In this video I bring you along as I work on a customers 2016 Buick LaCrosse that was having issues with their rear brakes. I swap out the rear calipers, pads and rotors. Oh and Mrs.O pays us a short visit too.
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That's a 2016. Buick it's a little cross. it's got a big engine. Oh I'm sorry I didn't pop the hood yet but it's huge needs.

Rear brakes and calipers mostly has been having a bit of a spell with this. we'll call it Buick here. the uh. this rear caliper keeps locking up on it as you can see by the white toasty marks.

this break gets really hot. or maybe that just looks like regular Rusty Regular rust is usually oranges, but when they get hot, usually the edge of the pads will get all ashy. They'll turn kind of this whitish color. white ish.

I Said not actually white but you know what I mean And right now I Love her! Right now it's a little bit not cool. So we're going to start by taking off the parking brake cable. and to do that, we got to get the little clip off to hold it on. So you take that little fellow off and then we'll push, push, push on the lever and maybe let's get a different pushing apparatus.

Stick it in here, get our cable to pop by there. Usually they just slide right out, come on a little cable and then wiggle wiggle wiggle. There we go push the rubber through so there's your cable. put your rubber back on.

there's that myself and a one. Mm. we have an 11 probably. We do get a tree Ready and then we're going to take off the The Crush Washer on the inside.

Grab that with a pair of pliers. Whoa fella, they can be a stink part sometimes. Come on man, because your new caliper, your man. Calpers They're coming.

New crush washers and perhaps a new banjo. What we're gonna say. The banjo Bowl Just in case. And then the most controversial Topic in the world.

Ready one, two three. Close your eyes I Can't believe you did it. He pinched the hose. Now we need a 15 I'm thinking but I have no idea where it is Great raise your hand if you ever spent an hour clearly almost looking for something that was literally right in front of your face the entire time.

I Won't go into detail, but it was pretty bad I found my 15. which is my stuff. Done this. It was awful folks.

Oh what? I was thinking sometimes I think I don't think I think I can't see back here. Where are we? We're on there. Okay, there we go. Got them cracked loose.

See if the old screamer will take them off. they got Loctite on them. Where are you? Thank you now. Grab yourself a Pride driver or press that shoulder off a little.

pray the caliper off if we can walk. fill up if you left a screw in the rotor. huh? All right. Put a wheel nut back on it so our rotors not dancing around there.

Oh, they're a pearl so we got her off. There it is. Now we can peel the rotor off. Clean up the Hub Faith here.

Now there's only two spots that need to be cleaned up. It's a very outside of the Hub and then the very inside the middle. Here is not so important because the rotor doesn't touch there. just FYI these are slightly raised.

Oh thank you. Okay, we're a little two to some fluid film keeper from getting so Rusty and then we'll grab our new rotor. I'll slip that baby right on there like so prepared my reach. We'll grab our rotor screw and we will torque that down to 89 inches tall or just a real light snug a dug a torque setting.
Number one on impact exercise trigger control. you can tell about the sound. Then we're gonna take a hanky fresh one. a clean one boost you down some of the good stuff.

Oh yeah, wipe her off inside and out. So packing oils off there we are so we'll pop our kelping part. This is your classic 13 mil. God All right, let's set that up inside.

We'll make sure the Rebuilder put grease in the caliper pins. you'd be surprised sometimes they don't or they're very sparing. I'll probably just touch them just a little bit. I've taken these things out before too where they're just solid rust.

Oh there's that one. That one's not too bad, so that one's pretty good. I'll probably just put a dab of silicone grease there some Super Lube and this pin just to be on the safe side. You got any left in this container? we do.

Oh she's a little silicone grease here I Can see this one doesn't look too bad now. it's pretty slippery. foreign. we can to keep the rust down.

so put some steel uramic on here behind all the hardware you see. This is more just for rust prevention than anything. We'll stick our Clips in all right now. the pad with the Squealers on it.

we're going to stick on the outside. If you put them on the inside, the Squealers hit the bottom of the bracket. or at least the style pad does with the double. Squealers These things can be a bit of a pisser, so I'm gonna make sure that they fit this way.

First of all, I'll check each ear that way there when you're sitting here struggling with it for the next 10 minutes. you know it has the ability to fit because you got to get just so. Probably gonna have to go get my glasses slipper on that one. Come on baby.

the heart. The hardware has just enough of a pinch on it. Oh slip right fast. Had her in and she slipped right out.

That was not the first time there. we go once. I got this one. we're gonna go I find it easier.

get her on the inside like that that way I can see and you can push that little piece of Hardware down and pop her up like that. So there she is. Easy peasy. Grab some more Grease Grease up our ears on the face of the caliper here.

that's going to prevent squeaking noises. It'll also do the Piston face. Now, the orientation of this piston doesn't matter as far as notches on the Piston. It does with some uh, you know Screw and calipers because the inner pad will have a notch on it that you need to line up.

In this instance, it doesn't shut that man. A little screws already have lactate on them. all right? I'm gonna give them a very light snugger. Duggar Okay, all right, the torque wrench here found it.
Grab the appropriate size wrench for the inside here if you have one thin enough I don't. So I Grabbed a pair of uh, Metric new and those lace grips just need to be able to hold that pin. Not a big deal. Snugger up.

same thing on this side there. we are. sticking this little guy in and be good to go. Where's their bolt at? Here's our Bolt So we've got these little guys.

