In this video we have a look at a 2011 GMC that was brought here from the dealer. The customer states the TPMS light has been on for two years and took it to the local dealer who threw $1500 in parts and time at it and it still does not work. The fix was so easy it doesn't make sense.
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It's a wonderful day to work on a Chevrolet Folks 2011 it's a GMC actually uh customer tells me the TPMS light or service tire pressure monitor system light has been on for a couple years now. Uh, he wanted to fix it so he took it to the dealer uh, dealer replaced from what he tells me all four of the TPMS sensors and then says we don't know what's wrong with it. we can't fix it so the dealer gave up on it. He want to know if I would take a look at it so I'm sure I give it a try.

you know, no guarantees. Obviously if they've already tried everything they could but I thought we'd take a look at it and see why on Earth you know the TPMS system doesn't seem to work now. I've never worked on one of these before I've done, you know, a Bazilian TPMS sensors and chivies. uh as they age out and the battery side and they go bad so that's usually a pretty uh you know pretty cut and dry system and they usually program quite easy.

so I don't really know what we're going to find. We're going to grab our all tool or allel TPMS tool. Uh, we use the It 600. We're going to go through and scan the sensors and see if the truck goes into programming mode and see why it doesn't like it and then hopefully we can figure out what's really going on here.

Try to zoom in on this baby so we can all see it. Uh, it's got a Bluetooth dongle. I've got it plugged in the Uh data link connector so we're going to go through here. Let it.

uh Auto ID it should. Auto ID for us should come up as an 11 GMC Sierra pick GMC All right, let's go through and skate. Didn't have any options. says 09 9 to 13.

Oops it's communicating now. it's going to check for codes. but yeah, 09 to 13 snap-in sensors here in 15 MHz So I'll let it sit here and just recode. even though we weren't going to do that at first.

Uh, we got four Dtc's I've never used this portion of the tool, so I'm not. We're going to be a little fumbly here usually I just use this for uh, reading and and writing sensors. So all right, what do we have? Left Front Low pressure performance signal invalid, right front, left rear, and right rear. So they have the same type of code uh for every single sensor so that's that's interesting.

So let's just back out of here. and then let's just go through and scan each sensor. We'll start right with the left front. All right.

pressure is low but we don't have a a low tire pressure light on. we just have the flashing light there with check TPMS system or what have you got 65 lbs there in that tire? Oh we got pressure is all over the place. Uh let's just go to Uh Relearn and we're going to do an OBD2 relearn. Let this process go through.

so that's what it says on the dash there service tire monitor system turn engion on engine off. Let this go through and new this thing all right. What set it was successful. So let's just see.

I'll take a peek in here. lights out. Let's go through and adjust the pressure so they're all correct. Tire pressures are all the same Now let all the air out of that back.
there wasn't like 65 lbs. Uh spoke with the customer because I wanted to get the story and he told me uh that he took it to the Chevrolet dealer. He told me which one. uh he's from out of town so took it to the dealer.

it's neither here nor there and then they spent they said 8 hours on it and then just says we're done. We can't figure it out. they changed. Uh, he used his terminology the module that receives the signal from the TPMS sensor.

So I I could be wrong where I have to look I think it's the driver's door switch on these or driver's door module I could be wrong. We'll look into that. I Guess they put a module in it. Um, they tried programming it, couldn't get a to program.

they were on the phone with GM forever I guess Anyhow, they told them hey, we're $1,500 deep in this thing. If you just forget about it and walk away, we'll weigh the fee and we'll just charge you 150 bucks. You have a nice day So he opted for that because he didn't want to pay the the $1,500 and still have a broken truck. They told him they put the old module back in it and that was it.

And then he told me that he's got to slip above the visor here. Uh, let's see here. Uh, let me just read this here for you. uh Customer: States TPMS System is not Oper Operational Diagnose and advise Cause: Remote Control Door Lock Receiver in operative causing fobs and TPMS systems to be in operative at well Customer: States That's all they wrote and then um in their notes here it says Remote Control Door Lock Receiver and operative causing fobs and TPMS to be an operative as well.

Tested Fobs: They are functioning according to the tester Tested: TPMS According to the tester, all four are operational. Nothing can report to the vehicle due to the receiver being inoperative upon reinstallation of old remote. Condor Loock receiver functionality returned to key fobs I Didn't notice it's key fobs worked. It didn't work okay.

Oh, hang on the seat's moving. Hold on fellas. All right. Well let's just see what we did here.

All right, all the lights are out I Grabbed the altel because I want to look at some data and I didn't want to look at on that tiny screen. So let's open up the remote control door lock receiver I was right about being a door I didn't know if it was in a driver door module or driver door switch I'm going to get some data up on the screen and we're going to take it for a rip and see what happens. Uh, the reason I called the customer is because I wanted to see if this was an intermittent problem but he said no. The light's been on for 2 years.

It's never been like off and then back on. so we'll get some data on the screen here. Got our data, got the vehicle speed. all four tire pressures up there went through everything.

Everything else looks normal just like it says. everything's normal. So this is kind of bizarre I can't be. it can't be this easy.
This is silly that they could work on it for 8 hours and just not have it function. Busy place. so TPM M light is off. We'll just go for a little ride here and see uh See if anything changes I don't know.

Kind of bizarre if you ask me. Not real sure what to make of this folks. We're driving along, everything's working. They've all switched to drive mode.

Pressures are populating. They're starting to, you know, come up as the tire pressure increases here from heat. I'll go through and you know, adjust them again. It's supposed to get cold here.

It's pretty warm out today. it's 50 but it's supposed to drop down in the 20s so we'll go. We'll adjust them for that. like I say it's pretty pretty bizarre.

lights out on the dash up to have you guys tell me what you think down in the comments section folded over here folks have a look so we can see like I say all pressures are working good. Like I said, they've all switched from learn to drive mode TPMS indicator is off yeah I don't know what to say. it is what it is seems kind of silly and like I said all of you guys tell me what you think down in the comment section. um checked it for codes.

There's no codes in it, everything seems to function and like I say talking to the customer he States it's not an intermittent problem, it just quit and that was it. And then you know like I say he was going to be500 deep. he just they called it. It just seems really bizarre that if it was at the dealer they couldn't fix this problem.

I mean this is this one's old enough that you don't even need a TPMS tool to uh, relearn the sensors you do with the key fob and letting air out of the tires. We've made videos on that before so I chose to use a tool because it's faster, but essentially it does the same thing. So I'm not real sure why I didn't look at the IDS that were written in it. We could probably go back and and maybe see that on the footage and compare them to the IDS we put in it.

Um, I don't know what their process is at the dealer so it just seems really weird what I'm going to do I've got some other work to do on this I'm going to go back, do that work, let it sit, take it for another drive, and if something acts up, I'll come get you. otherwise we'll just give it one of these. We don't know why. Uh, kind of feel bad for the dealer if it really was that simple and there was just a part of their process that wasn't working I don't know.

Anyways, work your way in that comment section. let me know what you think, questions, comments, the ins, the Facebook you know where to find us. Just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    At best the dispatcher pulls the job back and reassigns it to a qualified tech or at worst the hours are billed and the customer is stuck with the bill only to return for the comeback treatment days later. The dealership then either refunds the entire labor charge or finds a qualified tech to pull the bacon out of the fire.
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