In this video I bring you along as I go through the process of swapping out an engine in a 2015 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.5L RWD. In the first part we got the engine almost ready to come out so in this part we finish getting it ready to drop out the bottom.
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So after taking a peek underneath it I think I Had the gist. As far as what's going on here at least I think so I Think we can fake it till we make it at this point. Uh, I Don't think we need service data anymore now that we've got some good direction. What we're going to do is: we're gonna hook the engine mounts here I Have to be in the optimal viewing area here, so you'll have to be right there.

but there's some bolts or some nuts. rather, right on top of the engine mounters. two of them roadside passenger side. We're going to unhook those.

there's one. take the 18 mil socket to do though, you might get the one on the other side. and then it's my intention to stick a transverse engine support up here. Even though it's not transverse engine, we'll stick it over here in the strut.

Towers Go across. We'll find something to hook to here on the front so we can suspend it and then we want to take the front suspension out. The way this cradle is designed. It's not really a, you know engine cradle like they are in a front-wheel drive car where we lower the whole thing and it's helpful to us if we left it attach to the engine.

it's just going to be in the way. so we're going to suspend the engine. drop the Cradle if you will. So steering rack and all that crap out of the way set the engine down on some jack stands.

Same thing with the tail shaft of the transmission or the rear training mounts out there and you actually and then just race the car up and off from it. I Believe that's what Service Data has us doing anyhow. but I don't want to keep racing the car up and down 100 times so we'll try to just take care of what we can take care of while we're here. I don't know that one's pretty snug if we can get to this one with an old swivel or we met So thinking that, push the harness out of the way.

Maybe Maybe let's give this a try. I think I'm on it there. Okay, they're not overly tight so they do come off relatively easy. I Guess he's coming off in there there it is.

boys foreign struts. We'll probably do something from up here on the hood a little clip back here. Give him a wiggle because our tool is gonna sit here. Ideally it's that one.

No, it should allow us to open the hood a little bit further. Okay, now we're gonna get our our engine support tool. set it here and here, over here and then out to the core support. so we're gonna have to move our prop rod.

Hood's not very heavy, it's all plastic fiberglass. I Want a damn thing? I'm going to be kicking out on that. seems good. Let's get our engine support there and there.

We'll get it where it's the most ideal. I'll probably fiddle with this thing for a little bit because you don't want it sitting on anything plastic. You also watch out for mounts and things like that, but then we also need to get it where our support arm comes out to the core support. Or at least out here to keep it from tipping forward because this thing's pretty sturdy.
We may not even need that, but we do need something to lift on. Now we're cooking. We're gonna pick right up on the front timing cover. This looks sketchy Am I right? Oh yeah, it's coming up.

There's just a lot of thread there. Okay I didn't realize that. Okay. I think it's the same on this side.

Also foreign. Take a look. Yeah, it is. Okay, so it's coming up off from both of them.

Engine mounts probably should be smart about this. Put a bolt and a big fat washer here. I Mean it can't really kick forward on us and we're not really unbolting the uh transmission to allow the whole assembly to move until the very last thing. and that's the car that's going to be on the ground at that point and sitting on Jack stands on the engine and on transmission.

Now that I have proof of concept that this works I'm going to let it back down a little bit. not all the way, just a little bit, so that's good there. There's not really a lot of support on this front arm, you know it doesn't have a tendency to want to rock forward, so that's good. I Think that's the last thing that we have to do up here until it comes time to take the engine out, in which case, we remove this brace because we're going to set the whole thing down on some jack stands, but it's somewhat supported Now let me find the wheel lock should be able to do that in the next hour or so.

First try in the glove box. Don't worry, she's a little turkey for lug nuts. No. I know we got the big aluminum.

Wow, hell you mini. I'm sorry you've got to get all the steering degree bits unhooked without narring up the knuckle. Oh and through the prayer my guy right there because I think this come undone piece of cake the next socket out here tie rod end and then it appears that this one we can't get any air tools on because the strut's in the way. We'll see if we can't give her the old handy.

