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Everybody welcome back day two round two reassembly phase of this 2012 bird expedition we we uh we had noisy wheel bearings uh leaking power steering gear or something else yeah. Some noisy tires we just moved those off to the back so they would be less noisy to the driver. So i have some um genuine motorcraft hub bearing assemblies we're gonna get these guys installed uh hopefully before i get these finished i will have a new replacement steering gear arrive and uh then we can get this thing put back together have the wheel limit done buttoned up good to go. And we'll get it out of here that's the plan so let's get started all right we're ready to roll.

We have a new replacement motorcraft hump feels better than the original that's our area for the wheel speed sensors that goes up top. So this guy goes together like so yeah. Let's move around to the back side here. And we'll get our bolts installed.

Oh fun fact ford thing about these hubs right. Here. Uh. This being a four wheel drive needs to have locking hubs in the front to engage the four wheel drive and these hubs are vacuum operated there's a vacuum pump all the diesels have a vacuum pump i don't know if the gassers do.

But there's either a reservoir to hold vacuum from the engine or there's a vacuum pump with a reservoir to supply it and of course. There's the switches and valves to actuate it. But when actuated and vacuum is applied to this hose it'll actually put this hub into a locked position. So you don't have to get out of your car come out take your hubcaps off reach over and turn the little lock.

And then then you can get back in and now you have four wheel drive you can do it all from inside of the cab. We take these things for granted now in 2022. But back then when this uh that concept was first thought of it's very fancy technology. Nice.

I got my finger really getting into my work. I'm stuck all right wheel speed sensor you're up you go back into your home. And then we will toss the rotor on then the caliper again put that right there whoa whoa whoa whoa. What don't scare.

Me like that buddy don't scare. Me over here. Crying wolf and stuff get on there mini click. Now is a good time zany to put this axle nut on notice inside of there there's a little miniature bearing very cute little guy click catflip okie dokes the brake rotor is going on next.

But it does have a little bit of surface rust on it so i'm going to go ahead and take a wire wheel clean that off both sides okay here we go nice nice and shiny. We like it it's good. No more rust. All right rotor.

Go to your home. Heavy. Wow. Oh.

Pad. Fell out. Oh. No just put you right back.

Where you go you stay come on get in there dude. What is going on fail brake install fail what are you doing ray it's my first day that's what it is just wiggle it in there there we go yeah. We're getting somewhere big bolt. Numero uno.

This stuff's heavy number two you can't see. But i can tell you where it is oh my first one wasn't threaded fail. I thought it was it got me try again there. It is the clicks.
Tell all is this one right nope. It's all wrong. So i hate to leave behind evidence. And this car will be no exception therefore no dna left behind or fingerprints.

Nice shiny. All right that's one bearing down one to go gotta. Do the driver side one over here. So i'm just gonna speed this up real quick and uh.

We will get this one done with super high speed lightning fast motion. I mean super fast this time you won't even see it happening and look at that poof no problem at all done reassembled. However. We are not done we're still waiting in limbo for this uh replacement steering gear to show off when that thing arrives we'll get back at it stay tuned.

Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back one nanosecond. Okay pointy in in first got the new rack. Here.

It was actually here the whole time. I just didn't know about it communication. I need to i need to crawl down under don't go anywhere okay. Let's go back down hop on the chair and uh.

We'll get those big bolts installed the mechanic chairs does not mean you're lazy. It means you're working smart and what's up with that stigma. Anyway. Mechanics are not lazy people truth be told.

We're restless people we can't sit still for 13 seconds. Let alone sit around and not do anything see just i don't know i don't understand why how that reputation came about look a bee okay so here's the steering gear hanging down ever so slightly this needs to line up with this because this is where our big bolts go in so what we're gonna do is i'm gonna reapply some thread lock to this bolt right here. It's a very big bolt. So i'm just gonna drown.

It a little bit it couldn't hurt get that guy in where it goes. I'll pick the rack up and then we'll get the thread started. Oh. That thing's heavy all right the bolts got the weight okay again more blue thread locker.

