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Oh lovely. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! I'm glad you guys are here! I Know I am super glad to be here! This is 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Uh, non-evolutionary naturally aspirated, non-turbo charged four-cylinder It has 194 599 miles on the odometer. Customer states that the vehicle overheated while driving and they saw something leaking out of it I wonder what that could be? So uh, based on that, we're not going to drive it. We're going straight into the shop and I'm gonna see what's going on with the leak and then now we will go from there.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Right about you know is good. Parking is the auto and powering down. You put the mail back that fell down and of course we shall pop it in the hood.

That one was kind of kind of slow and lethargic. Hey, that's the word of the day. Lethargic. Anyway, let's see what's uh, what's under our Bonnet Here here's some liquid on the floor not from this.

that's from yesterday's uh AC Water There was a car in here dripping AC water. There we go. Okay, let's see what we got. now.

it says we're overheating. So I'm assuming we have a coolant issue. Uh, still a little warm right now. I'm gonna let this thing kind of hang out for just a minute.

let her cool down. We'll be right back. Let's open up this cooling system and we'll check for coolant, see what's in here and looks like we have water. We have water in the cooling system.

No coolant discovered. Okay, so it's been leaking somewhere. Um, let's take a look. Uh, we need some light.

Let's get some light in here. that one. I Want this one. It's rechargeable.

So what we need to do. we're gonna look for some drips, for some drops, for some drains, we're gonna look for saturation. We need to find the leak here. So I'm looking around I I Don't smell any coolant I Don't see anything wet here and we haven't seen, uh, any drips so far.

now. we know it's gone somewhere because that's water and not cool it. So I think what we're going to need to do is bust out the pressure tester. What that's going to do is attach? is that it? Whoa.

This is going to attach. I Think that's the one attaches to the radiator where the cap goes. It's a little hand pump. It's going to pump some pressure into the system and if there's a leak theoretically, it should, uh, push the coolant out at the leak and then uh.

we can find uh, where the leak is. That's the. that's the plan. Get this thing's gonna go on.

Please become adapted. There we go. Good, good, good, good. Sometimes they just don't fit.

You can't force them there. We go. Okay, let's go ahead and pump this thing up. Let's get some pressure.

Yeah, it's leaking. Something's going down. I Hear it? Oh I See it? Foreign? Yeah, it's leaking from somewhere. What's going on here? They've done that much is going on.

Oh I found it and I don't need light. Okay, disconnect our pressure tester. We will not. Uh, we will not need this thing anymore.
Um, what are you doing? It's not. what is this. It's not coming off. Seriously.

Why if I push down on it? Oh, there it goes. Okay, it's kind of a tight fit. Let's get rid of that thing. Okay I need to go.

And Source the radiator. Uh, let my guy. what's know what's going on. Um, he thought it was just a fan issue.

A quick disclaimer: he thought it was just a fan issue because this, uh, this fan right here. the low speed fan on the passenger side uh is inoperative. The high speed fan does work. Um, he's got some fans in the back.

but uh, I think I can swap those things in once the span units removed once. I've got to do the radiator. So uh, let me go. Uh, let me get this thing in the pipeline and uh, and we'll go for more.

Okay, I've got a radiator on the way. It should be here uh, at some point today, or at least this afternoon. So I'm gonna go ahead and start pulling this down. Uh, from the looks of it, I think I actually might luck out and I'll be able to unbolt this upper support here and then just pull the cooling package right out instead of uh, removing a bunch of other nonsense and rigmarole.

So uh, let me go and I need to fetch my 10 mil. Yeah, let's get a 10 mil and a little impact to start pulling all these Fasteners out and see if this top panel is going to become removed or not. Some of them. You can take off some of them.

you cannot. and I think this one's gonna come apart. All right, let's come on in here. the tray for our tools for our Fasteners Rather start pulling these tens out, let's see how far we get I might have to pull the Grille back a little bit or remove it entirely I don't know yet I will need to remove the hood latch.

Yeah. I Think the grill has to come out. No worries, you can do that too. One hold the grill on down there.

let's get you out. Oh uh-huh it fell through awesome. I See you good. What else is holding this thing together? Yeah? I think I've just gotta kind of pull it back some.

Yeah, that's the whole bumper. I'm not. Uh, I'm not pulling the bumper out. We're not doing that.

