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No, please make it over the bridge. Not in the mood for this. Oh I don't know it's gonna make it over the bridge you guys? Oh no. I think there's no traffic? Oh, it's dead.

We're dead in the water crap. I Didn't bring a phone that sucks openings you Hood Hello everybody. Good day to you. Uh, it's actually late afternoon for me.

but uh, good afternoon, Good evening, good morning. Uh, good night. Whichever one of those uh currently applies to you at this point in time. Uh, this, uh, vehicle right here is a 95 Jeep Wrangler I think it's a Sahara Wrangler This is formerly known as a project Jeep and it's got a lot of restoration work done to it by yours truly and it is here at 156 184 miles on the odometer because uh, it's suffering a symptom where it fails to restart uh once the engine has reached operating temperature now I Understand it only does that Uh, after about an hour or so, throw the windows down after about an hour or so of driving and I have not been able to recreate the symptoms on this particular.

Jeep So I'm going to drive it uh, for about an hour and attempt some restarts. and the way I'm gonna do that is at the end of the day and I'm gonna drive it really far away to my house. it's not running right now. Odd.

Have not seen it do that during a cold start. It didn't stall, it just got a little, uh, a little rough either way. I'm gonna go ahead and drive this. We're gonna run all the way across the county.

We're gonna drive into my house and then tomorrow or when we get there. I'm gonna try to do some hot restarts on it, see what it does, and uh, then we'll repeat the same thing tomorrow when I drive it back. So this should be an interesting experiment now. I Have done uh, quite a bit of work to this particular Jeep including re-uh re-ringing and re-pinioning both the front and rear axles and I also installed Eaton limited slip differentials in both of the axles oh, my seatbelt stuck I put an exhaust on it I replaced uh, the exhaust manifold slash header collector.

We installed intake manifold gaskets I put a distributor in this I fixed up a fubard electric fan unit did some steering column work well. what else did I do this thing? I did a bunch of fluids on it, did an oil change I did get it running right. it was. It came to me almost in not running condition and there was something else too really don't remember either way.

Uh, I'm here to figure out what's going on with this hot restart issue. so we're gonna drive it home. We're gonna get it hot, we're gonna shut it down and we're gonna see how it restarts and we're offering. This is a 456 gear Jeep very tall gears, it's going off-road and oh I put shocks on it.

That's what I did it got shock absorbers now I Remember oh you know what else? I Remember I put a clutch in it. you got a clutch and a flywheel I Remember that? Yes. hmm I wonder if I should if I can drive over that curb right there. It's a Jeep thing.

You can do that. Hey, do people still do the Jeep people wave when they go past each other. like when you're driving and you see another Jeep or you're like my other Jeep you guys still do that or is that a is that like a lost Jeep thing? let me know. comment section down below: Oh I feel it Ronald It won't go anywhere to backfire.

Okay, okay. firing right now. Okay, something's wrong. I have found the issue.

We're going back to the shop. Yeah. I'm getting out of here I'm not driving all the way home. No need reduced power.

It's not vapor lock. we uh, we thought it might have been vapor lock. it is not vapor lock. Something else is going on here on here.

So uh I've seen enough. It finally did it. I see something's happening I don't know what it is yet but I know it's doing something. so we've got enough information where I can least I I feel what it felt like I'm I'm swinging this back around.

We're going back. Don't need to drive me very far. Very odd I wonder what it could be I think we're good here. Yeah, and it's running out of power right here.

Oh, we're not going anywhere. Feels like it's running out of fuel. It smells like fuel too. Stay running.

Okay, yeah, yeah, it feels like it's running out of gas. That's what it feels like. And I smell some fuel as well. Okay, now power appears to be back.

Yeah, we don't have a vapor lock situation. That's not what's going on here. Definitely not vapor lock. Hmm.

now I just need the thing to stay running. A little nervous. it's hot out and it's hot in here. so we're pretty good right here at about quarter throttle.

but if I I tip into it starts to kind of die out. yeah I don't even know if we're gonna make it back. you guys traffic's trafficking behind me. I'm not going as fast as I could be.

