All this time I believed Scotty and yet here I am with a broke down Toyota Tundra. Not to mention MY OWN! It's ok though because it just needs a new exhaust system and a few convertor flanges welded on. I guess we could forgive him...
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You ever feel like Scotty's lying to us telling us to buy these Toyotas waving his hands around and then we get one and it's a piece of junk. Well here we are folks. the 2013 Toyota Tundra It's got the Big Five seven. It's my own truck and it's broke down and by that I mean it's got an exhaust gasket that's leaking and the muffler is getting rusty so we got to fix that.

Uh, back. beginning part of deer season there, the tail plate fell off and got twisted around the axle. so I got under there and you know, chucked that into Jing weeds. Went to a buddy shop had them just bend me up a tailpipe to temporarily suffice as I ordered a new OEM Muffler and oam tailpipe and then the Toyota dealer screwed me because that stuff's on backorder I Had on order for several months and finally I said the heck with it you know can't get it from Toyota and they have no estimated ETA They can only tell me there's 700 and whatever of the Mufflers on backorder and you're never going to get it.

So I had to do what any guy would do is we went aftermarket now on these trucks personally. I've installed some Walker mufflers and they're complete garbage. Uh, they're super restricting. They turn almost bright blue immediately because they they retain so much heat.

so I didn't want to use one of those. Not to mention that you know it'll fall apart in the first you know, year, tailpipes fall off them and they're clamping mechanism from the tailpipe to the muffler is pretty well trash. So I opted for another option which there's not a lot of options I didn't want to put a noise maker on there like a you know, Borla exhaust or any aftermarket you know fart cans. I wanted it quiet so I got on the Rock Auto and I found another brand I'm not familiar with I don't even know what it is because it's out there on the other side, but it actually looks pretty good.

It's not stainless because they didn't offer that. it's you know, aluminumized steel so that before it brought out still but it actually looked pretty good. looked like nice bends. the hangers look nice and the other issue is my flanges off the back of my converters are rotted right almost clean off.

So I did get some Walker flanges that I think are going to work for us and some gaskets I think that are going to work and we're going to get under there and just hack and whack our way through it and see how it ends up when we're done. So here's what I got from: The Rock Auto uh what company is this? We'll figure it out. Okay man, it's all smashed up and banged up. What are you gonna do? I mean yeah FedEx guy Chucks it off the back like it's a Christmas present I need a muffler? They had one and it's not a walker, it's a I don't know what it says OES Original equipment or original exhaust system but beat too crap.

The ends are all you know Bastion and stuff so we're just gonna have to kind of straighten things up as we go. and then I got a can of the uh, low gloss high temp paint from Napper All right Sponsor: I Bought a OEM clamp to hook the tailpipe on and then I got some new flanges which we should be able to weld these on my truck which are the companion flange we're down here on this end of the muffler I Feel like Chris fixed with everything laid out here. we only had some soapy water. Let's see.
so this flange here I'm hoping boom something like that. we'll weld them up and uh, you guys are numbers of that. Been trying to cut off all the tape and stuff right now. Get her all ready.

like I say these are just aluminumized pipes made right here in America made in the USA just like Toyota and they do have a little bit of paint on them. Let's go under here and have a look at the offending components. There it is. The old flange is getting pretty rough.

This one here is about ready to leave us. Oh you guys trying to see how fluid filming stuff's holding up? 2013. Daily Dirt Road Driver Salt 12 months out of the year she's holding that. Pretty decent, but hang out.

Here's the tailpipe. I Had my buddy Bend up and that's on there. We just welded it to the Uh Muffler there when she fell off. so I say for the rest of it falls off I got one of these heat shields is falling off too I can hear it I thought oh there's the fender.

This guy just rusted out in the middle. No big deal, okay enough. Show and Tell let's get after it I Really hate working on my own stuff I don't know why it's always on the back burner. it's speaking of burner.

foreign. That should be good enough for right now. a little bit here. Okay, foreign driver.

Okay, that was me I thought we made a space in there. Oh, it doesn't need a little persuasion. All right I Guess we'll pull the pull the whole Muffler off there. let's chop the tailpipe off it.

So one thing I find peculiar is the number of comments about people commenting about me using a cutting torch. this is already I guess we need to cut. that should pull straight back out of there I'm gonna take him and then we'll get a something. Take this Muffler off with.

