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I started this video out by showing you the replacement of a charcoal canister on a Honda CRV that was all plugged up, then it turned into WD40 vs Kroil and ended with a discussion from Mrs.O on the topic of why people do not oil spray their vehicles? It escalated quickly.... Hopefully there is some nuggets you can take away in there.
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All right folks. welcome back working on a Hindu Here it's a CRV it's got the big two four I think I don't remember what year, maybe a 2010? We'll look at it when we put it down. Uh, but this one has some evap trouble. It throws a code I Looked at this the other day for the guy.

hey, it's that guy Uh, looked at the other day for the guy and some new clips in here. Uh, because it's throwing a code for the canister vet valve being stuck I believe was a code definition. cancer vent valve stuck. So I'd Check it out And indeed, the canister vent valve works just fine.

It opens and it closes and clicks and Clacks and does everything a vet valve does. However, the computer computer computers are stupid. You know they only know what your program know and how it deciphers whether or not the canister vet valve is stuck is by looking at the fuel tank pressure sensor which is up here and it pulls it under a vacuum. The tank with the vent valve open.

Theoretically, you should just be able to pull vacuum right through the right, through the vent valve, through the tank and you know, burn it down the engine. That's kind of the the Layman's way of of putting it to you. However, it starts to see some uh, negative pressure so it could build in the tank. Some vacuum starts to build the tank, so it can only assume that our little vet valve here where it plugs in here isn't functioning.

It's stuck shut. However, this has a restriction in the canister itself. Uh, and how do I know? it's not like in the filter or in the you know, fresh air tube or anything like that with simple I just unhook everything and I put my big old lips up on the canister and you can barely blow through it. So there's some kind of restriction in the canister as they as a state I can't get that undone.

Long story short, as they say, we got a new canister for it and I thought I'd bring it along even though I didn't bring it along on the diagnosis. You just gotta trust me. I can't even get the hoses unhooked again. it's Tony Bennett Two or three days we had to wait for the parts I got a brand new one right from Hondo Now looking at this, there is a bulkhead connector if you will that plugs in the vent valve and the fuel tank pressure sensor which I didn't think would be so difficult to unplug.

But let me move you folks, let's see if I can't get this if you'll take pressure center here and we'll get this thing down because we have to transfer some of the parts over. Oh there we go. So there's our fuel tank pressure sensor plug in our vet valve plug and then it appears to be one fresh air hose. We don't want to break that sucker right there.

This little vacuum line here so to speak. I'll move that to the side I Don't know. Yeah, we might have to pull this whole bracketry down so we may have to unhook this big bucket connector anyway. so we'll unhook it right there if you will, Yes ma'am, So that's all.

I've hooked. all that stuff's unhooked. We have one more vacuum line up here. let's see if I can't reach that and that'll get you guys up here to have a little Gander and everything.

You know what? Nicer I had a light I Guess there I think oh I got one more hose Okay So we've got the tank side unhooked. We've got the bedside unhooked, have a little fresh air intake there, and Purge everything's unhooked. We need to carry on breaking off the rest of these plastic tabs the other day I only had the very back half down here. The three tabs I touched there originally all broke, so we're gonna see about getting the rest of these off.

These are some of the OG's wound up, uh, more than likely replacing them. Hard to say see if we can't get worked underneath them. Oh I Think that one may have actually. Ah, now it's got three broken fingers, three broken fingers.

21 on the break. they don't there. All right, that's very gently out of the way. now.

we got this: Rusty mess. Foreign boy. she's a rusty turd. Uh, I tell you what.

So it's on this whole bracket here. These are the two bolts actually hold the canister to the uh bracket. So let me get a 12 mil. These are all well.

I Guess there is a little access there. We could probably get some WD up in there There's a Hole by that one. Yeah, let me get some penetrated oil. That way we can give it about four seconds to penetrate and we'll whack on it with the other gun.

Now, according to the critics, if we spray this on here, these bolts should technically fall out. So let's see. we're gonna give this a very liberal douching up inside this hole. they were pointing in the right direction here.

We'll just spray a bunch of it anyways and then this one back here. I Don't know if we can get up and down. Oh man, hey, there's no access hole to that one, so that one there is completely encapsulated and then I think there's one up in here. We'll kind of give that a shot sideways over to its General vicinity.