Uh, it's dying. it's dying I'm not a new piece of. Jeep Return Let's get out of here. Well hey, at least we're off-road now.

we can do Jeep things. I'm back out on the same road again. We're barely moving I Kind of think it's either a fuel problem or we got a bad sensor of some sort. Uh, I'm almost thinking it's got a bad throttle position sensor because it, uh, it seems to have good power.

It's certain throttle positions, but then on others it falls right on its face. I I made Parts Canon a TPS into this Maybe I won't I'm not really certain but uh, it's barely gonna get there I don't know are going on or the fuel pump's junk but it's already had a couple fuel pumps put in it at one point or another. Yeah, but also you never know just because they're good and we're dead. Yeah, like it, it dies, It's got no ignition right now.

but I Let off the throttle and it comes back. Did you hear the difference? More throttle. it'll cut out and you'll hear it start to just desell with No. Authority The only thing that seems to be keeping the RPM up is the fact that it's manual and that we're moving.

I think if this was an automatic, it would have stalled and died and had to restart with the key. Yep, no power. We have no power right here. I Let off the throttle some you guys can't see but I let off the throttle and it seems to come back to life.

I Can hear whether it's firing and running through the exhaust. There's a different tone between engine rotating with no ignition occurring and engine rotating with who's going on with this unit. I See the bridge I see the light. We're almost there.

We're totally gonna make it I bet I Could we can drift it in right about now? We're gonna make it guys. we're gonna make it. So glad to be at work I thought I Was gonna have to call my own tow truck to come pick me up. That would be terrible.

Hello shop? Yeah, look at here down here at idle it's running just fine. It's got power. it's not a throttle position sensor. Otherwise, hanging out right here.

it's got to have some kind of fuel delivery issue. That's what it sounds like. sounds like fuel delivery feels like fuel I mean I don't know. Maybe it's kind of crappy ignition coil that can't handle.

uh, extra fuel air mixture load? it could be anyway. I'm gonna deal with this tomorrow because I'm switching vehicles and going home slide Foreign. it is. The next day we are reaching critical.

Jeep Mass we have a Jeep we have another Jeep there's another Jeep over there I'm not touching these Jeeps So I'm done with that jeep. I Have a fuel pressure tester here I Want to, uh, get a fuel pressure reading at this Jeep when it's doing what it's doing. So what I need to do is get this tester connected, start the engine, let it run. We'll go try to drive it, see if we can't get the thing to uh now to try to stall on us and then uh, we'll see if fuel pressure is the issue there.

Hood there entering Jeep Full service mode. Now you know about that. Oh just pushing all the way. Yeah, yeah, just go all the way back very gently.

Yeah, that's a Jeep service mode. Okay, there's our little port on the fuel rail. This guy just screws right into it and that gives us a fuel Fuel Fuel Pressure reading. There's gasoline on me.

Put that right there. Gross. All right. Restarting: zg pinching.

See if it's gonna start this morning. Foreign with 156 191 miles on the odometer. See what? It's got 30 pounds? No No no I don't think it's supposed to be that low. It's uh.

that's not blame. Let me go inside and check the specifications. see if that is the specified improper amounts of fuel pressure. I Don't think it is.

We are going to consult the all data I think I still have this Jeep in here somewhere. See here. Jeep Jeep Jeep No, it's not here. All right.

Let's see. there's my VIN copy that go back into the all data input. the VIN where are you paste? There's my VIN It populates my Jeep and we are looking for specifications: Fuel Pressure Give Me: Fuel Pressure Specifications: Wrong. Look at that.

I mean 31 PSI Can engine running and it's gonna be 39 to 41 with the regulator disconnected. let's go disconnect the regulator and check fuel pressure. Okay, back at the Jeep Yeah, we're what. 25 24, 6, 80, 30, 22, 24, 26 28 PSI On we're at idle with the regulator connected, disconnecting the regulator.