So when I talk about the cutting torch. Oh Vic over there. oh it's Glory. you know me and Vic we go way back.

uh since 05. Next my second set of torches I've gone through I literally will wear them out, but in the salt belt I mean that tool is almost almost. That tool is a necessity I should change. It's a fat hashtag fact.

Uh, you can fact check me on that. You don't have a torch in your shop in the Northeast As they say, downstate, forget about it, you need it. Um, you know everything from exhaust work to heat and bolts, cutting stuff. and and I get some comments in the comment section about the uh, economics of it.

You know it's very, very expensive apparently. uh people say, but they're not. The cutting torch head itself is is quite inexpensive and the hoses and then you lease your tanks and it's really not that expensive at all. It's a very it's at the bottom of my expense list at the end of the year.
So so I don't I Don't know what the you know the big woes about using the cutting torchards. it's really I don't know. it's kind of foreign to me. I Guess let's get the one at the back here.

Oh boy, there's two. Watch your tootsies here. she goes three. Oh it must sound pretty awesome right now I Bet what a wreck.

Mm-hmm I Figure that's what heaven's gonna be like. Streets of Gold Seeing the Lord and no rust, it's gonna be amazing folks. Wow! And babies are paper thin. nothing left to them as you can see clearly before we do any flange repairs.

I Want to take and stick the muffler up here and make sure that that these are indexed correctly. I Don't want to just go cut these off and putting these on and come to find out you know the wing dong aftermarket? they're you know, a little bit off. So I think we should do that. Man, there's cold water dripping right down my neck.

Oh, let's see that stinking light right away. Remove that I Try to put the light where you guys can see. you get these vehicles that are covered with fluid films which really difficult to record on them because everything's so dark. I'll get in the hole baby.

Oh oh yeah. I should have moved that one that was a little snug. Let's try these ones foreign. not in all the way either.

All right, just a minute, let's get a little. Loop They don't line up quite perfectly. Plus, we're probably going to have to pull them back out. Let's try to get this one in all the way.

Oh yeah. oh gosh, a double square. Okay, life is good, so let's see. Actually, they're pretty dang close for being aftermarket.

Believe it or not. Wow. Fancy. Okay, trying to bend that back.

I Think we're a good shape for the shaper and folks. we'll uh, proceed now to cut off the old flange, get the new ones fitted on the pipe, and then prior to welding them, we will bolt them, up to the aftermarket and we'll stick them on there. With the welder slash comment generator and the words of Jim Morrison Come on baby. Light My Fire Foreign I See what my plan was? We're good to go foreign there now.

I'm happy. All right. So now we just have minimal grinding to do. You can be as efficient with a cutting torch if you have experience as you could be with a grinder as far as you know, removing old material outer material like a weld for example, but not touching your base metal.

And that's why you do a little Hopscotch back and forth because it takes some process of once the inner piece that you don't want to cut becomes too hot. Well then you gotta walk away. If you don't you're going to screw yourself. It makes it same way.

Like you guys see me, cut a bolt or a nut off a bolt. never hit the threads. It's not magic, it's just finesse and knowing when to You know, back away. And the same thing when you heat a bolt.
So you're heating a nut to get it off a stud. heat it up. get it red hot. You don't want that inner stud getting smolder and hot too.

Otherwise, it kind of defeats the purpose. So you heat it. you try it. if it doesn't work the first time, just let it cool down.

Come back, try it again. Trying to do a little touch up with the grinder. Foreign down. Oh I Think the flanges will fit nice or at least be able to weld to them.

Now we're going to stick the muffler back up here. and then we're going to stick our flan design. We're going to get the welder slash combat generator and then start tacking the flame design. I Want to make darn sure that they're going to fit these nice and flat because we're not using the OEM style gasket? Well, you'll see as we go.

I'm sure. Foreign welder. I'm going to go on the back side of the converter I Guess probably be the easiest I Set up a pair of white scripts on it and I push my ground on that. It works a lot better than trying to get it on the pipe.

You want it as close to your work as possible, but not in your way. I'm going to be using the Millermatic 211. Stick our ground on there. We'll get her set up here, set up to nuclear, get her fired up.

