In this video I bring you along as I go through the process of swapping out an engine in a 2015 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.5L RWD. This is it folks! The last and final video. Time to hook up the remaining nuts, bolts and wires and see it this junk yard special runs!
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Been pretty busy in the shop folk so I haven't been after this candy for a while. It's just sitting here. It's just been sitting here. No other way to say it.

It's probably been maybe a week I don't know more than a few days. I've got the engine approximately where it was once we took it out I Took some measurements from the wall and from the toolbox and stuff I Wrote them down, but it's a little different now because we've got this. Harbor Freight Cart I modified the handle so it'll tip forward. I'm gonna start letting the car down and see if we can put this in by ourselves.

this is those kind of busy Josh Got things going on so it's just up to us, me and you and you're not much help. be honest with you. So I'm gonna start setting it down if we can get it oriented pretty close. Hopefully we can pull it ahead a little bit.

I think it was tight on the heater core hoses if I remember right and that was about it. Other than that, it came out pretty easy. so let's see if the table is going to be helpful to us and see if we can get it in. I Might do some fast forwarding business on here just to make it not so boring, but we'll get it up in there.

We got our transverse engine support we can hook back on the timing cover. I've got the harnesses kind of zip tied out of the way so we should be good. so let's uh, find out. Thank you! Foreign, Foreign, foreign foreign foreign I'm just gonna put this mount exactly where it was.

Hit me in the face. It's got the little Telltale marks on there where the bolts were to make sure exactly and then we'll uh, we'll lift up the engine in the front. It went in pretty smooth. I think the stable made a big difference.

Let's see, make sure these are great, just a little bit here. Okay, I've got our I've got the hook. We should be okay though. Take some weight off it and or all of the week.

Let me give it a wiggle. it should be pretty stable. We're hooked right back where we were. Yeah, let's get the safety stand out of here.

Oh now, remember there was some kind of big to do with the wiring harness. I did cut the tree. We had the transmission line right here I cut the zip tie and put that towards the back. can't bolt it on yet but there was something I Remember right? we were doing something here with the wiring so I might better do I Might better cut some of those zip ties and get that front harness down.

especially I thought that's before I Put it in there now. hopefully hopefully. I didn't go through zip tied crazy here I think I just see one at the top. Okay, there's a zip tie there so I knew the training line had to go I don't know if this is it.

Yeah, this must be it because that harness here. we left it off. We left everything all wired tied together so it's not a big deal. Foreign.

must stay. Keep that up. out of the way. This must be the one because this has got the big connectors for the rack.

So this must go on these. uh, solenoids here man. I'm doing Wicked shaky today so getting over my sickness. Whatever.
that was all right. So I got a Christmas tree there. That one here. oh you guys probably can't see, can you? Well long story short, we're figuring this out.

Let's see. getting the harness run for these motor mount solenoids is what we're doing. That's both of them and those are both plugged in a little Christmas tree thing goes there if that goes there. Yeah, that has to go there because that's the only place that can go and this this stuff must get routed here.

Let me figure this out folks. and um and figure out where everybody goes and who's who. I think I got it all sorted because I wasn't sure about these but I Remember this connector here was the AC Yes, this goes in the air conditioner and then this one plugs in the bottom of the radiator so this harness must click in some ways across there. I Got clicked in here.

Parked steering is plugged back in, latching through back in I think that was it. This hooks uh, this filter here hooks back up on the frame so now we can start picking it up. Kind of getting the suspension moved around here where it needs to be kind of realign. things might take a little while to shuffle it all around.

Awesome! Thank you thank you Foreign thank you. This is why you have the ear ringing. That's it baby. We've got to set it down I Want to set it down on the mounts and I don't feel good about it.

Foreign mops are already lined up so all we have to do is take the tension off this thing. the subframes tight. There's our ZIP diving set to say so we should be good now. I ran that that wiring harness here in the front of the subframe I ran that around and plugged it into the radiator and the AC condenser.

