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Howdy folks, good day to you, welcome back, looks like we got a toyota highlander limited uh customer stage check engine lights on, it runs very rough installs and it does several other things and they think it's all related. Let's go ahead and power. This thing on and see what's going on with it starting engine now whoa yeah, this isn't cool. I'm just gon na go straight to the shop, we're not driving this car anywhere.

It sounds like it is running. On half of an engine very, very rough, okay power, brake assist is almost non-existent here. Maybe there's a huge vacuum leak. Oh, i forgot 230 01 miles on the odometer.

How about that shut you down now, there's some parts on the seat over here. I wonder what we have a couple things: import direct looks like some sensors and uh. What is this a solenoid all right? Okay, this looks like a variable valve timing. Solenoid, it's a used part.

This was in the box, so i'm assuming they changed this already. Next, i'm going to assume these are camshaft position. Sensors see what we have here sure are: okay. Is this a new one? Nope it's got oil on it all right! Well, we've already loaded the parts cannon and that didn't seem to fix the problem.

Let us pop an easy hood see: what's going on down there, okay, i see a new solenoid right there and i see a new sensor there. So something tells me this is our affected area, but what i'm wondering about is that uh lack of a brake assist - and i can see here that the vacuum line is not broken or detached. I wonder if it's got a cam, that's like locked in the full advanced position or something like that. Let's restart it and see what's going on and when i pulled this in, i thought i heard a vacuum leak from somewhere, so i'm gon na go and restart this.

Since we know it has oil in it and uh we're gon na see. If i can't hear it from over here, it may just be a huge vacuum leak. We'll see, i don't know man, i think they blew it up. Something is very unhappy over here yeah.

I definitely hear something odd going on here. This is not right. I can't tell if it's metallic or if it's some kind of exhaust leak. This is a very odd sound to me.

So what are we doing all right? Let us check the ecm for some trouble codes. That's at least maybe tell us what cylinder is affected here and it can help to start to narrow things down scan tool power. Oh that's, a problem right. There, whoa tracking device gravity yeah.

Maybe it's a one of those bluetooth things that sends your codes to your car or to your phone. Oh it's hot! In here, winter's down. You know i feel like. I know this toyota for some reason like i have been here before toyota highlander id.

Thank you. It's attempting to identify the ecu 2005 highlander 3.3 liter identification, successful engine, it's going on 400 different codes watch. This come on. Maybe i don't know this highlander.

I tend to remember things like that. Talking to myself multiple misfires cam sensor, a circuit ignition, coil d, primary circuit: this doesn't help it doesn't help at all, okay, okay, so we had that cam sensor, a circuit code or sensor 2 circuit code stored in the ecm, had something to do with bank 2.. So i'm going to just pop these plugs out and i think i'll just toss a compression gauge on this. I'm a little curious to see if it's lost compression on this one bank, because it feels and sounds like it's half of an engine.
Oh, you know what actually i can. I can prove that some watch, this okay engine running we're all good right. My disconnect coils, you see it does not care come here. I don't hear that one firing either, and i think i can also demonstrate that these coils will fire and probably hear the spark listen here.

These are trying to fire shutting down. Let's pull these spark plugs out whoa. Those are super fuel soaked. You see the gloss on them.

That's not good! That's covered in fuel. It tells me the injectors are firing another one, there's actually liquid fuel here hot yeah same on this one, there's fuel not as much, but there is fuel on it regardless alrighty. It is compression. Checking time, let's see what we got so we're gon na need one adapter and a gauge we're looking for a minimum of 90 psi needed for combustion.

Let's see so we're just going to thread this into the spark plug holes, go inside and crank the engine for three seconds and then we'll come back out and check the gauge. But not you guys here. You guys are gon na stay here and uh watch. This gauge, like i said, we're looking for a minimum of 90 psi just for combustion to even be able to occur, but ideally we want to see like 150 to 180.

Now i need to disable the fuel injectors and the remaining ignition coils out back, because i don't want this thing to start, while i'm trying to check it so we're going to pull the ecm fuses out or the fuel injector relay. What do we got here? Efi number one and ecub: we can pull those out 20 amp and 7.5 amp. I think we're looking for here's our 20 and seven and a half that should keep the engine from starting. Okay.

You guys hang out right here. Watch that gauge. For me, oh, not good! Where are we at 60 pounds? Okay, try! The next one! I wonder what happened here. You got all right.

