In a previous video I tore apart this F-250 and knocked a new u-joint in it. Easy peasy! Now it is time to toss the axle back in and slap some new brakes on it too.
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Come here, Kitty. Come here. Luna Come here. I Didn't know where you were? Yeah, I didn't know where you were one more time.

Come here. Come here. Stop. You know how to use the front door.

Come here. Nope. You're gonna go hide under the car. Okay, never mind whale.

hang on to her right here now. I'm thinking that I'm putting the card ahead of the horserad because this one had a bunch of metal in it. I'm gonna get the metal out of the splines here. And the other thing you have to do now that we've polished some holes.

you gotta polish the shaft. This whole thing needs to be wire wheeled before he's slipping in that other uh seal that we put on there. and then I'm gonna go get the metal flakes out of this little guy. and then we'll put this big Jubroni on it.

Yeah, we gave it the old polish, got rid of the metal I'm gonna stick our seal on there. You don't want to frig this seal. These things are expensive I know what? the part number is 205 830. I better put these on.

It's about to get real there. kind of at the wrong angle of the dangle, but she's on all the way. They go on kind of hard. They seal inside themselves.

Uh, let's go get some. Grease We'll grease up inside there and we'll slip her in. You wanna fold two fingers of Grease Do the big hole smear some mock there reach around? Do the little one move that baby up. This seal works the same way.

it spins inside of itself. you know what I mean and then then at this moment your eyes like crap. I Got way too much grease. Put a little on the face here, a little there a little everywhere.

it's gonna go wipe this somewheres come here. Mr Hanky Well, we're just gonna pull this off for that point. Oh Bring It On Up Guide it in oh tight. There we go.

Make sure you're clicked in. uh, ring gear in the side gears there. Once it is, send it. We gotta send it to the exact depth of this tool.

Put your apparatus up there. Give her the beans I Felt that hit bottom. Once you do, you'll hear it and feel it. And there it is.

you're in. You're in all the way. Any schmoo out of here, you might have got it on there. Let's get a little bit of that on there.

a little bit right there and that's it. Now we should be able to turn the wheel we're gonna put the wheel bearing on. but I got some cleaning up to do on that baby. It's getting confusing for me so we're gonna try to pick up the pieces here.

You know it's been a few days I think we started working on this truck on a Friday and here we are on. Monday it appears I left myself a wheel bearing to put back in so we've lubed up the O-ring on it. Looks like we got it all cleaned up. They're all sandblasted.

the If I Remember correctly, this side here had a lot of metal debris. All right. there's a lot of metal from that Hub that got all chewed up over here. I'm just wiping some grease off this.

Just a smear a little on here. help it going a little better. Uh, this inner bearing on these is replaceable. You can buy this bearing separate, that bearing is in good shape and then I do remember washing this out in the parts washer just to make sure everything looks cool and everything's cool man.
so we're good in that regards. All the metal was coming from the lockout hub assembly. This thing's a nice shape and that inner axle bearing is in good shape also. So we'll get the Uh backing plate which I followed here.

we'll slide that baby on and then we'll slide the wheel bearing on. We'll get everything all torqued down now we're on the right side of that. Okay, we'll get right there. We'll grab our nuts, these nuts and we'll put them on from the back side.

We're gonna whacking that down with the ugga Duggar gun. Make sure your Hub is in all the way. you might have to give it a few light. Taps The board is chamfered, so usually the O-ring goes in quite easily, providing its lubricated sufficiently.

Get them too tight. I'm not turning the wheel here now that we can, which is great, albeit not too fast as the steering stabilizer on it whack down these other two on the front side. Foreign. There's that.

We will torque them to factory specs of course once we, uh, look and see what that is. Not very tight, really 133. It's a pretty snug if you're just doing using Snugadugas or calibrated Elbow 133. Ford Day at the shop today.

Never seen so many Fords in this place. We usually don't work on very many cords, but not on that am I Oh, there we go. I've also got out in the parking lot a 1995 F-150 with 55k on it. two-wheel drive.

It must be from like Florida or something. She is mint. got the big 5-0 in it. It's got a little hitch and it's giddy up though.

All original, everything right down the plugs and wires. And it has a bad spark plug so that wants us to do an ignition tune up on it while it's here. There we go folks. See if we can't stick our snap ring back in there.

Now we need to get a little pry driver. We're gonna stick it back behind this axle. We're gonna make darn sure that's pushed into the Hub all the way. the little sticker snap ring up there like so and then we'll reach in here with something.

Use this Torx screwdriver or we won't drop your pry bar on the floor. see if I can get back in that sucker. Give her a little squeeze and I'll push with the screwdriver. There we go.

