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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I know I'm super glad to be here. This is a 2011 Mazda RX8 I believe it has a rotary engine customer States loses throttle control while driving and I believe it has a check engine light. so let's hop on into this here vehicle and we're going to take it out for a quick spin. They drove it here so it stands to reason that I can drive it.

So we're going to take this for a quick spin and see what the dealio is with the our loss of throttle control beginning engine starting sequence. Now yeah, that definitely kind of sounds like a rotary. She's got 36,6 197 Mi on the odometer and my customer also stated that another shop told them that they need a PCM so let me, uh, get the seat adjusted. kind of breaking the rules and working on someone else's car.

you got to move the seat but uh I'm kind of tall and I don't fit and this thing's a little roller skate. kind of like a Miata it's like a it's updated Miata that's what we have here. All righty. So we have no check engine light, there is a cruise control light on, but I'm just going to go ahead and turn that off.

cancel off there we go so we have no lights on the dash. We'll check it for codes when we get back to the shop, but uh I'm going to take it out into the wild, up and over the bridge, give it some throttle decelerate and we're going to see if we get that check engine light code to come on and uh, perhaps the throttle will stop actuating uh while we are driving. So let's get to it. Oh yeah, definitely feels like a roller skate.

kind of bumpy is it's that sport suspension? All right little rotary engine. Show me what you got. Okay, we have throttle, we have horsepower, it's driving. It's quite a py little car.

Kind of fun to drive like I said updated Miata man I I missed it earlier I didn't have a camera on I I Came through this intersection and somebody pulled out to go and they pulled right out in front of like a A Corvette and a pickup truck and the Corvette ended up over here on the shoulder to go around the car that pulled out in front of them. So yeah, that was A. that was a grave error and judgment. So I guess today's driving lesson is don't pull out in front of people because it might make you get smashed into like this truck.

for example. I'm not going to drive out I could have fit in there I could have floored it. could have made it, but why risk your life for a couple extra seconds? It's just not worth it. Now here we go: I have space or off and when I pull out I Always check the mirror to make sure somebody didn't change lanes right behind behind me and that will make sure I don't get run into from uh from the backside.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Driving lesson over: It's got good power, seems to run okay, so we don't have much to go off of regarding a uh, an iny yourface kind of symptom. So let's get back to the shop and I'll plug in the scan tool. We'll look for uh, latent Dtcs and then kind of go from there.
This thing's kind of vibrate at idle. Feels like there's a bag of hammers in there, just kind of flinging around in a circle. Very solid feeling on the motor mounts. Yeah, look at the mirror vibrating I Don't know if that's a motor mount thing or if that's just a rotary thing or this could be part of our symptom.

This might be the throttle control issue. Not so certain here. Let's see what happens when I turn off climate control. Okay, yeah, the vibrations are still there so it's unaffected by the AC compressor.

Maybe a little bit of throttle here. I'll power break it some and the vibe went away. So yeah, it's probably just got collapsed motor mounts. I bet they're liquid filled.

green light you ran your Red Light Truck Yeah off idle Concrete in the road off idle. Yeah, it's very, very smooth. Imagine it's an engine mount situation. I'll take a look at those two while we're in there.

All righty back at the shop. First things First we're going to nose it in. grab the scanner, connect to it, start talking to the ECM and uh, we'll see what our computerizing has to say about this situation. Let's see: Cadillac's occupying a lift I Don't want to steal Dave's lift so we're just going to go over here and park it in the big lift.

for now should be good parking. the auto. we'll leave it running for the time being windows down. so I don't lock myself out.

That happens. It's a real thing. Close the doors with Windows up and then uh. the car automatically locks and then locks you out.

That's never good. Okay, scanner. derner Coming back in. Let's get this thing connected here.

Powering on. Beep! Okay, Little flashlight. Where is my data link connector? There it is. This flashlight turned out to be an invaluable little tool on the end of the scanner.

See what we got here? Okay, Computerize is communicating with the vehicle, satellites are linking up and outer space thinking please, wait, Okay, what do we have? 1.3 l rotary 2011 miles to RX8 that checks out California Emissions Oh I Don't work on this Yeah engine. Let's see here. Trouble Codes: What do we have? Show me memory codes Aor running Yes and yes. Self test initiated blah blah blah p2108 Tac Performance: Tac Module Performance: Throttle Actuator Control Module Performance: Okay H Well let's go over to Uh the computer Rizer.

