In this video I swap out a customers stock exhaust system on their C5 Corvette with this fancy chrome aftermarket Borla exhaust. Now it is shiny and sounds cool 😎
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Foreign folks. Oh one. Chevrolet of course. uh, it's the Corvette that's got the big Five seven.

It's got the leather. Uh, customer needs a couple things. a he wants a couple front tires. uh he says the belts are showing running.

a couple may pops there on the front and he wants, uh, his exhaust put on. He brought us a new muffler to install and something else. Oh, and he thought it was running hot at an item. So we gotta check that out and also wants us to check, uh, the air conditioner.

maybe replace the duct tape? I'm not sure. Anyhow, let's get started. let's see what he brought. You can drop this off a couple boxes more duct tape.

This box is pretty light. the other box is pretty heavy. We got some clamps. some literature tells you how to go about it.

Oh, she goes all the way up. Oh, it's the whole x-plate and everything. I'm guessing there's some more literature here. Let me dig this all out here folks.

Thank you. Look at that. I'm assuming by Hardware just the clamps here. All right.

Well we'll say let's just gives you the big through it some more duct tape more Hardware Foreign Got pissed off the Corvette guy right there. it's all stuck to it I Guess it doesn't matter because this is the shiny part here there it is. boys more Chevy Thunder I Guess it goes this way that goes up. but yeah, the packing, uh the two-part foam stuff there all stuck to the pipes.

That's right, this car is a driver, not a not a show car Fill out miles that actually drives this thing. So folks, I'm going to go through and do exactly what it says here where it says read and understand completely I read that somewhere as I think uh please, Uh, not yet I Have it because yeah, these instructions are for reading the instructions completely and understanding them fully. So let me glance through these. We'll get the torch fired up and we'll chop this thing apart.

Get the new one put on a red. Understood all the directions I Have questions because some parts are unclear. Um, it tells us chopping off and install it. so it gives us some directions left side of the vehicle I'm assuming we're talking actual left side.

so the driver's side here in the US of a because we always refer to left side and right side as if you're sitting in the vehicle or as if you're sitting in the vehicle. So that's why when customers come in they tell me oh my left, my left front tire I Always ask me that driver side or passion or something because they often refer to left side as looking at the vehicle depends if you're looking at it from the front of the back. I Guess Anyhow, it tells us to measure 17 7 8 of 1 inch marker line and cut the left side converter. 17 7 8 doesn't tell us where to make it from.

It has kind of a picture that somewhat represents from this weld. So on the left side here, we're going to measure down 17. 7 8 of 1 inch and we're gonna Mark us a cut line. But prior to actually just chopping it off, we're gonna stick the exhaust up here, kind of hold it there and see.
So there's 17 and 7 8. That's a pretty precise measurement. So 17 and 7 8. We're even going to mark that and then on the right side, it tells us 16 and one half inch.

so we'll measure from that weld. We'll go 16 and one half inches. We'll make a mark. Double check our Mark before we go any further.

16 and one half inch or 16. and let's see 16 and a half on the right 16 and a half inches now. prior to just chopping it off, I'm going to grab the aftermarket x-plate kind of hold it up here and make sure it looks like these lines make sense before we get the saws. all in chippy.

Chop It Off So let's see about there and about there. Yep, it looks like they make sense. They are staggered slightly obviously. but measurements.

Then we have to unbolt this spring hanger. Um, it says lubricating. Uh, what did it say s these Hardware blah blah blah. Tells us about really using lots of lube here somewheres I remember reading it uh, I don't remember I read it somewhere just to believe me.

So let's grab a 13. We'll remove our spring hangers. it says retain that Hardware because we're going to reuse those and then we'll unhook the flanges back here. We'll let her down a little bit I don't know what it has for flexi's up here.

Looks like it's got ball socket type flanges on it so it should come down a little bit enough to get up there and drop it off. What's up I have a question about your love letter. Oh, bring it here I'll explain it to you I thought I was doing a solid by taking care of all your notes it is. Oh and it oh my God got stuck.

