Time Saving Tool That Safely Removes Frozen Hub Assemblies Without Damaging Other Suspension Components.
Fits on most 5, 6 and 8 lug hub assemblies found on cars and trucks. Bolt the 1/2" thick driving plate to the hub using the hardened washers and existing lug nuts. Insert the hardened threaded forcing screw to push against a solid surface to loosen the hub assembly. To completely remove hub the forcing screw must push from a least two different solid points. Use the tool with caution, and do not push on only one solid point.
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Until time Tuesday for you today's Friday and who knows when it's going to be published. Got our old Rusty Chevrolet here. 2002 needs a wheel bearing. We've got all the bolts out of it.

Getting ready to bust out the Lyle 4-0-100 hub removal tool. I've used this for a while now. so much so that I can say I'm pretty well in love with it. You're popping on this thing works wonders.

Stick it up on there these nuts right here. Let's run them babies down with the old two finger twister. Call it once they're down, grab yourself the forcing screw I Keep mine all slimed up, stick that nut behind here, put the forcing screw in there, and then push against something solid. Now in the picture, they show it pushing against the ear for the caliper bracket.

I Don't 100 agree with that? depending on the situation, this situation here is super ideal because we can push right against the knuckle. I've used this in multiple other videos shown different ways. We push on the backing plate, but we stick something behind it, but in this case we should be able to push right there. I'm gonna crack this bearing loose enough so that we can do what we need to do to get it out the rest of the way.

I Want to make sure our axle's freed up it was, but we'll make sure that still is. Oh, he's a fella and you can actually back this back out. At this point, you can probably just whack the thing with a hammer, but we're gonna spin it around if you can come down here to something else solid, the other part of the knuckle push right against that and then that should be good enough for us to wiggle it off all the way and we're here. hammer out the axle.

Oh, don't use that little tap. Come on, come on there you go. No fighting, no screaming, no swearing, no yelling DeLisle for zero one hundred hub removal tool. Hope you guys enjoy it.

I'll try to put a link down below if I can find one for you. I've used it on all sorts of vehicles and it is a lifesaver. If you don't have one of these, you don't feel that you have a need for one often. Look at the Astro tools Last Chance hub removal which you simply just remove a wheel stud and essentially do the same thing.

It's a nut in the bolt stick in there and allows you to push against some part of the knuckle to assist in getting the wheel bearing off. Thanks for watching foreign in.

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