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That's not good. Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! This is, uh, gonna be a real quick, uh, short video on uh on some update action here at the shop hi Dave I Know I Started outside. we're gonna end outside in uh, in just a moment. Just wanted a quick uh, kind of give everybody a rundown on the progress I Know we've seen some similar videos like this before but the paint is coming together.

Uh, we still need to pressure wash uh up there and get those flakes of paint off. and that's like the last panel. one two three and then these upper panels. We gotta paint those to match and then we're good.

A lot of the red Iron steel has been painted in a semi-gloss black to give it some contrast I Think that looks pretty good. Still got lots of space over here. Lifts are all in action Dave's over there in the corner. we've got that that wall painted.

Um, this is still completely unorganized and it's more of like a catch-all full of shelves and whatnot. But the purpose of this particular video is going to be see this little addition that I put on our swinging crane arm over here that's on the outside that is attached to one of these structural supports of the building. If you follow this guy along, you'll notice I have installed a cheapo like Harbor Freight style waist. See that little guy right there.

It's a 1700 pound winch and it plugs into the wall which I've got to run a new cord because I'm extension cording it right now. and I have attached this axle on a pallet to it and we're going to see if this thing is going to work. So uh I have not picked this thing up yet I Got it set up with a ratchet strap and I have it hooked up to uh to this hook right here. so let's hit the button, see what happens? Moving on up: I Think it's gonna work? What do you guys think? 1700 pounds? You think that's enough to lift this axle? I Don't tell because I'm going to try it.

Let's get that centered. some take the weight we're swinging. I'm not going to stand under it because well, if the thing breaks and falls down I don't want it to break and fall down on me. Get her going to wait.

Look at that. it's coming up. Hey hey hey, that's pretty cool. That was uh, that was wood gravity.

Now we're off the ground off the trailer. Let's see if we cannot maneuver this to swing this thing out and set it down on the ground over here in this area. I may have to let the gate down on the trailer or uh, or pull the trailer out entirely. Swing radius: I'm not too familiar with yet that appears that appears to be uh, here's me working Sweet I got that and I'll start the letter down there all the way over there.

Foreign all by myself naturally I need to do something about this power cord situation. The extension cord to the wall is not going to be sufficient, but that's a resounding success. And I think it's not something I'm gonna use every day, but for instances like this one, it definitely comes in handy because that is easier than two or even three people trying to pick up something like that. And I think that's pretty cool.
What do you guys think? Let me know. Is that a death trap? Is that a good idea? Is this an OSHA violation? I Sure, hope not. Fingers crossed, let me know what you think about this in the comment section down below. the next: Melanie later opening Z Hood We are going to.

uh, we're going to depart my shop and we're going to go over there next door. Uh, the fellas over there at The Body Shop They've got a Ram ProMaster van over there and they were doing some work on on the engine and broke off of very nasty bolts inside of the cylinder head and I'm gonna go attempt to extract it. so let's get going. I Need to put my car in off-road mode, drag it over here through the gravel here and up there we go.

There's our baby. ProMaster Yep, ProMaster City Here's what we're looking at. Oh loud paint booth noises. Sorry.

So anyway, we've got our uh I'm just gonna wait. So we are looking at a 2.4 liter four-cylinder in this. ProMaster uh, this is I believe our exhaust manifold side of the cylinder head and we can see it's got a very nasty broken bolt right there. They've tried to extract it.

You guys see the thing and it's pretty boogered up. We've got some some gouge marks in it here and it's kind of digging into the aluminum. This one's going to be fun to get out, but uh I think I can extract this thing I'm pretty sure I can get that out what we're gonna do I'm gonna clean this area up some uh, we're gonna weld a nut to it, maybe a washer and then try to break the thing free. That's uh, that's kind of going to be the game plan here on this situation.

In the spirit of Safety First we're going to make this entire area nice and flammable with some penetrating oil. so let that stuff soak into the threads a little bit and give us something to catch on fire with the Uh with the welder put that in there. I Do have some slight concern about that big gouge in there. see how it dug into the aluminum right there in that spot? I'm a little afraid of that, but I'm gonna have to just attempt to overpower that and break it off once.

I end up getting a uh, a nut welded onto that broken stud. so uh, let's see how this goes. I might have to just drill this out until I get past that that boogered up area and then build up the material on the stud so it protrudes past the front of the head that way. I can get another weld on there for a nut.

