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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Am super glad to be here. This is a 2011. Toyota RAV4 With 127 293 miles on the odometer and customer states that, uh, we hear a clunking noise either. Uh, down low down here and it can also be heard on occasion inside when we turn the steering wheel trying to duplicate said noise right now I Have heard it before.

Let's turn the wheel and see if we can't hear it I'm shaking the wheel some yeah, it usually makes a clunk noise down low right around here. We've determined that the most likely cause of the noise is somewhere in the power steering rack and pinion. It is not in the column and it's not up top. I Wish we could hear it, but it's not doing it today.

we checked this out last week. There it is, found it. Let's go down low and see if we can't hear it just for uh, the sake of knowledge that the inner tie rod outer tie rod there's a part of the steering rack right there. I'm gonna turn this wheel.

it's too much ambient noise I Can't hear it. but trust me, the the noise is there. So what we're gonna do is, uh, swing this thing into the shop. We're gonna lift it up, We're gonna pull the wheels off, and we're gonna replace that steering gear with a a known good unit which is in the back of this particular vehicle.

So without any further introduction, let's get to it now. I Do believe this is going to be a very easy steering gear because this is electronic power steering assist. and the assist device is actually located in the steering column. so the steering gear down below is more of just a manual gearbox rather than Uh, rather than an electronic or power assisted integrated unit.

which is really cool. This should go very quickly. I'm also going to replace the outer tie rods with the steering gear because I never install steering gears without Outer tie rods. Just the thing that I do I mean some people have no problem putting the outers back on a new unit I don't like to put used parts on top of new parts personal preference.

Speaking of: Parts hello Parts man can you hear the clicking Yeah, all right, we're back in this thing in on the big rack the little racks occupied with the Miata right now so we're just gonna use the big one. I Just hope I can fit I think I can. Looks good. straighten her out a little bit.

We are gonna be just fine here. That's good right there. Parking is the auto unlocking the door. Let's head out back and remove the uh, the new power steering unit.

It's in the trunk space in the box. There she is. Come on, Steering gear, you're coming with us here. Let's open this thing up and see what we've got to be working with in here.

Such a tiny little steering gear. Yeah, that's pretty good. Just a manual gearbox. Nothing to it.

Okey-dokes The rack is set free. And subscribe button. We'll flip this thing up. Pull the front wheels off now.

Impact Gun cam. Oh, you turned my gun down again. You did, didn't you? You turn my gun down? You did. It's it's on two, not three.
See what you did? Are you scared of the impacts? The raw power? I'm gonna go get a three-quarter inch gun shoot. I should run the three-quarter gun. That'd be fun There We go. You guys go over there.

Okay, let's get these uh cotter pins out on both the tie rods. Let's see what, uh, how difficult this is gonna be. Hmm, it's not coming out I Need a more comfortable ride height here since I got a kind of work this thing a little bit. it's stuck in the in the stud here and I can't get it out first.

problem. Yeah, that thing's rusted in there. pretty good. Usually they kind of slide.

this one's not doing it. Let's cut it off. Whatever. we'll cut it off and break it off.

impact. It Off Oh there it goes. It moved good. I was close to escalating to violence.

There it is. Yeah, seriously. I was just gonna Hammer a socket over it and just Shear the cheer the cutter key off there we go. Okay, let's get this outer out of the steering knuckle.

A couple little impacts here. Okay, off. to the other side and we will repeat said procedure right about here. You guys hang out right here.

All right. Cotter Key Let's Lose you fold it back over and I'm gonna go loose. Yes it is. Come here There we go.

Nice good bite on it. Beautiful. all right. Impact on kicka juice.

There we go. Seriously Yeah. Loose. Okey-dokes It looks like the subframe needs to come down some, so let's get this thing unbolted.

A couple Uh 19s and some 22s. loud noises or that one that's a 21 or a 22. Oh, there's like three different size bolts here. That's cool.

That's fine. I can deal with that. No big deal. More far centers and a couple more over here on this side subframe coming down some more.

Another one. Okay, now the fun part is this uh engine transmission mount thing right here. because the steering gear actually runs under that mount. So I need to let the subframe down on both.

that mount probably just remove it and then we can unbolt the uh, the steering shaft from the steering gear, then slide the unit out to the side one more over here. pull that guy down rear bracket. What a horrendous sound I've discovered there. That's what I want to secure the center of the subframe there.