We're good. It's a little low now. it's not doing it okay. We're gonna come back and check this later after it warms up some.

I Have an idea. see I'm aware that uh, that Jeep has a new ish fuel pump actually I think it's had two new fuel pumps in its lifetime I didn't install those ever I know the thing does make fuel pressure I am wondering if we're uh, we're getting poor fuel pressure while driving. So what I'm gonna do is uh, I'm gonna disconnect the vacuum line that runs to the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail now I did install that regulator? What I'm going to do is I'm going to vacuum that off and that's gonna, uh, it's gonna increase and keep the fuel pressure slightly higher than what we're seeing. Now with that 28 pounds which is it's very close to the edge of spec and I don't want to just go.

Oh, it's out of spec, you know, so that's not going to work. So what I'm going to do is disconnect this uh, vacuum line here. It's going to cause fuel pressure to run on the high side. Then we're gonna go drive it and see if it does that lack of power thing.

If it does, then uh, perhaps we have an issue with this new not very old regulator? Very possible. And if it's still, uh, if it still wants to crap out while driving, we'll check fuel pressure one more time just to make sure it didn't fall on its base and then uh and then while I either were either I'm on it or I'm not on it and uh, no, that'll help determine the path of Diagnostic and repair for this particular concern. Sure, we're gonna go ahead close the Jeep and take her back on the road one more time. I Need air conditioning? There we go.

All right, let's get out of here and hit the road. See how this thing runs? We gotta maneuver it out. It's like, uh, anti-parallel parking? There we go. Reverse if I can get it out of here I should be able to squeeze it past that Honda Come on.

Jeep This is what you're made for Jeep with your zero degree turning radius. There we go. we're gonna make it the jack stand on the ground behind me. Gotta avoid that.

We're gonna make it. Hey, we're off. We're gonna go do semi-jeep things. So what I want to do? We're going to get it out of here.

Uh. I'm gonna get it up to speed a little bit. I Think we're gonna go over the bridge. that's the easiest test drive.

We'll go over the bridge, give it some Full Throttle and uh, see if it maintains power output or not I hope it does okay I've got it in like fourth gear I'm Full Throttle into it and it seems to be kind of holding its own right now. see how it does as we drive it? Colorado is our backfire business All right. It's not a fuel delivery issue. We got something else going on.

It's not fuel pressure. now. it could be fuel volume pressure I need to check I think I'll check to see if this thing has a filter which I think it does and I believe it's been replaced. Still backfiring.

pretty bad, but no pressure. That is confirmed. All right. back under the bridge, going back to the shop.

Let's uh, well or two. okay. parking at the Jeep Let's uh, let's climb out of this bad boy. I'm gonna crawl under and just take a peek and see if it has a fuel filter.

Yeah, that doesn't work. I Forgot the parking brake is broken here. This is my new parking brake. There you go, All right.

Jeep Show me the fuel filter. Let's see. No, probably not. It's a brand new filter.

What is problem with you? Very odd. Okay, all right. so I think that's a dead end. It probably isn't fuel related.

We do need to note that there is no check engine light on this thing. Um I think this is OBD1 95. Yeah, yeah, there's no scan tool connector on this. This is an OBD1 Jeep so it's not kicking any of the uh, very primitive trouble trouble codes so something else is going on.

Back into service mode, We go there We go all right about. Just like that. There we are. So pressure is falling at idle.

Very interesting because get that misfire. It starts to misfire at about 19 pounds. Maybe it is fuel pressure? I Know this is boring, but we need to catch it. I Just need to catch it in the air.

I'm gonna unplug. Oh I'm gonna move that thing. Wait until it drops low. see if the misfire stops.

Yeah, it's a fuel volume thing. Look at it. We're still. We're still going low.

Look at that. Yeah, something's going on with fuel pump. That's got to be fun. I wonder if there's a relay? Fuel pump brushes back up now and we're falling.