Now she's in that clicked in all the way. If it doesn't seem to snap in the groove like say, make sure your axle's pushed in all the way now. We got this little guy Brandy new because the other ones disintegrated there Adam sorry I got it. All the goo and the grease and everything all over it here.

It's like that baby up off there there we go. wiggle that until it gets just right there it is. We're all lined up even with our boards. I was missing a screw on the other side or somebody had substitute a flat head for it.
So I'd seen that originally and I'd purchased three new screws. so I'll use these other two on this side simply because we have them. and they're quite inexpensive. So I'm not sure what happened over there.

It was a correct thread somebody had in it, but it has six holes in the outside of this I don't know if you notice but at some point somebody had snapped one off over there because I see one was broke off flush so maybe that's what happened. So put them in Turkey spec of course, auto lock and engaged that disengaged. Beautiful! Give her a little Spritz here of the fluid film keep her from getting all rusty. We will slip the new rotor now very gingerly.

grab us a wheel nut, see if we gotta tweak our Shield which we probably do. inevitably. I'll find out where that scrape and get that fixed. that one's free.

This one is not. However, you ready to get this junk cleaned off my bench? It just keeps accumulating as junk often does. running out of bench someday someday. So what we want to do because we can in this case is we want to remove the boot.

Foreign ER slid underneath it. kind of work it up and over. Boom. Just like that.

Go and clean the junk out of this. but then we can heat the crap out of this. Still seems to be a little gooey. one might not come out, it's hard.

the one on the passenger side that thing was stuck big time. so let me get a pair of vice grips. we'll clamp on that. we'll Heat this up, we'll give it some.

Wiggles Kind of weird. two o'clock in the afternoon on a Monday That's my first time sparking up the torch all day, huh? Weird. Oh, and we don't need the torch. Wow.

Highly unusual day. Highly unusual. Well, that's not too bad. I'll go get this sandblasted off.

We got to sandblast where the ears of pads go. anyways. I'll get the pins cleaned up. We'll come back everything a little bit.

I'm gonna put the torch back back where it belongs I guess I made it back. Hope you weren't worried. I'll get the boot cleaned out here and put sandblasted out the hole. It's a great thing to junk out of there.

Sprayed her out with some brake parts cleaner so she should be good. This boot's kind of nasty. We'll get some of the little rusty boots kind of cleaned up in there if they're real bad. I have these nylon bristle brushes we can stick in there there.

okay. I'll use some uh silicone Super Lube I Like to put it on the outside here because that's where the boot seals is on this outside lip. All right. So that's one spot we're going to use it.

We can stick the boot on there and twirl that around. Of course we'll lube out the pin and same thing on the top of that pin. You know, right up there in that. Groove Now definitely make sure you get some silicone in there.

Be silly if you didn't because that's where it seals. Also, give her a good old shaft lubing. Oh baby, so there's that. We'll get another hanky here with that off out here.
A little excess won't hurt it. Yeah, nice and slippery. And then this one here. We'll make sure that this one's Libertines Just came out for some good old-fashioned shaft moving what's up? Miss Though well, perfect timing.

would you like to show us all right where you going? All of a sudden you're leaving us. Let's see. I'm gonna go wire wheel that off to make sure that groove's good and clean. Needs a good clean? Groove There we are.

We're going all the way. Oh look at that. It's like a glove. Anything good on the menu.

This week there was so anything special. um I don't know. Oh yeah, too early to tell because it's Monday Yep I didn't know anything. anything special planned I'm just trying to make small talk with you guys I plan to feed, feed the people.

Oh you do the children you always do. If I can call you a woman, it's 20 23 you know? Let's see. So we're gonna Lube up here. where the pad's gonna go.

You have anything else you want to see and so yeah, go do some work. Thanks! We'll put a little Lube in there and then we're gonna put the clips here on our pads. now. they only go one way because a little ear there.

Okay, you'll figure it out. You'll see, you're going to put one on wrong. You'll be like whoa, That's wrong It Don't Fit hold up. Wait a minute.

Something ain't right. That's what you'll see. It's like if you go put on this way. boom, That's right.

Go put it on this way. Boom. Wrong doesn't fit. Oh, you can't see Anyways, you just have to believe me.

You'll figure it out. I Got faith in you and we'll slip this little guy in. I Had to raise her up a little bit here. Whoa.

yeah. Clutch move right there. All right. Those are just anti-drag clips.

Okay, so make sure you don't push the pad too far, but the pad should easily be wiggleable and that's not even really a word, but you should be able to slide her in and out with minimal effort. Okay, another thing's first rodeo. We'll bring it right over here. Stick her up on there.

Whoa. Oh fella. Give them a little squeeze. I could pull a blue latte down there.