Okay, now with that jack stand in place, we can pull or loosen these bolts right here. so we're gonna go through the lower control arm and up to the bolt. So you move, take it almost out, and then thread it just a little bit. There we go.

Now. it's safe. The stand has all the weight, but we don't need to take the bolts out if we don't need to take the bolts out. Logic: Let's get.

Uh, let's get the next one right Here We go. now. We can see that the jack stand is all the way down, but if we raise the car up, the subframe will stay here and the car will go away. That's the uh.
That's how we'll create the distance here. Let's hit the button. Sketchy. All right.

So we're We're actually off of the stand now. This bolt has no weight. Something else is taken away. Let's go find it.

You're looking around. It actually might just be the struts that are holding up the weight back here. Maybe a couple of the motor mounts. Either way.

I Believe I've got enough space here to work with this thing, so let's see if we can't get that steering shaft off and then we'll pull this Mount out right here. Okay, so looking at this mount, looks like there's two studs that come through into the subframe and their bolts, uh, are right inside of here the nuts. Anyway, we'll go in there I think they're 18s. We'll go in there and unbolt those guys next.

Thank you and then we'll probably have to unbolt the amount from the back of the transmission oil unit. out is one assembly. However, before completely trying to pull that entire assembly out, let's try to take the center bolt out. Maybe I can get away with just removing the uh, the bottom half of this.

Mount Maybe Let's get a wrench on that nut. Oh that almost hit me in the leg. bro, that's tight. I don't think uh I think that thing's like welded to it that's not going to turn.

Let's try the other side, see if this guy comes out. Yep, that turns. Yeah, that thing's welded to it right there. That's not a nut.

It was once a nut but now it is not no longer. It is of no matter size that 17. coming in socket coming in, well coming out. but this little boots in the way look at that.

That was a not what I wanted to find. There we go Got it? Try to lift it up some more now and see if it starts to separate. Yeah, a little bit came out a little bit. Okay, uh.

let's see here. Heat shield. Let me get rid of this kind of in the way that's not really heat shield, that's a bracket for uh, the shift lever cable. Okay, so I was wrong.

There's not just the two fasteners for this. Mount there is actually Four and I Found the other two under this cover back in here, let's get those guys buzzed out. Go back. Don't fall there.

we go and now the mount can be extracted. There we go. Okay next I need to get this collar off of here I had to turn the steering wheel to point the nut at me. Uh, it might be pry that up without tearing it.

Getting here with a 12 mil, that's our kill people mole. I need that back. Where are you from here? Oh look acorns, try that collar up and away. and uh, then we can take the two bolts out for the rack.

Let's come here. it's almost I think I got it? Yep, got it. Crazy. No, we don't know what I know we don't want to do that.

Okay, what is that at 18? I think I don't know. where's my socket wrench thing? Yeah, that's uh, 19. what is it actually? Oh, it is her birthday it is. Oh let's try 19.
give her all right coming in with an impact. Let's see if I can maneuver this thing in. I mean maybe I can, maybe not. I might have to just do this manually.

Yep, no tools for me. Well maybe at first we'll try tools later. If I can get it broken loose, maybe I'll go in there with that guy. electric ratchet.

spin it out. that's tight dang girl. that's a very tiny. Come on.

Now there we go. Oh I'm silly. There's a nut at the bottom making it harder than it has to be. Didn't know I just didn't know I don't know what I don't know.

but now I know. So anyway, the nuts off now. I can get the bolts out. That's easy.

easy Once you know what you're doing? kind of. Come on. Bolt Really? I am not interested in Waging War With fasteners, we'll come out all the way. There we go.

Got her all right? Well then that means that that is the nut for the other bolt on this side. Let's get that one next. All right. Big wrench on the top to hold it.

electric wrench in the bottom. Really Okay. I didn't expect that to happen. We're gravity again.

There we go. I saved it. Pull this thing out. you will become loose loosey-goosey I wonder this one doesn't even turn? Yeah, it does.

Okay. Now this rack should be completely free from the vehicle, not bolted in. There's no hydraulic lines because it's electric assist Again, the electric assist motor is inside in the steering column. So I believe this whole steering here.

Oh yeah, whoa. You fell again. Oh yeah, the whole unit's uh, ready to come out. Let's go ahead and slide this thing out through the driver's side.

Let's go and move on to this side. here. We will, uh, maneuver this unit out of the home, out of the hole. Rather? Yeah, it's easy.

Once you take everything apart. look at that. There she is. This clippy, floppy joints.

