What's up everybody? we're GNA make sure everything's working loud and clear before we get too far sometimes. Uh, camera and stuff doesn't work as I think it should so we're going to make sure that it does. We got one one loud and clear message so that's good. America So I'm assuming everything has worked good.

Yep, loud and clear. We got loud and clear messages so that's good to put a little thing up here. Uh, no super chats please. just as a reminder and uh, that's it Someday I'll look into how to turn them things off, but what's up Eyes Mechanics got Anthony White all from Italy so that's fun.

Uh, nothing real specific to talk about today folks. Uh, just GNA kind of. I Had a free moment here on a Wednesday which is good and semi unusual but we get a few of them. um um, you know now and then so we're going to take the opportunity to give a little what's up Wednesday blast in the patch.

used to do them all the time and then kids got older and life got busier. so what's up? Wednesdays kind of got put to the Wayside if that's a word. but like I say nothing. Uh, nothing real special so we'll look in the comments.

we'll see what, uh, what we're going to talk about. usually I have a little list but I think we covered most of that last time or a few things and what's up Wednesday last time so we'll just see. uh, we'll just see what's up, see what's happening here? Um where's bones? So I don't get the bones reference because I'm not a star Trekker or a Trey I don't know what Star Trek people call themselves but uh my boy McCoy that comes here in the morning intern from a local high school. um apparently there is a character on a Star Trek that is named McCoy and referenced his bones but never watched Star Trek Star Trek Star Wars Never got into, never got into that wasn't wasn't a real big sci-fi guy ever.

still I'm still I'm still I'm still not I still ain't So um yeah. and apparently there's a saying I'm a doctor not a mechanic for McCoy so I don't know I wish uh I wish we knew that because we could probably play off that a little more. Um, make sure this thing's point right? Well there we go is the Uh is is the picture. is the picture clear, video, clear audio, clear.

um let's see here. I Did try to turn on the slow chat so it's not flipping by because sometimes we get you know over a thousand people in here and it gets a little crazy. uh Anthony White he wants to know if uh, if I work or if I can work on Euro Cars I'm sure I could uh I choose not to and I think I've probably sted it before because there's just not a lot in our area. We live in a very small community uh, in a very country rural part of of New York in Stuen County and there's just very, very few people here that drive, you know? Volkswagen Audi Mercedes BMW And typically if they do, it's because it came from Craigslist and it was really, really cheap.

So yeah, I rarely will see a Euro Car So that's why we don't work on them. Um, do I weld on a vehicle exhaust with the battery connected or disconnected? Well, that's a good question. I'm going to tell you what I do and I'm going to tell you the correct answer. The correct answer is you should unhook the battery.
Uh, the real answer in 20 plus years doing it I've never unhooked the battery and I've never had an issue. Can I Absolutely Can you when you unhook the battery? Absolutely. So you just have to think of your welder as as current. You know it's going to flow from the tip of the MIG welder to the ground electrode.

That's where it's going to pass. Current: I Always make sure I have a good ground and my ground If you ever noticed in any of my exhaust welding videos, is typically within about four inches of where I'm welding. Uh, I Do know a guy personally. He bought a brand new uh non-hemi Dodge Ram Big 3500 Ram uh diesel.

This was probably in like 2020 2021 somewhere around there and it was a straight truck putting a dump body on it. He was doing some welding on the front, had his ground clamped up there and by the end of the week or whatever they're doing some welding in the back. It ruined every module and almost every wiring harness on the entire truck because current was going from the back to the front and it was taking the path of anything it could find whether it was a module, a wiring harness, a ground through the vehicle. Uh, but basically total, the brand new truck had no miles on it and did I don't know 10 or 15,000 worth of damage.

So uh and both of his batteries were on hooked. So let that be a lesson to you. is Shiva still around Shiva's my uh Siberian Husky yeah she's still around. um but our German Shepherd is a big fat baby and he doesn't like to be home alone because he has anxiety or something.

so Sheba stays home to keep him company. So so that's it. Uh, do I work on any diesels? I don't um I I rarely see them and again, uh, my brother works on most of those down at his shop. but again, the people around here that have diesel trucks that aren't making money with them or using them for you know, diesel type stuff.

It's the 60 it's from Craigslist it's been bulletproofed. The guy who owns it, it's the 17th owner and he stole it. so you know what I mean they're junk. Nobody can afford to fix them.

so I just choose not to work on them because it's it's easier that way. Um oh people want to know about how the Bendy welder did the uh the flex Mig adapter I bought for my MIG welder we showed on the last what's up Wednesday Come to find out I don't have the correct adapter for it for the Miller Mtic gun. uh they make them. I've contacted the guy who owns the company and he's getting me one but they were currently on back order from his supplier.

so they they have a supplier that makes some you know, probably overseas and uh he was having some problems with getting the parts through custom so like everything he has is there but doesn't have it in his hands. So um I'm waiting for waiting for that adapter and then we're going to try it out. So uh let's see. oh uh this guy says uh his wife asked me about a scanner before Christmas and I gave her a wicked suggestion and he loves it so must be.
She took my advice and bought whatever scanner I told her to buy for Osman That worked out good. good for that guy. Um yeah, everything's made out of Chinesium or un itanium. Yeah, it's two products that most products are made out of or two raw materials.

Um, what's the after shift beverage? Same one it usually is. It's your black cherry vanilla sparkling water from Wegman's it's my favorite. Sparkly water keeps me from drinking soda which I don't drink a lot of soda anyways but gives you the Fizz you know what I mean h DIY day from Oklahoma City Oklahoma uh let's see. oops, do I still use my smoker in the winter? Yes I do uh yep, we smoked.

Last thing I did uh I did a brazed uh deer leg. So we save when we do. uh when we get our deer. the easiest thing to do with the front shoulders on a deer is to save the entire entire shoulder with the shank.

So that's what we do. and then I'll braze them because most of that meat in the front shoulder and on the shank is I Don't want to say it's inedible, but you gotta, you have to braise it. So what I'll do is I'll throw them in the smoker for like two hours or so till I start getting some pullback on the bones I Take them off, put them in a brazing pan, you know? or you know, a roasting pan. I've got an electric roaster, put them in that cook them for about another 10 or 12 hours and it is magnificent.

Fall off the bone. Absolutely awesome stuff. Yep, and that's how we do bear too. I got a bear whole High quarter off of a black bear and we'll do the same thing with that.

So yeah, braze them, throw them in the rooster pan andu It's just like roast beef. The stuff. It's absolutely phenomenal. Uh, what kind of bow do I use? Um, Well, so my hunting bow I use I Shoot an elite think we have too many too many bows I Shoot an elite Invision and then uh for target archery I shoot an elite Verdict: Uh, let's see is CWD bad In our area, it is not.

So what they're asking about is chronic waste disease. Um, in New York it is technically illegal to bait deer, which it should be. Uh, because that's not hunting, that's just shooting deer over a corn pile. I Know that's legal in some states, but the the problem with it is uh, it can spread disease amongst the herd because they're eating from the same food source.