10 pounds is that the cylinder that was most fired, all three of the whole banks, the whole bank is shot. The whole bank is out yep, it's got a code in there for cam position b bank two or something like that. It it lost the belt. Oh, i could have lost a belt.

I bet it lost the belt or did one of these? I know i don't know a couple days ago: um either lost the belt, or i mean i don't know yeah i don't know well. The timing went off yep a little better. 25 yeah. Well, i had 60 on this one, so i guess 60, 10 and 20..

Something like that junk, i think it died yeah. I usually just pull the relay, which i think was uh this one okay, backing up um, i think next, and mostly just because it's very easy to get to. I think i want to pop this cover off and just just take a look at the valve train under here and make sure we didn't lose like a cam phaser or something like that. We're going to get through this rather quickly, because there's not much that's uh.
Gon na happen under here other than an inspection, oh, my pin, flew out of my wobbly, got ta go fix that yeah. I know i know if you didn't use your wobble extensions on an impact. They wouldn't do that. Well, ten years later, it's still good, but thanks for the advice, man, you know guys, i'm sorry, i'm a little.

I was a little defensive and kind of salty. With that comment see over the weekend and over the videos that i posted this weekend, i caught a like truckload of angered rage and hate from uh who i would assume to be a new audience because most of you guys don't talk like that, but man, people Uh people are cruel, like i lost some faith in humanity over this weekend and not that i had much to begin with, but you know you so many people really showed me just just how ugly an individual can be. I mean you guys, think it's okay to come on the internet and say things personal things to people, knowing that you would never have the stones to say stuff like that to someone to their face and you parade around on on the internet like this is acceptable. Behavior, it was it's just disgusting and bottom line is shame on you, you're one of those people that didn't work now, don't get me wrong, i'm all for like criticism and especially constructive criticism.

That's how we grow, but some of you folks are just nasty in like the worst ways like this bolt right here. I think that's all! No, no! No! No! I'm way off. Okay! Last one hey! What do we got here? You know uh this operation right here is gon na, be a perfect example of that yeah. I can probably figure out what to do without taking this part and there's gon na be some jack wagon that shows up, and it rips me a new one, because i took it apart when i should have pulled the uh timing cover off first and looked at The chain i should have done that first, but instead i pulled the valve cover off and that's not the procedure and blah blah blah, and you really have no idea what you're talking about because you're, not in the situation you're watching on tv and on your phone.

This is a highly edited production made out of real-life footage and commentary, and most of you, you just y'all, can't understand that and it's it's ugly, like i said kind of like what i just found right here. This is everything you know normally. I would edit out stuff like this, my unrelated commentary or uh, something that might be considered uh slightly controversial, tad divisive normally. I would just take that away, but i think i'm gon na leave that in this time you guys earned it.
I guess what i'm saying is: bottom line: it's a free country and if you don't like what happens around here, you know go watch, scotty, kilmore or something i mean. I don't care what you do just don't come around here. Acting like that. You know we're.

Not here for that we're here for this broken camshaft, you guys see it yet look at that. It broke a cam. I knew it. It was running on half of an engine.

So what was going on here is the injectors were still injecting fuel. That's why these spark plug holes here and pistons are loaded up with gasoline. That's why they're soaked? It was still spraying fuel, but it couldn't ignite the fuel because there was no compression and there was no compression because the valves were not running. So i don't.

I have no idea how this camshaft broke like this is new to me, but um. This is not good. This is not good at all. I see a lot of a lot of torn up metal right here under this cap.

I'm going to pull this off next again, i'm going farther than i probably have to, but that's what i do and you know don't get me wrong about my little monologue. Don't i understand you know haters gon na hate, if you're doing something good, there's always gon na be somebody that wants to come along and crap on it and that's fine. You know, that's that's just the way of things and that doesn't bother me at all. But what does bother me is just how brutal some people can be with their words, take a look at that see all the metal on this face right here.

That is all camshaft material. This thing tried to weld itself together. What gets me, though, is what broke the cam. You know, i'm wondering see, there's a valve right come here, there's a valve right underneath of this lobe here, and it is pushing that cam lobe upwards.

I'm wondering if this thing jumped time and piston came up and smacked that valve sent it up into the camshaft and snap the camshaft off. Let's pull off one more cap, that's kind of tight! No here we'll just do a non-wobbly socket, oh yeah, even that one's a little torn up well gone. This far might as well keep going that one's looking good. Okay, i think that's all the carnage we're gon na find inside of here has anyone ever seen.

