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Motor Repair

Six lbz dirtymax hi everybody good day to you we're going back to my my 2007 chevrolet silverado 3500 has 210 680 miles on the odometer 66 liter duramax we're here because my right rear window glass fell out the other day and is being held on with tape. So my blue tape is still hanging in there pretty good. I knew it was good tape. Because it's blue so uh.

It was possible to uh have this repaired last week. But i wanted to wait the extra time to get the oe delco original equipment regulator rather than the uh. The aftermarket brake pretty soon regulator. More tape there we go beautiful look at that yeah right about there okay door's open panel's kind of prepped.

Let's get this thing apart. I do believe that there is a fastener behind here. I did this job. A few months ago on the other side over there yeah.

No there's no fastener here. Okay then that means. There's one down here. There's just the one yeah just one down here the rest of it's held on with clips gravity come here come out go right there now if memory serves.

I believe that this panel uh slips in and hooks and then goes down into slots. It's got tabs on the end of the panel inside of the panel to hook in and it should just come up and out. I think yeah. That's about right something's hanging.

It up. What is this is there another bolt that i missed. Yeah. Yeah.

There is it's hiding right back in there. See that right there sneaky little guy let's get you out of there. Yeah. I knew there was one i could feel it come out please come here.

Oh. No i can't get it done. There. She is yes.

Victory okay. Let's maybe flop. This around and uh disconnect. This connector here unclicked.

All right let's pull this plastic business off here trying to keep the sticky stuff in check. I have to reuse it come here get off there nasty come on i think door panel plastics are my least favorite thing to touch on a car just kind of throw that in there here okay panels exposed. See what's going on here looks. Like i can't see let's let the window down removing tape.

Now i uh do you believe that this speaker's in the way. But even if it's not i'm gonna pull it out for now bose audio. There we go all right what do we got going on here. Yeah.

It's got a broken cable yep. I feel it's right down here cable's broken okay let's finish. Pulling the window down beginning tape removal process now let's hold the glass up all right all right next up let's unplug. The motor and then we will unbolt the motor then we will remove the regulator.

There's one more up here. Let's see there's one there we go one to our right there. We go one more to our right down low. It's hiding another one up high right here.

But okay. So the regulator is loose the tracks are loose from the door. However we have to get the glass loose from the tracks. Those are bolted on over here.

There's a bracket on the track that just kind of squeezes. The glass and it's tight with this nut right here pull back that loose there's another one off to the left. Okay. The glass is free now this glass is tinted.
So i don't want to scratch it uh that being said. I'm going to go ahead and pull this trim out and then we're just going to remove the glass for now because i'm really not interested in scratching up my uh. My tent. Because that would upset me for a great deal and i've also got some suction cups on a string as a backup.

So we're gonna put those on right now one side goes on the outside of the glass. The other side goes on the inside of glass. And that will support the glass. Do that two times.

Okay okay with the glass up high and safe we can now pull. This assembly. Out there we go tilt everything this way and then walk it out through this hole right here this hole. And then we can see where it failed.

Yeah just as i had suspected this suffered cable failure. Yeah. The cable came off one of the pulleys down here and then it all came apart. It's too bad new regulating unit is going in the same way.

The old regulating unit. Came out a little bit sideways need to take the bolts loose. They slip in through their little keyholes. There hang.

Our first one good second one good and see that comes through right. There same on this side. Here move. Wire clickage.

There we go nice okay. Now i can back these clamps loose. It will lower the glass down into their uh their little mounts there open that's good secure. The glass next.

I would hate to forget that they don't need to be super tight just enough to squeeze all right glass coming down. Nice good package and we need a bolt here. I choose this one no. No no no i choose this one that's the odd man out here.

I can hang my speaker again we'll put that back on that's what is it three bolts yeah three i forgot to plug it in i'm done no worries i can reach it this would have been easier if i had remembered but i did not so i'll do it the the hardest way imaginable all right handled that little problem okay time for my little plastic weatherstrip deal here or weather seal. Let's see gotta get the rod through that goes like so wrong hole. This needs to come through right here. Yeah.

