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Whoa I did it. I think it's live. What's up guys? This is my first ever dream and I kind of run on a whim is here I see there's like four people here I wasn't even gonna go live and then all of a sudden it was telling me that there was a bunch of people waiting. I'm like, all right. well they're there so I better go do it. Oh comments are already coming in. How about that? Cool? All right? I can get down with this I Didn't plan on staying long so if this gets out of control, we're going to cut it out because there's like 100 people here. Yeah, it's gonna get out of control really quick. Oh man. all right, yeah, can't even read comments. They're super fast. Thanks guys, you're awesome! Oh no somebody said oh no Hello Everybody welcome. What? All right, 600 people, 700 people like First ever live stream. This is insane I didn't even tell my wife like I was supposed to leave work. Um I don't know. like an hour and a half ago. it's 7 30. I'm here super late. hello to Scotland I see you you gotta get done working and then I end up in the office and then I end up working more. Yeah, long days. that's how it's going. You have the same hat it was 3.99 with a purchase of something that was like four hundred dollars. Professor Whoopi is that it? Whoopi Thank you sir. Thanks for the Super Chat that's cool from Uh Hudson Euros are you from England Netherlands I Got some Euros tonight. That's pretty cool No I'm not going to play Four Non Blondes I Listen to it like three times today. Hello Wisconsin somebody said Dana Mark but they meet they met Denmark Yeah Dan Mark hello Denmark hello California Show you the tools I can't I'm at my desktop in the office and the tools are outside in the shop. Yeah! First Live I have no idea what I'm doing. There's like 1134 people in here. What? Yeah, it kind of happened by mistake I was tinkering around with uh with YouTube and I went into the live stream settings and it was like hey, do you want to go live right now and I said yeah, sure, why not and I always knew I could chicken out at the last second and then people started showing up waiting. so uh I had no choice I just had to go ahead and go live right like right now. So first one ever completely unplanned. Uh, we're not scripted here I don't have any doodly Doos right now. Why'd I get fired because I have a big mouth. Yep. I mean there's there's details of course. but I got fired because I have a big mouth Super Chat Right on. Thank you from who is that Solo Yep, thank you Solo another lone gunman X Thank you sir I I assumed your your identity shouldn't have said that instant canceled. Well people are texting me wondering if I'm uh yeah yeah thank you. Appreciate it. Krauser was texting me. he comes on A-rod's live stream now they all see. Yep, just better turn that off right now it's gonna ding for a while. See you guys! Made me nervous because now you're texting me. You're reaching out In real life. 1349 people that's I Didn't expect that. That's kind of crazy. I should stop looking at that. It's going to give me um on stage fright. I'm camera shy. We'll call it a tip jar. Solar Garage thank you Dooley Doos from the UK I get more Euros I'm having a Euro collection tonight. yeah I didn't even wash my hands. Check this out. it's been a long day. My title said it was a long day. it was I was back and forth all day all day like the revengers coming over and then the parts guy and then they didn't bring their their like receipt to take a return. so they had to go back to the store and get their little receipt booked and come back and then I had to give them the part again for a second time and the mail showed up and customers came over. It was a long day. Eric Johnson Thank you thank you for the Super Chat that's cool for all the hours of entertainment. my pleasure from Dallas another one I'm going up the list because I missed a bunch Greg SJ What is that? Greg Us J-o Greg Sjo I'm gonna say it is one word: thank you Ttgk thank you I missed a whole bunch Holy smokes Gary Schmidt John Pepper Thank you guys I'm buying more brake clean actually I have loads of brake clean because you guys keep sending me brake clean and I think I have like an entire shelf just like loaded full of it. Finally my shaft. it was too big to fondle like I had to I had to use my shoulder to hold on to that shaft. it was crazy Riley Thank you. You need aftermarket calipers done in your 17? Civic hmm yeah. Email me about that. Ooh I got a gif a little fox that says Bravo thanks George you guys stop sending me money I can't read the rest of the scripts or that idiot scripts I told you a long day Comments: There we go. That's the word words. There's random doodly dooz. Something about a stump, a giggity shaft. You guys are crazier than I am. My office is nice and shiny, the wife unit keeps it that way and then the kids come in here and ruin it and we have to clean it again. This is the way my lift scares you. It's it's really not that bad. I Mean it, it is. it's it's kind of not. It's that bad if you like wrap the release button