So that's where you get chronic waste disease and that that can wipe out a whole you know, a whole hert a deer. So yeah, yeah, I know I wear mat Mrs o shoots Matthew she shoots a Matthew's TRX 38 for target archery and then believe it or not, she still shoots a missions Mxr for for hunting and it's It's kind of funny because she'll shoot like the woman's open CL CL Uh, you know for 3D archery and then just annihilates them with uh with an Mxr. So it's kind of funny, but it's a really good shooting bow. She shoots it really well.
Um, so yeah. so that's it. That's what I know about that. Um what? I think Uh, we think about Subaru's 2015 Legacy loves his car.

hit 180,000 miles on it. No major issues. Keep on rocking Man! Um 25 was a pretty terrible year for Subarus and you know burning oil and stuff of that nature. But if yours is good, keep on keeping on.

Yeah I can read I see Wayne Walker says can't you read Yeah, we can read not great but I can read um he's got CWD in his area. Yeah, that really stinks man I would I would be just mortified if we if our deer herd had CWD that would be pretty awful. Uh, let's see what do I think about Ala Romeros I don't think about him because I don't know anything about him I don't know if I've ever seen one. Uh oh, this guy said he's got a Frozen video.

Anybody else got a Frozen video video stream still coming in good I better make sure before we get too far. I know we had a problem last time. Oh okay y everybody's good. What? 3/4 ton truck? Do it.

What? I recommend Well this is GNA blow some Minds if I was gonna buy a gaser. If I want to buy a gas job 3/4 ton truck, prepare yourself. you're GNA want sit down. Uh I would probably buy a Chevrolet uh in my opinion Chevy 3/4 ton.

they're easy to work on. They're pretty stout. They've got good you know, differentials. good size breaks.

I mean they're just they're a good three4 ton 60 62 I guess is that the new one? the 62 or the 66? Whatever the whatever the new one is. um I mean I guess if I was looking for one like if I could go out and just buy one I would probably buy uh like I don't know I would buy one without AFM I I think in my mind I tell myself a 07 Chevy 2500 HD classic. That's probably what I would go and get with a 60 in it if. if it was me and I was buying a 3/4 ton, that's what I would look for.

that's the Vintage Chevrolets that I think they had it down pretty dang good. They got terrible fuel mileage. their pulling power is not great, but they're just it's just a super reliable uh truck. I know I know that you guys say that? you know because I'm a big Chevy hater uh wi which I'm not.

it's just um oh this I keep people keep saying that it's frozen so I don't know. well let me know if it freezes up just Spam the chat let me know but that's what. uh that's what I would get if I was going for a diesel powered I certainly would go with the Cummins um I would I would likely never buy anything Ford they're just an absolute freaking disaster to work on. You know, just watch Ford Tech make you loco? Um, you know I mean he does time and chains and motors and every Ford known to man they're a disaster to work on.
You got pull the cab for everything. it's just I don't know Yeah I would either buy a cumins if I had to buy a diesel and then you know I would look for an older 60. you know, like I say 07 Classic somewhere is in that vintage 2500 HD but that's just my opinion. Um, let's see.

Oh it puts ads in the video I did not realize that it puts ads in the in the live stream I I don't know what YouTube does on that end? Um yeah yeah, this guy said he had a 62 and a Suburban yeah the 62 I I think they were like in the Denali and stuff I don't really keep track of like what comes in what? um it's just they come in broke. they leave fixed. you know I don't know uh, models and generations. you know like Gen 2 or GMT 400s or what? You know all the all the lingo that the people that really eat sleep leave live and breathe cars.

I've mentioned before multiple occasions I'm not a car guy so I don't I don't know all that stuff. It says there's a 15 second ad every five minutes or so. Interesting. Does It stop? Do the ads? Uh do they stop the feed? Oh well, sorry about that.

I'll have to look into um I'll have to look into that now. I do know I was having problems with YouTube uh because I run ad blocker like everybody and uh YouTube did an update on it and it really crashed. uh the Youtube how it was working. uh it was.

you know, stupid slow. uh comments wouldn't load. There was some problems there so I did disable ad blocker on YouTube but I don't know if uh, that's if I should be saying that out loud or not. but I think everybody runs ad blocker anyways.

Um, let's see. Oh it's getting kind of quick here. Uh, let's see. yeah most people are saying they no problem.

so yeah, uh, let's see what else we got. Yeah YouTube hates ad block it was. Never had never been a problem until I would say probably it was like a month ago I'm like what in a world what the world I said is going on with the YouTubes and then I did a little googleing and uh, there was quite a common issue. disabled ad blocker on YouTube and you know it runs fast Now of course you get all the ads.

Yeah, that's the way it is Mike Miller it just fix things you know like I say I'm not not a car guy and that really broke a lot of people's hearts I was surprised uh, the one day that I mentioned that. and just because I'm not a car guy doesn't mean I don't enjoy fixing them I like fixing cars naturally. otherwise this job would suck. Uh, which it doesn't um I enjoy fixing cars I'm just not a car guy, you know I don't eat, sleep, live, breathe Cars know like I say know all the detail.

That's what I consider a car guy. a car guy is a guy who comes in, it's got. you know his his collection. He knows everything there is to know about that brand or that uh, that particular model because he's a big- Time Car guy doesn't mean he can fix a car, it just means he knows a lot about those cars and all the little nuances like oh, this one's got the chrome trim so that's the you know, the street package or whatever I have no idea the difference between any of them.
They start, they run, they're junk. they all break and they're made nuts of bolts and wires. That's what I know about cars. How's that? How's my four-wheeler running? Oh pretty good.

the Big Bear she's sitting over there oh Big Bear but um, yeah, it does good. I Still got I got the carburetor I got to put the carburetor on I got to finish up a couple things, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Um, what else we got? Oops Oh No Nonsense know how says you can turn Super chats off just FY it's under the mation stab tab in studio. Oh okay, I will look into that.

Maybe that's where I can turn the ads off to or whatever. Um am I going to watch the Super Bowl I don't I don't know. The only time I maybe ever watched a Super Bowl was when I lived at home with my parents because like it's just what you did I guess or maybe it's because you only had so many channels and that's what was on TV uh probably not I don't uh I don't I don't watch football or any sports. so yeah, um, what else we got? who's my favorite? YouTube mechanic oh I don't know I I Like lots of them.

The main ones I watch are Ivan at Pine Hollow uh Keith over at L1 and I've been watching a lot of scanner daners premiums. uh with McCoy working through, you know, working to the book so those are the three main ones I watch um I do watch other ones that pop up if they look like they have interesting. you know, something interesting but those are like probably the main ones I watch I Shouldn't say that because that's that's not fair because I'll go on a binge on you know, somebody else's Channel But it's not fair to just give give credit to you know, a couple guys, but there's there's a ton of good good mechanics on YouTube Lots of them, tons of them I don't even like naming them because I always know I'm gonna forget somebody and I I don't want to be I don't want to be that guy. So uh, what else? we got here just trying to read see if there's anything anything good going on here.