There we go now we got her ah there's leaves on my sticky stuff gross. Okay that'll do let's hang. The panel and i'm just forgetting everything i forgot the door handle. Too.

What's wrong with me coffee must not be effective. Yet there. And one bolt for that i choose this one. I don't think it's coming out.

But pickage okay now let's hang. The door panel. Let's stick the window trim back in or the seal. Rather that just clips on and then the panel will clip on and over this trim.

And it's got all these clips inside which will reach into the door panel and the whole panel will slide down and latch into place those are all lined up on that side good how's this side over here not yet now that's good there and then down holy unit good downforce. There i think we got it yep little bolt holes aligned. We got it click and one more at the bottom get in there. Please what are we doing okay all right let's go key.
It on see how it works powering on what oh i'm done i left the child lock on forgot. The kids were in the truck this weekend and survey says victory nice oh wonderful cool well that's success now i have to uh get rid of all the tape and then the tape goo all that other good stuff. I hate window tape and door panel sweat gross even when it's mine. Yes.

I have two bolts left over. But do not forget that the new regulator came with two extra bolts so i've got some adhesive remover here. I'm gonna throw this on here and just like let it soak. See what happens maybe this will break it up maybe it won't we're gonna find out watch.

I'll come back in five minutes and the paint will just be running off the side of the truck. How horrible hmm that kind of works. It's gonna be some scrubbing on the paint. Though i see that there i'll have to come back and get that again yeah.

It's pretty nasty here. It's stuck on don't make me get the brake cleaner out. I'll do it i was hoping that stuff would be really good like goo gone level good because i need to get all this adhesive off here like i said. I've got a set of a new window guards for this thing.

These are junk okay. So i think i might have an idea on how to get this off i'm gonna hit it with the heat gun and get it nice and soft and i'm gonna come through with this trim tool. It's kind of blunt with these rounded edges and i'm hoping i can just scrape away all the adhesive without like getting into my paint. It might work it might not we're gonna find out.

Yeah. I needed a harder tool that one was just too soft for what i'm trying to do here a little bit more it's not exactly perfect. But it's smooth and flush and the rest of the residue that is not coming off is probably going to be okay if it stays there because i'm just going to stick more adhesive trim right back on top of this and this is all pretty flat. I don't want to dig into the paint trying to scrape it off so i'm good with what we've got right here.

So these uh these window guards. Right here these were actually an impulse buy i saw him on the shelf. And i figured if i well i knew mine were broken and i figured while i was here i might as well pick him up whoa soft gravity. Lots of stuff gravity all right oh what did i drop everything because i had it sitting on cardboard smart man today ray forgetting stuff dropping stuff losing stuff.

Oh goodness anyway as i was saying these uh. These should fit. They claim they're for an up 206 2500 silverado uh. But um.

The 2500s and the 3500s and the 1500s all have the same chassis. So i don't i don't know what the deal is with that but uh let's go ahead and open them up and see if they actually do fit all right see how this goes. I'm thinking all right we've got this little lip or notch. Right here.
That's supposed to fit behind the mirror. So we'll test fit this before i pull all the sticky stuff off just to make sure it does fit. And oh yeah. That's gonna fit nicely.

This is good the whole thing is back with like a 3m double sided tape. So let's pull all that off and get this thing attached. I've already made sure that all the residue and liquid is cleaned off of that surface that i just prepped. I want to get this little notch in first once that tape sticks.

It's over with that's it i think that's home right there okay we're committed that's it no going back it's odd ding text message one down three to go that's pretty i like it okay i want to go ahead and soak this whole rear door again and try to break up as much of this tape adhesive and other adhesive and any other bit of stickies that are here. I'm just going to keep soaking it until stuff falls off another application window shiny yep. I'll spray it again and peel another layer and then spray it again and peel another layer. There's a couple.