Make sure you put new ones in and get to get yourself some lactate and we'll slip the caliper up on there. Probably should have made sure it's a red caliper. Oh like yes, it is. Leaders in the right spot.

Anyways, after that bolt started feels like it is. That's what I gotta do by feel. there's that one. Okay, this little fella, where you at what's up.

Hey, crap on here. easy I Won't Jam this guy down. We're gonna go with 74 pound-feet of torque initially. There's step one, All right.

I'll take the bottom one too. I Guess so there's that. Now we need to go another 60 degrees. It's gonna hold a torque wrench still here while it calibrates.

There it is. Now we're going to spinner another 60 degrees. Get hooked on there. Ready one, two three.

Go. There's that one and that puts it at 138 foot-pounds at least on that. Bolt Let's hook on to this one. Get this one.

another 60 degrees. Almost had it. Oh I might not say we're about 58. 142.7 What's wrong with that one? So that's that.

You're pretty much done. Except you're not. You're almost there. But you're not.

Get your new banjo. you don't necessarily need a new one. Let's get your manual. get a couple new aluminum washers on there.

Get her lined up. Oops 911 anymore. it's 12. Thank you.

We'll get our spec wrench here. Makes everybody happy. They can't complain about us if we do this a lot. or even a torch.

Bay Who? Torx Banjo bolts, huh? This guy does. Let's keep going. Way Beyond What you think it should be? Put it at 30 foot pounds. Unhook your comment generator all right.

Stick your cable back in the hole. you can and I can. And I did put your metal clip on. Did I get it or did I click it right above the groove.

You did it wrong. Wow, here's a guy's half blank. see if I can get it this time. Cool.

We're in the right slot that time and look at that. The cable fell right in place. Must be living right folks. Take your bleeder cap off if it has one.

If it doesn't, make sure you take the one off the old caliper like we did. and then, uh, cracker loose. let her gravity bleed. It starts dripping out of there, make sure it moves back and forth and it does.

And then we just need to wait for it to start gravity bleeding. and then we'll pump up the brakes and Bleed it for realsy that's pretty well. It is kind of an easy one because you got any calipers. Are you ready Young lady? Okay, go ahead and push down.
What up, Down, Up down, up, down, up down. Maybe we got some fluid there. Now let me just make sure the other side's good. Hold on, Push down.

there you go. Now we got fluid. What up? And one more time now there's a steady flute out there. Okay, go ahead and let up.

I Just had to make sure the other side was all good. I want us to keep pumping it? Uh, if you leave a lot of air and assist me, you start pumping the brakes. Uh, it kind of whips it up, gets real foamy and makes it a pain to bleed out. Uh, how's it feel? This feels good good.

Uh, you see the parking brake? clever in there? Oh it no should be. Electric To be able. Definitely looks like a button to me. Oh no, there's a button.

Is it really Electric parking brake? Yeah. I'll be dapped. I'll go ahead and push it or pull it. I Guess Okay.

Release it yo. You have to hold your foot on the brake and then push the button down. Oh I Probably got the key on. So take your foot off the brake, push and hold the button in.

Pulled in? Yeah. open that off it. No. Okay, you can screw up the sequence on your gems, let off the break or and then push the button again and shut it off and push the button again.

it's still turned on. Okay, now don't step on the brake. just push and hold the button. it takes.

it takes a little bit. Okay. Now let go of the button, step on the brake and push the parking brake lever down. Okay, that one released.

Okay. I'll put the parking brake on, step behind the brakes and push a button down. I'm just looking to see how much it squeezes each one of them. Okay, put the parking brake on again.

Okay. release it. Wow. The electric parking brake? A solution to a problem we never had.

All right. You can go ahead and shut it off by doing what. Don't Don't touch the brake and then hit the button. There you go, see the push button start.

Another solution to a problem we never had. right? You got it from the grocery store? Yeah! I Got this. Isn't it Great? It's great and in it. And yes, wow, that's full.

I Love it. It's one of my favorites. Good I'm glad that my wife enjoys shopping at the grocery store for girls. It's totally justified too because it's part of the groceries there you go.

Make sure our fluid is between the men and the max mark and it is. There's Max mark on the side. We'll put a little bit in there because the front brakes look like they are almost brand new. So we're gonna top this up.

I Tapped it off before we started bleeding but took a little more and I thought: make sure you put your bleeder caps back on there if you haven't and then of course torque your wheel. Factory specs all the way around both sides. Nobody likes your wheels coming off. All right.

Go for a rip there around town. Okay, our doors open. We pedal feels good, foreign, foreign touch the gas, it goes off. Oh wow.
All right happy days. So that's it folks. Uh, rear pad rotors, calipers on your Buick LaCrosse Pretty easy job. Um, nothing really too special or different.

but listen to any other one. so that's it. And why don't you be special and different and go in that comment section down there. Leave me a question.

In the comments, find me on the insty the Facebook You guys know what to do Just my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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