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Once you pop the phone, don't stop. Oop! didn't even unlock it three days after you come unlocked I think I have the wrong key No! Three days after having repaired the power steering on this Uh 2006 Pontiac Montana Miniature van the AC system has uh has ceased to function stockings the engine. Now we knew there was an issue with the AC it was recharged. uh Once Upon A Time It's now blowing warm so what we're going to do is uh, bring around into the shop I I Think the guy that owns it has already located a leak and he has provided me why are you beeping personal program only in park I Don't know what that means.

He's provided me with a replacement AC line. So we're just kind of going to do a parts Cannon uh repair on this one to see what's going on here. So what I'm going to do? We're gonna do this quickly because this beeping noise is just horrendous. I'm gonna get this thing into the shop popping Z Hoyt We're gonna see what's up with that uh AC line.

get the thing changed out, discharge the system not in that order. pop the hood and see if we can't make this thing blow cold yet again. it's it's no bueno. Looks like the check engine light's on too that.

oh how many miles did we drive this ever since? uh, our last repair? Let's find out. put a jar too many warnings. warning messages are non-stop 189 478 miles on the odometer. All right, let's go around under the hood here and see what.

Uh, what we're talking about with the hose or a leak crop Rod engaged There we go. Let's get some lumens on the subject over here. Where is my Illuminator bar? you know I kind of like Parts Cannon days because then I don't have to think very hard and sometimes you just don't want to think very much. So I can appreciate a parts Cannon day a little Pontiac how are we today? Okay, so the compressor is not compressing I can't say I've ever seen that happen before.

Why yeah, let's shut this down. Hang on. I'm I'm confused. Did we like wreck this van or something? What? What's the deal powering down? So I'm looking down to see what the deal is with this AC and our compressor is down there and if you look real close like the hose is broken off of the compressor, look look at that.

How did that happen and what did you guys do to create such a breakage? Um I uh yeah. I don't even know how that happened. but it did okay. Well whatever.

that explains why. I've got a new one in the office darling. Do you have my hose? I Need that? No you can't finally wait. The viewers are waiting.

Oh bye, she's doing stuff Yeah I've got a new hose here. That explains why they just handed me a hose see I thought and I Heard when I last worked on this that it had some AC issues. Um, didn't realize they had this kind of an AC issue. I Want to know what? uh, what caused that to become so broken because that's never seen that before.

Somebody must have bent the thing or done something. I I I just I don't know I'm kind of at a loss anyway. I've got a new hose here that replaces this broken hose. So first thing I need to determine is if I'm capable of replacing this without a lift because both of the lifts are occupied.
There's a Rubisu and a Mazda and uh, the other lift is not installed yet. So um I gotta do this right here if I'm gonna do it at all. but I don't know if I can reach the other side of that hose I think it goes over here to the condensing unit. where does it bolt on? I cannot see? yeah I can.

Okay I think I can do all this from up top. That shouldn't be too much trouble. So here's the plan of action here: I know I need to get way down to there. so I'm going to go ahead and pull off this coolant overflow bottle.

I'll remove this little crossbar brace thing right here. We can pull the air box out of it and once the air box is gone, I should be able to get down in there to get the other end of that hose disconnected. I Think that one should be fairly easy I can just reach down right here with the with the wrench and unbolt that flange. So yeah, this is a this is an interesting one for me.

They just handed me over very very broken car parts but okay, look at that. that's beard. Okay, let's get started here. Peel back our layers of our fun onion it's our Funyun and set that aside I shouldn't have to remove it.

Let's pull this little bar thing out right here. Get 13 millimeters of impact socket. Get this guy out of the way. Come out.

Seriously. Okay, Oh, the battery is on low battery level here. Let's try it with a more refresher battery. See what happens here? No? Okay.

next I will attempt to remove this with some, uh, some. Leverage Getting a little nervous here. it's not coming out. Why? bro? Seriously? I think I'm gonna break this off.

