In this video I bring you along as I have a look at a customers Chevy equinox with the classic P0010 Intake cam position solenoid control circuit. It is a very common issue on the GM 2.4's
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Thank you! Oh, we got here Chevrolet Equinox It's CLT Let's see all-wheel drive. Apparently the money light is out. It's got the leather so we'll see if that's true. Yes sir.

lights on manual seat so we get to move this one back. Oh, it's a fake leather. It's a cover all right. Let's get this baby hooked up 63 000.

916 miles. Let's see what the code we have in it here. Get my fingers working, Remove you folks a couple codes in this little guy: your classic P0010 intake cam position actuator, solenoid control circuit This ignition failed, it's failed and then we got another one that's two Alpha Double O double O um Mill not requested So this is a history code. uh, heater auction sensor circuit closed loop performance sensor one so that's interesting.

Like I said, it's not a a current code so even though it says not history, it's not the one that's turning the mill on. We're going to focus on this double o' one just for poop and laughter. We're gonna poke back into some generic OBD2 baby. That's where my fingers don't like these screens or these screens don't like my fingers one or the other.

Usually if I have a stylus, it works a little better. What we want to check here is to see if the drive cycle is done. Make sure we're not going to get burned when we call the customer and it is. so monitors are complete.

We have just the one code so I can back out of here and that's going to be our Po10. generic data is always the way to go. particularly if you're gonna, you know, call the customer and let them know what's up. So current pending and permanent p0010.

That's an easy fix on these folks. We've probably done other videos on it, but I'll take it through you or take it through it anyways. um yeah I Guess we don't need to exit so hey, let's go inside. We'll get her in here and we'll uh I'll call NAPA and order the part.

Then we'll uh, do some checking on it because you're right, we're right and we'll keep some parts at it. Please have a couple cam actuators and intake and an exhaust. I Think we've probably done a video or two on these. Uh, they go open circuited and then set this code.

It's a super common issue with these big two fours. We're not quitting now because we started a video I Want some extra taking the clamp up here. they're gonna be taking this bottom clamp up I think uh, our friend Mike over there at go Tech garage I think he just did a video on these and this was kind of interesting. Um if I remember correctly, it had a loose pin in it but sometimes you would check it with the meter.

you know it actually test good. Here's your other typical GM you gotta drain all the water out of the PCB system. So these two floors are pretty crappy engines and these, uh, the PCB system out here fill small water like you see right here. all the water coming out and then they freeze solid and then it blows the rear seal out, dumps all your oil on the ground, then your motor blows up.
It's a pretty. that's a really common issue. Uh, here in the Prny? Uh, because it gets cold so oftentimes you'll get these cars. come in, they're just knocking, you know.

Motor shot of course. PCB Systems Pro Solid oils all over the ground. Oh, the rest is history. From what, they don't burn in oil, they leak.

So there's our solenoids. We have our intake and our exhaust. They look like the OG so it's probably we're probably going to replace both of them. You can shotgun a part of this and get pretty lucky most of the time.

I Don't think I've ever seen anything other than just a bad solenoid, so we're going to test them both. Let me get a little screwdriver here. get our meter. I think it was the intake that was having the issue on on here.

As far as setting the engine light and I think they're usually around. you know, 15 to maybe 30 ohms somewheres in there. Usually when they're open circuited or they're showing a circuit code, they're either open or they're really high resistance, you know? And the thousands of homes we'll see so we'll see where this one's at. Like I said I Expect it to be low is what we would hope to see.

and I think this one is right on those two pins. Yeah, so this one is almost open circuited so it's 26 Mega Ohms or something. there was coming across. It's like tweak on the pins here, tweaking on the pins.

We're at 541 Mega Ohms or 0.541 Mega Ohms. So 54 000 Ohms. But you really got to kind of push over on these pins. so essentially open circuited.

we'll check the exhaust one. Get it to come up here. disconnect it this one. What's not setting a code against foreign four? Ohms 12.3 so that would be that would be pretty normal.