Did you look at the TPMS filter light on the Nissan Yeah yeah, it's good. One tire. it's like I don't like two pounds. it was the left front Okay I adjusted all of them so the light is out.

Okay, so there is that. Let's get this out of the way so we don't cause any scratches or anything. Thank you! Okay, the engine is officially in. We have the two nuts and both these nuts right here.

We can stick back on the engine mounts sometimes I call them engine mounts sometimes I call motor mounts. gets people wound up I Don't know if I can reach that one from up here. probably easier to reach it from well in there, but we'll we'll try it and then there's one wire clip down here on the front of the frame. I couldn't get it to push in I just got to get it a little something up here to push it with and now I think we're okay if I wasn't I didn't leave myself any love note took here usually I'll write myself notes about something important.

we left this unplugged I Remember to get the little tin cover off there I think everything else falls into place really. Now that we know what we're doing, we could do another one of these things and have her in and out by lunchtime. More than likely, this is not too bad of a job. This one is a pretty easy engine swap.
see if I can't reach that Christmas tree faster I got it started in the hole I just couldn't get enough power. You're in on top of that sucker. There it is and all the way. I Like to put all everything back exactly how we found it.

a little bit better. So we're on this side. we have the vent or the engine mounts and now it's supposed to go up in one of these holes on the side here. I'm not going to put that in quite yet because I don't want to stick it in the wrong hole.

that's never good and I don't know which tools are being used here for for this wiring harness. once I figure that out, it'll be at home stretch so it's all figured out. Um I think Okay, we left the bolt in the steering shaft there so that's good what? I like to do before? I Get started. You know, just really reassembling a lot in one area is to make sure I don't see a reason why we have to take anything back apart.

You know, for example, you know it was the you know, the subframe on the wrong side of the harness or something like that. Usually if there's those things like I said I do Leave myself a note. So I just kind of. You kind of get stuff running a little bit as to where it's going to go, not necessarily putting it all together, but just you know just seeing if everything appears to be correct.

and in our case, I believe it does. I think everybody's going where it needs to go. that's our ground wire. I Think we're in good shape up here.

Everything looks pretty pretty decent. Um I did put wire Clips here and I think we're good I think we're good to go underneath and assemble everything underneath. Set the Carter down, assemble everything up here, put some oil in it, and either start it or push it outside and listen to them cry because I have no idea anything about this engine. Hopefully, for this fellow's sake, it is a good engine.

We're going to start by. Uh well. I Thought we were going to start by installing the training lines here, but it appears beers that I can't uh oxygen sensor. it's kind of in the way.

can we get up and around it? I must have got them out. Yes sir. I Remember the wire? there was kind of twisted around it. We've got one bolt here that goes up in the upper oil pan that had a stud on it.

I Don't know if something else goes on that stud, but that's the bolt that came out of there. How do I know? Because I just had to go take it out of the other engine. We left it in there so we wouldn't forget it. We've got the bolt the doors here so I'll get these snugged up and then we'll uh, work on the rest of it.

Of course we have the shift cable we can put that in. probably right here. You guys are kind of right in my way. That's okay.

We'll click that baby in. Click that baby where it needs to be. Give that a clickaroo. That's pretty much it.
Everything clicks together. Looks kind of nice. for the reassembly part. I think I Remember this: we put the carrier bearing upside down to hold it out of the back of the transmission.

Were nice enough to leave ourselves the bolts back here. so that's good. We put a little Mark on it. We're on the vibration Nazis out there that it never makes a difference because well, because it doesn't, it's not.

Get this scooped around there. Look at that like that. Get our bolts started back in there. now.

if you put your shift cable on already premature shift cable installation, you're going to want to unhook that. put it back in neutral. In case you didn't There's that. We must have left our bolts somewheres, put that line drained up on the bushings and fit right together very nicely.

Let's go look on the floor. We left ourselves a whole thing of bolts here bolt so we're gonna put this coupler back together. There's a tin Shield that goes here. We've got to get our exhaust and everything back on and we'll be good to go.

