It is time to get this truck wrapped up the best we can and get it out the door. Sure wish I just had a new or good used harness for this truck but we are going to do the best we can with what we have.
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We're going to use our fuse jump wire. The two red wires Uh, are one of them is supposed to be fed by a fusible link? They come to this relay. they hook together in one terminal and then they go out from there. One of them goes to the auto shutdown relay, the other one goes to the PCM.

So essentially, we have no power to the PCM. I'm going to send power down that wire, not a little red wire. We probably should verify that that is true. Um, let's see here.

We could probably tell by tapping the auto shut. Oh shoot, we're H the battery positive. Are you in there old girl? We're going to check the control wire again. Um, turn the key on.

Vanessa Okay, shut it off. So we should have a 2C Prime here. Or 3 seconds. whatever.

Turn the key on. Okay, and we do. We have our Prime. So Vanessa is the key on? No, um, just a second here.

I'm just trying to twist our control wires together. Go ahead and turn the key on. Do you see any lights on the dash? Any red lights? Yeah. Are they still on? Yeah.

How about now. and the this one out? How about now? Okay, they came back on. just check. Okay, Okay, so folks, what What happened here? What probably the original problem is, is we've lost power to one of these red wires from a fusible link.

So that's why this relay doesn't work. The other reason the truck doesn't run is because the fuel pump doesn't work. So when we jump power directly to the fuel pump it doesn't work. But when we jump power to uh, the red wire that which goes to the single board engine controller goes to the auto shutdown relay, then all works so we can fix all of this.

We can put this together, but ultimately we need to find out where the fusible link is blown or where it's power comes from. And then we need to figure out why the fuel pump still doesn't work when we put power to it. So we we have two problems here in this one area. Uh, so let me track down this fusible link.

let's see where it lives. It says it's a white one. there's one here I don't know if this one is it. We're going to have to open up this uh mess here and see I see a couple fusable link set are white.

You can go ahead and shut the key off Vanessa Um, which I assume they probably ultimately start, you know down through here. Uh, but we'll figure this out folks. Rest assured we'll see who goes where and all that stuff and standby. All right.

So this is quite a mess back here. a lot of things have been cutting this some kind of vampire connector to add on something. So anyhow, according to the diagram here, uh, we have those fusible links is what we're looking for and it says out off the battery it comes out with a black cable. which is this cable right here? Um I Don't know if you guys can see it, but it's the black main battery cable that comes down into this split of fusible links and it says here I'm just trying to follow diagrams, you know best we can.

Black and red. Okay, so there's our black, there's our red and then it splits off. We got 1, 2, 3, 4. We got five fusible links there.
on the diagram we have 1, 2, 3, 4 Five fusible links. Uh, Ultimately, we're trying to get to the white one which Powers these one of these red ones. so it comes down black. Fus or black battery cable goes into here.

Uh, out of here it should be one of the orange fusible links. How many orange ones do we have? According to diagram, we have two. So what do we have here? We have two. This orange one here and this orange one.

here. We have two orange fusible links and then one of those orange choosable links is supposed to go and it splits off off to a red wire. Let me just make sure I'm reading this right? Yeah, one of them splits off from an orange fusible link turns into a red wire and the other one goes to a pink and brown. Um, here we go.

Oh I See some puss on this wire right here? This one's not the right wire color, but this wire is this wire is. junk. It's all. uh, this wire's.

this wire right here is no good. I Don't know if you guys can see it, but it's it's all just green and let's take our test light without getting too. uh. complicated here.

I've got it hooked to battery. uh, negative. So let's see if there's any power in here. see if there's any power through the pus.

It's got giant poke holes in it already. so don't don't yell at me I'm just poking in the green stuff. Let me just poke a little Downstream of the green stuff. Yeah, so even though it's full of corrosion, it still flows current.

It does have to be fixed. It's a problem. It's not our problem, but it is really swole and really green but still carrying current for whatever reason. this other pink one goes down to an all red wire.

I'm just going to poke in the butt connectors here see if I can get in there. got t pin wheel as we do, let's just getting the back. I don't think I'm getting down in there far enough. Okay, so we have power on that side of it.

Let's see if we have power coming out of the crimp connector here. We do. Okay, let me keep uh poking along here folks. I Got to try to find the correct wires.