Falling falling falling falling falling. Look at that. This is 100 of fuel pressure. If you look at it, pop back up for no reason.

Nothing changed because I thought it wasn't fuel pressure. It turns out it is probably full pressure. Yeah, that's not okay. All right.

good science is good observation anymore. But why it has a new fuel pump? It's got a look at this. I need to remove you. but I can't the battery cables in the way? starter cable here.

We'll put it over here. Okay now according to this digigram right here, the second relay. that one is fuel pump. So we're going to do the relay swapping game.

pull the fog lamp out and Pull the fuel pump relay out. That's high. Why is it still running out of fuel? Running out of fuel? Running out of fuel. running out of fuel died.

That will put the fog lamp relay in the hole for the fuel pump. restocks the engine to see if it does it again. Maybe it's a bad relay. Could be come alive.

Well, we're getting somewhere. Yeah, it's angry. Let's try a different relay. How about uh, this one? No, that's ASD Let's try the starter relay Google That guy out.

Try that one. The one that I swapped it over with was labeled the fog lamp relay but we don't know from any pliers. I have returned with pliers. Let's try this one.

This one's uh, that's the starter relay. Pull that guy out. Give me this one back. We'll put this one back where I Found it over here in fog lamp land starter relay I forgot which one it was this one.

You reach in there and keep it back on. restart the engine please. No, you don't need to hit the clutch. just turn the key.

remove the starter relay. Oh I'm stupid sorry. Go ahead, try it again. All right.

Heat off and then keep it back on. Right here off heat off. I'm gonna go under there and see if I can hear the pump coming on. Let's see here rolling around.

Okay kid on I Don't key it back off I don't hear it. What's going on here? Did I leave the ASD relay out I think I just confused myself real bad I did yeah. Starter: ASD that one's in fuel pump. Start it I hear it.

Okay, kind of bust out the meter. Let's go find the wires for the pump. see if we're getting good power back there. If I can find the wires for the pump I Hope I Can I think I Can there? Ah, there we go.

That is fuel pump wire right there. dirt in face I don't know what that was in my face. Hey Troy Yep. Key it on and don't start it all right.

Key it off. Are you off? Yep. yeah. Call those out.

Okay, keep it back on. Okay, off off on on. Look at that. seven volts.

You see that seven volts at the meter. key it off I Don't know if that's the fuel level or not. Keep it back on. this is the other pin.

Nine volts off on on again. that was six seven, eight bolts. Whatever. off off on.

Hmm. Okay, we have a power supply issue going to the pump. That's a new pump in there, but it seems to not. uh, be running at its premium Optimum Voltage All right.

get me out of here. Thank you sir. Hey see if it restarts. try to start it, see what it does.

Yeah, it barely runs. Bust out the diagrams and see uh, what is responsible for powering the fuel pump. Thank you sir. Appreciate you since you filed it wrong.

Silly goose diagrams. Uh, we're looking for electronical diagrams. There we go and Powertrain management, Engine controls. Oh wow.

There's a lot of stuff here. Let me find the fuel pump. There it is. fuel pump and sending unit.

We need some zooms. Let's Engage The Zoom Action Okay so this guy right here. It's our fuel pump gauge and sending unit. There's a ground.

Oh okay, that that one goes to the the gauge. Our ground is at the rear of the distributor. It's hot but okay. Green wire coming from the fuel pump relay.

That's my output wire. So we need to check voltages at fuel pump relay. That's what we need to do. And if I say you know what I might do, I may just back probe this right here and send direct 12 volts to it and then see if the symptom stops because then we'll be able to isolate probably a connection in here.

Maybe one of the pins? There was corrosion in that box. We found it once. could be corrosion. could be a bad relay, but I don't think so because we did the relay swapping game.

Sure you know, let's find our green green wire. It's a looks like a green and with a black. Tracer Is that what that is green and black? Yeah. Green wire black.

