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So I walk out here and I try to start a video that couldn't have happened if I wanted it to anyway. I was going to turn that off but it did it for me anyway. I was gonna so I'm gonna turn the video and the compressor kicks on anyway. last episode, if you guys recall, we got that uh, 2001 Chevrolet Venture that I condemned it to death because the transmission uh has disintegrated and turned itself into garbage and I felt really bad for the guy because he just spent some money on that and now he is out of a work fan.

However, we happen to have a work van sort of. um, it needs tires amongst other things. but I believe this thing does run and drive. It does have some issues, so what we're going to do is see if this thing is going to be a suitable replacement for the adventure and then we'll go from there.

and I believe this is a Pontiac of some sort. it's a very similar platform. Uh, what model? Pontiac is this? Let's see. let's see, let's see, it's probably built in the same plant.

Uh Pontiac oh Montana there we go. Pontiac Montana Sb6 model in the Years approximately 2006 so we'll get a year upgrade. Ah, this particular Montana Miniature van has approximately 189 450 miles on the odometer with a check. There are some issues with this car.

Uh, first and foremost, the tires are flat. That one's flat, the right rear is flat and power steering does not work. And I don't know why I think the AC is also out. So what we're going to do is we're going to Flintstones roll this thing back into the shop.

We're gonna put up in the lift. We're gonna check it out. Hey, this one moves. Oh I Hear an exhaust leak? Yeah, let's get this thing up in the air and check it out and see if it's going to become roadworthy with minimal effort.

And we can get that guy back in business because he needs a van. Rollin Rollin Rollin Keep those flat tires rolling. Oh look, it's the double door of death. Now with two doors to contend with trying to hit me, you're not going to win the bet like that.

You're not going to win the bet by deliberately causing the accident. It's got to be caused by me through negligence. Silly. Troy Again, see the video on the other miniature van for context on that one.

it was at the end. Anyway, we're gonna get this thing up on the rack. We're gonna lift it up. We're gonna do a walk around.

We're gonna check it out. We're gonna use the scan tool, check the trouble codes. Oh, we do have AC That's good. We're gonna pop see Hood As always, we'll go over there.

so stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening. Z Hood So we're up to tires and uh, power steering. See what's up with our power steering here? Maybe it all leaked out, didn't Maybe the pump blew up. Maybe it didn't That's not a good sign.

Okay, no power to do it since. I don't know this fan and we're potentially going to sell it to somebody. Uh, we not meeting me but my guy next door. he's gonna sell this somebody.
I'm gonna check out everything for him. We've got those fans are running. This is good. Check some fluids.

coolant's kind of low. that's not good. Check the radiator, see if there's coolants in there and the survey says yeah, there's Coolidge in there. That's good.

Put that back on. Okay Negative Cable is okay. a brake fluid. how we do it in there, that looks like it needs service.

Pretty bad. Transmission fluid kind of brown. not as bad as the other one was. That could use some service work.

We got some blue shiny gaskets in there. All kind of gaskets have been replaced. okay, not horrible thing up in the air. Take a look at the underneath Carriage See here.

all right there under I Don't know What do you guys think do I do the pinch weld right here or should I put it under the leaf spring shackle over there I think I'd like to use. oh that's not okay, that was that. Look at that. Yeah.

I'll use the uh pinch weld. Okie Dokes racket set. black like button that says subscribe. We've switched that to the the like button this week.

We'll try something else next week. Algorithm: Things: I Mean you can subscribe too if you want to if you have not already. But right now we're focusing on on the like buttons. Safety: We're missing a lug nut.

Not okay. Oh, you know what? We're not switching these wheels and tires because these are six lug tires. Do that? Get out of here. You got me GM Got us.

That's that. That's Pontiac difference right there. Six lug away. But we can still switch the tires as long as they're the same size.

I'm gonna go check that two 25, 60, 17. let's just let's go check that right now before. I I Ruin my hopes and dreams. No, these are two 15, 70 15s.

They're not gonna fit man. All right. Well, it was a good idea. Okay, back inside, we're under the Pontiac Let's uh, let's just start back to front here.