That's what's uh, that's what's about to happen or not. makes me nervous I Don't like to be nervous I don't like to take an easy job and make it a really hard job. Okay, must have been some corrosion. Let's move over here a little bit and start to pull this intake tubing and whatnot apart.

Looks like I'm pulling the ECM out of this thing too. It's located inside of the air box. Clever. Get rid of that.

We've got our clamp over here on the throttle body. Let's pop this guy off. Unscrewing complete. There we go.

come out good air filter. very nice. Okay I still can't get to that. Fastener So I'm gonna have to pull this.

uh, the rest of this box out. Okay, we've got a couple tens that hold the lid to this box on. Let's pop these guys out. I Think it's just the two.

Yes, it is just the two foreign that's our. ECM Let's just pull that thing out and set it aside. I Don't even think we need to disconnect it. Now down in the bottom of this air box looks like there's I can just see one.

Nope, there's another one. There's a couple. Fasteners Now since those are far away, we need some extension action. Pull this guy out.
There appears to be some kind of a liquid in the bottom of that. uh, the box here. I Don't understand why that's there. It shouldn't be, but it is.

Come out. I Found some leaves. Yeah, that's weird. There's some liquidy leafy substance down there.

Uh, weird. putting that out later. No big deal. Anyway, now that that's out of the way, we've got access to the fastener for that line which is right right down here if you can't see because I'm being stingy with the light.

There it is. So we need a 13 mil right here and then another 13 down there and we can get that light line. Limelight line disconnected words. All right, let's get down and dirty a little bit with our 13 and get a hold of uh oh, that nut right there.

unclick. We're gonna fall out. Come here. Not there.

It is okay. Go right there. Stay come off. There we go.

Oh there is. UV AC Dye on everything. Look at this. This whole whole undercarriage is covered in it due to our violent, rapid depressurization.

Okay, since we're uh, going down in front of the compressor over here I think I'm just gonna reach in with a flex head ratcheting wrench to get that Fastener off of that broken piece of the line slash manifold I think I can get to it right through here I Believe Yepper oh I haven't turned the wrong way I Got it selected to tighten. Let me unselect that there we go. Come on, come on. everything is so tight.

Like a pack of tigers. Why? why is it all so tight? Hey, speaking of tight like a tiger, somebody yelled at me in the comments for ripping off Eric Oh saying that was cat. that was uh, his catchphrase and that's not true I did not steal that catchphrase from Eric I stole it from Goldmember Yes, you are taught like a tiger. you know the Austin Powers antagonist.

That's what makes it taught like a tiger is it sir? Thank you. Appreciate it. Delivery So there's our manifold. Interesting I wonder how that happened I Really do there You go over there? with the rest of the uh, forensic evidence.

All right. let's go ahead and crack open our uh, our packaging for our replacement unit and we'll get this thing dropped down into its home here. I Think I need to transfer over that pressure sensor. Yes, Yes! I Do see, does this have gaskets on it? I think it does and the survey says yepper besides got a gasket and come here.

so does this side? Cool new gaskets for me? Yay! Okay, let's find our old, that's the old one right there. Let's go to the bench real quick and Swap this uh sensing unit out I need space? All right there we go. Let's see. Put that down.

look at you here at 13 mil, 12, 10, 24, how about a 14.? all those were wrong. That's kind of wrong too. and kick. Oh I didn't not think I was gonna do that one-handed That was cool.

Super cool. Okay, there's a new O-ring already in position on this unit. Screw that guy in. Here's the hard part.
Put torque on it one-handed. Yes, begin clickaging a little bit more and there we go. Okay, let's get these things out of here. This one's trash.

This one's not trash and we'll get this thing uh, down in its position and bolt it on. Okay, so what? I'll do I'll maneuver this thing down into its approximate position over here and then let's get rid of this Come here, little cap off. We'll slide this thing down and then get it over the stud. There it is.

Come on. let's see here. it's running into the fans I wonder why you not? Uh, why is it not going on? Get in there please. What is this? You have to bend it and make it fit.