Well, the neutral drop channel of course, but they're they're not auto mechanics. Uh, does elk taste better than deer Boy I that I don't know I think I've only had a few elk steaks in my life. we don't have any Elks around here I'm too poor to go elk hunting so uh, let's see. yeah Dave's Auto yeah he's another good one.

He's a pretty sharp fell. he looks like he's got a nice shot if I wanted to visit somebody shops. he his shop looks nice, you know. full-blown machine shop.

super knowledgeable guy. um I don't see him so much on YouTube but he comes up on my insty quite a bit. Uh, seems to be just just one of those guys that's just pack rate full of knowledge. been you know, in deep into engines, you know, rebuilding them in his machine shop for a long time.
plus I it appears to have the ability to diagnose stuff so um yeah, it would be interesting to see see his shop. Uh, let's see. oh he's getting TV show is he really I wouldn't be surprised. he's got a good personality.

Oh diagnosed Dan see this is why I don't don't don't mention names because I always forget some diagnosed Dan Absolutely fantastic English is not even his first language and uh you know, just just does a fantastic job. He gets some bizarre stuff too. super sharp hello from England hey yo what's up Bry um da is going on a Discovery Channel that's what Robin's Auto Repair said oh no kidding, that's pretty inter that would be good. good for him I mean I hope I hope that works out for him.

um we were contacted on a couple different occasions from Discovery Channel or you know their people that host pilot shows for them and I've turned them down in each each occasion. Um, just because it just it just didn't seem really worth it just to be. you know on TV you know they were. uh in both cases they were.

they would give you the snapshot of the type of person they were looking for. You know, somebody with mechanical ability car show you have to go to California and they wanted to do you know, pilot series, you know, shoot a series of pilot shows but it was like for a week or longer in most cases depending on if the show was picked up and the and the pay. Just really, it just really isn't worth it versus what you would have to give up to go. Do it you know, for example, like the one week was like $5,000 You know they pay your flight, motels and all that stuff.

but then what do you do if the show gets picked up and you know you put away your business, you put your business to the side and to me it's just it's not a it wasn't a good economical choice. Um you know, yeah, money might sound enticing at first, but is it you know? short-term gain, long-term loss is the way I look at it I don't know. Maybe I'm foolish for not doing it. but I don't know I don't need to be on TV or on YouTube it's like TV just different.

So anyways, I just didn't think it was a good call. Plus then you're then you got a boss you know and here we ain't got a boss and we don't have a sponsor so we can say whatever we want. That's the fun part of it. Yep, turned down some other offers throughout the YouTube career where uh, big companies like big big companies will offer you x amount of money to promote their product like straight up just commercial and somewhere is in the tune of like you know five digits.

We'll say I'm not going to say exact amount but you know it's in. it's into the five digits and they want you to say you know, buy this big washer because this big washer is the best washer in the world. If you don't buy it, you're a loser and then they pay you x amount of money but then it takes the I don't know, it takes the reality out of your out of your show it it's just you know. all of a sudden what you say is really not believable anymore because I don't want to tell you this is the best washer in the world unless I really think it is the best washer in the world.
But if they're paying you, you got to say it. So so I've turned down that um you know th those offers before just because just because it's just not fair. It's not fair to you the general public in my opinion. I don't think it's fair.

Where can you get this washer? Well let me tell you about this washer. This is a two and a half inch washer. It's one of the best washers in the world I'm just kidding I don't know where it came from I needed something I was making a seal driver or something the other day I think this might make an appearance in a video I don't remember. So anyways, that's it's called sh I don't know if that's a naughty word so I GNA say it.

but uh, but yeah, that's it. So YouTube can be. It can be a hustle and it can be pretty pretty lucrative if you pursu each offer that was thrown at you I mean they come at you all the time from all different types of vendors you know, jump starters and thermal cameras and this tool and that tool and it's just I just turn down the offers because it just doesn't seem fair. Yeah I'm not g to come and lie to you DK Roth wants to know if I can shout out his wife Karen hopefully she's not a real Karen oh it's an a word I didn't know I don't watch enough a yeah I edit my own videos um let's see everybody's shouting out Karen now hey girl uh let's see how are my braces doing? Pretty good I'm thinking we're in the home stretch now I can't show you because I just ate so I probably got a bunch of in my teeth.

um pretty wild what they can do with dentistry and braces and a little tiny wire that wants to go back to its original shape I Had two teeth that were impacted like back behind my other teeth and they are out where they belong now. 10 millimeter Gap Had to make a 10 millimeter Gap to pull a K9 tooth back out and within well within a year because it was see it was last deer season I got him this deer season's coming on so it's about a year. Created a gap that was two teeth touching. Give them the spread.

Aoo hooked on the other tooth. pulled it in Bada bing bada boom I got one more to go that's almost in all the way and then and then that's it. So oh thanks Wayne Walker um yeah, so that's that's it. That's how that works.

So Works uh works pretty good. Oh I did swallow a uh a wire though, which that kind of had me nervous. I didn't go sifting to see if it came out but I assume it did I have a uh I had a wire that broke and then the there's a there's a coil spring in between a couple of my teeth. It's called an open coil creates room and um that wire broke and I felt it and I got I reached in my mouth and I pulled out the spring but then I didn't find the wire.
So I assume I swallowed it. Uh, my. my orthodontist wanted me to go get x-rays and such just in case. She was pretty worried about it and it's been several months I think I'm okay.

um yeah, sorry about the commercial thing here folks. Let me see. Just stand by here. I don't know.

Let me I'm G to see if there's anything here. Oh look at this. let YouTube insert mid roll ads recommended. Oh, watch this.

It doesn't let me turn it off, but it says here: I can make it conservative, less interrupted viewer experience. Save let me know if that fixes it for you folks. there's a little setting over here Channel level settings. We'll see what happens there.

Yeah I bet I pooped it out. That's what I'm hoping for. It was only like maybe like 13 or 14 millimeters long so and it was super thin I Imagine I imagine it came out the back door. that's my guess.

So no dorm's never tried to bribe me. Yeah I will on occasion if somebody wants a video. like if there's a company that wanted a video to host on their site like has nothing to do with my YouTube channel my people or anything they just want excuse me sparkly water and chili w if they want just a video like we did one a while ago for. Cardone we've done one for all state.

We've done a couple videos like that where they take thanks X Ranch they take and just put it on their they host it on their channel has nothing to do with self-made Auto other than my likeness I guess it's called I I'm you go ahead and do that. That's fine because that doesn't seem uh no no that means that means don't give super chats Thanks Fluffy. but but um, yeah, that's it. Oh what's else we got here? the Snap-on truck to we do got a new Snap-on guy.

Well he's been around for a while I had to get some warranty stuff from him today. it's up my box I Don't have it yet. but uh, who started the brake clean sound effect that is the OG of the South Main Auto Channel Mike that started a long time ago and evidently there is some confusion that I stole it from Rainman Ray Well let it be known that I gave it to Ra Man Ray to use because I thought it would be funny because I don't know there was some video he was doing and people were saying something like he stole something from me I was like here, use this brake clean sound That'll really get the people wound up so it got the people wound up. Trust me it did exactly what we needed to do.

