Part 1: Parts Cannon!! Can it be saved? 95 Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Part 2: Frustrating Diagnosis! It LIVES AGAIN! Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Part 3: Old Jeeps Die HARD! Thermostatic Switch and Water Pump! 95 Wrangler 4.0
Part 4: Razor Sharp Gears!! NOT Good! Project Jeep 1995 Wrangler 4.0
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Customer States: Engine barely runs and has a severe lack of power. It also has the occasional no start or long cranking before it starts. So far I've found vacuum leaks, clogged ports, antifreeze leaks from the water pump and the electric fan is damaged. I had the fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, ignition wires, and a distributor cap and rotor. It also has a new coolant temp sensor, O2 sensor, MAP, intake temp, IAC and throttle position sensor replaced. The ECM / PCM has been replaced too. See part one.
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That is a destroyed looking surface opening. Z Hood Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Uh, we're on a bit of a parts hold with a Hyundai right now I won't have Parts until sometime tomorrow, so we're gonna swing over here and switch gears and move on to project. Jeep What's next since I don't have the rear Locker Uh, well let me back up. There's a whole series going on with this Jeep If you don't know about it, just check this video's description down below and it'll take you to a list of all kinds of different activities that we've conducted Anyway, at this point in this uh in this project I Need to pull the trans out because this thing needs a flywheel.

or at least a flywheel resurface. We'll determine that later because that thing is, uh, shaking quite badly when it's in the friction Zone and it's uncomfortable to drive. So what we're going to do is, uh, pull this drive shaft out. That has to happen anyway, because we're putting a diff in it and we need to lower the transfer case and trans out.

The exhaust has to be removed and that's probably going to get sawzalled away. So uh, let's get to it. Don't have a lot of time tonight. I'm kind of squeezing this truck in in between other activities.

so uh, here we go. First things first is this ginormous plate needs to go away, but this plate is part of the transmission mount. So uh, we're gonna support the tail shaft of this transfer case with this. High Reach Jack stand and then go in and disconnect the mounts and lower this thing down.

We'll disconnect the transmission mount right here and then go through and remove the bolts that secure the skid plate to the frame rails, jumping right into it. Here at the trans mount, there's two 15 millimeter bolts. Get those guys out. Actually, they're nuts and the mount is studded along the edge of the plate.

There's six more bolts. those are 19s. Those thread straight into the frame. Let's pull these guys right out of here.

Thank you. I'm leaving that one in. Okay, three more on the other side over here there. I got us some more light.

You stay threaded on so the plate doesn't fall mosquito and dirt dirt. How heavy is this? I don't want to pick it up, it's too late. Transmission jack moving on up slowly. This is a necessary tool that I had to purchase.

um wasn't cheap I made an install unboxing video of it it's not listed I will uh I'll attach it to the end screen on this video so if you watch this one all the way to the end, you can see the Assembly of uh this high lift Jack stand. But real question is is it going to reach the Jeep's all the way up it's on the locks are we gonna reach? Thank you? Yes, it is all right. Victory Let's pull those other two bolts out. Now there's that one and uh, the other Oh yeah.

okay. come on down. now that's out enough. All right.

Transmission jack coming down. Okay I think this thing is clear so I'm just gonna let Jack uh, just slide it down real slow. Yeah, that's very clear good. All right.
a little faster. there we go. Okay, what do we got here? Got a transfer case? Got a transmission and uh, oh, you know what? I forgot to disconnect the shifter up in the cabin I do that all the time every single time I pull a trans out I forget to disconnect the shifter. Hey, no worries though, we're not in trouble.

Not a problem, but what is the problem? is this cracking and uh, breaking and collapsed, uh transmission mounts? So let's just take that off right now getting replaced. so let's just get it out of here. We also have this plate right here which serves as an exhaust bracket. uh I don't think I need that right now.

Let's take this off as well because the exhaust is also coming off because I can't pull the trans with the exhaust in the way. Take you guys to the bracket dirt. Looks like we've got a speed sensor connector here. Get rid of that.

uh, what else is connected on this thing? Something for the transfer case I can't reach that one yet. I'll do that when I let this down. Uh, today, let's turn around and uh, pull this drive shaft out. Come out please.

Foreign: put that up on the lift arm. should be safe there. and uh, pry bar action. Good thing we're getting into this rear end.

I Think this pinion seal is leaking a lot of Grease there all right shaft coming out. hope it's dry. Negative: All right. I Got a little pan down below so whatever spills, we'll just get caught in that we'll set the shaft aside.