and just let it fall. but if you just go real real slow with the lever then it comes down nice and even I will get it fixed because I don't really care for it. uh Mudders on my truck? Not a chance. Nope. I'm not putting oversized tires on my truck. Whoa. Hang on hand I got more Euros there's five more Euros Do pizza I do pizza. Pizza's good. Our MOX thank you thank you Eric is that Eric Oh hang out now that's different I saw Eric Oh but it's Eric Oswell you tricked me from Michigan So is it Steven or Stefan Mr Morgan thank you. hang on. wait I lost it. Someone said someone. they they said they Envy me for what I'm doing. Uh, you envy me for doing what I did What did I do What did I do like the own shop thing? don't don't envy. you can do it. It's like it can't be that hard just you. Just do it. Uh, A-rod's here. What's up buddy? Power Stroke Tech talk with A-Rod is in the house. What's up dude? Welcome to the first live stream ever. It's freaking me out a little bit because there's 1750 people in here and a mosquito and I did not intend to really do a live stream tonight I was just kind of messing around at the computer and I started one and I knew I could chicken out at the last second. but then people started showing up. So yeah. so A-Rod here he's here for my first live thank you sir. Glad you're here. Appreciate it! I Got ten dollars. Oh did you fix your comments? Ah, there's that mosquito again. just bite me in the ear. you guys. It's kind of embarrassing I'm over here like hitting myself live on the internet in front of 2 000 people. I Can't even read all these comments. This is wild. I See A-rods because he's a moderator and it shows up his blue so you know it's good. No, why not? Did it get the shirt? hang on Someone said back up Kufo I Don't know if I got this shirt yet because I did not get my mail yet this week. Did you send it to the PO box? Well, you have to. Yeah. don't send stuff to my shop. You guys people have been sending stuff to the shop here in the mail. I'm not here when the mail shows up, so send stuff to the PO box if you send things. and thank you for sending things. It's always useful stuff too. You guys are sending me brake clean and shop towels. That's awesome! John Thanks for the Super Chat That's cool. Appreciate it in slow mode I Don't know how to put it in slow mode yet. This is the first time I did ever done this. I See you Carl If you sent an email to the Shop's address then Lauren will respond to you. How do I turn on slow mode I Don't know how to do that you guys sorry I just have to like manually slow it down with the mouse. it's after hours I can do that hello Ohio uh what? wait what's your name? It went too fast Daemon Hot I totally butchered that embarrassing I have no idea how to pronounce that I give up no I did not get a tip for my exhaust yet but I will at 7 40 go home I Will I Was only going to be here for like like five minutes and I've been here for 12 so far. Ken I'm doing pretty good A Little tired, it's kind of late I decided to do a live stream when I should have went home. but I act on a whim. Thanks for asking. how are you spray brake cleaner I'm not going to spray brake cleaner in here. it'll stink for for days that mosquito is still here. he's biting me in the back. Stay for 30 minutes. That's about right 30 minutes Doug Thanks for the Super Chat Am I Independent? Yes I Made my own shop all by myself Sean Thank you Robert Thank you! You guys are awesome! This Chad is insane. Quick question: go before I lose you I lost you John sorry huge tease Heineken Plus one I get points for Heinekens I don't have any Stella here I Prefer Stella you've never seen a tundra on the channel um Maybe maybe I haven't worked on it Tundra For a while, there's not really a lot of them around here still getting text messages. I'm gonna ignore those sorry guys. if you're texting me then I I know you're in the lot. So all right now. Oh 2200 people I'm gonna have to bail at like 25. Dude, that's that's just way too many. You guys are triggering my stage fright. Under the customization option. Yeah, I I mean I can probably find it, but under the ex. like no, not right now. there's just too much going on. My brain is already doing a few things at once simultaneously. I can't uh I can't add searching through a menu I'll do it later. No no Peta does not work here. Yeah, he's he's got his own thing going on. Alan Thank you Mr F Tuner from California Thank you sir Slow mode: I know I know I can I can figure it out just not right now. I'll do it. Excuse me here I'll do it later I'll figure out slow mode next time I'm constantly improving. This is always an improvement if Erica wants a job. he's totally hired like he can just work here for free just because he's Eric I bet he's here. she's not saying anything. it's gonna text me in a minute. Subscribers only mode: I thought about that. but I like to make mistakes as I go along and I just no I don't think Pita is going to come work for me. he he actually left the other place right before I did and he already has another job I think that's what I heard through