It's hard to see the messages there on my phone so I've got to do them down here on my computer so it might look like I'm looking away from you so I give it a minute here to catch up I suppose Um, you guys let me know if uh, if you can hear me, we'll see what the what the stream looks like and all that stuff. All right it looks like okay I think we're in good shape for the shape we're in I better turn off my radio. turn that down perfect. Audio is okay I Just want you to know that.

um just want you to know that I don't want you to know anything I just want to know if it sounds good, looks good. it's not all like Mr Roboto over here I think I probably ought to move it so it doesn't look like I'm looking away from you. But anyhow, what's up, it's a what's up Wednesday uh you guys are doing where you're at in the world. People are from all over the place.

Here comes the chat. It's gonna get kind of stupid crazy here. um see if I can find a different spot for you I can't probably should have thought of all this before you started you ding dong. We're just gonna leave you guys up here and I'm gonna glance my eyes away from you from time to time to see the chat going on down here.

Everybody says that it sounds good. um so that's good I'll try to look you in the eyes I Don't like it when I run a stream and looking away open up my uh sparkling water. It is the black cherry variety from the Wegmans Fantastic. Tastes like if you've ever had the Dr Pepper creamed soda.

if you've ever had that it kind of tastes very similar to that. Obviously you know no sugar anything in the Sparkling Waters but it tastes really good. I Really like this kind. this is all gets it and I drink quite a bit of it.

Pretty good stuff with Trooper bubbly and I'm having a hard time today. I'll be honest with you, uh, many of you have noticed. maybe you've noticed and haven't said anything but you notice that I got braces. So I got braces probably six months ago or so.

Five or six months ago I guess it would be and um, thinks junker Clunkers Um, glad to hear you started the channel. Man, that's cool I'll have to go check it out. But anyway, get back to what I was saying is. Some of you have noticed that I've got a grill now I've got some porcelain braces on my top and some regular metal braces on the bottom and I had to have a bunch of tooth work done because when I was a kid I didn't listen to my parents.

and if you're a kid and you're listening, listen to your parents. Especially if they're paying your dental bill, take advantage of it I didn't because I knew better than my mother and I knew better than my father. so I didn't listen to them. Therefore, they didn't waste their money on my dental needs I guess they did to a certain degree until I was just old enough to just not take care of myself which I didn't do and then I'm paying for it as an older person.

So I'm a 43 year old man with braces and uh, so I'm fixing my grill. my teeth are freaking jacked up, didn't take care of them I've had a lot of extractions I've had a lot of cavities and my mouth frankly was hurting and that's my own fault. so I've taken care of that now. I Say all that to say this and I had a dental appointment today and the problem with my mouth structure is that it's too narrow.
Supposedly this is what the orthodontist tells me and I need to spread my jaw this way. So I've got this spreader uh I don't know what I could call it. this metal thing that's underneath my tongue and it attaches to my two molars in the back and then it expander I guess they called it expands the width of your lower jaw that I got to have one in my upper jaw. Well, the orthodontist told me it's going to suck.

She's a, um, a foreign lady I don't know where she's where she's from or what her nationality is, but she tells me that it's going To suck. and she's right. It kind of sucks and I guess I'm going to have it for a few years so get used to it. It's in the way of my tongue so it becomes hard to speak and say certain syllables like S's and Z's and certain words.

and it's not the type that has to be adjusted with the keys. it's I don't know. They took a 3D image in my mouth and they come back with this fancy bent wiring. The problem is that I have some what some of my canines that have moved in behind my other teeth and they need to push them out and they need like she tells me like seven or eight millimeters of room between other teeth which are essentially touching now.

I don't know how that's possible, but that's where I'm at. That's where I'm at with my teeth and it hurts. and it sucks. and it's It's hard to eat and it's making my tongue freaking raw.

So I should have just done it when I was a kid because a I wouldn't be ten thousand dollars in the hole for stupid braces and everything else that's going on in here. The braces weren't 10 grand, the braces were six thousand dollars. Plus you know, four thousand dollars worth of other work. Not to want to cry at you, but it's just, uh, it's just a fact of life.

I should have done it would be a lot easier to swallow. My parents are paying for it. so this guy wants to know how those power stop brake kits are working I tell you what? The power stop brakes that I put on most of those men have been absolutely fantastic. So much so that I've been thinking about getting some for the tundra.

So anyhow, yeah, no great, absolutely great. I'm not a big uh weenie as far as saying oh, it's little dust and this and that I'm saying like you go down the road and they don't go when you hit the hit the brakes you know they're nice and smooth quiet so I can't complain about them. But for the dental fun, No I don't need a dental fund Stevo uh I do appreciate that. I'm not sitting here crying in my soup about that.

it's just crying in my soup about I should have done it when I wasn't 43 years old. That's when I should have done it. So that's the problem. But it's all.
uh, it's all good now, right? Um, a couple steps repeatedly. Uh, let's see you're from. Hang on here fella. I'm from crazy.

A couple of stops Repeat. lead by you. Oh okay, Oh yeah, I know yeah. I remember your tizo.

So for the Golden Grill now I'm not getting a golden Grill I Got, they're clear. You see, the top ones are clear, there's still brackets that go on and and uh. Anyhow, but uh. I guess I'll get used to it so you think she'll be so she says I'll get used to it I guess she can put waxing crap I've never done any of that stuff.

but I tell you the difference between working with the actual orthodontist and working with one of the the ladies that work for which are all nice ladies. but this you know orthodontist lady, you could tell the dexterity that she has doing her job. You Can Tell She's a Craftsman She does a great job. You know so much so that like when one of the other nerds I don't know if they're called nurses dental assistants when they do stuff on you, you know they're kind of fiddly and you know, sending the ligature bands, they send them things flying and when this lady comes in she's like and it's all done and it's perfect and nothing hurts and bang.

You can just tell the experience even from watching a carpenter or watching a mechanic who's experiencing somebody that works with their hands and then right down to this dentist that you're like oh yeah, this this girl's got some skills so she's a nice lady. Yeah, shout out to my Ortho lady. don't know her name I know her last name but I'm not going to give her a shout out like that. a bunch of people calling her up.

so um yeah. so now my son has braces of course he's a young guy and we're paying for it. So hopefully I'm just hoping at the end of it all, hopefully at the end of it all, then it's that. It's that I have a nice smile and um, that's all I just wanted to have nice teeth I guess um, something for the bourbon Fun.

That's how you fix braces just getting drunk. Um this guy's hoping that we had a successful deer season. We did. Um, we all did quite well.

