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Loud Jeep noises he's where was I Keys Keys Keys Keys I think these are it Looking for the Monte Carlo keys for a 2007? Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport with a 5.3 liter V8 All righty I Got her parked over here around the corner. It's been there since we pulled it out last time when uh I did the Uh water pump and the power steering repairs on this vehicle. Oh quick disclaimer: forgive me if I'm a little nasally today I am recovering from a bout of the flu starting Z engine the first day back at work after uh, somewhat something of a hiatus and I'm trying to get over it I'm forcing my way to not feel that garbage. so that's it.

That's the plan today. Where's my mileage button? You should know this. it's a Chevrolet I Gotta tell you, there we go. Found it 103 332 miles on the odometer.

Uh, same as last time because I haven't driven this thing very far. Anyway, what we're gonna do. We're gonna back this bad boy up swinging around, put it on the little lift, and uh, I'm gonna go ahead and finish tackling the Uh steering and suspension on this particular vehicle. So we have a pair of control arms lower control arms for this car.

I'm replacing those because the bushings on the original units have been soaked in power steering oil because of that leak. So what we're going to do is bring this in. I've already got the new ones in the shop on in the boxes on the ground. We're gonna go ahead and throw those guys in.

and then that should complete the front suspension stuff. At that point, we can take a look at some of the more minor issues that this car has. like that check engine light, a lack of air conditioning, and I think there's an ABS light that turns on on occasion. So uh, Troy and I are going to knock this one out together.

It's real easy. mechanical work shouldn't sent us any problem. Most of those bolts down there have been touched and cleaned up already, so this will go quite swimmingly. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video.

Oh by the way, I need to replace that brand new power steering pump that we put in because this pump does not pump. Look at that. I have to. uh I have to give it some throttle and then the power steering kicks on very much.

Not cool. All right. Parking is the auto powering down All righty. Troy and I are gonna set the rack.

We'll pull the front wheels off and then get those lower control arms removed. We've got uh, replacement units right here in Z boxes. Let's uh, see what they're looking like? Fairly simple components. We've got a ball joint, we've got the arm, we've got the bushing and the other bushing right here.

so it looks like one two, three bolts, four couple bolts, and uh, that'll do it so we'll pop these on. Oh, this isn't fun when I bend down and turn my head upside down to do things I get extra nasally I'm getting. uh, sinus gravity sinus gravity. That's what this is.

Not okay. Okie Dokes rack looks like it's set. Black subscribe button. That's what we do here.
It reminds me to shamelessly not forget to remind you to subscribe to the Channel All right, right about say shoulder height. That's good. Locks for safety. All right.

I'm a good man. You take off that wheel I'll go get the other one. It's gonna be awkward because I think we're sharing the same gun. Let's see what happens.

actually. I'm just gonna do it with the 3 8 gun. Yeah here. let's uh, see if 3 8 will do it.

Yep, no problem. It's a good little gun. foreign. The wind blew my nuts it.

Seriously. they were just hanging out right there. Now they're rolling on the floor. Not okay.

This whole video is Not Not okay. I'm not okay. None of this is okay. All right.

So this is gonna be super easy because some of the work has already been done. You can still see that I Do not have the sway bar links installed yet. So what we're gonna need to do is pull that bolt. this one right here and that one right there on the ball joint.

See that ball joint right there. We have to get that castle nut off and then separate the ball joint. from the knuckle. I'm gonna attempt to do that without removing the CV axle.

It's possible that's what we're gonna try to do and we're gonna see if Troy can do it too. I'll get the better needle noses. You got the anemic ones. Go get the the really nice red snap on ones.

Snappies? Yeah, get those ones. those have the they got the grooves for the grip not sponsored. That's just what I got. Which one did you get which ones? Yeah those ones yeah.

get those ones perfect and I will get man. Then I'll get this one. Yes, let's see what we can see and I can't see if there's no light to see with. There we go.

All right, let's get this uh wheel speed sensor wire out of the way and we can really see kind of okay cotter pins in there. Let's just kind of bend that back. This is the hardest part. So I think I want to do this first I need more pointier pliers? These aren't going to work.

Yeah, let's try the longer ones here with more reach. There There we go. Now we're unpinned. Give that back you're gonna miss.