We'll need that later. All right. Next obstruction is going to be this exhaust. Um, I'm not even going to be messing around with this because the customer bought a nice exhaust header for this.

Jeep This pipe is Rusted to junk and so is the rest of this. So I'm not even going to bother unvolting that we're just going to Sawzall this off right now. Incoming loud noises. Seriously, just like disintegrating it, you're steady right there.

There we go. Come out all right. All right. That's pretty much all we got except for this.

uh, one hanger right here. so let's see if I can't get that to press through. Hang on. Idea: Cool.

This thing should do it should this. Hanger's got a bit of a curve to it so it might give it, uh, some trouble here. Let's see. Yeah, it's doing it here we go.

Exhaust grabbing, engaged, come out all right piece of junk. Exhaust removed back, so listen. I I Went up into the cabin. uh, don't ask me how I did it and I got rid of all the Bellows uh boots and everything to go around the shifters.

So now I'm just gonna press these guys up. actually. I'm gonna hit him with a hammer and it knocked that shifter off that way. I can remove.

Come on there it goes. Make sure that goes back in its home. Yeah, that's back in. Okay now.

I can lower this thing down, unbolt it from the engine and we'll get it out of here. This trans jack is uh, going back into place that's going to take the weight and then I'm going to go ahead and, uh, secure it to the jack with uh with a strap or two. Not about right there. All right man, this is going easily.
I'm kind of getting excited I actually uh, forgot to, uh, hold the drive shaft of the front I didn't really forget I was just doing other stuff. that's what we'll call it. Oh, it's preoccupied. same as the rear drive shaft.

nothing special. Take the bolts out, take the straps out, take the shaft out, set it aside next. this one's covered in Leicester There should be here. Dirt's just like caked on everything.

They definitely had this thing out four-wheeling That's probably what happened to uh, rear differential. one wheel wondered it to death. Destroy. Never underestimate the power of teenagers Now before I crack this thing loose.

I'm gonna pull these front straps off also. and I'm not standing under it, just in case it decides it's going to come out. I Don't want it to hit me in a noggin many heads have been hit by Falling Drive shafts ding text message I Wonder who's that could be all right? Okay, more pry bar. Let's uh, let's crack this thing loose and then we'll get the back one.

Oh, it hasn't been out of there in a while. You know. stay there. Bearing cup.

We don't want that, uh, that cup to come out. It'll drop all the needle bearings and that would not be cool. Please come out. Ooh, the shaft is seized I Think ah, this thing just keeps getting worse and worse.

Yeah, the shaft should collapse and it's it's not. It's a stiff shaft. see needle bearings inside of that bearing cap. All right, let's turn around again and get the rear.

Okay, oh, it's already out. I'm holding on to the shaft with one hand and I'm gonna work it. There we go. Oh, it's there we go.

Came right out. perfect. Set that aside over here. Okay now I Think this thing's uh, you ready to be unbolted slave cylinder next.

This is what transfers hydraulic energy from the master cylinder into this cylinder. Then that reconverts it into mechanical energy to operate the lever inside of the bell housing which releases the clutch mechanism. Foreign. ER Okay, looking left, there's a little bracket that holds this hydraulic line.

Get that out. That's also one of the bell housing bolts. Loud noises, foreign for now. it's got a nut.

Nip X is coming in. Give it back to me. All right. There's another one far away and since the tools are in my hand, move that we'll pull that one out.

next. There we go. Okay, let's go to the other side and take the starter out. We're here on the right side of the engine.

Starter's got two bolts. one from the back side up here and one from the front. right here. That one is done.

Second bolt coming out and our our starter is free. You stay right here. Kidding. Totally kidding.
I'm I'm not going to do that to you guys I Am going to hang this with a bungee I Don't want that thing dangling by its wires. Bungee that right? and it's still dangling by its wires. Hang on. let's try this a different way there.

Now it's dangling by a bungee and by its wires. That'll work. Okay, We're on top of the transmission now looking way high up at the top of the bell housing and they've got Torx bolts up there. You see those? Let's uh, we can't get those guys out with an extension I Don't know why they put Torx bolts in there.

it says might be the only two on this truck. I Wonder if I'm gonna find like original clutch parts in this thing as possible. See if I can't reach the other side? that one's easy to reach from over here on kick. Okay, just a couple bolts left guys and this trans is coming out.