So weird working on a car without rust. you know? I'm expecting a fight. the man. oh so the whole stud's turning a little suffering succotash.

uh uh, let's go stick something underneath it. We could stick our ball joint press on there. Guy gave us that little free tip Friday for you, but then we can't get a socket in there. It probably has I've never been able to do this in my entire life, but I think it has a fitting up in there like a Allen socket.

perhaps coming in with a six millimeter Allen key? just I'm just going old school. stick that in there. Get her wound up. This is what it's like working in.

Florida If I ever hear Ray complain I'm gonna smack him. This is great. All right. That's how it's supposed to be.

folks. this is. this is how life's supposed to work. Foreign.

Oh wow, this is gonna be so awesome and then we're gonna unhook. Okay I'm seeing what's going on here. We're going to loosen up our control arm there. I'm in that hats.
Let me get a control arm tool. see if we can't just pry that down enough. It's got quite a bit of stuff. so I don't want to cause damage to a bushing.

Oops now. I'm stuck. Come on there baby. There we go.

I Don't want to damage the boot either. Will that one come up and out without? We'll get our tie rod out. Maybe that one will push out enough with the knuckle or we don't have to unhook the strut. Nothing else is too tight.

We will have to unhook our sway bar link though. Okay, let's pop our tie rod loose. We're gonna give that a quick burp with their hammer. It should pop out.

This does. and then I bet that sucker doesn't come out of there. Oh shoot man, that start that's done still all the way here. in the bottom, there's no way that's gonna pivot enough.

Clear you little piss pot. Um easy I Don't feel like taking I don't want to take the strut out I'll just unbolt it from the frame and then we'll just let it swing out of the way. Shouldn't have any real tension on it so to speak. Although it feels like this, this is tight.

There we go and we can just leave that set to the side. That way we don't have to take the strut out and all that crap. Um, just be a whole lot easier. Now that harness that I was worried about that ran through here.

It runs over to the power steering from the bottom of the radiator, it runs to. uh, something else here. Must be trainee. Oh no, it's gonna be part of the ACs that's three wires so it's a transducer.

It's not a temp sensor I don't think yeah I think it goes in the tree I don't know I can't see quite Yeah, no that is. AC Okay, so that goes to the AC I could deal with those training lines or AC condenser but AC pressure must be so it's got to be the high side pressure going to the condenser. Um, okay, let's do the same thing on the other side. Then we'll worry about how to get that uh sway bar link off there.

Oh so that came apart pretty easy. Sway my link. So amazing. Come out of here.

come on little fella. put that nut right back on there. We put it back together. We can hold the middle there with a six mil Allen key.

We're gonna leave those faces forward. Our hoses and stuff are all good. Yeah, most of your car was wrecked at some point. You see over spray all over everything and then Body Shop Guys, you know how they are.

This is what I want to do now is I want to unhook this wiring harness across the front of the Cradle here I Just had some Christmas tree Fasteners in there. Yeah, pull them out and then there's one if I get to that one way the heck up in there over by the wires that we have to unhook from the condenser. Okay, there's that that harness there that runs up over the top and I guess we can start unplugging stuff. Let's grab our pockets.

That's right here. We can unhook the power steering so we'll push that tab back, push it and unplug it, and we've got the big red one here. Let's see, it's probably going to hook a little bit harder. Nope, not too bad.
So there's that. And then we have all the vacuum gizmos here for the vacuum motor mounts. Um, I'm going to push the wires up through them. We'll just have to remember the vacuum or the harness ran underneath those vacuum lines because I think I think the vacuum lines can stay on the frame I see where the the hose came down from the engine and I believe it can stay on the frame I could be wrong.

It goes that way for this motor mount. Yeah, I think we're okay I Think we're in good shape now that the harness is free. That harness is free there. Let's freeze through there.

