In this video I bring you along and you can watch as I almost make a mistake by making an assumption. The EVAP vent valve on this vehicle is difficult to get to as well as the bulkhead connector in the rear of the vehicle. I almost skipped some testing because.... well just because. Then I remembered to practice what you preach. Test don't guess. Good thing I did too 😉
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Oh another lovely Monday I Got a Chevrolet out here that's a Malibu. It's probably the Money light is on so we're gonna bring that in. have a look. Oh boy.

I'm not sure if I can fit and we're in. Whoa. Oh, that's what we got over here. All right.

We got a code reader and a purge valves. What's that? Tell us that tells us that we probably have an EVAP code. It's gonna be my guess. at least some parts changed.

Money Light is on, turn signals around. we got everything on here. Your models are having this thing 71k. Wow, she's pretty young.

I'm gonna go through a full scan here. We're really only interested in the ECM codes which looks like there's one of at least at this point. Get you guys out of the glare here. you know, maybe twirl around.

Let's do the dance. Well, there's lights everywhere. Let's just skip that okay bent solenoid valve control circuit your classic 449. So okay, piece of cake.

But prior to doing that, let's just jump into uh, generic OBD2 because we wanted to see. obviously with the code reader on the seat I can only assume that the uh drive cycle isn't finished. You keep hitting that clear button. Yeah, okay, yeah, so it drive cycle is not finished.

We have probably the EVAP monitor which we already have a code for. so let's see incomplete EVAP system. Yep, and we just have your Classic 4489. Uh, so pretty easy unless it's a broken wire.

it's just a bad cancer vent valve. So all right, well let's check it out anyways. kind of boring I Could be wrong, but I was thinking on each mail booze, you've got to drop the tank because I think once you take your Shield off I Remember right I think the canister is is up above the tank or up in that front corner where you can't get to anything. I'm not 100 sure, but we're gonna try to take this down without a lot of casualties and have a look anyways.

Usually these things are full of dirt and everything else, so that's non-existent. There's a couple metal screws. These nuts. here.

These nuts. These are plastic, but there's some screws that go in the front. One of them just disintegrated I Want this one that's pretty good. Two out of three.

eight man. I Want to get a hold of that one. Something else. There's something up there.

I Think that's it. Let's get that other. uh. remember that one there off and we'll be in home stretch.

Foreign. So the canisters right here. You gotta drop the tank. Drop the tank.

You gotta drop the exhaust. It looks doable. Um, let's see if we can find the okay, yeah, the connectors back here. the bulkhead connector.

We can make our tests right from there to tell if it's open circuited. I mean I can tell them the scan tool it is already because the open circuit test on the scan tool says malfunctioned. So I mean that already tells me that it's open circuits. We really don't have to go any further.

but I wanted to get a look at this so if we get the job I can at least quote it out on that vent valve. and I guess before we get too far, let me see if I can get a hold of this lady see what she wants to do. So this is kind of a pitcher all the way around the connector. Slims Let's see if I can show you guys here.
it's gonna sucker lives right up there above the frame. I Can't get my hand up in here between the sway bar and the fuel tank to get it unplugged and you can't access it from the back of the frame either. Go classic. General Motors Engineering here.

Um I think this one. We're gonna have to go with the skin tool diagnosis in the circuit monitor that GM uses and like I say we can see our open. Uh, our circuit open test has a malfunction and that tells me that we do have an open circuit. Obviously it would be nice to be able to test it right at the canister vent valve.

However, like I said, the tank needs to come down. Things you need to think about: New York is how Rusty is the rest of it. So you know we look at that net tube on the filler neck. you know, is that going to come on hooked? So there's a few things we need to take into consideration before we call a customer.

You know just how ride this car is the 2013 So it is essentially on hospice to the end of its life. you know, year or two left before it's complete garbage. So I think the bolts itself, come on tank I think we'll be okay. let me get a hold of her see if we can get the job all right.

Hallelujah I think I got the connector out had a zip tie around it which I was able to finagle back reach up there. repair cutter is okay. so now we're at the connector and okay before we call the customer, let's do this for realsy. So I remembered I don't know how but it was like six years ago we fixed one of these.

remember it was a 2014 I remember like you remember I did a video and I had some fuel tank pressure or fuel pressure sensor circuit problems so I looked it up on YouTube it was a 2014 Malibu and the parking brake cable on the 14 different than 13 ran around up through the fender liner and rubbed through on wiring harness and that's why I wanted to look at prior to um prior to doing this I'm like oh great we got us a you know, a little Easter egg. let's just go fix that I see the cable was different so I wanted to be 100 sure that we have controlled the vent valve at least to this connector so we can justify dropping the tank before I call the customer. So we're looking for Red Green and a white wire. A fire diagram is correct, which it probably isn't.

