In this video I bring you along as I replace the rear brakes on a 2012 Mini Cooper. The rear calipers are locked up tight so I had to replace those as well. Little out of my wheel house on this one folks.
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Well, here's the first one for us folks 2012. it's the Mini. It's got the big one Six. Uh, it needs some rear brakes.

Not a big mini guy. so I don't really know much about these things. uh I do know. However, the rear brakes aren't functioning.

the brake rotors are just solid. Rusty When I took this caliper off to give her a little inspection see, let's say he's gonna need the caliper to see straight up tight like tiger tight and it doesn't. the boot tripped off it. So I got us some caliper, some pad some rotors and we're gonna get after it.

This is a little bit. Me: I couldn't do this whole uh video using the English accent and so I thought about that for a bit and I I tried her a wee little bit and was going to throw in some Cockney rhyming like the old fork and knife told me and then uh I come to the conclusion I couldn't tell if I was from England Scotland or Australia So uh, we're gonna skip that part. We're gonna pull that little guy out with your classic T50 and then see what it takes to remove this bracket here and then get the rotor off. No look at that.

All right. So what do we have back here? I Grabbed a couple with the gas I grabbed a 15 that feels too big. All right these two big 15. I guess I'm gonna stick my head back here and actually have a look s like probably a 17.

I'm guessing no sir, must be 16 16 millimeter sock. It has to be about brand new. It's not something the guy uses very often that came off a little quicker than I expected. Wow, Here we go.

Got everything out of the floor. Fantastic! Here's your caliper bracket now I Know I've already started this process as they say in Canada but we'll do the other side and you'll see what that's all about. Give this shortener a little massage. Come here.

very nice. I'm gonna wear a needle Mills here. get the little clipping off the parking brake. So there's that little fella of the parking brake cable and I don't know if she sees up I don't know, she's good.

We can still get that off so it's uh. see if I can't do this one-handed the one-handed handy. probably not need to go get something to stick in that slot there. so I can do this one-handed No.

Go and get the cable off, let it caliper back out, see if our brake cable wiggles out of there, and then all we have to do now is unhook the brake hose. We've got some 14 mm. I Don't know if I got enough strength to hold this sucker and just give her a squeeze. Really nothing for me to leverage to my advantage here.

Let me, uh, come up with a process here. Ideally what a guy should do if he knows these scenes in the caliper. Just crack that little fell loose before you take the bracket off. But I didn't know there we go or just not be a complete wuss bag.

Let me go get a uh bucket here and stick under that thing. Here we are give it a classic spinner. So a typical Chrysler move right here. the thread it in brake hose now.

I Guess Ford does some of this too. Kind of a pain in the hoo-hoo because it's just a double flare on the end. of that is all that is. you know.
So there's your caliper. I Could say somebody at some point maybe did a brake job and wadded the you know, the boot all up and uh, that's what happened there. So then the Piston gets all seized up. These are screwy pisses.

If you guys you know if you're doing, we'll see what the other side holds for us. Let me go get the comment generator. There she is. she should have its own music.

Okay I'm gonna put seven thousand pounds of pension Force against that thing to stop the drips. Yes, I know if I step on the brake pedal, it'll also stop and drips and what else. Well, this isn't a banjo so we can't stick a belt stem in it. I Also know that host picture players work great and they don't cause any problems.

Believe it or not, this hose will hold back about 3000 psi of normal braking pressure. so the one pound outward force that I put on it to Simply stop the flow is not going to hurt it. So calm down. Now This is where the fellas across the pond got it going on.

right here, boys. No wheel studs. You ain't cleaning up some domestic pile doing that. Otherwise, we hate him.

Huge! Banks When you're changing tires, let me tell you, and they're falling off on the ground and they're I Know they make some pilot things for them, but we don't work on enough Euro Cars to justify owning those tools. But when it comes to cleaning the Hub face, you can't beat that. Every little Spritz of the film this box looks like maybe Napa's had this box since the early 2000s I Haven't seen a plain white break Order Box Remember many of moons rotor's not Rusty so that's good. The old school packing.

They've redesigned all their packing now so all the rotors come through. Rusty They vacuum seal them, have an anti-rust paper in there, plus a silica packet, and it's the rustiest rotors they've ever sold. Which is kind of ironic because these old ones that used to come packed with oil were rarely. Rusty The only time these ones are Rusty is if somebody got them and sent them back and had their greasy paw prints all over them.

