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Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! We need a jump box. It's yellow and outside we have a 2004-ish I think PT Cruiser It is also yellow. so I know the Cruiser's battery's dead because it's been sitting here for a while. Uh, but it's here because somebody once upon a time put a used used transmission in this and it was okay and then it started shaking and the keys are not here and they're supposed to be. Um well you know what? We're not going to have a very good video if I can't find keys of the car are we? Hmm. let me try this again. Make a phone call. See you guys later. Well I'm dead in the water. no keys so only one thing to do. coffee. How's this machine work guys? It's my wife units. um switch? Oh oh yeah, yeah, we got one. We gotta switch. All right time for proper foreign Mountain Costa Rican Parisio I Don't know how to say that word. It's medium roast, not sponsored. It's just the coffee that we have in the Box All right here we go watch this. Nope. try again tomorrow. Not ready I Better stop. become ready now with my coffee I Just changed the time by accident I don't know how I did that so it's uh it's doing something I believe it is preparing. Oh a ringer phone's ringing. Grab back. let's try this one more time. I know where the keys are so you make you make coffee I will get the cheese. Ah everything is handled. Now the wife unit is here. It's hard by myself. she's gonna park right in front of the shop watch. Yep, Yep. right there. just right in the door. Awesome! Okay I have keys now. Let's go start this thing or try to start this thing or let's just go see what's going on here. Attempt of starting Z In nothing. Nothing. Yeah, we need to jump box pop and Z Hood Come here Chrysler Why? there it is. 2.4 liter I Think yeah, what are you? It doesn't tell me that's the negative jump start attachment. How cool is that? But no. seriously, what engine is this? It is escaping me. Oh yeah, 2.4 I knew it all right. annoying beeping, repetitive, dinging jump box install Crusty battery terminal down there and according to the directions, negative jump start attachment here. yeah, we know. Wake up good morning 11.6 volts. Yeah, that's one super dead battery. No. 152 726 miles on the clock. Is it gonna start? Maybe turn off the loads almost I Don't have the electrons needed? Well, only one thing to do now. I'm gonna get out the giant massive oversized jumper cables. the big ones I think I made these out of uh, one gauge wire. There we go. This can go back. Okay I wonder if it's going to reach from the trunk to the cruiser? I Bet it will stay here. This one goes here according to the directions. stay and then I'll soak up my auxiliary battery and you may ask. Ray Why is there a random deep cycle 12 volt battery in the back of your truck? and this is why I know there's easier ways to do that but I Also, uh, starting your hair. it lives. but I Also, um, just never took that battery out of the truck last time I put it in the truck when I had the dump trailer on the truck because I was using the dump trailer to charge that battery. There we go. That's why it's there. Okay, disconnecting power supply again. Wait there. Okay, the complaint is. uh, something about shaking wasp shaking. Ah, coming right for me. I'll fight you wasp. Get out of here dude. He's coming after me. What is this dude? No, not even cool. Not even. Okay, there's a wasp. That's because the WASP was chasing me. She's laughing at me. She's laughing at me. That's not even funny. Like what if there's a whole bunch of them on this car. All right. Step Two: Air Conditioning. What do we got? Nothing Something? Everything all right. So I'm feeling this thing vibrating well. I'm hearing things vibrate and we turn on the AC put a load on the engine. It really starts to vibrate. Let's put it in gear. It vibrates more in reverse. see the steering wheel turn which is yeah. look at that. Uh I believe it has bed or broken engine mounts. Let's get into the shop and uh, inspect said vehicle. Lowering a door one of the two has to move. It's probably gonna have to be the door. You guys really don't like the store being open there. I Changed my mind since I Have to use the big lift I'm just going to back this thing in I Don't really want to work in the corner? Foreign. Do me a favor. push that left arm in this way. I Want to see if it's going to make it past the wheel? No, it's not. No, don't hit the wheel. Figure this out All right. Try it again. All right. Yeah, that'll make it okay. We're good. Thank you. Okay, so we need to check engine mounts on this. It might help you helper. She's gonna help me and she's gonna do it without killing me, right? Yeah, All right. hop in the car. Okay, this is very important that you don't run me over while we do this. Okay, I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna tell you hey, just one thing at a time, You're making me nervous. You should be nervous. Get it? No? In Yeah. Get in the car all right. Put your foot on the brake, left foot, left foot on the brake. Yes. Now don't take the left foot off the brake. Put it in reverse and you're going to apply throttle. Give it gas if you just put on the brakes. Yep, more. all right. Let off again Harder. and uh harder. Okay. go the other direction. Don't run me over