Mechanic Stranded! Project Jeep Breaks Down! 1995 Wrangler 4.0 4x4
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We uh returned to Project 1995 Jeep Wrangler Four wheel drive with four liter. it has been installing and not starting and I found some horrendous fuel pressure issues going on I Found some wiring problems going on uh I've gone ahead and ordered a fuel pump for this unit. I'm gonna go ahead, get this thing restarted. We're gonna pull it back into the shop, get it up onto the lift, and then, uh, get this fuel pump replaced.

Let me make sure my uh, my wiring job is good here. uh I have a remotely mounted fuel pump relay. uh if you missed? uh, what's going on here Just checked on this video's description to the link of the previous video on this particular Jeep and it will explain that uh, that conglomeration of wiring and relays. Anyway, let's see if this thing's gonna start.

Let's go ahead and get it inside up on the lift. we're going to pull the fuel tank down, we have power and uh, get that pump replaced. Let's see if we have fuel pressure. Sure do.

This is good. We like fuel pressure. Yes, it runs fine when it's cold and then I'm assuming after the pump warms up, it starts crapping out and fuel pressure starts to fall to like 510. PSI and then the thing stalls and then it'll restart.

So uh, I ran direct power to the fuel pump from that little wiring harness area over there and even with direct power to the pump, the pump continued to fail and stop producing fuel pressure and volume. So uh, that leads me to believe we have a pump issue like I said. I've got one over there on the shelf and we're going to go ahead and pull this tank down, remove the pump, inspect it, see what the deal is. we're gonna go ring riding around Ace Ventura style in a jeep.

Hope I can see where I'm going I think I can. pretty sure I can. Yeah, these uh, these Jeeps have a turning radius of like a top so I'll be able to swing this corner no problem. just don't want to run over Troy he's over there working on the Miata clearing the wall, clearing the Miata clearing the new guy.

yeah, he's down there. See him down there say hi Troy you can't hear us I see you I'd say we're probably okay right there firing down Now right here. This is a primary problem with short wheelbase. Jeeps It's really hard to set the rack on these things because often the swing on the rack takes up more space than the wheelbase does.

Watch this look at that. That's what we've got to do is get the front legs in first and then roll it forward, then get the back legs in and then roll it back and Center it. then we can set the lift points and jack it up. It's a Jeep thing that one fits that size.

Especially bad. look at that. Roll it back. Come on.

Jeep Oh I'm running into the lift. Hang on Yipper! Running into that. Roll it back. Yeah! I Remember I couldn't I could barely get this thing to rack up on the small rack I Don't know if we can do it on the big rack I Really don't possible I think probable likely I Guess we're gonna find out.
Oh come on. Jeep There we go. All set. Moving on up.

I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. just kidding. can't do that.

Okay, after much jostling back and forth action I Believe we've got this set up where it's supposed to be. We got a lift point on the frame, another lift point on the frame. Over Yonder Let's check this other side. Let's see.

lifted on the frame and one in the front right there. That's good I Love how close these are. I mean it's such a short vehicle. it's like Suzuki Samurai short.

but it's like it's the same as Troy Yeah yeah, you give us the side eye, side eye, side eye. moving on up. Troy's not actually short? What was that? 511 and a half word? Well the beauty is is you'll grow until you're 25 I Think right? Is that is that when we stop growing 25 Is that it? Dollar buddy? Hmm. Just just say that you're getting taller and then and then it will be so you can wheel it into re-existence.

All right, we're underneath the vehicle now now as we saw from the last Uh video. uh, we've got a new fuel filter here. It has had a replacement fuel pump installed once or twice, but we know that there's an issue here. So we're going to go ahead and pull this tank down and inspect this pump assembly and see what's going on with it.