So we're going to whack that little screw down there with a number one snugaduga. Sounds aggressive here right there? That is a Snugaduga. It's got some pads from Napper the silent guards. Hopefully they're correct.

I Hope we've seen many options. We had to get some calipers from the Advanced Auto and buffing them in a long time. Car Quest premiums Carquest Advance Island Depends what kind of box they come in I guess I don't know if it's Advanced Auto anymore or Park Quest Not sure. either way.

same junk. different colored box doesn't matter who you buy it from I guess away from China these are from Mexico Looks nicer than the one we have now, huh? That's got the boots. so we'll throw all this stuff in the core box, send it back to a foreign land. Let's see.
Uh, I'm gonna have to move you guys Easy easy. Let's peel them out to the side. We're going to check our pins. make sure they're gooey.

put the boots on all the way. they're pretty gooey. Well, you can hear it in there all right. Looks like our pad will fit in there.

does it like a glove. Let's see if any of these pads are different, but one side does have a wire wear sensor on it. electronic. This side is different so it's got the Bulge It's all bulged out I Imagine based on our clues that the Bulge is going to have to go on the inside because that's where it's relieved on yes ma'am That's right.

Yes, okay I Want to make sure I was telling you right? Yeah, the Bulge uh on the back of the pad I Believe it said this in surface date. Also, when I read it briefly. uh, that the Bulge pad is the one I think that holds the wire wear sensor and then naturally goes on the inside because that's the only way they're going to fit. So that's how they're going to go.

Regular pad pad with the Bulge Okay, now that we've clarified that, let's grab us some lubricant, right? You still your hammock here. Put a little bit underneath our clips a little, spread it around so there's that. set that down. We're going to use the hardware that came with the Napper pads.

a good quality. Hardware Comes with their pads to be honest with you. So there's that. We're going to put the one with the Bulge Remember on the inside I'll slip that baby in Hope fits nice.

The nine bulb G1 will go on the outside. There it is. That's that. Just like that, we're going to squish them together here just a little bit.

Okay, we'll save that for the other side. We will take our caliper. We're going to put a little grease on this baby even States this in service day which I thought was amazing. You don't see this too often unless it's a Honda or Toyota but apparently Mini finds the importance of greasing the Piston face as well as the other part of the caliper which is great.

And then we're going to slip that and I'll stick this right up here. This is not product placement, it's just a prop to prop it up. Gosh, that's all confusing. I don't care what brand parts you use, so there's that.

and then we'll torque these down to the proper fig: Newman which is, let me look on my sheet over here off camera off to the side. You guys think I memorized all this, but I don't actually print it out yesterday when I thought it was going to work out yesterday. This is their services. very confusing, but uh, let's see: Brake discs to wheel hub contact phase between brake disc wheel hub clean and grease free.

Oh, that was a little screw we put on there. Oh and make sure you place that screw. it tells you replace each side. so make sure you replace that brake caliper to wheel carrier guide screws hexagon screws for the R55 in the 56 57 58, 59, 60 61.
sounds like a Johnny Cash song right there. So I think that's chassis numbers. the thread is a Waf 13 Whatever the frig, that means replace self-locking nut or micro encapsulated screws. Nobody knows what that means either.

35 Fig Newtons Seems about right. Let's bust out the turkey wrench or most bolts that I see. Were these eight millimeter? probably? Yes, they look like eight millimeter in the United States of America. Most of them that we do are somewhere between 20 and 25.

foot pounds. So we're gonna switch this over to Fig Newtons and it says 35 of those which is equal to 25.8 pattern for you to talk see. So we could have just took a guess. Or if you live in reality, just give it a little snug.

Just a snug. just snug it up. Don't be an idiot, don't go too much. Don't go too little.

Okay, hang right on it. We're crushing the Box There's 25 of those 25.8 to be exact. and then it's a lot easier to do on the car. There's that 25.7 So it was just just shy 35..

So there we go. Let's go slap this baby on and then we'll put our hose on and everybody's gonna be happy. Put your hose on before you put this on though, because otherwise, well, you know it ain't gonna work. So we'll take this little plug out of the back.

oops, drop it directly on the floor. Probably should check to make sure our threads were good before we did all this. Oftentimes you get these rebuilt calipers and we're just rebuilt. Parts In general, threads are all frigged up.

Wow. We could have done this more of a back backwards way. couldn't we thought? So, we're going to spin this on here either. The points he's about to Snug up because you can finish snugging it out of the car because once she makes contact, you're not going to take it much further.