This happen before i've. Never i've never seen one of these engines break a can. I'm gon na recommend we at least hold a cylinder head, replace the head. We need cam shafts.

We need a new timing set. I know i'm going to find something else. That's destroyed on this somewhere somehow some way. That being said, i do believe my recommendation is going to exceed the value of the vehicle, so i i speculate, we're not going to be fixing this thing we might be i'd, be surprised to learn.

Sometimes that happens, but this thing's pretty far gone at this point, i think other option is going to be to just replace the engine with a salvage unit also doable. We don't need this off anymore pick. Okay, things have taken a turn, so to speak in a direction. I did not foresee the uh the owner of this truck again phone.
The owner of this truck would like to know why this happened. What we're gon na do is pull these covers off and inspect the uh. The timing belt, which are my fellow says, was replaced not long ago, but if that sticker is accurate, that's uh nine years ago anyway, we want to see the condition of the belt. So i'm gon na go ahead and keep pulling this thing down until we find uh what actually caused this camshaft to break off.

It could be something it could just be that the camshaft broke, and that's that's just is what it is odd noises all right. That's what i'm gon na find out. Okay, the motor mount has to go. I'm gon na go ahead and pull this power steering bracket off power, steering fluid reservoir bracket off then we'll pull the mount out, and that should give me enough access to pull the covers off the cams that didn't help.

Much did it. Oh, maybe enough to get this bolt out, yeah, that's what i really needed there. I can go right there for now. This mount system is a little goofy.

It's a series of little brackets brackets on top of brackets, held together with brackets and bolts. That's a big one there that was down in those hard to reach places okay bracket under the brackets come out come on, got it that little pin is what was hanging this up. You know i recognize this engine now i mentioned it before, but i recall, having put valve, covers and spark plugs in this for valve cover gaskets and spark plugs. This is very familiar to me.

Okay, there's. I know there's more bolt than that. Where's, the other ones and there's not one yeah, there's one all right, there's one more nasty bolt like way down under. I think i got it there.

We go. That's the last one. Now our cover should come out of there. Let's see, oh something happened in here.

Okay, well, the belt's in really poor shape it's running off of the pulley, because this pulley is actually running at an angle. It's pointed uh kind of downward, and so the tension on the belt is trying to make it walk off and come off of the uh of that actual pulley there. Oh there it goes yeah it fell out. I ruined it.

Okay, i kind of didn't want to do that, but this is what it is question is. Can i put it back nope yeah, maybe with two hands? Oh hey, look. I found something. There's a bolt sticking out down there see that right there.

That looks to just be for like a power steering pump or something, but still the bolt sticking out nonetheless, so uh cosmetically. This belt looks like it's in really good shape. I can get behind these uh components only being six months old. That either looks good.

So i'd like to get way down, so you guys can see where the tensioner is. It's super far i'm gon na try to do this. It might work it might not. Can you see it that metal stuff right there to the right of my finger? That's a mounted tensioner and i did feel tension on it just before that pulley popped out of there.
So i i have to conclude that there's nothing under the timing cover that uh. They caused this failure again, i'm not really sure what caused it to happen, but something did, but i don't believe it was the belt or or a belt failure. Now it could have been something that happened during the installation. It's really tough to say.

Maybe it developed a crack right here, while that was uh being torqued at some point, but i don't even know why this would have been removed come here. You come out uh, it's a negative. It's not gon na come out now this uh this pulley was removed. I see witness marks on the bolt yeah.

It looks like perhaps somebody put a fresh seal in it or something like that yeah. It could have been over torqued. Very, very tough to say you know what, since uh, since the cylinder head is camshaft as junk as it is, let's try to pull it out, and maybe i can gain some visual access to the top of the valve over there. We can at least check to see if the valve fell out of it or if the retainer broke couldn't hurt.

It's already jumped come out. Please, okay, it's pretty clean break all right. What we're interested in is the top of the valve here. There's the cup and it looks like the valve - is still there, so it didn't fall out it.

It may have had an impact with the piston. It's super hard to tell all right that's about. As far as we can go, we determined that it was not the fault of the installer who put this belt in so um. I've really got no conclusive evidence on what actually caused it, but either way there's none of this is going to happen today.

So i'm going to go ahead and close this video out right about now, as always like. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video, please let me know about that by tapping that, like button down below and drop me a comment or two while you're down there, if you didn't like this video or if you just don't like me, I don't care, i don't like you either so again, as always. Thank you guys for watching and most importantly, have yourself a great day see you guys later.

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