All right. So that's that. I mean that's a pretty pretty simple, pretty common problem. p010 and I think I don't remember this.

That's a P, Double 11 or Pw14 Whatever it sets for the open circuit on the exhaust. They set different codes for performance. So these are circuit codes which are the most common if you own one of these cars. I'm sure you've had these issues now.

the Dorman ones. They don't work or they don't work for long. I Get the nap Eckland ones or you get the OEM ones and they seem to work pretty good. So I'm going to get approval from the customer.

Nap is already on their way up with both of them, so hopefully they want them and then we'll uh, put the babies in thank you, uh In the meantime, I'm gonna finish looking car over for inspection. Good news. Customer said, get her done just like that and we're gonna do just both. the solenoids right now.

Yeah, you know, pay me now or pay me later they say. And they're They're quite inexpensive really for what they are, so we're just going to do both of them and then wait for a couple tires and show up for it for the inspection. and that's it. This is an easy one see if we can't just wiggle this sucker.
Actually, let's grab that, uh, get the bolt out of there if we can. There's one bolt that really the right players for this job. It's at least they're grabbing the bolts anyways. now.

just keep us from dropping the bolt down the hole once we uh, slide them up out of there a lot of times. I use these pliers because I can wiggle them and kind of pull them up like that. keep track of who goes where they are. Different connectors so the gray one here goes towards the intake manifold.

Foreign. like I said. they do set a different code or performance Reasons: these codes were circuit codes GM full metal slits but two, we've got the wire from Napper It's your classic Vvs-1755 or wipe a little Lube by the L-ring I Probably should have mentioned prior to pulling these out. You know, clean off, You know, blow out this area which I already did off camera.

Get the trucks near that one folks there it goes. That one popped right in and the other one is your classic BBS One, seven, five, four. You gotta watch it with the Napa stuff. Just because you're getting a nap, it does not mean it's not a dormant.

So Napa sells the what they call the Napa Solutions which are Dorman Products So be warned. when you're there getting it, make sure it's either a nap, a timing pipe or or an Eckland there's that one that one popped on it I did come with a couple new bolts so we'll stick these babies down here or just drop them. Get that one to stand up and this one will go down in with the magnet, line up back there, pop off the magnet and then we'll torque them down here to factory specs. There's that one.

Click and click now I suppose I think we haven't made our meter slot here? It sure is. I Can give you some specs on a couple brand new ones if you're interested in that, you probably can't see it. but I'll give you a holler it out to you. Intake is known good where I should say new 10.1 ohms in the exhaust 10.3 ohms.

So that's what the two Napper ones are there too. 64 degrees ambient temp appointment there and there you go. That's it. Move on with your life.

Clear the code. We may even be able to do a couple key cycles and get the light to reset itself. I Don't know I'd have to look at the code Set Current here. we can give that the old College Try though.

foreign, thank you. Foreign. And of course, like every 2.4 it's not even on a stick. Go figure.

We'll dump one quart of the five dub 30. full synthetic Dexos approved engine oil in here and then we'll check it again. Always start out with a quart. Usually these things are three or four quarts low.

At that point, you just put a filter on it. Call it a day. See where we're at now? Hey, I think we're touching the bottom. She was only half empty.

Give it a minute to get down there. all the way. Foreign. There we go.

We got some. We got some dirt right on the bottom now, so she's right there at the bottom. So we're gonna put about another three quarters of one US court in there. We're just shy of a leader for our metric viewers.
I Guess it would be 750 milliliters, right? It would be about three quarters of a liter I Missed. So absolutely whatever you say, we were talking the metric system, 750 milliliters would be three quarters of a liter, right? Here's a big school teacher. and then School season for a few days and after a week, my brains and limbo not really doing anything. Yeah, welcome to my world.

What? let's see. All right there we go. We're still letting her drain down, but it's coming up on the stick now so at least we won't blow it up. I Think they're gonna hold about four and a half quarts.