So what we're going to need to do is pull this, uh, this big heat shield thing off of here. It's Jeep So it's got a metal metal thing around the plastic tank to protect it from road debris and off-road hazards and whatnot. So we're gonna have to remove one, two, three, four five, six, mini bolts, seven, eight nine. A lot of bolts.

so we gotta pull all these little Fasteners and bolts and nuts and whatnot off of here. support the tank with a Jack and then we'll lower it down once it's uh, disconnected in here. Yeah, this one's not like, uh, it's not like your Jeep Troy's Jeep It's not like your Jeep where we, uh, you can just take it out to the side. We got to pull the whole tank down, begin unbulging this wrong size wobbly I'm not sure see there's there's six of these here I know only three of them or I don't know which one of them are the ones that actually hold the tank and which ones are actually just holding the uh, the strap or perhaps the whole tank comes down with the uh, the skid? Shield I I Don't really know I don't recall.

We're gonna figure it out though. we're gonna figure it out all right. Let's go over to the front side and see what kind of Fasteners we're working with over here. Uh, looks like yeah, there's just three of them.

It appears to be a nut and a bolt passing through and it is. Oh, a tool stop tooling? Yeah, those are all bolted in I'll have to get enough bruh a uh, a wrench to hold it, hold the bolt I Got that one off. Awesome. Let's put you right up gravity.

It's gone. Our new got it here. Let's go fetch the trans jack to hold the tank up. We're gonna need this.
Come on. Francis Mission Jack You're coming with us. Thank you. There we go now.

I Can uh, unbolt this tank with some confidence that it's not going to fall And no, it's not going to fall like the flashlight. Stop it. Light. stay moving on up.

We'll drive this thing up until it contacts or comes very close to contacting. Then we'll unbolt The Shield the rest of the way. I Believe that the tank stays attached to the shield and they have to become separated later. which I probably won't have to do because I can just unbolt it and drop it down.

There we go. What we'll do is we'll get this one. Yeah, that's starting to let the tank down. Yeah, fits unbolted from this side.

Get rid of that and one more little one right now. Woohoo! All right. so let's get a 13 wrench and get those other Fasteners on the front side. When you start to lower this thing a little bit, and you know what? while we're here, I'll disconnect the connector.

Okay, let's get these. uh, these remaining Fasteners Here, that's rough. There's one of them next, two of them next, and three of them. no more.

Next, that's all of them. Good to go. Okay, so with the exception of the fuel lines which I believe I'll disconnect from the top of the tank at the pump, this thing is mostly disconnected. Let's see how the uh, the fuel fill spout is.

Where's that guy? Yeah, we're up here. we're almost there. Let's see. Yep, we'll need to take the spout off I think in the meantime, I can I can start to let this down, get a little bit more clearance out of things.

Yeah. coming down, decrease hydraulic pressure lowering tank. It's probably good. Okay, all right, let's unscrew this thing.

Racha that's our hose plant for the uh, the fill cap. there's the vent which I'll disconnect that from somewhere else besides up here. I'm getting Jeep schmoo on me. Pull this guy out.

Come off. Nope. We'll get in there with the pick. Try to not tear that hose.

it's it's starting to tear too. It's not okay. Get behind that. get it all unstuck from that which it is stuck on should be good.

Come on. why are you still stuck? That is displeasing to me. I'm like hanging off of it. Come on more.

There we go. Got it all right? I Don't know if we can. Oh, if we can see, there's the vent tube right above this fill too. Let me pluck that guy out there.

We go down a little bit farther, just a wee bit there. we go. give this some shake action. Okay Puffs out of here.

a little bit more down. Yeah, we're getting there. It needs to come this way some and then I can try to level it out but the exhaust is in the way and it doesn't want to come out of the way. Good thing this Tank's kind of empty.

Don't fall. Do not fall. Fuel tank. we're about.

It's almost clear the fill hose nozzles are in the way. A little bit more down here. we go. Now we're cooking.
That's good. Beautimous. Okay. fuel tank has been lowered.

Yeah, it's got a new pump in there. I See the new unit, but that doesn't mean it's any good because it's not okay. Let's get these two fuel line hoses disconnected and then we'll get this thing lowered out of the way. I Hope those are in the right spot.

You never know. Can't ever tell when somebody else has been somewhere before you. It's not good. Screw that screwdriver down off.

Come off fuel line here. We'll just twist it. some a little bit of twist action, then some twist and pull. Don't poke a hole in the fuel hose.

Ray There we go. There's one and fuel line number two. These are two different diameter. Yeah, one's bigger than the other.