I'm not sure how this is really going to work out, but we're just going to go full. Uh, full send on it and see what happens. Sure, we're gonna need to get some some negative connection here. uh I think I'll just use the stud right here.

It's a good ground. I think for my my welder I hope it's a good ground. Yeah, that felt pretty good. Kind of takes up some space here, but I can work with it.
So first thing I'm going to do is get in there with this wire brush and kind of clean up the surface a little bit. I need to, uh, get rid of all that corrosion in any dirt that's present so that my welds can, uh, have a chance to penetrate and adhere to the uh, the stud side of the block here. Get that all cleaned up nice like that's good spray action. Now we're really flammable.

Perfect blow off free remaining flammable materials. Nice and clean. like. So what I'm going to do here is take a castle nut for some like a tie rod or whatever for suspension and we're going to put that castle nut over top of that broken stud and then weld it as deep as we can into that stud and create a bond between this nut and that stud.

and then use the nut to back that stud out of the hole there. That's kind of the plan we'll see. Okay Welder coming in. I'm gonna put some a bead on the top of this thing just to start building it up a little bit.

Shield Your eyes? Uh no yeah. I Have a setback. The wire is not feeding through the tip. It looks like it's a somehow welded itself to the tip on the inside.

So let's get that guy unscrewed. Change the tip. Hmm, no. Why is the welder not feeding? Let's give this a tug.

It's a stuck. Give it one more good tug here and pull some of that through just air now. I Can weld? let's put a new tip into it. Screw that guy in bear with me folks.

We're gonna get to this shielding. tip back on. much better. All right.

Break that off now the van. Okay, let's get our tip in there. Reshield your eyes bees. Here we go.

Send it a little bit of scraping action and get rid of the slag. Hit it one more time. Safety splints. Okay, clean that slag once more.

So far so good. I Gotta tell you I'm not really feeling this ground cable over here. It's kind of in the way so I'm going to move that over to the other side. Just put it right over there.

That's going to give me some more space to get my pangies and arms and whatnot and tools in this location. Okay, coming in with our nut and some needle noses, it's going to hang that over the top and move it. Flashlight, hold that thing flush against the head and start a bead. No penetration.

Good penetration. That's why. I like Castle nuts because they give you some extra surface area to uh to weld off of and the car is still on fire. That's okay.

All right, let's get into a different angle here. We're gonna weld up and try to weld the top of the stud to the nut. Wire speeds a little high. Turn that down some more penetration.

All right. Round One: Just for fun. We're probably gonna break this one off to do it again. That seems to be the way these uh operations operate, but for fun, let's just see if this is going to be easy and if she's going to come out right now.

Yeah, we're gonna break this one guys. we're gonna break it. Yep, she's gonna break right off. That's fine though.
That's why we just work at it. Okay, we'll match her. I've been here before. Let's build it up again.

see how this works out welding? That's nice. All right. Round two: let's try it again. Hood Down Begin welding.

Get in there. I Turned my heat too far down to get a little bit more wire speed here. Let's try that one. Got to get it all dialed in properly to get the the appropriate amount of penetration here.

Still isn't right. Full nuclear mode. More wire, more heat. We're going full nuclear on this one.

I Think we're gonna break this one off too. It's horrible. Penetration on that weld. Absolutely horrendous.

I'm no welder. You guys know that foreign I Have no idea if that achieved anything. probably not. I just felt like banging on it with a wrench.

Let's see what she does. Yeah. I might have to start grinding at this thing and drill it out or something here. I Don't know if it's breaking off or if it's turning.

probably breaking off. We'll see. Yep, she's broke goodbye. Another One Bites Dust.

Just keep cleaning. cleaning, cleaning. Eventually we're gonna get somewhere with this. Okay, we're gonna upgrade this to the washer method next for, uh, more penetration.

I Need maximum penetrations on this. It's much holding area is possible. Let's get a bead here or not. Okay, a little bit more.

I'm gonna get this on. Get it on all sides here. That's good. That's really good and it's on fire again.

That's better. Okay, this one's kind of going to be like a like a Hail Mary Mode Here if this doesn't work, we're gonna have to probably start cutting away and removing some of the metal from the head to get into this a little bit more on that side. gravity a little bit more up at the top now since we have that big washer around there. I'm going to put a bead here here and here.