Thank you! Foreign I think the exhaust runs through there I Just texted you making sure it fits. It does get all that time to line up too foreign so we'll Lube all these up. Yeah, we'll get my guy see if he can help me put the exhaust back on here I can push back. Okay, good there we go.

All right. Thank you thank you. We'll try this again. We doing nice because we do it twice.

That's what I like to see. I'm gonna start working putting the front suspension back together and I figured we can get the oil draining out of this thing shouldn't be much in it. they usually drain them before they send them, but let it finish peeing out of there a little bit left in there and we'll take the filter off. Let that, uh, drain.

I'll just leave this off to the entire rest of the time here until we're ready to fill it back up. At least there's no big metal chunks coming out of it, so that's good. And then like I say we'll get the control arms back on it there and tie rod ends and all that stuff because I think we're done pretty much under this back half. putting a subframe in it.

kind of stuck some of that stuff together already. So really, all we have to do is this one control arm here I need seven, but we really can't take that down until we set it at Ride Heights. so we're going to leave these bolts a little bit loose, tighten up our tire rod, we can tighten up both of the ball joints here, get them snugged up, get our sway bar links back on. Everything's kind of falling back together very nicely, so that's good.

That's always appreciated I Appreciate your car, All right. let me get some tools. I'm probably not going to bore you guys with this process because this face is boring. Leave that loose.
Tighten those three, tighten the sway bar links we just wiped off. It runs at this point. No, I wasn't going to show you. but I Just want to take a moment and brag on the fact that I'm actually going to stick an Allen key in the bottom of this ball joint control arm and I'm going to hold this still.

This is just like what Florida is like right here. You can do it by the book. Typically, we're prying down with a pry bar using the other dug a gun. Not today, folks.

not today. Do not forget to hook up your steering shaft underneath there. Otherwise, you won't be able to steer. That's just fat.

That's called her true. Um, you know what? We're gonna leave that off a little momento it looks like it'll be a lot easier to get to the AC lines. if we do so, we'll put our bolts in there. Uh, let's cut some more of our zip ties here now.

I Think everything underneath is done except for those control arms they haven't take notes up. I put the wheels on so that's good. and I've got another zip tie over here on this hose. Okay, foreign, Yes, it might I don't even know.

Frank How's that? Go? Let's bring it around town down like this. Oh I See, she loops around the front. Okay, so you can only twist these hoses along the ways. There we go, she just sticks right down there.

Very nice where this is a bolt I didn't put it back in the compressor, almost stuck it somewhere else I know myself too well I stuck it in a bag and labeled the AC bolt fuel line clip. It's only two things in there must have been just some Rogue bolts kicking around that I didn't uh, want myself where to get so we'll leave the fuel line clip in there. This is the bolt for the HD and I was nice enough to put some caps on it for myself I Know you guys don't have the uh optimal viewing area but The Price is Right So plus I kind of want my baby back I don't like working with just one Bay too much pressure. You know you got to have things in and out exactly when they need to be.

If you're running a schedule, sometimes things don't go as scheduled or as planned. Anyways, Frustrating Mother Pearl got you Scotch 33 didn't he? yes sir, my stuff. What's the path? I'm gonna line that back up. We'll check it for a leak.

Don't worry, those flat-faced washers with the rubber on them are quite reusable to a certain degree. If it leaks, I'll fix it, don't you worry? Oh yeah, trust me. I'm sitting here putting this thing on upside down. There's that that long bolt here.

It goes towards the bottom. Thank you. It's going through and buttoning up some other stuff here folks. uh I Went and tightened up the engine mounts before I forgot that I Put a fuel line on.

We have our Evac Purge line here. Hook that right to the first valve clip that back in the clippy doodad. We have our heater core hoses back here which are a little snug to get to, but they should just push right on. Push push, push that one clipped on.
We got one more. There we go. You guys. remember we dropped.

Uh, we dropped one of them without a bucket and I showed you guys how that clip works. Makes it really nice for assembly. not so much for disassembly, but putting them together of course is their manufacturing these cars. That's the important part is assembling them.

