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Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. If uh, this is your first time here, just welcome, Glad you're here! I'm glad to be here. This is a 2012 uh Mitsubishi I think it's a Lancer non-evolutionary Lancer customer States burning smell while driving and that's not good. So uh, let's not drive it.

let's just go stockings the engine. We're gonna swing around in the shop and uh, see what's up with this? uh the stinky Bernie smell from mileage? 190 842 Impressive. Must be a daily moving on in? Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and wrap this thing up. Get it up in the air.

Uh, burning smells to me. uh, usually indicate a leak of some sort that is on the exhaust or something hot and the smell is actually going to end up being the uh, the oil cooking off so we're gonna check for that first. I'm gonna back it in. they fit a little bit better in the reverse position.

No back up alarm. hello Monte Carlo Shiny. We like shiny cars. Oh look, the floor is having like a little party down there.

Yeah, I know I'm silly but it's fun. If it's not fun then why are we doing it? Because it should be fun I think that's good right about? um here. Yep. Harkins the auto not powering down, absence and puppeting because he would Okie dokes.

So in the interest of time I've got the rack set up pop into deep wood. Let's get this guy open again. I Have a suspicion of a petroleum leak of some sort, but I don't really know so let's move it on up. Flash subscribe button.

It's the thing we do here. consider subscribing to the channel That Way you do not miss an opportunity on future content of this nature. Now we're gonna run this all the way up. Go down below, check for some fluid leakage, and uh, go from there.

So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening. Z Hood Yeah, all right, fired up some lumens here. Let's take a look at what we've got to to work with down here. Somebody lives on a dirt road because there's some dirt.

Yeah I know right? Captain Obvious Moment Okay, so we've got some oil going here. Look at there. There's a bunch on the bottom of the, uh, the engine here somewhere around the oil pan, but it looks like coming from a little higher higher up, so always up at the top. Looks like we've got another leak here on this side.

Okay, so far so good. Motor mount looks good. Hmm, let's see this. Ball joints.

Okay, the boots a little bit torn. you see it right there. Not that great, but it's also not the flippy floppy so that's okay. The rear engine mount looks good.

that's not torn or broken. Oh wait wait yeah, yeah it is. I can see a broken spot on it where it's torn. Okay, so that motor mount needs to be replaced.

The video. let's see the bushings control arm bushings. They're tough to see, but those look okay. Check this one.

Yeah, not too bad in there. Okay, those can stay. Let's go out back and take a gander rear bushings back here. That's good.
All this stuff's looking good. Okay. brakes are looking good. No leaks at the shocks or the struts.

Actually, these are all struts, not shocks. What is this? That's a new one. Double nutted tie rod. Okay, yeah.

same thing here. Double nutted tie rod? All right. Okay, well. I found the source of the leak.

Let's go back up top and see what's going on over here in this corner. and same thing over here on this corner standby. Swing this back around off the locks coming down all the way down. Foreign.

Let's go ahead and complete our operation by where is that thing at powering down? Wow. this actually. uh, might be an easy one. Looky here.

there's our oil spill right there. It appears that the majority of this is, uh, just this valve cover gasket. How about that? That's A. That's a nice easy fix.

Okay looking good looking good. Belt's looking good. Okay, let me go write this thing up for a golf cover r r and maybe some spark plugs to go with it because I've got everything apart. No, we'll go from there, we'll let my guy know what's up and we'll see what happens.

So stay tuned. All right, we're good to go. I've got Parts Ordered like I said. pull the trigger Ray Get it done.

We want the Leaky leak to go away. I'm gonna throw some iridium spark plugs inside of this bad unit while it's apart and right now we're gonna start peeling back the onion. We've got some ignition coils down here. You need to unplug those.

Extract them. There we go. Once these guys are out, I'll get the perimeter bolts for the valve cover and uh, we'll go from there. It's going to be a gravy job.

I Love gravy. Look at that. I Don't even have to disconnect these. We're just gonna lay them off to the side.

Oh, hang on. Stand corrected. This is clipped on. Oh now it's unclipped.

I Am going to experience Good Fortune Today, look at that valve cover gasket leaking inside of the spark tube spark Plug Tube seal. Words: Yeah, that's oil on number Was that number three? Yep, number three in a little bit on this one as well. So we've got a couple of these tube seals that leak. Those must be replaced.

Pull the harness off, make some space. We'll pluck this guy off real quickly. Caution: Rubber hoses like to tear when we take them off. I Don't want to tear it.

There we go and let's just move this over here. For now, there we go. Stay where I Told you to stay. Okay, so we're looking like one two, three, four, five, Six seven, fourteen bolts or so.

let's start pulling these guys out one at a time. You guys count them, see if it's actually 14. No No No. I lost.