Um, our freezer is full. So much so we had to buy a different freezer, an extra freezer. We had a really good gear I Hope you guys! Well I can't even show you pictures because they're all appearing on my phone. Uh I got two nice bucks, got a nice buck on my bow, got a real nice buck on my gun.

same message though she got Buck last Sunday I guess what? Sunday morning she's had a real nice buck and then my son, my oldest son he got a real nice buck. It's 10 point on the youth hunt so that and then we shoot a bunch of those. So yeah, anyways, how long will this proceed? Your last your dance a couple years you're thinking because um I'm old and my teeth moved kind of slow I am pretty impressed though that how fast your teeth move you know my mine are freaking jacked up so they put your top braces on first I guess it was of course after I had to have a bunch of work done and I was quite impressed how fast they actually they move. you know and it's pretty interesting.
you start going on YouTube and uh Botox next no but you know what's frigged up Bob is I was at the dentist and I just told Vanessa that's it says you know the dentist does Botox I'm like I don't So once I get all done I can get some pouty lips I guess I'm not real sure I don't know why the dentist does Botox but they do. um but anyhow, I was gonna tell you that I saw on the YouTube so I was kind of curious how much money you know Dennis makes or an orthodontist makes or can you DIY your own braces? All right? So yes is the answer to that question I don't think I'd recommend it because there is a certain amount of skill obviously that's involved in knowing what you're doing. I mean yeah, you can pull the engine out of your car too, but should you probably not? you know? um. but anyway on YouTube there are videos about braces and how they work and you can go on Amazon and buy brackets and buy the Vans and buy the different size wires and boom you can DIY your braces of course you can probably really Jack your teeth up too but I guess that's it.

So you want a DIY it probably wouldn't suggest it, but if you do, uh, go on to YouTube There's a lot of videos about it and uh and I was telling you that because I was also curious about the profit or the markup on Race stuff. um yeah, what could go wrong, right? he had DIY braces. oh you need some of these I mean this looks like the stuff she's using. Don't get me wrong, my guy, hey, what's up Keith I want a Diagnostics Um but at any rate, you can buy the brackets to go on your teeth and the bands and everything for about 30 bucks on.

Amazon I Kid you not go look yourself. uh, take your time, go look. It's about 30 bucks. It costs six thousand dollars to have the dentist do it.

So I'm thinking like well she told me no I asked her about this and says hey, look you know I said I see these things on the Amazon of course I'm saying it, you know, kind of loosely because I don't want her to, you know, get up in there and like start busting my teeth and you know being mean, but you know, just letting her know and she laughed. She told me that they're cheap products that they're probably made in China and I'm thinking lady, you're buying these things in bulk and I'm thinking you know, maybe she, uh, you know she's probably paying 25 bucks a packet and I told her I said don't worry because listen I'm gonna DIY this lady I'm not gonna go on Amazon and just start sticking these things all over my teeth. All right? So I was just letting her know are just kind of curious. So the way I look at it is she pocketed probably you know, 5975 but she knows what she's doing and I'll pay for that and two I get to go see her once a month for like the next two years.
So really, is she really making out that good? I don't know I have no idea I don't care. As long as she knows what she's doing and it works, we'll see. Yep, thirty dollars for braces. five thousand, nine hundred and seventy because she knows how to put them on.

You know it ain't no different than that old story they tell you about the guy with the hammer that goes over and hits the machine and gets it running. It costs a thousand bucks. Well, it's not all he did is hit it with a hammer, but the thousand bucks says he knew where to hit it with the hammer, right? So Invisalign no, you want to know I'll tell you what I'll tell you what started this whole Expedition a little bit here. Um, let me just check this one here.

Frustrated mechanic here. You're dang that Bill has taught me so much and helped me to avoid the parts kidney. But the boss has the belief that if I save custom money I'm cutting into the shop profits. Well Hot Rod listen to your boss, do what he says.

If you think he's a prick, well your toolbox has wheels on it. I suggest you load her up, move on to greener pastures. But I'll tell you what if you guys want to know being that we're getting deep and dark into our secrets here now that you guys are sharing me any deep dark secrets but uh so what? what kind of kicked the ball rolling on this is a I know my teeth were crap like I know I had crappy teeth I knew that that's why I never smile and I don't show my teeth and probably a lot of you guys are in the same boat. If you're being perfectly honest with yourself, somebody takes a picture you you give them one at least same thing we always give them and uh, you don't show your teeth because you got cavities or they're stained or they're crooked and you know maybe you're ashamed of it and you know I was and I have been for lots and lots of years and one point this was like a year or two ago a viewer was a dentist sent me a toothbrush and at that point I didn't I didn't think much of it I was like, well you know I just yeah I know like I know that my teeth are crap like I know that and I don't know if he sent me the toothbrush it was an Oral B toothbrush I just don't have it and I still use it as an electric one and this guy sent me this toothbrush and it just kind of I'd already been kind of thinking about this because you always think about it and um, you know he sent me this toothbrush in the mail and I I don't remember having a note or anything with it but it kind of, you know, hit me right in the fields.

It was at that point where I said you know what, you just gotta get it done and even if you think the dentist sucks, you know it's going to hurt and it's going to take a long time. You got to get it done. Let me interrupt your story I always refer to people to your videos when I tell them I want your proper diagnosis and they look at me because they'd rather load the part skin and don't load the parts Cannon Fella put it down, point it in a safe Direction yeah appreciate you super chat buddy. but at any rate he sends me this toothbrush and it like I say it just kind of hit me in the fields and it kind of solidified what I was already thinking, kicked the proverbial ball down the hill and got it rolling.
Why didn't I want to go? Well a it's expensive B it hurts um from Houston Texas Uh, let's see where we can change our ball joints into Walmart parking lot. Oh man, I'm envious would be Rex Uh, we can change them into Walmart parking lot, but you better have a torch within air compressor and stuff like that. But uh. anyhow.

yeah, I mean the dentist and and in my mind they hurt. You know you gotta go. Your teeth are frigged up. you're embarrassed to go there.

You don't want anybody to see them. And here's this guy. He's this close to your face the whole time looking at every flaw on you. you're You're vulnerable.

Wait are my List's there ten thousand pound lifts? Um, do you have a hard time setting the rack on cars? I don't I use the Challenger they're the uh versametric I believe is what they call them. so they're kind of symmetrical and kind of asymmetrical. triple extending arms and I can fit anything on them I want? um I Really like them all going into great detail. I Would definitely check them out Made in the USA So challenge.

Not a sponsor but at any rate, uh, you know, so you just go. you do it. and when you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it's uh, it's a pretty good feeling. so I was I Was pretty happy to get through it and you know I got a good relationship with my my dentist Dr Isaiah Shout out to him a good dude hooked me up.

That's a nice job or do it with or without Novocaine. So anyhow, that's probably enough about this. Jim fix it says that's an amazing just DIY a dot dot more than once. Thanks Dr No problem Jim help me to save your butt.

Um Anyhow, what the Dream Man ray show up in here I think somebody was talking about oh there's some rain man what's up raid Man Ray coming up in it he had a uh live stream the other day. accidental live stream. He tells me he had like a half a million people in there so Alan writes he says have uh there he is wants to know if if my hearing's been affected by my shop. yeah it has because just like I take poor care of my teeth I also take poor care of my hearing and my lungs and my eyes.

So yeah, it's kind of screwed up. Hey Ray I seen something I seen somebody type something on your channel talking about your screaming goat and I'm kind of curious. So I've got the Easy Button that was easy. okay and I also have a scream and go I Didn't realize that you had to scream and go.
Oh my gosh, you just broke his ear. Poor little guy. There's his little ear. Oh he's a one-eared screaming goat I didn't know you had a screaming goat too I was gonna text you the other day and ask you if you had a scream and go.

