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Hello Super Fans! and welcome back to the finalization episode of this F-150 With that Evap temperature sensor fault that blew up the Ac compressor on this thing, I'm assuming if you're here, you have watched, uh, all four, or five, or six or twelve other videos on this particular truck. Uh, if you missed any of those, just check the link in the description down below and it'll take you back in time to all those other videos. That being said, uh, we're moving on with the finalized stage of reassembly on this truck. I've got the dash back in with the new Hvac control box down below which has a new evaporator core which has a new evaporator temperature sensor.

And yes, we had to install all that stuff just to get a temp sensor installed because Bird Motor Company does not sell just the temperature sensor. Don't ask me why. I don't know, I wouldn't done it that way, but I'm also not a multi-billion dollar company. So that being said, we're moving on.

Um, the only thing left for me to do on this is a couple little trim piece items secure shifter or center console, and uh, the passenger side seat. I will clear the trouble codes, wipe down all my forensic evidence, fingerprints everywhere, and uh, we're good to go. so stay tuned and have no fear this one's gonna be relatively short compared to the other videos. So let's see, I've gotta fish out those two, uh, weird little bolts because those are the ones that secure the oh handle to the A-pillar over there on the passenger side.

So let's get these guys in. since I've already got the the pillar panel on and then we can move on to this console shifter and the seats after I find my my socket. That's the one. Okay, okay, let's move on over.

Yeah, let's see. let's just go in the hole. Click. Oh yeah.

okay. I think that's everybody. Yeah, all that's done. All that's done.

All this is done. Steering columns done. This is all done. Yeah, let's uh.

let's go ahead and get the console in here and the shifter. and then I'll throw that seat in. We're good. I want to get this done today.

I'm I'm staying a little late. I'm after hours, but uh. I need to get this truck finished. It's been here for way too long.

Ah, there it is. That's my guy. I'll throw this in. Wretched.

And of course, I must not neglect to connect the connections once. This is, uh, set up in position here and I have made an error. This shift cable needs to go through this side. Let's see if there's enough slack in it to bend it around without breaking it.

Oh, that would really, really suck. Well, we're reaching critical. it's gonna make it there. We go.

That's what I'm talking about. Okay, that's in position. Let's plug it in and then, uh, and let's go in the shifter, plug it in, and then bolt it down. That's not the shifter, that's a cup holder.

There It is. way back there. Yeah, okay. I'll do that in a minute.

Oh, pinched wire is not good. and then this clips in that guy. Don't make a liar out of me. Connector clip.
There we go. You know. this car is a classic example of why some people really shouldn't go into the shop, because once you see your car in this condition, you'll never look at it the same again. Most people aren't mentally prepared to experience seeing their entire interior, uh, torn to pieces and rightfully so.

It's not something you know we're accustomed to looking at. You gonna go in there. What? I can't see anything there? That's that's right. Line up the little dowel pin and there should be one pin on this side somewheres.

a couple pins on this side. Line up, you bastards. Okay, got it. got it.

and connected. Powering on. Okay, let's uh. four bolts in that.

Let's throw those guys in and we'll finish bolting this up and we'll bolt this guy up down here. I'll just do this one right now. with that socket. I want another.

There it is. See these. go to the glove box lid. This one.

That one's gonna go there now. I have decided. yeah, there's one. there's one.

That one's far away, but I can reach it. I got long fingers there and an extension. All right. we're good.

Okay, oh, I don't think you guys missed all that. There's a steering wheel in the way. Uh, sorry. more trim panels.

I choose this one. No, I don't. No those last because I need the trim panel that goes on top of this. That one's next.

What was I thinking? Now this was a real sob to get out because there's vertical clips I didn't have much space to remove. This is kind of like a little puzzle piece going on here. Why oh hell no. What is this? You know what? I have an idea.

it's a good idea. Let's take this bolt back out. and then we'll take this thing. Oh, we're gonna take more bolts.

Back out. That one and this one again. Okay, now that comes this way. that gives me space for this there.

that's uh. that's more better. Click: Okay, okay. that's good.

Two more. Go in there. you can find those. I think they're outside gravity.

There's two. Okay, um. I don't need this because the new Hvac Hvac box had one on it. so that one just goes in my stash.

Let's see, everybody's done here. Shoe: Let's put this trim back looking good. Um, okay. I need to go back to the driver's side.

How oh my. Gopro ran into a Gopro. That was fun. There it is.

There's that trim piece. Okay, this one goes right down there. Don't give me guff. That's in okay torx bit time and we'll put the padding back down there.

