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It's in there I'll take that. didn't mean to do that I've been tag oiled opening Z Hood Here's our brake rotor. There was a great Rudder It's the summer of infinite and non-stop air conditioning work and we return to our I think it was a 2006 Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi V8 In the last episode, this is part two uh link to part one in this description, but in the last episode, when this thing came in, we found that both of the Dual Zone blend door actuators inside of the dash were both inoperative. Uh, one side was stuck on cold and it had no heat on the driver's side and then the passenger side.

It did operate, but it made this horrendous clicking noise. Oh, there it goes. Clicking noise in overtime. All right.

So uh, we ended up putting two actuators in it and found that at the center vent it was only making like 75 degree air. So I hooked the AC machine to it the low side. That's annoying. The low side pressure on the AC system under the hood was at about 60 PSI which was way way too high for good cooling.

So we popped out the expansion valve, put a new valve in, and then found we had about 50 psi on the low side. Uh, we had something of an improvement, but not much so based on what we had discovered in the prior video. we're going to go ahead and pull this AC compressing unit out and get it changed with a new replacement unit. Then we're going to recharge it.

Then we're going to try again. So that's the plan. Let's get the machine out, let's get the serpentine belt off and let's get that unit unbolted. Silly me.

I Raised that car all the way up in the air and I had to let it back down again because I need to get to the serpentine belt I Love my job so much I'll do it twice. All right. So down underneath of our intake tube, we have our belt tensioner right right there. See that guy with pulley on the end? That's what's keeping our belt tight.

So what I'm going to do is get in here with a 3 8 drive ratchet and we're gonna untension that tensioner, pull the belt off a little bit, and then once the belt is free and removed, we can go back down below and attempt to remove this compressing unit. All right, let's pull up on this guy right here. and I'm just going to grab this uh belt from under this idler pulley right there. Slip that guy out.

That should be enough to get the belt off of the compressor down below so we can leave that ratchet right where it's at. And I think we're good to proceed here. All right, let's get this thing back up in the air again. Moving on up.

Slack Subscribe button. friendly reminder. All right, we're there. It's up top of the rack so let's uh I Guess we're gonna get started with this bottom cover right here so we have ease of access and then we'll go in there through the bottom and plug that compressing unit out from its home.

Looks like it's secured with uh, three or four bolts, the belts off, and there's just one manifold for the hoses. So this should be a fairly easy and simplistic okeydokes. First things first, we need to pluck out all of these little push Clips right here and pull this. uh, this shielding down.
All right, let's see if the quarter inch driver can pull these bolts out. Yes, so far they can. How about that? That's that was not gonna reach that one's not gonna reach well. I Got one of them out.

Let's unconnect our connector up there. That little guy right there with the little red thing sticking out of it. The red thing is the that's like the safety clip connector retainer. You can push that thing out and then we can unconnect the connector.

Easier said than done right here. I Think I Can't get the little red guy to pop out? Let me hear you trying again. I'm gonna push that little, uh, a little red clip back here. You just get behind it I can push harder on the thing I Cannot reach anything.

Nope, not like that. There we go. Okay, that's one clip unclipped now. I Need to get the actual connector out.

Here it comes. That's good, all right. So we've got. There's a 15, a 15 and looks like two 13s up there on the manifold.

which I can, uh, reach really? So I'm gonna unbolt this and drop it down. That's the plan. I'm gonna go after that hardest one first with the extendo wobble Drive suck it right here on a ratchet I should be able to get that one out. With this method, an impact's not going to go in there on kicks.

Oh, that's tight. more. There we go. she's turning dude.

Feel like dirt falling out? All right. That's bolt number two and the last one looks like it's straight up from us right there on the back side of that compressor here. Let's go back in with our extendo socket. Break this one loose.

Oh, another one right in front of us, right there to the left. Come on now. break loose. One click.

That's the tightest one yet and it's moving so it's free. A little dirt falling out. nasty. Okay, that's all the bowl now.

I just need to reach up and get the Ac lines disconnected and I can wiggle this thing out. so there's a 13 right up there above us and I think I got to take that line off and maybe I can reach the one past that here. We'll just try this with a regular wrench see if I can't get a bite on it. Yeah, might need a wobble and mix or a flex head, not a wobble.

Flex head wrench that turned okay that Bolt's gonna come out. You know what? That's a nut. Let's get it loose enough I can spin it out by hand. Come here! This is my fifth AC job this month.