That's all free. We've got a couple connectors on that side screen. Got this one here. there's that one.

and then foreign freaking body shop guys. Ain't no tab on that one. It's already broke. you.

just pull that one out. Oh man. I Tell you what, pull that harness down around. this harness is loose.

So now we need to unhook. We need to unhook something out. so we need to unlock the steering shaft there. I Guess Okay, there we go.

I got it. The steering column block. electric block so it is locked. but it's seriously accessible so it's the 11 millimeter.

If you're wondering through the steering shot, you'll figure it out. If you're actually replacing the engines on these cars, it's something real popular. this is I've never done one I changed a lot more foreign. Let's see that is a square shaft with a half to Mooney She can only go one way so they can slide that up.

Steering columns locked I Don't want to. go looking for my Bolt We're going to stick that right back in there. now. we're just about ready to drop the Cradle So this is the vacuum Supply to these motor mounts I Just heard them hiss.

probably the reservoir. there's empty. There is a filter that's way up here. I Don't know if you guys probably can't see me wiggling up here.

This has filter right here. I believe it's supposed to melt up on the frame. However, it was just laying down here with the hoses. Probably that freaking body shop guy.

We'll keep blaming him. We gotta have somebody to blame for something. and we can never blame ourselves. Yes, we can.

When we're wrong, we're wrong. But uh yeah, the Christmas tree fashion broke. It's probably an oversight because I see all the world splatter up there? Well, that might be Factory too much of it. looks like a bunch of bird.

Fury Worlds Um, we'll uh oh, actually, that weld on that upper core support isn't Factory I'll tell you that much. Um, we'll just clip that back on when we're done not a big deal and then gotta unbolt these uh, supports, unbolt the bolts that go to the body. but we don't want to do that really until we're ready to drop it till we're ready to be done with it. Let's unhook the exhaust, get the trainee prepared to be removed in my face.
Oh when I die. This is what I want it to be like that's using tools and hook and parts. no torch, everything swear word yet. We're going to prepare the exhaust for removal.

so we're going to put a little bit of WD up on the exhaust hangers here. We want them to slip off well WD slippery and it makes people thoroughly upset which is great. No I shouldn't be like that, but people get really really amped up about WD I'm even getting nasty uh messages about now that they sponsor me I got a spot through now I'm a sellout. sprayed the top one unhooking the bottom one.

There's a there's a pro move for you if you'd like. I can show you the receipt where I bought the WD at the Napa if that makes anybody feel any better but it can think what you want. Oh boy, this thing's got to come down I thought she felt a little Stout back here more than just those two hangers. Oh yeah, she's got some long dongers that are bolted on.

you gotta pull the freaking bumper cover. Well not today with WD for you because we spray this I don't know what do you say when you get a sponsorship I don't know. So I don't have any. We're going to try this.

we're gonna lure up. We're gonna try it though. We're gonna get the Old-fashioned We're gonna do the old-fashioned way here. require a couple people I think Okay, so those hangers are loose.

That one's loose. The front was loose. Everything's loose. We're gonna unhook it from the front.

We're gonna let it down. We're gonna slide it forward. It should pull out of these rear mounts. In a perfect world.

it may not may not have enough clearance back here. We're gonna give it a try though. Oh fella. Thank you Foreign.

Good catch buddy. And you're wondering why we gotta pull the exhaust well for obvious reasons to let the engine down. And second of all, just drop my socket. Gotta get to the drive shaft here.

it doesn't have U-joints it's got them rubber couplers and usually it means we got a collapse. I don't know what's made of in there. All right. pop out of them will it needs a bar or something? Oh yeah, yeah.

I think they're kind of holding up on a little bit though. Yep. Pry bars? Yes. Okay, so this may seem silly, but I'm going to unhook that I've got to unhook this oxygen sensor right here.

The wiring harness runs right between these two training lines which are hard and I can't reach a connector. but I need to get them out from in between lines here. So I'm electing to do it this way. Yeah, it's twisting up the wiring, but you just got to get past it.