We are still on the bell housing over here on the driver's side now. I'm going to pull the crankshaft position sensor off. We'll leave that and that's a bolt inside of the bell housing. That's what you don't want to do when you're not removing a transmission.

That was bad because if I was, uh, just replacing this sensor and I did that, um yeah, we'd be pulling the trans out to get that bolt out of there or fishing it out with a magnet. Oh, that was an error. Anyway, it's almost all the way unbolted. it's Pride apart.

However, before we proceed, let's put a a ratchet strap over this and then strap uh, the trans to the jack. That way it can't slide off and then fall down because if it slides I can't catch it. Taking care. Did not get the wiring harness in here.

We don't want to strap the wiring harness to it. Here we go. We'll hook that one up over there and then I can ratchet it tight to the base of a see what I've done, wrapped it around, hooked it, and the other one is hooked over here on this side so It makes more than one full wrap and I'm just going to secure this to the jack clicks and we've got one volt on the other side and this bolt right here to remove and then this thing should become free from the engine. We no longer need this high lift back here, but I am going to bring it forward now and put it under the oil pan just in case that engine wants to rock back our mirror.

We don't want it to move around so we'll just put this guy in here to uh to secure it. foreign bolt right now, loud noises coming out or what. it's not coming out. Okay, that was like entirely my fault.

Um, it turns out I was uh using a 17 millimeter when I needed a 16 and my socket was slipping I had uh made the error thing I had the right socket. should know better by now. All right, pry bar time. All right.

here goes nothing I think everything is disconnected. just gonna kind of Wiggle It pry it around, see what it does. it's going to move, it'll move and it's hung up. Well, it won't move and then I'll have to figure out what Filio is.
pretty sure it's gonna move. It's moving. Yeah, definitely getting some space here. All right.

And I believe it's free. Looks like we're both. uh, both sides have come free. The dowel pins are out.

Where is? where's my Once you've left, the shaft is hanging up. That's what's going on here. I May have the wrong angle, but I Keep wiggling it. it'll uh, it'll come out.

Pick the engine up Some we may just have a goofy Driveline angle going on here. More pry bar a little bit at a time I Just felt it move this down some. Try it again. Let's uh, go back up some.

that's better. We change this angle. Some of the tail is angled down quite a bit and that's what was putting the friction on everything. Let me just change that angle.

Our angle of our dangle of our transmission dangle. Are we loose? Yeah. helping more. Wiggles And uh, it's it's clear.

we're clear. It's good. coming down slowly, coming down, maybe a little less slow than that. Hang on there we go.

Trans coming down. Let's spin this bad boy around. See what we got going on? for a clutch or a throw out bearing rather? Oh yeah. see, here's how that works.

Check this out. So you've got your lever right here. The slave cylinder acts on this lever. pushes that direction.

When you actuate the clutch that pushes on this bearing. That bearing. Let me move this thing out of the way here. That bearing will press on these little fingers.

Here on the clutch, you see the marks where it touches it. It'll press those Springs in and that will release the clutch from its pressure on the actual clutch material inside of there. And when you release it, the Springs release and then that pressure is reapplied to the clutch. The clutch is splined to the shaft on the trans.

The basket is bolted to the flywheel and so when it's released, it creates a mechanical connection between the two units. When it's depressed, it separates that mechanical connection. Pretty fancy, right? All right. I'm gonna let this down all the way.

and then, uh, we're gonna head over there and uh, pull that clutch assembly off the flywheel. We got here. transmission. We don't need you right now.

All right? What do we got? Like six bolts left and uh, five bolts left or whatever. As soon as these bolts are out, clutch basket will come down and we can. We can pull the plate for the clutch material out and then take a peek at uh at the condition of the flywheel. Uh, gravity? Here it comes.

that's nasty. Dang yeah, that's a Vibe for sure. That is a destroyed looking surface. So to me it kind of looks like this surface was really rusty at some point and then through driving it, it seemed to have polished off that rust.

but it still changed everything about that. That friction surface. see what we're looking for is nice smooth cross hatching. See that right there and where the clutches were riding? It's just completely chewed up.
That's got to be from sitting around. You can even see the run out look. it's lower in this spot. lower here and then it gets real thick down here towards the bottom.

That's definitely a cause for the vibration. So uh, yes, I'm going to, uh, probably replace this unit. Uh, they're fairly inexpensive due to their age and having this thing machined uh is just going to equal the cost of replacing it. So we're just going to replace that unit.

I Think All right, it's been a couple days. Like seriously, like three days I haven't touched this thing. Let's get the flywheel off. All right.