Oh what is the name of the orange box that I used to test the load side of a relay? Well let me get it for you. It is the AES wave you test you activate sorry I'll go get it I'll show you it's from Aeswave decom. Check them out. These things are pretty hard to get.

they usually don't have them in stock. they're always on back order so this is what it is. It's the AES wave. Now that you we've seen this, I can plug my light back in.
Stand by. it's the Ases wave you activate. What this does essentially is it has a bunch of different cords that you plug in. you plug into the back of it and then they have different configurations depending on what relay you're putting this in.

place of. So we've got a multi-pin one. Um, you have? You know this this style relay here and there's several. There's one, two, there's three, three, or four other ones.

So you plug this in place of the relay and then plug it in the back of your box. This box and it gives you the ability to turn on the relay. Essentially, it gives you the ability to test each pin Pin 85, 86, 87, 87a and 30 right across the top. And then it gives you the ability to switch on Pin 87 or switch on Pin 87a from Pin 30, which Pin 30.

Generally speaking, if your wires relayed correctly is your load side power. it has an amp clamp Loop down here that you can throw an amp clamp on it, turn on the accessory, measure, the current going through, you know the fuel pump or whatever. Uh has a I've never read the directions on it so, but that that's it. essentially.

Uh. Apparently it has a 25 amp Auto reset circuit breaker in it because that's what that Led is there and then I've never really looked into what the other LEDs are on it. However, we used it in the Jeep video the other day and Pin 85 and 86 were inverted at least from what the wiring diagram said versus what they are in here. And that is not uncommon.

Um, pin 85 and 86 depending on the type of relay, whether or not it has a built-in uh, you know, flyback suppressor diode in it or however you want to call that which one is powered and which one isn't um, often times you will see wire diagrams that the control side 85 and 86 the wires are. You know one way or another that um, when we were looking at that vehicle, neither 85 or 86 were powered. Um, and then we you know we located it or we trace the problem down to uh, the fuse box having just poor connection on the fuse. So that's that tool.

you can check them out at aeswave docomond that it does anything. but that's that. So that's what that is. Um, it's nothing fancy, it doesn't uh doesn't really do anything other than give you remote access so you're not down there in the Box you know, looking for looking for Pins If you can't afford to use one of those uh, there is another alternative and that is these uh relay jumpers.

Let me, uh, let me see what I got here for you. stand by folks, these are made by Ly tools uh, not a sponsor. There's a part number on that it is a 6, 0 610 and then the other. The other kit I have is a Mac Tools one.

but if you just go on Amazon and Google like uh, relay test jumper kit, relay test jumper kit number two this will do. It'll do. kind of what that does. It gives you access to the relay pin so you pull the relay out, you stick this in the Box you stick your relay on top of this and then it has your pins labeled out here like pin one, two, 3, four, and five and then you can go through and check your load side control side.
Um, most relays only take about 100 milliamps to turn them on so you can use your test light to turn it on. you know you've got big ones like this and then they have pins you know, 85 through, you know, 87a labeled across outside. So you can do all your testing with the relay in place which is kind of nice. So the these are good bits of kit here, good bits of Kit to have so that's that.

If you're looking for some in line relay jumpers so you can test the circuit dynamically with the load in place, these are these are the things to use. So yeah, that's that's one thing I like to use. So yeah and Mike Miller there says he likes a jumpers but he also has the bypass relay switches which those are nice to use. um which he's talking about these here.

So Relay Bypass I don't know bypass Common relay so this is just a set of three in this package and that's all they are. They just bypass the uh, the load side. They have a simple onoff switch so this is kind of nice. Like for example, if you're um, you know it's like a the fuel pump's not working well I Got to get back there and we got to load test these wires.

but you know I don't want to leave the key on and leave the scan tool. Or maybe the scan tool test only runs for 30 seconds because it's General Motors and it, you know, shuts off? Whoa. Christopher Thanks dude. Appreciate that.

Gotta sign up here though. Appreciate it. Um, and you got to go back and check the wires. Throw in the relay bypass, flick that baby on and you know go back and do what you got to do.

That's what. Uh, that's what I use those for. So so that guy just says he's he says dang ads I turned them down as low as they go according to the YouTube settings. So I apologize.

if you're getting smoked with ads, let me make sure it still is there. Yeah, it says oh, you know what I can actually it say well we'll just we'll just leave it like that. It says it's on conservative, we're being conservative. Um, two ads that time let me turn off maybe.

oh you know what we can turn. choose how midrolls ads appear I'm I'm might have to fiddle with this later. Oops discard changes. Okay, I'll have to fiddle with that later.

Super Come on Randy Um, we'll have to fiddle with that later. I I Don't know this. That's all in the control of the YouTube people. far as I know, um oh Karen says she gets no ads and uh, same with blazer O2 LS that guy's been on our YouTube channel I think since the beginning don't know his real name, makes very intelligent comments.

don't want him to think he's going unrecognized. Um, do you have a team who edits the videos? I guess if I'm a team I'm just the one one man band man I I do the recording with my little handy Cam and then I go home and edit the videos so they're on my they're in my pocket on my little jump drive. The thing's gone through the wash like 45 times. Works like a champ.
Think: think solid. um I don't have anything that I can cover that up I know it's washed out but I got my light on there. we go kill the light. uh Colin's been with us since 50k.

Subs Yeah, no kidding man. thanks. Colin You go recognize too my man. Um, let's see the first car I worked on as a professional dude I have no idea I mean I've been fixing junk since I was a little kid.

um the very first. Uh, let's see. I meant you can't read the other super chats. Oh that.

Oh no. Well I hope I didn't miss I'm sorry if I did. but the first sole memory I have of like a hardcore mechanic Endeavor was my 1972 Honda CT70 minibike. uh wanted that baby bad, found it at a yard sale in a box Motors tore to Pieces it was the very first engine I rebuilt which I did.

had to get new piston rings and bells and all the stuff for it and then uh, didn't want to wait for my dad to help me, did it myself, threw that time and chain on there like a champ. smashed every valve in it. well both of them. uh because I really didn't have a clear understanding of timing marks I knew valves had to open and closed and Spark had to spark and gas.

had to do what gas does but I didn't know. had to do it all at the right time. So needless to say, the second go round I' let my dad help me at least put the time and chain on lots of stories with that. Seen one on Craigslist the other day.

$111,000 for a Honda CT70 fully restored Mint Condition Thing was absolutely gorgeous. Had matching helmet too. had a matching gold helmet so uh, needless to say I think I only paid maybe around $100 for mine but I got $110,000 worth of use out of it. That thing was fun I got more stories on that little mini bike when was a kid.

