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You know. I Remember once upon a time when I first started making videos I was struggling to get to the 10 minute Mark or so radio and then all of a sudden it seems like I was going to make edits and I've got like two hours of video footage and I learned that even the smallest simplest things that I do turned into these huge long Productions. So I'm gonna try really hard to just get back to basics here and and just make a shorter type of video. So that being said, Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! This is a Lincoln Navigator I think it's a 16.

let's take a gander in our sticker and see what year it is looks like. Oh, if I was close, it's a 2015 Lincoln Navigator I think it's the Ecotec six cylinder. It has 105 850 miles in the odometer. Customer: States Climate control is inoperative.

He says the AC and the Heats and and the heat up in the front do not function. so let us, uh, stockings the engine. we will power up climate control and uh, see if this thing is gonna work Okay, it's blowing. Yeah, they said AC and heat and nothing is coming out of the vents and we're we're Full Speed Ahead right now.

Okay, first things first: I need to duplicate their concern. Let's power this thing off and we'll see if it's going to come back on again. Hmm. Interesting.

Well, it seems to be working right now. Well, based on what they said, I Understood that we weren't getting any airflow. so let's locate the blower motor and inspect it and see what's going on. Perhaps we have an intermittent issue with the uh, the fan on the dash in this thing because I'm getting cold air and so I I Know the AC is functioning.

at least the uh, the refrigerant system is functioning because it is making some cold. But again, the complaint was nothing was coming out of the dash vents. So uh, let's go around to the other side. Uh, get under the dash and see if we can't locate the blower motor.

Okay, these stay in there. There we go. Okay, let's see what it's gonna do. I Can see you? Alrighty, We're down in the passenger side foot well here and I believe our blower motor is going to be down inside of this location.

Let's see if she's in here. Uh yeah, yeah, that's it. Right back there. See that right there? That's our blower motor.

Let's see. Look at that connector removed and we're gonna see if we've got power and ground back there. Oh, there's our connector. Let's get the meter real quick.

Okay, digital multimeter coming in. We're gonna set that to bolts DC and we're just going to probe the connector. Uh, the system is powered on. so let's probe our connector and see if we've got voltage.

uh. being sent to this blower motors? What we do, we'll pull that connector back out and we'll just probe those. Uh, those pins? bear with me here. fellas, Bear with me.

Let's get that one plugged in. Um, yeah, that's better. I needed to. uh, needed to get a third hand.

So we got power going in ground. Come here. Oh, what is this? There we go. We've got power and ground.
See that 13.15 volts. that's battery voltage. So what I'm going to do is plug this thing back in, see if we can't get the motor to come on at least and see if it's going to run and plug it back in real quick. Yeah, look at that.

Yep, now it runs. Okay So we've got an issue going on right here. It's either the motor or the connectors. Look at that.

Yep, she shot right back off. Uh huh. We'll give it the hammer test. Nope, didn't Come on.

Let's check it with the meter one more time just to make sure we did not lose power. and uh, that's going to be a confirmed Diagon It's got a bad blower motor. Okay, there's the connector plugging her in one more time trying to catch it in the ACT I've got voltage on the meter. Oh yeah.

okay. Yep. still not running. Let's check her again.

You know what? Let's check the back side of this connector just to make sure we're not losing connection at the front of the pins. Collecting additional data never hurt anybody. We'll just back probe this thing and again. Yep, we've got voltage here on the meter that's confirmed the uh, this blower motor has died and it will need to be replaced.

All right. Let me go on what we need to do and we'll go from there. Stay tuned. It's gonna be a really good video opening.

Z Hood Hooray, Nice and easy. All right we're good to go to proceed. So let me get some of this stuff out of the way and we're going to go down here and dig this blower. Mount Blower Motor out.