Count one seven, four, six, Twelve eleven. Yeah, you guys lost. Count two, didn't you seven thirteen, 14. no bolt there.

Go and I feel one more right back in. Oh it lied. there's two more. Another all right gravy.
So how many bolts was that was that? 16 15 I think it was 15. Anyway, we've got them all. Let's go ahead and get under this gasket right here. Cover and pry this thing up and we are free.

Loosey Goosey Oops Not free. We have one connector for this wiring harness. Let me unconnect through this. Now we're free.

Yeah, it was stuck on a tether. That's what it was. It's Tethered on. Ah, dual overhead camshafts and a chain dope.

Let's get this old gasket out of here. Look at that yeah thing tore. It's disintegrating. Ah, here we go.

We can see the point of the leak right here. Look at all that oil pulled up. Pull this gasket away and it just runs. Yep, that's a confirmed kill.

This is totally 100 the week. Goodbye Hot. All right. Moving in for the close-up we can see there's some sealant right here.

We have to pluck that away. That sealant is present because there's a cover on the front of this uh cylinder head and there's going to be a small seam right in there and so they put a dab of uh RTV sealant that way the oil cannot Wick its way along that little seam and then leak past the gasket. Clever. Brush that off.

Yeah, we gotta wiper down, get all that nasty off of there. And likewise, there's another another bit of sealant right here and we'll continue on for the entire perimeter of this uh of this cylinder head. here. Get all the dirt off.

We don't want to try to put a new gasket on top of old dirt. I'm hot hot. There we go. nice and clean like.

and I'm wiping away from the center of the head. so I don't inadvertently get any dirt inside of the engine. I Mean if I do, it's not the total end of the world because it'll get picked up by the pump and then pump straight into the oil filter. But we like to avoid such things if possible.

Now, if they're big chunks of dirt that's a no good, these like little microscopical speck size pieces. Like I said, it's not the end of the world. All right. Finalize Wiping down action: I Think we're good here.

Let's go ahead and pull the rest of the gasket Material off of the cover itself and get that thing ready to roll. Oh yeah, look at that. There's oil right down there. Yeah, there's some more Okay.

off to the cleaning station with this cover which is my oil drain. There we go. Yep, that's the tube seal gasket. Don't need that.

There's another piece of it still stuck on it, has forced my hand. I Must elevate my level of violence. Try that thing out. Look how brittle that is.

It's just it cracks good. There we go. Nice break right there. Not very good, not good rubber.

It's expired. All right. let's flip this guy over and while. I wait, Uh, for my gasket to show up with beef and tomato disassembly with some shiny nice.

Especially all that nasty stuff down in the valley of this. uh, this cover here. We don't want any of that. So pretty.
Thank you. There we go. Stuff is so good I know I know I'm still like six years old I can't help it clean. Oh my parts guys here awesome.

Be right back. Don't go anywhere. Check it out fellow. Pro Gasket set for a valve cover Mitsubishi 2.4 liters of displacement and I've also got some Iridium NGK plugs not sponsored but that's just what I'm using.

So here's how this guy works. We've got a perimeter gasket and then attached to it is also the uh, the tube seal gaskets. So I'll start with the tube seal gasket. We'll set that section up, place the gasket in its little grooves like so and then we can work around the perimeter and get the rest of this installed.

Very good. I Like easy jobs. This is great. Super great, Super great, Wonderful.

All right, that's all set. Let's run over back to the engine. Uh, pull these spark plugs out and then we'll get this cover reinstalled. Easy peasy.

All right now. We did see a little bit of oil in that uh number three cylinder right here. When I pull the spark plug out, some of it's going to drain down in the combustion chamber. It's going to be okay.

It's not going to hydrolock it. it'll burn it off instantly. No big deal. The only real way to get it out is to blast some air down in there.

but that's going to shoot oil up on everything I mean I guess I could put a towel over it could. Oh yeah. look at these. Oh, that's even what came out.

Look in. Gks. All right. these appear to be Iridiums.

these. uh what? I understand are the OE plugs for this? Yeah, rumor has it they've got about a hundred and ninety thousand on them. Focus There we go. Yeah, they're not horrible.

Yeah, they are. We're putting new ones in it. One down three to go on. clicks.

That one had oil in it. Look at that. This one's got oil in it. You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna backtrack.

Yeah, you guys aren't gonna like this if I let that down into the hole. Hang on. Here's how we're gonna do this. If you guys get sprayed in the face with oil, that's it's on you.

It's a miss there. Nasty. I Got the lube on me. Is it good? I got the lube on me.

All right? Yeah, that's fine. I'm gonna wash all this off anyway. No biggie. Yep.

Oil Soap Spark plugs. Oh even better, they're oil cooled spark plug. What oil. Pulled spark plugs? Oh that's a good one.