That's fine. Okay, the tank is free and clear. Let's go ahead and let her down all the way down. Keep an eye on it.

We're getting stuck. We're falling off. Hang on. That's why you keep an eye on it.

That's a great way to drop a fuel tank coming down all the way down. Um, come on Jack all the way down Jack is stuck. Come on piece of Jack Okay, that was scary. Well this is cute.

I Was saying something about duct tape earlier. This is, uh, not an okay fuel tank repair. What's this problem? JB Weld And silicone? Oh man, this is. this is beyond Jeep Things Somebody broke this.

Yeah, that's it's. not gonna work. Look at that. makes me wonder what's in the tank.

We need a new fuel tank. Yeah, so there's a vent hose here and looks like there's more vent hose up here. Okay, okay, well. let's pull this thing out at least and see what's going on.

I'm probably going to replace this tank I Don't know I need to ask my guy if he wants to put a new one in it or not because this is sort of not okay at all and neither is this one also not okay. Yeah, look at that. it's still Coney and you can't put our TV on fuel tanks. It's not.

Uh, it's not effective. It turns to like mush. Gross. Okay, do we need an eight mil? Yeah.

okay. let us lose some fuel pump Fasteners here. Well, we're not going to lose them, we're just gonna take them all out. I wonder if this thing is like full of, uh, silicone or crust or dirt or something? Curious to find out what? Treasures lie within the pump? see that's a it's a newish unit come out.

oh my. God look at that. no wonder. Look dad, that's horrible.

Yeah that is so bad. Look at that that's supposed to be cleared and clean and it is rust nasty. We can even see that uh, this pickup sock is kind of imploding from the suction on the pump. So technically the pump is okay.

Well I don't know if the pump's okay because probably been running hot and burning itself up and uh, not getting any flow through it. Well, we know it wasn't getting slow because the truck runs out of gas while it's driving and if there's no flow through the pump, then the pump pump's gonna run hot. It'll burn the pump up. That that concerns me.
See what's in the tank? Um, yeah, there's a bunch you can see down there in that baffle. Look at that. There's a bunch of debris and stuff floating around in there. Okay, I mean it's not horrible.

Let me get some gloves on and take a sample of the sediment. All right. I've got a glove to prevent uh, gasoline from getting all over me. It's going to take.

Rub my hand across the bottom of this I can't get much for a sample I Don't want the gas to get inside of my glove. That would be gross. Well, by the way, that's a contaminated system. Yeah, there's some right there.

There's some some smoosh debris so we can see that it's nasty in that tank. We can see that the filter sock has picked up plenty of that nasty. I'm gonna recommend we replace the tank. I'll probably blow these lines out with some air.

Maybe flush them out with like some AC flush solution or something. or or even just gasoline. That would work too. I Can use my AC flush pressurized canister to pump gasoline through the system.

Maybe try to back flush all that nasty stuff out of there. Then we'll put a new filter on it. I Think that's the idea here. So uh, well.

at this point I'm kind of dead in the water because I can't do anything without a fuel tank and it's going to take me a while to get a fuel tank. Hmm I probably should replace these hoses too on the new tank. um, the vent system. Yeah, that's not not what I expected to do here on.

Project Jeep All right, well back to the drawing board. I guess um I am I'm not I'm not going to be doing anything further with what we've got to work with right here. I need some more parts. Didn't want to go that route, but it is what it is.

So what I'm going to do is just roll this thing right out of the way and we're going to park it in the corner with the rest of the disassembled car parts. Uh, until I get a new fuel tank. So that being said, I Realized this video was kind of short, but there's really nothing more for me or us to do here today. So I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

Uh, I will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video I hope you were as surprised to see the Carnage that I see I mean yeah I know what you're saying I could probably just restock this and uh, throw this unit back in here. but I'm very reluctant to do such things because I I know this thing has been super hot and I don't like that. So uh I am going to go ahead and replace um, the pump motor as well anyway.

I Digress: I'll be back on track again and as always, thank you guys for watching. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into project Jeep again See you later Jeep Until the next time Thanks for watching. See you guys later Transmission Goodbye again foreign.

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