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Hello Everybody! Good day to you and welcome back! Glad you guys are here! Check out this Jewel of a vehicle. This is a 2002 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson supercharged Edition Check that out. That is correct. We have the supercharged I think this is a 46 in this unit right here.

Customer states that they are in the middle of restoring this particular F-150 and it has recently gotten some paint after it was drugg out of the weeds. A couple mechanical issues were fixed and we have found it has a check engine light and uh, we have not dug into that yet so it is here for the check engine light. diag Let's uh, grab the scan tool and see what's going on with this. Real quick disclosure: I Have no idea what I'm doing regarding the filming of this particular video because I have replaced one of my GoPros uh with a different Uh camera.

So bear with me through the uh the filming failures. I'm sure I'm going to have several of them uh I'm not famili with this camera I pretty much just turned it on and started going to work. So having said all that, let us get on with our video. Let's hop in this unit.

Um I actually think I have messed up already because I Hopped in after parking this for a little while and it's rapid flashing clicking at me. I think I killed the battery or the battery is Just Junk And it doesn't do anything, let's attempt to restart the engine. Yeah, there's nothing going on here I killed it. Can't even get the mileage out of it.

We have zero miles. no mileages. all right. See is how I killed this battery which is a couple months old.

Let's go ahead and get uh, the charger back on it. Negative side: over there, we'll fire in some additional electrons, power that battery back up, and then uh, we'll hit the key. Get this thing started, hook up the scanner and check the codes. So plug in our charger, give it some AC power, and we'll run this at about a 50 amp charge.

Set it for a little while. doesn't matter. Okay Dos, let's fch the scanning device. We'll connect this unit, power this thing on, and see what kind of trouble codes are in there.

Yep. lights are back on. We should be able to start this. Uh, this vehicle in a moment.

Scanner dinner powering on deep and down below under the dash. Get this thing connected. Is my light work? Yeah. lights on OBD2 connector over there.

It's a little dark in here. Plug that in. Well, it is an all black interior with tinted windows. Makes it, uh, difficult to see things.

Rut: R I Was making an error. It turns out this is a 54 F-150 two wheel drive. It's a 2002 gotcha. Okay, and it looks like we're looking at 116,000 for 14.1 M on the odometer.

Let's see if this engine is going to restart beginning engine restarting sequence. Now Nope, Negative. Not yet. It is not happy with me.

Oops I Broke it all right? 54 Ford Supercharg. We're going in. Let's open this up to engine and Powertrain automatic Transmission with AC Good to go and let's see what our trouble codes are going to tell us We're looking like. What do we have? What do we have? What do we have? Self test initiating OBD2 System checks in complete.

That means the codes were cleared Once Upon A Time That's the P1000 codes were cleared and it has not gone through all of its drive cycles in order to complete all of the readiness monitors. Uh, what that means is the ECM has not done a self check on all of the systems yet. It has not. uh, it's not been through enough drive cycle uh to complete those checks and that's all that code says.

So that's fairly inconsequential. Uh, those can be caused by dead battery or the codes having been recently uh cleared and replaced. But here's what we do have: P 0 171 system Lean bank one and a P 0 174 system Lean Bank two. All righty.

So what that's going to mean is that the ECM in this engine is seeing either more air than what it's supposed to have or it's not receiving enough fuel according to what it's supposed to have. And the way that it's going to make that determination is with this component right here. that's called the mass airflow sensor. Uh, what's going on inside of there is there is an element in it.

It is. Uh, it receives power and ground from the ECM and it's going to apply heat to that element. Now, as the air comes in through the intake, it's going to cool off the uh, that element. It's actually going to apply Uh current to that element, thus creating heat.

It will cool that element off based on how much air is flowing through it and as it does that, that will change the resistance values. Uh, on the those two circuits. and that resistance is what is monitored by the ECM And that's how the ECM is able to calculate exactly how much Uh air is coming in. Therefore, it knows how much fuel to deliver through the fuel injectors.

All right, let's go ahead. hop inside. We're going to hit the key. I Just turned up the battery charger so we're sending in some extra amperage.

Let's see if this thing's going to turn over and crank beginning engine restocking sequence. Now it is alive, good, good, good. You guys see that cable move right there when I hit the key. That was a little weird.

