In this video I finish up a transmission swap out on a customers 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic 4x4. It's test drive time. I am installing a @Jasper Engines & Transmissions reman unit. So come along for the end of this multi part series.
Part I:
Part II:
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Time to keep on keeping on. So we're gonna have to pull this little guy out. Oh, we're in the right direction so take that out. And they sent the other training pin Bolt with it. So remove this. It's a do not remove bracket until transmission. Bolt The engine or pump damage will occur under the penalty of law. Well, it looks like that sticker's gonna stand for a moment. We'll put this back in. we'll give that a snug a Duggar Make sure our torque converter still turns here. it's and it does. So that's good. And then what I'm going to do because it's difficult to show is we're going to line this up with one of the holes and then I'm going to tighten up the torque converter now. They gave us new bolts. where are you guys? Somewhere's over here So we have our new bolts uh with the Loctite on them. So I'm going to take and just put those in back through the starter hole. Then we're going to put our plastic Shields back on either side of the transmission. but that plastic? Shield Then of course torque converter is tight. Now for this plastic. Shield Back in and then set the starter back in there I Think we're in the home stretch. We'll put this little fella back on. Hopefully that's the right way. I Believe it is. Stick this on and then we have to do our transfer case. I Guess we can stick that back in I Have to do a little bit more manual scraping it is. Aluminum So you have to be careful with the cookie wheels and such. I'm going to go along here and make sure everything's clean. We don't want to leak, that's for sure. I'll slide our new gasket up on here. only goes one way so you can't screw that up. These are not evenly spaced. Okay, no great way to put a transfer case in there. Kind of awkward to put on a training deck so we just pick them up and in. but these ones you can set back on the torsion bar bracket. kind of take a break and then you know, pick it up. Usually you can get it started on the output shaft here and then rotate it where you need it and then slide it on the studs typically, but they are pretty stylish. It's gonna be a little suckers. Just don't forget the gasket, stick it up and over and then got me. Come on baby! Okay I just gotta move this shift cable and then we can rotate it around. Should be able to foreign, make sure we didn't damage the gasket. Whoops. I Think it's okay. What's good for my house? So once you get all the nut signs, there's three I think six or seven of those that goes all the way around. You've got to run the harness back around. There's a few speed sensors. There's one back there. There's one up here on the output. There's another one about right up here on the tail shaft. So there's three of those. and you've got the connector for the transfer case, shift motor, and then put the Christmas tree Fasteners back in. You know, in the connector there and then this harness here, as well as the vent tube that runs right here in that little Notch to the transfer case. The shift control cable runs up and over there and there is a vent. so the rubber vet up there at the top and set the Slate down. I Guess this one here, you know, goes into that Fastener up there and that's pretty well it this bracket we had unbolted off the transportation you remember. so I bolted that back down. Uh, but that's a transfer case. goes in pretty quick. Now we can install the lower Mount that goes back on here. make sure it's facing the right direction we can put our exhaust in, throw the drive shafts in, and boom we're done. Somebody was nice enough to draw an arrow on this one for us, so that works out pretty well. Sometimes it doesn't matter if there's a front or rear, but sometimes it does and it's just as easy to mark them when you take them off instead of getting it all together to find out like it's just a whisker off that didn't work. Did it? Try this again. Here we go: lactate on them so they go in a little bit hard there. Oh, foreign. don't fall foreign. I'm sure you guys remember, on the passenger side, you have to remove the oxygen sensor here I Think I can reach up through the underliner I Put a tiny bit of never season on those threads. and don't forget your donut on this side either. You have a big old exhaust leak if you do. I've got these all tightened up. Just got to tighten up this O2 sensor. Get that threaded in and then before we go any further, we'll go ahead and put the Uh cross member in it. We've got to hook up the O2 sensors and we'll put the cross number in it. Let me get this thing snugged up that's all threaded in my hand. We need to put the front drive shaft back in and in order to do that, we need to reuse our clamp that we took off. Now you can elect to buy these new or some people put zip ties in them. I Just reopen them. It's not imperative that they hold back like a fluid or anything like that. so we just kind of open these back up and then we can reuse it. There's that. Let me get the yolk in the front here. Let's reach up, click it back in the notch. Okay, now line it up with this one in case he takes it to a car show. you know where they stick the mirror under the truck and stuff. and then we have a special