Uh, the colors aren't matching uh, but like I say with old diagrams I'm not super surprised. I Do think it's going to be beneficial for us to find out which relay this is? Perhaps maybe I don't want to get on too many rabbit Trails I Just want to find the right wires and what feeds back to our white fusible link which ultimately ends to this. So let me poke along here and I'll show you guys what I find when I find it. Our test light took the battery negative.

Anything we touch that is positive will light up. This is the wire that we're looking to get lit up. We talked about these fusible links. This is an orange fusible link.

This is the other one. This one comes out and goes down to a very corroded puffy wire which we determined still carries current but it's not the right color. But then we run into this little rigger marrow and from Orange it was supposed to turn into a white fusible link and then split off to two wires, a red wire and then another red wire. I Believe One went to the ignition switch and the other went to our relays.
Auto Shut down. Um when I look here. Yes, it splits off to two red wires. It doesn't give me the gauge size.

it says one of them goes to the ignition switch and then one of them goes to the fuel pump. Auto shut down relay. So I file this orange one out. goes to this mess.

goes to a big red wire here and then goes to a little red wire here. When I check this little red wire, we have no power on it. If I wiggle this mess around here sometimes. Oh there we go.

So that's lit up now. Okay and guess what that is too. and if I wiggle it it goes out. So this is why she has an intermittent starting problem.

All of this mess this needs to go and that's what we're seeing. However, even once that's fixed, the dang truck still won't run because we don't have. well, we have power going to the fuel pump. We just don't have a fuel pump.

So I'm going to fix this. where the white fusible link is uh, supposed to be and then these two wires the wires that feed off from this. This is, uh, pretty interesting I haven't messed with fusible links in a really long time. a really long time.

So let me do what I have to do. I assume this other big red wire um has you know it must have full-time power on or has power on it. The our connection is at this vampire connector old scotch lock looking unit. so once we have that our relay we can put in the relay will work.

but this honestly at the end of the day this needs to be fused. It kind of is right now with the with the orange fuse link wire. I Think the white fuse link needs to come off and go to the red so let me figure this out and show you. but I just wanted to show what I found is kind of looking and checking things out.

You know some of this other stuff's going to need to be fixed too. I Don't know what it runs but it needs to be fixed. we know that much. Try not to beat this here to death folks.

So the orange fuse link that came out and goes back to this heavy orange wire and then comes up to this or red wire and then up to the other red wire which feeds relays. uh nobody carries fuse link wire anymore I would have to I would have to look this up I can't remember I can't remember how it goes uh with fuse link wire I think it's two or three gauges higher than the wire that it's hooking to I Do believe it's manufacturer specific. you know which as far as color code but what we're going to do is we know the orange fuse link went to this 10 gauge red wire that goes to the ignition switch supposedly. So I added another length of 10 gauge red wire I soldered that on there and I also soldered on a fuse holder because where it went to from the orange fuse link to the red 10 gauge wire it came out with a white fuse link which I believe is a higher gauge than this and then went to this wire.
So what we're going to do is I'm going to hook our our Red 10 gauge back to the orange fuse link so this fuse link will still be viable to protect that circuit. and then where the white fusible link went. we're going to add a regular Welcome to the the modern day you know era fuse. Instead of the white fusible link.

we're adding just a fused circuit which we will run back. Uh, to this red wire. We'll likely put a 10 amp fuse in it. We'll check the current draw I Don't think we're going to need more than uh, 10 amps of protection.

We just want to protect it from a dead short. Um, and that's it. So that's that's how we're going to fix this. I've already soldered heat shrink and then I put tape over top of our heat shrink down here where this all came together.

So we're going to pull this back, give oursel a little extra. we'll take out our Cutters but that's how fusible link works. It's the unless somebody give it a better explanation than me. it's the it's the weak Link in the circuit and if I and like I say I would.

if I remember correctly, it's always smaller than the wire that it's actually hooking to or the circuit is protecting and I I believe that's part of its being the weak link if you will, but you can look it up yourself. The best thing to do with fusible link. this one's toast is: eliminate them. Fusible links are pain on Old vehicles I Believe this one is junk cuz the inside's just falling apart.