So we have our heater hose here. slash some people call them radiator hose. Make sure harness is going the right way. we'll get to our radiator hose will get all them slid on.

there's one there. We have one here. We have one back here for the heater hose and then there's one over on this side. goes on the water pump.

I Want to be sure that we're not putting the card ahead of the horse here radiator hose. That kind of made some kind of tight over here, so let's not get too excited. These wires need to run up here this side. Remember hooks onto the Box We got our 70 ampere our 100 there.

Yeah, 70 Amper one there. hopefully. This guy was smart enough to take a picture of everything. He probably was.

So we've got that there. And then we have. We have more. There has to be a big Jabroni.

There she is. There's a big old honky tonker. Let's get that worked around where that needs to go because that needs to come up here. Then we should have a ground who remembers unhooking that This guy does.

There she is. It's already kind of laying right where it needs to be. Oh, that has to go there because because it's all already clipped into place. Whoa.

Thank you. There's that. And then that must go like that. That's the only thing that makes sense.

It's on the non-fused protected side. Let's go shoot there. I Do want to tighten all this up prior to moving on because this is not stuff we want to leave loose. Then we need to start figuring out things like how this box goes back together.

I'm going to hold this right there I Need an eight? Now you don't get all Kumbaya on that one. Okay, this is for the computer computer. must be that's for the engine computer and this must be these all must be. Oh I Remember this one who remembers that guy.

There's one that Clips on to the back side of all those business. This one goes around the back side of all this monkey business There it is that one Clips Together like that that came around the back side I remember that It's All Coming Back to Me Like a bad tree. There's that. And then and then there was this thing and this went down.

We're missing something. The engine computer goes in first right? because that looks like that goes in there. Let's go get a computer put in the main brain. Get that set down in here right out of the how the harness look like it goes.

looks like it goes the other way you Ding Dong. So like I say if it doesn't fit that way, try it. clippity Doo Dad gray, black and blue. You can't really mess them up.
Click. Got the black one right. Got the black one. can't really mess these up.

click and then the blue one. There's a blue one right? Yeah, it is. You can't force this style connector. you shouldn't Force Any connector but those you gotta be.

Be gentle like a little baby. and then we gotta figure out how this thing goes. Must be it went up. Here is what I'm thinking let's be something must be something like that.

There's a wiring harness clip down here. I Do want to get clipped in and then everything is going to fall right into place. Remember I think we showed this how these hook together and there was a black and tan that are the same and it tells you right here. Tan one goes there, bathroom goes here.

Okay, this black one. there's the tan one. There's that little guy and here's this little bag. like so by the being about a book and then I left myself a tray full of nuts.

see if they're all the same. they aren't about one couple oddballs. so we're going to use the four that are similar. We'll put this back together.

we're almost ready to run this little guy. I'll forewarn you before we start it that the GDI stuff usually does crank a little bit. actually it takes a while for it to get the fuel. and the other thing I probably mentioned is when I was putting this engine bell housing bolts in this engine spun over really really easy.

Like too easy. I don't know what that means but I know for a fact that it's going outside today either under its own power or getting pushed out. Yes, ma'am Well sounds like Lunch is ready, but we can probably put this thing in before lunch. Anybody remember how this thing goes? Looks like it pops open like that? I don't think we really need to open, do we? Yes we do.

Why? Because of the claw? It's uh, this down. like so that line up about 500 pins down there all at once. Okay, hopefully they're lining up folks. Thank you.

They should be now, right? That was our only hope. Loosen that nut up there. Gotta kinda get these as I'm studs. Make sure everything looks cool, everything looks cool.

You're cool man. And then a couple of these nuts go on these studs and that's how the whole box gets power. Just like that, a little bolt over here. you're gentle.

We'll come in here. we'll get these a handy because it all goes in the plastic. One of them has a contactor on it, the other one doesn't. That one's just for sure.