Why didn't you use red because it came with blue loud because it came with blue that's why and i have lots of blue and not very much red. That's also why all right that one's in where's my assault ratchet. Here. It is oh loud noises.

I'm sorry i forgot i just can't do it i don't have the power level two larger anvil tied. Now curious dang 128 degrees. And the bolts warm. Too you guys see that it's wild okay one more now off camera.

I've taken the liberty of installing the grease fitting these remove outer tie. Rods and uh. For some reason. They do not come with those installed believe it or not people actually leave those off and they'll just ship it with whatever grease is in there.

Which is fine regarding the grease level. But it's not fine because of moisture water will get in there and then ruin the ball joint thus. Negating your efforts. So just don't be that guy.
I think right about there is probably good really toy balls 85. Foot pounds oh one more notch right row. My gun is set to automatic mode. We don't want that more steam full power and loud noises there we go 85 pounds.

We're good i know so bad so evil. That's nice very good looks like nasa did that all right one down one to go on the passenger side let's get out of here. I'm in the middle of the rather annoying process of recovering this jam nut. Because the new tie rods do not come with a jam nut and uh.

We did not order a replacement jam nut therefore. I must reuse this jam nut. It actually takes longer to get that jam nut off than what a tie rod job would pay these are like two tenths. I think 12 minutes worth of labor time some of them are one tenth six minutes and i've already spent about eight minutes so far getting this thing off that came out we're gonna roll with it though oh almost finished a couple more come strokes.

My arm's getting tired. I need to switch hands. Hey. Wait wait wait backtracking need jam nuts and this one's being stupid stubborn.

So uh. We escalate. Oh defeated wrong socket suck at life give me that back on schedule that was fast yes. This is also a move tie rod.

We didn't buy one moog in one drive works or something. Another failure pet peeve. You buy like seven or eight front end parts all steering stuff. And it's all move your name brand everything matches.

And then you get that one oddball thing because someone didn't have the complete set in stock don't do that to your customer. It's not worth it don't do it to yourself better than that and if you're not you will be again. We're looking for 85 foot pounds. I think let's see that's uh.

It's about 72 at 85 right on the money so okay now we must venture back up into her nether regions. I've got to get the steering shaft installed you can see that right there and then i need to throw some new o rings on these lines and then bolt. These lines on all right. So.

The only real challenge here is getting a hold of that of that steering collar and getting it slipped in position. You can't get the orientation wrong. Because there are notches taken out of the collar and recesses in the uh the shaft coming out of the steering gear. But what you can get wrong is the orientation come here that's how she goes right there got our bolt.

Always remember the bolt. If you don't this shaft will come off later on and then there will be no vehicle steering and then people will wreck it'll be your fault because you left the bolt out and you don't want that do you nobody wants that that's why when the boss is rushing. You you remind them people's lives are in your hands. Come on little bolt and incoming clickage click okay next up i need to throw new o rings on uh on these lines real quick and bolt that guy in how many are you oh i can't reach.
I should have taken those out earlier was i thinking i know what i was thinking. I was thinking i don't want dirt getting inside of the hydraulic system. That's what i was thinking again no good deed goes. I unpunished one that laughing right.

There is being a little stubborn come here. A little plug yeah. I got it i got it all right. New.

O rings are on these lines. Let's get them set up on their little plate and we'll plug them in plug them in yeah. That's good uh. They didn't snap in yet.

I didn't feel them do their click that one kind of did that one win yeah we've got it now all right one more bolt. We're done actually let me rephrase one more bowl and we're done for now. I still have to do a wheel alignment on this uh. However.

I won't be able to do that alignment just yet and uh. I'm approaching the end of day. So this is getting parked one more night over here uh that being said. I'm gonna have to close this video out because i'm not gonna be able to sit here all night until this car is finished so uh as always i'd like to thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it you know the drill let me know about that by happy tapping that like button down below.

If you didn't enjoy it um well i'm not really anything because i don't care so uh again as always thanks for watching. And don't forget have yourself a great day. See you guys later and this is for all you power steering fluid. People see that i got this just for you now.

I'm going to spill half of it trying to pour it oh i only spilled one milliliter good. It's like drinking beer out of the boot overflowage.

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