Usually they'll blow right in half. No, that one's still Stout into the strong section of it. There's not much of it there. I there's a certain length.

you can't go over two. I don't know if it's six or 8 in somewhere in there if. I Remember right? Oh, it's frustrating. Get some heat shrink solder those.

We're going to heat shrink it together just like the factory fusable. Link's pretty short, but it still should serve its purpose to protect the circuit. Now, theoretically, we should have power on half of this fuse. There's no fuse in it right now.

This side should be hot though. And it is. And there's no fuse in it, so we don't worry about that. I Didn't show the sold process cuz I don't feel like reading the comments.

Rest assured, it was done incorrectly with some 60/40 Rosen cor solder. Uh, so I'm going to let that solidify before we figure around too much. I'm going to go get us a 10 amp fuse. We're going to stick it in here.

we're going to wire up our relay and then hopefully the fuel pump is still broken and then we'll figure out what's up with that. and then ultimately I'm going to have to come back and fix some of this. We're going to take out some of this riging up down here. We're going to fix this wire before it becomes a problem.
the one that's all split open. Hopefully get this girl semi- reliable truck right on. there we go. I Knew we're right on the verge of not being able to get inside of a blue one.

We'll crimp that one in there. We'll crimp that one All right. We'll let that solidify. and then then we should have power here.

Uh, test slate, test slate. Okay, we have power there. which that should be full-time power. It appears that it is.

What's interesting to me is that there there is current flowing to that wire right now. when I put that in there, there was a little bit of a spark um which I think is kind of weird cuz I'm pretty sure the key is off. Yes, the key is off. huh? I Want I wonder how much current is Flowing to that right now I'd have to double check our diagram but I wouldn't think there should be any.

So let's see. let's take our fuse out. Let's see what we have for current according to our meter. none unless I have my leads hooked up.

wrong. Oh yeah, no, it's it's right. So I just was curious I thought I swear I saw a spark come from that fuse when I put it in our test light. should be around a half an amp.

Yeah, 360 out of our test light. So yeah, there's no dude I swear when I plug that in I saw a little spark and we know that our meter is working. So when okay, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm 99% certain I saw a little spark when I stuck that fuse in there indicating that there is some sort of current flow across. Dude: I I know what I saw? Well, whatever.

we'll stick the 10 Amper in there. For the time being, we're going to measure the current on this circuit when it's up and fully functional. all the injectors and coils and everything. everything going.

Um, let's get this relay wired in here. I'm going to do what I did on the last one. I'm going to write down our wire colors uh, which wire colors uh, correspond to these wire colors and we'll get this wired up. Oh, this is the AC cut relay.

the wide open throttle cut relay somebody wired this in AC probably doesn't even work, but they put a relay on it. so and all that does is cut the AC relay at wide open throttle or cuts the AC clutch out at wide open throttle. So uh, seems It's kind of unnecessary I doubt the AC works. so let me get this labeled.

I Think we're going to end up replacing uh the ASD relay too just because it's so dang crusty up in there. Keys off. Vanessa Yeah I to push it way. turn it on.

Oh frig me. So you heard it work. but you also probably heard the fuel pump kick on. Shut the key off.

Key on. Oh crap. Key off. This should light up now.

Anyways, key on. Well that's good, but it sucks. You guys remember in the beginning here that fuel pump did not work. We ran power directly to it.

You can shut the key off and come out. Vanessa We ran power directly to the fuel pump and it did. It did not work I Remember doing it with a jumper wire right here to the black with green and now all of a sudden that kicks on and we've been fiddling a lot. We've been moving a lot of stuff because we had to um which I guess tells us a couple things.
Well hey, Vanessa you still there? Yeah? is this black with green? I don't think so. Hop in there will you? I don't know what this hipping in the hopping no, that's not the right colors. just a minute old girl. So what? we probably did folks? um cuz I I am positive without looking back through our footage that we ran power.

I think that's why we got our jumped fuse. we ran power right to it. Nothing was happening I don't know if these connectors? Well, I'm going. that's figured out.

I Do see a black with green wire right here and that goes into this connector. I Don't know if this connector is getting crappy I Don't even know if that's the correct wire that this one's black with green. What we'll do cuz it does come out of this section of harness to see if that is the fuel pump. Oh man.