Tracer Let's find that and check voltage there under the hood. That's the plan. I See you hi. She likes it when I flirt with her.

All right. So right down here at the bottom of that, that is our ground wire near the distributor and that looks like a fairly decent ground. Let me just go in there and give it some wiggle action to make sure. Yeah, that's a good ground in that harness.

I'm not too concerned about that. Okie Dokes, We're back. Uh with the meter? I've got the relay pulled one more time. Let's get some ground on.

Uh, well, that wasn't cool. Look at that. Hang on. Hang on.

Hang on. Hang on. Look at this. That's uh, it's not gonna work for me.

Hang on. Step one of every single diagnostic process is make sure battery terminals are clean and tight and that there are good connections and we have, well, we have clean, not tight and not good connections. Okay, let's let's do this first. Back to Basics Hold on brakes on everything.

diagnostic pause Now listen: I'm not saying this is the problem, but it is a problem and that's kind of a big problem. Show we're gonna try to remedy this problem right about now. I Hope I can make these things clean and tight. or at least enough to kind of get a bit of direction here.

These don't fit. Let's use them as a I'll use these the wrong way and fry that open there. Let's try that. We'll open this up some, re-clamp it and these are supposed to go down inside and then you just kind of push on it.

but this thing's smashed down pretty far. Let's try that all the way down. Let's really get a good bite on this thing. Squishy lid and now we can tighten her.

It was kind of hanging out at the top of the post if I recall. So let's start over. try this. Yeah, that's our negative side.

Let's open up our positive connector next. Actually, that one's open pretty far. not far enough. We'll open it more.

Squeeze There We go. push that guy all the way down as far as I can get it. it is bottomed out on the stud. Let's go ahead and tighten this next without grounding my wrench.

We're creating lightning. Yeah, I know I should have done this one first and then install the negative last. but I didn't Oh look, it's breaking. We need a new one that's cool that should be sufficient for testing purposes.

So let's put all of our relays and stuff back in there. We go, let us restocking's the engine and see what happens next so we're key on. Hmm okay, that's not the problem. it should have started and it didn't key off again.

Peon again. Okay, you're not getting fuel so I believe we are narrowed down to a fuel delivery issue. so we don't have fuel back to where we originally started before. I Found the issue with the batteries or the terminals.

rather. What? I'm gonna do I'll ground the meter to the battery ground connected here. check our battery 12 volts. We'll check power at the uh, the relay.

so relay power is present and let's find the ground. We'll move this guy over. where's relay ground? There's ground. Okay, all right.

so I'm performing a closer inspection where this relay goes in and take a look here see pointer of some sort. All right. So fuel pump relay has been removed again and I'm taking a closer inspection at what's going on because I I Remember finding corrosion on the the relay Once Upon A Time You can see one of the pins right here. another pin there.

Another pin right there looky here. Supposed to be a pin right here and it is there. but that pin seems to be pushed down and it's uh, it's kind of recessed. See it way down there.

See that thing? So as an experiment before, I either condemned this thing or take it apart. I'm going to run an extension down in that hole and we're just going to remotely connect that relay to see if that has an effect on it. because right now we're in a no crank condition and it happened after touching that relay which is very hot. So what we'll do is grab some pigtail extensions I have like a master kit for these things.

It's rarely used, but when I use it I need it. So what we will find in here are the bladed type connectors. Well, I hear a screaming kid Bladed type connectors I think I can get one of these down in that hole far enough to make contact and then we'll just use some jumper wires to connect the Uh to the pins on the relay. That's a good connection right there.

Good thing I've got four of them. shoe one in each gravity connector Gravity one of these will go in each blade. plug that one in next. this one here of course the the one down on the ground.

Wherever that went way there it is. I See you come here. plug this guy in right here and then we will connect jumpers to it and then install the relay. Okay, so what I've done: I've connected four jumper leads to the holes inside of the Uh the fuse box.