That would not be okay. Wiggle it I think I do need to bend it. It's running into the fan right here and I can't I don't think it's getting a good angle on the on the line right there. Please go in, see what you don't want to do is put a nut on it and just use the nut to just Ram it home.

That would uh, that would not be okay I'm gonna slightly Bend this. pull this back out. Okay, I'm gonna slightly bend that block. Well let me rephrase: I'm not going to bend it I'm just going to flex it some.

We're just gonna Flex a wee bit just to get some some clearance here. See that there we go. A little bit of flex action. It'll be okay now.

I should be able to sneak that thing up into its little home down there. Try again, down in your home and this one as well. Let's see if this is going to fit now. Please fit.

Yeah I Think we got it. Yeah, it's gonna go in now. Um, did you hear what I said. Go it.

There it goes. All right now. we got it cool I need my nut give this thing a oh I can't reach? There's a line in the way now. Got to be uh, skilled with my flangy articulations.

You guys looked at that motor mount. see what I'm doing there? You go. screw that guy on and then we'll uh, put some torque on it again with our Flex head ratcheting wrench. Come on there, we are okay.

set for tightening. We're gonna go under and up and then begin applying torqueages. Yeah, the reason you don't want to use the Fasteners to draw AC manifold Parts in is if they're not aligned, it'll uh, it'll smash that uh, flexible aluminum and uh, cause a huge leak gravity and if you do that then the thing won't work and that would be bad. So they gotta replace the part that you replaced because you broke the part that you replaced I can't reach like it's on there.

but I need to get some some more torque to it but the angles are weird for me. Let's try this. Yeah, coming at it from the back's not not working I can't uh, can't get it tight enough? Oh, it slipped. Come on, come in.

Brutal. Oh come on man. get on there all right now we're good I did it again. Don't laugh at me man, he's laughing at me.

It's not funny. Maybe I can Get it from. Yeah, not a chance. Nope, that's not gonna work.
Okay, let's try it. left-handed I Don't know if my left-handed skills are gonna. it's gonna work here. but I'm gonna try it.

Yeah, it is There we go. There's some torque Clips that's what I want. Cool. Okay, and where's that? AC Connector Is that electrical connector right here? Take a look at that that looks good.

Plug you in connector. Click viewed now I Need to get the other side of this line. Get that guy on next. Let's get some light on the subject here so we can see what we're trying to see.

Pull this guy up. Come here Cap! I Always leave these on to the last second that way. uh, contaminants can't go in right down over the stud. Come on, don't make me have to bend you too.

I will not be pleased with that. There it goes, got her? There's a mosquito biting my ankle and I'm actually in agony right now because I don't want to stop to kill him. Looks good to go Okay So to be efficient, what I'll do will fetch the AC machine, connect the machine to the system will Evacuate the system pull it into a vacuum to get rid of the moisture that just went in or has been in there and then while the machine's doing that I can put that uh ECM in the air box and all that good stuff back together. That's the plan.

All right. Hoses, machine plugged in, powering on keep and where's my, where's my fittings on this car I Do not know. Hmm. around here somewhere we'll find them.

let me know if you guys see him. Ah got him I got him. they're over here. There's one that's high side and low side.

Let's pull this uh Schrader valve out and slap a new one in it. That one's not gonna get changed. that's uh. he had to replace the entire assembly.

Those are expensive and I don't have one so it's gonna stay. I Know I'm breaking protocol but you said always change them I Know always is like a like a 90. It's like 99 rule. Nothing is 100 nothing.

Oh really there we go. My longer one was missing it. It was not engaging the grooves of the Schrader come on you little stiff valve thing. you come out of there it is.

Ew. it broke in half. Look at that. it broke during removal.

Cool. Okay new valve right here coming in. Stick you in the hole there and give it a twist there now I can vacuum the system all right. Put on here.

we'll get the Uh low side on I can begin the vacuum. we can vacuum now. come on, reach over, get the high side, tuck those out of the way and then get this stuff out of here. And since the wife unit is using my uh, my shop Vac right now, I'll just use air.

and if I'm gonna use air, I've got to use the assault blow gun. Not a real gun. It just blows air. I Would never leave a real gun just sitting around outside.