So there we go: unhook your comment generator which is right there. and if you got a pigtail curlicue in the hose, there's not a lot you can do because, well, it just is what it is. It's at where it's going to be at, but not a big curly cue in this one, so that's good. Uh, let me grab a little lock top so we can lactate these babies and we'll see how many Fig Newtons These are held backwards so we're gonna stick a little blue lactite because we don't want these wiggling out.

These are pretty small bolts. These are only 10 millimeter bolts and there's an option here for the amount of Newton meters. Whether it's a 10 or a 12 millimeter Bolt or what if it's an R60 or 61? I Guess that's the type, but these are 10 millimeter. Rest assured, how do you know? Simple 10 millimeter wrench fits over the threads.

12 would be too big so you see what I'm saying. That's a quick and dirty, quick and dirty way to tell what size are my bolts. Doesn't give you the thread pitch, but it'll tell you if it's a 10 millimeter bolt if you're struggling to look at it and say is that 10 millimeter Bolt A lot of people on the internet on the YouTubes as my mother-in-law causing you still making them YouTubes so she'll say she doesn't talk like that actually. but uh, they will call a bolt like this the size based off the size hex which in this case is a 16.
right? So sure, this is not a 16 millimeter bolt by any stretch of the imagination. It takes a 16 millimeter socket, but it is a 10 millimeter. Bolt So let's just clarify that there's one super duper popular channel on the Internet that the guy always calls it the Fastener by the heck size because I don't really have a pet peeve I don't have time for pet peeves. but these are stupid I have a pet peeve about people having pet peeves.

So there's that. Let's uh, crank her down 65 newton meters I'll give you the conversion here once. I do the math you just got to bear with me. It takes me a while to do math in my head I'll tell you.

Let me just think about it for a minute. 65 it says which is I think approximately Yeah, 47.9 That's why I was thinking 47.9 pound-feet of torque. That's what I was thinking I need an extension? Let's get up in here now boys. Oh, not too far.

Went way too far. There we go and that is 47.9 foot pounds. We'll just double check it. She should be tight.

Oh, she took it tight. And if you don't have a torque wrench, you know what you do. Use your noodle. Uh, there's that.

Of course you're going to want to torque down your brake line line at this point too. You don't have to murder this thing. Okay, just give it up and then you'll be good. Oh man, do we screw up.

No, we didn't No ma'am That's how you're supposed to do it right there boys. Just like that boys. and then you guys are always thinking of being. You guys are gonna give me.

You guys are pet peeve. Oh, he's in my freaking way. Man, come on man. come on man.

why won't Why won't you go through our little thought, oh, you're almost there. You almost there. Who's a big boy? Oh, that's what I'm talking about. They got that cable stretched.

Holy, it's got the suspension dripping down here at full group. That's why that's what these people say before. Droop good. Get in there jerk.

Well let me go. Uh, put it in all the way. I Feel like an idiot because he needs to come from the side here. All right, you don't piss me off now.

Boy, let me move the camera here. It's something nasty like I guess it is proper installed I Had to look it up because the other side they've got it. The retaining clip is twirl the round towards the inside I Have no idea how they got it in there and so I was just trying to mimic that. but I'm going to end up destroying it because it fits great this way.

I mean you can slide that baby right in. So I looked up and service data. They called this the Bowden cable Bowden cable and that's just the style cableness. So I thought that was kind of interesting.
Had to Google it Uh, but yeah. I Found in service today. They show a picture of this in this exact orientation with the bracket so we're good there. Let me just bang out the other side and we'll get this.

Blood Out Now on this side here. the only thing that's going to be different is our electronic wire wear sensor which isn't hitting the road hasn't hit the road yet I Don't know where it's supposed to go. it's just kind of hanging out back here I Assume there's probably some sort of missing Hardware or something I don't see I Do see that the boot on the Piston is all wadded up in there though. so we're likely going to need a caliper on this side too.

So to be a couple of smart guys, we're gonna crack the brake hose Loops here first and then so we'll leave that just fairly tight and then the other thing we'll do is we will release it the clip retaining our Bowden cable which I've already kind of had taken out because like I say it was twisted around and wedged against this little piece here which you can't see I've got it off canvas and nobody can see it which is which is great. It's not great so we're going to take this clip off because they've got it really jammed in there. Got a jammed in there right proper there we go get her spun around where we get to it. Now she'll pop right out.

there it is. so we'll take that clip out. Okay, that for the reinstallation of Bowden cable. I'm gonna call all parking brake cables plugin cables just based off their Style I guess a throttle cable would be a Bowden cable based on the Google description.