Yeah! I would love to have another Ct7 I think it was cool three-speed automatic gas tank under the seat I'll tell you I don't know maybe I've told you one time before if I have I apologize for a double story but I almost burned down my dad's shed and potentially our house as a child. so I would take my my CT70 at the time my dad did road service calls so behind we had a we had a Ford F Superduty uh with a Sentry body or no no yeah I had a sentry body on it or homes body no Sentry body and uh so he would do service calls at the truck stop and you know change big truck tires and stuff like that. you know trucks were froze up and get them unfrozen fix Airlines you know things like that. So anyhow in that truck he had an air compressor.

it's a gas powerered air compressor and I was a little kid and I was always out of gas in my minibike but I knew he always had gas in that trailer. So I would go and steal my dad's gas gugug, fill up my mini bike and then at you know, 2:00 in the morning. well man's on the side of the road doing a service call and his air compressor runs out of gas and his gas can's empty. uh despite probably getting a few ass beaten for that I still stole his gas.
um and then he started locking his trailer and then one time one of my buddies was over I was like hey you want to rip on the mini bike so we're ripping on the mini bike Well lo and behold we ran out of gas. um I still didn't have a job or money or or gas so I told him I said I know where we can get some gas So I went got into the trailer and got some gas but little did I know that my dad filled the gas can full of diesel fuel because he was going to teach me a lesson. So Gugug glug we filled up the mini Mike take off with it and then a big old cloud of white smoke and that was it. It's a long story short, we push it back I figure out that I got screwed by my old man because he put diesel fuel in it.

So we push out back of the garage or a little shed there at the time and it was made out of uh you know rough cut. you know it's like 20-y old rough cut dryer in a bone and uh we we take and flip the flip the mini bike over and dump all the diesel fuel out on the ground and then we flip it back over once we get the diesel fuel out of it and then we go siphon gas out of the lawn mower I was a terrible child, trust me, we take the gas from his lawnmower. We fill up the minibike where we can't get the suckers to start and had Brothers growing up watched them. you know, light a few spark plugs into snowmobiles with you know, cigarette lighters and stuff.

So go inside and get me some matches. Well you can probably see where this is going. So we take the spark plug out and we're we're burning with matches. next match, next match.

you know this thing's not really getting dry. Well one of the matches got down to my low fingers I threw that and of course there gas and Diesel feel pretty much everywhere. And the next sound we heard was W And it was the minibike. She was on fire.

Woo! If my parents knew that, well, my dad's dead and my mom probably wouldn't care right now. but back then that probably would have constituted another ass woman. Although we did get the minibike running after that. but the gas cap didn't fit on top of the gas tank quite as good anymore because that burnt pretty good.

Fortunately, the gas tank was full from the gas we stole from the lawn mower. and uh, hopefully it's not my Mom calling me. Nope, it's not. We'll have to leave that off the hook because some YouTub going to keep calling.

Um let me go stick this in the back room so we don't have to listen to it. So yeah, so that's how that's how we almost burnt down the uh buring down the shed. uh my buddy. he's long since moved on.

um I don't know where he lives now. we were childhood friends and he's long gone, but um I mean he's still alive last I knew but that's that's what happened to the CT70 um we lit her up and then I never stole gas from my dad again I probably did, but for at least a week or two I didn't and I never told him. Yep yeah, the gas tank was plastic, had a plastic uh cap too. but when the top of the tank was burning, it started to melt down in I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly, we put it out with rhubarb because my mom used to grow rhubarb around the back of the shed there where we dumped all the diesel fuel and they have big leaves on it I remember kicking it and doing all kinds of stuff trying to get the fire out so we probably put it out with rhubarb? Yep, so that's that's the CT70 and then from there got a lot more stories with it.
Good times, good times. It eventually ended up spray painted flat, black who's your stickers on it and then ended up at the bottom of the river. That's that was its resting place. Yep, yeah, Dad Just know.

And now as I was growing up I remember my parents telling me I hope you have kids that act just like you and guess what? I got three of them so we've had some experiences. Yeah, we'll leave it at that. Um, let's see. Oh yeah, we had quite the childhood.

Yeah, your parents curse you with that. That's why I Tell my. that's why I tell my kids all the time right now I said when you get a house I'm gonna come in I'm GNA turn on all the lights I'm G open the doors I'm G open all your cabinets I'm gonna put dirty dishes everywhere I'm G piss all over your toilet seat and we're going to leave and we will. mark my word I know I know Mrs o them kids got it coming.

Have I ever programmed Volvo keys I have not don't work on any Volvos I don't know anybody owns a Volvo uh let's see. Oh yeah, so this guy guy in the Ch there says he sent me. He sent me this lice of plate. This lice of plate right here.

it's getting a little Dusty have to wipe it off. got to leave it up here in the player W fits nice. We got lots of license plates kicking out here. Give their children some permanent magic markers.

that's pretty evil, but I'm going to remember that one. H what do I use to program keys? So I don't program Keys a lot but I have the altel was it Im508. Is that what they call it the altel Im508. That's what I use.

Don't do a lot of keys though. Um, almost. Not enough to justify having the tool. but we do do some.

Am I a big fan of the Power Probe Why or why not? Uh, yes and no. uh. I'm a fan of it personally. Uh I like my Power Probe 4 but it's because because I uh, understand electrical Theory I understand how the Power Probe Works uh, precisely because I've read all the instructions with it I know it's impedance I know what it takes to activate the LEDs versus the tone and can understand what it says on the screen giving it to a new guy I would say no.
it's an absolutely terrible tool. Um, it's a good tool for for what it is if it's used within its limitations because it has limitation. So I hope that answers the question for you. Um, might be a might be a wrong way of saying it, but for what it is it, it does exactly what it says it does.

Um, but it does have limitations. so and it can be dangerous. If you don't know how to use it, it can be very dangerous. Oh, welcome to the Early Access Al Yeah, it's good for letting the smoke out.

That's what Robins Auto Repair says and he is true. If you don't know how to use the tool, it is extremely dangerous. Incandescent Tes Slate Not Dangerous Power Probe Super dangerous. Uh, in the wrong hands, you know incandescent tesate.

You can poke just about any wire on the car. You're not gonna. You're not gonna smoke a module or do any of the stuff that you know the rumors have. but is this still alive? It is.

Wayne We're still alive and well. Um, uh yeah. Scope on a rope Man, You know the the Incandescent Test Light is perhaps still one of my favorite diagnostic tools. Give me a test light and a scope and a scan tool and we're usually pretty good.

You can do a lot with a test slate. Um, it's a very undervalued tool. Um, because a lot of the electrical fundamental Theory classes will really like. like tell you you can't use a test light, Don't use a test light has to be Led.

It has to be computer safe, blah blah blah. I Say show me a circuit on a PCM that I can probe with a grounded test slate 150 milliamp, 250 milliamp test slate. You show me the circuit that that will destroy the computer and I'll quit using mine. Offered that to a multitude of people and I've yet to get a single reply.

everybody. all you hear is crickets. So yep, you show me where that Tes light will let the smoke out of a computer and I'll quit using it. I Can think of one circuit that it might damage, but it's pretty rare.

Uh, how long will be a McCoy round? Uh, is he in Bosis? Uh, so he is not in Bosies and that's that's why he's here. So it's at a local high school I Don't know if I'm at Liberty to say which one you know. patient confidentiality type stuff. Uh, he's at a local high school which sends their students to the Bosis program which is a vocational, uh, local vocational stuff.