Okay, here's what we're looking like so far. It's kind of nasty in there, a little gross, a lot of slag inside of that. I Gave this a few minutes to cool down and now I'm gonna hit it again and just try to fill in some of those little voids and get as much as much surface weld as possible here. We're gonna go around the outside a little bit more on the inside.

coming in. Yeah, there we go. Nice and deep black. Okay, the inside's good.

a couple beads on this outside lip and I think we should have enough weld here to pull that stud. I think I'm melting my washer. Okay, let's get a wrench and work this guy out. Now that's it's ugly.

It's very ugly. but it's attached. That's what matters. Whoosh! Fire 21.

We needed a 21. all right moment In truth. Either this is gonna work or it's not, it doesn't Then we have to try again. I Don't want to try again I Wanted to just come out and have a nice clean victory.

Let's see here. Okay, that's fitting. Maybe I should just hit it with a an impact see what happens. Okay, here we go.
That's on there tight. Okay, it turned turned both ways. All right. we've got it moving now.

I Think with any luck, it's gonna start to dig away that aluminum from that giant Nick that was in there. If I can work that aluminum out, the rest of the threads will come with it on the stud. That feels like a turn, not a not so much a break. Yeah, yeah, she's she's starting to turn I'm just going to work it and work it and every time it comes to a stop, it's digging in a little harder.

Yeah, Yes, yes, yes. I'm hoping to get some soak action in. Let that spray Wick its way down in those threads. Help us out.

The threads can cut their way out of the cylinder. head here. full send, Foreign. she's moving wheat.

Okay, let's change our angle of attack here. We'll lose the clamp that just yet or any more. Maybe it's either breaking off or it's coming out. That's how that's gonna work.

Maybe I should just impact it at this point. it's full send reverse. See what it does? I'd rather not tempt fate though. I think we're I think it's coming out I think this is a victory Flawless Victory Total Knockout Yeah, yeah, she's coming out of there.

Look at that. look at that. it's so beautimous. Question is, do we have any threads in there that are any good? Uh-huh Oh, it's unthreading.

We're winning. Come on. Cross Thematic threads. if this is too hot to touch now, she pulled off I think Let's uh, let's walk it out.

Oh yeah, it's making me happy there. She is. nasty boogered, busted up, broken off stud, and that hole is beautiful. Even on the way out, those threads cut a new thread.

Remember that part that was like it was right here, all smashed in. Well when that bolt came out, it fixed that up. no problem. So that's a nice clean, super good extraction.

The others can stay. That one's gonna stay. That one's gonna stay. Uh, that's a little boogered up right there.

Those threads don't look that hot. I wonder if we should put an insert in that? I'll let them know this isn't my project. Yeah, I'll suggest we do an insert on that later on. but right now we're uh, we're in good shape here.

Let's get our fire out of there. Don't need you and this other side don't need that. one compressor is fired up. Let's put this out and get rid of our debris.

I think we're good off. All right she is. uh back in Action Our guys next door over here can finish whatever they were doing I have a solve the crisis, run our way back to put our stuff back over here and uh, get back to my projects like this one. This project right here.

I Need to get back to that. Check this thing out. Got a little, uh, like a Harbor Freight winch on my big swing arm thing and I can pick up heavy stuff like axles. Oh yeah, it's a 1700 pound winch.
I I think it'll be okay I Did lift that thing up with it earlier and it did it without strain. I believe we can get away with it due to Mechanical leverage. see how we've got the uh uh, what? You want to call that a um words, words, words, word snatch Block it's a it's a block or a pulley. it's a force multiplier and by wrapping the cable around that and then reattaching it up top, we get twice as much.

uh, pulling Force with uh, less effort at the motor and at the gearbox up there because after all, it is just Harbor Freight stuff. Anyway, I'll play more with that thing later. Let's get the tools put back and uh, get back to some of our other projects in the vicinity. We have lots of stuff to do Park that right there.

Alrighty folks. I Think that's going to be about it For this particular short video, let me know what you thought about that stud extraction process down in the comment section below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there. Thank you guys for watching and most importantly, have yourself a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video in a transmission in a Dodge Ram ProMaster City.

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    1700 pound wench pulling up on an 800 pound strap. yes it will lift a 300 pound rear end. If that is flux core wire you dont need the shielding cap. When you heat metal it expands, weld the nut on and let it cool down then heat the block around the bolt. the bolt or stud will stay small and the block expands and then you can screw it out easy peasy.

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    Letting the bolt cool completely after the weld is the best way to extract. As you add heat, it expands and pushes on the threads in the head. When it cools, it contracts and pulls them apart. Yes, it is only a few thousandths, but that is what allows you to turn the bolt out with your fingers.

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