That would be that would be bad. It would get rusty beginning. Leaf Extraction procedure now. so bad.
Yay! Wait, not really. There's more. Okay now now I'm all done. No more screwing around.

Let's see. backwards okey-dokes air box coming in. Get this thing set down into its home against the firewall. We'll bolt this thing in.

Um, that's not right because it's backwards. backwards. man. backwards man.

yeah see. I stole that from Tom Green Foreign plucking punch lines from Tom Green Erica and Goldmember plagiarism here both two of them and numeral plates that one's not. Oh I'm way off. Hang on I got that one wrong.

New came out hang on I got it? What was that stuff falling over? There's a Prowler knocking over uh, trash cans? I Wonder if it's the yard cat? that thing? he's not wanting to go in? What's the deal? Maybe I'm off center? Yep, got it good. Yay! Air box clicks achieve. Let's put the shooter back. Okay, let's put the computer back that just kind of sits down in those little brackets.

there. That's good. We need to get our lid back on after. I Get all the leaves out of it.

We don't need leafy leafy lids there. Goes there. Good to go. A couple more tens.

Yeah, okay. Next up: Engine Air filtration element. The leaf in it. Slide that guy in and then our intake.

Plumbing Let's not. Uh, forget the mass airflow sensor connector. That'll be fun to locate once this is all put back together. Kind of got to put both of these on at the same time.

Slide that one on and slide this one on that on. Clip that one on. That's good and secure. Mass airflow connected.

We've got our hose clamp up at the throttle body. Let's tighten that guy down. we're almost there. This is good and there's a PCV hose right here.

Plug that guy in that'll create a P0171 system lean code if it's left off. It'll do that because the engine will actually draw air in from the leak right here and the mass airflow sensor will not be able to meter and monitor how much air is coming in so it'll have more air coming in than the ECM knows about. It'll cause the DTC to set. Where's my rod? There it is.

Let's get this thing back in position here. I Used to find these over and over and over again back in the day where nobody put them back. they were just absent in the car. You'd go to put a battery in or something And uh, the stabilizer bar was just gone.

People would take them out, not put them back in. Kind of like a like engine covers. The laziness. all right down here.

One more tight and new model trays also tight. Good to go see. We can get our uh, coolant surge bottle back in that just Clips on. Oh good.

The vacuum's done. You can recharge the system, get a clip on or what. Oh my Clips are not aligned properly. Hang on here.

Let's move. Uh, move that wire. Slide that guy up. There's a Groove here in the fender.

see that it's got to slide in there. And then this clip. There we go. Search Bottle installed, we're vacuumed and we're holding a vacuum.
Good, Let's prep the charge. How much refrigerant do we need? Sticker Sticker sticker. Where are you? Um I Don't see the sticker for it? No worries, We will consult the all-day to charge the system. Not a Poe.

Let's get our goodies out of here while we're at it. Nearly finished here. Tools More tools, More tools. On top of that here, we'll check the computerizer and determine how much refrigerant goes in that system.

All right, we're in the all day to. let's go into specified specifications we're looking for fluid types and capacities and refrigerant. There you are refrigerant and according to all data I Need 1.68 pounds or 1.98 pounds? Uh, it's 1.7 or 2 pounds. Let's go check and see if it has rear AC or just front AC I think it's got opening dosato? No I'm not.

Let's see rear climate control it's got Vents and I'm sure there's a control around here somewhere. So yes, this vehicle has rear. AC We're going to charge it with 1.98 pounds of uh, refrigerant winning charging. Now Do Not Save service.

Record Nine Eight Pounds refrigerant. We're gonna do that on the low side. We're gonna do that on the low side. We're gonna do it on the low side because I'm going to install some oil and uh, some UV dye in the low side of the system and we definitely need to install something because all the oil that was in there violently blew out and is all over the front of the engine.