All right. Now that we're running again, we can turn back some of the amperage on our charger. here. We'll just kick her back to 10 amps.

Let that thing go for a while. So the battery charger is going to keep charging uh, and the alternating unit inside will also charge to help bring this battery back back up to life. So we've got it running. I Don't see any misfires.

It seems to be pretty stable. I'm not hearing vacuum leaks from uh, any of the individual system components, so I'm not really certain if we are actually running lean. Um, let me go ahead and back up. There is a third thing that can cause that code and that's simply a sensor that is malfunctioning that is telling the ECM that there is something.

uh. or it's telling the ECM incorrect information. So in order to count that out, let's hop back into our scan tool here and we're going to pull up engine data. That's what we're looking for I Want to see if we're actually running lean right now or not? So we're going to go engine data right here.

display key on are running. Yes, we are running. We're going to go into fuel cuz we're looking for fuel trims. That's going to tell us if we're lean or not.

Lean: We have short-term fuel trims and long-term fuel trims. Oh goodness. I Have graphs pulled up. Let's pull pids up.

That's our data list and then we can graph it later to be more specific. But we're looking for short terms And long terms. Uh, short terms are going to be the shortterm corrections. Focus Uhoh.

First camera error. Yeah, our short terms are going to be there. we go. So our long terms are going be long-term Corrections and then the short terms uh, those are going to be Corrections that are made uh, while driving or while the vehicle is in normal operation and we can see right here.

If this camera that I don't know how to operate is is functioning long-term Bank one and long-term Bank Two, We're at 25 25 on the positive. So this ECM is adding fuel to the engine in order to compensate for an incorrect fuel or fuel uh curve. If we take a Peak at at Short terms, those are still trending positive. This is ideally where we want to see our our long terms like eights, nines, 10 maximums and our short terms are hovering in 10.

So what that's going to equate to is it's going to Trend the long terms to provide more fuel. Overall, so we do have some kind of a leak or some kind of a an incorrect uh sensor issue. Uh, what I want to do here is I'm going to go ahead and shut this engine down. We're going grab the smoke machine and we're going to pump some smoke into the intake system to just visually check for any leaks.

uh could be intake manifold gasket could be throttle body uh, in this case it could be a supercharger gasket. could be vacuum hoses could be a leaking EGR system diaphragm Uh, there's numerous uh possible causes for such a thing. so we're going to attach the smoke machine to this unit and pump some smoke directly into this engine and we're going to visually look around for a leak. All righty, got my Redline smoke machine coming in.

A lot of you guys have seen this unit before right here. Uh, it's basically a giant vaporizer. We attach shop air to it, provide it some electrons with its power cord, and it's going to heat up internally, vaporize that solution inside. It's going to pump said solution out through this little nozzle right here, and that's going to fill our intake system full of a rich white smoke.

The idea is that smoke as it leaks out of the engine will tell us where to find or where the leak is. So let's hook up the shop air power. this unit on red light means we're good. We've got pressure, we've got do I have flow Yer We got flow and out of the business end we have some smoke.

Good to go. Okay, so right over here on the engine. we've got a vacuum manifold I'm going to plug our smoke into that first and we're going to text test the exterior vacuum system. Uh, we got a winner winter winter chicken dinner.

What's going on back here? Look at that. There's all kinds of smoke that showed up super fast. Interesting I think I found something. Look right, let's get some more light on that right here.

There's a vacuum te look at all that smoke coming out of there and that T or whatever is covered. Focus There we go. That T is just like disintegrated and covered in nothingness. Yeah, look at all that Smoke's just chooching out right now.

So we've got a vacuum manifold that's falling apart. There's the guy that's that's my uh, that's our component. Look at that rubber chunks just falling right off of it. Yeah, that's definitely a uh, potential cause or a cause for vacuum leak for sure.

Let's um, I'm going to dig out some rubber hose and patch that up and then we can continue the uh the smoke test look at does x amount of time has passed and I've ordered some ball Co or whatever from the Uh from the part store I got a couple different sizes cuz I wasn't sure which one of these is going to bit and it looks like we need at least two pieces of rubber. I think those are 516. That's what it appears to be. So let's try.