I'd seen somebody in your comment section as I was creeping on your videos as I usually do. Hey, thanks for the ice cream fun My guy uh Abe is a screaming goat. What's he say? It started with him. okay I didn't know that.

that's uh. that's good to know I didn't know the history of the screaming goat. but yeah, it's a screaming goat and uh I got the book up here. You know all about screaming goats.

It's a little. Dusty we can wipe it off. We can go through and read all about scream and goats if you wanted to. so that's funny.

but at any rate, that's all I had to. uh oh, that Core has one too. does he? really? we might have a little special project going on with him my guy Scott over there. possibly that's all.

I'm gonna say some point, you guys might know. um, but uh yeah, that's it. That's all I had to tell you guys about. That was it.

We got deep. we got personal figured if I was vulnerable at the dentist I've been vulnerable with you guys uh do Challengers lift pick up a diesel crew cab without the fear, without fear of it falling off looking to get another lift in my shop I guess if I was working on diesel Crew Cabs or bigger three-quarter ton one-ton trucks I probably I mean obviously it's a ten thousand pound lift, but I would be looking into something a little bit bigger perhaps like a 14 or 15 000 pound extra high lift 14 footer. You know, something like that I Guess it's all dependent on your ceilings, but these are all analy certified. So I think to get that certification which is done right here in the Prny, right up here in uh I think up near Ithaca somewhere is where they do that certification I think to get that or to obtain that certification I Think the lifts have to do uh, one and a half time the rated capacity.

something like that I could be wrong I've got a 15 000 pound lift over there our drive on lift and that's you know if we have big truck sets where we put them. So anyhow, um, my guy James I think I answered that question right? Yeah, my guy. James And and of course these these lifts here. these versametrics ten thousand pounders, you know? I'm sure Challenger makes a bunch of other lifts so they might have something to suit your needs a little better than these lidocaine Not no, McCain I know, but we all call it Novocaine.

Even when you go for a local anesthetic at the doctors, they're like we're gonna give you a little shot on Novocaine. Well that's because we know what Novocaine is. It's like the crescent wrench. The channel locks.

Well, they're not crescent wrenches and channel locks, but that's what we call them. So settle down dude. I'm just kidding. Uh, my guy James he writes that he's been watching your channel I've gone from being afraid to working on cars.
It's actually quite good at Diagnostics Rule number one: don't load the parts can and do it right or don't bother. That's right James Fistboat boom Get after it boy I mean that's what I say um let's see where are we at here is Josh the only guy or do I have other mechanics Josh is my guy. he's my main man. um and uh yeah no I had another guy.

well we had uh sma's most eligible bachelor Jay but he up and quit. Uh so he doesn't work here anymore. Um so yeah. I used to have a couple guys but now we're just down.

just me and Josh the OG crew. uh I try to take care of him and pay them well and keep him fat and happy so he doesn't leave. So that's it I Guess I Don't have anything else to say to you? Uh, let's see Keith says that he's got two channel locked brand crescent wrenches and Crescent brand channel locks. Wow, you're gonna.

That's like gonna interrupt the space-time continual. What about vice grips? You know I mean vice grips is another thing that's very similar to Novocaine. Just the generic titles that we give stuff right? Um, what brand oil do I use in my personal truck? Well, I use the same oil that everybody uses that watches Project Farm depends on Ultra Platinum baby. Oh thanks Louis Mr Peak Appreciate that there.

Um yeah, it's like a brush hog. I've got a brush hog for my tractor. It's not brush hog brand, but I call it brush Hog. You know there's hundreds of examples that we could use.

Uh, what oil filter do I use on my Tundra I use the OEM Toyota filter I Get those. Why? Well, because they're super cheap. They're cheaper than any aftermarket oil filter you can buy, at least from my dealer. I think I pay about three dollars and some change for an Oem Toyota oil filter and it comes with a Crush Washer for the drain plug.

So um, yeah, too bad they didn't quit making Rotella Now I run Rotella tea and all my equipment at home. so Ford F-150 Iwe systems suck. Uh, hashtag truth I Just made a remark about that the other day I had an early 90s the Toyota up in this joint Toyota early 90s Ford Ranger that had automatic hubs on it and I just kind of laughed as I reminisced the fact that here we are 30 years later and Ford still can't make a locking hub that works. um Ted My to the question about your boy Josh just curious.

Does he have a two-post lift to use or is he stuck on a rack? or does our boy do a diags or do you take care of most of those A couple questions in there um I'll answer those here briefly I thought I'd seen something else I just didn't want to miss it. Best way to to get people to know you have a channel. Oh yeah, oh man, he's doing some Shameless promotion junkers for Clunkers You guys are gonna have to check them out. no shamelessly promoting himself, but at any rate, uh so my boy Josh works on the alignment rack and he works on it all day long and um, and he enjoys it I have two lifts over here which I've offered it.
You know, like dude, you're more than welcome to use this so you don't have to work on that rat because you're putting on like 75 miles walking around that thing every day. but that's where he works, that's what he likes and he has options. He can work on any lift he wants, but he he likes to do work over there and you know, more power to you man. not a big fan of it.

um but he does a lot of the service work he doesn't do. any of the Diagnostics were very little but you know he'll do like some ABS stuff and uh some some evap stuff when it's in over there. but he does a lot of service work. steering, suspension, uh you know, tires.

he stays busy. Missile keeps us, you know, pretty booked all day long every day. So yeah, he likes to. he likes to work over there.

so anyhow, whatever. Uh, let's see. yeah, it's quieter over there. yeah I don't know if he likes because quite I think he dislikes his own space.

The Spicy: Italian there's a guy who's been around for a while if you remember spicy. Italian Ah, let's see. uh do we advertise? No. Greg we do not advertise I haven't advertised ever opened in 2005 and have never advertised.

Occasionally we'll do if they're doing like a fundraiser for like the little league or the School yearbook where you can put a little ad in there and the money supports the kids you know would excuse me. we'll do that. So I guess that's kind of advertisement. but I don't go out.

you know, radio or newspapers stuff like that. So where did I meet? Mrs Oh oh, it's Ron Burgundy You Stay classy San Diego I wonder if that's the real ride Burgundy? Uh, that's a that's a long, that's a really long story run. Um, that's a really long story I'll make it short in in school back in high school so it's a little more in-depth and involved than I can Say on YouTube without missing those permission. but uh yeah, in school we'll say what? what? Oil filter tool do I use on Toyotas uh I think Mag I think it's probably Mac Tools Let's see I got a couple of them here.

Yeah, here's an older one. Here's my Mac Tools four-cylinder Toyota wrench and then on the other six and eight cylinders I got. Well, this is in a newer package because my guy Josh has broke a couple of these things I don't know how but he broke his and he kind of broke mine I don't know if he's over there using it I'll give Dug a gun or what. but yeah, both of these are Mac which Mac doesn't make their own tools so I don't I don't know who makes them.

but anyhow, these are the couple of Toyota ones that I use. good question. it happened to be right here. Oh well Anyhow, see where we at kind of flicking by here.

we already talked about here. We got a bunch of deer. um I just have to start over in the chat. uh let's see I gotta look down here because it's too.
it's too Wiggly on my phone. um let's see Benny yeah I've been yeah Benny's still going so he's down here at the home I don't know the proper name for we'd always just call it down in the old folks on my desk. but yeah, he's down there and I think he got in trouble on a scooter. The people in the town get all pissed off because he just drives right down the middle of the road.