Foreign bar. Breaking news. that was easy. Don't drop on foot.

here. we go. for now. Foreign to me that I Do Not have a pilot bearing puller.

The bearing right here that the input shaft on the trans cript is through. What's up dude? just stick it in there, you sneaky. I Don't Seriously I don't have a pilot bearing puller. Safety glasses.

Yeah, we're just gonna destroy it until it comes out. I have the space for that. It's gonna work all right. It's mostly out.

Yeah, they're like, oh, you're screwed now because you're beyond the point of no return I Am Oh, we're gonna break it until it keeps doing that I Know how to do this. This is gonna work. Just how to get this guy out in pieces. Well, there's more.

There's plenty more in there. Just got the outside I did I should have just bought a power oh you got like a little slide hammer like a little uh I've got nothing to pull against it with I have a little foot that I can stick in the hole and it has like a little foot? Yeah here. no I'm sorry I was gonna say I was like yeah, that's what I need I need the tool to pull it out. Oh I got something I got it as soon as you stand up.

Yeah, all right, figured it out. check it out. Little Hook Oh there we go. hook threaded thing on the slide hammer.

since there's no bearings in there. this is gonna work. Oh yeah. all right.

foreign. yeah, lots of shrapnel. Let's get that out of there. We don't need that.

It's nasty. All right. time to clean that up. Let's make it nice and shiny.

Oh that was the red can too. This stuff stinks I'm gonna run out of air. All right, that's enough air. Go Go Go Air Air.

All right. here's our new unit. Race is not destroyed. Bearings in Greece I was driving in with a socket we think A-Rod socket it's not gonna work I think I think it's driving.

if I can line it up, you know I don't have an extra one of these. so I need to not destroy this. You got one shot, one shot, one opportunity. Very good.

It's my first day I thought you started yesterday I mean I was here yesterday but today is like the first day. Oh yeah, got it there we go. I like to grease these a little bit extra from what they what they give us because uh, chances are we're never gonna be in here ever again. So you want to make sure it's very well lubricated.
gotta get the hole I mean all not whole as an A-hole but the hole set of bearings? Not this. we don't need that but inside words that you guys know what I'm trying to say right? God I Hope so. All right let's take a quick look see at our new stuff. So old flywheel with the destroyed friction surface.

brand new flywheel with a not destroyed friction surface teeth for the starter to engage. I Believe they're the same size, same teeth, same bolt pattern. We have new clutch material, the trans and this is our pressure plate that's known as the basket. and uh, because it kind of looks like a basket.

those are the Springs The fingers see the inside view of it. the pressure plate. excuse me, the throw-off bearing. Press against these little fingers.

Here, they depress those. It releases this pressure area from the clutch, separating the clutch from the flywheel and disconnecting the Trans from the engineer. All right. Listen, so the flywheel surface is absolutely perfect and this one's got some.

Well, it's I mean it's a little discolored flashlights going dead. So what I'm going to do is hit that with a little, uh, little polishing wheel just to pull off these little imperfections right here. So we get a exact perfect flat matching. Bond or a unification rather.

I Don't even know where it is between the flywheel and the crankshaft. and this is the back of the crank. Real lightning. Mm-hmm Beautiful.

That's all we gotta do. a little bit of brake clean on a towel just to get the small microbials that maybe we didn't knock off. I Don't want to spray it because then I'll just contaminate my new grease with a brake. clean.

nice and shiny. Now on this. Jeep pickup for the crankshaft sensor embedded into the flywheel. So this has to be clocked a certain way.

meaning that the bolts on the crankshaft and in the flywheel here do not mine up or they I mean they line up at only one way. It's got to be clocked in one specific Direction and I found it safe. almost. Oh, I didn't put that backing plate back in.

it's gonna work or did I I'm going too far. Yeah. I Just need to take this loose again. Fail procedure will fail there.

Got it? So over here. I Don't know if you can see, you can't There's a dowel pin that goes into the bell housing on the engine. It's a little, uh, little dowel right there and that's to locate the transmission with the bolt holes. That way everything lines up precisely and I Just noticed that the one on this side right here came out with the Trans.

So I need to put that back in? I've already extracted it from the transmission should be real easy. We'll just get this thing lined up where it goes, the dowel in there, and we'll just tap it in with a hammer. Go in. Well, I said should.
That's where I failed. There we go. All right, let's zip this thing down. Star pattern.

Just like a wheel. click. Okay I Want to get the clutch disc in? It can possibly fit both directions and they Market Flywheel side. This is the flywheel.

