In this video I bring you along as I go through the process of swapping out an engine in a 2015 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.5L RWD. Everything is swapped over and now it is time to swap the transmission over to the "new" engine and add the final pieces before we slip it back in the caddy.
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You ever start to do something I think that's probably not the best idea, but it's an idea. I Went to the harbor freight picked this up one of these little thousand pound roll carts lifting table and I want to lift the engine up off the jack stands and stick the table underneath it so we can get up where we can work on it and then you know, do the swapparoo and I think the best way to do that is use what we have a couple ratchet straps and a hoist so well stand by we'll see. Whoa! Foreign. thank you thank you Foreign.

Like it worked and it didn't hit the floor so that's good. I Was afraid with the straps not being perfectly straight up that when we lifted up it would have a tendency to move forward and that's when I put the stand under it initially. So anyhow, I think this is going to help us so let's get after. if you do get one of these at the Harbor Freight They're kind of silly because the only way they handle tips is one way or another.

Here it tips forward when it's useless except for storage. If you want to tip back, you gotta take these pins out and while they're out in the hole so you can pick the handle up. they should make it like that from the beginning, but they probably don't think people are going to do stupid stuff with it. I Guess I was starting to keep on keeping on though.

I don't know if the table is going to help us or hinder us all. I know is I don't feel good progressively getting sicker. Is this car time goes on here? Maybe. I'm allergic to work so we're gonna take the starter out because we need to get to the torque brake bolts and we're also going to take this engine mount off right? this one we need.

Yeah, this one put the ground wire behind it. That's why I pulled it off the used one. Take this here, put this on the other engine, then I've got this strap of safety on there. Let's have a look-see in here.

that's the bar we can spin this thing over. I'll let you guys see in a minute. Okay I know those lights extra bright. but I guess we don't need the light now.

it's probably better for you guys. No light Light no light. You let me know. Uh, what is that 18 thing? Yes Ma'am 18 spoon of socket? that's the Astro that's the pinless swivels.

that is wild now. They're pretty dang good. I haven't broke one yet. Oh looks like we got lactate on them.

Yes sir, Yes you do. So there's that. We'll keep going around town here. Also, we don't want to tip the whole unit off.

there's that one. I Mean there's probably three on some compression. Now there's another one. Is that all of them? Yep, that's all.

I'm turkey beer is free now. Okay, where else we need to salvage off the engine we need? The caddy should be one in here somewhere. I guess I didn't even put I might do that. There's a bracket down here.

a couple brackets. 13s one there one down here. Yes sir. All right, All right.

I Think this heat shield off. So yes, that heat shield is probably missing off the old engine because I See, you got to take it off to get to the bell housing bolts. That's why it's going off the scrap yard one. Okie dokie.
we'll leave the oil filter. we'll get a new one. Okay I would never think about reusing it. So this is an oil pressure control solenoid.

Kind of a silly design GM came up with on the on the trucks they put it inside the Box You got to tear the whole engine apart Anyhow, Uh, probably should have been smart about this, but we're not in the right frame of mind today. It's a belt housing bolts underneath. It's going to be kind of a pissier to get to them, but let's see what we can do to get training off it without tipping the whole thing over here. just making sure the bolts are the same here before we get two carried away.

Foreign. So those are all the same. Bracket goes by the starter. That's the last of the bolts that are the same.

The only odd balls are across the top of the bell housing. And then this guy down here. I'm gonna make myself some notes. if I make notes I mean do this.

Take yourself some pictures. There's a boat there. Yeah, duck that lives there. I'll take a picture of this one before.

I Take it out. It's that little guy goes there. Everything else is the same. So then we put our camera down and keep ripping and tearing.

How many people are thinking right now? I'm going to take all the bolts out and it's going to hit the floor. That'd be fun to see, but I'm not gonna foreign. Oh I better record it in case it goes horribly wrong. What could possibly go wrong? A lot of things.

Engine hits the floor. not that big a deal. training. We need to save that and this is what we don't know.

We don't know what it's going to do I Know the engine has a tendency to want to sit forward. so what we'll do is we'll move. Safety strap. We'll leave that one.

We'll put a ratchet strap on the back to hold the back of the engine onto the cart. You know what? I mean We could put a block away on the front, but this way we don't need the exact size bottle wood. We'll just come around here. a little strap around it on the back half.

It's best if you get four or five twists in your ratchet strap here. Foreign tipping forward I Want to close that gap on the transmission a little bit. It's not really working for me is it feels a little better. Let's just take the bolts out now.