We'll give it a full undercarriage evaluation and then we'll figure out what's going on with the Uh power steering. I Have found a fatal flaw. This looks like it's some kind of a ride height sensor and the arm is broken off and it's broken off here. Okay, I don't know why there's a sensor on it, but it's not adjustable.

Yeah, we can adjust the suspension on this. Maybe Maybe it's for brake bias or something like that. Anyway, that's broken. Found that I'm moving on up.

We got some body damage. structural. not really that. got hit by something.

There was the damage there to that shock thing. That's okay. I Really wouldn't want to disturb this unless we're going to like cut this piece off and weld a new one on which I'm not going to do so. Moving on.

A little bit of crusty rust action. Nothing major. a little bit more up there and nothing major. So over here, nothing major pain flaking, but no big deal.

All right. Got some fluid dripping. Now what is this false alarm? It looks just like the other one did. oily.
So we've got I Can't tell if this is oil or power steering. You can't smell it either. Looks like the rack's been replaced. See that surface rust? Maybe maybe not the trans fluid leak in there and it could be power steering.

I'm gonna need to put fluid in that Reservoir In order to Source this leak, there's a there's too much going on down here. Okay, yep, let's let it down again. For the most part, it's pretty structurally sound looking. Um, how about back here.

One of the engine looks decent. Uh, dirt in my face? Okay, yeah, let's let this down and put some fluid in it and see what happens. All right coming down all the way down we go. That's good for now.

Get some power steering fluid from The Vault of viscosity. Oh, you locked it. See that one and that's a partial. Probably gonna need all of them whom.

I can. Yeah, you know what? Fuse up some old stuff? Yeah, we'll use this right here. First, we'll start with the blue so we know that it's good with that being filled. I Imagine it's going to start streaming at us once we get fluid in there.

Do what it does. Hmm, it's taking it. Drink it up there we go. It really start making some noise.

but food's full. Put our cat back on so it stays in there. Gonna see if we have uh oh. we have power steering yet I Think the pump's dead? Oh no no no, no.

look at that. it's a little loud. Oh okay, so that's that's good. I'm probably still gonna put a bump in it.

Yeah, smooth. level it down some. let's fill it up some more here. We'll use what's left in this.

uh, transmission fluid right here. A lot of this is old, uh old fluids that I bought or I acquired when I bought the cabinets. But yeah, that'll work for a power steering pump. No worries.

Okay, food's full again starting to Bubble Get on there. please become tight. Okay, see what we get? Yeah, Power steering is definitely back. Let's go ahead and make sure everything gets fluid into it and then we'll go back up in the air and check for leaps.

I'm sure it's got leaks It's gotta have a leak. it just has to moving back up. It's so beautiful in here. Thank you sir for cleaning up my mess.

It's so pretty I Like it. We have to move. We had to move everything I had to move the Shelf cabinet so I could make a space for the table because I have to eliminate and delete the wall. So we're preparing to delete the wall in the near future.

Okay, going back down below, we're gonna try to see what the source of this leak is. starting at the engine below the power steering pump which is fully all the way at the top, we can see the front of the engine here is saturated with a lot of fluid. See a bunch of food right here on the subframe. there's a grip on the bolt.

there's a drip. Now that's definitely not engine oil cover colored words. nor is that one. So I'm thinking the leak is on this side somewhere.
Let's utilize the problem solving skill of process of Illumination to determine, uh, if there's anything else causing these leaks which is going to be either the lines or the steering gear. So we have a pump, lines, or steering gear and I'm thinking it's a pump. A lot of food there, not so much over here right there with that Bellows feet a seal inside. not a huge huge right now we're looking for rather not so much on this side.

so that's okay. Yeah, the lines look good. those are dry doing that one up there. that one covered in uh, shrink stuff or that heat up shielding Fountain Looks okay.

it's got saturated with fluid so I'm thinking the leak is up top at the pump. Uh, let's let this thing down one more time and get a closer look at that power steering pump area might be uh, our winner winner chicken dinner here. Lay down all right. I'm gonna begin to, uh, disassemble this pump while the new pump is in root.