Hopefully we're getting a little bit of it on what we need to dripping it out of frame. Either way, okay, now that we've given that Apple timer, soak down. Let's stick our 12 mil on there. Give it a little whack.

Make It Rain Oh wow. WD-40 would not have done that. Let me tell you, let's just see how one comes out that hasn't been penetrated 10 times harder. Amazing.

Amazing. good. Wow. Wow! I Can't believe the power of crime.

Let's get some kind of fancy lock system. keep it from falling down Them guys at Honda they think of everything they think of everything at Honda Okay, well let's see. let's move this to the side. Okay, stock it up that falls on the floor.

This little guy up here. the ultimate test one with coil one with WD one drop. It's all neat. I'm kidding.

I'm kidding. look at it a little extra. let them penetrate for almost no time. Why? Because we got jobs to do that.

one's spinning now. foreign. can we hold them with anything? See they go down here inside the box or Square quit being so Square man he's such a square fogy. See if we can hang on to this one.

oh I don't know if that was that or my. Knuckles this is the WD-40 oh I Went to give it to No Mercy or Mercy my vice verse popped off. Get back a hold of that little guy. Well Debbie D40 for the win.

Let me tell you, slid right off. Truth be told, I thought they were both gonna break. So I bought new bolts and I'm a flanker. There's one new Bolt a one used bolt.

Now let's see what the coil one is. Probably not a fair test because I can't get on this one as well. I'm gonna do some needle nose away Scripts I'm Gonna Keep Her Shoved down there again. Come on man up there you go.

Oh mm-hmm look at these. We're going to modify this canister somewhat. Wow, that's a strong stop. I Thought we could just chop right through it I Want to be able to get down in here with the regular pair of vice grips? Foreign.

I'll try again with the needle nose. Not a lot to get a hold of down here. I Can just get a hold ahead of it, you know, but they just instantly pop Frank I Got an idea? sharpened this up a chisel. see if I can't get rid of this web.

Wow, that's a freaking great plastic you got. Honda I mean like real good, real good. Honda Okay now I think will be good. Let's spin that thing back a little bit the way it needs to go get your line down.

Okay, now we can get a regular pair, but now that the coils had so much more time to work now, it's really not fair. See, this gel is a little bit thinner on this side. see if that holds it for us should ZIP right off there now won't even budge. Coil sucks.

What we should do is just spray it with some WD for you. just let it fall off. We'll spray it with some electrons. A little current flow through that thing see how she likes it.

Truth be told, no penetrating oil really works. Maybe that was the WD-40 one. I'm getting the whiff of it now I Don't know which one that was. It doesn't really matter because the only thing that works in New York is heat it and beat it.

There that works. Now by being perfectly honest, that's what works the best. you know me. Oh Mr August my nickname back in high school.

Not really. Oh, that's warm. Somebody just heat that thing up. Let's see.

stick that. There we go. now. she should come out of there is Bolt Number two.

Well still won't know which penetrating oil is the best, but really, nobody cares. Okay, let's finish taking this thing apart. Let's see here folks. Not sure how this all comes apart.

This looks like it might take off. Give her a couple clicks. we've got to get our event valve out of here. Okay, there's that.

Just a little cover. had some little tangs in there and I Imagine this baby probably just pulls up. probably just o-ring it up in there and she is. She just o-ring so it's your vent valve.

She is just o-ringed up in that joint. Let's set this down here out of the dirt. and then we need to save because we got an Oem canister so it doesn't come with anything extra on it. I Think some of the aftermarket ones they showed came with vent balance and such, but they were a lot more money than the OEM And then we have to salvage the fuel tank pressure sensor.

Unless I have no idea how that comes out. there's a little gray piece under it. Let me get a pick that might be like some kind of lock or something I don't want to break it, that's for sure. This one has a perplexed let's look at it from the back side because it'll give you a little more ins.

Oh, it does. It gives us more insight. A little. gray lock tabs.

see if we can't spread those apart if I get if I end up getting this I'll show you obviously I'll show you so I just released a couple gray lock tabs on this little gray apparatus here. must be like a little Fork like a brake line lock. This might guess get underneath it. you guys with me, who's with me I See all three of you? There we go.