Let's try to put a 730 seconds on it cuz I don't think I have a 516 toes. My iometer could be out of calibration and I'm wrong on that. so see how this fits? Oh yeah, 730 seconds is good I like that that fit perfectly, snip it off and we'll put that hose in and then right here. you guys see what I'm looking at here? No now you can.

So right here. that's the other deteriorated piece of Hose I'm going to peel this one off with some Cutters since it's more like liquid rubber, not not solid. Come on hose. Then this one is going to attach to this one right here.

I Think these are the plumbing lines that run into the cabin that control the HB doors. Stick that one on and then we'll connect it right here. Okay, so that's one leak found, confirmed and repaired. Let's go ahead, head and fire the smoke machine back up.

We can check for additional leaks. All right. Smoke's coming back online. We are smoking again now.

keep in mind we're not testing the engine side of this system yet. we are Plumbing the smoke into the exterior vacuum system. Uh, that's going to the uh, the EGR all the solenoids, the EVAP stuff in the rear, the vehicle at the fuel tank, as well as the HVAC blend doors inside of the cabin. and I'm no longer seeing any leaks.

Happening Here Dave You see anything on that side? No. I Don't no smoke here. No smoke here. Let's go ahead.

we're going to disconnect this unit and we're going to plug that in straight to the intake. Now we will see some smoke start to come out over here at the filter area, but what I'm looking for is smoke at the base of the supercharger, uh, as well as the PCV system and potentially the vacuum brake booster. So I Think all right disconnecting. We'll shut that down in a moment.

Let's connect our vehicle's vacuum system. Is that the way that went? Maybe it goes under here? I Think that's a better fit. Yeah, it goes under there, not over top. Okay, that's out of the way.

That's out of the way. Let's get the tools shutting down the smoke machine, red light off. We'll shut power down all the way to it. Disconnected.

We're still smoking. That's the leftovers inside of the machine. All right Back inside. Let's hit the key, restart the engine, and then we can check on our fuel trim data with our scan tool, see if she's going to start up beginning engine starting sequence again.

Aha! so we found and fixed one vacuum leak going back into fuel so your vehicle may not support all pit. That's fine. Standard warning on every single scan tool. See our lights still on? No matter, and we're going to go down to shortterm fuel trims.

What I'm looking for is the short terms to move themselves into the negatives. cuz if the short terms go into the negative, it's going to bring our long terms down. And so far we just saw a 13, didn't we? Yeah, we're 10 and N I don't think they're coming down just yet. Let's go back and check.

Uh, let's see what our O2s are doing. O2 Sensor Focus you not a very good cameraman please? Focus please Please please There There we go. So what I want to do is we're going to pull up our data graphs and we're going to watch the voltage of our O2 sensors starting with O2 sensor one that's Bank 2 sensor One Bank One Sensor 2 Where's the other one at? I'm looking for Bank One Sensor One and Bank two sensor one. So there's one in one.

There's two in one. We can see the O2s are switching so it may want to start to bring those fuel trims back down. We we should see these go high, low and high Low 84 Molt, 737, 86 700 Some change. So these are doing what they're supposed to do and we can see it from our graph.

Uh, let's get back into fuel one more time. Not the graph. We may have to go and drive this before the uh fuel trims start to wake up. PID List again scrolling.

don't click away. we're almost there. Long terms still at 25 Short terms: 10 and 12. Let's give it some throttle.

See what happens with these short terms Focus 8 and Five 111 Yeah, they're not going negative yet. Okay, in the interest of time, let's go ahead and clear these codes out of this unit. and we're going to reset the keep alive memory And that should reset our fuel trims back to zero. Wrong button.

So we're clearing codes: Check Engine light is you on or off? Check Engine Light All right. We're off exiting. Now we're going to go reset some memory so we're going to go into functional test I Think that's where it is and reset cam. There we go.

This thing doesn't. Focus Keyon Engine Off Check Roger Dodger So that's Engine Off Key on, continue function clears, Keep Alive and all the tables. Yep, we want to clear all that stuff out and let the engine start over so it can relearn its fuel curves. Keep Alive has been reset all right.

restocking the engine. Let's get back into Data display Continuing Fuel yet again. So it's running different Now it's running much different. Let's go take a look see if we can't see the engine's Behavior It sounded like it was loping a little bit.

Okay, it's smoothed out some. so let's go check on. Uh, let's check our fuel trims before they start to change. We're going in for shortterm shortterm, shortterm shortterm injectors.