I Don't know if it's going to be here today. it was far away, but uh, we're gonna try to get to it. First things first: I Want to get this silly little Shield thing right here out of the way because it's in the way. and I don't want it to be here so there's should be a 10 mil bolt like right right around the corner somewhere we're taking care of, not ground it out on that uh, battery terminal taking much care.

There it is. there's a little bolt. See that guy. Let's put that up top now.

we can kind of see a little bit better what we're what we're looking at here. ah I see a lot of fluid starting to show up down there below the pump. see that it's leaking out. So yeah, there's something going on with this pump.

Maybe the reservoir doesn't matter which one because I've ordered both comes as one unit. Now this pump's not going anywhere until you know what? I think I'm ahead of myself I'm gonna have to pull this pulley off this pump and I'm not going to be able to do that with a pump pulley puller and I don't think I can pull the pump out with the pulley on I can get to the bolts. but uh, well, you know what guys. I I don't know I Don't know if I want to take all this stuff apart right here to be able to get that pulley puller on there or do I want to risk it and just try to get behind this pulley and pull the bolts out and hopefully get the unit to come out as uh, as one single piece.

I'm a little torn I I tried this gamble on the Monte Carlo and I lost. Um, you know what? I'm gonna do it again though. I'm gonna try to gamble again. Whatever, Why not? So first things first: I'm gonna get the belts off of here now I don't know if you can see but it's it's way down there.

There's our tensioner all the way. Look, it's like a little party all the way down at the bottom. Uh I can't get it from the underside I think so. Maybe I'll just try to reach back here with the 3 8 ratchet.
it's effects head Snappy ratchet The Long Reach Maybe I'll just try to reach in super deep and uh, try to untension this tensioner from up top. I Could be doing this the extreme hard way and we're wasting time, but that's how Gamble's work. Sometimes they're okay, sometimes they're not doing a gambling I've mentioned that twice and uh, and I don't actually gamble like I'm the only guy that uh can go to Las Vegas and not have to walk through the Arches on the way out. Yeah, the uh what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas arches I have no sins to leave behind in the city of Las Vegas Nevada point of Pride I guess Anyway, I cut the belt off so behind.

Let me show you this pulley's not a smooth face pulley. There's a bunch of spokes in it and in between those spokes I can reach the bolts that secure the pump on. So I'm gonna try to pull this guy out without taking everything off. Maybe I can do it? Maybe I can't.

I need to get back there with a 13 mil and the quarter inch and see if I can get those guys to come out all right. We'll see. We'll see if this is doable using this. Uh, Straight Ahead shortcut looking method one click.

All right. that's kind of tight. Should just be three bolts in this pump. There's one of them.

There's the hole. There's bolt number two. What was that? You sneezed and hit your head. Yeah, yeah, that is unfortunate sir.

Are you okay? Is your Noggin You're Noggin All right. You're Noggin your crane brainium. Well, I mean yeah, yeah. Anyway, that's third.

Bolt See, this is gonna do what I would like it to do. Yeah, well, there are. There's a couple hoses attached. Let me, let's get this top one off here.

There's another one down at the bottom. Um I can't get to the Fastener I don't think unless I pull this pulley off. So I might have to do this the hard way. But let's get the top.

Uh Top Line Off of there first. Well, you can't even see that one. We'll get the top one disconnected first and maybe that'll give me some more space because it is kind of hanging up on everything. Let's try that here.

I'm going to reach in see if I can't get a hold of the little clamp. This is not easy to do. Yeah I Got the clamp here. Let's just walk this thing back there.

We go now. I'll get a hold of that rubber hose and we'll give that a Twist that's going to help break it free from the reservoir and I need to stop because it's going to dump out all the oil. So I'm just going to go ahead and suction out all that oil that way. I Don't spill more oil everywhere on everything and for that I shall require the use of my European oil change vessel.

