits for 2 days, it's you know DOA uh so that's it. That's all.

I know uh I do know there's an after Market remote start as there often is on these on the key fop looking on the inside. Car looks nice, super clean, everything looks stock. No aftermarket radio. Don't see any other funny business right off.

so that's all I know Uh, it's been sitting for about 2 minutes at this point before we do anything invasive. Uh, we're going to just throw a current clamp around the negative battery. We're going to see what the current draw is um, as we typically do uh with parasitic draw, uh, concerns. and then we're going to look in service info because you guys remember the last Subaru that we did had some really good info in service info which often times these cars or manufacturers don't when it comes to ghost voltage.

Uh, I don't remember what Subaru called. They had a pretty specific name for it. Um, dark current? That's what it was. dark current Darkness Uh, that's what Subaru called it and they were very specific on how long the car had to sit to time out, which the last Subaru video we did that had a bad radio.

That car only had to sit for like a minute. something like that and everything shut off. We were able to find that one really quickly. Uh, if I remember right though the guy didn't fix that, he elected to just leave the fuse out and live without a radio.

So I don't know what we're going to find here, but that's a process we're going to use and want you guys come along. Minor change of plans. We're going to send the current through the meter. Uh, this Cable's a little too big.

it's a double cable I can't get it in my current clamp right now. The car is par, shut off obviously, and the doors are locked. So if we do this wrong, we're going to get an alarm on a Subaru So plamp that baby on there. We want to get it to where it locks on All right.

So we should have current passing through our meter providing the fuse is good when we put it away. last. uh, we're going to go to grafting meter. we'll go amps internal.
now. this can handle up to 20 amps internal. I Think no 10 10 amps internal. Well, that's not a very big Big Draw My Guy Let's get some kind of cruising across the screen here for you, but you can see we're drawn well close to 100 milliamps.

Oh, that's interesting. It's kind of acting like it's creeping up there from when I very first hooked it up. Okay, there's 60. Now it's about a 60 milliamp draw.

Interesting, not excessively high. I'll put it on a 200 milliamp scale. I'll put some time on the screen here, see if we see any anomalies. Yeah, now we're down to 30 33 milliamps.

That's interesting. That's really pretty insignificant. Certainly would not kill the battery overnight, so that's kind of bizarre. If there's a date coat on this battery then might be under the cover.

What kind of interesting? I'm going to let this go over some time because see I can see it ramping up again, but you know we could still be in in the shutdown process of this. So it's kind of bizarre. Um, like I said I'm I'm put 5 minutes on the screen. we might drag out the Pico here so we can see more current over time.

All right. Well, we'll let her sit. I'm going to like I said I'm going to look in service data and we'll come back and check this out in a few minutes. So I think I'm starting to see a bit of a pattern here.

It's only been about 8 minutes and every 3 seconds, you know we're going to have this small hump here. Okay, we'll call it the little small current draw that is the blinking red light. The security light inside it blinks every 3 seconds. These other spikes here every 1 second.

approximately I don't know what they are could be perfectly normal. Um, but like I say this lower lower hump that we get. That's every time that little LED on the Dash turns on for security and then it seems to be about every minute something turns on and runs us up to about 90 to 100 milliamps and we'll see that. of course we'll see this current draw on top of whatever this is that happens right here.

So some something is happening where our one 1 second pulses if you will become a little bit longer, they stay on a little little longer whatever it is. And then of course we still have our LED our security LED blinking every 3 seconds. We can get that out of the mumbo jumbo and then we come here and like I say it holds around. you know 9200 milliamps and whatever this is turns back off so to speak or goes away rather after about a minute or so.

but it happens just about every minute. Pretty consistent I was seeing it there when I had more time on the screen and that's it's. going to shut off here and then like I say we still have our blinking security light. We lose our 1 second pulses that we were getting but we still have our security light blinking and then in a little bit it'll drop back down to you know, the 30 milliamps.
So it goes back to our 30 milliamps. got some funny business there and then it goes back to you know, quote unquote normal where we have a current draw every 1 second and then our security light blinking. So I think there is definitely something wrong. uh I still have yet to look at service data because I get sidetracked hey squirrel and uh, you know, start looking at this and and I think we have have enough data to go on here to say like yeah, this probably isn't normal whether it's a module waking up or doing something I really don't know.

it's pretty low current. so I don't know if we're going to end up making our tests every minute while it's broking. If we go, you know what? we go down the fuse and and find out where this current draw is going. Uh, but I I don't think that these pulses every one second I don't I don't believe that's normal I might have said I think it's normal but I don't believe it is.

I've a lot of current draw testing on cars and you don't see stuff like that. You'll see the lights kicking on and off the LEDs But here we are going into another one minute cycle. So and like I say those pulses that were every 1 second now become bigger and that's our LED light kicking on our security light. There's another one there just on the edge.

Here's another one on that back. Edge So like I say every 3 seconds we're going to see this LED light kicking on there. So yeah, Anyhow, so that's what it does. It repeats it over and over over and over again.