Look at that one. All right. Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot. Nice and easy town.

Okay, we'll unbox our new units and we'll send them down into their holes one by one. There we go. We're not dropping them in. Don't drop them.

If you drop them. They can land on the electrode and bend it. And these things are pre-gapped because they're Iridium. Platinums will also come pre-gap Let's get started.

Cross thread. Oh no. amen. All right.

next there we go. Foreign plugs installed. Good to go. All right.
We're coming in with some sealant. We have to get a little dab right there in the front of the head and one more right back here on the back side. Nothing crazy, just a little a little dime sized piece. Okay, sealant is installed.

Cover coming in. We'll give it the flip, set it down in position. All right. We're all lined up oh hot just touching the metal.

Okay, let's get all of our bolts started. Quickly dropped in and then we'll begin the torquing sequences. What we got here: that's three or four I Lost count. Did you guys keep count? I Hope you did.

because I didn't thought you were doing it. Let's get that next one in right here. Why won't? Oh, we're not aligned. That's why it won't start there.

No worries, let's see a couple more bolts up here. No really. I I Did need you guys to uh, keep count I Really did I think I've got like three left, maybe four? There's two in my hand I Know there's one. found another one, found another one.

Oh, interesting feature. See this: Uh, this shank right here on these bolts. This shank will actually bottom out when we're tight. That way, you can't tighten this more and produce extra clamping force on the cover itself.

Which is why when you have a valve cover gasket leak, you can't just tighten the bolts and hope that the leak stops because they're already tight. It's precisely calibrated to the specified thickness of the gasket material. Fun fact: Because of science, science is good. Keep counting one over here.

One right here. Dick. Almost. We've got.

What do we got? Two more, three? the seven? I Don't know there's one. All right. Okay, let's get some actual clicks going on this bad boy. oh, that's loose.

Yeah, it started to tighten down the gaskets as uh well as I tighten down the other bolts. The gasket began to compress so the ones that started off tight are no longer tight. beginning clicking. Now there we go I wonder how much uh reaction I can cause if I double click all these, there's one.

There's two. What do you guys think do I need to double click them or just single click them? I'm gonna double click them. That's what I'm gonna do. Yeah, clicked it twice so you know it's good.

Good to go. Everybody's tight. This is the bar show. Let's go ahead and get some of these uh hoses and whatnot reconnected.

Put that stuff back into its home from here. Clamp sliding here. we'll clip that on. Get in there.

there we go and host clamp. PCB hose clamp. You go here. Then what am I missing? There we go.

We've got a wire bracket, another wire bracket that's good, and some spark plugs. Those are already in. so coils coils are next. Very good.

Okay, Ignition Coil 30. let's grab these guys. wipe the oil off all of it. There we go.

a little bit of dielectric lubricant all. Steam It's good for uh, prevention of water. Ingress And in this particular car oil. If we don't want oil on our spark plugs ever again, it's not good.
We can't mess this up because they only go in in the spaces where they only go in science. There we go, we'll clip our clip back in for that harness that's good. That one. That one, that one.

four bolts. There's number three on cylinder. number two Tron clicks and that's a pun intended here. Good cover.

That's next. That way we stay nice and shiny. That's three more fasteners. Sweet that was puzzled and lost and confused I Found it I Didn't remove the hose I Just stuck it down there staring at this for like five minutes trying to find that.

oopsie. No worries, it'll match her. Let's get our little fancy cover on real quick and then we can starting as the engine. Please go in.

You displeased me. Okay, two more left to go. There's one time. All right, we're good to go.

Let's head into the cabin and we can restarting the engine. I Think the fob's still in here? Yeah, there it is. One two, three. I'm doing the lean.

It lives. still having our little party down there in the floor. Nice okey-doke So far so good. No misfires running nice and smooth like I Like this, let's go ahead and get this thing down off the rack.

take her outside, wash off all that oil. nasty and looks like concrete dust. We need to de-illuminate our area here. Another: these are padded.

They don't scratch the hoods. Have no fear I Fixed cars I Don't break them sometimes I break them. It's the nature of the business. Everything's a liability.

That's just the way it is. More clearance. All right guys. Well, after a good hose down I Think we're all set here.

The oil leak has been, uh, has been discovered and resolved. That means there's a no more stinky Bernie petroleum smell in the cabin and that's good huh? Somebody's texting my phone's Tech or uh, doll phone is texting. That's that's awesome. Anyway, so we're uh, we're off track I'm gonna get out here.

we're gonna go and hose this thing down. uh. That being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video right now and I will do that as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video, then um, can you go watch something else? Maybe you'll enjoy that. So again, and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Mitsubishi Beginning Engine Shiny sequence Now foreign Goodbye concrete dirt Goodbye Runoff Extra Shiny Complete goodbye Viewers.

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