In this video I swap out the rear spring on a 2016 Charger. Service data tells us to pull the rear cradle/cross member down and install the spring. Well when cars get as rusty as they do here you need to fin another way.
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the South Main Auto Channel There's a 16 Dodge Charger It's got to make three six. It's got a broken rear spring. Typically not a big deal, but here in the sock capital of the world, everything's a big deal and it's all rusty and crappy. and typically on these: Dodges If you file service data, you're supposed to pull the whole rear subframe out, put the spring in, put the rear cradle back in. I Guess they call it uh I Think we're gonna have to come up with a different method, perhaps? So we're going to pick it up in the air, have a look and see what we can do as far as swapping out in the spring without causing, you know, major catastrophe. Oh, as you can see, we already got our first layer of salt this year. Um, like I say You're supposed to pull the whole rear uh, cross member out of this or the rear subframe. I Guess if you will let it down, you know real quick. Dodge says you gotta pull the rear differential, pull the rear subframe, put the spring in, put the frame back It's My Hope And my dream to possibly just unhook this rear control arm, unhook the shock. I'd Hook the back side of the rear control arm. possibly just you know, let it down. This bushing that goes in here and the knuckle is not just your standard you know rubber bushing. it's more like a ball joint. We'll say, you know it's got the rubber boots over it and it allows it to really swivel. So letting this side down if possible, we don't have to worry about tearing up this bushing which would be fantastic. It might be a little sketchy, but I've done sketchier stuff. It's got quite a perch and the spring sits on in here. so I think we would be okay as far as the spring coming out hitting Us in the face or anything. might have to. uh, weekend? I Doubt this Bolt's going to come out anyways, but this is what we're going to try. Like I said, we might have to let the exhaust down, most of it's falling down. Um, we might have to let that down to get some clearance on the bolt, but first thing we'll do is try to see if we can get this bolt loose and if that comes loose. Highlight: Louie Or if not, well, I don't really have a plan B yet. What would be ideal is if we break this bolt loose and the whole things spins just like it just did. Oh the lights are shining down on me today boys. Hallelujah There's gonna be something that goes horrifically wrong here. So the whole Bolt is fun which is great. My fear was it was stuck in the bushing which typically stuff like this is. we still need to get this one on the shock loose. Yeah, that whole Bolt's spinning too. Well Hallelujah It's gonna be a good day folks. it's gonna be a good day. So let's proceed. Uh, we'll get the transmission jack. I Think we'll stick it under here. Unless this thing's sprung way tighter than I think it is, we'll stick our training Jack under here. we should have plenty enough room. I Got an 18 here. Let me get uh 15 to hold this side. Same thing with the shock there. it won't be in good shape for shape we're in, so that's uh, not there. Off that strut. I'm going to take the one we'll knock that out if I got a little tension on right now. See if I can't get this one here. there's that one. fantastic. And then I just I have the transmission jack under here. almost I Just put a little tension on it, take the tension off of it here and see. I don't know if this has you know, outward tension on it? wouldn't think so. We've got a tie rod here. we've got another control arm. The knuckle really shouldn't go anywhere is it's got three other points of contact. Let me get a hammer and see if we can knock that strut bolt out of there. Okay, so that's got a little downward push on it. Not bad. I see the strut go down a little bit foreign T much there this one here that should have some tension on it. It is moving which is just amazing. I Can't Believe It's Not seized in this bushy. I'm gonna put a little bit of stress on here I'm trying to I'll get our trainee Jack kind of lined up with a control arm here so I can push on kind of evenly because it's tipped and tipped. Oh technical term, she's double tipped. see if that takes a little stress off it and it seems to I'm gonna get a punch. see if I can't drive that the rest way through. we're going to hit the exhaust right dead in the middle. My belly just tweak it up a little bit here so it wants to come in. That whole control arm just popped in a little bit. uh, anything going to be keeping that from coming in even further. We should be able to stick a bar behind it and push it back. All right, let me see if we can do that. I'm gonna move the Jack here though. come down more under the spring. I'll just put a little tension on it right there because before we get the bolt I want to stick a bar right in here and see if we can't see how much tension it has on it trying to get a feel for it. Anyways, let's give this an idea. Oh okay, it's not terrible. Okay, so that's easily movable. So yeah, it's not a ton of tension because I can move that bowl. Okay, so next thing is going to be the exhaust, which we need to be a little bit cautious of I'll see if I can't pop the rubbers out of it. Maybe let it down just enough to get our bolt up because we're gonna, we're gonna hit long before we can get it out right here. So the three under three exhaust hangers uh here and two on demarthritis sprayed them a little Debbie knee pop them babies loose I Just want to see now. let me get this thing just right. It's kind of nice to be able to feel it out before you cut it Loose Good idea what kind of tensions on it. It doesn't feel terrible considering I can still spin it. gives you hope for putting it back there and put a little more up tension on it. Oh, look at that. Okay and kind of keep my bar here for a second. Now the trainee Jack is a little sketchy letting