So that's what that is. It's a little gray Lockey dead doodad and then this should probably slide up out as an O-ring will be my assumption. And there it is. There's our fuel tank pressure sensor and this is the hose.

The vent hose that went to atmospheric air foreign out the pressure center now I Can't even demonstrate to you now while I'm plugging that hole but you can barely throw it. blow through this box. Keep plugged toy like a tiger. You gotta trust me, that's your bright yellow on your diet because now nobody believes.

Here's our Brandy new one from Hondu. We'll stick around the bench. We'll keep it dirty because it drives people bananas. It's not gonna hurt anything though.

Trust me, we're gonna wipe the soaring off a little bit. Got some snow? Glide it's like KY for cars. That's their slogan. Actually, we will lubricate the O-ring very nicely.

Oh crap, who remembers which way that thing went? This guy doesn't like 30 seconds to go too. Oh, let's see, where's our wires that'll tell us. or I can just rewind the video. Looks like it went the other way.

Let's went this way, right? Oh, he's such an idiot. Okay, not remember that kind of stuff. It goes on here. Fire is all natural pointing this way.

If I'm wrong I'm wrong. It doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, we'll put the clip back in it. so that's good.

So that's Happy Everybody's happy there. We got this here bent though. Okay, we'll give that O-ring a slow wipe off. Get some more of the CKY we'll call it car.

KY CKY abbreviate it. Give her a little Lube of love. Put the lid back on. Move that baby out.

We'll slip this back in anybody. Remember which way this thing went? Gosh, this guy doesn't remember anything one way because it's got a big tab little tab. you know, foreign has little lock tabs here and here. Give it a little Pat on your leg for good luck and that clicks on and there's a canister back in Action Now we can blow through this one.

my other ones might have both I'd go like this. that's what my face look like in case anybody was wondering because I couldn't simulate it because I didn't think about blowing through it prior to getting where we've got to go. A wire wheel these I'll send the other one we got back from Hondo I Didn't think for a minute they'd come undone, but thank goodness they did. Jug's getting almost empty.

we have to reach in give her some of the never sneeze. Not like this thing's ever going to come back apart again. Oh, he's got handy dandy little holders. I Guess if they slip right down in a very particular spot that one doesn't want to go down in, let me flip and flap them.

They should be exactly the same part number and they are and we are going right side up, right? Goodness gracious, Yes we are. This is right side up. that face the back. that's on that side I Just didn't want to get all Michael Jackson on the thing and just Beat It Thank you and that one.

So there they are, they go in in that direction. longitudally. that's not even a word I Don't think. um, ironically enough, when you stick them in horizontally, they line up between those brackets also and the front one fits just fine.

The rear one though like I say it felt like a little snug. So good thing we quit hammering caveman now that we have our bracket all cleaned up. and Polished we will stick them back on there. Where'd the other nut go here? Not not there it is.

that's the 12. Let's use the weak sauce. I'll go can I get a clap, don't dispatch plug in fuel tank pressure sensor, plug-in vent valve and we gotta go stick it back up in there. We will be nice even though nobody is ever going to take this down again, ever because the car might have.

So looking at it, maybe it's last year. he's taking it somewhere else to get the sticker of course, so it might have another year in it before it breaks in half. So this is kind of pointless. A lot of people ask, uh, sometimes a lot of people ask, sometimes that you just go.

people ask me often in the comment section, why don't you use never C's why don't you put grease on that bowl? Because frankly, half that I work on is going to the junkyard in a year or two anyways, so nobody's taking this back apart. Dude I think people lose sight of that a little bit. Um, which is understandable because not everybody lives in Prny Does anybody know where this goes? Let's try to put a ring on this area here. Um, but here, our cars only last.

you know, a few years. you only get because nobody takes care of them in the sense of you know, oil treating them to keep them to double their life expectancy which it does like proven fact. Um, but for whatever reason nobody does that. it's a It's A Hard Sell I Think because things are so, everything else is so gimmicky in the world, you know the world is so full of lies and deceit that nobody really believes anybody anymore about anything.

So when I tell somebody like hey, you should oil spray your car, it'll last longer. like yeah, whatever. dude I got some motion front property in Arizona too. You know? Um, so whatever you know I know the truth.

You know the truth. It is what it is. They want their cars right out I don't care I don't care And there we're going to just put them all in lightly here before we get all carried away. Where you at baby? Okay, snug them babies up, make sure everything looks right here.