He's gonna get smoked one of these days and uh yeah. so the uh I think the cops come to visit him and told me he can't ride his scooter down the road anymore or something like that. I was talking to the one lady that works there. he got in trouble for something.

Oh well. I think he got in trouble for riding a scooter down the road. Yeah yeah, we got sidewalks but then he crosses the road and the problem is if it dies on them, you know I can't walk. so I don't know there's something there I didn't get too involved with it, you know? Yep, let's see where is it can I visit Can you? Let's see? Oh there you go Harry Thanks buddy, glad to help you out.

Oh it has to be registered in Us in Australia No kidding. Yeah. I See you know. like you'll see some old people cruising.

There's a couple of there's like three or four old people that rip them down the road around here, you know? So I don't know I don't know what the what the real story is but yeah I'd like to say it you know, Don't get me wrong I mean I I I'm just spreading a rumor that I heard. but um but yeah because there's there's one two, there's three other people that rip them downtown that I know of and I never seen anybody harass them. So I don't I don't know? Uh, and now I'm requesting a YouTube Special A Day in the Life of SMA from Josh's perspective, oh man. I don't know if he's gonna like me following around with a camera today.

Um Lewis has a OBD OBD scanner app and constantly find that the long-term field trim on Bank two of some GM engine it's higher than Bank One 3.5 I bank one 7.5 on Bank two. Yeah, I mean it would be normal to have have uh, you know it's A. it's a B configuration engine. You've got two different sets of injectors, two different oxygen sensors detecting it.

But yeah, if I seen the long-term fuel trim, bank to bank was a little bit different I wouldn't get I wouldn't get too excited about it. Um, if you want to take for example, back here. we got a 2015 Chevrolet out there right now. let me just see something here.

I'm sure I didn't miss anything here before. I tell you a story. Uh, what are my thoughts on oils with add to this set on the bottom? Oh dude. I I'm not the guy for that.

You want to go to Bob Duo guy and just get all mine screwed in that form there and they'll tell you all about oils and additives and when you should change it and how you're an idiot and everything. So I don't know Zippy's app about that additive packages and how they suspend in the oil and I would probably get it from the horse's mouth I would call the oil manufacturer and ask them their thoughts on that but I I have no idea. If you don't know, shake the bottle can't hurt right? it gets All Shook Up When You're dump it inside the engine um and my guy map writes you have been a source of information and inspiration for several years. I Cannot thank you enough.
You have helped, you have helpful, helpful and countless mechanical and electrical problems. Positive vibes from Calgary Alberta Canada Shout out to Calgary Thanks Matt But to get back to the split bank, I Was going to give you guys an example of the 2014 or 2015 Chevrolet we got out of there. it's a half ton. It's got the big 5.3 it's the GDI and it's got a 172 175 code in it.

I think 172 175. that's rich both Banks right? Bring it in. Check it out. It's a used Car Guys special.

It's got the shine all over it. It's been cleaned and ready for sale by the money. Lights on. Check it out.

Fuel trims are split bank to bank. I'm uh I don't know I'll probably do a video on it I'm gonna give a spoiler now but I checked it out and I see I had a GDs plugged into and bank one or Bank two. There's about seven or eight percent difference in discrepancy from bank to bank. but they're both running rich and they're running rich because the fuel pump is bad.

High pressure fuel pumps PPN Down in the crankcase, it pulls out of the crank case and dumps it in behind the throttle body. But for some reason it is richer on One Bank than it is on the other. Even though you would think where the PCB hooks in on that um, you would think that it would distribute it evenly throughout the cylinders, but it doesn't and I know there's no other faults other than the high pressure fuel pump because when you unplug the PCD from the intake and you plug it off and let it just you know, sit out here in outer space. The field trims go to almost zero where there's only one or two degrees.

two percent difference bank to bank. But sitting there sucking fuel out of the crank case it does make it a little different. If I was less than 10, I wouldn't even look back enough I wasn't setting fuel trim codes I wouldn't even care. So there's going to be a certain amount of Correction all the way around on on bank to Banks So thanks Joe Uh, let's see.

Uh yeah yeah. Keith Just reminded me of a story about a Ford that I had in that was blowing smoke and so rich you couldn't even start it hardly and that had low fuel pressure and the way it corrects the fuel trim on it is mind-boggling and it just pours the cold to it even though it essentially had a failing fuel pump. it's not. it's I should have done a video on that but it was just.

it was so ridiculous I just couldn't believe it until I fixed it and then it's fixed and everybody's cool. So oh, there's some hey if somebody texted me oh nope, just about being cameras going off. but uh David K he loled at my Mihof restaurant reference when we were talking about Rush jacking and all mixing me off I got behind there. yeah, it's because it was Flex Fuel That's right, Keith you have a better memory than I do because it was calculating Flex Fuel and it changes the alcohol encounter.
That's correct. You are right Keith man I wish I had your memory. you're a smart fella I fix a car and I like Purge erase um oh yeah and man Keith man, how do you remember every story I tell you. Then he reminds him about the one uh, engine swapped injectors on a 5-3 and how that freaks up the fuel trims but that was only only at the acceleration or only you know I can't remember what but it was really.

it was a really freaked up scenario where the difference in bank to bank and and like number five and number seven injectors were swapped around. so just really bizarre stuff. Um, but at any rate, you're uh, you're welcome for the Me Hoth reference I'm trying to use it more often and I can't tell you a story about your Uncle Jack and if you had an uncle named Jack and he was stuck on the roof, would you help your well I won't even finish that one. Um Erico when you test drive a vehicle, somebody wants to hit you.

Do you have insurance or you're not liable because the customer is insured. Love the channel? No. Benjamin it's just a People's Republic of New York I got more Insurance than what 20 people need I've got liability insurance garage keepers Insurance Content Insurance Building insurance for my customers, cars, insurance for my customers cars when they're inside I paid more in freaking insurance than most people make in a year. So yeah.

I Guess the short answer now that you got me raging on the inside is yes, I've got insurance and a lot of it I Think he didn't piss me off? That's a good question Benjamin that that some people might be curious about, so thank you for asking that. But yes, we pay a tremendous amount of money of insurance. Um yeah, the Piston shot gives us greetings from British Columbia Canada Shout out to the Brits in Columbia Canada and uh, he watches the channel almost every day. Wow! Anyhow, thanks for watching and our guy Brncc01 can I bring my work van in for just some maintenance I Know you said no viewers for customers though I don't have a problem currently with fear of sounding disrespectful I will respectfully say no I'm sorry, but I don't do work for out of town YouTubers When they come in, this is a difficult thing to explain and I've tried my best to explain it on multiple videos and in many occasions on live streams.