This is the flywheel side so it's going to go on like so. but we have to hold this thing centered right. They provide a tool called a clutch aligner. It's going to pass through the splines on the disc on the other side here that fits perfectly into the pilot bearing.

so we'll plug that guy in and then when that's lined up perfect and held, we hold the weight. It aligns that clutch material up with the flywheel. If we don't do that, we won't get the thing put back together. Once the disc is in place, we can get the basket ready.

This is the pressure plate. We're just going to set it up into position and hang it with a couple of the bolts. There's one. do one over here.

that's two. I Think there's six total and we'll do number three. Right down here. that's five.

And here comes number six six bolts. Now we have kind of tighten these down evenly because as these are tightened down and they're applying pressure to the flywheel, at the bolts and at the rim of the pressure plate, it's going to depress the springs and we don't want to do that unevenly. So what we're going to do is I'm going to hold the weight. We're going to wiggle the aligner and make sure that that feels nice and centered.

We're going to come in and just a little bit at a time we're gonna start to draw these bolts in. See the fingers little spring fingers moving as I tighten that section? Watch. See that? Watch right here. move.

Let's go around and repeat again. Looks real good, feels good. It is good, Nice. All right.

Let's make sure it maintained alignment. This thing should come out nice and smooth. Beautiful. So the basket, pressure plate and the flywheel are all aligned and we'll They're set up where when I put the transmission in, it will accept it.

It'll slide right into place. Good to go assembly almost complete. We're not even close to that point yet because we still have work to do on the actual transmission. What we've got here.

it's a throw bearing and it's uh, seriously dirty in there. Begin shiny process now just trying to wash some of all this. uh, let me Clutch material and dirt and everything else. I wish I had a pressure washer.

It's making a mess. Don't do that on the floor. It makes the bosses upset nasty. Sure you say gravity? No, that was another sure.

you're like six of them. Yeah I know it's Overkill Oh and I can do that. She like gasket material on on that or dirt or something. Hang on.

Clean that off. Too shinyish here. Let's get this. uh, throw out bearing out of here.
We don't need this. It's held in with little spring clips right here one I'm just bending them to get it to clear. Come here. clip.

There we go. It's our old unit. It's just a oh look at that that's grindy I bet that sounded terrible. It's basically just a Thrust thrust bearing on a lever.

more shiny. Oh, just took that off. Clean that out too. Ow, there's a cut.

Found one now. let's get some grease in there since. I uh I washed it all away here. Let's get the bearing placed in the bracket or the lever rather.

I missed I missed with you same time kick I need some lubricant? Perfect guy back in snap. Come on, you clip has to spread. Maybe I should try it. Do the clip first.

that's not gonna work. That was a bad idea. Got it? It's clipped in now. Yep, all right, we're moving on with some haste.

I I Took this thing outside and garden hosed it. got rid of uh all the dirt that was building up on everything and uh it's oh gravity. it's ready to go back in. So we're moving on up so we are moving on up.

We're gonna get this thing up here to the top. we're gonna get her bolted on and uh, then we can move on to that exhaust stage. Two more speed. We're getting there now.

Yeah, what am I touching Now it's very important to not smash your wiring harnesses between your engines and your Transmissions just uh, throwing that out there. Okay, I'm trying to get this maneuvered in. we're uh, we're looking into the bell housing and we're almost there. I need to line up input shaft with the hole in the basket and that will line up with the splines on the clutch and with that pilot bearing pilot bearing words that are uh and the flywheel.

So I'm gonna get this as close as I can visually and then we're gonna move it in. kind of going by feel. angles look good, a little higher, you guys can see better than I can I'm behind you into the to the right. Moving on in there we go.

never get somewhere now. All right I Think it's gonna go. Let's get some Wiggles Here it's going in. Get it moved here.

you go a little bit. you need to let it down and change the angle. Sum like that. there we go farther.

Oh, we're so close. See that the dowel is even starting to line up that little pin right there. Okay, get one of the bolts in. it's enough to thread.

it'll start to hold and draw that in and align that dowel with the hole in the trans. So now that's not going anywhere. Okay, okay, we're gonna come over here to the passenger side and get this one started. We're lined up.

Are we? Yeah, it's going. we're a little I need to rotate this some it's a little off I can adjust it with the uh little levers right here. it's going to rotate it this way. Yeah.

