In this video I help a customer out buy saving her money on a simple exhaust repair. Toyota wanted to replace the entire convertor however we replaced just the flex pipe. It's easy, cost way less but you know how it is when a YouTuber breaks out a welder 😉
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So underneath the 2011 Toyota I think it's a Camry it's the bigger one. The flexi gone bad. I've ordered one here from Napper it's classic 735 4796 It's a size I think we need. uh, at least based on uh, the input.

she's going to be a little bigger on the on the Audi uh. the reason we didn't buy this from Toyota is because it's got that little guy attached to it the catalatic converter. So there lies a couple problems here. Uh, a I can't unhook the cat on the back because the flange is so rotted I don't want it to disappear.

It's probably got a few years left before it falls off. so we're going to leave that alone. So what I think we're going to do is unbolt it from the engine I've already unplugged the oxygen sensor. We're going to take chop it off.

We can get right in here with the saw all lots of room around. We're going to chop this half off. We going to unbolt the front half. We're going to have to take the torch and cut both of both of these nuts because they're nonexistent.

We're going to cut those off, try to save the threads, and then we're going to kind of pull the system down, Slip this little guy on, put everything back together, give it a couple TS with the comment generator. Once everything looks good, all bolted up, we'll take it back down and see if we can't give her one of those with the comment generator. AK a The welder. At least that's the plan for now till something goes horribly wrong.

We've got an extremely well-used blade so hopefully we can grind our way through this thing. We're going to go right here. Any reason we can't do this. well, let's figure it out.

That took only about a minute. We just bought the farm. All right. So let's leave this stationary.

Let's unhook this. Oh on the arm. we'll give a little Spritz on there now that we've given it 8 seconds to penetrate. these ones usually always come off so Mazer uses a very similar nut and the second you touch them they get Gall right to the threads and it won't come off.

but Toyota they do a good job on their stuff here. they com off all Zippy zap. Never an issue. Don't know what they're made out of but free tip Friday For you never put heat on these, you put heat on them.

It's like lock tight. That thing will be bonded to those C so tight you'll never get it off. Now these threads here are beyond the point of cro. but I think I can take the torch and just just Nick the edge of them off and if we end up having to replace them we can.

We could just drill a hole up through and put, uh, put some nuts and bolts there. You know what I mean. That's our plan. Always have a plan B That's plan.

A plan A is have a plan B So I'm not too concerned if these don't come apart or if we can't Nick them off without hurting the other hurting the threads. Give it the old College try though, put it up on Turbo. Here we go. You got one shot.

Oh messed around too long there. Come back to this one. that one looks nice. Come add it on the inside.
give it a little. just a neck maybe? No I think we screwed around too long. too long fella. Those things are pretty tight.

Let me get a little Hammer see if we can't expose it. Oh I think we still have some threads there. Looks pretty good. Check the other one.

This is one I was worried about. Come on. I've been worrying about you Whoa man die when. Oh that's still hot.

So I think we can, uh run a thread Chase over I think we're in good shape for the shape we're in. they look like they're 8 mm. We'll put a little bit of Cy on there. I've got a 8 mm 125 up in here.

go all the way. Let me get a shorty. extension is too deep. Oh whoa whoa whoa.

Let's see 13 M that one's good enough to go home with. I'm going try this one all the way. Look at that. save a thread.

Now we don't Now we don't have to worry about putting U You know, putting anything up in there. put cutting them off, putting a bowl up in. but that was going to be my next plan. Just take the bracket off.

just like that. just them off. throw them out. stick a 8 mm bolt down through a little tack well on top.

Bing Bang Boom She's still a little toasty so we're going to have to use a napkin. I'm wondering I don't know what this is on there for some kind of something I don't know if it's just a skid plate. so if you hit ramp or something hard to say, probably should go put this in the vice. Let's just see if this works.

Come on you freaking jerk hole, that's it. I'm going to put it in the bit I Think it's an air gap pipe anyways. So it's a pipe and a pipe. That's what what they use instead of a heat shield.

the air gap pipe. I Think that's what it is. I'm going to go lock in device, chop it off and we'll have a look. So that's what it is.

It's what they call an air gap pipe. So they put a pipe in a pipe and then you know once it hits the flex here, it's just plain old, plain old. Um, so not a big deal. We're going to stretch this baby out.

just a blonde one. Get that thing to slip over there? Then like I say we'll stick it up there. we'll get it all tacked and mocked up. Let's look to see how this fits.

The pipe on the car should not be an issue on this end. Oh, good thing we left that little flare on. There is just enough little flare. just fits.

We could even stick our pipe expander in here if we wanted to bring it out. Just a whisker. But I don't think we're going to right, that's heavy enough pipe in there? Yep, no. we'll be able to be able to fry that right on.

I Think with the welder. oh fried up. so I'm going to expand this. just a whisker.

Oh look at that. Oh it's very tight There we go. so that baby's on there and then now let's stick this up on. we don't need to put the gask or anything back in there yet, but we'll just bolt it on.

see where it lies up on that other pipe. Slip it in. come on look, come on baby. Oh yeah, there we go.
We're up in there. Let's get this bolted on in the front, let to grab our 14 that we took care of. For some silly reason. we'll get the front pipe here bolted back up tight.