Wow, that messed that up in there I Am Uh, I'm gonna replace the resisting unit on this. That's what controls the speed. It's good practice to replace resistors, uh, with the blower motors and that's exactly what we're going to do. Okay, so first things first.

let's go ahead and unplug this guy again and looks like we're gonna need one. Two is it three eight millimeter bolts and the resistor? It's easy too. It's right here with two more bolts to keep that guy unplugged. Ooh, somebody has repaired here before.

See that this connector must have melted and uh, become damaged. Well, regardless. I'm uh, I'm replacing this resistor right here and that blower motor and that's going to fix our issue. So uh, let's bust out some tools and get started.

You know I said eight millimeter but I actually grabbed a 5 16. same difference wrong way. Click. Okay, let's see that's too much extension.

I Can't get in there with this all right? Close Quarters Combat. Let's try again. with Uh with no extension, might have to just go in there with the ratchet. Do this manually.

We'll see. let's see how far I can get. Yep, there's one and the second one. Yeah, yeah.

I'm doing this with a ratchet. There's no way I'm getting all this stuff out of here. Not gonna happen. I Can do the resistor Though foreign.
We'll just pop that guy out. Let's see what we've got. Is this thing A Is this a motor craft or is this an aftermarket unit Phone? No, that's the OE unit. Okay, well, you're getting a new one all right.

Reaching way back in here. I've got the uh, little stubby quarter inch ratchet and the 5 16s to get that far away fastener. Yeah, it's uh, that thing's buried. No power tools today for this bolt.

Uh-huh It's gonna take a while. Quarter turn at a time. Okay I live my life a quarter turn at a time. 20 minutes later still doing this.

It's like three quarters of the way out. You guys can't see in there because this is like the trunk of Darkness There we go. All right. last one there.

Then we've got this one more here and that's all of my bolts to come out. Uh I can get that one with my ratchet ring ring I think I can I hope I Can Yeah. lower motor gravity. Come here blower.

Let's see if this thing is a Ford blower or not I don't think that's a Ford unit. Oh I need to take the carpet back some it doesn't come out, just fall back down some. squeeze this guy out of here or not come out. blower motor I need to take this carpet back farther further more farther.

Yeah now I'm stuck. Okay I need to disassemble some of the car. it's not working out I gotta pull this piece off the little kick panel so I can pull the carpet back. which means I need to pull that piece of trim back.

You got me. Ford You got him. Let's see. Pull that out of here.

See what I said about a nice quick video? Wrong? The fates do not allow such things. Yeah, we're into it now. Fuse block. Okay, come here.

Carpet. There we go. Got it. There's our blower and the survey says it's not a four blower.

T-i-y Um, made in 2020? Yeah, this is a it's an aftermarket unit. Okay coming in. blower motor resistor from Motocraft. Let's get the little resistor installed.

I'm uh, waiting on the blower motor. but I have the uh, the resisting unit. That guy. Get that over there.

there's our resistor and we'll put the carpet out of the way. Bear with me guys. We're trying to get this situation organized as best as possible. It's kind of a tight squeeze I'm just sort of hanging out on the floor.

We're going up in here and get this thing aligned and plugged into its hole. You see, it's got. uh, it sticks into the HVAC box and it uses the cold air from the AC system to actually cool this resistor. See the heat sinks right there? So interesting design, good use of physics so that's going to go right in there.

like. So we'll plug that in and get the two bolts installed in that guy next. Okay, we got one screw coming in right here. This is the easy part.

Oh I think the parts people are here I heard my gate there's a there's the next screw I know you guys the the camera angles and Lighting in The View on this video is terrible but we are inside of a dash. It's the best I can do. Forgive me. I'll do better next time.
Clip that guy. Click. Okay, that's tight and we can go ahead and plug in our harness right here. Foreign.

Okay. good to go. All right. waiting.

game. we need to. We need to blow our motor show. Let's go ahead and prep for the install.

We'll pull our carpet back out of the way, set that over there and we're good to go until part show up. Be right back guys. Don't go anywhere a few moments later. Okie Dokes Uh, we're back now.