I thought it had some green crusty I was like oh Hallelujah but uh to see if that's a fuel pump, we'll throw an amp clamp around it. In the meantime you can out. uh in the meantime I'm going to heat shrink these down. uh to finish this termination here.

Uh, we'll get this set to the side. I'll put my new label on I Just labeled this. You know, fuel pump ASD So somebody can see that I label this one start. I'll label this one fuel pump and then I'm going to call down the nap and get another uh wiring harness and another uh accessory relay.

We're going to get rid of the green corros on this auto shutdown Before this thing becomes, you know, major problem. I'm not going to bother trying to clean up these Terminals and stuff we'll just chop it off and put on. you know, three fresh relays we're going to Spritz these down with some fluid film I'm just going to stick them up on the fender where they were. Get rid of these ones and we're going to keep calm and carry on.

The thing that really is bothering me right now is the fact that the fuel pump works. Um, that's really sucky because you guys know exactly what's going to happen. I'm not worried about being embarrassed, it's just it's going to kind of have to suck to if this thing doesn't quit and we can't find out where if we don't see the problem visually, you know I'm going to try doing some some wiggling and whatnot. Uh, once we, uh, once we get the relay and I'm going to kind of take throw some tape around this like I did with the other two, we're just going to kind of leave them sitting for the time being and then we're going to see if this wire is the fuel pump.

If it is, we're going to try to. we're going to try to break it again cuz I would really like to just be one and done and Rob it your mother's brother. So here's where we're at folks. Been bit of a long day back on this thing.
Uh I ended up going full redneck on the battery for right now. as you can tell with the classic ratchet strap. had old ratchet strap kicking around so I just trimmed it up, threw it on the battery. This battery tray is just flat.

There's no evidence of ever having used a J. Bol I I assume whatever held it on is probably rusted off. Uh, so that'll work Uh for the time being I soldered on a couple new Uh battery terminals. A plus and a minus.

No I did not use heat shrink I Just soldered them on charged the battery wrap tape on them. Kind of just sticking things up out of the way. I taped up the harness here I left the pigtails long on these relays I left. Well, these are the wires running up to the visor I think we talked about that at least I assume they are.

They go down to the marker light I left all the fusible links exposed as you should. um, including our fuse that we put on here. so I left them out in the open kind of taped everything else up. Did a visual inspection on that black with Uh Green Stripe or green with a black whichever it was for the fuel pump I didn't notice anything running back through there.

Uh, this relay here that was empty is your part throttle unlock relay I don't know if it's applicable to this truck I took that old auto shutdown relay, popped it apart and there was no corrosion inside. it just corroded on terminals. So I cleaned it up, stuck it in here. these terminals raw clean I had power where I was supposed to key on engine running.

Uh, all that. So I just stuck it in there. But like I said I don't know if it's applicable to this transmission. um and then this relay here I'm just going to verify if if it is wired correctly.

if it is, we're just going to leave it because it's the Uh Full Throttle uh wide open throttle unlock solenoid for the AC which I doubt the AC even works so there's no sense even though it looks out of place. Uh, no sense in really making the mountain out of a mole hill when it comes to that. Uh I Guess what we can do now I Just put this in I haven't greased the terminals or anything yet. Let's just see you guys are in a safe place.

Let's see if she starts Now let's check and see if that's our fuel pump wire. Hey, look at that. it just quit I Just give her a couple rev up tuneups. Let me get Mrs o out here and we'll see if our fuel pump just died.

That would be great if it did so. the reason it quit we never checked to see what the current draw was on our fuel pump. ASD circuit I Probably should have thought a little better. uh, 10 amps is definitely not sufficient because think about it, the fuel pump on this thing is probably drawn Four to five ignition coils drawn a couple.

We got injectors that run off this. There's a lot that runs off the ASD Circle CC I'm going to put a 20 Amper in here. This should bring it back to life, but we're going to throw a current clamp around it. see what it is I want to be a little bit over the the running current and then we're going to check this one again.
So I'm running out of steam. This though, how you like my battery? hold down all a sudden, Huh? Full redneck? Oh yeah. I trimmed. it burned the end.

even. huh? We're not scumbags. It was just. there was nothing holding this battery in.

it's a flat tray. Nope. Wow. I've got our current clamp folks.