We'll pull up all data and we're going to find out that code definition and uh and see what the Diag tree says about uh repairing this condition right here. All righty we are in all data. Got the 2011 RX8 pulled up 1.3 l, going to go to diagnostic trouble codes and we're looking for a P code. It's going to be 2108 so we're going to scroll it down to the 2000s and 2108.

There it is. Here is our diagnostic tree. Let's see what what we get: So Throttle Actuator Control Module Performance Error So the TAC has an error internal Communication error Diag Support: This is a continuous monitored. That means Pcm's always looking for feedback from the throttle controller.
The Mill malfunction indicator lamp will illuminate when the PCM detects a malfunction and it stores the DTC in memory. Okay So I just checked Freeze Frame Data as per our Uh, our instructions here Freeze Frame Data is stored now I Know that the this code has been replaced once before because in my DTC list it says miles since DTC Clear and it's only been driven like 13 miles in the code reset. But going down through this Diag tree Step one: Verify the Freeze Frame data Uh has been recorded and it has has. so we did that.

That's a yes. Go to the next step so did record verify the related repair information Availability Uh verify related service bulletins and or uh, online repair information. Uh, there are no bulletins that are active against this. Is there any repair related information available? No.

Go to the next step. Verify Troubleshooting of 201108 Completed. That's the troubleshooting. Look for bulletins and make sure it's stored free.

Freeze Frame data. So uh, we verified troubleshooting of 21108. We cleared the codes that's already been done. Start the engine is DTC present.

Yes, that's already happened because these codes were just cleared 13 miles ago. So the action to take at this point is replace PCM and go to Next Step. So we need to replace the Uh the PCM Pretty cut and dry. Uh, there's almost no diagnostic work involved with this except in order to repair the PCM I need to get the part number off of the PCM because when I call the PCM Rebuilders SL re repair people, they're going to ask for the part number on the unit.

So let me get into this engine compartment here. We're going to dig that ECM out and get the part number. At that point, we can, uh, park the car after putting the ECM back so it's drivable. We'll park it and I'll call up the Rebuilders and see if they can rebuild it.

Where is this? ECM Okay, it's under all this plastic somewhere. All right. Well going. Have to start with the battery and the engine cover.

I Suppose look at that cute little rotary in there. Yeah, that's the front of it. that's the alternator and that means the whole engine is like here. Super tiny.

That's a cute little 1.3 l. See, here's our battery cover. What are we stuck on? There we go. That's the airbox so it's not in there I believe our UCM is right here and we've got one 10 mm Fastener kind of hanging onto that cover.

So here, let's uh, unbolt this Fastener here. nut. Unclick there she is. That's our computerize.

So what we're looking for here is the part number. That's what I need to get a hold of and I don't see it. Oh, that might be it. Right there.

There we go. Part number retrieval complete and it's looking like let's see what we get here. Uh, how about a 279 00- 6634? It could be Kilo 4238 12v. That's 12 volt.
That's not what we're looking for. Could be an N3 R4 but that's not a part number. So it's either going to be the N3 R4 18881 mic or the 2797 00- 6634. that would be our part number.

Okay, well let me go call the uh the people back and we're going to see what we want to do here. You know, real quick. I think I'm going to disconnect this and look at the bottom side of it just to make sure that there's not a another hidden part number. Hold this wry out of the way and there's four Fasteners that Bolt the CCU down to.

it's a looks like a fuse block or something. Neutral drops on the quarter inch and that's a negative. Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Little warm. No wonder it blew up this thing like lava scalding hot.

Okay, so there's no part numbers on the back, so it's got to be one of those. uh, one of these numbers here on the front. Pull this thing back down and then we'll go call the fellas at the Rebuilder place. Let's see if they can fix this and so I don't lose components I'll just put this bracket back where I found it as well cuz what I'm going to have to do is pull this apart, put it outside, or put the car outside, then pull it apart and then, uh, order the repaired or replacement unit.

That's kind of going to have to be the plan here. Okay, so I want to kind of do something a little fun and change directions. We're going to actually create a failure in this because I want to illustrate something or I kind of want to feed off of something that I saw uh, earlier on the internet I had found a video where people were talking about those headset things like the Apple people that are walking around with like they got this VR headset on their face and they're like running around touching the air. uh I guess that's supposed to emulate the screens that you can see inside of this virtual reality business.

And the video in question I'll play a clip for it for you of it in a moment. But the video uh, in question was a technician or some sort of individual who was working on their vehicle. and they had one of those headset things on. And that headset is supposed to revolutionize how we diagnose and repair cars.

