In this video I bring you along as I perform an ignition tune up on a 2010 Hyundai SantaFe 3.5. The customer also wants a new belt and tensioner installed. It's not to bad a job really. It looks more intimidating than it really is. -Enjoy!
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Back to the south main auto channel. We're going on the 2010. It's's the high end day it's the santa. Fe and it's got the 27 ish or so 35.

I guess. It is in this little guy uh. The fellow brought her in he wants the plugs the wires the cap the rotor before he told me so we're going to give him some spark plugs and some spark plug boots because i'm assuming that's what he meant by plugs wires cap and rotor. He also wants a new belt and belt tensioner.

It's a customer request. So we're gonna go through and do that uh to do this little guy you do have to pull this uh plenum here so the three spark plugs. I already removed the little plastic cover here the three front ones you can do the three rears you cannot without removing the plenum. So we're going to get a blow nozzle give it a toot and then get started.

I think we're ready to get started so we're going to get us a magnet tray. We'll stick that up there looks like we're going to need a lot of 10 mil. So i grabbed 10 millimeter. Short and beat.

I think we'll just get started quite a bit of stuff here it looks busier than it is i think so uh. There she is baby don't you very quickly and gingerly slip the intake out of your way or the plenum rather. We're just going to plug the holes in case. Today is the day of the dropsies well.

I guess we don't quite need this yet but we can use it we're gonna peel. All the coils out of it six bolts didn't drop a miracles do that so we can set those little fellas right. There let's set these little fellas right here unplug them if you wish look in the holes. It's the important part always look in the hole.

See if there's a bunch of crud in there these ones look good i mean real good if there is junk in there just blow. It out with a blow nozzle. We will remove the plugs like so then we'll have a look to see if there is any anomalies. I don't believe there is he didn't have any complaints everything looks pretty normal nothing weird.

We'll get the new ones and we'll jam them back in there it's classic 94404 from astro tools a magnetic spark plug universal extension socket set from astro tools link in description uh. Fantastic set use them over my snap ons any day of the week because they put the magnet in the bottom. Where it should be instead of up in the barrel where if you just breathe on it you break the spark plug uh. I suppose you could still break a spark plug with these if you're a knucklehead.

But not near as easily as you can do with the snap. We'll be using the ngk they're cut with a laser. They've got the iridium they're premium and with ngk laser uridium you get increased performance increase fuel economy reduce emissions and extra long life so if you want to live a long time buy. Ngk laser your radios you'll live forever.

So we'll pull them out they should be gaffed already but could you imagine doing a youtube video where you just stuck these straight in without even checking them. Now the comments would go crazy so we're gonna use a one millimeter feeler gauge here and i tell you what you got to be careful that little piece of precious metal. Well it's precious. So don't go.
Flicking it off and i think the spec was one to 11 millimeter. Ish hyundai kia is very open we'll say on their specs of stuff but i believe the torque spec was even like 15 to 22 foot pounds just pick a number it says so we're gonna wind these down in the hole um no we're not going to be using the anti seize. The vehicle is that over 100k. It is 12 years old we pulled out the ogs with no issue whatsoever and they were the same plugs.

So i'm gonna think in the year 2034 when these will need to be done again a the vehicle is not going to be around because it won't last that long in the prny and b. Usually at that point. It's on its seventh. Owner well spark plugs are a long ways off the list of things that need to be done so get them in there.

I'll get the other ones here done. 15 to 22. I took a vote uh. We're gonna go 20 good even number.

We're going to start cramming them down. They're going to feel a little funny because they've got the washer. So the washer has to crush. Usually what you do in this case.

I think once it touches you end up going like three quarters of a turn that's kind of the average. If you're not going to use a torque wrench like 98 of the world. I think they even may even say on the box uh. So yeah so they're ngk's statement.

Here with the pictographs. I think that's what they're called you run it down until she touches and go about another half a turn unless. It's a tapered style. Then you go 1 16 of a turn so for what it's worth.

Let's see we did torque all these cracks see lost my train of thought one two buckle. My shoe. Better do these ones so let's see just out of curiosity. There's 20.

So let's see let's take this one until she's okay right there she touches so ngk says a half a turn let's see how close that is to the spec. I need to get another click here well so we're going to come over to this area well we'll do a cut. We'll do two quarter turns. We'll go here and then there again you ready there's a.

Quarter there's another quarter that's 85. There's three quarters of a turn like i told you originally let's try it again over here. Let's see let's take her till. She touches okay right there touch.

I just got some resistance. We got a little resistance. There's a quarter. There's a half that time that half was uh about 13.

We got almost three quarters. So it's all about perspective. I guess and feeling you know how do you know when it just touches so i don't know use a torque and choose your head whatever you want to do now we've done the plugs. We've got to do the wires cap rotor points condenser we gotta do the whole thing here we got these from the uh ngk from napper uh made in tijuana.
It says six or eight required depending on if it is a six or eight cylinder. It also says and these are the plug boots and i believe are they the right ones are they the wrong ones. My guy because they look a little different. So let's open up one of course.

They're backed by the unlimited limited warranty as stated on the box. So we'll peel this off. We'll peel this one off down here make sure it goes on in the correct way boom. And there is our spring up on the inside let me get well.

I guess we can go caveman with it because we know the new ones work so we just give it a little pull you can see on the top side. You have the little dungeoner going straight across and the bottom is a bit fatter just like the new one bottom side top side all right makes sense it just makes it a little trickier to install so you can put it on give it a little push see if it catches oh in this case. It did look at that boom. So you don't want it just flicking out so in this case simply by pushing it down like that it did go in and catching the inner circle.