So there's that. Okay, like that. Yeehaw Let's find the other end of this connector. So there's the connect.

The connector sits up in here and then I Don't know if you guys can see or not, but the ABS wire also goes up in here and this is just kind of laying here, but there's a holder right here that's not broken. I assume it goes into that. it's just whatever jolly old chap had to go at this lad. Uh, that's probably not the proper term, probably just didn't put it back.

Let me see if we can't figure out the connector. Oh, there we go. Not really up on my English terminologies. That's a neat connector.

Quite interesting. quite interesting. Okay, well. let's follow this back.

get her unhooked and it goes here on this up in here. Come on today. I've got no strength. Some days are like that.

There we go, pop out of there right? Good it does out of there out of there. Am I undo an ABS or am I doing. Let me make sure we're not doing the right thing. Nope, we're doing the wrong thing.

I Thought so I Thought I might be because I remember looking in the package and seeing that the brake hose had or the brake wire had that stuff on it. So let me uh, plug this stuff back in right? good and unplug the other connector up there which looks just like this one, but it's white. Now that I've unplugged the correct one, we will run the new one through here and see what. uh where piercing look good? Sorry, it's the best place to run this.
It kind of stinks that somebody's already been up in this joint. We don't really know the proper routing and we know that these clip on here probably should go out and around the outside of that. like I See the connectors were up out of their holders once I Get this routed I'll show you where it ended up. it's obvious where these clip yes, but we have a bit of extra wire here and then you know the ABS wire and stuff.

I can see where it's been rubbing up here on the body. I Think the wisest thing to do is we're going to find a place to wire tie it because we certainly don't want the rubbish. Not trash, but rubbish like rubbing I guess would be the proper term and then where this comes around, the brake. Not real sure either.

It was just kind of laying back here like I said I assume something is missing, but here's what it is, isn't It always is what it is. It always is what it is. Okay I believe that can be stuck in the pad after everything's mounted. So we're going to call this all good.

Let me find a spot to wire a tie with two wires together here just so they're not rubbing on the suspension as this is back here doing what they do. Yeah I just put a couple zip ties on that harness and like I said I don't really know and then like I say I think once our new pads are here, we're getting boop boop click any click, we'll click it right in there. Uh, changing the caliper on this side otherwise is exactly the same. So I'm not going to bore you with that because we already just did it on that side.

So we're gonna pinch off our hose, unbolt the caliper, put the new stuff on, and we'll click this in and get it all bled out. So she's all in there with a full amount of Newtons and it appears that the brake wire wear sensor here is a one-time clippy do all right and it has to go this way: the fat side facing the rotor and then we're going to line that up and we're just going to give it a little push. push push push push push, click. There you go.

She clicked in and that's it. It's just in there forever until eternity. and I think because I don't know what's going on here I Definitely don't want this getting wadded up down here in the parking brake. This car is Manuel So they probably use their parking brake, but we need enough slack per se for this to go all the way in.

It's going all the way and you know, grind through it when the pad's about halfway out and turn the light on. So what we're going to do is I'm just going to put one zip tie around this brake hose to keep it here so it has enough wiggle room and it doesn't get bound up in the parking brake and then now we just need to leave the brakes out. I'm going to do that after I bleed the brakes because this will be right in the way of the bleeder actually. Well, I can move it, so let me zip tie that before I forget and then we'll bleed them up.
but that's it. That's the only difference over here. On the right side is just follow the wire up, unclip it if you're lucky. Like me, the connector is completely destroyed, so you just essentially pull it out.

Are you in there and ready though your cap off here into the 10 break. Got the wrong sizable wrench? No, it's a no. It's an iron I Just grabbed the wrong size that one back. Let's go with 11.

let me try this. I Can't believe you're showing this you're working on a minute. Well I told my English accent English English Uh then I told them that I couldn't decipher my own English accent whether it was English Scottish or a bit of Australia I didn't do it. You need to at least finish the job in it.

No, so they can judge you well I Got me spanna. We'll go back to the back here by the boot. I Don't know what they say about cleaners. You ready? Old girl? ready? Push me, break, cuddle down, down up so you can't handle it.

That's why we're not doing it down. Push down. Push me pedal down. Oh I Don't have any brake lights back here.

Oh, that's weird. Step on the brakes. Yeah, no brake lights must be. Got the key on these things that's super unsafe, right? Are you down or up? Okay, okay.

push down up down. There's a little fluid there now. Oh, all right down. Okay, go ahead and pump them up there this so they should start getting stiff here in a little bit.