So I don't want to. Uh I don't want to let this thing go with a reduced oil charge in the system. So we're just going to plug this guy in, put a few on. there we go and all we need to do is give this a couple turns.

There's already a oil die inside of this little vessel as I turn it, it threads down and it's going to press some of that oil into the line. The reason I wanted to do a low side charge is because all that oil is pulled up over here in this uh low side line and I want that to disperse throughout the system. Get back on there. Get on there.

I Said what's this problem? There we go. Beautiful! Okay now I can commence the charge. Are we ready? Sure are begin system charging now. as soon as we're done purging, this would be purging.

Starrett Troy We're just waiting on the machine. Oh okay, yeah, we're just hanging out. What are you doing? Uh I don't know yet. You don't know.

You don't know what you're doing. You just know that you're doing it. Yeah, we're changing a catalytic converter on the back of a turbine powered Mazda It wasn't fun, but my man has got some skills skills to pay the bills. Well, he's not breaking things and that's good.

It's not good or that is good. It's good that you're not breaking things. Is it good? Not good. We're charging.

It's odd that it's charging like that. I've don't know why it's doing that. No worries. I Just don't recall it having done that last time.
I did a low side system charge. Anyway, we're up to 1.270 ounces. Oh I Had it set for ounces. not uh, not pounds.

Hang on here. Hang on. Put in two ounces. Host pop and see I was equalized I don't want to do any of those Oh no.

I I made an error powering down. So I put in two ounces, right? So that means I need to put in one pound 14 ounces. That'll give me my two pounds I'm gonna have to restart the charge. Failed Yes sir.

Eggplant for the AC line. That is a negatory. There is a uh yeah, let me see. there's a spring inside of that little collar thing right there.

Okay, and do you see that flare that's on the end of the line? Yeah, Well when you clip this, if you take this line, you push it on and you push that in and over it. That little flare goes under the spring and the spring just kind of retains it. Yeah, just like feel like you just push it into, you'll hear it click back up real quick. Take: Uh, take this back off because what you're going to want to do is when you put forward pressure on that kind of.

Wiggle It Some like just rock it back and forth and that'll help to walk that spring into position. So like pull this thing back off real quick while I wait for my AC machine to see. Um, it's easier to make it move when you when you rotate it and twist it. Yeah, that's kind of bad doing double AC jumps.

Yeah, did you hear a click? Yeah, Okay, that one's on. Yeah. So now let's bend that back down where it goes. Do the same thing with this one here.

Just give it Forward pressure and then rotate it with your other hand. You can do it. Don't like wrench on it? No, just keep keep moving it. keep it moving with pressure.

There you go. There you go. Click. Did it click? Yeah, that's what's up.

That's how you do it. Okay, then just kind of hook that thing back up. Now one thing to note: stuff like this is really important because if this car is riding around and all the stuff's vibrating everywhere, it's going to break the evaporator in the dash because it'll vibrate and vibrate and vibrate until something wears and breaks loose. So if you forget your little bracket things, it will break things later on down the road.

Yeah, literally down the road. Anyway, this thing is done again, so let's charge it again. I'm using math in my head. We put in two ounces and we needed two pounds.

Now there's 16 ounces to a pound I Don't care if there's no vacuum. so we need to subtract the two ounces from 16 ounces, giving us one pound 14 ounces. So we're going to reselect this back to ounces. So 16 plus 14? That's 30 ounces.

We need 30 ounces of refrigeration. Three zero ounces low side charge. That's what I meant to do kind of. Now it should just go full.

Hooch On the low side, Begin Choose. Oh I stole that one from ABE I said Chooch This is a video of me plagiarizing other people's catchphrases. That's what I wanted. Beautimous.
Very good. Okay, so let's see doing a recap. rechecking my head I Have debris and tools. Let's get that out of here.

Always do a recap. Got the two caps for the two service lines that's on. This is on. That's on.

That's on Everything I touched is on, Connectors are connected, compressor is bolted on the lines bolted to the compressor. There we go. Mine's bolted over here to that little manifold. We're nearly complete on the charge and since it's running a low side charge, I'm going to go ahead and start the system running a high side charge.