Why? I don't Although I don't want to insult anybody's intelligence, but I would just generalize when I say that typically it doesn't work logistically it doesn't work for lots of reasons. and I'll give a couple examples. Take for example: like you come in, you drive hours and hours and hours and you bring your car and it has this intermittent problem of you know, filling the blank intermittent problem and you get here and you've driven for many, many hours and you get here with the car and as hard as we try, we cannot duplicate the symptom. Now what do I do? Kind of painted in a corner? You drove hours I Feel guilty like oh, this guy drove hours even though it's not my problem because it wasn't my decision for you to drive multiple hours I can't duplicate the problem.
You take the car you try to duplicate. It doesn't duplicate it. Boom. Entire day is wasted I Wasted my time.

You wasted your time. doesn't work. That's one example. Number two example would be: you drive your car here.

You hear you drop it off, you say hey, I'm going to hang out at the No Tell motel and uh, you're down there. you're hanging out I Bring in the car. See, let's say for example, you just brought it in for simple breaks. You know it's brake problem poles I Bring it in I Check it out.

say Hey you need pad rotors that's right front caliper. you got a bad wheel bearing. Whatever you say, Okay, get her done I Called on the parts store and due to Covid-19 unprecedented circumstances, supply chain issues, blah blah blah. Fill in the bank with piss poor excuse we can't get into Parts because they're on National backorder and so on and so forth.

The cars here. You've driven hours and hours and hours to get here and now I can't get the parts because we're in Podunk New York and everything's on backorder. You're at a motel, You stayed overnight, the cars tore apart, everything's broke. What do you do? Um, you know that's just that's just how it is And and I can't change that situation.

The the problem with it is is that you drove hours and hours and hours and you know here we are here we sit now. I Look like the A-hole because I can't fix the car hypothetical Situation Number Three This will be the third and final one. You come in. You're happy you drove hours.

You're here. You're at the no-tell motel. You fight off all the lot lizards. You get your car fixed I did whatever I had to do to it.

You know, say it's a Subaru I did a head gasket. You're super excited. like yeah, I'm super excited he fixed my head gasket. You're driving home three months later.

Oh I'm using coolant or there's you know I Smell oil. There's something going on Wow with a you know part. let's say the timing belt and water pump. I Put on it.

Let's say the water pump's defective. It's weeping out of the pee hole. Well now we have a warranty issue and uh yeah, there's a lot lizards around here. Smitty Trust anybody.

Trust me when I tell you we got two truck stops dude and they're littered with them. but now it's leaking out of the weep hole. What do you do? It's you know and now it's a warranty issue. You don't want to go into another shop and eat a you know, a three and a half hour job to do a water pump on a Subaru Plus you already paid me to do it.
plus you already paid for the part. Yeah, I'm a Napa Auto Care Center And we have a you know Nationwide warranty, but it's an inconvenience so that is why I generalize all of that into one little box and say I'm sorry I just don't work for YouTubers and I don't mean to take all my YouTubers and group them into a box because they all don't fit in the same box like all mechanics don't fit in the same box. but you guys get what I'm saying at least Gary Buffington does because he says I got it and I am sure that he does. If somebody is from out of town and they break down, certainly I I help them out as best I can.

And if a YouTuber was driving by and happened to break down, yeah, I would help him out the best I could and yes, not even an oil change and I know that might sound ridiculous, but I'm hoping that I'm being wise beyond my ears and and just saying and just saying that. So that's a long-winded way to say no respectfully and give my answer. uh, but yes, you're right, parts availability is a joke I wouldn't mind hanging out for a while. But let's say, for example, if I ended up there for weeks, the downtime away from running my business would be bad.

Yes, exactly. And I'm glad that you see that and that you can accept that and that you don't think I'm an A-hole for saying that because some people get really pissed when I say it. But what I tell them I said give Rain Man Ray a call drive down to Florida be warm, let him take care of all your problems and go sit at the beach. Anyhow, I'm just busting your balls right if you're listening.

but if you don't mind I do have your number and whenever people call I'll just give them your number and they can go down and hang out with you. What do you think about that I don't know if he's still listening but uh, but anyhow, that's that. I don't know what else to say. This guy wants a Snap-On Truck Tour number three.

Pretty bad. Well here's the thing with that. Here's what I'll tell you about the Snap On Truck Tour number three. We got a new guy our new Snap-on guy and he's a cool dude.

This rain man race little paneer did he did he accept my I better not I better not get him going. You know why? Because I've got his number that I can give to people to call and he can work on their cars. But likewise, he has my number which I'm certainly hoping that he would never give out to to people right? Ray Buddy Leo pal Uh, at any rate, that's that's that. Uh, but the Snap-on guy long time viewer from the Pittsburgh shout out to the P burgs Uh, best repair shop Thanks Tom Um, but new Snap-on guy.

He's a pretty cool dude and I think he would be inclined to having a camera up in his grill. he's a handsome man, that's what I tell him this the whole time I always ask hey did you get a look at that Snap-on guy no I'm I'm straighter than the pole that some or never mind but at anyhow I can recognize a handsome man when I see one I'm not afraid to admit it even as a man. but our Snap-on guys are pretty handsome man he's pretty Burly looking Dude Looks Like a manly man and uh I think he was in the service looks like a marine and uh, doesn't look like anybody you'd want to mess with. got some tattoos, pretty tough guy and but he's pretty friendly and has a chair of like demeanor.
So I think that he would enjoy having the Snap-on tool truck tour number three. so you know that was pretty long-winded to say I can ask him junkers for Clunkers still out doing the Shameless promotion. Keep the awesome content coming I'm sorry to plug my channel on your live if it's if was wrong off me. keep it was wrong off me.

keep um hope your channel is better than your Granbury Junkers for Clunkers Not that my grammar is any good, but anyhow I think it's gonna yeah I just made yeah I don't know why they hid your comment there but yeah I just oops I didn't mean to hide your comment dude. uh and the OT guy my bad I clicked wrong button. okay but yeah I was gonna make a joke but I sometimes gotta stop myself from making naughty jokes. um what yeah things things.

They get a little weird there for a second. um uh well what happened to Scotty Kilmer he's still on my board over there. Get my guy Scotty um oh he got me a pair of them needle nose oh you Ding Dong So I was just gonna say you Ding Dongs haven't called so we'll have to uh or Mitchell Jacobs call will have to uh, block him on the phone if you call again, take it offline. um yeah, weirder than a three dollar bill.

Well we have kind of another saying for that case. but I know what you're saying I know you know the other saying but uh, you guys know yeah Doodly Doo um I don't mean to be taking my eyes away from you. yeah Rain Man Ray loves the phone ringer and I see a lot of you guys on the Rain Man Ray channel are kind of complaining about his, uh, lack of doodly news. He's got everything else there.

He now has the wife unit so I think that should substitute for The Doodly news I'm sure he can probably add a fake phone in the background and give a few doodly news and everybody will be right back at their place. I Thought about giving some doodly doos but I always forget I still have the hey, it's that guy You know when somebody goes by and hunts. hey, it's that guy. We always give you one of those uh, the best I can.