Otherwise. You kind of got to come by the spring with a little pocket screwdriver don't go cave man. Just just ginger down in there feel around and then don't stick the old one back on stick. The new one on a little dielectric grease you're good as gold baby.

Once you get all those swapped over give it the dielectric. It's about that much i would say just enough to cover by three quarters of the hole in the end of the boot. You see what i'm saying don't go hog wild with it the dielectric grease is used to insulate. It is never used to make a better connection contrary to your belief.

It is dielectric meaning. It is non conductive and this will insulate around the end of the boot to try to stop the electrons from shooting out the side because they really don't want to go down the middle of the spark plug spark plugs are very high resistance. Plus. It has to ionize the gap from mid air in the cylinder.

So if it can leak out the side of the boot and hit the side of the head by golly. It's gonna because that's easier control yourself all right now we'll get the torque wrench. So is kind of funny. Some people will take connectors on cars pack them right full of dielectric grease.

I think you're making a better connection and uh 99 of the time you're not particularly if it is a very small pin connection you know like in an ecm and i can't tell you how many times. I get a car comes in from the other shop and that ecm connector is jammed full of dielectric grease uh oftentimes creating way more problems than the original problem they were trying to fix with their guests and you have to clean it all out and you know restore pin tension. If you wanna uh contact enhancer stable at 22. That's the only way to go baby.

Once all that's done. It is simply a matter of throwing it back together uh feel free to replace the plenum o rings uh. If you would like to these ones are sticking up. Way up past the flat easily are reusable inexpensive to replace.
If you like to do so use your judgment. Give them a good look over if you're going to reuse them we have to make sure that they are protruding that they will create a seal and i don't see any problem in these um. So so uh. I think uh last.

But not least the last the bolt and the power steering line on the back of the intake. Easy daisy. So the air plenum does come off quite quite easily on these folks. Most of it's all common sense.

As you can see it only took a minute or so to zippy zap. It off there and just put bolts back where they belong snug them up. It is plastic. So use your noodle.

When you're tightening stuff down torque wrench if you don't feel feel safe. If you're not in your safe. Place use a torque wrench otherwise. That's the easy job baby take your dielectric grease.

Give a little shot in each one of these the next guy will thank you and i thank you line it up give it one of those give yourself one of these and go see if the car still runs. If it does that's great first try so we're going full oem on this got this baby from napper uh. Not a sponsor. It's a schaeffler they use uh ena ina you know bearings bearings luke.

I believe they're all the same uh company it's made in the korea. And it's uh. The same as the one we're taking off of course. We're going to take a flip around there right away there and everything.

But you'll see you know has all the same stampings and castings on it as the og so let's uh peel this off here. What do we need looks like probably a 17 or maybe a 12. I'm guessing let's see 17. It is we use that big old ratchet that we already took out now the belt on these uh.

The og is made by continental uh. We're gonna put a bando on it which i was a little surprised to see it wasn't a band though but i had the og hyundai kia belt on it and it said continental contractor. So you can get continental belts. If you like i'm a big bandeau belt guy myself.

If i have a choice that's what you get i'll usually always get a banner or a mitsuboishi no it's a great belt in my opinion that baby loose uh so and that's that folks that baby slips right out of there we're gonna slip it right in with the new one we're gonna do the upper bolt here first. We'll just get it started baby come on all right we got that one started grabbing the big dog shimon down right. There now we can finish off that top one. I just want to kind of get it set where it needs to be you know grab your torque wrench torque that down to spec and then we're also going to tighten up this little fella and we'll torque that one down to factory.

Specs and then we'll get the belt threaded back up through there hopefully somebody paid attention to which way it went because this guy didn't that'd be torque wrench. Now. If you're using a four foot long bar like we are use your noodles. This is where it can get kind of stupid.
If you know if you're being stupid. I guess so there we go there's that and then we can take the old 19. Still the same size stick this little fella on there make sure she works oh baby nice. There's the bandeau get these at napa also made right here in america get ready to hit pause folks.

There's your belt. Diagram for you in case. You need it looks just like that and there you are that was your only chance you had so we'll see if we can copy the diagram anyways. It's always easiest to stick it back on a smooth pulley instead of trying to get it up over rib pulley.

If that makes sense to you as far as what i'm talking about is your last pulley to put it on you know what i mean i think she don't like uh. I'll just say go with that i believe so yeah so i'm gonna take i'm gonna do as i say that i do we're gonna in this case. We're gonna throw it on a crankshaft last even though it's a ribbed pulley. I'll show you a little something there.

I've got a backup pad and that water pump. There and everything oops. He's still with me i'm going to show you a little trick. There.

Me mom taught me so typically you don't put it last on a rib pulley because usually the rib pulley's got a big outer lip on it to go up and over uh in this case. The crankshaft does not okay. I don't know if any of this makes sense to you so technically this should it should pop on for us. I could be totally wrong.

But in case. I'm not i just wanted to lead up to that doesn't feel like she's done more down that rib. There there it goes and just look around make sure the old belts on all of the grooves not kind of half hanging out making. Sure.

She's up on the smooth parts everything looks good up there i'm happy you're happy. Everybody's hats you're happy thanks that's just a matter of throwing plastic bits back in like so and then put the bolts back in there we just give it a look make sure. It's on all the pulleys everything looks good this guy should be happy. We did everything he asked i have folks the plugs the plug boots belt tensioner on your hyundai santa fe.

If you're upset about the noise in the background. Don't worry. It's just my daughter learning how to make a living we make our children work for money so she's cleaning cars raise them up right and hopefully they don't turn out to be jerks uh. Don't you be a jerk comment section.

The questions the comments the facebook instead it is my viewers i can do it thanks for watching.

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