the grapevine I haven't talked to him Rudy Thank you P-o-b-k I get more Euros It's like the first one I ever did without the phone to trigger it. It's because you gave me five bucks. Brutal Honesty is anybody here in the live that is not a subscriber? The Car Care Nut Graces us with their presence with a hundred dollar Super Chat That's awesome. Thank you I'm gonna buy Brake Clean. No subscribers button too. Yeah yeah, but yeah as I was saying I I don't even remember if I finished. Um, is anyone not a subscriber here? Walter's not. Why not? Walter See you, you should be. No, the Snap-on truck has not been here. They don't know that I'm here I have to call the Snap-on truck if I called a guy he'll show up. but um I don't need him right now. I'm good Becky Thank you Great clean for Life Great clean Mafia No not the strap-on truck No, no I mean just now Jordan Thank you 2003 Kia Sportage or a RAV4 hmm if I was going to buy one of those cars I would buy the RAV4 New View flooring. Are you local and thank you Lawrence thank you Randall Flicking you said David sent me the translation for click Alf Deutschen that is clicking I'm going to learn German through YouTube Next live is a push for 500k Subs I don't know it's I'm not really growing very fast at the end of the year I Don't know if I can do 500, but everybody's doing like these. uh, the sub goals for the end of the year. You know they're rounding up to the next next number and they're trying to reach that number for the end of the year and I looked at mine and I was at like 460 and I'm going no I don't think I can make 500 by by the first. You guys will surprise me if I do. but I don't think I can I'm gonna try thoughts on Subarus I see it I see it because you said that nobody would see it and somehow my brain picked that one out. Um, receivers are cool. They got their issues I mean you know every every manufacturer has its issues. everything's you know some Subarus don't like head gaskets and GMS don't like uh, camshafts and uh and lifters. and then there's a there's dodges. the Dodge is a at least the older ones. The dashboards were kind of flimsy, but point being is everybody's got their issues at some point or another. That's just how it is. it's machines. Robert thank you my Spanish words are perfect. Really? I don't know I don't really speak Spanish I got a few words. Maybe I'm good at accents. you're in the Philippines Alex is in the Philippines Some brake cleaner does do harm to Rubber and Plastics and paint like the really nasty, super concentrated brake cleaners will. Um, if you're ever in question, you take whatever chemical and it's not just brake clean, it can be acetone or um, any cleaning product rather or or solvent especially. And you do a test run somewhere on your work to see if it's going to actually damage anything. So you put some you know, on a towel, rub it on a corner where nobody would notice and if it starts to affect the Finish then uh, that product is no good for what you're trying to do. Daryl Thank you camo shirts. um no I don't have any camo shirts I Didn't really think about that. maybe later Brandon Thank you AC Delco reposted Centric Which brands of great Parts should I use in my 49 Ford Okay, first you need to figure out who has parts for your 49. Ford And then you're you're kind of limited to what's going to be available I Don't think you should try to stick to a Braid Nap brand name. Just look for what you can get because that's a that's a classic hard to find hearts scrolling 2953 People 2970 This is getting crazy. Invest in alarm for the shop. Um and some cameras. Yes! I have ordered some nice 4K cameras those are going to go in next week. Maybe an alarm? Didn't really think about that I'm kind of doing like one thought at a time because there's a lot of stuff going on. Hello New Zealand Heavens Is that how you say it? I Hope I didn't get it right. Embarrassing. Thank you for the Super Chat I Appreciate the support. It's awesome! Thank you! Whoa! Fast comment time. hang on Anthony Thank you 1900 more to go and slow the chat down. but if I slow the chat down then well I don't really have an argument. Hang on I'm trying. let me slow it down. Someone has to tell me again. I can't find it. manage. Nope. Nope. Edit it. Oh I might have found it. Message delay here we go. It's still kind of fast. Yeah I did slow mode 30 seconds. does that work Lawrence Thank you. You live up 64 and 75. Me too. No worries, the stalkers already know they send me uh satellite pictures of my house I found you and they all say don't worry about it I'm like I'm not worried, it's fine I Have a backhoe super bunker 9000 Thank you for more brake cleaner fund Scott Thank you I'm on an 80-inch TV right now. that's that's crazy bow Hunters More shops nice Tommy I'm using that for shop supplies I'm gonna have a lot of shop supplies. Can't wait to show off my entire brake clean shelf. It's gonna be great. 