I Don't think she's going anywhere. Truth be told, we should be doing this closely to the ground so it has less distance to fall. Gotta take our chance here. Control like that.

but we should have done is Mark Two Harbor Freight tables Now we'll let this down to the ground. We'll swap our engine over, put it back on here about like it is. We gotta leave it offset so the Cadillac converter doesn't hit and then we put our train night meter up to that one and we'll be good to go. right? So this engine is missing a bell pin.
Uh, both dial pins stayed in the other in the old engine. so I knocked one of them out here. We'll just stick that in here. All right.

So there's that one and that one will clean up the bell housing here a little bit. Whoa. Okay, I did some hammer out of that thing. This is pretty clean up at the top.

I Guess that's good. Flywheel looks the same or the flex plate. I Guess all right now, it's time to reunite this transmission with its new mate. Foreign stuff that's going to be on the way.

I'll give her a little slip and slide. Let me go get missiles over to run the Jack there for us. We need you. You do.

I Do. What's this you got out here. That's our new table. You bought me.

Appreciate it. It makes things way sketchier. Thank you very much. That's all right.

Uh I need you to run the unit here now. Remember this thing goes down kind of quick. Please get here and I'm out here to help you. Yes ma'am So you just barely like kissing a baby.

Okay, just kiss that thing and then this, of course. remember that it's not sketchy Now it was a minute ago. I'm not even sure if we need you, but we might I just wanted the second person out there to die with you mostly moral support to cry with you. Yeah, okay.

Mr um I'll tell you what. I need to block this up a little bit here in the back. let me go get something. excuse me, then you roll up.

lock that up a little bit. This is real sketchy now now we're tipping. Let your deck down a little there for me with your little girl. It's not as fast as you think.

just be gentle. all right squeezing it I'm working on I don't wanna one I won't fall I got the safety straight line. Well how far it is I don't know. keep squeezing I'm going slow.

Oh there it goes. Okay, that's good. you're doing good. Oh yeah, I think this would be easy to do outside the car.

put them in easier inside the car. Well, let's see. so I think we're We're getting grocery trying to make a mate here. They don't even know each other that well.

yet. you know what I mean your life mating for life. Well this thing I thought he was mated for life, but then he's not. There's another mate just died.

Wow I didn't think of this. you Ding dong. It's a little bit crooked this way. How about this? We're gonna release the strap at safety over here.

Oh, it's not bad. trust me. Whoa. A little worse than I Thought though.

that gives us some wiggle mix of these blocks. I got safety blocks in there. What am I supposed to do if they move? If it moves, run okay. it's about all I can tell you just get out of the way so that's like we're good on.

yeah baby. yeah. I need to come tighten down the strap of safety over on this side. the blue one.

yep, ratchet straps right there. I There you go. That's good. That keeps us a little better.
Now we got to keep our clamp of hands on there. Well these were a lot more exposed before I Had all this wiring crap on. Beautiful done. Good job.

We almost took that one there. Get one of the nine Oddball ones that comes in from this side. Don't draw your transmission up with the bolts of course. I'm putting a bowl in it for safety right now.

It's a safety boat safety bolt. Yeah. and then we'll put it in all the way. We'll make sure you can see pop it off that dial there and everything.

It still smells like a cigar or something. like an old man he smoked cigar. that's Chinese anymore. This little was commenting about the stink coming off the Harbor Freight great there.

Okay, we're close I told you not to draw it up. so I can't do it in front of you. so I see what I'm saying? As long as it has the ability to go in and just don't want to force it right? No, it never want to forces wasted time half the pressure. That's why we sell some people.

Oh God why is the soil has to press I Told him you taught me that. Oh nice. They don't know what I'm talking about. They do now only because you're getting one I Need them swimmingly? yeah.

Swivel cycle. We're almost done. Okay, that was out of one other nugget all right now. What? Jack it up baby.

It should be safe until it's not all. This transmission is just barely on that sucker. We need to move the motor ahead. That's good old girl.

that's good. Well answer the phone I guess so we need to scooch it ahead a little I put some more bolts in it I didn't tighten them up yet, but we're gonna do this on the floor or closer to the floor in case it becomes on the floor. Stand back. Well, whoa.

she's a little jerky there. Okay, um. I don't know if we can wiggle this thing or not. the whole thing.

What? Because it's barely on the back there. a little bit more. Okay. what do you want me to do I don't even really know.

you gotta watch the dog walking the dog I wouldn't. Well, I am ending around here like that. All right. Sick.