Um I don't I don't really know how to explain it. he's a he's a good student. um, he, you know, excels academically and uh, you know in sports and all that stuff. he's you know, top of his class type thing.

What What the heck was that something? um I I got to think of the words and how to say this. so they're think you know he wants I what the world he wants to pursue like a blue collar type work I guess we'll call it. you know something in the trades, uh, whether it's you know in a freaking is that really a mosquito? um, you know something in the trades you know, perhaps in a union I don't know. some something working with us hand some type of physical type Blue Collar work I Don't know if that word is appropriate or acceptable in 2024, but that's the word I'm using and he doesn't want to go to the Bosies program uh which is understandable and I'm not gonna sit here and Trash Talk the Bose program.
But the way our schools are run nowadays, the uh Bose program is pretty much a joke. Um, they take any kid they can take whether the kid has abilities or not. Uh, whether he's going to pursue that certain trade or not he or she is going to pursue a certain trade. Um, it's very difficult for the teachers to have.

Let's say, 30 students in a automotive class that now is not just Automotive based. They're not just teaching. You know you don't just show up, do classroom time and then do shop time. They now put you know, have to put in an hour or so of academics each day.

To, you know, English math. Uh, stuff of that part into the classroom time. So that cuts in on the kids actual trade learning even though it is usually geared towards their trade. You know the mathematics will be geared towards you know, construction or Automotive whatever.

but it's it's it's a failing program in my opinion. So this school that he's coming from is trying a different avenue where they can take kids who are who have skills and abilities and wanted or likely going to do blue collar type work and inserting them into the trades into the different trades to let them see like you know this. If you're not going to college and you know this is a route that you might pursue, you know here's you know. Here's what it looks like.

So yeah, Bose's is awful anymore. I Didn't want to say it because I I I Hate trash talking a a program when I went to Bose's it was great. You didn't You screwed around, you were done. That was it.

Our first day we had like 30 kids. second day we had 15. You know that was it. You didn't you around at oh, you were done.

it was over and you know of course there was a little more grace giving as time went on. You know you're obviously you know you're missing your frontal lobe. you're 17 years old. You're in the Bosies program.

You're going to do something stupid. Obviously, you're male so you know. As time went on we were, we were allowed a little bit of Grace and in in our class. but initially there was.

there was nothing and they didn't teach to the bottom of the class. They taught to the top of the class and allowed people in those programs to excel. But uh, things are different now. So yeah, things are way different now.

You know you go to the school and you know kids getting coddled and it's just it's just a mess but you get into that. then people get all pissed off in the comments so we'll leave that alone. That's my opinion on schools. Did Josh leave? No my boy Josh he's still here.
still going strong. Uh, let's see well that that's how it is. JD They do a half a day in regular school English science, math Etc academics and then they go to Bosis. but now when they go to Bosis there's more academics.

Um, so you know it cuts into, you know, cuts into the trade portion of it. the learning part. And then with with the shortage of teachers and the inability to you know kick kids out of class, you know troublemakers to get rid of them. It just becomes a dumping ground.

and you know you just end up with a class full of bad kids. and you know I'm not saying every kid needs deserves to be kicked out I Don't know. You know different kids home lives things like that. Maybe they need this adult Mentor But play stupid games, you win stupid prizes I Mean that's I don't know I'm a little cynical when it comes to some of that stuff.

If my kid goes there and he's screwing around, throw his ass out. I Mean that's just tough luck dude. This is how the real world works. You know? Yep, it's just I don't know things are different Does McCoy enjoy working at SMA Uh I would I think he does if he doesn't I I have asked him and he says he does so I have no reason to not believe him.

Um, have you ever heard of Excel Pedal Ap2 data dropping out on Dodge and live data? Yes, that is super common and it is part of the circuit check. So if you want to, um, see that for yourself on live data, it doesn't it doesn't. Um ACR Data quick enough to see the regularity of that. but if you put a scope on it and you're looking at your AP signal, you will see that drop out at exact time intervals regardless of AP position.

So if you're seeing that in your live data that is not broken, that is just how it works. I think you can find that I think you can find that in service data perhaps I Remember the first time I saw that though um I was thinking like aha, found the Smoking Gun and then and then you see the regularity to it when you put a scope on it and you're like wait a minute Something ain't right. Yep, uh let's see what brand of scanners do I Prefer Short answer: Al Tell oh man yeah the 7 CT70 man he get me thinking about that again. Uh I Do Not pay McCoy He is here on an internship simply to observe and learn.

Um I I Do have something in mind for when it's over but uh currently no. I I Do not pay him, he's he's here from school. Do I need another? CT70 I've I've seen them on the Craigslist in the Facebook Marketplace I don't I don't need one per se but uh anyways, where do you buy good quality Toyota parts I buy my Toyota parts from the Toyota dealer and then and they're as good as quality as Oh yeah? uh, let's see not Craigslist Yeah man, who doesn't use Craigslist I still use a maybe because I'm old I don't I don't have a Facebook account for my personal stuff but uh, my kids have some Facebook Marketplace So I borrow their phone and and and troll through that to find good deals or I tell my kids what I'm looking for when they're on the marketplace scrolling they tell me and then we go from there. Uh yeah.
so I I still use I still use a Craigslist uh any junk aftermarket parts recently? oh yeah, I'm alive of breathing ain't I they're getting worse by the day. It's getting to the point where I have been doing more OEM like for example I got a Subaru out there I got a subu cross Trek out there it's got the shimmies and the shakes and clicking and a clanking when you're turning the corners and I just bought, you know? Oh I just quoted a lady on OEM CV axles I'm like if she wants aftermarkets, she can just go somewhere else because I am not going through that I don't even want to put them in if you bring them to me and we just did a video. well it's not even out yet. it's in my pocket still.

I Don't think it's out on a um Ford Ecosport. same thing. front axles, clicking, crunching, snapping and you know we put in some Motorcraft brand new Motorcraft Yeah, you know what they're They're twice the cost of or aftermarket. but I Got no freaking problems.

They fit perfect. They don't shake, shimmy rattle Rock Roll Nothing You know they're they're good. and I would you know if they're $250 versus $150 Tough titty. take it or leave it if you if you want um, you know, then then uh, you know, go somewhere else.

but that's just that's just how it is. Any help on quitting dip, just quit doing. that's what I did just stop have your little daughter come up to you and say are you going to quit chewing and they say yeah, honey, when this roll's gone and then when that roll's gone, you just quit chewing and then you're mean and angry and pissy pants for about three days and then life goes on. Um, what? What's the Bell that dings in my video? That's when the front door opens or the side door.

one of the doors ex. one of the external doors opens up. It dings. So so John Meyers says he gets a 100 milliamp draw every 12 minutes for one second.