You're gonna have to. She's taking up the slack in the counters now that the fluid's there. All right. Go ahead and hold them down.

Crack this baby loose again. a little bit of air. Oh all right. Down a little more air up down.

All right. She's pretty steady there. so let's go get the other side. make sure that's good and we'll come clean our mess off.

Yes ma'am You couldn't hear what I was thinking huh? no no, okay, you ready Now oh down. a little bit of air there again. Up and down. All right.

How does it feel baby? Pretty good. Feels like a mini you're pushing the right pedal right? I Think so girl. Somebody in the comments said I shouldn't call you old girl. that being disrespectful to you.

Wow, what new girl just doesn't have the same ring? You know what? I'm saying you have any input for us on that. Oh, if you were sad about it, like are you sad about it no okay. I'll call the old girl forever I Don't think of like I'm so old. Why do you always remind me? But when you're like in your 90s if I'm like, come on girl, at least the girl part is kind of.

you know it's like balancing out the old part if you're an old woman. like an old girl. Well sometimes if I use woman I just call you playing a woman. Come on woman, you know.
Anyhow, well I got wiped out Okay I gotta talk to my old man I Gotta talk to my old boy. The old man is that old man I think like your dad Like my old man. You know what I'm saying I Think that's a common dad thing. like if you're if you're the only, don't call me mud.

Oh yeah, we got them old customers. them old people that come in here. It's like, well I gotta go home and check with mother. Don't want to your mother even alive well.

Speaking of, there's an old lady in the office. remember the dingers not working. You were gonna fix it. Oh yeah, you gotta fix it.

Dinger There we go. All right. Make sure you fill that little guy back up. We did close the lid and I think we can close the hood down on this thing? Wow.

Interesting looking. Hood Got the big holes in it. Perfect. That wire wear sensor will stay out of the way.

We don't have to worry about it getting caught over here and then there's enough slack for it to, you know, go all the way in and hit the rotor when the time is necessary. Um, however, I Imagine these will all be rusted apart long before the wire wear sensor ever hits. Surprise. they don't see a backing plate.

Maybe these don't have backing plates. or maybe it did at one point. Now it's just Mia Oh, and the other thing I Noticed that we forgot to do. We forgot to wipe the shmoo off the brake orders.

idiot. Totally forgot that. So we're not used to getting the ones that come coated with oil anymore. But yeah, let me wipe those off.

throw the wheels out. We had to go for a rip before our next appointment shows up. Get that thing up All right. It's out of gas so that's good.

Find the reverser, let's make sure we have breaks through. Oh yeah, we have bricks I knew she wasn't lying to us. And all right, let's go take it for a rep down the wrong side of the road Called to do we can break a shift from my left hand proper. English Style All right, left-handed shift.

Look at that. Maybe that's why they do it that way. Oh, that's interesting. The clicker.

It doesn't say click down, huh? All right. Never drove me a Mini before Let's see, we can just keep her in third gear. Perfect. This car just must not weigh very much because my left foot is going really really.

I Don't think this car is really meant to be drivable. My boot, the gas pedal on the brake. I Got just enough room to get it over here to hit the gas without hitting the brake at the same time. Makes it a little.

uh Drive Well, they left it out of gas I'm just gonna go back and park it I Think we'll be okay. Feels like it's got brakes I Don't feel like walking so that works. Perfect. He's fully functioning.

Let's slide that thing back. Give that a couple cookies. I Guess she's good I don't know how many miles this thing had on it. I'll turn this thing back on 323 Gives me a date 139 283.
we gotta remember that let's get our key back. Kind of funky. All right. Well, it's only funky because we're not used to it.

We don't know much about these things. The only thing I do know is I want you to go in that comment section. Leave me your questions, your comments, everything you've got. Put it down there.

the NC Facebook You guys know what to do and there's my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael O says:

    Yeah I don't do well in Minis being 6'5" & size 15 Boots but did manage to shoehorn myself into a Customers 'Hot Rodded' Cooper Track Car back in the day & it had quite a bit of Snot (read Torque Steer) for what it was!