All right Purgy. Now it climbed up nice. Got your vacuum on that goes to a little holder over here that even indicates to us that we put the pressure sensor in correctly. These better be lucky than good that time yo that one's on I Think that wire seems stretched so tight? It's the way it was.

because that's the way it is. We got snug this baby up all the way and that's it. We got another pointless video for you. There's one.

oh, there's two foreign. There's number three. We even put a little bit of anti-season I Need bolts to piece of crowd of people? We have the guy at Wilbert's We'll appreciate it someday. He's like man, he's down here.

he gets a gold mine. You find this little canister. Wow! I Can't believe they never seize these. I'm so lucky so this may be a blessing to somebody else even though we know this car is going to the crusher.

Curious to know your guys's thoughts on why you think people in the salt Bell area not just the Prny but in the entire Northeast and other salt belt lying areas towards Central Uh, the USA Why they don't seem to oil protect oil spray their cars I Just told you my thought, my theory rather I'll be curious what you guys say because it seems to be the Canadians they do it. They do it like we change oil. You know everybody up there. you just oil spray or car.

If you don't you're an idiot or if you're from the United States at least that's what the Canadians tell me. They don't call us an idiots. they just. well I mean you do seem kind of idiotic if you've taken it's not even an investment.

I Don't want to see an investment because a car is anything but an investment. Um, here's a guy calling people idiots I'm gonna put side car has a horse here with the shield. um but yeah, let's say you spend yeah I mean new cars are expensive. You're going to spend anywhere from 30 to you know, 120 000 for a new car.

here. you know if you're gonna buy, you know a pickup truck, you're going to be pushing close to 100 Grand on most vehicles. I see sitting at the dealership and then they buy them and then they don't do anything but drive them through the salt and flop and then and you know, 12 to 13 years the thing goes to the crusher. So it seems kind of silly to me to not do anything.

You know my opinion. thank you. I'll be good on this topic Anyways, there. next we'll get Mrs O's opinion of our question I've got two questions.

First question. How dare you? That was my best Kelly Kapoor From the office I could do. Our question is why do you think people don't oil spray or rust protect their cars when they know? Like anybody who's over, Let's say anybody who's had more than three cars in the Prny knows that their car is going to eventually succumb. Does this come to rust? It's gonna end up at Wilbert's you pulled a bath.

You're gonna drive it there because it still runs, but it's literally rather than half without me leading you to the answer I think he gave them my opinion I Think Well, well I think Really? Okay, yeah I think a ton of people don't know about it. Let me let me ask you another question. Then based off that answer, do you think after you've had your for example third car rot in half? Do you think it would come to your mind like dang it I'm out x amount of dollars. It seems like there's somebody that can do something about this and then I would get on my handheld computer device that we're always on.

I would think that you would think I wish they would make cars so they don't rat out. Oh that's what I would think you would think not that I can do something if it seems like if there was something readily available that would prevent us. It would be very well known and obvious for everybody who lives in our area. But I don't think it is.

and if you recognize like how long ago did you learn about it, you've been in this industry for how long. but I've always thought you know and I always tried a lot of gimmicky things. You remember your white Malibu Yeah, I Remember putting rust proofing crap on that and trying the undercoat and seeing that that always failed? It never worked. I Tried undercoating multiple vehicles I learned that you spray them with black asphalt and coating.

That sucks. It sucks a gimmick and then yeah, the parents vehicles that you saw over. but she's still suspicious of that because you didn't know exactly how it would affect the vehicle. So you still even though you knew it was there, you were suspicious and you were waiting to see.

Is this really worth it? Long term, correct And so and that's a great point you bring up because where is Mr Josh and his family from what are their roots? Canada Yeah from Canada and we just talked about the Canadians how the Canadians spray their cars like we change our oil and they think that we're idiots. So do I know what? I told people what my thought was I Also wait okay I don't want to finish answering the question Austin You have to do it every year and yeah, so you're gonna tell me you'll take the chance. You bought it, Not me. but I just think that if somebody says oh, like if you think about it, lots of people don't take care of the vehicles because you know whatever gets into point A to point B Who cares about anything else? Just give me Point Any point B I Don't really need to think about I don't teach your oil you.