I Know this is a little crude, but I've connected some extensions to another set of Jumper leads and then plug those into the relay. So effectively I've connected this relay to that fuse box and I've just done it remotely. Uh, the reason being is I wanted to make sure that this pin right here had contact and now it does. I'm speculating that the bottom of the pin on the actual relay was just touching that contact down there because it's kind of recessed into the box.

But I Want to confirm that before we, uh, you know, start going. Yay! We found it because I found a couple things wrong and it's still not right. So we're gonna test and make sure before getting our hopes up. Darling, Can you go back inside? Not that's not Troy That's why, can't it darling? Can you go back inside? Um, just key it on? Don't Uh, don't start it yet.

Just key it on. Okay. Key it off, on, Off on. Okay, We hear it clicking.

Let's check our fuel pressure off. on. Okay. Start it up all right.

now. let's do some power and ground checks with our meter because now we have some easy access here so we're still grounded here. Key off, Key on. There's voltage there on that one.

Check this one. We have voltage on that one, so that's our red in our blue. We need to check this one right here. Actually, let's get that one.

It's easier that one's got voltage and this one should be ground. I Think that one's round. Let's check it. Okay, uh.

key it on. Get off. Okay, that's that one's probably ground. So let's go ahead and switch our lead over to the hot side.

Check that last circuit for ground. Look at that one volt. Key it on. Yeah, it's a horrible ground at that connection.

Which one is this? this? one is the black wire. The black wire does. go to that pin. I Know that that pin is connected.

Key it on. Key it off. Get on. That's our power wire that runs.

that might be a power wire that runs to, uh, the actual pump. Key it off on the deal here. Off on yeah. I got some voltage so it was sending voltage.

Where did I connect that one from? That's yeah, that's the one that sends voltage down to the pump. off on crank it. Try to start it. Okay stop.

we have no fuel pressure I wonder if this thing's not even contacting I don't think it's making contact paper clip time. All right. Shut it off please. hey or Clips are your friends I don't need that many I just want one I want a big one? How about that one? Yeah, let's try this.

Let's guarantee contact with that PIN that thing's down there pretty far. Oh it's gone now. Yeah, that thing's very I pushed it too far down. Okay, all right.

well since I just pushed that pin like way way way way way down now I need to extract the pin and take this fuse block apart. so uh, pause I need to uh I need you to get down and dirty with this thing and figure out uh, how to fix that little pin disappearing action thing I Don't know if I can take this fuse block apart or not. Maybe I can should be able to, but maybe I can't I'll try it and see what happens. It's not what I wanted to do today.

All right. So I popped off this little uh little protector cap thing right here on top and we can still see or we can clearly see down in the hole that that pin has fallen out I know I pushed it out but it was already hanging out. Regardless, it's gonna go back. So we're gonna pop this fuse box out of here and, uh, open it up if we can figure out why exactly what exactly is going on in there or how the thing came off.

Maybe the tabs broken. We'll see. Let's just get it apart. Yes, I've already disconnected the battery? No worries, we're not doing this the unsafish way.

All right. It's nasty. Yep, Yep. looky there.

there's the wire and it's green with a black. Tracer So that's the wire that sends our power down to the uh, the fuel pump. Let's try to click that thing back in position, see if it stays. I'm not sure why it came out, but it did pliers.

Let's go in here. long range with some plier action. If I can't push that thing back in, make it stay and it's it's not going to stay and that. So I have a bit of a problem.

We're going to need a fuse box of some sort. Um, well. we can at least proceed with our proof of concept and attempt to diagnose this. I'm going to reconnect everything one more time and uh, we'll see if we got fuel pressure after this connection is made.

If we do have fuel pressure and this actually was the cause, I'm gonna have to let it run for or I won't be able to determine that words unless I let it run for a while and we can see if it's going to start to stall out or not. So first things first, let's figure out how to get this connection made and then we'll go from there. So what I'll do is I'll just re-remotally reconnect everything so that one was the one that fell through. that's our power supply down to the pump and then on the top side, I'll just reconnect the remaining connectors I Took them off a moment ago just to take all the stuff apart.