Wait a minute I see like I see green stuff right here? Oh boy. and I see our wire Cutter's not right. It makes me wonder if somebody did some. Hocus Pocus here yes ma'am this is Hocus Pocus this is not OEM Okay, that explains the zip tie I thought I could smell me some green.

One thing I can do is smell crusty wire. oh I don't know why but foreign. Well the good news is we don't have to drop the tank. Hopefully see if we can fix whatever kind of a lot of jobs in here though.
Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's something. There's one broken wire which looks like it's already been broken before. because this is.

you know, it's obviously not a factory and a shielded wire here. Oh okay, that's our red green wire. Yeah, it was a she's already been repaired one time there. folks, those are some shielded wires.

Everything else I think is okay I don't have any of these um, these pins or these terminals. Hmm, it's very been fixed once. That's kind of sketch. Let me just got uh, heat shrink over.

it. looks like it's got adhesive in it I don't know. It's kind of the best thing to do would be to order a terminal there. Well, let's see how much Green's up that wire I guess clean there and she's pretty clean there.

So I guess we could fix it. You see, ultimately the best thing to do would be actually nice and shiny. Best thing to do would be to buy a new pin and wire and do the whole deal just because it's been repaired once before. Um, well yeah.

I think we'll be okay. We'll just butt connect it, tape it up and I'll let the customer know I mean the car's only got last? I could say a couple more years and then there'll be End of the Road Anyways, look at angel heat shrink butt connector. the crimped around there and all the heat shrink it down. It does have the adhesive in it so they seal up really nice.

All right, let's just cool down. We'll get her taped up here and something. must have poked that at some point. Obviously, maybe maybe during the initial repair here.

Whatever happened, they were, you know, jamming in there with a teslate or something. Who knows what? We're just going to taper up a little bit. All right, foreign. Pick that back up.

So yeah, if you're watching this video and you're looking for an answer on a 2014 and for whatever reason, it's made it this far like I say the parking brake cables are in a little different on those there. we are perfect Now when we plug this in all right scan tool I'm expecting if the vet valve is good where it says malfunction, we should no longer have a malfunction plugged in and now we no longer have a malfunction. it says it's okay. we should be able to hear it click now.

foreign and we can talk like this. Oh, let's shove this back up there. pretend we didn't see it. We need to get our little Christmas tree Fastener here.

you guys can't see anything Anyways, you're just gonna have to believe me. I'm gonna get winter dress put back where it was. Let's see if I can sneak a zip tie up there I Don't know but let's see if I can get this all back the way it was. Anyhow, so here's our best bet.

um it is. It is a shiny repair. When we did, let's be honest just because it's been fixed twice. So I looked up the connector this x350 and we come down here and we find the um uh here we go.
Positive voltage pin M red, red with green circuit number 2440. it's Terminal ID type number three We come up here. Uh Terminal ID3 Terminated Lead this one three Five Seven Six Three Six three Uh, we can get that right from uh right from GM You know you can buy the individual Terminals and they tell you what trade they're in and what crimping tool to use I don't have any of that. Uh, obviously nobody keeps that you know stuff around the shop.

I wouldn't think I mean there's literally thousands of different types of pins and configurations and connectors, but I'll just order this terminated lead from GM get the customer back in and then, uh, you know, fix that proper. So so the reason I want to go that route is just because it's kind of a shiny repair we did. Let's be honest I mean it's somebody's already repaired that thing. you know, an eighth inch off that connector and I just need to know that my repair is going to be good.

Like I said, even though the car might only have you know, two, three, maybe four years at the absolute most left in it. I Want to make sure what we did is good in that connector or that wire and wire leads really cheap and you know we know how to access it and you know, might take us another, you know, half hour or 40 minutes or so to actually go through and fix it right? This will at least let the customer get it through a drive cycle right now so they can go and get a sticker on it. you know, providing there's no other evap leaks because now that the vet valve works, it can go through the rest of the EVAP test. so hopefully there's not in that regards.

But I think I'll feel more comfortable telling the customer that you know I rigged it up. We need to get the wire lead to do it correctly. Well, you know we'll untape it. We'll do, you know, do what we got to do.

come back and fix it the right way. even though I struggled and did get a zip tie up there. um, it's just not going to sit well with me until I know it's actually done. You know the best that I can correctly.

So uh, that's it. Fortunately we don't have to drop the tank and that's great. And the other thing that would be great if you guys went in that comment section left a comment. the question, the concerns you have for me find me on the Instagram the Facebook just for our viewers.

but I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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