So what? I'm going to do I'm going to try to just debunk this right about now. I'm going to create a failure in this vehicle. Okay, we've got a mass airflow sensor that's not all the way connected. See that right there.

I'm going to create codes I'm going to create a driveability problem and I'm going to create a failure and we're going to see if the headset is able to diagnose that particular concern. So let's restart this engine. It's probably going to give me a check engine light straight away. Yep, and it's going to give me some codes.

Okay, so we're going to go back into this: Mazda into the ECM and get out of Freeze Frame data Going to go to Codes menu memory codes searching for memory codes blah blah blah. Now I'm not hurting anything. but here's what we got: Tac Performance That's the one we we saw earlier. Uh Engine Air temperature control circuit or air temp circuit IAT and mass air flow circuit low input.
So we got a P102 and a P1113. That's what we caed. Okay, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pretend I'm the technician that's in that video and we're going to look up Mazda I can't spell mzda RX8 and that's going to be a p What code was that? How about a p0102? Okay, so we're going to put that in and oh, p0102 there we go. Mass Airflow Sensor code: This guy's talking about cleaning a mass airflow I Don't know who whose page this is.

it's just the first one I found. So now we're watching this video of this guy cleaning a mass airflow sensor. Now this is all in my little VR headset. Okay, so now what I can do is I can put that aside and then we'll open up another menu.

here. There we go. and I want to find? We'll just pull up some wiring diagrams that should, uh, that should help us out. So we're in the 21108 and we're going to go into some wiring diagrams.

We're going to copy exactly what we saw in that little video over there and we're just going to prove how this is not going to make technicians obsolete. So we're We're emulating all this cool stuff. So here we go. So now I've got I got my little screen with my YouTube video pulled up.

Then I got my other little screen over here with all my diagrams and pin out locations and all this cool stuff. But here's the thing. Uh, how does those screens over there, somebody's YouTube video and then a diagram have any idea that that thing's not plugged in all the way? Or furthermore, how does the VR system know that this pin hasn't wiggled its way loose or that a rat didn't come in here and chew at that wiring harness over there on the backside? See all that those little VR things are doing is giving you service, data, and information inside of your face rather than over there on your screen. So it can tell you where the wires from this are supposed to meet the ECM and where there's a junction connector somewhere between this ECM and this connector right here.

But all this technology and all this, uh, this. this VR is not going to change the fact that you need a skilled technician with the knowledge of how things fail in order to properly diagnose and repair that And sure you might be able to have the thing Bluetooth to the car with a little dongle or with some kind of module that they're going to make us have or it's have to going to have to be done over the Internet. Those VR things might be able to do such things, but what they're not going to be able to do is put your hands on it and know what you're talking about. Furthermore, I think that relying on that kind of technology is actually going to detract and take away people's ability to learn.
Hands-On because they're going to become accustomed to that screen thing over your face and they're never going to know how to actually put their hands on anything in order to test it. Look for it, diagnose it. Uh. Additionally, what if I had a lean code and I'm looking for like some kind of a vacuum leak? Well, does that little VR headset tell me how to connect the smoke machine.

Does it tell me how to look for leaks? I Don't think it does any of that stuff. and I think people are jumping the gun big time and putting all of their money in one basket not realizing that when you try to apply that to the real world, it actually might not work. So let me close out this. YouTube video.

Oh, and by the way, um, YouTube videos are not a diagnostic. that's that's you watching somebody do the same thing that you're trying to do that. That's really all that that is. And cars are repaired on an on an individual basis, not as a whole or as a collective.

So unfortunately for the VR people and for the naysayers who say that that technology is going to replace us all, that was almost bad. going to scratch the paint. You see that my thing fell apart I Do not believe that this technology is going to replace anybody. Is it a tool that could be used? Uh, to help people out? Yes.

Is it potentially a good source of information? Well, it's It's the same information that is accessed differently. No different than if you have text messages on your Apple watch or on your iPhone or uh or things of that nature. So I'm I'm really not convinced that the VR stuff is really going to change anything and I'll come over here to this Cadillac to illustrate my point. So let's say I need to go up here and look for a leak.

Let's say one of these hydraulic lines right here like this one. that thing's leaking but I can't see it and I've got this headset thing on my face with a $2,000 piece of glass. Well let's say I'm walking around and I run into this. Bam just scratched my glass or I'm trying to get my head up into this little hole right here.