We put it's about two in it, so that's good. Oh yeah, it's a 2.4 baby we expect. so let it do well. This is going to be my third start here.

I'm letting it sit. Uh so uh. free tip Friday For you: if you don't want to clear the codes, you know because you got to get it through inspection. A circuit code like this that's monitored all the time.

instantaneously. turn the key on, start it. it automatically runs that test. just do three startups with the car, but let it sit about two minutes in between each one.

Or if you want to know if the module is timed out, you know, just try to read the codes with the key off and GM for a certain period of time will be able to and if it comes up and says you know no communication like right now. So this is going to be my third attempt to start it after letting it sit. I'm assuming our check engine light will go out and now the customer doesn't have to worry about driving it all right? So like I said, that took three drive cycles or three, you know, three consecutive tests of that component and now let's shut it off. Don't go key on engine off.

We'll turn the headlights off and then if we come out here and check our code should now be gone. We're gonna go back into generic OBD2 because that's the easiest way to do it. and then because that way there we should be able to see because I didn't clear the codes. our drive cycle should be complete, but we should have no codes or just a permanent coat.

I Guess it would be because this is newer than a 2010. but definitely shouldn't be any pending codes or anything like that. So okay, so one code found. Uh, let's see.

go back into vehicle stats here. You can see all the monitors are complete okay and back out. and our code should? it should be just maybe a permanent code. I Don't know if the Autel stores them in there or not.

Like that, we will see. Okay, so it still shows the P0010. Oddly enough, it shows it as current, but we can see that there are no, you know, no current codes in it because we have no check engine light so our engine light goes out so the car is happy. It's interesting that it still shows that as current it should show up as per minute.
It'll be just a glitch in The Matrix here, but at this point I'm certainly not going to clear it because it will pass state inspection. So let's see how that shows up in the OEM side. Here we're in the OEM side. the mill request should be.

you know, say no. Anyways, yeah okay so Mill requested, not requested, not requested past pass. So uh, we're good there. Uh, we fixed it.

Uh, they can now get it inspected. Of course they got to put their tires on it to get it to pass, but this prevents the customer from having to drive it. Now if you want to erase all the codes out of the history, uh, you know, after you inspect it, then you can go ahead and clear it. But now that the drive cycle is done, the light turned itself off gives us confirmation that you know, hey, we fixed it and you know I Guess the other good side is and get it inspected just fine.

So that's that easy peasy. Pretty easy one here folks. Uh I Can't make them any more difficult than they are. So I just bring it along on on what we're doing.

It's just kind of. Some of the routine stuff comes in day in day out. Some cars are are pretty easy I think we just had another one that was, you know, simply just a battery. You know it seems kind of silly, but it is what it is and this is what we do.

We fix cars and can't make stuff up. So I'm going to take apart this outside till our tires show up and we'll have Josh show the tires on it and throw a sticker on it and she'll be good to go. And hopefully that gives you a little insight to those Vbt systems. if I remember uh when I do this video Reddit I'll put the link to the one that uh Mike did over there at the old wealth site the Go Tech garage I guess it is MGK now So he showed one that was a little bit of an anomaly where it tested good but when you back probed it and wiggled the connector around I believe it went kind of haywire and then he put, um, awesome geez can't think use your words dude.

uh, some jumper leads there out of the AES wave test kit and was moving just the individual pins so he showed you that it wasn't a connection problem, but it was actually you know, internal fitment inside those solenoids. Moving the pins made it go kind of. Haywire So that was kind of neat. That's kind of a, you know, an oddball failure, but something you have to be aware of.

particularly if you're checking them and you're like, well gosh, they test good but light comes on in a week later. Most people are just going to shotgun a 40 solenoid that and it's going to fix it, but he shows you that proper method testing it. So if I forget that link, yell at me in the comment section And when you're down there yelling at me for that, leave a comment question Concern: Hit that subscribe button folks into the Facebook You guys know where to find us. Just remember viewers, If I can do it, you can do it.
Thanks for watching foreign.

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