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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Super glad you guys are here! I know I'm glad to be here. This vehicle right here is a 2001 Nissan Frontier 3.3 liter V6 engine. We're kind of doing like a like a post uh purchase maintenance follow-up Check it all out, see what it could use in the future kind of situation. Inspection: Let us start.

Easy engine. Let's see what we've got going on here. How about 154 525 miles on the odometer seems to run pretty well. Okay, windows down.

We've got a lot going on here. Let's get it inside, let's get it up on the lift and we're going to take a look at the undercarriage. There's a few items on a list that I've got over there that we want to take a look at. Something about an oil leak? uh, check for timing belt replacement? Um, something.

The AC doesn't really cool down very efficiently on occasion. it's intermittent so we're kind of going to be all over the place on this. But uh, no worries, we will come up with some kind of solution if I can manage to get out of the parking space. That is because I'm kind of kind of stuck a lot of cars in the slot we filled up very quickly.

Yeah, between me, the body shop guys and the concrete Granite cutting countertop guys over Yonder we're uh, we're uh, we're a very active environment around here and I'd say right about here. that's good. All right. Parking Is the auto powering down and popping? Uh, there it is I don't know if it's working.

Maybe popping things you would I Don't know. Actually, you know what? while we're here, let's go ahead and restart this. Let's check on that AC issue real quick. I Understand that the system is recharged but does not blow cold sometimes and then we'll check that hood business.

There we go. But did pop? look at that? Okay, I'm missing Dotson Biscuits Fan clutch. That's a manual clutch. Let me, uh, go ahead and shut this down.

We're gonna see if that fan keeps spinning. If that fan continues to spin, that's a pretty decent indicator that perhaps the, uh, the clutches failed. it would need to be replaced. So I'm Gonna Leave You Guys here, you watch the fan and I'm gonna go shut it down.

Yeah, teamwork and stuff. Oh my fan keeps spinning every time. I Stop Yeah, that's that's pretty loose. that shouldn't be doing that.

It doesn't fail, but it's not very. Yeah, there's some side play. Yeah, we're gonna need a fan clutch. At least a couple other things going on with this.

Let's see I can see some blue. Maybe there's a coolant leak I Don't know. that looks like a new radiator. Perhaps it's just spillage from uh, the last refill or something like that.

Let's see, we've got some kind of crusty corrosion action here. Let's uh, let's clean that off while we're in. location. On location.

What? we got Battery cleaner. Yeah, it's my NOCO stuff. That's my good stuff. It's foamy so you know it's good.

Just gonna give this a spray and a rinse because it's corroded. There we go, let's see a power steering leak. Was on the list of things to take a look at. Kind of dirty in here.
I Guess one of these hoses was replaced. Maybe this one here? Okay, maybe a leak down there with that banjo fitting. So it looks like uh. spark plugs and wires and a distributor were on the list of things that were replaced.

Uh, the O2 sensors have been replaced. We can see some good looking wires here. It looks like all four of them were done. One, two, three, four, oh twos? Yeah, let's see.

we've got a sticker for a timing belt having been replaced once upon a time, but nobody filled it out or the ink faded. Ooh, kind of tough to tell that that's fairly. It's never getting now since there's no identifiers on it. Oh, let's see.

upper low radiator hoses look good. Um, you know what? Let me go fetch the AC machine and let's just check our pressures and our temperature inside to see how this thing's performing and then we'll move on with the rest of the inspection. Ah, it's over here. Keep looking for stuff over there because I'm not used to sell this space that I have over here.

And because of that? Yeah, I lose my goodies rolling rolled in traffic collision. Yeah, we're not gonna fit over there on that side because the fittings are over here. On this side, here's our low side right here. Let's crack that open.

Listen: foreign a leaker valve because we always do high side. We'll check you out. Okay, all right, let's get our machine plugged in, powered on, get our engine restarted and powered on, and we'll get our connections connected powered on. Sure what's going on? Right here for a little knob and pressure pressure coming up.

Look at that. Okay, about 200 pounds low side: 35 40 pounds. Okay, so far so good. Let's check our temperatures and go from there here.

we'll slide that bad boy right into the center vent and we are on face fence, not floor vents. I'll check back on that in a moment. In the meantime, I'll go and set the rack and we can lift this thing up. Let's see here.

right under the frame. Oh I Detect some corrosion down here? All right, that's weird. two-step frame. It's a little farther down here.

It's all right. We'll just collapse our little pad song. There we go. Good.

Yeah, good enough. All right. Moving on up. No.

I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

That's horrible. Don't ever do that. Don't ever do the things that I do because some of it is comedy and parody and most of it's dangerous is why. Uh, safety is Paramount when dealing with things that can probably kill you like gravity, gravity will definitely kill you subscribe button.

Oh yeah, yeah, time for some Shameless self-promotion We're still doing the YouTube subscriber algorithm Purge thing the box and the fake accounts are leaving. but I want to make sure that uh YouTube does not confuse regular viewers with Bots and spam accounts. Please take this quick moment to go down and uh and check your subscription status down below. All right.
Moving back up, clear, that was clear, that was clear. Let's see that one's clear, we're good, clear, and we're good. We need to pull that in some we're not good. This is why you always got a double quadruple triple check.