throttle. Cut off, throttle, let off. I Don't know if it's an engine on or not. Guys Throttle more. Get off. It might be the front one. Do it more rapidly please. There you go. Keep doing it. Don't run me over, put it in reverse and do it again. Okay, put it in part and uh. make sure you get back some. Put it. go forward like six inches just to weed a little bit more. That one that was two inches. Keep going. Keep going. Stop. Let's go right there. You can turn it off. please. Thank you. Okay, the rack is Set Uh I Just heard the fans come on. that's good or green subscribe button moving on up. Cruisers are notorious overheaters. That's why I was happy to hear that fan. Come on. Seriously, this thing has been here for five minutes. What is this? Why? Why are you leaking here? You know we'll just put some towels on that. That's fine there. Okay, let's see what the what the story is here. Uh, where's our oil leak coming from? I Want to know what that is first? Wow and the oil is leaking everywhere up here. Now this is called displacement see how I've displaced it? Okay so here's what we're gonna do here. I Want to figure out where this oil is coming from? Real easy. We're gonna clean it off and then, uh, watch it. This little braided hose is Full of it. Ah, Money shot, you got me. We'll spray the silicone on the drain panel, up the drain plug. make sure that's not leaking. I'm sure it's not with all that sealant Nasty. Okay, goodbye. right there. Right up there. See that right there. Okay, watch it. There it is again coming from higher up. If you look up a little higher, you see that little green plastic clip that appears, but that is the oil pressure sending unit. You see it right there. I Uh, I'm slightly concerned about that because from what I can see, that actually looks kind of new as if it's been replaced before for a week. I immediately jumped to the worst case when I see a brand new part that has immediately failed and I can only speculate that perhaps they cross threaded that into the block. Um, I'll know immediately if I ever go to remove it to try to replace that or inspect it, we'll know if it's been cross threaded and I really hope it's not. But given the condition that some of the maintenance that we can see on this car right here I Would not be surprised to learn that that has in fact been frustrated. Oh, check that out. Orange silicone to connect the AC compressor. This is good I Don't know. Okay, check this out. Our wheel is excessively moving. See that and that is due to wear on that inner tie rod under the boot right there. Watch this. Look at that. It's not supposed to do that. Uh, same thing on this inner tie rod. Yeah, we already saw that upper torque. Mount Let's check this lower one right here. Okay, okay, so all those motor mounts on that Cruiser appear to be okay. Uh, there is another one between the timing cover and the frame rail, but it's very, very far down and hard to see. I Uh yeah, it's like it's way way down there now. I was watching it and I don't see any movement out of that one. I don't see much movement on the Dismount over here. I'm just going to pull this intake off and check for a bunch of build up inside a throttle body. That can also cause this symptom to happen. especially since it seems to amplify both the compressor kicks on. So let's get this thing apart. We're gonna shut it down, power the battery up, and, uh, start doing some invasive inspections powering off. Positive, you're going over here. Since this battery is pretty depleted, we'll do a 10 amp charge for an hour and a half. Sounds good. All right. First things first: let's pop this intake air temperature sensor off so we don't break it. We'll remove the single bolt that's holding this on and one clamp for this intake tube. Pop that guy off. Okay, what's going on in here? That's it's. pretty nasty a little bit. Ah that might not be it, but since we're here I'm gonna clean it. Nothing too crazy. I'm just gonna go and uh, wipe it down with a towel and some throttle body spray. We're gonna do this without tearing things up too. a screwdriver in there I'm not scratching anything I'm just using that to kind of hang on to it, give it a reach, and just wipe that down. Why is that intake moving so much? You guys see that it's not right. Yeah, that's not okay at all. They didn't even bolt this intake down. flipping flopping everywhere. Okay, look at that boy. Oh, it's a little warm in there too. Almost done. Okay, that's cleanish. Pop this thing back on and restarting Z engine. See if we get any kind of improvement. change out of it then while it's running. I'm gonna wiggle that uh intake around and see if that thing's leaking, causing our, uh, shaking, misfiring type of situation. It doesn't really feel like a misfire though, it just runs really rough. restarting. Z Engine Come on. AC compressor. How did I fix it? Yeah, that's gonna break. It's gonna break that intake. It's the vibrations of it driving around. It's going to break this intake. Yeah, now that didn't fix it. Something else is going on. Oh yeah. Close the door. No, you're fine. Don't worry if you're not gonna go anywhere. Remember between uh, foot on the brake, going from reverse to forward. please? Okay, all right. go ahead. Go ahead. please. reverse. Yeah. keep it going to the break, then go to forward. Keep doing it back