Stubborn spots in there this one and on a side note after doing that jaguar headliner. The other day. I kind of feel like i should get mine redone. It's uh.

It's sagging pretty bad yeah no amount of glue is gonna fix that you know what it has occurred to me. While we're here. I can put on my allison dirty. Max badges that i got i completely forgot that i had those but right now seems like a good time.

While i'm doing this kind of work. I'm probably gonna have to find a replacement badge that will match this new one that's going on. But we can do that later scrape all that nasty off of there bro you hear me i kind of miles look okay moving around to the driver's side. I did stick uh this other dirty max logo on and i've got the uh.

The window guard on the left rear. I still have to do this one right here yeah look at that that's that's junk now. It's really junk. It's compound junk.

Yeah. I think we can finish up with the uh. The switch. We'll be good to go.

It's actually a little harder than it looks like it's easy. And it's not easy ooh. I found a rubbing through spot right there damaging my paint no this is vintage gm paint. It's like the last of the mohicans before it started flaking off that's still okay to say last of the mohicans.

It was a term used in the 90s to describe the the very very last of something very specific in reference to the uh mohican tribe. I think i may have violated a racism rule by saying that and i didn't mean to be for now. I was referring to a movie there you go it's a movie. It's not racist.

It's a title there problem is all sticky goo on my truck. There okay. I think. This is as good as that is going to get that stuff's in there pretty deep.
It can stay do not like how this looks without the uh. The window guards on it i don't like it at all bothers. Me okay last range of nectar of the project. I've already pulled the tape off of it i replaced the left rear.

When you guys weren't looking slips behind the mirror good and i'm eyeballing the line in comparison to the old tape line. And i think i got the spot right here. We're good that's the new home that's perfect. I like it good good good good and how's the body line look it looks good too yep matches.

The other side this is beautiful i like it okay. That's good to go let's uh. See what i can do about getting this uh switch popped in and out real quick like i think i've got to pull the gauge bezel off of it so let's uh that stupid chime off. I don't remember if i mentioned it earlier.

But i also have to replace the fog light switch. It has melted inside and is no longer functioning as designed and we'll lower the column. All the way down brake. Because we need to throw this thing into neutral or farther down in gear in order to remove the bezel.

Give her a tug and a tug. It just kind of clips on another tug come out of there. Oh my little switch is hanging me up how did i wire. That well i wonder if i can just sneak that switch out without pulling this thing out all the way let's try that let's see how do we clip on it just kind of presses in just like that oh now i'm i'm gonna have to remove this thing.

All the way. It's not cool okay. I'll just unplug. The wires black on top and then red in the middle and then the other red down below hope uh.

I don't get this backwards later. I'm waiting on your battery. Who are you talking to me oh well then why are you talking to me. He's not then why was he here talking to me well.

Where'd you come from ej's doing tires right now okay. So according to the new switch uh. There's some kind of tab that retains it and i think i can see it right down. There.

Let's depress that a little bit see it pop that out so there should be another one down at the bottom. Let's unclip that one call. What why are you not coming out there. I'm out darn you yeah we're getting somewhere now no breakage score.

It's a work let's find out see fog lights on hey they're on okay it works good to go fog lights off key off powering down all right. Folks quick update. Saw earlier the windows are the window's done now that thing works. Again.

This is the first tank of uh non treated. Oxytane fuel. Well first uh one third of a tank. Maybe yeah.

It looks like third of a tank. And we've actually got improved fuel economy however. I've noticed and switching back to the non oxytane. Treated my uh.

My high end and mid range. Throttle response is slightly lessened. So that there's definitely something going on with that treatment. And it does have an effect anyway that being said.
I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out it's getting kind of loud and stormy and whatnot around here. I can't see anything through the rain. So as always i hope you enjoyed this video. So again and as always thank you for watching.

And most importantly do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later end of transmission.

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