pair of pliers. It's these little guys here. if you guys can see them, let me just give that a squeeze. Boom. Got the clamp going that way instead of this way and it's on the same side so it's all going to be out of balance. Well, that's okay. it'll be all right. That's gonna drive somebody nuts right there. I Put the bolts in different than they were from the factory. Looks like we have a skid plate that goes on there. There's a little guard that goes under the transfer case left the rear drive shaft. We need to take the front drive shaft still, obviously. but that's about it. Then we're almost done. For real this time. Foreign. Now we have to install the Z71 package. So this is the off-road package for your Chevy Right here this is. boys. I Can go off-roading while you got this one and then you got the plastic one in the front there. We'll snug our drain back up here. very gingerly. Foreign. What about uh, the other? and after you might be screwed folks I swear I had a couple quarts of auto track two upstairs if I can't find it for the life of me. I Don't know if any of the parts stores around here carry that, so I'm gonna have to do some looking. uh I think in the meantime we can, you know, obviously fill up the transmission. but let's get that plug in there lightly see what we can do here. Uh, let's take and button this exhaust together here on the flange and then we'll uh Panic a little bit. now. this just had regular nuts and bolts in it when we took it apart originally. So I just put new 3 8 bolts in there from the factory that would have studs in it. The good news is called down an Amber and they had some GM Auto Track 2 fluid in stock. 15 quarts of it. We only need two so I ordered three. We're Gonna Fill This fell up with some Mobile One Synthetic LV ATF HP high performance formula for automatic transmissions I Worked this right from General Motors from a Chevy garage and this is what they sent. Mmm, smells yummy. Dump that in. I'm going to start with six. We'll put in six quarts. We'll fire it up and it's not a big deal with the transfer case being empty is we're not going to take it for a Shakedown but we can run it through its gears on the lift here. no load on it, it'll be okay. You have to trust me on that. Got the auto track too. Professional Napper Thankfully they had it because it's like a bonehead man I swear I have this upstairs as soon as I get done with this I'm gonna find it. You don't use it that often because we don't see too many of these older trucks in anymore. Most of these things have long since been in. The crusher fluid's kind of neat I Don't know if you guys can see it, but it's blue, so kind of a unique stuff. I Don't know if there's any aftermarket compatibility with it with any aftermarket transfer case fluids or anything. Oftentimes we'll see these transfer cases come in with, you know, the regular ATF in them and usually we notice it when the transfer case is smoked. you know we drain it, we see it doesn't have any auto track two in it. Can't get this in here so we're going to take and push a couple quarts in here. Get it running, take it for a Shakedown Foreign foreign 's not running right out of it so that's good. Everything looks pretty dry. left it running for a while here so it's pretty warmed up and you can kind of put back in its place. I Don't think we missed the single clip. Bolt The only thing we did different was we ran the bolts and opposite from what they were from the factory, but it doesn't really matter because it's not a flex fuel vehicle so there's no sensor hanging off that so it doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, drive shafts are in and tight. Okay, let's take her for two, all right. So we're just adjusted the bottom of the hot Mark here right? that bottom dot which is good. Now the train is certainly not hot guys. The engine temperature is about halfway up so we're gonna have to go dry that I Don't see if there's any adaptations we need to do first. we're just going to go in and reset the adaptations. I Think that's all we have to do on this little fella? Boom, there we go the Victory Drive Hopefully as long as it doesn't spread a bunch of parts in the bottom of the pan, babies do for some exhaust manifolds. Thank you! Make sure our transfer case can shift or high too high must be the auto button doesn't work. Client never gets used before. High definitely does. Too high does. Let's make sure we have four low. Yep. I Just heard the shift complete. Let's make sure it works. Oh yeah, neutral or I too high. Now it seems to work and drive and shift nicely. Of course it'll clean up a little bit as it makes its adaptations, but so far so good. there you have folks. made it back to the shop. Everything seems good. Transmission seems Seems to shift nicely so we can't complain about that. I'm gonna just double check the fluid, take a spin underneath it, make sure everything's high and dry if it's not. well. I'll bring you back along. but I think we're going to be okay I've had pretty good success with the old Jasper products and uh, can't really complain about them so we're going to leave it at that. And I don't want you complaining about anything either in that comment section. but if you got something to say, put it down there. The questions, the comments, the concerns, the insty the Facebook just my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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