I've got her up on a 20 amp scale. I Don't know if you guys are going to be able to hear this when it's running. so I'll explain to you what we're doing. We're going to clamp around this little guy with it running.

We're going to see what the total current draw is on this engine. It obviously didn't like the Quick Throttle snap I gave it so I'll give it some throttle snaps, see what the current goes up to see if we're protected by a 20 amp fuse. Remember this is the the one that ran off from the white fusible link. If it had a white fusible link, that's what would be there.

Uh, without having OEM service data I'd have to do some digging. Maybe we could poke online and see what the amperage rating was for the white fusible link on. Chryslers Uh, that's a little bit. be before my time.

Uh, go ahead and start it. Vanessa So sitting at an idle it's about 11 amp I Don't know if you guys will see that. Let me. uh, give her some news here.

All right, shut it out. Oh some Chevy tunder Dodge thunder. So the maximum amperage we hit is 20. probably would be a wise bet to put a 25 amp fuse.

just be slightly over the rating. Uh, really, the the current draw shouldn't get any higher on that unless an injector shortss or the ignition coil shorts. or you know, any of the wiring shorts were still protected at 25 amps. um, were heavier than the we'll just have to look at the see I'll see what size wire that is just to make sure that we're we're still good in that regards.

Um, let me see what the charging output is on this thing. Uh, just to see. but I think we're we're we're heading in the right direction here. Um, maybe I'll do some research to see what that white uh you know what I mean fusible link was I'm going to check a couple other things folks here, but just wanted to stop here for a second touch base with you.

let you know where we're at, what we're doing. This is way outside of my wheelhouse. We go ahead and start it Manessa, let's see what the charging voltage is here. All right.

Goad shut off I Just wanted to make sure that it was charging okay cuz this battery was was low. Um I Do know that the girl said that it was having. you know, charging problems. It was overcharging.

You know, running at like 16 17 volt? something like that. Uh, but with all that voltage drop, you know it was in in this connection on the alterator. Uh, you know the crappy terminal? it's it's hard to say I don't know I didn't look into it. too heavy I figured we'd kind of get stuff straightened out and then and then look into it, but it seems that the charging voltage is okay.
I'm going to do a little research on this. make sure that we're going to be okay jumping to 25 amps on that. I Think we will be I'm going to double check the wiring on this. If it's okay, we'll just kind of.

We'll tape it up and label it. I Think we're just about done folks. You ain't going to hate me how you missed though. No, okay, this girl ain't going to hate me, right? right? She going to be happy happy she gets a driver non-hemi Dodge Ram H Let's see, the video is going to suck.

What are you doing with that thing? You just leaving it like that? What's that this? No. I Got to look to see if it's wired right and then we're just going to tape it up cuz it's kind of irrelevant. It's just a air conditioning cut relay and I'm thinking the AC ain't working on this old girl. What is supposed to be Yeah I had this you have it off I don't understand yeah it's off a Pontiac what it says anyways Pontiac she had to cuz me and Josh had to spray some brake parts cleaner in there to get truck inside.

So and then it caught on fire on us. It was pretty epic. Did you get that on camera? No I didn't cuz I was riding under the hood y Josh Crank it? What? Crank it? You see him catch on fire, just start cranking. sucks the fire down the thrott.

but Josh he ain't old enough to know some of these things, huh? he says I'm crank it man, it's on fire all we'll tighten that up all right. So what's up Miss You want you to come out, talk to us. Yeah, what' you come out to talk to us about? Look at my mess I don't even know what happened over here I'm pretty sure the video's not going to go together good because I didn't record 90% of what I did H Um and then one time I was recording when I wasn't supposed to be so that typically means I didn't record something I should have. that happens That has ruined more videos than me.

No, you've never ruined a video. so what was wrong with it? Oh I got to go out and look at that Toyota hold your thought Miss I'll be right back there. So there we go. Got that situated.

The people are really liked your video the other day where you was holding the camera. Oh did they like my Indi Oh yeah they liked everything They They was probably my most popular video ever. not not in views but in comments they were like oh wow, you should really have a camera lady you uh-huh That's what they liked cuz I get the views apparently that they want to see apparently something like that. Yeah, they thought that was great, huh? Um, interesting.