What does that have to do? No, just take it back. You're confident. I'm sick. You're sick but not confident I guess I Kind of put the card ahead of the horse with this thing so we'll pop this back off for a couple reasons: I Gotta put the little vent tube by the back of the cylinder head and I can get to the upper bell housing bolts.

Okay, so this little guy goes way up under here. under the harness behind the hose and there's a hole in the cylinder block. There a threaded hole that clicks into yeah, we got some bell housing bolts here. one there one under this hose.

We'll get the let me go down here. You know why? It's setting number three for this one. So there's that guys. Of course you got your harness that runs down through here.

Can you guys see that. you can't Can you Not Trust me, There's a wire harness and there's that one and that one and that one. And then we've got this wiring harness right here. We gotta click that in there.
This is for our rear. O2 Sensor I Don't think there was much across the back of it. so let me finish bolts and then and here this guy is that one. I think that's all of them.

We already went around and did the other side this one here. Remember when we took this one apart, had to bend this little metal tab down to get the thing off. so bend that tab back up I Believe this one slipped on from Back to Front Let's see here. let's see.

so that clicks on. so that's good that Clips in that Clips in I Remember this little white lock here. that was kind of a weird looking deal so that went down like that and then that clicked on like that that locks the transmission connector in those are locked in I Think that was everything was good here. Starter intake converter.

put that black cover back on I Guess we could probably address this before it becomes an issue. I See, it's not down on that tube all the way. This isn't a clamp that we had previously released I Don't know. Let's we're gonna have to use a pick there.

probably been that way since day one. There we go. we'll realign their paint marks where it was in all the way at day one and then the first heat cycle I've ever had it pushed out or something. Oh, the hoses.

We'll get it down here. at least it's on all the way now. Well I had some company stop by so you didn't see some things. Uh, I tightened up the or installed the torque converter bolts and I put the starter in I put the converter on I think that was all I did.

Oh, and I put the rear transmission mount back on. but I was just visiting with some friends. Um, with that being said, I'm a little concerned. barring this engine over, it turns over really, really easy.

I don't know what that means, but the old engine turned over a heck of a lot harder. So we're going to reuse the gasket here on the front of this intake or this plenum. Rather, it still sticks out way past The Edge and typically these are quite reusable. I'm gonna go ahead and get some of this junk off here.

We're almost back to where we started folks. Put that up under that harness getting close. Anyways, foreign bolt? There is that one more in there? Foreign. foreign.

So I think that's everything folks. He's got the harness all just kind of re-zip tied out of our way. This must be for like the mass airflow humidity I left this one unhooked because we've got a put the heat shield on I Don't believe I've missed anything. of course that's for the brake booster.

enters reattached I don't believe I've missed anything I worry about changing the oil and filter once we get it up inside the car and it's kind of safe. Of course this is all the crap we got to hook back up in the car. The only thing I don't remember I'm kind of drawing a blank on here as I saw I don't remember where this clip goes. it must go on the body somewhere since we put the car in.
and then there's also this clip here which I thought was kind of odd. It's marked like that and this harness is exactly where it needs to be because we never I mean we never pulled that zip tie or that Christmas tree Fastener out and this is just how this heart is. Lace through here, right? That goes back to some footage. we'll make sure I didn't screw this up I Don't think so because this is how everything lays I Mean it can't really only go but where it was.

of course we left that one in that bracket so that we're gonna sleep just like that. Let me do some pondering here, but everything else went back on how it belongs I found it. there was a hole up in the motor mount there so there I Guess that's it just made this wire look like it was tight. but I guess it's not.

but I mean that's how that one ran anyways. So okay I guess that's it. This is the only one that's questionable where that would. That's my way.

Hot Duck I'm gonna assume because this is on the harness that runs along the frame. then it must go in there and that one went in there. Okay now we've got it. I just don't like I like to be able to put stuff back exactly how it was and it's for air suspension air for our our suspension for our motor mounts.

Okay, we're ready to put this thing back in it's late, it's going after six I Had to help myself take care of some stuff and frankly, I'm done I don't feel good I do feel good however that we've got it ready to go back in I Just got to take the core engine I'll drag that back over a desk aside and the box of junk there. We'll save that till we're done in case we need you know, connector or pin or something? You never know. Those harnesses are pretty handy to save if you got a place you can stash them without being too big a deal and then uh, of course we won't send the core back to a customer picks it up I Guess so I Hope you'll be alone. go home.

Lost track of time today. didn't really feel like working anyways. But anyhow, we'll uh, we'll see you guys on the next caddy video. Foreign in.

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