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Thank you! So once upon another video a long time ago I put some Rancho Shocks on my truck over here and uh, in that video we learned that the carrier bearing on the drive shaft was uh, destroyed and the drive shaft was all flipping and flopping around weebie wobbly like and I said I was going to rebuild the drive shaft and I said I was going to get around to fixing it and I said I was going to change the carrier and it's been like a year and I never did any of those things and I need to to fix this issue because I'm getting a lot of vibration out of it especially while Towing and I need to make it not do that anymore. Foreign. So that last scene really did not need to be here, but I thought that turbo sounded really cool foreign. Thank you. sorry now what is it? I got your food Yummy! Okay, that went rather well. the rack is set. green subscribe button Silverado Moving on up now I I cheated on this uh I intended to rebuild this drive shaft. um I don't really have time for that. let's check that other side. what do we got looking good looking good? Yep. yep. okay so I uh I intended or uh, kind of priced myself to rebuild on this drive shaft and uh well. I decided that I don't want to rebuild this drive shaft. Yep, still good heavy bugger and the reason for that is that's a lot of work and if I take it apart I'm going to want to balance it and I don't have time to have my truck down to get a drive shaft balanced. So I ordered a replacement entire new drive shaft. It arrived yesterday and I'm just gonna go ahead and and replace the unit rather than rebuild the one that's already there. I've actually grown, uh, kind of fearful about that flop and drive shaft because I've been uh, I've been towing with that before and gotten actually a rather large and violent vibration while just starting off and I know it was that shaft flopping around. Yeah, it says Dorman on it I know I don't know I know. but it's a matter of not being uh, stranded on the side of the road with a blown up drive shaft. It's a matter of that vibration going away and not breaking my transmission. And it's a matter of time because I just don't have time to do one two, three, three, U-joints and a carrier. Now from what I understand, these are supposed to be greasable and there's no grease fittings on these. Okay, it said they were greasable. I Guess not. Anyway, I got a replacement shaft. Let's unbox the shaft, assemble the shaft, and then remove and install the shaft. Now, as per classic Me fashion: I Forgot to put this in neutral before lifting it up. so uh, we're climbing. Danger: The OSHA approved ladder? No worries. Get on neutral, powering down, lights off, all right. climbing back out down the go there, we go. see. All right, let's pull this shaft out and then we'll put that shaft in. Now my my little girl was in here and I can't find my rolly stool there. It is all right. What do we need? 11 mil Yep looks like 11 millimeter. All right. 11 millimeter. Milwaukee reverse clicks coming in. Uh, not at that angle. They're not all right. Let's just extend it that way. the uh, the gun over here gets some clearance. Reverse click? Yeah, that's easy. I don't think I've ever had this uh shaft pulled out before. Spin that around. Get the other strap next. actually I need to backtrack a little bit. see I'm I'm here by myself I don't have anybody else in the shop so I need to figure out how to do this one person. So what I'm going to do is put this strap back on that way this U-joint can't come out. We need to go ahead and pull the carrier off of its bracket because I can't let this thing come down and dangle and then come in here and try to pull this thing off and just take a closer look. Check that out. it's very flipping flop and it's completely broken loose from its mouth. It's good. So what I'm gonna do here? We're gonna switch. Milwaukee's I've got the 90 degree impact and reach in. There's two studs coming out of this carrier and two nuts. Pull one of them out the second one when I pull that out. I'm gonna have to take the weight of this drive shaft which is no big deal because it can't. uh, attack me as long as I'm holding it. Got the weight, muscle fatigue? All right, that stays. Let's go back out back and we'll drop the rear section. It's like how fast awkwards can I uh can I remove a drive shaft? Seriously. Okay, let's pry bar this thing out. Did you hear me begin coming out? Now, come on Please you. There we go. Pry bar always wins. All right, that's coming out. Let's move back forward and unbolt the rest of this thing. Now is the dangerous part because you got a bunch of steel shaft dangling over our heads. So I'm picking up on it. I've got half of it with the with my right arm. it's pulling out the nut with the left. Okay, it's ready to come out. Yeah, you guys see the trans girl come out. Hmm. the trans is not letting it go. What is this? Come here. I'll just tug on the shaft real hard. It'll do what I want? All right I want to drive shaft? Let me move heavy. Now we can get a better look at this carrier. It is completely separated from the bushing. Yeah, that thing's done like I said. this could have been rebuilt. Maybe I will have it rebuilt. but I don't have time for that. So I ordered a new one. Let's take a look at these needle bearings. This is 217 000 miles old I have never touched it, greased, it, replaced it, done anything like that. That grease is pretty nasty in there. Okay, let's go assemble our new shaft again. Two-piece shaft. What do we got here? That's our yoke side in the back. That's our transmission yoke slippy Oak right here for the middle. and I don't have the boot. It's supposed to have come with a boot. The picture said boot. Well I'll take the boot off of that one and put it over here on this one. That's what I'll do. Okay, let us un Saran Wrap our shaft. Very good. Now these have to be uh, lined up with the stickers because these are balanced as an assembly. So that means this sticker has to point at that sticker when these are assembled. But first before I take this apart. I'm gonna mark this drive shaft that way if I ever have to go back and reuse this I know where it is and where it's balanced because I need to separate these two half shafts for two shafts to recover this little diaphragm right here for this dust boot. Um, I do not have these types of clamps here yet, so I'll just use some zip ties for the time being. but uh I will order some and then clamp this the proper way. But for now, zip