Yeah, and he's got the brake clean. He's got the you know, the brake clean. You guys know, uh oh, somebody needs block they said alecai Mohammed needs blocked. You really have nothing better to do I'm kind of even paste the same message over and over everybody.
sorry I I must be missing it sometimes I don't I don't look at stuff like that. If I see it, we'll block it. Um, he just dubbed the sound from old videos. Let's see I got to turn Rain Man Ray into a moderator.

Oh, he's now got the blue wrench. Hopefully if it works I don't know what that gives them the ability to do, but he's got it. Oh somebody just got put in timeout. Naughty naughty, How much is a blue wrench? One million dollars.

First person to put a million dollars up in the chat I'll give you a blue wrench a real one in real life I'll mail it to you. Don't put a million dollars in there? Yeah, now you can kick out people. Smitty's got the power and every time you do it, you got to say that I got the power just like that. Um uh yeah.

it can't be tight. If it's liquid. that's right, and it doesn't count. Our skulls has to be a real one.

Million dollars. Uh yeah, it could be a Cornwall wrench. It could be whatever Ranch you want for one million dollars? I'll Forge it myself. What else do we got here? Hey yeah.

Lewis Peak He's got his own wrench. It's not the same my guy. what's wrong with the Subaru Well, that's in an upcoming video. Uh I'll give you a couple guesses and it's not the head gasket, but it has to do with salt.

so we'll see the first person to first person to get. It has to do with salt and uh, thinks I Ride my guy. Super. Nope.

not brake lines, not head gaskets, not wheel bearings. It has to deal with rust. You're getting closer. Wheel bearing, dress, exhaust.

Nope. Nope. Background: Nope, Nope. Not electrical.

Come on my god. Oh there it is. We got a winner. Bing Bing Bing who's got it it is.

Daniel Morris From wherever he's from, he is the winner. Uh, let's see. Gosh, you guys were crazy at the net. Uh yeah, Daniel's the winner.

Uh, he wins absolutely nothing. Uh, except bragging, right? Yes, the subframe is rotted behind the control arms and the oil pan. So wow I have the wrench the icon Gold Wrench oh that's from the Harbor Freight right? Um, what invoicing software do I use Seems like everyone's Automotive we are an app Auto Care Center So we use the Napa Tracks program which I don't think you have to be an auto care center to use in Apple Tracks, but we use Napa tracks. Uh, what's up when they've been a while however little from Long Island to Prny Michael Barkman shout out to him, shout out to Clint mess that's great I think But anyhow, um yeah, no Subaru she's she's rotted.

It's gonna be in a video called project Subaru at least I think unless it pisses me off, then I won't have a video. Um, because I don't know, we gotta. We got to put a subframe in it and the exhaust is looking nasty and pretty much everything else is on. it's looking nasty.

The car itself, body wise, looks great. The bolts look like they're going to come out. How thick are my concrete floors about that thick? I Imagine um, how do I feel about other tools other than Snap-on I find other tool brands are just as good and sometimes better than snap button and you hate iPhones Well, I'll tell you that you're correct I am not a brand of any sort of it except in certain areas I like Snap-on ratchets I like other Snap-on tools but I'm not I'm not on there like going all willy-nilly getting a tattoo on the guns and doing all that saying if you don't have Snap-on you suck and Gotta Wear the Snap-on coat and everything I have a plethora of tools of various Brands everything from Mac to Snap-on to Napa nap on Napa to nipex and Astro and I mean I can't even name all the brands I have a tremendous amount of brains. So yeah, don't get too.
Don't get hung up on on the Snap-on train or the Mac train or the Cornwell train. They're just convenient because they come to your shop, but they cost way more than a lot of other tools. Um, is it true that Northern car engines are generally in better shape compared to the same age? Southern Car engines: I wouldn't know that Jeff I I rarely see southern cars and I wouldn't know really the difference. Perhaps our Salvage engines maybe our Salvage engines are better simply because our cars rotten half quicker and they're lower mileage.

But oftentimes if it's a cast iron block and uh, you know our even our blocks rot in half. so I I wouldn't think I would I would rather have a lower mileage Southern car than a low mileage Northern car engine like if I was going for just the engine from a salvage yard simply because like I say our engine blocks rot. I mean you can you bring in a three valve four that needs you know, phasers and everything. Every freaking bolt in the valve covers rotted.

You got to take a hole saw and go around it and or sometimes just air hammer the valve cover off? I mean you can't even do simple repairs on just the engine. so I would say probably not. but I could be wrong. Um, how do you decide what you're going to video for the channel? That's what Greg asked me My Guy Greg Spurt of the moment seat of the pants.

It's a feeling you get. it's in your gut and it's also dictated by time how much time I have because cars to drop off for a few days and uh, how busy I am. So I only film about one out of every 15 or 20 cards we work on. maybe and sometimes I don't film stuff for weeks because I just get too far behind and I just like right now, I've got four videos uploaded sitting in my queue and that's like my buffer keeps me happy, but when my buffer runs out, then things get frustrating.

Guys Like Rain Man Ray they're just cranking them out every single day. They are animals. animals there, you know. Um, the Dodge Prince 8.99er Here it's Eric I have an 04 Ram Hemi and I have a check engine light for EGR valve volts too high.
Can you shut a little light on what to check first? thank you BS I'm on my 30gr Bell from Napa Well, Dodge Prince what I would do I see that quite often and if you're going to unload the parts cannon on it I would unload it with an Oem EGR valve particularly on a Chrysler If your light comes on after that, call me. Don't call me seriously. uh, high voltage. You could be missing a ground causing the wolf to stay high.

Or likely you have a junk SMP not a sponsor EGR valve Okay, um, that's what I would say. If you're using nappy EGR valves, it's probably junk. particularly if you put it on and it's you know, good for a little while I've had pretty terrible luck with standard Motor Products EGR valves and you know Napa ones and I assume they're all from Napa You know SMP makes stuff for Napa Not trying to bash their stuff directly. it's just sometimes they're EGR valves on GMS and Chryslers they suck and they don't work correctly.

so go OEM see if it take two pills, call me in the morning. Uh, what was my final thought on a half inch? Harbor Freight earthquake. Oh, it was a fantastic tool for the money. Um, it's a it was a great tool for the money.

That's my uh no. Keith I Don't don't don't don't throw me under the bus my guy. I'm just saying. you know it.

I know it. We all know it, but we don't like this. I shouldn't even say that kind of stuff out loud. Thanks for giving me a check there Keith I shouldn't say that stuff out loud.