Close your eyes if you got to there it is. Once we get it out there, we go get it out and around those training lines there now. I Can actually the connector has a lock in. It is the problem.

Um, I'm just going to leave it hanging, but my intention is is to unhook these transmission lines from the training. leave them hooked to the radiator once the Cradle is all the way and set them to the side. We're going to unhook the transmission cable here. Should be just a standard pop it off doodad there.
that's what they call it's in surface info as it pops off doodad and you got this thing. Oh well. you got this thing here. Oh, look at that.

Give that a couple years of salt. that'll work good. We're good right now. That's all it matters that stays.

I think all the wiring harness on it. all that stuff stays. That should all come out easier until just one harness down the side. I Think that's it.

We can't get to the torque converter bolts I Don't believe without pulling the starter, which we'll do that when this whole mess is laying on the ground. You know what I mean? You know what I mean. Dude, let's figure out how to take the drive shaft out because this has that rubber rag joint that Chrysler likes used which they're usually piloted on the back side of. the.

otherwise they'd vibrate like crazy so we have to create some room for it to go back. Which it's a two-piece drive shaft so we probably got bend it in the middle. I Don't know. I'm gonna look in service data though.

Let's even get some bolt loose in there. There's one Transmission in neutral: lost their socket. some kind of voodoo. it was on the bottom shelf.

Oh interesting. Yeah, hmm. there's that one and we'll get this one here. Foreign transmission now.

put a little Mark right there. This will make everybody happy and full of marker in there. I Don't think oh I was gonna say I Don't think we've got enough room to push us back nicely, but it doesn't come off the pilot son of a mother. We're gonna have to drop the uh, let me relax just that much like a quarter of an inch.

Um, yeah. I Gotta pull this stuff apart here. Why else would the engineer have left them holes for us? All right? Let's just see. put that in there just lately so it doesn't fall down.

hit us in the head so that one back in there lightly so that let the carrier bearings down just a little bit. What is that enough? If it is, we're going to take back every bad thing we said about GM I Hope it's not enough. We still mean every bad thing we said about him except now we mean it times two. Let's see here.

let's move this. There's that a couple Oddball nuts here. those are the ones that go on that there. Let's get a crack loose here.

Slipper down past the carpet, at least on one side. Oh yeah, I'm gonna set this down somewhere. Well stick that up there. We can finish taking our carrier bearing bolts out.

There's still the you know metal bracket up here. We're just looking to cheat it. We're looking to cheat a little bit here. That's all we needed boys.

just that little bit. Now we're up past the training, it's gonna be time to bit of the son of a gun. When we start raising the body up. we're gonna have to keep a little eye on this unless and get something to kind of sticker here here.
We'll take the carrier bearing. we just flip it upside down, kind of jam it in there. look at that. Good job engineer.

You didn't even know you built that like that, but you did. That keeps it away from the transmission perfectly. Let me show you pretty much life hack move. or maybe just a hack move.

but it keeps us back away from the transmission where we need to be and gives us plenty of room now and we don't have to worry about finding up when we raise the vehicle up. So okay now we're officially ready to drop the Cradle and then drop the engine. That's it for today folks. Uh, when I work on a job like this a project? the customer comes in and says those three little words.

Every mechanic loves it here. Take your time. Never tell your mechanic that because that means you'll never get your car back. But in this case, we're going to give them back to them because they're going to be back from vacation soon.

so we gotta get it done. Um, and that's that. So that's as far as we got today, so we'll see. I'll probably make it tomorrow.

I Just work on it in between doing regular jobs or other jobs that come in that are scheduled. So so that's that's it. That's why this doesn't seem to fit together really cohesive. I Guess is that the right word we're going to use it if it doesn't seem to be all just kind of flowing like I'm there working on a great straight through.

That's why it's because I'm not. And I try to leave myself a little note where I left off Anyhow, folks, thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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