Now be careful it is. it is a good note. I just wasn't sure. Thank you.

oh that's pretty Flappy Well anyhow, what else you got going on? Oh not much. I'm good. How's your how's life treating you pretty good just making small tacos? You can say that bro, you got some of your breakfast stuck in your braces. You know the best part about having braces is when you brush your teeth because it feels like you're doing something like you go brush your teeth, you spit.

It's like a little bit of foamy stuff. When I spit it's like yeah, breakfast it looks like I just washed the dishes I mean it's basically it's pretty amazing so it feels like you're getting stuff done well. you need to go get some stuff done. Yeah? I can hear that.

Thanks! thanks for embarrassing me I was trying to tell you in the street I See over there stamping your fingers, pointing your teeth I've got crappy teeth my whole life girl I'll be right back folks. Apparently we gotta go brush our teeth now that we resolved the stuff in the tooth issue. Let's uh, let's chop it off. Brand new El Diablo This is carbide.

See if we can do this. We bought the farm now baby. We're gonna have to come at it from this side. Foreign.

We're just a little squiggly line under 7 8. and then 16. and well, we're 3 8 now. so we about an eighth inch off on that one sixteenth on that one.
But we ain't sitting here to the moon, so we should be able to wiggle this little fell right up in here. I'm thinking probably not. We might have to remove our Mufflers in the back to get this up high enough. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking it's easy to come off anyway, so we're just gonna slip it out of the hanger I Imagine it'll come up over the axle here.

Hopefully maybe not. No, not a chance hits right on the transmission. um, the aftermarket ones. that pipe separate.

so I'll check the directions on I haven't read directions for Mufflers Yeah I Imagine we got a couple pipes off. Yeah, this one hits the binds up here on your sway bar a little bit. So I don't think these will come out one piece without pulling the pulling the rear suspension. yeah, this one biting to find a trainee.

They're pretty good so let me check directions. Uh, see what it says. As far as removing these, they are back far enough. now.

We could probably stick that white pipe on them because the directions for the white paper for the Y-pipe only using the stock Mufflers It does say removing the sway bar gives you enough room. I'm kind of curious if that sucker's real tight to that transmission, so we'll take and pop this off. Of course that's the lower control arm bolt. Get a wrench there and uh, pull that sway bar down.

Probably should have left. It's a 15 9, 18. I assumed this one I Know will clear all right. So there's the left side.

Now this side. Well I don't know if you're pretty hard-pressed to think that's going to come out of there foreign construction. Let me make sure there's no special instructions here for the right side. So according to Borla here it just says you know, just remove both Mufflers However, they only show picture remove in the left side never shows a guy taking out the right side one.

I Looked in service data. Uh, service data says remove rear suspension cross member to remove right side Muffler Um, and you can see here just because I'm going to get a million comments of people saying rotate it, stick it in, pull it out, you can see it hits the gas tank, it hits the transmission and we're jammed on the rear cross member. Um, no matter what we do I mean we can go back in with that, go in and up where it belongs. which is you know, right about there so we can't really rotate.

It's an easy Direction here because we're hitting the rear differential. Um, my fear is though, not being able to put in the new pipe. You know if we take and cut this flange off because the flange is what's in our way. Kind of want to pull the whole rear cradle just to save an old factory.

Muffler I Don't know, We gotta line the vehicle up anyways and we can just loosen, loosen it up a little bit I Don't know I Don't know if that's going to benefit us at all. Right this loose I loosened up the four bolts on the subframe I Don't know it's gonna have a little spring tension pushing up because of the knot. Because of the way the spring system works in these cars, it does allow us to drop that side of the frame down a little bit. I Took the bolts off the rear diff Mount here because I wanted to make sure that wasn't going to hold us.
Um, let me see if I can just pry this down a little bit before we just bust out the stalls. I'll be really great to get it out in one piece, but I'm not gonna take him pull the rear suspension to do so. so let me keep fiddling here for a minute. Oh man, that's super close now.