That's a negatory. So we got, uh, it looks like a 13. There's a 13. Three more tens.

There's a ten I can get to that one and get another one right there. No worries, let's get let's get these Three down here. The thing? We have. wobblies.

Impactable. wobblies. There we go. try.

Ah, that one went through the same hole. That's funny, Got it? Let's see. All right, that's mostly disconnected. I Need to switch tools and get these tens here and get those 13s there.

Let's get that 13.. it's actually a 12, but the 13 uh, fits on it. so we're just gonna use that. And then they need the TENS for those little headlight bolts down there.

Get that one see you and then the other over here on the passenger side. Good. Okay, it's coming out. I've got a couple uh wiring Clips down there to unclip.
Let's do this without breaking it. there's that one. and then I'm reaching around the back side of it and pushing the tabs in. It's a miracle.

it's it's working and not this one. Oh, come on. come untabbed there so that unit's free. Need to disconnect some more stuff here? Hang on.

I'm not going to get away with this too easily. I'm gonna have to pull this wiring harness off and I need to disconnect the hood release cable come apart that easily easily says I says it says Mitsubishi connector off right here. Don't break connector. Please don't break.

it's halfway out there. Oh never mind. Yep. I can just take this and set it aside.

No more disconnecting of connectors. You just stay right there. Yeah, that's good. Okay, so we found our radiator now.

I need to. Oh I'm gonna have to discharge the AC I think better pull the AC off or the AC condenser off. Okay, I've wheeled the AC machine over here I have decided to just go ahead and discharge the system and disconnect the condenser without trying to wiggle that radiator out. I'm just going to go ahead and pull the entire cooling package as one assembly and then I can break it down on the bench, separate the radiator from the condenser, and I can also separate the cooling fans and that will give me the the space and opportunity to uh to change out those fan motors again.

My guy's got some fans in the back because we thought that's all that was wrong. There we go. Open that up. let's just go ahead.

recover. While that's doing that, we can pull off some of these hoses. We will, uh, see. I think I'll disconnect the upper hose here, leave this attached, disconnect this one here, and then we'll pull the um, the electrical connectors off of the fans.

By the time we're done with all that, the machine should be done discharging. Then I can unbolt the condenser lines. At that point, we can pull the entire cooling package up and out and move it over for service. So that is the plan.

Uh, thus far, see how this works out? Bro I Can't get my hoses unclamped though that's not working. Oh I know we'll use tools to help us that a Twist break that surface, adhesion, tension, adherence stuck. That's what. I There we go.

That's what I was saying. It was stuck. Pull this guy off, give it a quick rotate. Oh look at that.

that thing disintegrated into nothing I Need I need to find that. Let me find that right now. that is. Uh, not okay.

Yep, you guys saw that in action. Look at that. It's just. uh.

well. it's junk. That's awesome. All right.

Problem solved I Found a replacement. uh, radiator cap, shroud housing unit device. Fortunately, there was one locally available. Uh, the rest of them were in a very far away land which would take a couple days to get it's not okay.
Uh, look at that one. Yep, that disintegrated right there that's turning into into mush. Also, not okay there. dumped out the debris.

Let's get this other side off over here. Might as well see that twisting of these is designed to prevent a bee from getting stuck. We have the twisting is designed to prevent, uh, like excessive forces on those plastic parts and look at that. that one broke.

sometimes. uh, sometimes it works and sometimes they turn into powder and this is one of the latter. No worries. Anyway, the refrigerant recovery machine has completed its recovery so we can go down there and remove those connections for the lines.

It's just two 10 mil nuts on there. Whoa. that was way down there, but we got her. Oh gee, let's see here it is.

Got it? Okay, next up with blues. uh, some of the electrical stuff. I'm gonna reach down and pull the fan connectors off and we will disconnect them. I'll remove the clips with a trim tool because they're far away and I just got to push the tabs in and pull the little guys out.

It's better than frying them and breaking them. Throw that guy out this one. I've gotta pry because it's a push clip. Come on out.

get behind it with the trim tool and just walk it out. Bend the Taps back and we've got another electrical connector here. Okay, set that aside. so the fan assembly is electronically disconnected.