down. It's on a small part of the cylinder so it's real jittery. can't let It Down Smooth So we'll just kind of take it easy. I'm gonna keep my bar in here because I don't want it to. It doesn't feel like it has crazy tension, but we just want to be sure. Oh, spring just came loose. so I know there's no fishing on it. We'll set it down. There's the broken spring so there's the bottom half of the spring that's busted. Okay, now there should be more of it stuck down in here. You see it, boys, That's it. I'm finally in New York state. So okey dokey. Uh, like I said, you can see that style bushing inside the knuckle allows you to rotate, move, and swivel because it's not solid rubber. So oh my gosh, that's down as far as it goes. All right. I'm gonna move the jack. We're gonna get the blow nozzle. We're gonna blow some of the dirt and junk out of this insulator. that's in there, All right? I Just have a peek up inside there. All right, it should be all good. It's all good. So now we'll take our new spring, take all the tags off of here, fish that baby back up in there just as it was. We'll get it lined up. The insulators didn't move so we'll line it right back up exactly where it was, which is right there. Now this lower rubber one's a little different. I'm gonna have to spray it with some lube here Lube up the spring rather so it pops down in it. It kind of encapsulates the bottom half of the spring to ensure it rusts out and then we'll break on us. I Don't know what purpose of it is, but probably to keep it quiet. Okay, so it's down inside the insulator in here that it sits inside of nicely and then we're going to line up the snipped off part of it up there which I have to put a little Lube on that also All right. and then I'm just going to keep my light here for just a moment just because I want to make sure we get that in the exact spot that it was in case he takes it to a car show. Okay, we're gonna get the Jack back under here. foreign turned just so make sure that looks like it's legit. Let me go get a pick. Okay, there we go. A little rubber flap on that insulator. Foreign. sweep this over just a little bit. If we could ever Jack out on towards the end a little bit more it would be a little safer or at least the amount of effort. We'll go a little bit further here. Let's see here. Oh, it's a sketch I just want to get it so it catches here. All right. We just got to get it to start coming up over that bushing and then I want to stick my bar in here for a couple reasons. Hey, to keep my Jack from flying out B hopefully line us up. Tell you what Scaring me, we can get our punch in there just to hold it or safety? Come on baby! Okay, we got some safety. Let's uh, later deck down I need a longer punch? You stand by. Longer punch slash screwdriver. We just need to reposition so we're gonna stick that in there. it's gonna make a little noise. Whoa. Okay, we did it. Maybe this is why it's not like pressing the service manual, but hey, look, when the book time's six hours or whatever it is, you can make it kill him. Um, of course. I'm not charging guys six hours. You guys need to calm down. All right. We just needed to re-assess the situation here. Let me move you I Gotta move my cart. Foreign. Tell you what? That actually loosens it up quite a bit. Let me. uh. actually. let me go get an alignment bar. That sucker's really, really close. Oh yeah, she'll slip right in. That'll be Maybe Okay, that had to go ahead a little bit. Get the lineup bar. Pick it up a little bit. Come on. Foreign. Dang it all the heck. I Don't know if I get the alignment bar in here and do us any good candy. Come on baby. That's right boys. Foreign. Foreign. Put the bolt on it. There's a nut on it. Rather. All right. Here comes some sketchy stuff. You guys stand by. Whoa there. Well, that was easy and it did not involve dropping the entire frame. Fantastic. That's a tip for all the flat rate guys too. Of course they probably already do it like this would be my guess. Let's see this way. This one went. don't went the other way, didn't it? We don't want to give them points off at the car show. foreign. sort of. tighten these down. We need to set it down. We'll Jack it up torque them to spec. but before we do that, I'm going to take and pop the exhaust hangers back in here. You guys can't see them, but they're just three of those. So yeah, they're pretty easy. It's foreign. There's that one here. This will trigger some people. Watch this. watch your comment section. There we go. Flip some right in. foreign nuts. So let the car down. I Just set it underground, reach under there with the torque wrench, of course, tightened up those two bolts where they had tension on them and that's it. She sits up in there just lovely. wasn't too, uh, super sketchy putting it in and it sure beats the heck out of dropping. You know the whole rear cradle per service data because in New York Well, if you can avoid touching subframe bolts and cradle bolts and well, pretty much anything under the car, you're better off. and you're better off not doing it the way I Do it if you want to stay alive. uh, perhaps doing this job on the ground. You know, doing it this way definitely is probably safer instead of having a few thousand pounds dangling above your head. Uh, lifts are pretty safe, but we do tend to become a little complacent so you know be safe, put stands under it. You know, do everything you got to do. Follow service, data, drop the Cradle Do it. the right way. This way it worked for us just with the amount of corrosion, rust on the car and having experience knowing that you know stuff typically doesn't come apart well here. especially when you get a car this old. because this is like seven-year-old Chrysler A couple more years she's made into pop cans so well you put down your pop can and go in. That comment section questions the comments the concerns the NC The Facebook You guys know what to do and just one of your viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

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