They all didn't require compressors, but this is also I think my third compressor. It's been so hot outside that the AC systems aren't keeping up with. uh, the demand. it's not gonna fit ACS aren't keeping up with the demand and weak compressors are starting to show their true colors.

and yeah, that's usually how it goes too. You see your compressor can be crapping out and it's working okay until you get to those real real hot days. and then it turns into a problem almost there with our little knot. There we go now.
I can turn it by hand and it stops. and yeah, and yeah, no problem. This thing's still got pressure in it. better not.

I discharged it the other day I think it does this baby a little bit. Come on nut. Yeah, there's a wee bit of pressure in there. You hear it.

Nothing but air there. Come on, these are gonna be fun to put back on. Let me tell you, it's gonna be so much fun. All right I have the nut removed now.

let's just work that's fitting away. Squiggle it some very thin gasket in there I Don't want to gouge up the surface here. Come on there. Okay, there's one and then the next one you guys can't see.

It's right. It's right up in right here by my pointer finger that try to get this guy out. Close Quarters Combat on clickage? Nope. one more bite on it.

There we go. That one turned a little bit. Can I get this one to come off by hand or what? You're still carpal tunnel in here? Yeah here. I'll go in there with a socket in my fingers and try to get that to come out.

Yeah, yeah, that's good. It's easier, much easier, get more leverage with a tool and come on, don't get stuck there. we go. Got it all right.

That nuts off both nuts. let me wiggle this hose out of there and this unit should be uh, coming down nice and free and all that good stuff. Now that hose doesn't want to let go and I can't really get to the I'll just keep wiggling it Here we go. It's moving.

It's moving now. Wiggle back and forth back and forth and pulling at the same time it comes. it came out. So now I think this thing comes down through this hole right in front of us here.

See if it's going to squeeze through there or not? Kind of our Target squeeze. The studs on the compressor are hanging me up. Uh, give me your transmission lines out. Can I go under them? No Hmm this thing is what's hanging me up.

Uh, let's see who you guys come back this way. So I'm let's try. uh try something different so go go up. Can I go forward? maybe through here? No, it's not gonna fit.

I Got all this space in the world here to work on this and not enough to get it to come through the bottom of the car. That's silliness. Seriously, Maybe if I turn it dirt in the face and the belt's falling off too. That sucks.

Put that belt back up there somewhere. get that later. Seriously can't I can't get it out All right. Well, since this line bracket Mount things in the way I'm just going to take it off.

Maybe I can, maybe I'll Flex it or take it off and flex it. There we go. That works. So what I need to do I have to bend these little tabs out and we'll bend them back once.

Uh I put this thing back together. see that now. are you gonna fit through there? I gave myself a bunch more space not enough rotate. There we go I figured out Pandora's Box got her all right.
that is our compressor compressor. Dust down in there. Okay, take this guy. Got the new one over here on the bench it is a Gelco I think that's a new Delco compressor.

Yep, first time guaranteed. so that's our new one. It was either a Delco or the other options were generic brand names or non-brand names and I went with Delco so it seems to match up. That's what we're looking for.

Okay, I'll leave the plugs in. so I don't spill oil and let's get this guy back up into position if you're not. Delco Denzo I Just read it wrong. Look at me.

it's a Denzo compressor kind of. Delco Who puts Delco Parts on a Mopar I mean I would I Totally would. All right carefully doing this the exact way that we actually you know what. Back up, back up compressor roll.

Rings Hang on, let me get these guys off the lines and we'll swap them out with some new ones. Pocket screwdriver for the win. Let's get behind it. Easier said than done right? Well I Keep saying it.

but I'm not doing it. Yeah, there we go. There's one and the flat gasket right here. o-ring number two.

It's on our suction line. that's the larger. line up that guy out and the gasket comes with it. There we go.

Alrighty, we've got replacement components coming in here. Got these little black seals that one slides on like so and then our new o-ring that goes with it right there and this one right over. get on there. and then a little green little ring that goes with it.

Oh that one's backwards. It has little fingers that go into the hole on the manifold side there. Come here, flip that around there we go. and Duo ring for this one as well.

There 'll tuck those up out of the way if they're gonna stay. Stay okay. and Presser is next. You're coming in same way it came out.

We go, go through the hole. Is this right? I Hope this is right. get myself stuck and then I'm supposed to rotate it and turn it I already forgot how I did that All right. trying again.

compressor up and in past these transmission lines and then I've got to rotate it right. You know how this came out I Know you go in there because the other one just came out. What are we doing? Yeah I had to I rotated it didn't I What's his problem? Hair up, hose lines. What's the deal here? What am I stock on the engine, the clutches hitting the engine up there.

that's oh. now it's stuck. Foreign dude. Come on.