Okay, let's see here if I can't get some angle here to get this loose like I said. I'm gonna try to get these things out without removing the CV axle because I don't feel good and I'm lazy so that's uh, playing here that came that came loose quick. What'd you say? Dude, you won. Are we racing? Dude? don't tell me we're racing.

Okay, well I'm just being old so there. Thanks a lot to admit that I'm wise, the wise person I Can admit when I'm wrong. I've done it once because mine's Rusty. It's not the problem here.

All right. it's coming free. but we're getting trolled by my new guy. What have I done created a monster? It's gonna come off by itself.

Probably not. You can force it. Did you get your nut off? No, that's gonna bottom out of the CVS Oh well. then you're not done.
Are you okay? So you might have won? I don't know. I'll just keep. I'll just keep hitting until it gets off. Why don't we just knock the ball joint out and then it'll come out eventually.

Maybe I'll do that later. I Like to do things the hardest way imaginable first and then I See them. You know you're right. You're totally right.

We need big pry bar. That's that's what's going on here. We need pry bar. Let's put this back on.

Zone Um, will you grab the hammer while you're over there? Uh no no, no one of the metal ones. Yeah, not the orange ones. Okay, since I'm being lazy, I'm just gonna entertain the possibility that this is gonna work. So what I'm gonna do is just kind of pry on.

This is not totally not gonna work. Being lazy is about to cost me time. This is not. It's not gonna do it or is it.

Oh it did. Look at that. it did work I got it 100 worked. Let me see I got it.

hang on because now I need to pry. Let me get the nut off. it's it's not worked until it's all the way to work. Yeah, almost.

That's what I'm trying to say. I've got a hard time with nouns today. I Told you that this morning speech and words are not. uh, not working out for me.

There we go. Surprised I was able to drive all right. Repeat on the other side here. let's see if this is gonna function like we thought it was.

Yeah, just like that. Try that I need some more room. actually came up. Look at that.

That's crazy. Usually that doesn't work that way. Get hit with a hammer or something. cool.

That was effective. We just saved some time. Okay, so now we got two bolts. We need a I think a 21 and looks like a T60 and another 21.

Okay, okay. more tools. Back to the Vault I need a 21 wrench which is going to be in the pile of wrenches I'll take the 22 just in case I need an 18 socket and electric ratchet? That's what I need. Let's see.

yeah. negative because it's over here. Got it? And that's my 18? Yes, All right, let's try this one here. I'm skeptical Why? Torque: 60 T60? Oh, how about the 55? Yeah, it's 55? Yeah.

I get 55. Okay, anyway. 18. all these numbers and stuff.

What's going on? 18s and 55s and 60s and 19s and everything else. You think that's funny? You should hang out. What? I've been drinking? Ah, come out of there okay, how long you're missing? Oh no, it's not missing. it's just not in the box.

I'm sure there's others error tools missing. Okay, let's move over here to the front side of this controlling arm and we'll get this. Torx 55 bolt out and I think that's another 21 up there. Ooh close-up of the torn bushings.

Yeah, right there. it's uh, not. Bueno here. Here's what we're gonna do: I'm going to cheat this wrench with another wrench, giving me extra leverage.

Now you're fine. I've only had this thing fail once and it only hurt me a little bit. Yeah, okay. I am so not okay.
He's laughing at me. I'm about to make that and not bolts. That's fine. See, look, yeah, it's fine.

Look look look I didn't strip anything out. It's good. All right now. we just need some pry bar to uh get this thing out of the uh subframe and we're good to go.

ABS lines are removed just kind of Wiggle this guy out pry it up right here and then a little bit more pry action at the back pushing. Hmm I can't get a bite on it I'm out. Hmm. change the angle here.

Let's try this. Yeah, see the front one. oh, front one came out the back one's reluctantly. uh well, it's being stubborn I'm gonna pry this down.

We'll use leverage against the subframe. Well, that kind of worked now. I will focus the power of the pry bar. It's gonna come out without bending the aluminum.

There we go. Got it? That would have been easier and uh, in good health I think Anyway, stick the new one out of the box, see if this is the correct side or not and survey says uh, negative, that's the passenger side. so I need this one. that's the right one.