Foreign. Okay, whoa, that is easy. Let me show you what I did folks removed the nut here and one up here and of course right there and right there. also.

then I used the old Flamingo I call it figure out why. uh, that's what I thought right? still. Flamingo and uh, stuck it up here. push down on the subframe a little bit.

just enough to get the nut up in there. there's the other one back in there and uh, that gives you just enough room that you can sneak up through here. You kind of got to push it past the training pan a little. she's a little bit snug.

Um, the other thing I did is I took the two, uh, rear diffinals, uh, bolts. which we probably really didn't need to. So uh, that's that. Let's keep trucking.

I think before we pull all of our bolts and everything back out of the subframe, there we'll take and see if we can't get this pipe in. The only sucky part is is we don't have the you know the actual depth of where this needs to go. There's a little bit of adjustment there so we won't clamp this down until we get the Mufflers on. We kind of make sure everything looks cool, but this allowed us to get this up where we need it.

Hopefully a little different width here on these pipes is going all the way. She's past the slot. Don't forget your clamps if you did At this point that sucks. There's those just about to where these hangers are straight above.

I'm gonna keep pushing a little bit here. Foreign close. I'm gonna put the bolts back in our spring hangers here. These little guys here see if they reach it should be good.

We should be okay. Got it? Just had to elongate the hole in this hole because to get the little Edge over the edge of the bracket here, you can see this one had lots of them because when they drilled the holes they're not centered so it doesn't matter. it's on there now. it's flexi.

We're not going to tighten these obviously. in case we've got to beat this pipe. you know. back and forth to line up the flanges.

So let's get the Mufflers put on sway bar links pretty well. Trash here. See all the rubbers dry, rotten away, didn't you know? Uh, this pipe just stitched right up over there. Easy peasy, Let's see about sticking the muffler up in there.
that'll line up nice. Okay, let me grab a clamp before we forget that. I Don't think that's going anywhere. hold your hand like this.

just in case. in case it feels like it's gonna, we'll probably put the whole space in the inside. all right, all the way in. Dude, that's barely in that hanger.

so it does look like our pipe. our front pipe. The X-pipe does look like it's gonna have to come back to himself before. I Get real carried away here.

I'm gonna try that wiggle Wiggle wiggle. Get that thing back a little bit. Um, prior to doing that, I'm going to kind of stick the left side up in here. We can do that just to make sure both of them agree and look like they have to pass.

Come back. a little slide that up in that kind of hanging our left side Muffler here. and the clamp? like. so hang on there.

dude. do that like that. bring us around down, just end the slot. Foreign.

Yeah. I'd like to move that x-plate back maybe? uh, maybe a half inch. It's spaced quite a bit differently. Left right here.

So yeah, we probably got to do some good on it. Let me wiggle these Mufflers up in here so they're definitely not going to fall out. and then we'll wiggle that pipe back a little. So here we know if we moved.

Oh, we didn't move much did we boys? Oh man, that's a hard move. Okay, we've gone quarter inch and we're trying to kind of mock everything up. Now let's stick some gaskets in here. Foreign.

Lots of room here. like at least put on both sides like see: I'll kind of line up the flanges, lightly, snug them, and then we'll fiddle around with the Mufflers see if we get everything kind of in place, start shifting stuff around and kind of get it fit somewhat here. Foreign: I Just lined up the flanges on the inside, clamp them with a pair of vice grips, getting kind of held still, and then I want the muffler? You know, so it's hanging in there where it needs to be. But I wanted it just snug enough where it doesn't move easily.

but we can get this one set and then make sure our spacing here. make sure it looks good, because that's what people are going to see going down the road. Make sure it looks even and not super ridiculous. anyways.