Look at here. See what I've done. not ahead in the right spot, but that uh, that pad caught suspension Rod right there and I'm effectively picking it up by the uh proportion spring and we don't want to do that down. correcting my error errors with that.

All right. Like so like there we go, now we're good. Oh, you know what? thermal meter? What do we say? 60 degrees? That's okay, not the greatest. It's only a 77 degree day today.

Look at our high sides. Yeah, we've got a fan blowing issue. We have low air flow over the condenser and that's causing our AC concerns. Moving on up.

Okay, so before we uh, go all the way up real fast, I'm just going to go ahead and recover this system I've got to put valves in it and that also gives me an opportunity to see how much refrigerant is in the AC system and then determine that if we're low or high or right where we're supposed to be. So while you're recovering, we're moving back up, there's a chance. All right, we're out of AC hose, so that's about as high up as we're gonna go. Safety locks engage.

Yeah, the older I get the more I realize that the odds are stacked against me for something taking me out. You know you live recklessly when you're young, you get midlife area and you're like whoa I lived through a lot of recklessness and then you wonder, uh, when that Final Destination moment might be? uh, taking a look at you. So yeah, we got to use caution during mid-lifetimes because the way I see that uh, if you don't use caution during mid-life times, then your mid-life times may actually end up being your end of lifetimes. That's not cool.

Funny how your brain works differently once you buy. Life Insurance Okay, now we were looking for an engine oil leak. That's what I hear and it looks like oh man, we have silicone. You know that sealant on the outside God That's no boy now.

Okay, our steering pump leak. That's nasty. Yep, leaking everywhere over here and that's red. That's definitely the power steering.

We've got leaks on these power steering. hoses right here. That's probably a rust type of situation. Might be a hole in, like the return line or something.

Um, it's not the steering gear. but oh yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. Silly me, it's just a very long, lengthy steering gear that's got a power steering leak.

Okay, all right, so here's the other side of that leak at this Power steering. I'm reluctant to believe that it's actually the, uh, the pump that's leaking because we don't see much oil around that shaft. But what I do see is quite a bit around. uh, this line connection right here.
Now, inside of this fitting, as it fits into that pump body, there's an O-ring That thing can become flattened and begin to leak. So I'm it's either going to be the pump housing somewhere is leaking or it's going to be a little o-ring behind there. See, we could use some sway bar links see that. But the elephant in the room is uh, is this oil leak right here? And I mean I'm fairly certain that it needs a front seal and probably a redo on the pan gasket.

but then back here if we look way way up right up into that area there. Uh, I'm kind of thinking that's the rear crankshaft seal that leaks. That's what it looks like. So that means a transmission out to replace a lot of rust here.

I Don't know. It was a lot of rust here. Okey-dokes Well let me go. Uh, let me go let my guy know kind of what I found so far and I'll go through his list a little bit more in detail on an estimate and then uh and then we can go from there so you guys stay tuned.

This uh should be a very interesting video. Oh wait wait wait wait found. Safety issue watch here. shaking this wheel and we can see the caliper and the wheel assembly moving but the spindle is not.

I First thought that was a ball joint because this boot is torn. Turns out the bearing right here on this left front is uh, worn out and would need to be replaced. Let's check our our right front bearing. Okay that one's good so we needed one wheel bearing on that side.

Okie Dokes The estimate is built in sent and we have communicated with our consumer. The AC machine is finished. We have recovered 1.387 pounds refrigerant and it looks like spec is calling 1.43 pounds so it's a slight bit low. not much.

I'm gonna go ahead and throw those valves in and then recharge. Moving on down box Nissan Dawson Coming down here, we've done this plenty of times around here so I'm just gonna make it quick. look at that leaking. It's leaking because I touched it here.

We'll use a tool to help out our tool. There we go. Now we can hurry up. Get this out of here.

There's our valve. Looks good, but we just heard it leaking. new valve coming in. Screw that guy in real quick.

like hand tight valve clickage. Put that guy back on and we gotta get our high side as well. Come on, is that gonna come out? Oh nope. Unclick.

I think that was it. Yepper I'm gonna borrowed time with this tool because it's kind of bent and broken and one of these days I'm gonna have to replace it. Get that guy out there. we go.

That one wasn't leaking, but we're gonna do a new one anyway and it looks like it's my last of them. Which one is that? I need to reorder five nine, three, four seven. Okay, iron and we're gonna vacuum and then recharge. Moving on, vacuuming system beginning now and I'll be back when uh, this thing is done pulling this into the vacuum? Uh, there's some decision making to be done on this because the oil leaks on this are going to be incredibly extensive and laborious in order to uh to repair that.
So uh, we're gonna do some light duty stuff and finish that AC diag just to confirm that there are no additional issues with the AC So what I'm going to do is pop this, uh, this fan out of here and we're gonna slap a new fan clutch in this and then recharge the AC system. Check the pressures, compare that with our previous readings and then that'll probably be a confirmed kill. Look at, that stud came out not the not just the nut that may. It makes this a different color, different shade of horse that makes this There we go.