Good job All right. So pull your little cup thing off of your new unit after you take the packaging off and then just install in the reverse order and make sure when you put the ball joint in to get that castle nut in position. Dude. So I think I have the motion of my ocean all wrong here.

See the issue was was there just wasn't space to do any of this. See, this one's going to slip in, but at this angle that we're at this one right here, can't really go in and I can't get this angle proper until the ball joint goes in. So what I'm going to do is put the ball joint in first and get the castle nut on the ball joint and then use pry bar to align the other two bushings. I Think that's probably going to be easier than the pry on it method that I uh that I use to remove the control arm, push that over some slightly-ish my joints are stiff.

there we go. that one's through. Where's my nut? There we go? I Just looked over and uh, my. Padawan learner is outpacing my progress and he knows it too.

He's being modest, but he knows rude. Soon your powers will be complete. Okay, so the ball joints in this bushing is close ish. we can maneuver that later.

This one up here is my bushing up concern because it's running kind of sideways. so what I need to do is hit this for the dead blow. I'm not gonna pry bar on it. There's rubber right here and I don't want to hit it with a metal Hammer because there's rubber right here.

but I think I think that'll help to encourage it in the position here and it's going still a little off center though. No worries here. let's see if that Bolt's gonna go in. it's at least going to start, which it has.

Yeah, it's It's almost through the other side. almost like you're right there. More hammers. Throw the nut back on this kind of mix a little bit more because that's how we found it.
Let's move to the other control. Oh that's light. bright light. This right here.

next. just get everything move. Maneuvered in the tap tap action with the dead blow I Wish I had seen something to pry on with just to make that or pry against just to push that in some it's so close. Let's try the try it against the body.

there. it goes a little bit more if I just push it. Nope. I don't have the strength.

Oh come on, it's partially deaf in one ear now. Yeah, you'll be deaf in both ears in no time. don't worry. So we'll just use two pry bars.

one to keep that up and then the other I can use to just push it to line it up. just like. oh beautiful look at that. That was great.

Dueling pry bar all right. Reaching around towards the front side, we'll get, uh, get that bolt in the hole there? Oh no, it's oh, it's not aligned on this side. Hang on here. we'll do some contorting and pushing.

Come on you get in there it is. Now it's in. Hey Phone's ringing. Hey all right, this is almost all the way through, but it's not going any more through Earth So we'll use the threads to assist.

Seriously, it's not going. Everything's a hammer. it's not working. Uh wrench? Oh you have wrench for me.

Thank you sir. Oh wait a minute, we gotta let it down. Then tighten the bolts a little, twist the control arm bushing. Do that later.

All right. Let us steer left a little bit and get this. uh, this ball joint. castle nut re-torqued Oh thank you.

I Feel Like A Surgeon Like scalpel wrench Conor Key Redbox Now this does not have to become super ridiculous tight. only about four or five hundred foot pounds, a little bit more. Oh kickage. I think that was it and I have to line that up visually with the hole.

Let me see here. Negative: a little bit more, a little bit more. Maybe like a sixteenth of a turn. something like that.

See if I can't get that to turn slightly right? there. Is that it? It's still not enough. Come on. Ah, okay.

and Cotter Key Cotter Pin split pin Stick that guy through and that's not gonna fit. Hold that. Thank you I need to turn it more more Moss Come on there. I Think it's just turning the stud.

Yeah, that's better. It's got a key I Wonder if I can get this key in from the back side. It'll make it easier to bend the pins and that's a that's a big negative It's gotta go into the front right there scalpel needle nose scalpel here. What? I'll do I'll grab this and pull it through all the way through and then I can fold.

Let's hold one of the tabs around and then one of them up and over. That way everybody's happy with how the cotter pin was folded. Trouble is, it's a lot of trouble in there. Hard to get to without the appropriate needle noses.
Oh that's getting ugly. I Don't like it. We'll use these as a pry bar neck. There we go.

Bend that down flat. That way it cannot run into the CV axle because that would make a bunch of noise. Beautiful. Okay, other side should almost be done.

You done with that other side? Oh he beat me. You did too. You beat me well. I'm I'm old to there.

Good job. Thank you. Very good job. Okay, let's throw the wheels back on this thing and let it down after.

I Put my ABS wire back on because I didn't do that either. These need to be re-zip tied or secured or something. They've been removed so many times that the plastic is fatigued. it's a little Clips right there.