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Efrem Williams says:

    When I owned my Volkswagen, I did have reteach myself a few things including buying specialized tools. The wheel stud kit you speak of, I bought it. It makes putting wheels back on, especially when the rotor doesn't have securing screw, very easy. If you don't work on a lot of imports, it's really not needed. They're not very expensive, less than $100

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter says:

    You need.a German accent mate, because the current generation of Minis is a Nazi mobile made by BMW.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jr neff says:

    are those the snap on pilers that will pick up a nickel off the snap on ruck floor what is the part number please

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Flanagan says:

    better viewing experience with the audio muted… try it. thumbs down

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Malcolm Williams says:

    FYI, the numbers on the service sheet (55, 56, 57, 58……) is the year of the car. In the UK the number plate includes the year of the car. We have two numbers per year, so 55 would be 2005. So the two numbers for this year will be 23 and 73. The layout of a UK plate is two letters (area code), two numbers (year of manufacture) and then three letters (random). So would look like AB23 ABC.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mlsargent51 says:

    I was really hoping for a magical trick to screwing in that style brake line, that allowed the line to be tight, and straight "every time" lol

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ac Fixer says:

    Hey Mr. O. Those fancy Mini Cooper rear calipers have a ratcheting style parting brake. You have to screw them in as you apply pressure to get then to retract. But hey the boot was trashed so no big deal.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FreeKanal says:

    Old Girl will always be cute 😛 great job !

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alan Blackford says:

    Hearing you talk about attempting an English accent, reminded me that a lot of people thing that these Mini's are British cars and some even have union flags on the rear lights. These Frankenstein cars are not British, they are German cars that now have French engines. They were not even designed using the same principles of the original designed Mini. Made me chuckle when you asked Mrs O if she was pressing the correct pedal as I was once bleeding the clutch of my 1962 mini and a girlfriend was operating the pedal for me. Well, I even purchased a new master cylinder before I realised that she had been pressing the wrong pedal.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marty Ober says:

    BMW in English disguise

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars P T says:

    Nice to see a Mini (BMW). Made at the Cowley car plant, Oxford just up the road from me. 😃

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Wiley says:

    The big 1.6??? The underpowered tiny 1.6

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave J says:

    Mr O.
    You obviously haven't read my previous comments on videos about the wee trick when removing calipers.
    Jam the break peddle down, then you can remove brake parts without losing fluid.
    Thank me later

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Blue Boats says:

    Install new rotor and calipers – 5 minutes
    Install parking brake cable retainer clip – 5 minutes

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William T. Musil says:

    Hiya Eric

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Runner303 says:

    Did these very rotors/pads/calipers last fall, so lots of deja vu. Lot less rust on this one though. Damnedest thing with mine… lots of rust on the rotor face, so caliper pistons or pins must be locked up, right? Took 'em apart, pins were still nice and goopy/slippery, and pistons were still moving. I'll keep the story short, and say that while everything was still moving off the car, when bolted to the car, it would lock right up – caliper wouldn't move at all on the pins. Only discovered this while bolting on calipers sans rotors to see if anything was moving when bolted on – turns out nope. Never seen that before.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alan Torrance says:

    Where you were looking for socket for bolts on the brakes, you were using Metric sockets, instead of one of the UK types, hence even the one you eventually used was rather slack on the nut. You should know to use UK sockets on a UK vehicle. Recently I queried your qualified professionalism (or is it unqualified???). This is another cause for doubt.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jabberwocky tdi says:

    Those pad wear sensors are multiple use but if you mess up the old one taking it out of the worn pad you'll need a new sensor, needs a small pick to flick the spring out of the pad each side, a little penetrating fluid helps.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jabberwocky tdi says:

    Microencapsulated, = that thread locking gunk which is loctite inside tiny glass capsules mixed with a paint to make them stick to the bolt.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jabberwocky tdi says:

    BMW are big on greasing pad contact points, so Mini too of course.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jabberwocky tdi says:

    Some numpty butchered that calliper in the past for sure ( along with a few other bits and bobs by the looks) – wound the piston in without unsticking the boot from the piston and chewed the boot up. Non Banjo brake hose attachments maybe a pain to remove but they are heck of a lot less likely to leak….

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julian Reid says:

    the boden tube on a vw bug is what the heater throttle and clutch cabes run through. …weird witch came first??

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joel Esslinger says:

    We call it a “wrench”, the Brits call it a @spanner”. So if one got klonked on the head with a good sized wrench, would it become “the star spangled spinner”?? 😂

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars arjan van raaij says:

    Isn't this car build in the Netherlands.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AUBREY DASHWOOD says:

    Trouble and strife is wife in cockney rhyming slang eric lol

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Smith says:

    Thanks Eric excellent video 👍