Yeah, this thing over here. It's a vacuum tank and I say European oil changes because a lot of the Euro Cars you don't have to drain the or actually pull the drain plug out of the pan. You take the oil fill cap off or take the filter off and there's a little uh like a nipple nozzle thing in the middle of it and you can insert the hose down into that nozzle and it'll reach the bottom of the pan and then you can use vacuum it suction out the oil. It's a time saving thing.
Really smart. trouble is is most shops don't have these kinds of things. In fact, this is my first one ever that I've ever had because I could never get a shop to buy one because they're like 100. But we will need a power supply in order to generate vacuum.

So what we need to do? Oh that's odd. We need to get the compressed air. That's right, we use compressed air to generate vacuum that's on. It's called the Venturi effect.

Similarly to the operation of a carburetor, you take your high pressure air and you run it past like a like it's like a T fitting and as the air goes past the uh the T on the fitting, it'll create a low pressure side and then create suction at the fitting. All right, let's plug this guy in ratcha valve all right all the way down. Get in there anyways. What's up? It caused spillages everywhere around the entrance.

That's probably about as much as we're going to get out of her. All right that back in its home here. Okay, shortcut attempt proceeding. Let's pop the hose off.

Please come out of here. Oh, that's tight. Why so close? Nope here. I'm going about the saw around in this the hard way.

Get down it up. Get up, Get down. get anywhere. besides on that nipple there.

Hey, I'm gonna have to pull this pulley off I Think this isn't gonna work? Not with the pulley installed. It's not okay. Okay, no shortcuts today. I've resigned myself to defeat.

I've got the power steering puller kit I actually had to order a new one because all my other kits have broken or missing or lost pieces and uh, well, without a power steering puller I can't pull the pulley shoe I had to get a new one got on an eBay it was like 20. this is Cheapo Chinese Oh I Can't say that anymore. Can I send sword now? Can I get this puller on? Not a chance. Okay, okay back to square one.

We got to do this the the hard way. Hang on. Pause everything backing up. this thing has to be removed.

I can't I cannot get to any of what I need to with this uh washer pop Reservoir here. All right. So what? I'm gonna do. We're gonna disconnect this battery.

start moving stuff out of the way, peeling back the onion use block has to go. This little crossbar thing has to go in the washer pump Reservoir unit has to go. It all has to go. Let's pull this thing up.

Unclick I Think these were supposed to stay in here and not stay in here. Oh well. everything's broken. Why I Don't like what's happening here.

This is bothering me. Yeah, hang on I need to unclip these. These should have come out of this and stayed in fuse box but they didn't felt I don't want to do this job. Oh look, it came apart again.
Seriously Not okay. Maybe it's me, not the car. Maybe I'm whoa. Maybe I'm not assembled properly today.

That could be it. Yeah, this goes back where it goes. Thank you. Captain Obvious Fascinating entertainment isn't it Watching a guy try to put stuff back together That's broken too.

Everything on this whole car is broken. Why does this thing even exist? So he's over there chuckling at me. It shouldn't even exist. This is beyond what.

Like why I need coffee in a bad mood? Yeah I'm in a bad mood. That's what's going on here. I'm gonna add your aggravated yeah I can't even make up fun words yeah I'm way off today. drive back home and start over again.

Go somewhere besides where you are right now there. Put that back on. Yeah, it was there. Yeah.

I've got to pull the washer fluid reservoir. Okay, let's get this bracket thing out of the way. 3 13 mils loud. Seriously.

Okay, well that one comes out that one. but that one. not so much. Yeah, it's opposite.

day you saw that I said that one's not coming out and comes right out. It's totally opposite day for me today. Anyway, there's our bar thing All right. Well, now that I've gotten out of my own way, looks like there's uh, one bolt here, two, and then a third one in the back a little bit.

Uh, to get this. Reservoir out of here now. this one. the bottom one.

That one's actually hand tight because I'm on hand tightening it right now. I Got that out of the way. this one. Let's see if that one's that's not hand tight.

No worries, we got wobbly tens. Get this one buzzed out of here real quick like it's moving. and then we have one electrical connector for the front side pump and then another connector for the rear side pump. Unclick those guys.

I'll just kind of stash those wires behind the alternator and I can get to that third, pull this washer thing off right here. Also, that's kind of in the way. Ah, it's not coming out. That's fine.