Foreign torque setting. Number one, there's that. We'll grab the real torqueer here, see if I got a sack. There's that little turkey Somewhere is in the neighborhood of 100.

and 66. feet of torque. There's that one. What was that? 175 Went a little over there, fella.

Not the end of the world. Okay, there's that one. a little over on that one too. 176.6 must be that's where I am I'm pulling in here the beep and feel the vibration.

That's where we stop. So good enough. Uh, let me find the bolts here and we'll get them slid back in. Oh, that's another good move.

Wow. I'm gonna take the caliper. We're gonna put a little grease on the inside ears here where it hits the pad. This caliper is pretty clean on the inside and then we're gonna hit up the caliper the Piston faces here.
We'll put just a little Lube on them. Help stop the squealies. All right. There's that.

Flip it around. Make sure you don't have any curlicues in your break. hose. Flip that baby there.

Get the pin, turn the right direction. These pins only go one way. They've got flat spots on them. You need to line up.

You can get the bolt in without the flat spot being lined up. I'm here to tell you because the other side is like that at some point because I've seen the pin. What it will do is it bends the ear. the little uh I Don't know if it's really near? Well, yeah, I guess it is the reveal around the pin there that sticks out.

It'll bend that will separate over, it'll tighten down, your brakes, won't fall off. Everything will work as intended, but it's not right. Finish your sentence, you idiot. There we go.

so we'll torque these down to factory specs, as we always do. Even when you don't see us, rest assured that we did at some point. Half inch torque wrench is probably a smidge on the overkill side. However, these are torqued down I think to 56 foot pounds I might remember eight.

At least that's what we're taking them to go. Feels shrug enough. Let's uh, run our wire back across there. Oh she's a crust View Crusty and dirty.

Good old dirt roads really does our cars in, but we do have an awful lot of dirt roads where we live to get salt year round. So some people really criticize my customers in the comments saying they're idiots I Can't believe they don't wash their car every day. Well, what's behind us? Dude, when you live on a dirt road, you don't wash your car pretty much ever look at that slight of what's the point when you go to town. If you wash it, it's only clean until you go home because the dirt roads are just mud and salt pretty much all year.

Unless we're experiencing a drought, then there's Dusty And then when it's dusty, they put down more salt to keep the dust down. So it's a conspiracy, man. the government. Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous to be honest with you because if you do live in the country here, it's kind of one of the necessary evils is if you live on gravel road or dirt road trailer not even gravel, just dirt.

a little bit of gravel. but it's mostly this stuff which I call dirt that could be wrong Crusher Run Bank Run for the gravel guys, whatever you want to call it modified gravel I think another name for it but it's mostly sand when we soil type dirt crap I Gotta get something. Put this one in. The best thing you can do here in the Prny to preserve your vehicle a the best thing to do is move out of this for sinking state or B Oil spray that sucker fluid film Crown Rust Check Anything folks, we just need to Zippy zap that back off and then put the wheel on, torque it the factory spot and uh, go for a rip there bud.
Thank you before we go for a rep. So I turn the wheel here we're going to engage. The Hub Make sure everything seems cool. everything looks cool.

We're going to give the U-joint a couple pumps here because it will probably be the last time it ever gets greased would be my assumption looking everything else I Don't think this truck really gets all the hugs and kisses it needs I'm just guessing though, new joints didn't look too overly lubricated when we took them out. We'll give her a few pumps and stick them up the Caps here. All right, let's get screwing up attacks right here. crackling anyways.

I'll go through and Grease the whole front end got to get some adapters here I sure don't have the wheels off I Still got this one locked in? Let's get this then. Cool huh? Look at that. A few pumps here All right. I See it oozing out there? Let me get on this.

So it looks like the upper ball joints probably the OG all right squirting out the back of that ball joint. Foreign. All right. there we go.

Now she's disconnected. We'll make sure that this Hub works good. Check someone does. there's that one so that Hub works we'll disconnect it, put it back in auto, straighten everything out, see if there's any grease fittings on the rear drive shaft.

Oh yeah. I'm very tired where we're going I'm going for a little rip around down a little two that I call it all right. You're hanging in there right. see the link.

We'll be back. Okay, Foreign: I'm not even a Ford guy that almost consider driving that one. However, it only is one tire fire, so it's pretty worthless around here my specific summertime. Cruiser Foreign folks.

Hopefully the video fits together well, even though it went over a period of time in one day and then a couple days in between. Hopefully it all looks good. If it doesn't it doesn't. We can't change it, but the only thing you can change is your thoughts on leaving a comment in that comment section.

questions the comments. The concerns find us on the HD The Facebook You guys know what to do. just my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching.

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