Nope. Long terms are at 11 and short terms are 20 and 24. So it's running Fuel Fuel Trims Super Super Positive. Even though we found an issue, it's still cranking those fuel trims.

Uh, through the moon. Okay, so we have not fixed the problem. We found a problem. But this is not the problem.

Y See, we're still in the in The positive here. We want to see the short terms hanging out. Uh, between like -5 and positive 5. And that's not what we're looking at.

Okay, back to the drawing board. All righty. we are back under the hood again and I'm kind of rechecking looking around. I'm reowing all the vacuum lines.

uh, back around to the backside. I Uh I Had found that this supercharger has like a waste gate. See that little guy right there? Uh, I was wondering if perhaps it was sort of stuck open and that was causing uh, excessive intake. uh, flow or something like that.

So I had disconnected the wastegate which is that little vacuum device right there and we can hear that it's actuating because there's a different sound coming from the engine. So when I have this guy disconnected, it's making a it's making a different noise and then I reconnect it, it goes back to normal. Uh, neither one of those two events has anything to do with our current calculated fuel triends. So if we're taking a look again, down in short terms and I disconnect that waste gate.

It's not changing short terms and long terms, so that's got nothing to do with it. Let's take a look. Let's pull this intake. uh uh.

air filter off here. that's looking pretty groy. Let's pop that filter off and I want to see if I cannot see the uh, the element. uh for the mass airflow, it should be like I should be able to see right to it.

So I just want to make sure that that mass airf flow uh is not contaminated and covered in crud I don't think it is or I don't think that's the problem because my mass airflow figures uh showed the appr at level of air coming through the engine for idle. Let me see if I can't pull it up real quick. We we're looking for mass airflow MAF and it's going to be in G per second. So let's see G per second mass airflow.

There it is 7.14 G per second. Let's go ahead and pull this guy off. take a look and see if that thing's all clogged up or whatever. Maybe it is.

Maybe it's not not. Uh, it's not looking like it. Yeah, there's our element right there. Yeah, I don't see a bunch of buildup on that mass airf flow element.

So I think that that's okay. So in absence of incorrect metering from the mass airf flow uh, absence of leaks I Now have to turn my attention to fuel. Now looking at the overall condition of this uh particular. Ford we can see it's been resprayed and it's been well abused.

Probably we have a Supercharged V8 I Have found that it has like some MSD Performance Co uh, ignition coils in it. So I Can only hypothesize that this thing has been kind of run ragged and now we're trying to put it back together so we don't know what we're going to find I've got a sneaky suspicion that, uh, it may have a clogged up fuel filter. So uh, I'm going to go ahead and order one of those just for maintenance purposes and then try again. But I don't think that's going to going to be the issue here.

What is this? What is this? Hang on a second. Look at that. Look at that. Now we're hanging out in the negatives.

Look at there1 -4 We just saw those in 10 or 11s or 12s or whatever. Let's check our our long terms real fast. Long terms are falling 19 18 Man, you know what this is severe La of Maintenance This is the problem. This thing right here.

Look at that. I bet that's the problem I See no light coming through. Let's watch I'm going to plug this filter back in. You guys listen to the engine and keep an eye on those fuel trims right there.

When I plug this in I Want to see if this is our issue. It could be all right. Plugged in. Listen to that.

the tone Chang Ah, look at there short short-term fuel trims are going through the moon. See that 18 11 13. Let's disconnect the air filter again. wiggling it off.

There's the filter. Short-term fuel trims? Come on. Don't lie to me. now.

Fall I Want to see you fall into zero land? Show me a negative. Yep, there's one 3 Zero. You got it. It's a clogged up air filter.

Years of neglected maintenance I Don't care though. I'm still putting that fuel filter in. Okay, so this truck needs some maintenance. it needs to.

We need to un unmess up this air raid air intake. I Don't even know if we can clean this out. We'll see if I have a K&N filter cleaning kit I bet. Uh, I bet Erid is going to love that I clean it out with a uh a K&N unit.

That'd be grand. Let's see what we have here: I've got brake clean. That's the oil that's oil. Do I have any cleaner for that? I think I just have the oil got battery protecting spray.