That goes in there. My boy's cup holder and I hit you with a Gopro again. Customer states mechanic was rummaging through his car. That stuff actually happens.

I'm not kidding. Cool. All right. that works.

Let's see. all this stuff came from the glove box so I can put that back. Registration Airbag Warning Light Bulbs More light bulbs. Uh.
owner's manual. Get in there more owner's manual. Good bio hazard. I don't want that.

Oh no. What have I done? I've arranged it. Too sloppy. Let's try this again.

Bad, right? Jack Usage and stowage. Okay, okay. let's see. we have one cup holder, insert two more right there and I've got one more bolt for this console and then I can.

uh, get this. uh. seat in and we're good. Give it a quick wipe me down, we're out of here.

Hey, stop that click. Let's see. I'll take my gloves back. there's one and I don't need the pry bar anymore.

Um, this is all glove box stuff that goes down there. Okay, we're done in the back seat. Actually, this is that's now. Doors in the door.

Okay, pile of tools. You're coming with me. and half this video is me walking around the car. I failed.

I put the cell phone holder in before putting the liner in there. Redemption achieved. These are really nice too. I got one for my truck, but it's on like a like a dangly bit so the phone sticks out to like here.

I know none of you actually care, but I thought it was cool. Okay, don't need that. That's the F250 sensor that I tried to reuse. This is not getting lost.

That's my one extra. Keep one extra every time. Two bolts. Two bolts.

Oh here. Don't forget that. Oh heavy. Yeah.

okay. Lean back and plug it in with our singular ginormous plug. Oh, I was wrong. We do have to go into the back seat because I need to bolt this down.

Those are not tight yet, but I want to start all four of them before applying torque. So click idiot. All right, this is the end. This truck can now go in peace.

Doritos. Okay, uh. one real quick wipe everything down and uh. this thing's getting parked.

After I retrieve my other gopro, give me that it was recording on. uh. super high speed fast motion. The whole job for most of it.

Battery died a couple times. Wow. So I think this video is going to be like 10 minutes. Almost completely uncut, uncut.

I don't think I have a I don't think I've paused this thing once. Maybe once. I don't know. It's been minimal.

Not like usual. Maybe I'm becoming less camera shy. Come here. Okay, I need towels and uh.

glass cleaner. What do I got? Glass cleaner. Glass cleaner. Oh, I got this look.

Anybody who watches the Ave Channel you know about uh, Prudence the safety goat? This isn't This isn't Prudence, but uh. I think it's a similar go. I haven't named it yet, but I will. This is how I feel sometimes.

Okay, stay. what if I can clean it with bug spray now? Um, rust stuff? No blue shower Maintenance cleaner? What is ozone depleting? flammable? safe on most plastics. This was a free 99 gift that somebody sent me. I haven't used it yet.

Directions hold six eight inches away. Saturate solid surface. Use a brush, Remove heavy soils. Yeah, this is cleaner.
I'll use this. This is perfect stuff for this job I think. But before we determine that, we always do a test spray to make sure it doesn't like melt our surfaces as uh, things happen. Wow.

Ooh this is nice that does a really good job. Oh sweet, I'm in heaven. I have a good spray cleaner. It washes off all my forensic evidence.

Oh look at that. Yep, now we're making 45 degrees. That's where we should be, Not 22 degrees. 22 degrees would be bad because it blows up your compressor.

I didn't touch this, but I'm gonna wipe it down anyway. I think that's it for my fingerprints and for this video. We're all done here. All right guys.

I'm closing it out, we're backing it out and we're parking it and then I'm going home. Uh, this truck is all done there. That's that's good. Hey, did I miss anything? You guys see it? I miss clean that too.

I think I missed that. Cool all right fellas. That's a wrap. Thank you guys for watching this video or all of them.

Say the truth. I certainly appreciate it. What else did I forget? All right guys, that's a wrap. I'd like to thank all of you again for like the 12th time on this car for watching these videos.

I certainly appreciate it. Let me know what you think about this in the comment section down below. Don't forget to tap you, tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day.

See you guys later And I almost forgot. we gotta. We gotta get that abs light turned off. so let's go back and do a master code clear real quick like here.

Uh, because I know some of you guys didn't forget about it and you probably already went reading comment land about that abs or um, airbag airbag airbag? that thing. The airbag light? Um, no, I don't want Hpac clear, all codes read by code, scan, switched on and running. I don't care and lights off. All done.

We're good to go see you guys later. Thanks for watching Peace.

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