ties are gonna work just fine. Get that in there, come out. forget what these are called too. I know that uh Aaron knows Power Stroke Tech talk Aaron A-Rod He mentioned them the other day and I forget what he called him and I was like what are you talking about he's like something something clams and I'm saying I don't know what those are and Aaron's like yes you do and he pulled one out of his pocket or something, showed me and I said oh yeah yeah, those because he was asking me if uh, they could be really reused and I said no I don't don't particularly try to reuse those I mean I guess you can. If you unbend the crimp and flatten it out and then re-crimp it, you can technically reuse it, but that's a that's a lot of trouble. So I'm just gonna use zip ties for now, just for now. All right, Is this thing going to come apart? Oh yeah, Nice, nice and easy. Yeah. I'll put it back together that way we don't get unreferenced I think this has a master spline in it I hope it does. Get back in there please. Uh yeah. I'll do that later. Oh I'm a tooth off. That's why it's still eating right. doing stuff wrong. Yeah, it's got a master slime. Okay, now on to the next one that's different. It's very different. What's the dealio? That's not fair. It's different. Let me see. I'm gonna. That means I'm going to have to buy the Dorman Bellows Boot and not reuse my Delco boot. I don't I don't want to do that. Let's try something here. Go back. Thank you right? Yeah, that's gonna work. Okay show. Let's Line these little uh arrows back up. It's about right. foreign and I'll just zip tie that to that big piece of rubber. There we go. Scooch that on. Get on there more please. There it goes. Just gotta force it a little bit more there. Now it is sealed. That is much more better. Okay, shaft is, uh. connected. It's installed. Oh look, there's a grease fitting. That's why it's greasable. This shaft can be greased and that is all. So yeah, it's greasable. Sure. All right. No paint can nut in hand. Let's go ahead. you guys hang out over here. I'm gonna pick this up and stick it back in. All right Drive shaft. you can get in your home. Please, please go in. No, it's not going. What is this? Hey, let me try again here. Okay, yeah, got it all right? Okay. looking left. we're looking right, looking somewhere else. I don't know there it is. Let's lift this thing up some and get this carrier bolted in. at least. Uh, at least just one of them just so I could hold my weight. Awkward? Yeah. I know I could bungee cord this up. but I can do it all by myself. All right, there's one. Bolt where's that other or not one nut? where's my other one I lost it. Yeah, so that was great I Spent like five minutes looking around on the floor for this and it was up here. I forgot that I left it there. so chalk one up two. Super Genius Action? Yeah, good job, right? Okay, both of those are now in. Let's go out back. We'll clean up that uh, that flange, get rid of the rust, and then bolt that U-joint into the differential. All right, let's de-crustify this real quick. real easy. Oh, that's a lot in there. Oh I See, there's like a pocket. It was full of dirt there. nice and shiny. Beautiful. all right shaft coming up going in and line it up and send it. Nope. I Missed. try again. backing up back in I think I got it I believe if I rotate it, it'll go in. no pry. Hammer All right, we got it. it's in. I Need to de-rust these straps a little bit. Oh, a little weevy wobbly ruined one bolt and a two bolts. Okay, one strap is on accessing his head. That's the balancing weight drive shaft. pick. There we go. Okay. couple forward Milwaukee clicks and that thing will be uh, secure. see how it pressed in? Yeah, the U-joint cup. I have that on backwards. don't I think I do No, it just naturally sticks out some. wow. I'm doubting myself today. Please click and we'll give it a spin one more time. Two more times. it's oozing brake clean and clicks right on one shaft replaced. We need to go back to our carrier though. and uh, not forget those. uh, those two bolts up top because that is how your drive shaft falls out and uh, and that would be bad. So same procedure. let's go on over with 90 Degree Milwaukee It's not sponsored, it's a good tool and we'll hit the other side as well. I'm gonna go and let's reach around this way. Okay, this is tweaked sideways a little bit I Need to adjust it. Sure, it is parallel with the bracket and perpendicular to the rails to the frame rails. That looks good. Let's finish it off and secure it no the other way. We'll secure it the other direction. see how that moves? It's not what we're looking for here. Looks like the torque that I applied from the tool caused that thing to twist and try it again. Maybe I'll hold it. Nope. still moves. Let's try this side first. Maybe if I pry bar against it more pry bar. Foreign. This does not have to be this hard. I Got it all right now. The carrier is secure and it's straight and even I verify such things. Good to go. Nice. Okay, let's let this thing down and back it out. We'll keep an eye on this shaft and we'll see what kind of Wiggly action this one has versus the wiggly action that the original one had coming down. Thank you. Try again all the way down. All right, let's get out of here. Foreign foreign guys. how'd that thing look? Was it less weebie wobbly I Can tell you that I heard less clunking noises going in and out of park and uh, on and off the throttle. So I'm pretty sure there was an improvement. Plus based on the condition of a that original unit that's in there I imagine that's uh, that replacement is going to be a huge Improvement I Hope it solves. uh, some vibrations too I had a little bit of a Driveline Vibe actually and I had a very large at one point. uh, vibration under load and I know it was that drive shaft anyway. I will testify to that later on. Uh, when I go home because that will be my test drive on this particular instance. So I'm gonna go ahead and clean up and uh, all that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video right now with the exception of my finalized test drive evaluation when I leave here so again and as always like, thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know what to do. Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video then uh, just go back and watch one of my other videos and maybe you'll enjoy that one So again and as always thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Chevrolet drive shaft.

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