I'm gonna grab one of our flanges flipping over and then probably best bet I'm not. if I'm thinking here is to go get a couple bolts. I'm just going to use a couple pairs of vice grips, which we could likely do foreign. Let me go grab a couple bolts.

we need them anyways. All right, we're gonna miss a couple 7 16 bolts. Stick them through here, and we'll just lightly button them together well or drop it straight onto the floor. Knowing that we were going to do that, I brought extras.

Okay, there we go. So now that's bolted on right where we need it. We can slide it back here. line up, flip the this outer pipe.

This little stub we left off. it lines up inside this inner pipe here. Theoretically, that's how it would go with an OEM exhaust. I'm going to get a little ratchet strap here just to pull this back.

hold it exactly where I need it. So I'm not sitting here fighting my rubber bushings or anything. We'll line up this one and then we'll get this tacked on right at that exact angle where it naturally wants to stay. Well, we'll just hope this doesn't ride off here next year.

Throw that on there. We'll hook this up here on the frame Somewhere right there is fine. All right. I Don't want to over click it.

There we go. So there that holds that exactly like it should be. it's sitting flush. The only difference is we're going to have the gasket in here, which is quite thin so I'm not worried about that.

I'm going to put a few tacks on this and we're going to take it apart and weld it. Thank you. All right that should hold it for us folks. Disconnect our strap here.
Take that off before we get all hot wild. We're going to make sure that our other flange is good. Also, here's a part number on those flanges. that is a walker number.

You're 31 886 here. Oh, let's see, there's that same process. bolts it together. Yeah.

I Wish aftermarket exhaust systems work so crappy. but they are. They're junk. The price you pay for them.

You kind of hoped they weren't. But line up our first plan. You did okay. Our first flange is lined up and tight.

That one is lined up in tight it looks like it's sitting well. I Know I Know the photography and lighting here sucks I guess at the end of the day, but it doesn't matter too much. but I'm sure it starts. You're making a video.

You want to move your ground strap. Like I said, keep it close to your work. There we go. Let's put a couple attacks on it.

That flange is good. Let me just let me just stick a couple bolts in there. I Think our holes almost lined up. that whole lines up.

Just want to be certain. no going back. I Guess there is. but you need to use a grinder.

shove it over just a little. There's one tacky that'll do a donkey that'll do this time. we were smart, took the bolts out before the record strap and at this point folks, we just need to fry them on there with the welder. The best of our abilities.

Being a non-youtube non-certified welder, we're going to give it our best shot and just see how that works for us. We're going to move our ground strap real close now. What's up Mr Though no ma'am what it's making me so uh, everybody keeps interrupting me. Know the truth? Well Bill was here with a tire and Josh is over here.

Your oldest child is out here. the phone's ringing. Yeah, all right. Oh Mrsville wanted but I'm sure she'll be back.

Let's see what we gotta weld this up right here. Let's do it. Foreign, foreign, foreign tasks on YouTube We fired up the comment generator. This thing right here.

This is the comment generator. It's about the electricity. No, they don't care about that. I I Do.

It's not gonna get you. What they care about is my inability to weld or anyone on YouTube Oh gosh, no, there's a couple things you don't do on YouTube a well, B side, or a wire. No, you can't we're talking. that might be a really YouTube rule.

This is the unspoken rule. if you were welding and soldering naked. yes, I'm sure somebody's gonna say something. No, no, no, you did it wrong.

Your welding's not good. That's what they would say. All right. we got to get back after it.

Thank you. Good luck to you Foreign foreign. Thank you All right? I Think we got it most of the way around and it's probably not gonna fall off goody foreign s look like a little bit of bird turn around there. that one's on I Don't think it's going anywhere I Think we've got good penetration on the inside.
There is a bit of a gap going to be a bit of a gap around that pipe I Don't think at the end of the day it's going to matter if we want it to. We could weld on the inside of that flange, but the gasket's going to cover it all. It's going to seal it off, but if we were curious or concerned that we may have missed some up and around the top perhaps which I don't think we did, weld it on the inside in that open Gap too. The disadvantage to that would be is if we ever have to replace the flanges again, cutting them off with the torch would be a little bit more of a chore put on there.

31 640 Gasket Walker Got a couple of these babies, not the OEM All right. So before everybody flips out about that I Completely understand these are not the original style gasket that goes in there. However, it's getting great. Oh, that's how it's mother and they're gonna.

they're gonna die man. sit on there fella. Oh man. that smarted a little bit.

idiot. Let's see you want to do it like this though, too sizzling hot. Put a nut on there just so that doesn't fall off a half a dozen times. What a ding dong! I Don't care how long you've been doing this.