Um, because when I throw a stone into a pond when other people throw a stone in I Was told this by a guy when some people throw a stone into a pond they get a small Ripple Well when I throw a stone into a pond, it's like throwing a school bus into a pond. You get a big Ripple and I'm not trying to make a ripple and throw Stone to them. I'm just saying some aftermarket parts suck and it doesn't. You know I can say it's a dormant.

it's a standard. it's a Napa it's a CR it's whoever makes it and it's just. that's just how it is man. I've been doing this long enough to know like when it comes to certain parts, there are certain brands you don't buy because you don't want to come back and I don't care how cheap it is, some stuff, you just go OEM got it? Um, you should get a Harbor Freight coupon that I emailed.

you should have two for you and the lady. Get yourself a new Squeaky store your own golden ratchet. hey thanks. Trey I Did get the email but the one I got has Mrs O's name on it and Trey it's playing mind games with me because I've been up on the Harbor Freight website and I don't know what to get, but 25 off is a pretty good deal.

but I don't really need anything and I don't want to just senselessly buy something. Um, so anyhow, I appreciate the trade I only got to like the 15th to use it and every night I've been on Harbor Freight Yes, I could get a foot here. camera thank you. um I've been on the Harbor Freight website and I just can't figure out what I want for the 25 off so but thank you though yes I do appreciate it and uh, everything is junk when it doesn't work.
That's right. Um yeah, everything is just what it doesn't work. That is 100 true even. Toyota's not really.

we still love those. Um I Thought about some of the Jacksons because my guy Josh is uses jack stands sometimes on the Um alignment rack and sometimes it's necessary. You know we have a car jacked up. he has it jacked up on the frame and you know he needs to load the suspension the wheels off and so put some jack.

stands out on the the turntables that I've seen. they make jack stands with round bases and they they would be nice sitting on the turntables I thought so I thought about getting some of them. um but I don't know but I don't know I used to live next to an old guy. his name was Barry I think he's still alive I lived by him when me and Mrs o first got married and we lived in a trailer up in the town of Howard and the sky lived next to me and that's what he was.

this miserable old man and that's what he always said I don't know he just you know he's just pissing and moaning about something and that's how he ended every sentence with. but I don't know so every once in a while I'll say that to Mrs Owen Thanks man. Yeah, one million dollars you tricked me, my guy I'm like mother lover like that ain't for real because you're getting that back and that's pretty funny. Good joke dude.

um but uh yeah old Barry I won't give you his last name but he used to walk around. he always said so I do that to miss though. one time to ask me something I was like I don't know because he knows what I'm talking about ah well, um ah, let's see yeah, that's right Smitty don't they always you're like whoa It's BW wrenchy from way up north in the Frozen North uh it's ASE certification worth getting started in the field I guess it depends on where you work Josh uh for myself, it it isn't for some other people and um, different, uh, shops. It is because it can dictate how much they get paid.

You could use it for some self-validation If you, if you need that, you know, let yourself know that you're doing good. Or maybe it inspires you to um, you know to be a better mechanic I Would rather see somebody go get some training from, uh, you know, some independent, aftermarket training or training at their dealership rather than concentrate on just passing a silly test to get a patch personally because I think training will pay off better than just you know, reading a book, studying, and you know, passing a test. All right. see you later Ray Keep your stick on the ice I think that's what he says some employers require ASE So I can't I can't really speak on the matter.

um see like for example, like here like Keith just throw L1 Automotive Diagnostics it's requirement to work for me. Also in our name, that is the only certification that where to go that's defendable on court. So see for example I couldn't even go work for Keith he wouldn't even hire me. Maybe I could sweep those floors but you wouldn't hire me because I don't have I'm not ASE certified I'm not real good at tests or reading or arithmetic.
sorry Keith I was going to come put in the application but being that you just literally shot me down in front of all my friends I guess I won't you can keep the blue wrench. My starter is located in a very difficult location in my car. Any suggestion how to get starter fluid in it? I would probably go to an Express Lube Michael I would probably take my can of starting fluid with me and just ask if, um, ask if they can install it for you. Other than that, I mean it's It's a difficult thing to say how if your starter is hard to get to and you're trying to fill it with starter fluid I would take it to a professional and like I say take in at least one can unless it's a V8 which they usually take a can and a half.

So yeah I guess it depends on what you have. Uh, let's see what it keep. Tell me he says everyone gets a year to achieve it. Oh wow, so I still could work for them all right? I guess we're still friends.

we can still be friends. Uh, if you have break I use Brake Clean for certain fluid too. but he wants to fill up the start of a starting fluid so it's good for a hundred thousand miles I don't know I don't think I'd push my starter fluid to 100 000 miles? Um, well you know I don't believe that ASC is a total joke. somebody put that there I I just I think it may not be for everyone? Uh, you know, like I said I think it depends on where you work, what your goals are.

Some people need it to stay motivated to stay. You know, like all right. I Want to stay up I'm going to do some I want to do some training and um you know I want to be able to pass my asses. It may be a Personal Achievement a personal goal and they have to do some.

you know, some studying and it may Inspire some other thoughts for them like gosh, you know. Here's this question. it's ASE test I Never really thought about it. Um, you know, so perhaps they can.

You know it kind of motivates them. It could be self-motivating for some people. Perhaps that's just that's just my thoughts on it. Um, this is Tizzle.

Wants to know if you have checked out our Channel I have seen it? Yes, um no. I've been on there I've checked it out I Remember both of you folks and uh, because you gave me a husky magnet and I still have it on my refrigerator? Correct? Correct me if I'm wrong, but um, oh Frank de Lucy he's got a 2012 Jeep Patriot I'm sorry. uh sport. uh, can't a bad ground wire affect both? DVT solenoids for a slow response number.

Replace both and still have the codes for both. Comes back both have ground using the multimeter. uh well. I don't know Frank I don't know which code you're getting or what code you're getting.
Uh, the fastest way to tell on those uh I guess I'd have to look at a diagram. Are they full-time grounded and power side switch? or do they have power there in their ground sight switched? That's what I would think I would think that they have uh PSN gamer guide your car has a plug heater core. Then if you're only getting heat when you rev it up more than likely uh, but I would think on those VVT solenoids that um that they would be full-time powered groundside switch. So I'm not sure how you would be measuring the ground with a multimeter if that was the case.

What you can do if you want to know if it's receiving, it's if the circuit is intact to that. The easiest way to do it would be a current clamp. You can simply take your VVT solenoid. You can measure the resistance of it, you know how much voltage is being applied to them and then therefore you can throw a current clamp on it and see if all the math adds up.

That's that's what I would do if I went another circuit was intact I Hope that answers your question. Um, is it true that red goes to positive and black goes to negative sometimes. Uh, in the winter though I Heard if you switch them stunt Man, the car will start faster I don't It may be a rumor I don't know. Um.

but I guess it heats up the battery quicker so maybe perhaps try that in your next video. Stunt Man: what's up buddy? Don't hook your battery cables up like that. Uh Desiree Hayden I Believe that's how you pronounce it Desiree Here's a payment for all the information, tips, tricks, humor, rants that you have provided me over the years. I appreciate that.

that's insanely generous and I'm glad that we could provide you with information, tips, tricks, humor, rants all at the same time. sometimes all the same time. Oh, you already switched your Vans to Winter Air. Gosh, it got cold here way quicker.

We put winter air in our tires three months ago. Uh oh yeah! I I You guys are making fun of my my creaky. It is not near as creaky as it is on the videos. Uh oh man.

I Can't believe Stuntman's in the house! Is it true that a no mercy reversity is good for a transmission? Yes! I Mean for crying out loud, watch neutral drop videos. There's some people that will come in be like oh I was pulling into my driveway and I was going one mile an hour. My wife accidentally put it in reverse. I just laughed I'm like stunt man holds that thing pedals in the plastic and he's forward.