So this one makes contact. well. I got two? Are you almost? Snap It Off All right, we already did all those. There's this little piece three.

jump. start it there and there and then you got this thing. Make sure these are clipped down. Only makes you wonder about all them connections, doesn't it? Well stop wondering because there's nothing you can do about it.

How's that come up. It just pops off like that. Oh I'm kidding. it's interesting.
There's a little wire. it's up here. Where the heck did that thing go? Doesn't look like it was ever put in anything. Oh yeah, spins around down here.

Boom. I'm going to eat lunch. You guys wait right here. Lunch time.

it's over. Played a few games though. Can never freaking win for a game of chance. That game sure frustrates me.

So I'm all pumped up. She always wins. He thinks this one. so I put the uh, put something together here.

put the belt back under. We're gonna stick the air box back into here. Well I guess we'll Spritz that up here. Yeah, you put the donut on I'm trying to do this in between the talking to people here.

let's see. Get that on there. Look at that baby lined up. We're going to leave some of the plastic bits off underneath and everything.

Did I already mention that? because I want to hear it run before we put anything together and we're not even going to put antifreeze in it. We're just going to try to start it. We're gonna put some oil in it obviously and I think we're pretty much at that point I got to put a bunch of crap back together in the trunk I did have to uh, charge the battery and that took a day or two those AGM battery I got a special AGM charger and they're not a two amp rate boy. It took a while.

our brake booster hose. this needs to be plugged back in. Look at that plug back in. That baby's plugged in the vacuum pump so it has a booster rubbed off manifold vacuum plus a pump.

I think or it's just the pump. No, no manifold vacuum. I'm gonna give her a little once over I think we're ready to start it. Go ahead and fill this little guy up.

Takes the five dub 20. It's the Dexos variety so most of your full synthetics it would be wise to put the oil filter and drain plug back in if you have it. Will be reminded if you didn't like I say I'm not going to be surprised if we have some, you know, extended crank and some poor running initially. All right here we go.

It was just like the day we put it in, the day we took it out. All right, that's it goes over I Hear you? so that's good. It runs Happy Days and that is the fastest GDI starting engine I've ever done used quite typically like I say typically I put these things in use manic, you know, crank and then they skip and buck and puke and fart and do all the different flagellants and uh, that takes you know, 30 to 40 seconds from the kind of work themselves out. Our oil is down below the ad Mark I put five quarts and it says it's a five quart engine with a filter.

We'll give it a little while here and what we'll do is we'll start filling her up with the Dexos or the deck's cool. Yeah, we're a little below the headline so we'll let that kind of settle out for a minute unless it's all dumping out on the floor which hopefully it's not got the AC machine over there pulling under a vacuum. we'll get that filled back up. I'm gonna get this filled up and then we're going to let her warm up.
And that's usually the moment of truth on a used engine. All right. I Think it's go time for good 767 quarts of coolant and that's about. This is my second gallon and we got about a quart left, so it's got to be pretty well full in that regards.

It's like AC compressor kicked on. We're pulling the refrigerator in it right now. Yeah, it must be on. That's good.

A lot of times engines on the camera sound really, really terrible. and I agree with you, this one sounds good. You can hear all the injectors, so if it's picking up some abnormal, you know ticking sounds, that's all. I hear I hear the injectors.

The engines run really smooth. He's got a lot of warm up now. you can't bear under here. Okay, it ain't pouring right out of it, so that's good.

Like I said, it is a pretty quiet engine. All right. these guys are over here. We'll take that off here in a second.

Foreign: take a spin underneath. I Was gonna put the guards and stuff back on under here, but I don't think I should because I've got to do a wheel alignment. Anytime you have the the whole you know front suspension out, you should do a wheel alignment I Wanted to make sure we had no leaks. it's a little bit of coolant there I spilled when I was filling it up I think everything looks looks pretty dry anyways.

besides we didn't do any gaskets or anything. all we had is some hose connections. but I'm going to clean off a little bit of the coolant that I spilled down here when I was filling it and then I think we're done. We can take her for a Rip but prior to uh that like I said I got to put on Josh's rack and do the control arms here at ride height.