Now we need to go back to the AC and pop the lines off. I Think there's going to be a slight vacuum on this from the discharge, but it should just pop right on out of there. Or not, let's see here behind it with a trim tool and Pride a little bit. There we go and same thing down here on that bottom side.

just get right behind that little flange. A little bit of sideways action. wiggle it, it is loose. Set that aside.

Oh, that's kicked on. There we go and I believe with the exception of a lower radiator hose, we are disconnected. Let's find that lower hose. Uh, where is it? So I already take it off? Oh no, the Hood's way down there.

Ah that's that's not fun here. I'm gonna set you guys way down in here. the uh, the lower hose is right in front of us off to the left. So I've got to reach down probably in front of you and uh and get that thing disconnected here.

I'm not sure how much of what I'm doing. you can see or how much you'll be able to see, but maybe I can, uh, I can subsidize this with some narration. So I've got the uh I got the clamp. gonna wiggle that guy up and out.

clamp is pushed back and I'm going back in see if I can't wiggle this hose out. it's it's. gonna dump some water everywhere. I've got a drain bucket near here.

it comes. Yep, let it flow. All right. Let's Let It Ride Unfortunately, it's just water.

Oh, that wasn't too much spillage. That's cool. All right. let's get out of this hole and get this cooling package removed here.
I Think we're just going to come on with making sure to protect the condenser I don't want to break the AC components while I'm doing this There she is. got her all right. We're headed over here to the bench. Uh, I'll set this thing down, then we'll disassemble this.

Uh well, this assembly and we can get the new radiator assembled to the components set you down right here. Cardboard is good for preventing damages. Now it appears that there's nothing bolting these fans in. So I Just need to pull the tabs.

Slide this thing forward. Okay So we've got one tab right here and then one one. Right over here is usually only one tab per side on these, but this. uh, this design has two.

That's beard. There we go. that slid out. Let's go over to the other side and untap that one.

next. there's one. There's one right there. Push that guy down.

The goal here is to untab these without re-tabbing the other side. so close there. Okay. Fan assembly is free.

She is removed. Set that down for later and give this thing a flip. And again, we need to untab the condenser. Odd that there's no Fasteners in this.

I Guess plastic is a sufficient for the application. Pry that up some on that side. There we go. same over here on the other side and tab it.

Push it. Pry it, pop it. Oh okay. that should be free.

I Think it's free? You better be free. Oh Hang On we're stuck on a tab over here in the front. It must have reconnected. No worries.

Pry that guy forward a little bit more. Got it? snap, crackle, pop. Condenser now I Believe I'm gonna need to recover this rubber. Mount this rubber mount and it's probably this little 90 degree guy right here.

Let's go ahead and pull these 10 mils out all the way out. Appears they just screw into the plastic, see that it's not really a bolt. fancy. Technologies and whatnot.

An O-ring sealed up with an O-ring Okay, stick that guy back on. I'm not going to reuse it, but uh, I can use it to match up if I need to. And this also gives us a closer look at the damage. There is the crack right here.

so the tank has split at the plastic a little bit more light there. The tank has split at the plastic and when it pressurizes, it's opening up and then spraying out. So that's uh, that's our leaker confirmed kill. Good to go.

All right. New unit. Hello Oh good. The new one has that little elbow thing so I don't have to worry about uh, stripping things and replacing That Elbow or having it break later on.

Get rid of this. Very good. Let's give it a flip and uh, I'll get that condenser set back into place and then we can transfer the hose back over. Uh, we don't have any of those.

Okay, yes, thank you. Use the big one. The swallow doesn't have a filter. Oh yeah, yeah.
I Don't think you'll enjoy using the small one because it'll It'll blow just everywhere and that would be horrible. Oh come on. Condenser, there we go. Condenser's on, harder picked and we'll put our little grommets back in.

This is the the mounts. just sit into the lower support on the frame chassis. I Think we're good to go here. Okay, wait, no, we're not.

These don't go here. This is the top. I Have a fubard. This this is the back side at the top.

which means that these ones are the bottom because that's where the lower hose goes there. That's more better. Okay, let's get. Uh, let's get this thing aside.

we'll get the fans back up here because I'm gonna swap out those fan motors while it's apart. I think I'm gonna swap the fan motors while it's apart. I Guess we're going to find out. Flip that over.

Okay, okay. I have retrieved the customers fan motors. They appear to be fairly identical-ish with the exception of this one has some holes in the front face of it. So what we've decided to do is we're not going to replace the known good Fin which is the driver's side fan.