Yeah, yeah, that's what it does. It reshades the horse. I'm also going to end up doing that. uh AC hose that leaks for sure because this same hose that's leaking up here with that banjo fitting is also leaking down there at The Rusted area.

it's the same unit. It says two leaks, one component I Think the nut is going to come off of that one if the stud will remain. That's good. This fan clutch is.

well, it shares the studs for the I Think that's the water pump pulley. Well, whatever that thing is, it shares studs with another pulley and my goal here is to get the bolts off and leave the studs there. That way I can put the new unit back on. Um, let's see that last bolt is at the bottom.

So what I'm going to do is reach in and it's going to bump the key a little bit. It's going to turn the engine over some and then it's going to put that that last 10 millimeter Bolt at a more accessible location. Let's see if that did what we needed it to do. Sure did.

The nut slash bolt is right there, so Let's get that last one disconnected. unpick. Oh good. it's coming apart.

Part of my estimate may actually have me going back and redoing this operation a second time because if I do those oil leaks and pull that front cover and everything off, we're going to do a timing belt and a water pump while we're in there. That's that's on there. Come on off you. Oh really.

Pry bar, more pry bar mm-hmm and linear impact driver. That thing is on there. What is this? This wasn't easy kind of operation now. I'm not so certain.

Wow. come on. Water pulley. Let It Go Yeah, it moved.

now we're getting somewhere. That thing's uh, very much on there. holy smoke, don't understand what is problem. It's just super corroded.

I Think All right. well it turns some came off some Let's uh, let me bump the key over one more time and we'll get after it from the other side. Do Not start engine with band disconnected. Recommend Radiator I Really hope this isn't like foreshadowing on how this job's gonna go.

The last one of these that I did was, well. it wasn't easy. Got it? That was a lot of work. Is it gonna fit through the Shroud Probably No.
Okay. I need to regroup back up. Okay I have figured it out I Took the bolts loose for the Shroud and I think I can squeeze this thing out through the front side here. I'm not scraping the fan on the radiator.

Have no fear not damaging the radiator. There we go. there's our unit. so this looks like this clutch is held in or the fan is held out into the clutch but looks like four bolts and that is all.

So pull these guys back. Very tiny. 10 mils the theme of these? Uh Nissan Datsuns a lot of 10 mils little baby fasteners. So once this is uh, unfolded fan separates from the clutch and we can see here there's a lot of uh, not a free spinning Motion in this fan clutch.

It's not okay. that's fine. I have a new one. Let's compare the two real quick.

similar in design and construction. The mouse and flanges are correct. Bolt holes are correct. Let's get this thing set up here.

That's how it went right? Just like that? Yes! Now this is nice. The new fan clutch came with new hardware and I love new hardware because that means I get to add to my old Hardware collection. That's good. Sweet! Okie Dokes new fan clutch installed.

Let's slip this bad boy back down into its home. Here we'll bolt back on to that, uh, that water pump pulley. There we go and then we will restart the engine, recharge the AC, and then recheck system performance and that will complete our HVAC system and diagnosis again. We're basically just confirming that this was the only problem and that there are no additional problems with the AC system.

I Don't think that there is, but you never know until you find out that's funny. That made like no sense and it made so much sense at the same time. it's like thank you Captain Obvious thanks Captain Obvious Okay, so I'm on my second, uh second stud. I've got two of them installed and that should be good enough for now to.

uh, go ahead and start this engine and recheck cooling system performance. So before we get ahead of ourselves here, let's throw the charge in the vehicle. It's been under a vacuum for quite some time. It's holding.

Uh, holding vacuum. This is good. And what did we say? 1.368 pounds refrigerant 1.43 pounds. Okay, 1.43 1.43 Don't let me forget.

One point four, Three Zero. One point Four three pounds refrigerant high side Go baby. Go all right. So while that's headed in, we can, uh, safely restart this.

Let's turn the AC back on operations. Sound charge is coming up. Okay, let's shut this down until that charge is finished. Uh AC where's the switch? AC Powering off? Okay, all right, machine's done.

Let's power that system back up and we're going to check our high side pressures. but we're going to check our Center vent temp to make sure that's in Spec and that the high side is also okay. Alrighty, so with the same conditions that we started off at, we've got a noticeably reduced high side pressure and a slightly reduced low stock pressure. This is good.
Let's go in here and check our vent temperatures and see if we're colder than where were we like 60 degrees? Is that what it was? We're 50 something right now after just a couple seconds of run time, so that's a substantial difference that tells me our fan was indeed the cause of a low system performance levels, and that has now been resolved at this point. I Need to go ahead and check and see if we're going to do any of that other stuff before. I Just do this power steering work. So uh, that being said, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now.

Hope you enjoyed this diagnostic video. There's probably a lot more to come on this particular. Nissan Datsun Like I said, I Wrote up a laundry list of things that were addressing all the concerns and I do believe we're going to go ahead and pull the trigger on that. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching this video.

Hope to see you in the next video. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Ending of Nissan Datsun.

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