I've got tighten up the front wheels because they're not tight yet and then uh, do the wheel alignment I already put the plastic Clips back in that we took them off way back in part one and then once all that's done, then we can put all the plastic crap back on it. But I think we did a good job folks. We didn't forget a single clip or anything so that's really good. Don't know why we're looking back here, but we are Every clip.

Every harness fixed a few things. the O2 sensor wiring from the factory was kind of twisted around through the training lines there and then we put the they'll filter back up there where it belongs. We have every other clip back in. The only thing that's broke is what the body shop guy broke which was that screw and that thing right there that jerk I Don't forget nothing except for a few things.

but I think we did everything else we came to do. Yippee Skippy! Let's get the scan tool plugged in here. We'll get this thing going. We need to do a crank relearn with it.

I Mean everything seems fine in here, but when you have the battery unhooked, you got to do the express Windows front and back on these things and there's there's always a various amount of relearns that have to be done. One of them will replace an engine on a GM is going to be the crank relearn, not modules in this little guy special function. It should be warmed up enough. Now to do that, I'll have to look into the oxygen sensor heater alert I Don't know if we need to do that, but I know we need to do a crank variation relearn for sure.
All right. Park Neutral set Parking brake Le Back wheels turn off the AC that's off Okay and usually we just got flat footed. So anyway, open throttle ready. Here we go.

One two three. they're in progress. Test Successful. That's it.

That's all you gotta do for that. No engine's running. it's gonna redo the idle in here. Key on engine off here.

takes a second. All right. We're keying engine off. reset.

It is reset. We'll go ahead and start it all right. That'll relearn Throttle Body engine oil life. We did new engine oil got turned to the iron position.

Again, We could just go through the menu but we got computer plugged in. We're okay. You want to edit that? Um, there we go. One Zero zero.

Okay, our oil is now 100 percent there. We are 99 percent just waiting for Josh to get the limit rack freed up. So a pair of tools and I put a little bit of extra oil in this thing here. Okay, we're right on the top dot now, so that's good.

Coolant's full. it's already warmed up all the way. Let the fan cycle a few times. Uh, I Think that's it folks.

There's really nothing more else to do I Tightened up the front wheels, put the wheel lock back in the glove box. I'm gonna go over and get it lined up. We'll put the plastic bits back in. All right.

My guy Josh got her lined up. She was almost dead on the money. He tightened up the front control arms for me. factory specs of course.

I'll go for a rip there and foreign. fifty seven miles there we go to some of the Dust you've been collecting. not real powerful are. they provide me a war for economy I Guess foreign.

Put the plastic giblets back in there. We'll be good to go now that we don't trust them just having a look we'll give. We'll give one last look over before we put all the plastic jiggly bits back in. I Don't know what we're looking for Back here again, but satisfy everybody's curiosity I guess everything's high and dry.

fell off on the test drive. What's up baby? there you have folks wrapping this one up the Cadillac ATS the 2015 model 18 000 miles on the little guy and uh, we had the milk machine on it but I was sick. Okay I didn't feel like working I'm still stuffy I hope it goes away soon Mrs Always got it now though, so it's going around. We like to say but I'm feeling better.

a little better. but I'm feeling better that we got this car done. That's one more thing off my plate. we got another Chevrolet out there with a freaking list.
a mile long. but that's the story of my life. I should change this to self-made Auto Chevrolet and chances are fighting? Quit my job and went to work for somebody I'd probably go work for DM because they're the ones I know the most about because they're the ones that break the most in that I get to see the most or they're the most popular around here and it's just what people drive and that's what I work at I don't know I just know I see a lot of them so I would work for them or Chrysler Yep, not for it. So I just hate working on those and then of course the Asian companies but that's it.

Well we got off track quick. Why don't you guys get on track in that comment section Questions: comments, concerns Density: The Facebook you guys know where uh, where we're at around on the socials. but I can do it. You can do it and you guys have a great day.

Thanks for watching foreign.

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