That's the one. Since we're only going to do the passenger side fan, all I need to do is pull this thing apart and we'll just match it up. It's going to be the one with the hole. so the one without the holes.

Whichever one it is it is, that's the one that we will install. So let's get our blade off of here. Looks like it's the one without the holes. Three more bolts, fan shroud up removed.

there's our new fuse unit. I'm gonna go actually let me put some power to this to make sure it runs before. uh before I put it back together because that would annoy me here. This one.

Plop some power supply Down plug some jumper leads into those little pins down there. Hmm. I Don't think both of these are gonna fit. not in that configuration.

That's a negative. Well, one of them fits. We'll go with that and I'll use a different lead for the other. So here we'll hook this one up to our negatory.

Like So All right I figured it out I can't find my uh, my little probes I think I broke them all or melted them all. So I've created a probe with with a paper clip jump box powering on. Let's uh, let's power on the fan motor and see if it's gonna run. Yes, yes it is.

there. She goes okay, verified the fan runs. This is good. let's get all this stuff out of here.

Oh it didn't fall like I caught it kind of. the table caught it I cannot take credits for uh, it was not I pull all the old bolts out of this thing. There we go up and in the uh. the connectors pointed the correct direction.

Get these things started. Start them by hand. most of the time, not all the time, but most of the time. one more for good measure.

Okay, we can put our fan blade back in. it's got a little notch in it right here. See that little Notch That's what prevents the fan blade from spinning on the shaft is it cannot spin. Some of these are left-handed threads.
These ones are are not kicks fan motor. Replaced Now let's get this guy back on the radiator after. I removed this broken, uh, cooling thingy whatever you want to call it right there. I don't even know what it's called I Found a replacement based on the picture.

Pull that guy off for later. Come out. Whoa. There it goes.

Put that back so it does not get lost here. This thing that's junk fans aside, radiator coming in right here and we'll get the fan installed on the unit. This is the proper orientation. Flip this guy in, we'll get everybody nice and lined up.

There we go. Click that guy in, just slides in past the tabs and I believe. At this point we are nearly ready to reassemble this. Let's get this hose detached from this little elbow.

get that thing on next and then we'll uh, we'll go back to the truck car vehicle. So this is kind of a form fit hose. it's it's fairly straight, but I'm going to take note of this reference line that lines up with that Notch right there that way. I Don't have this thing uh, clocked at the wrong direction when I Go to install it on the new unit.

so slide this guy back and get that apart. We'll line that Notch up with that reference line. Then we get the clamp back in position. Now see the witness marks what a clamp used to be.

I Really prefer to put the clamps back exactly where they go, that way you can't tell someone's been there. Plus that can also prevent leaks because this, uh, this rubber is fatigued based on the uh, the clamping pressure of this clamp. If we were to rotate this and pluck it in a different direction, it can actually change how much pressure is being put on the rubber. All Right Cooling Package: This thing is.

uh, set up, ready to go, ready to go back in. We're still waiting on the piece to show up, but uh, let's go and bring this thing over and set it down. We'll get the lower hose installed and we can reconnect the Ac lines and get those guys installed. We'll recharge the system.

All that stuff can be done while we're waiting for that part to show up. All Right Cooling Package: Just get some hoses out of the way. These are going to hang us up. It's stuff that down in there.

now. The mounts are already on the radiator, so all we need to do is lower this thing down into its home. Here we'll slip those little mounts into the holes that are in the frame and she's in position it. Oh, bright lights.

I Think it's in? Let me see. Nope. Nope. Sitting on top of the lower hose.

Move that aside there. Now it's in. very good. Love it.

Okay I need to get that lower hose on real fast. Should be fairly easy. Plug it in, wiggle it on, clamp it down. Wiggles Are complete and go in there with that clamp.
I Know you guys can't see. it's dark down in this cavernous dungeon. I Cannot see one more time here. Okay.

I've got a hold of the clamp. wiggling that thing back in to its home. I'm doing my best to line up the marks and it requires some clever importing action. I Think it's not working? Flip that around.

Come on. get on there. It's like it's so close there we go. Clamps in position, lower hose is installed.

Let's go ahead and flip around. We can plug in our Ac lines and you can see right here. I've got some, uh, some new O-rings on them. They're green so you know that they're good.