Oh, you guys are getting dripped on. but there's something about chemical makeup of our brains that when we cut something off with a torch or finish welding it, five seconds later, we need to touch it and then we're always surprised like oh, why did I do that? Well, because you're an idiot, that's why And put flat washers and nuts on each side. There be hot. Let me get a 5, 8 and an 11 16 there.

We'll snug them babies up. foreign. First, we gotta straighten out the pipe here. It's kind of banged in a little bit and then this little piece of wire that's stuck in there but shove down in and it's like Barbed it opened up Beyond where we can pull them out there so we're going to try to kind of yank that out of there.

you can get a hold of it real Handy There we got her out trying to get it uniform and when you use the die kind of towards its maximum capacity, it doesn't make a great looking height doesn't round it off, so that's why that's why I'm trying to use the other one now. essentially the correct size. There we go I Just want to leave that like that I'll get a hammer I Want to beat the top of that back down and then kind of straighten that up. Shipping pipes like this has to be a disaster I Just wonder what RockAuto does when you know half these pipes get delivered in this condition and the regular homeowner can't do anything about it.

It must be frustrating for Rock Auto and for the homeowner, foreign I think that's good enough. it's back around again. I Kind of hope this pipe holds up well. The quality and construction of it seems to be.

you know, far superior to walk or exhaust. From what I can see, we'll see I mean you know it doesn't mean anything if it looks good if it's you know, just smoked in a couple years anyways. I don't know I can't really think of a better way to ship light, but you can see how this edge of this flange is kind of bashed in there. so I don't know I'll get a wire wheel.
see if we can't wire wheel this stuff off there, right? it may not be relevant, we'll just kind of tweak it up there. anyways. Okay, let's see if it fits. Tell you what? Let me.

uh I need a second person for this part? Oh, it's a little fit. she's just a little snug, which that's fine by me. There's the factory gasket almost forgot where I bought it I assume it's aftermarket pipe will still utilize it I could be wrong I probably am wrong. Still fits this Piper This is going to hinder us even more so an Oem pipe.

This would go on here, but their flare here on the OEM pipe would be a little bit different. Let's stick this in there. I Don't think it's going to matter what's up, do you need me? I Left the gasket in there. We're just going to make sure this is the right shape.

Let's give it a little bit of a nudge now. I'm going to take my hammer I'm gonna go around and peen that edge just a little bit so we can get that little bit fit. Push: comes with shovel. just weld it together.

All right, let's try it. Foreign Okay I think that's close enough I mean it doesn't couple it, just touches. Oh, this is the OEM clamp. Their flare is a little thick I think I think we'll be okay.

Let me do something here. Let me find a bolt for it. I Guess we'll be able to tell by how the plant sits. once we get it up there we go I Think we're good and then the bolt because I think we're a little more straight up and down now.

Yes sir, we are. Get that started all right. So now that we know that the two halves of this clamp are sitting parallel, once we start tightening that, that'll start drawing it in even more. but I don't want to do that until we get it up into the rear mount back here.

I put the rear hanger back on. Got this about where we need it? I think and what we'll do is we'll start cinching it down. kind of tapping it around here and that's going to force those two pipes together. It's kind of a Cheesy system, but I guess it worked for nine years.

So I can't complain. Too bad on the salt belt. but what the hell is wrong with a clamp? Toyota Idiots never find that on a Chevy America foreign if you're doing this. I'm going to suggest any that you get a shot to do it for you.

but if you're doing a DIY home, do Not buy this clamp aftermarket. I've done enough exhaust systems I Need to know that this clamp from the dealer is far superior to anything aftermarket. just FYI whoa whoa whoa. Now once the hard part's done, we're gonna come under here with some engine enamel with ceramic and we're just gonna paint it up now.

We wiped it down. by we mean I with some brake parts, cleaner my battery. my camera is just about dead. so I'm gonna put you down.
but rest assured I'm just going to wipe it off. We're going to full douche it with some black paint and just cross our fingers. We get more in a year out of it. Here's our finished product folks.