and forth. Do it again. Everything's moving I'm doing it. What is moving around and why? I can't see it I See everything moving? dang well. I Found ball joints that are broken. Well, they're not broken, but they're worn out. That's not it. Not our problem though. it's any problem, but not the problem. We have control arm bushings that are starting to tear, but that's not it. That's not our problem. It's a problem, but not the problem. Same condition on the right front lower ball joint. That thing's moving around more than it should be. Yep, you know it may have a trans mount down there. That's bad. But even if I like try to stabilize this engine, look at how much it vibrates, It's buzzing everywhere. So we got it pulled up. It's a 2007 PT Cruiser 2.4 liter four cylinder and it vibrates codes. What do we got? Engine codes? What do we got? What do we got? Uh p1684 Battery was disconnected. Uh p0562 Battery voltage low. Yep, we know that. Did you guys notice that uh, that spark knock sound when I restarted the engine? Let's try it again. Listen to this. Look at that clickety-clack that was a pre-ignition that sounded like spark knock real quick. I Pulled up the misfire counter I'm gonna hang out and uh, just let it run until it does its stumbling thing and we're just going to double check to make sure it's not a misfire. I Have already gone through and disabled each injector one at a time to see how well each cylinder is contributing and they both res all four. They both all four cylinders responded quite heavily to being shot down with fuel. That tells me that all four cylinders are in fact contributing to power output. We're still not detecting any misfires. good. I'm going to go ahead and clear those voltage codes out of this because I don't want them affecting anything. Plus, if anything does show back up, I'll know it's fresh. So like I said, we're just going to go ahead and do a master code clear on everything and just restart. Let's uh, pull this timing cover back a wee a little bit and just see if we cannot see inside of there. Someone has been here before because one of the bolts on that side is missing. See what we get with treasures lie beneath hot? Okay, it's a little tough to make out, but it says Deco on that belt. So somebody has put a belt in this once upon a time. It feels about right regarding its tightness. I Had noticed that the vibe comes in real heavy when the compressor comes on. so let's check out the AC system before we proceed with anything else about an AC machine. not mine, but we're going to recover this to see how much is left inside of here. We saw I wish I had caught on camera. We saw over 400 pounds on the high side with the system running. So we're going to recover it, see if it's overcharged, and uh, then go from there because if that compressor is putting on like a 20 horsepower load when it turns on, that could definitely cause or exacerbate the situation that's already existing. Okay, so it has finished recovering. We've got .941 pounds that's slightly lower than spec I believe it needs one point. duh 1.125 pounds refrigerant. So uh, let's go ahead and recharge this and uh, let's take a look at that pressures I need to show you guys the high side pressure on this 1.25 pounds of refrigerant. that's our 134a begin charging now. All right, let's go. All right guys. this machine has, uh, finished its charge procedure. Let's go ahead and restart this. Uh, it was actually a little low. um, but the pressures were super high AC on because I Noticed when the compressor came on, that's when that bogging down symptom really really set in. so let's see what word. Yeah yeah yeah, look at that. 300 350. 375 Is it gonna stop? 400 450 and we are all out of gauge? That's not okay, it's not good. Yeah, it's pegged. Look at that. gauge is to the moon. So compressor's off. it's just shut down. back on shut off again. The high side character switch said we're too high. Yeah, if something's something's out there, there's a restriction. But now what is this? The fan is not running anymore. We had a cool. the cooling fan was running earlier I heard it coming on and now it's not on. All right. Hang on. Okay, let's try giving it some more airflow because if that Fan's not running, we're gonna get high side pressures through the Moon. Fire that up. High Okay, we're done being pegged at 500. far up a little bit so it's more in the Airstream and see if that's going to fix this up. We're moving on up 350. but the compressor has also stopped cycling. I Know that fan came on earlier. Why did it stop? All right? Pardon the wind noise. We're going to give this the Chrysler test. We're gonna hit things with a hammer and if they start working again, that's the problem. If I can I can't even reach that fan in there. Yeah, I can't reach it. Here we go. We can see it from the bottom. Yeah, the fan is not on. Let's give it some, uh, some linear impacts here, see if it powers back up. Uh yes, no, maybe that's a negative, but it's not running. Still, is not running. I'm trying to force it here. Let's give him the blades of the cap. Yeah, Oh oh, it's trying. It's trying. It's trying really hard to run. Okay, fan motor's dead. All right. Well, let's try to get some more airflow on this and see if I can't drop those pressures down to a more acceptable level. Uh, we're hanging out at 350.