We'll get, uh. look at this. Bottom line on first. Plug that guy in and we need to slip this little guy over the stud.

Get on there. Just like so beautiful. Let's get one of the nuts. There we go.

Reaching down, thread that guy on. where's me? ratchet. Nothing crazy on the torque. It's like 20 inch pounds or something.

Okay, that one's on. Let's get our suction line on. That's the big one. Plug that guy right in.

Like So yeah? Oh really? yeah? Yeah, that's odd. I Mean that's fine. I Guess Um, actually not. really.

Call them and see how you can get that imported into the invoice. see if that's also possible I'd like it In both places we're doing legal stuff. Yeah, why does the camera screen keep doing this weird thing man? I need to re-power this. It's not working anyway.

So we, uh, cooling package is in that's installed? Uh. back to the AC machine. Let's go ahead and vacuum this thing down. We'll set it up for like a 15 minute vacuum industry standards 10 minutes, but we're 50 better.

So that's how we're gonna do it. Uh, vacuum time. I'll go ahead and leak test it too, just in case one of those new O-rings decides to leak. All that's going to do is hold vacuum for, you know, 10 extra minutes and if the machine sees that it comes off of 29.9 inches Mercury a vacuum then it will hypothesize that there's a leak because vacuum was depleted and it will fail the test and it'll beep at us and alarms will go off and on the newer machines.

it actually might not install a charge if it fails a leak down test. This is an older machine so it would still let me charge it, but we're not going to it in these ramble over. So now back to our task at hand. What I need to do is we'll get our core support back in, get everything plugged in, and uh, that was not supposed to fall down there like that.

Hang on All right. I've recovered the bracket that I dropped and I have found that it is here to secure these impact sensors and I also have found that I did not need to take the bolts or nuts out of those. It goes right there. Those with the the 13 mil nuts that um okay, where'd they go these ones the ones I did not have to remove I did not know that I did not have to remove them but now I do know and my light just died Aaron Arrow All right, let's put that thing on and we'll change the light battery too.
Over here. Quick mag change. There we go. Powering on all right? Okay, let's get the upper core support in position here.

the wires out of the way. We'll set this guy down, paying attention to not pinch the wires and to put them back in their brackets. Just slide that under the front bumper area. that out of the way I Think we're we're almost there.

maneuvering. Maneuvers Successful. Where's this one? Go that one. plugs in here, snaps on here so close it's all got a lineup to Perfection Okay, that's good, that's in position.

The upper brackets are bracketing. This unit is in front of this other little bracket here, so that's in position. Let's not skip over the opportunity to put our connectors or little wire Clips back in that way. it looks good and it's all secure.

The details that really matter at the end of a job I Mean yeah, sometimes we all forget stuff, but you want to make sure the stuff's plugged back in. It's a bad look when someone looks behind your work and you miss something like that, you don't like to look bad. Reputation is everything. Snap that fan back in so both fan motors are plugged in.

We're waiting for our little cooling uh, cooling connector thing where the radiator cap goes. So now all we really need to do is get our bolts back in and secure everybody. and uh, it'll be a waiting game for that point. Okay, to save us all some time I Spared us the insertion process of all the Fasteners I'm gonna run down tighten them all down I've also already tightened those 13s that were for the brackets that I did not need to remove.

that one came out. Let's get back in there. get in there anyway. those those 13s or twelves.

actually those are already tight. So yeah, we just need to run the rest of these Fasteners down, put some torque on them, tighten the headlights down with those little sideways bolts, and then on. The scene should be done. In three minutes and 49 seconds, we'll install the refrigerant charge, Then we're back to waiting game time because I still need that piece.

it's not arrived. should be here this afternoon and then we can refill this thing, re pressure test it, make sure it does not have any other leaks. Then we'll go from there so let's see two more, two more, two more. Yeah, too much fun with my day that one's in and then way back there there's the other one.

Headlight clicks looking good. That is one radiator for one successful radiator rear basement. it's kind of that goes there. Okay, let's clear the goodies out of here.

Still waiting for the machine. Let's get all that stuff off back to the pile. Whoa. So unorganized.