They don't clip very well. wait wait wait wait wait stop stop. Don't do that yet. I Know I Just told you to do that but I forgot.

Um, we got to put the sway bar links in I completely forgot to remind you to not do that and then I told you to do something else. You like your job, right? Yeah, exactly. He's a good learner. Put that thing back in.

Let's get to sway bar links installed. Oh Parts Cannon Did I hit you? Yeah, I'm sorry you? Okay, no edit. Yay! Are you all right workers? Comp? You're fired. Okay, so here's the assembly and you know what.

I'm gonna use this real quick as my gripe on inflation. see. Once upon a time, Like let's say, you bought a Sway Bar end link set. Okay, you'd get two of these guys and they'd be.

you know, nine or ten dollars. Now they're 12 to 14, same part number, same component, same manufacturer. and then they're sold individually. So you have to buy both of them two units.

So it's like inflation of the price. and then they make you buy twice as many of them. which is like compound inflation. Now if I've noticed that in sway bar links, I'm pretty sure that it's spilling over into other facets of our existence.

But yeah, I wanted to point that out. Gripe will end. Now that's the end of my rant now. Oh yeah, what we need to do Troy's over there on the other side.

He's kind of hung up right where I am? you need to pull the bar down? See the sway bar with the hole in it? Yeah, pull it down with your hand just to pull out it. or I can it's not, it's not turning? Is it? Nope. Oh, the bushings are tight because they're blue. Uh, pry bar.

Hang on. I got it. it's it's over here. I will pry it down.

There you go well. simultaneously holding all this up so it doesn't fall. should be good. I think I will pry against that bolt sticking out of the transmission.

that seems safe. No, it's not. It's snipping, not working I need more leverage anyway. So I've got to pry it against.

Let's try the strut. Tower let's try to strike. That might work. This is a big failure.

I'm disassembling the sway bar link. I'm not giving up yet. Don't worry, you stay right there. I'll just try it against the axle.
There it goes. Did he go down? Uh, there's some more. Just more. Can you get your nut on it more? Hang on so close.

How about that? Yeah. Nuts is on baby. All right. good good now.

I Can do my side. Love my job I'll do it again. I Tried to keep all these parts organized when I took them apart and now they're just in like a ball on my lap. It didn't work.

It's not effective. One more bushing, one more washer. What do you need? Five bar? No. I'm good.

I got it. and then the nut. I Don't even know if you guys can see my nut. it's behind the tie rod.

What? No, it's so bad. Okay, now tightening these up. it's gonna be silly. Easy here.

Come check this out. I'll show you that that wasn't okay. You guys all right. Hope so.

All right now. As I was saying before, I body slammed you guys on the floor. It's a 14 out of 13. that's not what I was saying.

Redo Okay, now here's how I like to tighten these things. Here's what we're gonna do. We'll put the wrench up here on the Nylock nut and then at the bottom the impact, bring it down until the bushings start to compress too far. That one's too far compressed down there at the top.

Yeah, we're gonna back that off a bunch. Okay, this side's done here. You do that side Over Yonder Then we can put the wheels back on I think I need your 13. Uh, no, there were 14s.

13 didn't fit 15. Um, here. No, you're right. You're totally right.

Here's the 14. we did have the wrong one There you go. don't make me do all the wrong things. begin.

Yeah, yeah, I gotta teach the wrong way. Then you're good. Okay, so say you got about three quarters of an inch of threads left over there. Yeah, and over here on the other side.

We've got about three quarters of an inch to threads so they're evenly tight. All the bushings have a little bit of compression. That's good to go. Now we can put uh, front wheels on Okie dokes.

We have moved forward in time ever so slightly. Troy Put the wheels back on, the lower control arms are installed. Both sway bar links are installed. That will conclude the suspension repairs on this particular.

Super Sport Monte Carlo There will be more work on the vehicle. We've got some engine stuff to do and like I mentioned earlier in this video, there's some other little nitpicky items such as tires that need to be addressed. but I'm gonna have to save that stuff for a future a future episode. So as always like, thank you guys for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this video! If You Did In Fact: Enjoy this video. Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission Monte Carlo Coming down back to the parking lot with you.

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