3 100 people I need to stop. Like looking at that. it's just not even not even there. Ogden Thank you I Don't know if I if I butcher you guys names I'm really sorry Saw struck Thank you thank you Steve The Mustang guy I Got a lot of dead ends with the Mustang guy. The problem with the Mustang is we can't pull a tag number off of the footage and somebody broke it down forensically to try to like, extrapolate or extract. That's the word extract, extract the tag number and there's just too much blur going on and we can't get one. There's been a bunch of cars that we have located that seem to be the Mustang car, but I keep finding subtle differences and again, without that, uh, without the tag number, we're kind of dead in the water. Jerry Thank you Travis Thank you I got more Euros Hang on board with usernames that's clever. Actually that's actually really cool I Like that capitalize the words though. that way you can pick it apart. It's hard to see that it's just my two cents. Hector Thank you sir Restorations World Paranormal reviewers thank you I helped you with your your Explorer that's awesome. Cool wall Crow 100 Super Chat Thank you sir. That's insane. That's a lot of brake clean Brian Thank you Laura Thank you. You guys are the best! Seriously, this is wild. It is going nuts I think I need to slow the chat down even more. You guys don't get too out of control in here. We're gonna bail like the lighting department. Thank you thank you Blue Collar Biker xs1 clever E just e hello just E doing good You guys Glad you guys are all here. This is crazy. 3 300 people just now you need to break clean my brake clean Mafia T-shirt uh talk to the wife unit about the brake clean Mafia t-shirts she is now the t-shirt creator I'm not going to bail just yet Nolan Thank you I missed one hang on Robert from Texas roll Robert Texas I'm assuming you're from Texas Thank you Robert From assumed Texas Dare commander of Deutsch Greetings from Deutschland Joshua thank you Josh no that is Joshua you can read: don't bail till 5 000 people. What do you mean? Wait till there's 5 000 people here and just cut the Stream that'll be funny for at least 3 300 of us. The rest of the people will be very upset Nick needs more brake cleaning like which Nick which Nick are you I know a couple Nicks I would say text me but I turned the phone off Jay Becca that's right from I'm assuming Jay Beck VA yeah thank you no more for Non Blondes Foreign no you can't pay me to not turn that on. It's like it's just a part of life now. Robert from Texas again thank you OG Yeti Thank you. There's a cracking thank you Kraken Shook and Flash I butchered that one too I'm enjoying my life as a shop owner. it's it's a lot of extra work I mean it's yeah I Intended to leave here at 7 30 I'm in Eastern time I Was gonna leave here at 7 30 and that was two hours past when I was thinking I was going to leave and making it a habit of being here for like 12 hours a day Dale Thank you Billy's world thank you Greg Thank you You guys are great Brandon thank you I'm going back to the line again. Y'all's chat went really fast Melissa Thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah, it's a lot of work. um I'm actually fixing the cars I'm making my estimates I'm talking to everybody I'm dealing with the parts people a bunch of other stuff that I'm not accounting for. it's I'm just like bouncing around like a ping pong ball all day everywhere all over the building. It's a lot going on I need to hire people one day. I Think what's my beef with doges? I mean I mean nothing personal. it's just a well. they're doges. Engineers They just do things that just don't make any sense sometimes and we all have personal preference, right? and I can prefer not doges, but that's not even infallible because I almost bought that charger and that was a doge. What's up with the Jeep The Jeep is like uh, project Jeep It's kind of getting it's kind of getting everything it just I just keep going more and more into it. It needs it. Engineers Over complicating things sometimes that you know it's not really. they over complicate things. it's you've got one team of engineer Engineers You have one team of Engineers that built this section over here, then you have another team of Engineers and they build this section over here. and when you put those two sections together, when I have to go in there, it makes a little bit more difficult because this team of Engineers may not have accounted for a bolt that needs to come out this far that this team of Engineers didn't think about because they weren't considering this other team of Engineers. So I I think that's where a lot of the conflict shows up, is just different departments within the design groups and maybe they don't collaborate as well as they possibly could. Yeah, that's my opinion. I'm sure there's some Engineers going. Yep, that's exactly what happens. Dirty Max Wayne Started it dirty. Max shooting for five thousand. Let me see where we at 3 400. you know I started I Went into the live after like 12 people were waiting and that was enough to kind of push me over just to just to come in here. and now there's 30, 3 456 people but only 1900. Likes: You guys don't like my live stream That hurts my heart. Maybe you forgot, let's see if we can do like 2500 likes because I'm sure there's a bunch of you that didn't do it. There we go. look at that 20 155 like everybody went and did it. That's crazy. You guys are awesome. 