I Couldn't do that because the pressure once the compressor kicked on would be higher than the delivery pressure of the machine. But since it's charging through the low side, we can get away with that. Here's what we've got: 26 ounces. It's still giving us some refrigerant, which is good.

Let's go fetch a thermal meter, check our temperatures. There we go. Speaking of Steel and stuff I stole this from a customer. it actually it wasn't intentional.

It was in the guy's car and then we removed it and then when he picked up his car he was like Hey where's my my thermal meter and I said I don't know but you can have one of mine So I gave him another one to replace the one that I couldn't find and then now I found it and I have this one so it is forever mine until I See you again! Okay, looks like uh, the temp is starting to uh to fall ever so slightly. The machine just beeped at us. Let's go see what it wants. It says we're done charging.

We're gonna do a host of Jose is a feature where the machine is going to install more refrigerant than what I told it to in order to compensate for how much refrigerant was in the lines. and I believe that it specs out to be like I Point uh, 0.25 or 0.3 pounds. Something like that. It's very small, the way it says it already did that.

it says closed. A couple of valves disconnect the hoses so we turn those left and close the valves. The valves are now closed so the machine is separated from the vehicle. Gonna proceed and the Machine is now going to recover all the refrigerants inside of the hoses because if this thing just sits around with refrigerant the hoses, then uh, it will seep out and contaminate the environment.

So it's just going to recover and then put it all back in the tank. Look, it'll tell us right now how much is in the hoses. It's like 3.6 ounces, 4 ounces. Interesting.

All right. let's put the little caps back on our service ports that will keep them clean free of debris. Screw these guys back on right here. I Believe we're good to go.

The compressor is compressing. There's no refrigerant flying out everywhere, contaminating the atmospheres. Let's check the Uh gauge here. What do we got? Uh, we're looking at 50 What? 53 54 degrees? Not the greatest here.
I'll tell you what, we'll just close up the window. Some come back in a minute minute to check on it, let everything stabilize in the system. Oh and the fans are on. The system should have uh stabilized by now.

So let's go recheck the thermal meter and see what kind of temperatures we get. Oh look at that 41 42 degrees? That's nice. Excellent. Okay, so uh again.

I don't know how that happened but it's now fixed. The AC is blowing pulled again. show why are you beeping at me? Oh, the Hood's open. So next up.

I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out and I will do that like I Always do that by thanking each and every one of you. Shut up for watching this video. As always, I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Let me know about it by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later! End of transmission into Pontiac End of AC into video.

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  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Pezzullo says:

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  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neil Murphy says:

    If it's not as cold as it should be check the cabin filter if the system is filled

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ovide Morin says:

    It was August, I was in Roswell, NM with the family in a 80's jeep grand wagoner and everyone was hot. Stop off at the local auto zone and got some CFC's. Topped it off and it was getting cooler. I should have left it there but thought if enough is good, more is better. Started putting more in and the hose exploded like a cannon. The family remained hot. Lesson learned, enough is better when it comes to CFC's

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jeff wagener says:

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  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ahoy there mate says:

    Ray cars have been burning to the ground lots in aussie mate .the Fire brigade said most of them were caused by electrical fires lots of wiring .and Ray When we go moving on up with the hoist can we have down hoist song down down deeper and down by status Quo ????i all ways sing it when the hoist goes down mate cheers Ray your a top bloke have fun and a laugh mate

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    Ray, regarding the mosquito. I believe you may have misgendered it. I heard somewhere that only the females are after blood, not the males. (I have no idea what they might be up to.) Sadly, at 73, I have to deal with them indiscriminately male and female alike. My eyesight is no longer keen enough to distinguish between the sexes. Have yourself a fabulous day.

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    Sudden mystery.
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    I had decided one night to check my spark plugs, and ended up pulling a wire out of its socket. Next day I ended up with two new dog bone mounts, an engine mount bracket, six plugs and a new set of wires. Never say it’s going to not take long.

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    you rip off all mechanic youtubers