We will use a tool to help us to connect your clip. unclipping device is broken off there now. I Can see it Now there's the there's the bowl. You guys can't see it but I can see it.

kind of. sort of. kind of. maybe a little bit good.

Can't see it but we can hear it. Okay, pull that guy out now. Uh, there's still the hoses man. I Don't like this job here.

Let's disconnect some more electrical stuff here just so I can flop the harness all the way out of the way. There's just too much going on. my cream brainium is not processing. The Rat's Nest of wiring harness guy off.

Come here. disconnect this connector. What else we got going on here? More stuff wired into more other stuff. Dang.

I guess that's that's kind of enough for now. Get over there now. I can pull the hoses for the fluid. just blue water.
so I don't care if it leaks, reach in there and pop those guys out front and rear and now I can pull this Reservoir out of its home here. Oh I'm leaking. leaky, leaky. Okay, let us try this again.

This is round two. Remove the pulley. So what we need to do. We put the little clasp on here.

This little lip is going to grip onto that little lip, put the polar part on. We'll drop in the other part of the clasp and then the ring right here is just going to keep those two pieces together. Do that. now.

We'll take the rod, screw that in, and that's going to push against the stud in the pump and it's going to pull ey off of the shaft slash stud. All right. Going in here, we've got a 21 ratcheting wrench and 16. to hold the shaft in or turn the shaft.

There we go. Actually, I'm gonna go and do it like this. Yep, I Heard it moved, it went kicked, or rather it went unpicked. Okay, good foreign part here is once this thing comes off, the tool is going to fly apart and all the pieces are going to fall out.

That's how they get lost. Come on. Pump. Pulley snippage.

It's getting easier. We're almost there. There We are. Good.

Okay, pull these off, Pump remains all right. Looking in a little closer, there's the line that we couldn't get to and I got my 16 here. Let's go ahead and crack this thing loose at the fitting. Let's go.

That kind of hurt if it's loose. spin this guy back out foreign, give her some wiggle action and I should? There we go. That's what we're looking for. Okay, pump is now removed.

See what we've got going on with this bad unit? Stay right here. For now, it's leaking here. a bit better light over here. All right, let's figure out uh what the deal is with this leaking unit.

It's a pretty big leak and it was pulling up everywhere on top of that intake. What's broken? There's some flu here at the shaft. Where's the leak? huh? Okay, getting in a little closer here. I Am not really finding anything obvious that is.

Uh, that's leaking out everywhere. It's not this back panel right here. It doesn't appear that the reservoir has a crack or a break in it. Uh, there is some shaft seal leakage going on, but it's I mean I don't know it's got to be coming from the shaft.

Yeah, there's a bunch of oil here, so it's got to be coming out of the shaft and running down and again over here. On top of the engine, we saw boatloads of fluid that had leaked out. see all that right there. And there's a whole bunch of fluid kind of piling up right here on top of the valley.

Yep, a bunch of it right there. and it's running down both sides of the block. so it's I Mean, it could have been this little o-ring right here too. but I don't think so.

let's take a look at it. Yeah, it's a little deformed kind of triangular shape down its cross section. that that could have been some of it. Regardless, I'm putting a new pump in it and a new Reservoir and a new o-ring However, I don't have a new one yet, so I'm going to put this on pause.
Well everybody, unfortunately, end of day showed up before my new components did so unfortunately I'm gonna have to make this a 2B Continued Part Two reassembly episode. So as always like to thank each and every one of you for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission.

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    Venture – Montana

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Mcleod says:

    If it wasn't for Troy, Ray wouldn't be able to work cause his tools would be everywhere! ☺☺

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Hoag says:

    Why would you not diagnose the service engine soon light that was on steady before you even start repairing anything? Why would you not do a complete diagnosis of the van, check brakes and pressure test cooling system that was low on coolant? You jump to fixing power steering leak before you know the overall state of the van. Customer will just spend cash and you add the next thing you find?
    Sloppy way to run a shop, but then again it’s really a mini-series on YouTube and not really a repair shop anyways.