2353 likes that was instantaneous Adam Thank you Evil Chucky thank you. there's still more Super chats Michael I missed a bunch if I missed you guys earlier I really apologize Felipe Felipe gave me 50 bucks I'm not the best in the world man I try 2017 Buick Encore I'm almost making money at the shop. The problem is is I keep buying stuff. um I had to buy an AC machine. well I have to do like 20 AC Services just to pay for the machine and I had to buy a transmission jack and I had to buy some inventory. so I I had a fund and then I moved in and then I depleted the fund and then I made some money. but there's still this huge gap of what I've already spent. but um, yes, give me a few months and it will. The P l will be in the black and not in the red I just keep buying stuff and not impulsively buying stuff. I'm not crazy like that. It's stuff that I need I Had to buy a smoke machine the other day for smoking evap systems and intakes and it was nine hundred dollars foreign. Thank you. Somebody said something about franchise stores. Hang on. We'll be back up to me for president in 2028. Maybe Can I be Governor first Can I do governor of Florida before President because I don't know if I want to get like ruthlessly attacked that much just yet. So I'm going to try out Governor first and then if that works out, we'll do president after that. What do you say? Yeah, the like button went crazy. It's at 3100 now. almost all of you have liked this live stream. It's wild. Anthony that's why I haven't told the Snap-on guy I'm here because they'll just they'll be here I agree. we need Erico and the car wizard here. that'd be cool. Thanks Steve Hire wife for secretary she's here part-time Yep I don't want to be the HOA president? No no I've I know the HOA people I don't want to be in their Circle they let them do that I don't have time for that Susan wants a t-shirt with customer States wife units watching I'll let her know customer States my chat froze unfreeze. okay I got more brake clean budget Oh I can't um get Jenna's lab I hope I got that one words Denver Thank You rule of thumb: no profit for the first five years of a new business. Yes, this is correct I have nearly unlimited lost write-offs will be no profit because any profit gets reinvested aside from the paycheck. Get an alarm or at least tell everyone that you are. It is secure here. no worries. I have secured my compound and I'll probably get an alarm. Tin Foil Hat Ray No Stop it Nick I Know you Hey, all of my tinfoil hat predictions have have been true. You don't get to laugh at me. breaks tomorrow for a Toyota um not tomorrow. You need to email me and then we will get you on the schedule. I'm actually booked out until mid-January It happened really fast so not tomorrow. but I would love to do the breaks on your T100 I missed more Super chats. Hang on. let me back up. Thank you guys Joshua 3782 people I keep looking makes me nervous I don't need yeah I mean I do need more work but I need it like later and not right now I Have worked on my motorcycle before, um, not my thing. It's just not what I'm used to. so I'm inefficient at it. t-shirts, cars, sock, and yeah I'm just gonna go and throw you out right now. Yep, not having that 10 funnel suit to go with that I don't need a suit just just for the head so the satellites can't get me. Okay, my favorite car brand. My favorite car brand is GM products. I said that and it's a it's a hereditary thing. See, my grandfather worked for a company that was very closely related with GM and because of that for multiple Generations there have been GM products in my family and just by I Guess sheer habit. um I share my uh, my fondness for GM products. Um, can't say some of the stuff that's come out since the bankruptcy is any of my favorite and I just said that. Uh, but at one point in history, that's that's how I fell. GM was the way to go. Uh, now. like I said earlier, everybody's got their quarks and problems and uh, you know it's what kind of problem you want to deal with. Adam Thank you click Andreas from Deutschland Thank you thank you Sergey Sarah Dane Serg Serge Dane 50 bucks. That's crazy. Thanks Wow! Paradise California Gregory Thank you. Do the kids on your school bus scream as much as we did when I was on a school bus because it was like a mad house. when I was a kid, we just went back there and we were just kind of herded on the back of the bus. you know, did they did? they organize the kids these days like seat belts. you know, partitions anything like that? Greg's a school bus driver I Just wondered if it was still a free-for-all in the back of the bus like it used to be. Jerry Thank you Duty Dudes to California Canada I misread that Canada not California You know the Ca in Canada just triggers California in my brain because that is the abbreviation for California So sorry for that. Don't be offended. Honest mistake I mispronomed your country canceled