I Know that thing came right out. There's more stuff I Had it rotated right. Is that what we did? Muscle fatigue now holding this thing up in the air? Hmm. just go in compressor.

Just go. Just go to your home up there and then we're all good, right? That's all we got to do is just just go in. Hey wait, it's in Some it's in more than it was. This is not the way that it came apart, but it's in there.
I'll take that. didn't mean to do that. I've been tag oiled. All right.

Let's just put that back where I found it for now. That was stupid here. You guys got oil on your face. Sorry, you've been lubricated All right.

So since that idea was horrible, let me try a different idea. This idea will be to just set this thing up in its bolts and then uh, then I'll try to put the hoses on. I Think two of them should be good enough to hold it right? Sure yeah. Stay there.

All right. reaching up and through and above the little frame rail here. I'm gonna try this again. Those uh, okay, yeah, they're pointed up so maybe this won't jump all over me.

There's our first plug you wiggle that guy in and then, uh, we'll get that one tight. it's seated. Here's the 13.. spin this guy on and get that 13 right.

a little more. yep, tied. squeeze up there. there's a flashlight, lost one and A and my wrench.

I'm all bunch of fingers. Maybe if you slow down. this is one of those situations where these little stubby ratchets are super handy because you can't really get a full-size ratchet in there to swing per wrench for. You can't get a full size wrench, full length wrench, rather to get a good amount of throw a little more.

Get on there. it's almost tight. We get like one more turn out of it. There we go.

That one's tight. Now for the suction side. Is this suction? No. This is discharge.

This one's discharged the smaller hose, get that one in and on and plugged. There you go, and then one more. one more 13 nut for that one good. A couple turns on this guy right here and we'll get the compressor bolted to the block, plugged in and evacuated recharged.

and then we'll check those. Temps Oh clickage. Let's see, there's my Bolt We got one more bolt right up here. that was the hard one.

Let's get that one in there. Okay, threads are started Okay, that's three down, fourth one in the back and goes right there. Let's run these down some type these compressor click. Let's get that offered one way up there in that hole.

That one's tightish. Now it's more tightish. Now it's all the way tightish. Here we go and we can plug in our connector.

now. put that on, push a little red guy back that's secure and we have our bracket that I took apart. You got to get that thing back on for the trans lines would not be okay to leave it off because then the lines will vibrate. It could cause a trans fluid leak, slip that up and over rubber grommet thing and I've got to bend it back to its original shape has been tweaked and manipulated.

Flyers Coming in I'm gonna do that. can't reach I'll figure it out I'll just reach sideways. Okay, let's bet down all right now. this piece, then that back and I just have to bend in those little tabs that I uh straightened out earlier.
Get that one that one a little more. it's not enough I Need maximum tab bandage. Ah, there that goes right through there up into the block and that secures the compressor and the trans lines. Let's make it tight.

Foreign. Get the belt back on it, which it's all discombobulated. Now let's get the belt back on it and uh, recharge the system all right. Remove roll cart removed.

all right, vehicle is on the ground. Let's go back around to the front. over here and what I'm going to do is set the AC machine up and start pulling the vacuum and I'll let the machine vacuum while we're going in to fix that serpentine belt machine powering on. Let's roll it on over.

Let's get our hoses connectored. The high side and low sides hit a silly little angle down there. Look at that. Who did that? Who's the Dodge guy that engineered that and why would you do that? Come on here.

Don't matter. Reach down, wiggle it on. let it fall off. Try it again.

Turn the valve thing. Why is that valve so tight there? Open and open. Initiate vacuum beginning vacuuming process. Now let that thing.

do its thing and then we can go back down here and figure out how to untangle that belt mess that I created. Let's see what we've got. Okay, it's in the wrong. It was over the compressor, not under the compressor.

That's that's the start we'll push. Oh, it fell off the tensioner too. Okay, that goes over our power steering and then right here. I need to slip that over the tensioner.

There we go. and then it goes down and under the compressor. That's how she goes. That's better.

All right. let's grab our ratchet and I need to reach back and get a hold of that belt. Then just slip it over the Nader So we're gonna untenching. Slip it over.

Oh there we go. I think I got it and let me fetch my light that I dropped. Taking a look at all the pulleys making sure that nobody's a rib off. looking at the crankshaft pulley, that one looks good.