Reverse, forward reverse. and I'm just I'm more impressed with that little Transmission in that car than anything else that Stuntman does. Why this thing just doesn't scatter a bunch of part numbers in the bottom of the pan is beyond me, but it is absolutely impressive to me watching the neutral drop. Channel Just seeing what these cars will take.
These are City driven cars. These things have had the boss beat off them their whole life and then they give the No Mercy or Mercy They get the rocking horses. They've got the chubby rubber on them and it just blows my mind with with how much a car can actually take on the neutral drop can or on yeah, neutral drop Channel um I had a Bay Area 650 shouting out from the 650 in the Bay Area uh, he's got a 2002 Chevrolet uh Tahoe or the courtesy fuse keeps blowing the moment you put one in. it's for the dome lights, door lights, and stuff any ideas on how to fix this? What I would do you the Bay Area guy I would get a wiring diagram and I would see what all it runs and then it's It's difficult to tell you how to trace down a short on YouTube or on on a live stream, but that's what what I would do.

first. I would get a wire diagram you can get them from GM you get GM Service data I believe Twenty dollars for 30 day for three days and you have all the OEM service info. or you can get the Uh like Mitchell DIY and um, you know I would get the wire diagram to see everything that it fed and then I would make my plan from there I Know that's a really generic answer, but that is exactly how I would do it. Then I would see at that point how I can dissect the circuit.

what's the easiest way to split it down? Do I still blow a fuse at that point and if there was multiple wires coming out of the fuse box, say you had a courtesy fuse and there's three brown wires coming out I could throw a wire clamp on each of them to see which way the current was going and then I would use my diagram again to dictate which direction I was going with my diagnosis and that's about the best I could tell you so. um, the Tim train 35 with electric cars becoming more and more of a reality, How do you see an independent shop operating on, say, 10 years down the road? You might better just ask me. That is probably the most debatable topic out there that I'm not going to get into, but I'll answer it the best I can from my perspective, how do I see it in 10 years I say in 10 years Sayonara sucker because I ain't gonna be here hopefully Lord willing Uh, I won't be here. but how do I I don't know I don't know how it's going to affect it I'm not gonna poke The Hornet's Nest so to speak.

While I'm here people, you want to get people pissed off. a weld with a welder on YouTube be solder on You

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    Eric O….Oragel with Benzocain for oral discomfort….Good for People, and Dogs…
    Manufactured by Del Pharmaceuticals, Uniondale, N.Y.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alejandro Martinez says:

    You should get the high torque 1/2 in electric impact wrench with the 25% off.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Chinn says:

    Sorry i missed your livestream Eric but it is always some eh by. I was watching you now for about 8 years or more. I started one time when i was doing the brakes on my camper trailer and i followed you like a T…lol Been watching you ever since because i like to watch a good and fair tec. I live in Kippen'e Newfoundland Canada. Lots of salt and rust here to. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family. Take care sir and keep the videos coming. Hope your new braces doesn't bother you to much and a fast recovery. My daughter has TMJ if you hear of that. Cost us over $5000 for her braces to move her jaw in the right place. Took 3 years but did work. lol

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Moe says:

    I don't understand why you hope to be retired before lots of electric cars. The tires, brakes, wheel bearings, speed sensors, suspension, low voltage wirings, etc are all still the same. Sure, there are no routine oil changes or belts to change, but there is a suggested annual brake cleaning where salt is used. No evap problems or oxygen sensors, but an awful lot of your skills would still apply. Tesla sells their service data for $0/year. Their "toolbox" is not free, but you can do a lot of things by just entering service mode on the infotainment screen (read DTCs, reinstall/reflash software, some functions).

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Link says:

    2-1/2 hours – wowzer

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Goldberg says:

    Hi Mosinvirus. Did you leave Youtube? I miss your great videos!

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars K_Tech says:

    I got the Powerstop brakes (pads and rotors on all four corners) for my car, and I've been happy with them except that the right rear had a brake pad that rusted all to cr$p and needed to be replaced in two years.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Iceman 2067 says:

    I gotten share this when your shop phone rings it's just like our landline house phone ring. So I turn the volume up on the pc just to watch everyone run to the or yet a phone in the house it's great. LOL

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill M says:

    I have a double joint jaw I can go lef to right and open up 2x more than a normal person. When I was a kid my dentist wanted to break my jaw to fix it I said no way that would be 6 months with my mouth wired shut eating through a straw.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars natty and charky says:

    What do you do if your boss loves the parts cannon?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tv says:

    Eric I never noticed the grill glad ur getting the work. Now I need to go back and watch some old video and zoom in with the new YouTube viewer JK have a good one

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Iceman 2067 says:

    working on a Subaru 2018 knocking on the door sound and its coming from the rack and pinion backlash. The thing nobody has the fix on YouTube all good just wondering if you've come across this common?

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gbodyman73 says:

    I’ve installed 5 Power Stop kits. All of them have been fantastic. Highly recommend them.
    4 have been Z23, and a Z36 for my truck.
    I literally trust them on my children’s vehicles. And that says a lot.
    You’ll love them on your Tundra.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamey Barisoff says:

    BWD Dental

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Donovan Lucibello says:

    Merry Christmas, Eric

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Spreng says:

    I got a set of the TopTul t-handle drivers as well. I love them as well, work so great.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Iceman 2067 says:

    Love your channel been in the biz for years. paid all my child support in full and let myself go. Now at 56yrs of age need all complete removal of all teeth been putting it off. Not a happy just that.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hot Rod 1949 says:

    Sorry I missed your show sir. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year 🎊

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris M says:

    I tried out the onyx 3/8 impact . I'm enjoying. It ,mind you my Mac 3/8 impact never was a power house .lol. thanks for all the great tool recommendations.cheees lol

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars superscope61 says:

    Try NuQleo Body Fuel for your immune system and recovery…it did wonders for me…or I would not tell you about it.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gavin R says:

    Hey, you have great fault finding skills, can you explain why all the cars in your area are full of rust.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Hein says:

    One place to look for free service data is your local library. Our library makes Chilton's available online, and Alldata is available in the library.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frankie Lemonjello says:

    10k? Cheap.
    My parents could have bought a better car, but they spent that on my braces instead.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Y says:

    I had an expander, it does kind of suck, it has a key hole, and you take this key and turn it, it expands, which essentially jack stands your mouth and hurts for about an hour 🙃

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Myers says:

    The best New York State deer seem to come out of Steuben county.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lou Luedtke says:

    Hey Eric
    I have a 1991 Cadillac Coupe Deville with 50,000 miles, the Digital Dash went dark, alone with the fuel gage and Heat and Ac controller. Any ideas on where to start. Change BCM with no success. Thanks Big Lou

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Doc says:


  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Fenn says:

    Love you're show Eric..

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Glidden says:

    Thanks! Eric, you're teaching me to be a better guy.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars quicktastic says:

    A friend of mine got talked into braces at 40, she's early 50s now and says her teeth have never been right since. They got stained and cavities and mouth pain that she didn't have before. All to make them 'perfect' supposedly. Buyer beware.