Glenn Thank you Ross Thank you luck Kraken Phones um maybe Canada I know I know I know you guys are mad at me about the candidate and I've inadvertently offended The Californians too You just can't win. This is almost as bad as Twitter more Duty Dudes we we could have duty Doos if I get a ringer for the shop which would purely be for entertainment purposes because I don't need a giant ringtone thing out there. um I might get one Mike from Canada not California from Canada I've learned thanks Mike from Canada not California hello New Zealand Nissan The Chrysler of Japan Hillbilly is that Euros there's no Hillbillies in Europe her name is deceitful Nick Thanks bro! What's up dude? What brand of exhaust for an Audi A4 I I Have no idea what to tell you about an exhaust on an Audi A4 I'm not a not a European import kind of guy. Um, do some Googling Uh, look for something that's a brand name? Get stainless steel. It sounds like a nice car. Get it. Get a stainless exhaust. Quality doesn't cost. it pays. So get something nice if you want something nice. Son of a doodle. You got me to say that Son of a doodle. My dog's nickname was doodle her real name was Dixie Who called her Dixie doodle People call me Bubba, not me comment I wonder if wife unit knows I'm here how old is Rey about 140? No No I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm 38. Daniel said 36.
you're close. you know? 30 day actually gonna go live? Yep. I'm I'm actually live I actually did it completely unplanned, did it on a whim I was actually on my way out of the building and and I decided to do a live stream. There were Hillbillies everywhere on the planet. a long line of them. No, Well, there's Hillbillies in Kentucky that is for certain. I've been to Kentucky but the hillbillies in in Europe I mean I I wouldn't I wouldn't discount that being possible I just when I think of hillbillies I think of you know Kentucky and Eastern Tennessee I wonder what Europe hillbillies are like? Is anybody a hillbilly from Europe I look 20 somethings who I feel like I'm 50 today I didn't even shave. It's like it's been a couple days and I'm dirty so I feel older than I am 5001 yet? Nope. No, we stopped at 3675 so far. still a lot. that's insane, you know. I I Figured maybe like seven or eight hundred people would show up, but this is kind of wild. Maybe the next time I do a live I'll announce it and like let that one build up for a couple days and then we'll see, see if we can do like 10 000 people. What's the difference between GMC and GM Uh, mostly trim packages badging of course, but a lot of it's going to be Trend packages and features. uh, for example, like a Chevrolet truck might not have a wireless cell phone charger in the Um in the center console like they've got them where you just put your phone down and it'll charge it just on the console like a Chevrolet may not have that, but the same vehicle platform in a GMC would have that because they've got an up level uh trim package. Kind of like how the Cadillac Escalades are. You can take a you can have like a Chevrolet Suburban that's got one level of trim but then the Escalade is the same base platform uh, probably an upgraded engine and then it'll have something like suede interior or uh, TV screens in the back seats. It's all just kind of trim levels. All those are built on a base package which is usually why you see GMCs with a higher price tag than a Chevrolet usually. I Hope that answered your question. When am I getting doodly? Doos um I don't know I'm undecided on a speaker for the shop I don't know I don't need one so if I do get doobly-doos in the shop, it'll just be for kind of fun. Fort Lauderdale Sovereign thank you I'm glad you guys are digging the the new shop atmosphere. I Was kind of afraid you all would like just reject it and hollanda me. How did I say your first name is that kneeler Mueller Hollander So I'm gonna say it needed new error. Yeah, sometimes you just have to make a change and that's the cool thing about change is it is one of the only things in our lives that remain constant, that sink and some. that's how I look at it. So if you feel that you're stagnant in your life, maybe you haven't had enough change or you're preventing change in your life. But if you're going around around in circles, that's that's not where you want to be. So you've got to break those Cycles sometimes and the hardest part is realizing that you're in that cycle in my opinion. So that being said, glad you quit your job. That's cool. Yeah, no, don't stop sending me five dollars. That's okay. No, no. take it back I'm gonna give it back to you. You said you were poor. It's not not cool. Don't give me five dollars if you're worried about grocery money. I mean I didn't mean to assume, but you said poor folk. So, but thank you for the five dollars. That's awesome. Yeah, seriously guys, if if anybody's on a budget like you don't have to give me five dollars. Seriously, like not even not even close. Where do I get my alignments done with no rack? Um, the two that I've had to deal with so far. I gave those to the customer