See that went right in threaded a couple turns. Good to go. So what I'm not going to do is just hit this with an impact gun and uh and just go full send on it. We're just going to tighten this by hand and it's going to slowly draw this in and if anything starts to bind up I'll be able to feel it, reduce damage or eliminate damage, not mess up.
Let's go to the other side. Yep, it's going in nice and smooth. everything's aligned. Hear it? kind of closing the gap on that little uh, aluminum plate.

We had a plate making noise. It's as it's being compressed one more time on the other side. this is not final torque. I Don't need to put in the other bolts just yet because those dowel pins that are in the engine block have already achieved the alignment of the part.

So the trans is already aligned, the input shaft's already aligned splines on the clutch plate. those are aligned and uh, now I'm free to go ahead and go around and get all the remaining bolts installed. All right. Let's get this.

uh. starter unhung from spongy cord. there's a couple bolts that pass through this thing to uh to secure a little plate and it's part of the assembly here. There's two more bolts that are gonna pass through for the starter, one from the back side wiggle it, it'll go in and one for the front side.

Okay, we're getting somewhere now. Foreign one on the other side right here. Yeah, now we're getting somewhere Okay, we're gonna try something wobbly. Remember those Torx ones? uh, go up the top see if I can't reach them from this side.

I may have done that the hard way. Go on. it's the wrong socket. Really? Yeah, let's uh, let's try that again.

I think I got the right one Cody's laughing at me laughing at you laughing I know if you either laugh or cry I don't have the hydration to cry all day. All right. Now for the far away when man I can't see, you can't see another. Uh Cody's tripping on a great clean.

Can it's gonna work? Yep, Nope Oh man. I went too hard too fast. lost it? Yeah, no that's not gonna work. Ow dirt.

my let's try this again. I have an extension on uh, it's gonna be closed with Skynet Yeah, you can watch it later in life. You have to learn what Skynet is uh, did you ever see the Matrix yeah we're living in The Matrix Man, you got to go back and revisit that stuff. It is kind of tiny.

There's lubrication. That drive shaft is super tiny. My front drive shaft is bigger than this rear drive shaft. The tugs at the airport wheel race.

Oh like the airplane tugs or something hanging out in the garage getting the wrong sockets. and I grabbed a nine Mil who drives a nine mil? No, hang on. Failed again. Let's do the bottom one.

click one more time. clicks with that. Let's go back there. So I need to take this bolt back out.

There's another on the other side. also I didn't do that first because the goal was to actually get this trans lined up gravity and uh, you can draw it into the engine. Now that's done, we can tie up the Loose Ends All right I need to get this trans jack off of the trans I have the tail shaft Support over here. We're going to put the big plate and the motor or the trans mount back up motor mount.
Words That was easy: I've already connected the wiring, harness and the vacuum lines so that way you guys weren't looking. trans jack coming down. Get this thing out of here. We're done with you for now.

Bye Okay, let's put this. uh, this plate with the trans mount back in I've got a new one. It's bolted on, ready to roll. All right.

let's get these guys in. Then we'll run them down. Then we can get that big skid plate slash Mount device installed. Ah, go in there.

There we go. Number Four I Removed that broken dangly grommet thing that served no purpose I Mean it did, but it was damaged so I took it out Hot Rod TV with these Lights TV All right, what we're gonna do. We're gonna pick this panel up from here. These two studs need to pass through those two holes and then, uh, we just bolt it out of the frame.

That's also the same. Yeah yeah, these little pucks on the on this bracket paint. they just kind of float there, but it's all inside. We might have it backwards.

I Don't know. I think it's right. It looks like that would be right. Let me guide it in.

Okay, we got room for days so you can move it around. What? Alex Eternity One hour job into a five-hour job? Get three YouTube mechanics to do it I Know, right? it was saying all Day Foreign? Yes, that's exactly what happened too. It took an hour, it took an hour job and it took all night. It was really fun though.

That was a good time. It was a good time though. I Mean you got him? That's three? Yep. Shoe.

you run these bolts down. We'll put the nuts in for the trans mount right there and then that trans is installed. Clutch job complete. All right.

Foreign. Good to go. All right guys. That's going to conclude this particular chapter of Project Jeep I'm not putting the drive shaft in because I still am waiting to receive some differential parts so I can rebuild this diff.

but that's gonna have to wait for. Well, the parts got to show up and we'll do that one on another episode. So uh, that being said, as always, let thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. While you're down there, don't forget to tap that like button. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later! End of Project Jeep Part Seven, Nine Twelve I Don't even know Project Jeep Over and out.

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