yeah about 350 on the high side right now, 65 64 On the low side. those are a little too high, but I think a bit more airflow will help exchange some heat out of us. Okay, we can get those head presses to fall even more if there's not a restriction. Let's see. and since this has turned into a AC diag can't have that without. Yeah, I can't reach without a thermal meter. Hang on. down and up. Yeah, thermal meter gravity the worst kind. Now you stay there, we'll check back on you. We started off at 80 something. We'll see where it lands. Okay, I've got an idea on how to get more airflow into this cooling package while we're inside on a hoist. What I'm going to do is take that piece of cardboard from that transmission jack box and I'm going to wrap it around this pan like a shroud. So that way you can direct all the air into the cooling package instead of up and over because right now this air is just flowing over that fat. at least resistance is that way. So I'm just going to put a piece of cardboard over there. and when I do that, we're going to watch these precious fall to a normal stuff by rain here. you guys hang out right here and watch that gauge. Where are we right now? Okay, so right now we're just under 350. Dan Travis Installed right here. All right, that's a little better look at that we're down into. well, the sub 250 Zone low side is just about 50 and you can see our fan Trail which is not much a piece of cardboard, the edges cut out. That's enough to get some extra air in a little cooling package. All right. screwed it. Set that down and start to see attempts climb up. There it goes. Yep, turn that back on. Okay, so we may or may not have a restriction. Uh, but we definitely have a fan problem. Okey-dokes that's enough. Uh, enough of this. Cruiser for for the day it's getting a little late. I'm packing up I have to make an estimate and send this to the people and then they will decide what we're gonna do on. uh on this Cruiser tomorrow I am going to recommend that we replace the fan. uh I'm not too impressed with that condenser and I do think it has a restriction in there. and if I'm going to go through all the labor to pull that cooling package out I suggest we put a uh, a condenser in it as well. No, I'm not selling if that's what we need to be doing. A few other stuff that we found earlier, this is going to be kind of a kind of a hefty estimate. I'm going to go ahead and prioritize this from safety issues on down. They are here for the engine shaking thing and I can remedy that symptom by stopping this excessive compressor load issue going on. and I'm gonna have to do that by putting this fan in there while I've got this cooling package apart. I'm going to suggest we change that condenser since it all has to come out anyway to do the fan or I think it does. Either way, that fan is for that condenser is a little damaged on its surface. There's a lot of bugs and dirt and bent fins in there. None of that is conducive towards optimal AC performance. So I Want to do a condenser I Want to do a fan I Want to do tie rods? I Want to fix that'll only so I'm going to prioritize them in that order I'll Bounce It Off Customer see what they want to do? You guys already know what I'm gonna do. Time for me to pack this show up and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you can let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves have a great day! See you guys later into PT Cruiser For now, okay shot powering down. It's getting late. Yeah I'm all done. Stop powering down until tomorrow. Been here 11 hours today. It's a lot of hours I don't need those. Oh I put in some shelves today I already did those I Guess this is the after party. um project Jeep is gonna be raging on. you guys will see that later. Uh what else? Oh yeah yeah yeah. um since it's been some time, um I'm gonna go ahead and do some of the work on this. don't know about the tie rods yet, but yay! I'm the fan yay on a condenser and uh, there was something else but I forgot. Yeah, it's after party time so shop partially powering down Electron unclicks look I made a sign for outside on the gate. Can't see the phone number though. Oh let's see. Oh, knock stuff over here. dual shop clicking juice powering down. it is time.

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    Also do you just build into the quotes like 4 cans of brake cleaner as shop supplies?

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    Going off the color alone, it needs to be scrapped.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars julio says:

    I always wanted to make them one gauge jumper wires