and had them pick the place of their choice. and I've been told by the folks that are neighboring me that they have. um, one of the retail stores do their alignments which is okay because they have to give you a printout of what they do and so if they don't do it properly then you can reject that and make them do it again. So they actually have to prove that they did the wheel alignment. It's on your wife a unit. Tell her I'll be home later. Yeah. I mean if she didn't get the notification, that's that's on her. Let me check. Yeah, yeah, she she's here. We were talking about uh, running for president and she's commenting on being the governor. Yeah, she's here. Yeah, oh dang. I got a lot of text messages Yeah I'm putting that back down I'm gonna start reading texts before I don't over the chest. Why? if you end up spending super chats already, she better not she likes Amazon don't Peta is. well he's not here Peta has another job. he he quit the other place too Super Chat Gravity for tomorrow morning's coffee Yes! Love some coffee Egypt Got someone from Egypt here that's crazy hello Egypt I'm not going to say your name but thanks for the six Euros tips on a Duramax hand are storing it. Oh, you're restoring an imported Duramax What tips won't get you from? Well I can't give you to Oh: I have never built a Duramax I own Duramax and I like the Duramax I have not been into it with the exception of having to change some injectors on a few and some turbos on a few. and I used to maintain some of the emission systems when I was at the dealership. Um I Really like my 2007 Duramax because it does not have the tier 4 emission system on it and that to me means less Parts therefore less maintenance so that's less downtime. Um, use Quality Parts though and that applies to anything, not just Durham access. If you're doing work on anything, do do you use good parts again? You get what you pay for and quality doesn't cost. it pays If you drove down from Chicago would I fix your suspension? Yeah, I would. But where are you going to hang out because I don't have that much office? No. Waiters Actually I would feel kind of bad if you drove down here from Chicago to fix your car. It would be cheaper to send it a hot shot on a truck. just send it on one of the car moving trucks and have them deliver it. That would be cheaper than driving it and then staying somewhere. Someone's a great lock picker or don't I'm about your dad Karen Lock Karen Oh lock picking. Karen Why do you want me to say that? Are you going to screen record me and then use what I said. Hang on is that Melanie Is that how I say it? Um Melanie yeah Melanie's a great lock picker or don't I'm not your dad. Oh Melanie he's a great lock picker I See what you wanted to say? You should put that in quotes you confused by cranium. I'm getting live stream fatigue 3 840 people they're all staring at me and I'm on somebody's 80-inch live screen light or big screen escort. Hang on your escort is overheating. The idea is does the fan come on and does it have coolant in it? You can check those, make sure the fan is running on your escort and make sure it has coolant and do not open the radiator while it's hot. So check those first. If you have coolant and the fan is running, then perhaps your thermostat is stuck, closed or your water pump is not pumping I'm not Asian someone said I thought I was Asian I am not of uh, the Eastern Farlands. No employees in the future Agencies? yes, maybe I need I have more work than I have to do with. So yeah, I could use employees in the future. This is the worst. Only fans Channel You're not going to see my armpits or my feet. This is the worst. Only Fan Channel ever. You are right Sir Mark from California Canada Mark from Canada Hillbilly in Canada it's called a Hillbilly eh. Glad you like the shop and the channel. Thank you sir! Glad you're here! Andrew from Canada not California thank you 3773. I Don't know if we're gonna wait. wait, hang on. There's more likes than there are people here. That means some people left, they weren't entertained. but that's okay. We got lots of likes. YouTube Algorithm Little Rock Arkansas I lived in big Kansas once you were always small Kansas hello Missouri Tennessee all the states are here. Yeah right! I got ratioed I got like button ratio their bot likes I hope I don't have any bots in here I don't like them Ken's on his way out. See you later dude. appreciate it I have pretty ears. Um, instantly regretted saying that. We're just gonna back away slowly. hi Garth thank you I Like the kids around too except when they get really loud Jamie Thank you. It's awesome! all right guys. Check it out! We're coming up on almost an hour and I did want to leave an hour ago so I'm I'm gonna go ahead and do it all right. I'm gonna close this out and the chat's going crazy now. Red Flags. Everybody's going nuts. Yeah, seriously. I'm gonna hang up I'm gonna go I Really do need to go home. It's about a 37 minute drive. It's almost 8 30. gotta go see you guys later ending live stream right now.

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