AC Compressor pulley That's good. Power steering good. Tensioner is good. Okay, so all the pulleys are straight in alignment with the belt and I need to finish my Ratchet look at that out there we go.

Okay, are you vacuuming? Are we done? Oh I didn't turn the vacuum on? Come on. I failed All right. I'll be back when that's done. I Got my goodies here all right x amount of time has passed, the vacuum is complete.

We're looking for 1.625 pounds of refrigerant in the system. It's holding vacuum so no massively large leaks. begin charging Now not a Poe system Waiting Waiting Waiting Wait Complete. Yes.

Waiting some more. Please wait wait waiting. Zero One, Six, Two, Five pounds and uh I don't have any patience today. So we're gonna do this on the low side.

Ooh Low side charge please. There we go. Oh, and while we were waiting while it was vacuuming I installed. Uh, one extra ounce of tag oil due to the spillage of the oil that I spilled in case you're wondering.
So now that that thing's about to charge, let's reach on in here restarting the engine and since we're doing a low side charge, I can turn the compressor on. It'll be fun because it'll pull from the low side, pressurize it to the high side, circulate it like such, so that's fine I can turn it on if I want to like I said I'm trying to get out of here running out of time charging coming in, 0.4 pounds coming in and the compressor has not yet engaged. I Don't think. Okay, yeah, not enough refrigerant in there to kick the compressor on.

You should see it. Come on in just a minute here. Oh, there we go. Yep, we're coming to life now.

Pressure's coming up 0.25 pounds installed and what we're looking for is about 40 pounds, maybe 50 pounds on the low side. Last time around we had 60 PSI over here which was way too high. There we go look at that right where I went. Check that out.

40 PSI 240 mint charge is nearly complete. 1.517 pounds refrigerant. Let's go take a peek at the gauge in the dash and see what kind of temps we're making. are we? Cold Yet Let's see here we've got.

We need lumens right now. we're at 62 degrees. Okay let's kick up the fan speed. Some put our window up a little bit, not smashing.

There we go. Compressor is complete It beeped at us and let's do hose compensate Okie Dokes engine cover is back on I disconnected our lines, let's power down our Illuminator right here and we're gonna back this thing out and get it out on the road. By the way, I've also reinstalled the cover that I removed. All right.

Hood Coming down, let's get our prop rod in its rod location. Goodbye Goodbye Charger Handy Handmade this one out of the way. Oh I Feel the cold? nice see I better bring my phone. maybe a credit card because it ain't got no gas in it.

but I'm scared on to drive cars but no gas in them. It's never good. You don't want to do that backing up. All right.

Pulling out on the road, let's pick up some speed, the system stabilize and we'll check our temperatures. But first let me go get some gas. Need fuel? Open sesame, waiting, waiting, processing? We're always waiting. Man authorizing remove card.

There we go. Foreign? No. I Don't want to save money with giving you my phone number Freaking feeling Production company and digital marketing agency Mint Mobile. Well, simple and most recently his investment done.

Let's get out of here Cat Cliffs All right, let's get out of here. Go right around some mush, this thing stabilize. well, that's weird. It still ain't got no gas in it.

Look at that. Put in three gallons going over the bridge. we're at about 55 60 miles per hour. We're looking over here at the vent I'm seeing about 52 degrees Center event temp.

Right now my thing's about to fall out so it's uh, phenomenally much much more cooler than it was when we started. Uh, we started off the other day at about 80 degrees. Uh, did the Txb ended up at 70 degrees and now we're at 50 and some change so that's good enough for me. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna head back to the shop, get this thing parked I'm out of here.
It's in the day, the Shadows are long, the sun is low I'm tired, time to go home so that means head I'm going to close this video out right now. I Will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video if, in fact, you did enjoy this video. Please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below.

Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there. and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day. See you guys later in the video. End of: AC In a doge end of day in the transmission, this thing's got a door open or something.

The back lights are on and it keeps giving me a dinging chiming thing and it says Hey a door open I Got a door open. It's not okay. Hope it's not mine. Foreign.

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    52 degrees going down the road. Will go up when the vehicle is stopped. Not good enough.

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  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerrold says:

    Good job.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jolly Goodbeard says:

    I still think these so called Mopar newer dodge chargers are crap don't try talking one to a drag strip if I ever get one I'm either going to make it as classic as possible or just get a 70s model and put a/c in one

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jordan harford says:

    First time i think i saw u not replace orings. Looked like a pita tho lol.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Random Channel says:

    The A/C in my 2010 Impala blows so cold going bown the highway it starts making your face numb lol.