Unfortunately I was not able to acquire a Motorcraft Uh blower motor but I did get a decent quality one in my opinion. it's got a good warranty, so we're gonna go with that one. I Wanted a Ford one, but they're they're not available and it was rather expensive so we're just gonna go with an aftermarket one. But we did get the Motorcraft resistor which is good now.

I Just need to wiggle this guy into his home here and get her bolted in and uh, we'll go ahead and get it plugged in and fired up and test her out and make sure we're all good to go and then we'll get this thing finished up. Sound like a band? So what? I need to do? See, it's got this little little dangly bit here I need to figure out how that's supposed to be orientated because I forgot I think it goes. You guys can't see what I'm doing. more lumens.

hang on here. Yeah. I think she's gonna go just about like that? Yeah, yeah. Perfect.

Okay, Okay, so I'll hold this up into position and fight with a little bit. Yep, keep fighting me. Gravity as soon as I get this one bolt started. whenever that's gonna happen, I can go around and get the other two in there, we go.

Come on. thread just a little bit. Perfect. Okay, that's one bolt started.

let's get the other two in. Okay, screw number two. it's a little farther away. Yeah, let's get that guy started.

and it's two screws in and then that really far away one way way back there. You guys see it back there. Hope you can see it because I can't. Okay, that's three started.

Let's go ahead and run those down. Ring ring that one's. that one's easier. Foreign.

Okay, that's two quarter turn at a time. Again, Yeah, it's gonna. It's gonna take me about five minutes to get this bolt in. one ratchet click at a time.

we're getting there. Okay, now is the end of the threads of the plastic. Bolt for the bolt that goes into the plastic. Almost.

Come on. I'm getting flangy fatigue. Yeah, a little bit more. It's bottomed out, but it has not achieved torque yet.

Here we go: Clicks and we'll put some torque on these other ones manually. Make sure those are good. Get on there. There we go.

and one more on that third one out back. Let's go ahead and plug this in and fire it up. See if we're gonna if we're gonna make cold air or make air come out of the vents. It didn't blow any air we needed to blow.
Where's that connector at? there you are? It's hiding. Come on. get in there. can't reach.

Clicks: All right. let's fire this thing up. see if she's gonna if she's gonna blow or not. Can't start it from that side.

Foot on the brake electronic engine starting sequence. There we go. Begin blowing now. Hey, hey, you have the flow.

Oh nice. Very good. All right. Well, I'm going to monitor this for a little while, but I'm gonna go ahead and call that a confirmed kill.

So while I let this thing run for a little while, let's go back over to the other side and we'll put all the trim pieces and stuff back together. Okie Dokes Let me see. Fetch my light and let's not lose that ratchet. See that That's how we lose expensive tools.

Tuck our carpet back in our connections, make sure everything's tight, secure, plugged in. Good to go. Now we need some trim panels carpets back. Don't leave that.

Where's my kick panel section? There's one went in to cover the fuse block and then it connects to this guy right here. So let's get this one in. first. the way it came apart.

That's the way it's going to go back together like that in kicks. We'll put the weather strip back and then our panel here. Let that go. I got it sideways so that's going to slip into the kick panel little notches.

Yep, line that up and then snap that in. All right, Very good. Okay, so this thing's just going to get a little bit of monitoring for a while, but uh, so far, we're good to go. Okay, one last piece, one last piece and that's gonna be the bottom trim for your feetsies plug that little uh, what is that thing? Is that a light? Yeah.

Plug that guy back in, Slip this thing up into position and then it's gonna have two little plastic uh clips that hold it too the framework. Let's see here. slide that up, push that in, and oh, gravity. Good to go I Just need to clean up my tools here and get my mess out and that's going to be that.

So uh. that being said, Thank you guys for watching this video as always. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Let me know about that by tap that like button down below. Hit that subscribe button while you're down there if you have not already. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Thanks for watching over and out. End of transmission.

Okay recheck. Been hanging out here for about an hour restarting the engine so make sure this thing fires back up. Instantaneous airflow.

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