You know what? I'm just going to hose it out with a garden hose, try that, see what happens, and tell you what. In the meantime, let's shut this down. Um I'm going to have Dave put that fuel filter in this thing and then I'm going to go out there and garden hose that filter element and then we're going to restart this after we after we reset fuel trims. we're going to see if it stays put.

Let's try that. That's the that's the new strategy on this non-strategic diagnostic. All right, let's fire up the garden hose here and spray that filter out see what happens. Hey, the concrete guys are hard at work.

Yeah, they've got the hose bib around the corner powering on all right. filter or filter hose is charged. We should have some, uh, some come here you? How about Grace? We'll do it with some brains. not Braun Here we go.

Nice and shiny. All right. let's see how this is going to work out for us. it's going to fill it up full of water.

We should probably get a new one, but it's Friday about 5:00 and I'm pretty certain I'm not going to get some aftermarket air filter business end of the day, end of the week, end of the decade? Whatever should be good. I mean K&N says you can hose. oh it's leaving. No.

I just sprayed it off into the dirt over there dirty filter. I Can't believe you would kick a customer's property. Do you guys think you'd be watching a guy spray out a engine air filter over the weekend this weekend? I Didn't think I was going to be doing this either. Oh hey, uh, real quick.

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So if you would like to trickle in and check out what I've created so far, uh, please visit my website at Rainman and click the merchandise tab. Uh, it might be listed under what's called cool stuff uh which needs to go away cuz I don't like the term cool stuffff but uh, you'll either find it under merchandise or cool stuff and that depends on whe whether you go uh to the website via a mobile device or a PC but again, that's Rainman Ray so please feel free at your leisure. Uh, I would like you to at least check it out for me and give me your first thoughts. uh, on the selection, designs, pricing, uh, website, all that good stuff and then come back here to this video and throw me some comments.

Uh, if you want to buy a t-shirt or a hat, that'd be fantastic, but you don't have to I Just want your feedback right now since we're off on this tangent of Shameless self-promotion Um, one of my uh, my Flagship items that are going into that is going to be the raiseed repairs, tumblers, coffee mugs and there's also some wife unit stuff in there as well. Unfortunately I do not have my hat here today to give you guys an example. but I did have that hat when I was in. uh, it.

SEMA this past uh, passco around and that's the one that I was personally wearing I Really, really like that hat. They're custom fitted, they're embroidered. Uh, please check them out in my store again one more time Rainman Rais and that will completely end my moment of Shameless self-promotion Hey, let's go see what Dave's doing I think he's down under here. What you doing Dave oh smelling gas e oh you at least you're not swimming in it.

Oh I knew it was coming I Is that gas on the floor? Oh you getting that filter out of there? Are you good? Yep. Thank you sir. Appreciate you. You want to put it on a lift or Are you good? down there in the ground? No.

I'm on the ground. All right? Well, I'm going to blow this filter out and then we're going to put it all back together and see if this thing's going to run and drive and behave properly. So next up I'll take some compressed shop air. We're just going to blow the pleats out in that filter, get the water out of it, and then throw it back on our supercharg 54 beginning H2O Decontamination Procedure Now got a shot blow gun toop air.

It's going to go through the ple, can blow the air out, some press off, and now I've got you guys watching me blow air through an air filter, not just water. Look at all that water. All right? I Think that will be sufficient for, uh, practical testing purposes. Let's let this thing hang out over here.

We'll dry it out some more, and whenever Dave's all set, he's done climbing out from under, uh, under our frame rail. we can restocking the engine and see how she's going to behave. Still waiting on Dave here. I'm going to plug that in kind of where it's supposed to be.

We'll run a little bit more air over it, blow out the bug. Million mile filter, huh? they are. If properly maintained, this one was not maintained at all in the slightest. and I believe we're witnessing the results here.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We might not be on all of it just yet. Compressor powered down, but as soon as that, uh, that fuel filter is installed over there under the truck, uh, we're going to fire it up and find out. Dave What are you doing Zo in on this.

What? What are you doing over there? More cleaner? Yeah, Look at my man. He's recycling. clean, right? No, Never use brake clean to clean the floors with that drive service manager. Insane.

They can't handle it. Use gas. Clean floors either. But it works I Mean it does.

It's a solvent, so we're good. Hey, you want to reach inside, hit the key on this thing and uh, let's see if it's going to behave appropriately. I'm curious. Beginning ring engine restarting sequence now.