Not okay. Okay, we have the new unit here. comparing to the old unit. looks like we're in good shape.

Now here's something to pay attention to. There's no uh, master key or Master spline on the shaft, so that has to be indexed in the Straight Ahead position. Good to know. Yeah, let's go ahead back over to the driver's side of our vehicles.

Okay, let's get this thing slid into its home. We'll get it bolted down, we'll get the uh, the steering shaft, reattached motor mounts, and all that good stuff, and then we'll put this up frame back. Pretty good. All right.

let's see what can be doing about getting this bolt in without agony. Slide our little Dusty thing back in. First there we go. Okay, now the bolt can come down.

Actually, that thing detaches. Now that's good. Get it out of the way. Okay, the Bolt's in.

that's in down below. Let's get the nut in. there's one of them internet and we'll go ahead and get the other side on as well before we tighten this thing down. So my other bolt that's this one.
Let's go around. We'll just reach in under the exhaust with it. Get that right there. Slide this guy in there we go.

And the nut? I'm going to get these guys tight there. Thank you. It's not working. Okay wrench coming in that's gonna hold our bolts and then we'll tighten that nut.

There we go. perfect and again over here on the other side. This will secure the unit. Okay, so I Just went up into the cabin.

The steering wheel is Straight Ahead the steering here. the steering gear is approximately straight ahead so we can go ahead and slip this collar on. and once that collar is attached, then uh, I'll rotate the assembly again to get a good reference point on that bolt and we'll put the uh, the steering column shaft bolt in like I've got to pull that uh, that thing down. gotta pull the collar down and it's it.

Doesn't want to come down. Hang on I need a tool to help me here? I'll try to reach in there with a pick, pluck it down and pick. I Just finished this same struggle with the Monte Carlo these please come down the rubber thing. That's killing me here.

Hey, what do you put that Loop that loop I don't know I'm over here. what are you doing I didn't take it, did I take it. It's right where you left it. You did that.

Don't blame me. Come on caller, go over the spines please. I Don't want to fight with you for an hour here. I'll tell you what.

We'll raise the steering or we'll raise the subframe up some that's going to take up some of that space. It's going to make it harder to manipulate, but it'll close the gap a little bit. That's what I got to do. Okay, so it's down in position.

I'm gonna pick this boot up and reach around and uh, get this bolt in just so the collar can't come back up and then I'll rotate it and we'll tighten it. We're just gonna stick that in right there real quick. Now the collar is. it's fairly secure.

Turn the shaft I Need to go up and turn the steering wheel. Hang on. Okay, shaft is turned. Let's tighten this thing up.

Clicks. Give that back. Then we can slide this guy down over the rack and I'll get some big zip ties for it later. Okay, let's tighten up the subframe bolts.

next. fix. There's that one. We'll get the two primaries and then we'll get the the ones in the back in a moment.

Let's get this one now. through the hole. There we go. Very good.

Okay, we've got one bracket, two bolts. There's another bolt around here somewhere. This one run that through back of the subframe. like.

so get in there. That one goes right up there dude. and I think these can be tightened down next? Yep, loud, foreign, big one. This one.

Okay, let's get them out wherever it went. All right, let's get this. uh, this mount back into position here. I hope I Didn't shoot myself for the foot by putting the subframe back up with the mount.
uh, removed I don't think I I don't think so I think we're good. Yeah, I Might have to pick it up a little bit to get clearance for the center bolt, but I think we're good I Guess we'll see. Either way, there's two of the bolts in. We gotta get two of the nuts in the holes and then, uh, we'll get that center bolt through.

We should be all right. All right coming in. one nut screwed. gravity got it caught it.

move through the Matrix Beautiful. Very nice. All right, let's put this bracket back on. This is something very easy to forget because it's a kind of an inconsequential thing.

Very easy to forget. There we go. Screw this guy in clicks and I need to get center bolt for that mount in position and again I put that rubber thing back on. That kind of shoots me in the foot.

What was I thinking? Getting too excited? No worries, we need pry bar. Yeah, that's a little too low. see that. Just pry up on it some and the rubber things in the way I was a fail of judgment.

Why I need two people with pry bars on this one now? get it. I'll get the thing I'll take the subframe off again I Don't care. Get in there. come on.

So close. so very close. Okay I've got the boot pushed up and that bolt is kind of in the hole now I need to pry on the trends to get some space to push the bolt in through the mount which is harder than I thought it was and I kind of made an error in judgment. no worries.