You even have family members who do not maintain their vehicles very well and you would think they would because of my responsibility I know. but you would think that like it should be very obvious to take care of your vehicle. but I think people don't want to because it's something. it's not very fun to spend your money on a car undercoating or tires or brakes or oil or any of those things.

but you know if you can get like flashy lights or you know a good sound system, people like entertainment not responsibility. Wow, you're such a mom. You know. when I told him I told him I thought that people don't do it because we get lied to so much as a society.

So okay, we get lied to it in the news. we get lied to from our friends. We could lie too. Everybody lies to everybody.

Are you lying right now? I'm lying right now and I think we're There's so much gimmicky stuff it's like oh, take a pill, you'll get a six-pack in three weeks I ate the whole bottle I don't even have a six pack yet I didn't really. but there's stuff like that. It's like oh, you want to be whoever you know he took this pill, do this instant gratification and it's all lies. It's all smoke screen people.

it's all smoking mirrors, smoking mirrors and then I think that we think as a as a whole like yeah right, this guy's gonna spray my car for 200 bucks with his magic oil and you know it's not gonna rust out. So that's what I think. But we appreciate your thoughts I can see that too. You can see that too.

Yeah, that is another I think that's another we took Everything's a given like by somebody calling to lie to you about what's really wrong with your car. So all right, we'll go live goodbye. appreciate you for anyone interested. Uh, the Hindu 24-22 It's classic coat canister vent solenoid stuck closed.

So I plug this in so we could erase our codes so we'll do that. We'll go shut the switch off and we'll find out what year the Hondu is 2009. It says it's got the leather, you shut the key off here and then we'll go hit. Okay, we'll turn the key back on and all should be well in the world.

Turn it back on and now we have no more coats. Let's make sure things look like they're working. See if we can find some kind of fuel tank pressure on here. Make sure that is in at or around zero.

it's in at and around zero. 0.5 inches of the water cancer might solenoid is off and uh, that's that folks. I'm not going to bother running through testing it because I'm 100 confident in my diagnosis. Not to mention that this video also took a hard left turn somewheres into a discussion.

A one-sided discussion for the moment. soon to be two-sided as you go in that comment section. if you live in the Rust Belt which some of you do and some of you live in areas of the world in Europe where things are also quite Rusty and you comment about that that you know. you also have rust and salt and stuff, so I'm curious to know what your thoughts are, what your hesitation may be on rust proofing your investment if you will.

even though that's a bad word because cars are never an investment. rarely our investment. Okay, there's that one guy who bought the 87 Iraq and parked in his garage and now it's worth 800 more than it was when he bought it. But still, they're a poor investment at best.

Um, but on your average daily driver junker driver for 12 years, take it to the scrap yard. What stops you from wanting to spray it and we're going to use the hypothetical cost right now. which is, you know, most pickup trucks are about 200 bucks. They have them crowned or fluid filmed at least here in our area.

That's what they cost. so you know over your period of 10 years, it's a two thousand dollar additional fee. Of course that goes up with inflation and average about two to four percent a year unless you live in 2023 where inflation's about 18 in one year ish. Anyhow, Comment section: folks, let us know questions.

NC Facebook Comments: Concerns: You know what to do. Just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Grant says:

    There is probably a certain percentage of the people who are worried about that oil coming back off as they are driving and polluting the environment. I think that there is also a percentage of people who think that if it wasn't a gimmick, they would be offered it at the dealership where they bought their car.

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    Buy your used vehicles from places like Arizona or the like. No salt. Give them a good thorough power washing on the underside. Let dry completely. Then spray the underside with sheep schmoo, wool wax, Fluid Film. It will stain your concrete driveway and your jeans. Six cans will do a good job on a pickup truck. $10/can unless you get a bulk deal somewhere.
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    In my opinion, it is totally unfair that there is only one Mrs. O and that you got her.