So what I need to do is retrace where they go. that's our ground. Which means this one is going to be that one in the front. See what? Let me just pause this and uh, I'll be back once these are all reconnected.

Okay, back again. I've got everybody connected and then the connector that had pushed through that one's been reconnected remotely. relay is reconnected with all the pins. Let's try to.

uh, let's see if we have fuel pressure now. At this point, when we key it on. okay, key it on. Don't crank it.

Hmm, really, we have nothing. Okay, go ahead and key it on. Don't crank it. had some fuel pressure happen.

Start it. Hang on. Why do we have nothing? Key it off. Keep it back on.

Relay goes okay. Let's check for power going down to our fuel pump. Let's try that. So back to ground.

Oh okay. okay. we've got contact. uh.

hook meters unmetering, turned off. Crank it okay. and now we have fuel pressure. It's running again.

so let's just hang out and watch it. So what I'll do? here's the experiment. We'll disconnect the tower losing fuel pressure, but that's definitely again. Now with that, all right, we're getting somewhere.

we have fuel again. I Don't even know if this is the problem, but I know it's a problem. the wire. it's getting hot, feeling warm? Okay, all right.

well. I'm gonna hang out and let this thing run for a little while. it's under observation again. We'll see if it starts to splutter install with known good connections to our fuel pump.

but I'm I think we got it. What I think was happening was when that relay was plugged in. it was just sitting on top like that it was just touching the connector and it had connection sometimes. but sometimes it didn't I mean even right now look at that.

Yep, died right out. Bad connection I think it was just kind of sitting on top. Try another restart here. Let's experiment with that concept.

So we are disconnecting the fuel pump power supply. It's gonna start to stall in a second. So right now the fuel pump is off. Okay, here we go.

Oh, it died too fast. Plug her back in, all right. So I have this very crudely put back together and just kind of stuffed into its home. right here.

Batteries were reconnected or battery terminals are reconnected rather. I'm going to go ahead and uh, take this thing out for a ride and we're gonna see if it does what it's been doing while driving. So I think that's probably safe enough to go for a ride with just over the bridge. We'll just stop that thing down in the hole, stuff the wires back there.

Everything should stay put. We're not gonna be gone long and if it breaks down I'll fix it. Whatever. Okay, third test drives a charm.

It's been running for about 10-15 minutes I think I think I Figured this out but we need to. uh, we need to verify there's my seat belt. it's stuck back there. Come here.

leakage. Very good backing out. This is the Jeep I think it's gonna work this time and if it doesn't then um. well.

I don't know I'll figure something else out but I there's nothing else wrong. It's got all brand new stuff through the bridge. We go see if this is gonna work I Hope it stays working. Nope, fail, That's not it.

Come on I find something very wrong and that's not the problem. Come on. Go please make it over the bridge. I'm not in the mood for this.

Oh I don't know it's gonna make it over the bridge you guys. Oh no I think there's no traffic? Oh it's dead. We're dead in the water. crap I didn't bring a phone.

That sucks. Okay, it restarted. Let's try again. Yeah Jeep things I'm stuck on the side of the road.

oh my God they're flying past me 100 miles an hour. Everybody's gonna see you like oh it's the Jeep that's what they do. They do a deal. you can do it just the bridge I can I can Coast Awesome look.

we get a good aerial view of the shop. hello shop I need to go back down there the the long way and we're dead. This is a very inconvenient for me I wonder if this other Jeep is gonna help me? Nope bye other Jeep we're doing Jeep things Now we're just gonna go over here and ride in the grass. Okay, well, it seems to idle good.

no power needed horsepowers and yeah I don't even know if it's even a fuel problem because these are the hard times. Stranded again I made it like a block. Maybe if I just rev it up enough I can get enough RPM to like get where I Gotta go sorry car. this is horrible.