Aha, good timing. Dave You got it all right. Retrying connection sounds a little funky. Let's Let It reestablish its communication protocol.

scrolling down back to our fuel trims. Long terms are at 25 still and short terms 21 and 18, 23 and 22. You guys see that. So I Don't think cleaning this filter really helped out.

Let's remove it again and see what happens here. Screwdriver screwdriver coming in Zoom Coming out there we go. I'm off. I'm learning how to operate this fancy Dancy Equipment let's take our little clamp back off.

I Actually had high hopes that that was going to work, but I was wrong Anyway, zooming back back into our short terms, let's pull the filter element away one more time. it's disconnected. This is going to confirm or deny everything that we're doing here and we're coming back into negatives right there. That's what we're looking for.

All right. Well, I Solved the problem. diagnosed it correctly. However, I do not have a replacement uh, air rate or air or however you want to call it I do not have an element to replace repl that filter with.

So I'm just going to have to leave this one as it is. However, we do have proof of concept because we're still hanging out. Yep, Negative: We're between neg5 and Positive 5. That's what we want.

All right, let's back out of this menu. We're going back into Codes menu. Hey Mr Dave Will you shut this engine off? Heat on I'm going to reset cam so it's Keyon engine off P EO Reset Keep alive memory uh, clears PCM and all the memory tables blah blah blah. That's what we wanted.

Good. So we're going back into Data next right where we came from data display. yes, Fuel data vehicle Yeah, Yeah, yeah, Come on, We don't have all day scrolling down. uh.

injectors? Nope. Long terms have been reset to zero. see the zeros and short terms Dave Go ahead and reach in sir and fire it up. short term say 14 I Don't know why.

Give it a second to wake up and those should stabilize around the near zero area and then we're going to scroll back up to long terms and see if they are trending positive, see if they're trending negative or if they're just kind of hanging out where they're supposed to. All right, we're holding high idle. We're watching these short terms bounc between some negative numbers and some positive numbers all within that plus or minus 5 bracket. So after a little bit of run time, it started acting normal.

Long-term trims are zero and zero. Okay, yeah, it's still kind of doing what I think it should be doing. Everything's looking good I'm not entirely convinced that there are not additional issues uh, going on with this particular truck. Uh I Think what I need to do is get an air filter the appropriate one and we need to go out and put this thing on the road some.

However, there is a slight issue with that at this current point in time. Uh, I do not have an air filter. Uh, we have found a massive Improvement The light has not been triggered back on just yet. Let's do a restart real fast.

see what it does. y still no light on the second restarts. so the ECM seems to be okay with the current fuel trim numbers. I'm not sure what else we may need to go through on this.

Uh, I think perhaps on uh, in the morning I can do a fuel pressure check after that filter and we can look into some other stuff. But as we sit right now with Uh, with our short-term long-term fuel trims being where they should be, uh I am going to go ahead and condemn this filter unit, we need to get a new one Once we get a new one, I can test it again or a little bit further to make sure we're not missing something. However, Dave's turning off the lights. That's my cue to go ahead and get out of here.

So having said that, guys like to thank you guys for watching this video. I'm going to go ahead and close this out right now as always I Hope you enjoyed this video. If in fact, you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have herselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in a video in a Ford and a supercharger into 54 and of transmission.

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    I'm only a youtube mechanic, but I have been dealing with a similar situation but don't have anyone around here to talk through it. I would like to hear opinions from those who know better than me. I acquired a mustang with the 4.0 that had a CAI installed. I didn't have a lean code, but was seeing Long term fuel trims around 24%. After looking for a vacuum leak, I finally assumed it was the intake. The MAF was reading about 3.5 g/s at idle. I found a stock air cleaner and replaced the CAI. Fuel trims immediately started correcting and the MAF reading almost doubled. I'm guessing the computer relies more on the MAF than o2 sensors? If so, it was actually running richer even though it indicated lean?

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    Unfortunately in the real world they clog really fast and then cause problems.
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    I don't do any oil based air filter, i knew the concept would cause problem. frequent oiling air filter making fuel trim out of shape, i learned from scott kilmer video about cold intakes keep engine airfilter oem. only CAI on performance tuned engine. most cars and truck are tuned to oem air filter.

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