Uh, one can only goes to about there so stuff didn't go very far I need to buy a second can and you know, obviously come back over this thing. But you know, probably once we figured out it all was gonna fish and it took it back off and then painted it. but I guess hindsight's always 20 20. So I'm gonna get us another can and hopefully paint it sometime before 20 23.

or not and just let it ride off. We'll see good enough. That's it folks. Uh, putting a aftermarket exhaust in your 27 to 13 14 Tundra I Guess probably somewhere is in that range.

Not a terrible job I Give the fitment and quality of that muffler. Initial use installation about a 7.8 out of 10 on a Google review. You know it's not perfect. it's not OEM and yeah, I guess you can't blame all the you know, the bashing and the Smashing done to it on the manufacturer.

Clearly they didn't stick it out the end of the assembly line like that. at least I wouldn't think I'm assuming that came from you know, FedEx and warehouses and RockAuto and all the hands that touched it in between you know, point A and point B But overall I mean it fit. Okay, um, you know it's not who we am, but it's It's pretty good. Uh, certainly.

A Step Above Walker I Would say as far as pipe thickness and quality of hangers and attention to detail I would say is is definitely better than Walker not trying to throw a stone to them, but it's just you know Satan the obvious. Uh, you know a few things you know using the OEM clamp there on uh on the tailpipe was you know is the way to go. And then those flanges that Walker makes are pretty good. They make that flange that I bought in a couple different thicknesses I bought the thickest ones because when you buy the thinner ones when they stamp them under stamping machine, they're deformed.

None of them are flat so they're kind of a pain to use. You got to beat them all flat and whatever, so that seems to work. Um, you don't really know what else to say. At some point I'll get another can of paint more than likely hopefully before the end of winter and get that tailpipe painted.

To give it the benefit of the doubt, you can use barbecue grill. Paint seems to work pretty good, any kind of high temp paint I Always use black or silver or something, but it seems to slow it down a little bit and maybe get you by an extra year. Not no, not being you know, familiar with this brand that I installed I have no idea how long they last untreated, we'll say, but it's about to get a good treating of calcium chloride on the way home, so that's it. Nothing else to say? Why not? You treat yourself to that combat section Question A common concern: The Entity The Facebook You guys know where to find us and just remember I can do it.
You can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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    Love your videos. I'm a roofing contractor in the UK. The cost of the gas torch is the insurance $5k to $10 per year depending on usage. We are careful but have set light to buildings on a few occasions! We've always managed to put it out ourselves.
    It would be great to have you nearby here!!!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Javier Russo says:

    It's wild to see all the lo-tech techniques other mechanics use to get the job done. I would have never thought to use a ratchet strap to join pipes, probably won't start to either, but it's definitely a technique I'll keep in my back pocket. All these years I've been using a chain and a screwdriver. My boss bought one of those expensive pipe joiner tools and that thing never works right. Lo-tech rules.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WarBuzzard says:

    I love how Mrs. O's brain goes right to the naughtiest potentiality. lol

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ed Chenal says:

    The Salt Factor impacts everything back in your neck of the woods.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Ennis says:

    OES exhaust? That's what API sells locally. You might get 3 years out of it.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars S. J. says:

    Admit it Eric, you luv to see the sparks fly! What happened to your magnetic inductive heater? A torch is a must for a shop. Why waste time with a cutting device when you can have at it with a mini 4th of July?

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Erway says:

    Eric, I like the remarks that detailed the viewer (arm chair critic) calling out issues with welding. They must have ran out of popcorn!!!!!! Thanks guy for the instruction.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pete N says:

    I like those welds. Mine are just a hole punch.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Welding Junkie says:

    I’m in RI I can’t work without a torch (blue wrench) it’s impossible. There’s some 10mm that will snap without heat 😂 it’s not expensive just the acetylene is that’s it and that’s not even that bad

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fred Brown says:

    Perfect job! 🥰

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Denton says:

    Those that have to, and CAN cut and weld, DO cut and weld.
    Those that CAN'T cut and weld bitch about how everyone else does it in YouTube comments.👍🇺🇸😎

    HAHAHA! '
    'THE NAKED WELDING CHANNEL' <wikipedia> 'A very short lived cousin for the 'Naked Bacon Frying' channel…both had a very brief run of one video on each channel before the 'Stars' -covered in spot bandaids saturated with burn cream quit.'😁

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars G R says:

    Can’t buy anything good anymore.
    You buy what you want to fix.