I'll figure it out. more pry bar. Okay let's try to get in there with the curvy pry bar. that might give me some like more space and Leverage yeah that's better watch it in.

come on bolt. just just go into wherever you're supposed to go so close. pry hammer there so close. let's see here.

um no. I'm gonna go in. Why is it so close yet it's not going in. more hammers came apart easier.

What is this? Maybe if I wiggle it with my bar? What is the deal with this wax? can't be that far off, can it? I wouldn't think so. I'm picking up with the the pry bar on the right with my left hand trying to push this stud in. put my right hand. it's not wanting to make contact with the threads on the other side.

What have I done? Thank you thank you. Okay oh, we're crying. Oh seriously, why are we not? Why are we not threading? It's got all the space in the world here. Let's move back.

My side missing something, a detail, or a clue. Something like that. That was a little premature. I think I need to take all these bolts loose again.

I Just can't get it to line up premature. Won't make that mistake again. I'm gonna take my time. Yeah, didn't take much.

It's like a millimeter off. I think yeah. look at that. There goes.

Went in, it was so close there. Let's try this again. Become tight. Victory Okay now I can screw my nuts back in.

Love my job there. Beautimous. Okay, let's put our rubber thing back down and get the outer tie rods installed. Okay, back in the wheel.
Well, let's get our new outer tie rod assembly is installed. I've kind of pre-spaced these jam nuts I I Just took a finger measurement based off the old unit and that's how I decided what the center was for this new unit. Shoot, we're just going to screw these down until they bottom out on that jam nut and that will be that because this has to go to the alignment shop because I don't have an alignment machine yet. Screw that guy in, set it down and then we're going to come up through the bottom of the knuckle here.

Oh, come on. get in here. please. Yeah, stay, stay, don't come out there.

We go. Where'd my gun go? Hmm, it's over here. I Found you 19. Yep, these are Nylock nuts.

There is no uh cotter pins required. You know that was actually horrible. English I should have said there are no cotter pins required. Not is no cotter pins I Hate it when I have those linguistic slips, linguistical errors IQ lowering phrases there trying to push that that ball in a little bit.

it's a gonna fit I'll use the knuckle to do it. You guys are flip-flopping all over and that get rid of the debris that I just deposited. Guys can't see terrible cameraman. Let's tighten this guy up and we're good.

Okie Dokes Wheels are on. Let's let this thing down. Take it out for a quick spin, make sure it feels good, then we'll have it sent off to the alignment shop. Toyota Coming down all the way down.

Okay, mental recap in my head: all of the subframe bolts are in the two in the front. Uh oh. I've got to tighten the jam nuts I didn't do that. That's right.

it is going to the alignment shop but I can't send it over there with loosey-goosey front end parts I Better do that real quick. We'll pull it out some and cut the wheels, expose the components and then I can adjust them. or well tighten them. Rather tighten them new ones.

We're getting something. What we can see is that the wheels straightish and steering wheel is straightish. That means I'm indexed properly. So let's go ahead and restarting.

Is the engine again starting now? Ah Yes! Okie Dokes Engine restarted. We are crossing past the corner of death going back out into the wild. We're going to take it on the road real quick, give it a once around the block, make sure it's in good shape, and then, uh, we will send it off to the ligament shop. Hey, it's listening to us.

What is this names to select a name I Don't I don't want anything to do with this with this technology. Turn that off I Don't know why that was doing what it was doing, but we're turning you off right now. It's not I'm not trying to get a make a phone call here. Oh no no no no okay.

let's try this again. Restocking Z Engine not calling anybody. Don't call anyone good. All right guys.
One quick trip around the block I'm good to go here. This thing is a successful Parts Repair operation I'm not hearing the clunky noise that I had heard prior and that my vehicle owner had heard. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead take this opportunity right now to thank each and every one of you for watching this video as I put my seatbelt on driving out of my Lane As always, hope you enjoy this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill by now.

Go ahead and let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Toyota Power steering rack transmission. So I think my eyeball alignment was like right on point.

straight steering wheel. We're going straight. That's excellent bar. I Like it.

This is where I broke down in the Jeep the other day. That was cool. Hope this thing doesn't break down good. feels good.

Alignment looks good. We should charge money for that. Parking is the auto powering down. See you later! Toyota.

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    It was once a nut, but now it’s not.

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    Hi Ray, Sam here, you are wearing your wedding ring whilst working !