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    Excellent job once again sir!! Your wifey “better half” is absolutely adorable!! Y’all are so cute together it’s not even funny!! Appreciate the content good sir!! I live in southeast VA and I’m getting my new to me 2021 4Runner undercoated. Take care!
    God bless~

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Hart says:

    Mrs O is a keeper. she is awesome. Her laugh and smile makes my day.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alesky Finis says:

    No, you don’t press for Cars and Massachusetts, most of us down

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alesky Finis says:

    Yep that is soccer and Massachusetts

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Deschene says:

    The only falsehood in this video is when Eric O. claimed he didn’t care. He does. He just doesn’t let it bother him. Great stuff here as always.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars stroker 2007 says:

    In Saskatchewan there is no capable shop or honest shop that I have found that does an honest job of rust proofing and undercoating,sad to say but I had it somewhat done on My car,was not happy with what the did and the said tough thats what You get for $1200.00 dollars.
    There are alot of shady shops and services where I live,everybody around here just wants the cash in pocket.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tenmillionvolts says:

    There's also the wear vs cost scenario. By the time the rust really matters, most people have done enough miles that the car isn't worth that much anymore. The desire to maintain well enough really drops off once you have a few niggly rattles, worn bits, accessories non functional, etc. People just start to drive them into the ground, or sell them off for whatevever it will bring. At that point, no one is going to shell out for the undersealing. They might do it a few times from new, or if purchased 2nd hand in reasonable condition, then they see it depreciate and that 200 bucks is going into the new car fund 🙂

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Bishop says:

    With regards the rust proofing of vehicles, we have recently bought a 1994 Vauxhall (GM) Nova that was owned by one, presumably elderly chap from new. It appears he had it Rust proofed (Wax-Oiled) from new. It's done 46,000 miles, it's 30 Years old and has NO RUST. Our cars in the UK suffer from the spreading Rocksalt on the roads in Winter. So it must have done a good job. I recently used a product that use Lanolin from Sheep's Wool which came highly recommended. Worth doing in my opinion, especially if you plan to keep the car for sometime.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Benedict says:

    Another truth is, that screws are not supposed to be greased because their design principal relies on friction between the threads. Otherwise torque specs are useless, because they are specified for a "dry condition". But you all know that 😉

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terry Young says:

    She is absolutely right people just don’t want to spend money on their cars they just want to spend it on alcohol and party…… No but seriously looking after your vehicle it a bonus for trade in value on a new one when the time comes because you’re money doesn’t go far in 2023 unless you have money to burn.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tv says:

    Lived in the midwest for years and never heard of fluid film

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hurtydwarf says:

    My problem is finding places to do it and having the time to get it done. I heavily neglected my truck and am suffering because of it. With future trucks I will probably end up doing it myself since they're easy enough to safely get under and do it myself. Problem with my car is I dont have lifts to raise it up and comfortably do it and no place around me I checked does undercoating.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars iampennochio says:

    I got no problem buying a car hit by the parts cannon.🤣

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars pmkstudios says:

    A buddy's Tacoma frame rusted out they gave him (and many others an amazing discount on a new one) he replaces vehicles now every couple of years. Mrs.O was right on about the toys. People have lease mentality they see the car as a short term expense then pick out the next shiny new thing. I had an 00 Echo that disintegrated over a couple of very expensive years subframes go and you have a great looking yard art. Bought a newer but still ancient Accord from my mechanic only had 60k miles and thought I had gotten a good deal but after 2 years doing well today the mechanic says its basically driveable ish but not economically fixable with everything subframe, exhause lines etc rusting off. Is it a "Big Salt" conspiracy? Sure as crap don't want to blow 40 k$ on a new one and the people who know about spraying are not selling because they are good at math too:)

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AutomotiveFinishExperts says:

    I lived in Wisconsin for 50 years and the biggest scan summed up in one word Ziebart😂😂😂

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars larry allen jr says:

    Some of us here in Michigan recycle our used oil by using it as an undercoat. Spray it on the underside.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gregory Wills says:

    I live in northern Ohio and I think people don't rust proof their cars because by the time rust becomes a real problem they are ready to get rid of their cars anyway. The car has 150 or 200K miles on it and they're ready to move on so they don't really care.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lon Willis says:

    Well its like this…. When the gas fill stops take out the pump nozzle. Keep filling until it stops again fills up the canister with gasoline. 😄😁😆

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DaveS 777 says:

    MRS. O is totally correct that people don't realize or know that you can do stuff to prevent rust. Otherwise – it would be already done. Plus, we have huge negatives on Car Dealers and New Vehicles – that car dealer 'rust prevention' is just a rip off – which is true.