So just so you guys know, that's kind of where I'm at and now I'm going to go back and do what I told you I was going to originally do look at some service data think I might have found it folks. So I got to wait about a minute for this thing to kick on whatever it's doing and then as that's happening I'm measuring voltage drop across each fuse for the you know the 30 or 40 seconds that it that it does it. So right there it's drawing current and look at my meter point. 3 molts across this fuse right here now.

I'll stay kind of paned back as soon as the current draw goes away. so doesn't our voltage drop across that fuse? So let's just wait for it here. it doesn't last very long. It took me a while I started of course way over here on the left hand side and finally made it over there.

so we're down to 2 molts of voltage drop across the fuse. still has 64 milliamps of current draw. wait for it to go away and there it is. We're back to quote unquote normal and we have no current draw across fuse.

So that made it tricky because I had to I could only test it while it was broken. Um so anyways let's see what that fuse runs and see where it goes get be able to. So that was kind of a tricky one. Let's see that is the third row and so third row and it's a very top fuse and that says you guys probably can't see it but it says DCM Delta Charlie Mike 7 12 amp.
So let's look on a power distribution and see what that runs. Yeah, so right now it's doing it again. Well I guess before we do that, let's just go like this. Let's grab these from the previous job that we didn't take care of.

Oh come on, you stick pots There we go. Let's pull that out. Let's just yank the fuse. Boom problem Sol baby you just got to pull your fuse and now all we have is our blinky light every 3 seconds for security.

So I'm going to set that fuse right there and that looks like a normal current draw pattern. So the last Subaru we did I think was drawing around 30 milliamps. um so we can we can put some time on the screen. we'll put uh, we'll just go like 3 minutes we'll say and we'll just let this continue to go.

It's going to look a little wobbly over there because like I say the LED that's blinking on the inside change the time basis so it looks a little better because this the problem was happening every every one minute. So let me go see what this fuse runs. and we do that by looking in a a power distribution diagram and it'll tell us everything that runs off that fuse. So I found it right here.

Oops, where's my point? I Guess this is all we got for a pointer. Big scraper. uh, fuse number 9, 7 and2 amp only feeds one thing. Hooray for us! Uh, data communication module and I have no idea what that is or what it does.

Here's how we're fixing this one folks. BCM Fuse Taped batter's reinstalled. Put that back in there and I'll tell you what I figured out. Good news and bad news folks.

The DCM or the Telematics Data Control Communication module get mixed up here has to do with Subaru's uh Starlink I guess they call it uh so it seems to be their version of GM's OnStar uh satellite. uh you got like your SOS button up here and this information button and and stuff like that. It is a subscription service that the customer has to pay for. I'll fast forward and skip a whole bunch of stuff.

It took a while to figure out what all this module does for everything, but that's mostly it. Um, the radio will still function the the XM radio will still function. She'll still be able to hook to uh, the audio here with her. uh Bluetooth uh the best I can figure out that should all still function I've left the fuse out because I got a hold of Subaru because I wanted to see.

well how much does this module cost? You know it appears that something funky is gone with it. Let's just start figuring things out. see if they're available soon as I called Subaru The guy says not a chance, young fella. He says they've been on a forever back order.

They make them out of un itanium and you can't get them great. Subaru has a service boltin on it because apparently this is an issue with people trying to swap and use ones and that's a big no. no. Um, so they have a bolletin issued to their dealers saying do not Swap this out or take this out for any reason and put in one from a different car and this that and the other thing and if you need to obtain a new one, here's the process to go through and we'll fast forward from that point I asked the guy at Subaru I said so if these are on back order what are you know? What are you guys seeing coming in the shop? Almost every single case is parasitic draw So it's kind of interesting.
um that I've never run across this before. Uh, but the fact that he knew right off hand also that this data communication module was a common source for a battery draw and he can't get them. Uh, he says you can put one on order. he says they've been getting them Trinkle in you know here and there every once in a while you know, been on back order for a couple years and then get one every you know month or so but it's as a I guess you're put on the the list.

So checked with this lady. uh, gave her the options. you know we can get it, we can wait, we can go a little further or we can leave the fuse out of it and everything works on your car and you're not paying for Starlink service anyways and she says, yeah, that's what she wants to do is just leave the fuse out of it and enjoy the car and not fix a feature that she doesn't even use. so we're not going to go any further.

That's that if you want to go further with yours I Guess you got to I Was looking at service data, the whole Center stack here comes out. uh, the navigation unit and all that stuff and the heater and the modules back in there. but there is a process to replacing it and installing it. uh, other than just you know, plugging it in and calling a day.

So so that's it. That's where we're at. That's a lot of Jibber jabbering uh for that, but kind of a neat uh battery draw. So maybe if you're working on a Subaru and you see that same type of current draw that's coming and going now, skip all the BS yank the fuse out uh for that DCM and see if it takes care of it and this will save you some time.

But uh, I'm sure there's some Subaru guys in the comment that maybe can elaborate on this as far as what the Telematics Data Communication module does on and Beyond just the SOS button and stuff like that I Didn't look into it any further, but what I will look at is your comment in the comment section, questions, comments, the insty the Facebook and just remember viewers if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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