Ford Focus Not the security light. That's interesting that you mention that John because I just watched a video from a young man. Um I do not remember his name. he doesn't have like a super popular YouTube channel and he had a Ford but it was a Ford truck that was in for an alleged battery draw which um you know if I remember correct I'm going to get it wrong but it was like it was like a long time.

like the truck had to sit like three weeks or something like a very extended period of time. which I thought was kind of. you know, kind of unusual. but this this kid traces this thing down I mean with he just this kid went after this thing and ended up tracing it down.

You know which network was coming alive? First you know he found out which can buus was turning on. Then he found which module was turning on exactly. Long story short, it was the TPMS module that was turning on every every so many minutes. Like you know, it's kind of reminded me of yours like every every 12 minutes is I don't remember the particulars but then he ended up removing all the wheels from the vehicle, sticking them completely in another room and the draw was gone.
The the one would pop on for just brief moment. just a very small fraction of time over a period of time was coming from the TPMS sensors is what he had determined. Um, as he was bolting the Veh, you know he had the tires all sitting away and then you know, period. Long periods time went by, no draw, brought the tires over, started bolting them on, and you know, modules turning on.

it's going haywire. I Commented on his video and asked him if he had ever tested a known good like is this, you know He made a determination that the TPMS sensors are bad. um I'm not going to knock it because I'm not there and he did not put new TPMS sensors in it while it was at a shop so there's no way to prove that. I asked him if it's a normal function of that vehicle.

Did he ever test the same like make model everything sitting stationary because his current draw over time was still in the extremely low milliamps. like eight milliamps or something. You know, almost nothing. rather so that makes me wonder on your car.

I Say that to say this that it makes me wonder on your car if that's the case. Um, without. Um yeah. I'll answer that question in a minute without.

Uh, if you have a lift and without doing any like super in-depth testing, it would be curious to take your car and unb all the wheels and roll them over a long ways away from your car and see if that draw is still there. Um I I need to find that guy's video. Uh, it should be in my history but uh it was an interesting video and his approach was was really good. That's what I was impressed with.

like he like I'm like that's that's a really good way to start narrowing this down because he knew he had a module tur it on. But the way he tracked it down was was very methodical. but it took days. you know, days and days and days weekends.

he's working on this thing. but uh I don't know how much he edited out but it looked like a pretty solid thought process. uh to me. So um, this guy wrote here: is it wants any recommendation? Any recommend tools to improve his diagnostic abilities? My answer to that would be knowledge.

Um, if you want to improve your diagnostic abilities and do it in a you know, methodical type way, the scanner Danner premium channel um is is great. the way he's got it laid out. If you're just looking for, you know just to get started and you want to get out of this you know, death trap of flow charts and start understanding electrical. Theory I Think he does a good job so that's that would be my suggestion.
That's the best tool you can have is the one that's between your ears. If you get that thing working right, it doesn't really matter what kind of screwdrivers and stuff you have, you know, So that's my thoughts. Um yeah, this guy says he had aftermarket. Uh Jeep front prop shafts last 18 months.

Almost no grease in each end. Yeah, that's the way it is. man. I Tell you so this aftermarket stuff is just getting terrible.

terrible. Um, let's see. Oops, let's get these things to quit clicking. We'll find one here.

Prine Automotive that's Andrew right down the road in Danville New York So we're at exit one. he's at Exit four or five. that's your Danville exit here if you're on the 390. Northbound Um, why don't I have TV is there anything good on? TV No, not that I've seen.

um how did I meet? Mrs o Oh, that's a long story. Uh, back in school back in the Bosies I was a bad kid. she was a bad kid. We're bad kids together and now we're married and we have kids who act just like us.

Isn't that ironic? don't you think? Don't Don't get me singing it, get some Atlantis moriset going on in here. Uh um, let's see. oops Blazer is answering somebody's question which I didn't see it. some uh, you can buy various bulbs that fit inside common Tes slates you have to make uh or you just make them using known amperage like five watt marker bulb, 35 watt turn bulb, 55 watt headlight.

That is so true and I have multiple test lights I don't know what question he was answering but uh, that that that's what I do um we have multiple test sits I mean you guys have seen my my homemade ones. They're nothing fancy, just some wires soldered on some pigtails. We'll get them for you so standby so you know depends on what kind of load you're trying to substitute. Let right here it's about 100 milliamps use my lowest lowest.

It barely turn on a relay but it still turns on this one right here. 175 milliamps the other one in there which I didn't bring is 250 this one here I got marked at 4 amps. it's just wires I take a needle and I solder it on the end. put a little heat shrink on it and you know that's that this one here.

We got this labeled at 250 this one here I didn't label it but it's around 2 amps or so. It's your classic 3157 na probably I don't have my glass glasses so I can't read it probably 3157 na. dual filament got a ground and then we have two different filaments. We got two different loads through one bulb.

So yeah, I mean you, these are just cut offs from the junkyard or the auto recycling facility as they like to be called. so there's that. that's you know you can build yourself test equipment pretty cheap when it comes to substituted loads. so just in case you wonder, you don't have to have a million bazillion dollars tied up in it.

DIY Dave says he's got a garage full of Toyotas right now. Say it ain't so don't worry, they're just all out of washer fluid. Ah, what kind of wire strippers am I always using Snap-on ones. My favorite ones.
not a Snap-On Fanboy but any stretch of imagination. These are my favorites right here. Plug in the light! I Did buy a pair of Chinesium ones to see if they're any good and they were garbage because people are always asking. So because most people don't want to buy these off the snamp, these are $65 $64 and some change.

They're perhaps my favorite pair of stripper crimper dads. Um, you can no longer see the part on them. Yes, you can I need to get my glasses out. It is if you're buying them from Snap-on it is a Papa whiskey Charlie Sierra Seven Charlie Fox Trop would be my assumption, it looks like an S yeah Papa whiskey Charlie Sierra Seven Charlie Fox Trot and I got these from the Amazon.

They look just like them, but there's lots of things in life. Look, looks can be deceiving and they are deceiving. They're junk so don't buy the cheapies from Amazon they don't. They don't work that good.

I got them because they were cheap and people are always asking and I thought they look like a pretty good knockoff of the Snap-on and they set up on my board now and I don't even know why I keep them because they don't work I like those ones and then I like these ones. these are a a straight on one so you can come straight onto the wire. Let's say you got some wires, you got a pigtail and it's in a tough spot and you can't get in there sideways so you can come at them straight on. These are also made by snapping now I don't use these that often.

they're they've got your classic screw Cutters on it because you know we're always cutting machine screws like nobody ever. but uh yeah, these work good. straight in I think we used these the other day in a video. If not, it's a video that's coming out and these are a papa whiskey Charlie Hotel 7 PW ch7 that has a part number on that.

Maybe you can see that one and these are a sometimes but not always. Yeah I like them but I don't use them all the time. so I like these things. Uh let's see the Carlile ones like that are nice too.

Oh okay, that's good to know. I will have to look to see if they show the Carl ones cuz I like to put links but you can't put links to snap on. Well I guess you can but I like to put links off Amazon because if people buy stuff there we get a little Kickback you know that's how that works H Let's see Oh Misso was 100% B she was a worse kid than I was and I'm not at Liberty to say her stories although I know most of them and was involved in some of them. but she was way worse than I was.