But I have a headset on how am I supposed to see up there? Does the VR have like x-ray vision? Does It Already know? How does the the modules in the vehicle communicate something like that? Uh, let's say they do it wirelessly through the internet. How does that thing communicate the fact that oh, look, there's some kind of an oil leak down here. Or there's a coolant leak dripping. Oh let's see.

Oh there it is. There's some coolant right there. How does the VR know that there's coolant leaking off of the bottom of the bell housing? It does not. The only thing that they're inventing is a way to access information differently.

You see all that's happening here. they're not inventing or Reinventing the wheel. Rather, they're not coming up with a Riv evolutionary concept. Uh, it's a very expensive device that you put on top of your head and then use to walk around looking like a cyborg.
And realistically, you guys remember when cell phones came out, people were like so stuck in their phones that they were just kind of walking out into traffic and getting run over. These VR things are going to do the exact same thing to us. We're going to have these headsets on our brain and we're going to walk out in front of trains and get run over. But you know, I'm I'm not dismissing those devices as having some kind of a use use.

um, they. they're definitely plugging us into the Matrix a little bit harder. and and I do believe that longterm folks are going to I don't want to be too Doom and Gloom about it, but it kind of feels like a bad idea. Uh, sort of like implanting microchips into your brain is a bad idea, but it seems to be the uh, the Progressive Way of uh of moving through available technology like I said I don't think we should be doing that and I don't think that in the long run.

those things are going to help us diagnose anything and in fact they just make or they just may take away and subtract from fundamental knowledge because it's going to give access. and Direction uh, perhaps to uh to folks that are not ready or do not understand and know how to process that type of information, that's that's a possibility. So you know, call me a skeptic or whatever you want. Uh, no.

I'm not worried about being replaced by VR headsets. It's not going to work that way. You cannot digitize reality and then expect the results that you want. It's just fundamentally not possible.

but it could generate sales because if I were to go to the Diag tree for that code, it's going to say oh, replace the mass air flow or clean your mass airflow. or do something else with your mass air flow. It's not going to say oh, make sure that the connector's connected because those are things that folks usually don't assume are going to be the problem. Loose connections or rub through wires, things that are shorted to ground.

There you go. Power that down. It's just uh. I'm not worried about it.

And for the folks that think we should be worried about it, that's also what they said when OBD2 came out. uh in 1996, they were saying these little computers are going to replace mechanics. Uh, that didn't happen. We just simply use those as a tool to communicate with the vehicle.

Uh, unfortunately. uh. the VR headsets are from what I saw kind of based on those videos and what it looks like from the uh user point of view of those, you're just pulling up the internet with a hologram screen and you're able to wave your arms around in the air off. Wily newly like and interact with your hologram screens so it's it's the same information.

Um, now you just have a football helmet on your face in order to use that information and that will end my soap box rant of the day. So anyway, I've got no more work to offer on this particular uh monster right here. I've got the information that I need. uh had a good opportunity to go off on a little Soap Box about uh, augmented reality and now I just need to get this thing parked and I'll uh I'll order you I think I'll order or remove this ECM and then send it to uh have it repaired I'm not sure what the ECM people are going to want to do, but uh I will.
uh, definitely Circle back to this video later on. uh once I have some direction up until that point and uh, well, at this point I have nothing more to offer on this particular video. So I'm just going to go ahead and close this one out right now. Uh, I will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video.

Hope you enjoy this video! Uh, let me know what you think about my little virtual reality rant in the comment section down below. Uh, do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there And most importantly, have yourselves a great day. See you guys later in a video End of Mazda End of rant End of Diag Ending of transmission Windows up, Doors unlocked Parking is the auto powering down.

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    What’s up with that v8 crown Vic?

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @edp4585 says:

    These is no way that VR headset will replace Rays wit and charm.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @imrf says:

    When you said you might have to get your head in this little hole here, I couldn't help to think that, that dude has already accomplished that.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @Stoney3K says:

    It's already kind of dumb that some service data conclude at a "Circuit low" code that you have to replace the component. Instead of first suggesting "Plug the thing in you dummy" before assuming the actual component is defective. Loose connections are probably one of the most common (and easy to fix) failure mode.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @dustinshadle732 says:

    I can see VR in the classrooms for training and introduction to training and new concepts, putting you inside an engine or module to show you how is suppaes to work. When cell phone came out, everyone started losing their memories of even the most common numbers for us to call. So it has its place in learning, but not yet in the shop, especially with all of the nasty that can happen in the shop environment.