C The bolts on there. We don't have to worry about bolting this down. All right, that's up there. It's tiger tight.

Oh, this is going to look like a real Beauty Slip that off, Slip it on. As far as we think it needs to go, want to go, in a little bit further because I'd like to be right on the edge of this. How this is flared out just a little bit. so come in.

Ouch. Prick. there we are so we're right on the edge of that. I'm going to get the welder, shine this up a little bit, we'll tick a tack all the way around and we'll take this back down and and probably release this.

I don't know if that's in your viewfinder but that hanger and let this exhaust down. So I use these vice grips to clamp on there so we can clamp the ground on there. With a little bit of luck, the tip's not all plugged up. Get the jet engine started over there, let's just put a tack here and then let's stick one back here and we'll do a couple on the other side here.

Hey, it's that guy Now our B get Sten away on this side. move our move our voice grips to a better spot. Oops all twisted up in the cord over here that's attacked good there good there. Give her one more for good measure down here and then one more down here.

Ooh that looks good All right. What I did is down in the description box. I've listed all of my welding certifications for anybody who's curious. Uh, the list is short and doesn't include anything so don't look for too long.

Oh man, this guy can't even hang out into a socket. so unbolt this now which it should stay. should have enough tax on it to make it stay. Yeah, okay, yeeha grabbed us a 12 no mercy.

R Mercy There's another hanger back there. Ooh o, this might be all we need. Oh yeah, let's look at this other hanger. look, get the old using the OG stand today, huh? Look at this one that Relic stick that there.

tighten up the wing nut here. Let's pop this little guy loose. pippity, poppy. Come on now, let's very gingerly go down with this.

Oh yeah, I think that's all we need. so we've got her out in the open right now I Don't think there's any reason we can't uh, go weld a circle around those things I tried to think of one and I can't so let hook this back up. like so hopefully the welding helmet didn't get left on and the batteries are dead. Ow back my noodle.

Let's see. Oh no, somebody actually turned it off. That's good. All right.

Let's pretend we know what we're doing m he oh hit my head again. oh that looks good enough. Good enough for the girls we run with. Oh that lovely sound freak right on the edge.
Oh now I get it? Freaking burn a hole in the pipe? idiot. Hate it when I do that guys Right to the end. Popped a little hole in it I Let It cool down. Other than that, it looked pretty good.

Look like we did a good job right to that last right to the last second. That's how life. Works folks everything's going good till it isn't so they don't look too shabby. Make sure I didn't miss any spot up top here I think we sealed the deal all the way around.

Um, once we get it back up in the air I'll I'll fix a little screw up down there where I popped the hole through it. All right, let's uh, let me get the gasket I'm just going to stick it back up there bold on and stick our hangers back in STI that right there like so grabbed a couple of uh, couple of these nuts. couple 8 mm right? we don't want to Snug a dug of those those all the way till we snugger Dugger these ones that's the torque spe all right I how you know it's in the book. trust me, those are just a that's a spec on know and then we'll grab our 12 mil again.

Come back to this little fella. Get that one started. Get this party started right here. that's it on that one.

This one here you want to spit out a little bit. Trust me, it works most the time and this is where it all went wrong. Look at that and that's why. I don't have any welding certifications.

The old Gap filler that was my nickname back in high school. That's not true. It was Rocco Um, that's it folks. We're done right.

Easy peasy and saved your a ton of money. We're just like g Go. We could probably put this uh, this thing back on there if we wanted to to be real clutch. that'd be pretty sick.

We don't know what it is, but we can do it. you know? cuz that's the thing. If she's going to a Car Show puts the mirror under here, you're missing this. You ain't taking home the tropy.

I'll tell you that. oops. a lot of stuff kicking around here. so I just chopped this off o Bring It Around Town here.

Get her nice and straight. knows well we'll just give her a little tack right there. Don't look. oh H should have put this away.

Oh, that looks good. That's it. Just like that. Shut this off.

I Think we're officially done. We've reattached the skid plate. Hopefully that's where it was originally. I'm going be real embarrassed if I edit this video and it was somewhere else that looks good.

Now she can go to the car show. probably get a point or two off of that blob there. But than that I think I think she's the first place winner. Well that's it folks.

replacing the factory Flex on your Toyota The good news is we were only at about $2,000 less than what the dealer quoted her to change it. Um apparently they don't do just the just the flexi. You know they wanted the the whole kitten. Kaboodle I call it and I can't really see any need to buy a converter when you can do just the flex.
These flexes are only like $40 or $50 from Napa and then I don't know what we have an hour into it. maybe start to finish if you milk it something like that. So you know under 200 bucks or around 200 bucks probably or 150 tax by the time you do tax you about $200 bill probably. uh but that's way cheaper than a couple thousand or whatever it was that they told her.

And then the good news is we didn't take any of the rest of of apart and we can wait for the rest of the flanges to rot off the system and then do them. it. do them at that point which might be like I say a few years but you start fiddling with them and things start falling apart. It's easy just to not metal with things that make sure hook that up while not be metal in.

that's what I say when you guys metal your way on in that comment section. questions, comments, concerns, leave a comment about that weld for sure. When you're down there, check out my certifications, the list is short and there isn't any. and just remember viewers if I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching.

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