So what was wrong with that? What did you do? Everything everything I'm not going to explain it all because it's probably all they've heard cuz every time I kick it on I think I Just repeat myself anyhow. I think so. The only problem that we have now is that the fuel pump still May conch out again but we don't know why so we're going to look inside this connector. Let's do that right now because there might be a problem between here and there.
Yep, because we know for a fact that we put power to it I think I Very ified with Tesla that our test our test lead was good but we didn't hear the fuel pump running then all of a sudden it start working. So let's turn the camera and have a look in here. So let me hold the camera if you want to. That one, that one, are you recording me? That's what you told me to do.

Well, not all the time. Need that one. Let me see who's calling back. Yep, been wearing my glasses a little more I see that? you know why cuz you can't see without them cuz I'm running out of arm.

That's why. Uh so this AC cut relay is wired in properly. actually. believe it or not, just kind of.

You need your glass though. No I can feel this. uh-huh uh-huh I don't know why somebody put a brand new Rel on this. It's kind of weird.

Maybe they thought it was something else you maybe they thought it was a fuel pump or something or one of the other important relays. It's probably the least important of all of them. so they use crimp and seal connectors on it, so that's good. Mhm.

that's one good thing I can say I Haven't had a lot of good things to say today. I Haven't been in to see it much either here. Busy? Who you you? Yeah, it's been kind of a busy day. What? It's been kind of busy.

You should have seen it yesterday. Man, don't abandon me on Mondays Well you you see my look in my face. just that's disappointment. Do you know what time of day it was when I brought in my first car? You're not supposed to schedule anything when I'm not here.

there was nothing scheduled for me. well then I don't understand Why did it matter when why did you have a car if nothing was scheduled? because when there's nothing scheduled for me I still have a parking lot full of crap I need to do but you can do them when I'm come back. no cuz then I got all that crap. Plus today's crap see crap compounds the mathematical equation there crap and daily a comp.

it's complicated I try not to schedule anything for me and just for Mr Josh When you're not here, we need to label this green tap with our relay. Laing Tape We had a writing apparatus here. it is. We'll just label this.

I Know this: This looks like a bit of a mess over here folks. all the wiring, but it ain't a show truck. A man. No, not yet.

No, it's not a show truck. It could be someday. somebody want to pour like hundreds of hours into it. Yeah, yeah.

like I say the frame's pretty solid on this truck. Bodies leave something to be desired. But let's see, we'll label this. AC Cut AC Cut What do you mean cut? It's not like cut out AC Cut relay.
Yeah, Wide open throttle cut relay. That's what they call I don't what they call it here AC cutout relay. So or a wide open throttle cut relay. so when you're out there and you're giving her full beans, you got the pedals of the metal cuz this is actually metal.

That pedal of your plastic Mhm. The AC shuts off just like your car. Your car does the same thing. Oh I Didn't know that.

Yeah, we got to find some place to put this. What a zip tie at some place where it looks natural. Yeah, yeah, your car is cut out AC at Full Throttle That way you got maximum power. You know what? I mean don't follow me around.

You're embarrassing me. What? That's silly. What do we want us to do? Just stare at nothing. what you want me to do.

You know a lot of my viewers say that Now what do you want me to do? Chop it off Cuz I tell him about that. Do you know that? Oh I Can only imagine you should hear the things I tell him when you're not El Exactly. Well, that's fine. It's not going anywhere.

Nothing's going anywhere. The battery isn't anywhere. The battery ain't going nowhere. Straight redneck.

I Told him it's only temporary. Temporary till it's till it works. It's only temporary until it works. Um I Guess that's it folks.

It it starts and runs and and drives. I'm going to take it for a rip. I should leave my cell phone here. that way it guarantees it'll quit right Missil Mhm.

and then uh I Guess if it does quit and ultimately we get to come back and find out about this fuel pump, I'll bring you back along. but until then, I'm just going to drive it I might even drive it home tonight just to make myself feel a little better and go from there. So while I'm doing that, why don't you guys go down there in that comment section questions, comments, concerns it's on the insty the Facebook it's so weird when you're holding it. Miss though I'm just being honest with you and just remember viewers.

If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching. You should be comfortable with me. You're naked in front of me all the time.

They don't need to know that.

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