So think about that for a while. she was naughty, naughty naughty. Maybe we can invite her on sometime and uh, she can relive The Glory Days I don't think you call them Glory Days when it's full of regret. But anyways, the Mrs o do weed I'm not at Liberty to say what she does did or didn't do but uh yeah, she was naughty.
way naughtier than me. that's all I know Yep, yeah, no one knows he's bad. So anyways, oh s straight H horizontal yeah it could be yeah. Snap-on part numbers are funny like that.

You can usually figure out what the tool is based on the part number. yeah, those were the day I Don't know if you would say those were the dates. Those are the days that I try to get my kids to avoid because we want them to learn from our mistakes. However, yeah, you know.

So what else we got? Yeah, no, she was she naughty naughty naughty. H Let's see what else we got. Yeah she's a good kid now. we both are somewhat tats.

Oh she's got tattoo I Don't have any tattoos. Miss those got tattoos I don't many. she's got a couple of them. Yep.

r1234 YF is a $2,000 for1 pounds. You gotta be shushing me I don't even want to look right now. Last time I bought it I think we paid 700 bucks around 650 or 700 for 10 pounds. Um, what do I think about new cars using pots with modulated signals on simple circuits like Hood latches to conserve current? That's interesting Hunter I don't I don't know I don't I wouldn't know what to think of that.

That's seems kind of weird because those circuits really didn't draw much current to begin with. I would be curious to know if that's if that is indeed is how they're work in simple C circuits like switches. Is that is that necessarily why I wouldn't I wouldn't I would have to think about why they would use a Pwm circuit on a simple open close switch. Yeah because all the signal sensing you know circuit Diagnostics can be made with just a simple voltage on it.

you know, pulled high or pulled low I don't know I don't know what to think of that and I can't say that. um that I've ran across that yet or seen that it loves it when I'm saying no, she was naughty naughty NAU she was I wish I could tell you some stuff, but she would probably not be happy with me. Plus it's it would be rude of me to say without her permission. Um uh yeah, let's see yeah, that's yeah Ben Ben Madison he he wrote something here and I haven't I can't think about it because I can't do two things at once.

Oh my goodness, it's misso. You're on. You're on live chat. Wow Live.

Yeah, So did you know we were just talking about? you must be So the people Now we

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  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @mastocytoma1 says:

    I hate that I miss these!!!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @mickc4633 says:

    So you do not work on spaceships? That’s a bummer.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @solarcitygarage says:

    On the cylinder head deal, That is why I don't allow people to bring in their own parts—period!

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @petescustomcarshop5111 says:

    I don't unhook the battery either never had a problem.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @johnds6621 says:

    Love the Live Streaming but you should as Luna to join you for a little extra color. LOL Thank you for you time but wouldn't you rather be home chilling?

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @TeemarkConvair says:

    io gave up adblock,,and went premium

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @GrandadTinkerer says:

    On the subject of children turning out like their parents:
    One of my dad's friends, Walter, was complaining about his son being a tearaway. My dad's answer to him was,
    "Wally, you can't breed a tame one from a wild one!"…

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @mikemiller3565 says:

    Love the live talk. Thanks

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @truthsmiles says:

    On sponsorships: Would it maybe feel better if you put a bright yellow border on the screen with the word “Advertisement” while you say whatever they want you to?

    We’re all used to seeing them (and ignoring them) on other channels, and for me anyway, knowing you got 5 figures makes it completely worth it to push the “skip ahead” button a few times… Take Mrs. O on a nice vacation or something!

    EDIT: If the screen effects are too much, you could get a green baseball cap with a big dollar sign on it and throw it on for the sponsorship haha. Anything to make it visually obvious to “fast forwarders” is really kind 🙂

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @andrewstratton806 says:

    Now it makes sense why new york comes out with new license plates every few years

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @earlestes8649 says:

    I had chows and they generally don’t like cats, but as long as the cat didn’t run from them they was ok, the second they showed fear they were dead.☠️

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @262markm says:

    Thanks for staying genuine and no sponsors. I have watched a few channels that didn’t have sponsors now they do and it all feels scripted now. Example vgg

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @hakanstockselius1942 says:

    hi eric, p06222 on dodge,have change alternator,pcm problem?best regards from spain

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @carltonlane8931 says:

    Brilliant thanks for the video,over the pond,ball joints,max allowed movement in joint 10%of ball socket?,but no splits or tears,so ,so around here,people tend to fail on the boot,rather than movement,minefield.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @earlestes8649 says:

    Same here OEM is the only way to go! I do my own work mostly. Got burned on a front wheel bearing from autopone lol. Had about 15000 to 20000 miles on it and junk! They claimed they couldn’t get an oem went to orielly and they got me one.. about $50 more than the junk ones.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @michaelreese3950 says:

    “Hopefully that’s not my mom”.😂

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @michaelreese3950 says:

    I would easily say that you, my friend, are my favorite YouTube mechanic. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker if you were sponsored, but the sponsorships can get in the way of the actual content. You are the real deal and no bs. I watched this later and didn’t see a bunch of ads.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @douglas2lee929 says:

    Whatever happened to the old guy on the electric scooter who used to come by?

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @earlestes8649 says:

    Hello Eric missed it hopefully will catch ya next time

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @larryterrill7302 says:

    Last time I checked you only need to be state certified in Michigan and Hawaii.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @carltonlane8931 says:

    Piss on there toilet seat,made me laugh,smile for hours,brilliant.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @michaelhuffer9966 says:

    Does your wife work on car.😊😊

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @stagggerlee says:

    Most of the tv shows are so staged they loose actual reality. Good choice, stay you!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @larryterrill7302 says:

    Amen Eric. My automotive class at Career Center in high school was no nonsense. You came to learn and work or you got dropped from the program

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @JohnWick-xz9tc says:

    to find a video that you committed on go to history then comments. that is how I do it.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @voltz3346 says:

    You don't work on euros cuz they don't stock em down at Wilbert's lol

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @Paulwe4 says:

    Rainman even said you gave it to him

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @tjkaczynski5896 says:

    Inspections in Pa are no different. Money is the name of the game! Screw the citizens.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @tjkaczynski5896 says:

    When we were in lock down back in 2020 , I tried to retire, took 6 months to do so. Drove to SSI building at 2 different locations.
    Doors chained shut at both locations. But I did notice didn't stop the 300 or 400 lb employees from dragging into the building coolers full of lunch. It was unbelievable!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @NickAlexander_is_Awesome says:

    I heard about the issues with ad blocker, but I'm happy to say most ad blockers have updated to get around YouTube's restrictions. All that to say that most ad blockers that are any decent quality will work fine now, no issues.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @hambdenbob7616 says:

    Big "O",Just Some Simple "Thanx" For The Way You Operate..!! Carry On,Mister..!!

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @gregjohnson2073 says:

    What's a super chat?

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @aaronb1300 says:


  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @natedawg455 says:

    Every machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars @legogummybear5 says:

    You're a great story teller Eric!