I Also, think before we make it final 100 final finalized, we're going to put the suspension back up in where it belongs. I'm going to get this flange kind of lined up here hi Cindy and it looks pretty lined up I'm gonna snug those up they are American and they're lock nuts too, so they're going really hard. Whoa. Amanda So we'll give this a little Snuggie Gosh dang, it seems like this guy would buy a snap ring for this impact.

It's only been bad for oh, you know, six or seven months? Yeah. I Don't have enough power here to crush that out into the style. Lock it up when you put it on, it peels all the threads off it at the same time. You know? high quality Chinesium that should be snug enough to hold it for us.
Anyways, we'll come through. and uh, having some torque them to? actually? yeah, let me tighten this one up a little bit more. I'm gonna grab another wrench one more time. Come here.

huh? Wait, you're jumping man? Okay. say hi. You ready? Okay, you look scared. Get in there.

Go es all right. they look good standing back. The space here is pretty well, even all the way across. I Got those clamps snugged up? I'm gonna go snug up a little bit.

probably just lightly snug them up on that x-pipe We'll cram them down and then I think we're good. like I See the Gap in our bumper Cover here looks exactly the same side to side. It's one index finger width. not the arthritic one either, not the Crooked one.

Use your straight one and you can kind of check it. I Got the talk in there, so you guys probably did miss a little bit of the alignment part, but it's just you know, tweaking and tweaking them around. tweaking and tweaking them, and then you'll line up the clamps, leave them a little snug now. I Did put in the nuts there on the uh I don't know what you call it, the rear cross member.

uh, those are all torqued down. These are tight. These ones are not tight yet because we gotta put on the alignment rack so we can get it at ride height. Then we can tighten those, but we gotta put on the alignment rack anyways.

But I think it looks pretty good. Um, looks pretty even just seeing how much of our hanger we have protruding through on each side. A little more on the left side than the right side, but I guess that's neither here nor there. They're all the way through on both sides.

We're going to take and clean all of our fingerprints and crap off the Mufflers there. I'm gonna go away and tighten these down all the way. even though they're both pretty well tight. Our spring bolts are tight and then these here are pretty tight.

We'll snug this one up a little bit more and then I think we're we're pretty well good. We'll give it the old rev up. Tune up here can be difficult making videos. Sometimes those doors open because so many people stop by.

Well no not random people, just like customers coming and going. You know, wandering through the shop. Here we go. So those are all pork to spec.

Like say those are locked nuts so they won't come undone and uh okay. contact. All right there it is sick. Oh man, you coming out the kid would be stoked.

Oh wow, that's awesome ain't it? Okay, get out of here. So I Find it quite interesting that pulling a Corvette no hot girl pulling a Corvette is loud. but hot chick within what 10 seconds? Oh hi, how is this your car? Gosh we're so predictable. You are so predictable.

Um what's up? Oh you're gonna have a loud exhausts. Oh great. thanks for throwing me under the bus there Mrs o because I just performed an illegal act I was trying. Not to mention that right? You can have a loud exams to show off -road trackies only not legal for vehicles registered to say New York So the good news.
The track? correct or like at shows? Yeah. Car show. Yeah. we're gonna stick a mirror under there.

Can they not start it at the show? Oh um I even drink it. So what's up? Um, you just come out for the exhausting. Yeah. I don't even know what to say.

Control yourself in there. Yeah. Anyhow, I gotta get after it folks. So that's your Boar.

I don't even know what kind of exhaust it's a exhaust. the customer brings that type. Yeah, but I don't know what what one. There's probably a couple different kinds.

It's the X-pipe loud Corvette one. Um, so that's it I Hope you guys liked it I Got to get uh, doing some real work here. We got to do some more stuff on this which I may bring you guys back on. Who wants to watch a guy change tires? We can go watch Josh change tires? This guy does I Want to watch? Uh anyhow I want to watch what you say in that comment section Questions, comments, Concerns: Cnst not Facebook But not this I Know this one.

that's my assignment. All right Anyhow, folks. uh I just almost said I Love you Wow I Love you too! Thank you guys! Thanks for watching! Thank you.

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