Second gear I will use the freaking starter to get back if I have to come on Jeep Don't die. Don't die at intersections. Oh this is bad. Getting stuck.

We're doing ultimate Jeep things on the sidewalk I Don't care. Get me out of here. It's almost gonna make it guys. We're gonna make it.

but I know if I just rev it up enough, you know it's come on. Come on. come on. don't do that.

There's people's coming up behind us. This is bad. I'll just drive over here in the grass. It's a Jeep thing driving in the grass.

it's dead I'm running out of brain power to diagnose this guys. I Don't like this thing. this thing. Come on baby.

go go back. Whatever tracks, try first gear Bridge Come on. Just nope. I'm gonna hang out here for a little while.

Maybe it'll come back to life. Nope. I Kind of get over the hill and over the tracks. We need more momentum.

come hit train tracks. It's not cool. Let me go over here in the sidewalk some more. Oh this is cool I Limped back into the shop in the parking lot and now it's fine.

Yeah, that's just great. That's fantastic. It's running just fine. I Jeep I Don't like it.

It's cheap at all anymore. Evil Jeep Evil Yeah, Why don't you just go roll off a cliff? Jeep There you go. Okay, in an act of desperation. I'm gonna go ahead and just bypass uh, all of the circuitry and just run straight power down to that fuel pump.

So we will just connect that connector with battery positive and uh, I'll try to drive it again and see what happens. Plug that guy in right there. So now this, uh, the relay is effectively out of out of the circuit here. it's no longer.

it's no longer heating the fuel pump running, so this is. we don't need that. It's kind of useless right now, so we'll just stuff that down in the hole. We've got the green jumper lead running straight to the connector down to the fuel pump so that it's always got power at the fuel pump, drive it again and see what happens.

It definitely seems to fuel feel fuel related, but I need to get some kind of results out of this. I Understand that the gauge says it's a little low on fuel pressure, but um, we've like I said earlier, we've already disconnected the regulator and increased the pressure and that didn't seem to fix it. Um, if we don't have a issue with fuel, uh, pressure. maybe we have a delivery issue.

It's already starting to stall. A volume issue? That's what I should have said. Fuel Volume issue. Yep, that's not what it is because it's dying.

Okay guys. I'm frustrated. Um I'm very frustrated. uh I need to kind of go back to the drawing board on this one.

I'm I'm pretty stumped at this point. so I I think I would like to stop recording and just go ahead and close this video out right now. at this point in time I'm being defeated by project Jeep I don't know what it's doing and why it's doing it? Um, I'm not going to give up I'm gonna find it I mean we know what's going on kind of. but I can't seem to make it go away I'm not certain if there's something else doing this and I'm kind of barking up the wrong fuel relay electronical issue I really don't know.

So uh, I need to, uh, walk away, reset my cream brainium, and come back with a fresh attitude in a little while. I'm gonna go to lunch I'm gonna end this video I'll check back in with you guys in Project Jeep when I Kind of have some more conclusive results because what we've got here is a bunch of problems that are not the problems and that's driving me insane. So that being said, as always, thank you guys for watching this video. I wish I had some more answers than what I have right now.

but I don't It is what it is. but we will get through this so again. Thank you guys for watching. Let me know what you think about this.

Jeep If anybody has experienced a similar G problems, please feel free to let me know in the comment section down below. Drop me a like while you're down there. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourself a great day. See you guys later in the project.

Deep. wait a minute. Look at this. Hang on.

look. Fuel pressure disconnected and we're still losing fuel pressure. It's still doing it. It's still dropping down even though we know I know I've got power going to that pump because I put power to the pump.

It's got to have its own problem. It has to because this is direct power to the fuel pump and it's doing that encouraging pulsing, dying fuel pressure thing. Look at that. Yeah Ironic that I just ended the video and now it's doing it again and with that firing because we have no fuel.

Yeah, throwing out of gas.

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