I'm back in the towel I need that. Okay waiting, waiting, waiting. I Wish I didn't break this piece because we'd be done right now. Okay, we've passed the leak down test.
it's holding vacuum. Let's go ahead. we'll charge the system to not Poe compressor. That means it's not an electronic compressor for hybrids.

Do not save service records checking database. Uh zero One one pounds refrigerant and purging air. It's going to go ahead and charge this and uh, we're still waiting for um, the piece. Yay! Several hours later I have the piece that I needed to have.

so got it. Now all I need to do is get this guy back in position here. Get over there. all right.

How about that way straight. get this guy back in position. I'll pull that nut out bolt, pull that 13 mil bolts out, slip that down in the slot, get the bolt back on, and then I can connect the hoses that need connected. Where's my 13 egg analog wrenches? There's not much space down there, so I'll just tighten this, uh, the old-fashioned way with a wrench and I'm gonna run out of patience real fast for that.

Okay, we're in that home stretch area. Let's get. uh, let's get this thing bolted in. turns there.

There we go. then. oh, it stole my socket. Look at that back my socket at our upper hose installed.

clamped on. slide that clamp into position here. overflow hose goes there. This is the one that bro.

we broke off, slide that on clamps and again. I'm referencing my clamps in there original positions. last one. Now we can refill the coolant.

Come here. Okay, right there. beautifus. That's what we're looking for.

coolant coming in, trying not to spill any because I didn't install the funnel. kind of in a hurry. This car has been here all day waiting on uh, this thing right here. Finish refilling this and then we shall starting the engine.

Okay, we've got a gallon and a half coolant almost two gallons installed. Let us restart the engine and then Top This Coolant off It is alive. There we go. Let's turn the AC on.

make sure that thing functions again. We'll let it come up to Temp a little bit then we can recheck. Okay, AC's on. We'll let it come up to 10.

No leave. Oh, coolant's expanding. We're leaking. Put that back on there.

There we go. Plug that guy back in and we saw pressurize the system. Now if you recall last time we pressurized this, it dumped pressure very very very quickly. Those pressure came up and a little bit more.

A couple more pumps and we are now holding pressure. See that right there? So let's take a peek underneath. Just make sure we've got nothing leaking out of here. Nothing leaking back over there.

Let's see. I think we're in really good shape here. Yeah, let's go ahead and get this. Uh, this unit detached.

jumping pressure now. bubbly. Oh, do that. and now I definitely bought a leak.

It's leaking everywhere. A Minor Error. Let's put that right there. Let's get this thing out of here.
We don't need this anymore. I Did not expect uh that to do that. Okay, well other than my mess over here, coolant's now filled. Let's go ahead.

and uh, plug this guy back off. We'll get our uh, our AC machine detached. Get on there cap. Yeah first.

I can't do it I can't leave it wrong It's gotta point the right direction so though so you can read the words anyway. Okay, AC's running. Pressures are good. It was cold inside.

let's get the valves unveiled and detached and then, uh, we'll back this thing outside and close off the coolant. Uh, guys are erupting that I just buzzed. Go! So you win. Fans are coming on.

That's good. Good good. Let's check. Uh, check our low speed side.

Yep, got low low speed fan is Fanning that's our old radiator cap with mine now keeping you shut this down. Light Bar powering down. Let's get this thing out of here. Goodbye Light Bar.

There you go. Step that down right there. recover the machine that's good and outside you go. All right.

Let's back this thing out. Coolant's full, the reservoir is full. the AC is now full. honking for safety, backing out the auto Ace Ventura Style Foreign.

Go around the corner of death and uh, hose off all that coolant that I just spilled I Went through all that effort to keep it clean and then hit the last minute fumble I guess I wasn't patient enough when I released all the pressure from the pressure tester. Oopsy, that was an error on my judgment I told you I was in a hurry Anyway, at this point, this thing is good to go. I'm gonna bring it outside, wash it off, get rid of my coolant, and uh, send her on her way. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do such things as always by thinking each and every one of you for watching my video.

Hope you enjoyed my video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Mitsubishi transmission you knew it was coming all the way is shiny.

windshield's shiny open air intake shiny oh my. God Battery shining engine shiny radiator shiny. Everybody's perfect. See you guys later in the transmission again.

that's great.

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    Helleu Ray,..did you know that on japanese cars and motorcycles there are no size 13mm bolds used, only 10 , 12 and 14. Number 13 is bad luck 🙂

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