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Road Trip we're leaving the shop I'm with Cody say hi Cody Cody's got Cp's garage he hangs out on Power Stroke Tech Talks live stream on Wednesday and uh. speaking of Power Stroke Tech Talk we are on our way to Sarasota Airport because we're gonna go pick up A-Rod and uh, we're gonna come back and shoot some videos on my truck. gotcha. Let me see your shirt.

Is that a red shirt? That is a red shirt? All right. let's get out of here. We're going to the airport. It's not terribly far away.

We're closed, shops closed. We're not going in there right now. We're doing fun stuff. Almost at the airport and I found some police see what they're doing.

you got pulled over. uh oh. you guys ruined the day. It's like five cars in the median as I ran through a yellow light in front of State Patrol yeah Aaron just texted me he's on the airplane violating federal law by using cell phones but uh, he said there about 5 000 feet up in the air still landing gear down.

That's not him, it could be. but yeah, he's about to land pretty soon. So I hope we get to the airport before. Uh before he does.

should we just go? What if we should just go into parking? What do you think? Sell a lot? Yes. Oh yeah I forgot they do have those I Never thought until Aaron says hey, we're here. Well he's it's only going to take him like nine minutes to de-plane and then walk out to the gate. Uh, sell a lot.

Why do they? hey? So why do they call it a cell phone? lot like I don't is that where you go to use your cell phone or like I don't I just don't get why they call it a sell lot handle. They make you pay for it. Really? Yeah, it's like way over here. You have to pay to park at the airport to pick people up to pay to fly into the airport.

That's like double taxation I don't like paying for things twice? You've got a long airports I don't I mean yeah. I liked them before 2001. All right, so we're kind of we're dying in the car here because uh Aaron just got off the plane, he's over there waiting and he calls me he's like how do you guys breathe down here It's so hot I'm like dude, it's 80. maybe he's like I know it's just so hot I can't even can't even breathe I'm like yeah, welcome to Florida buddy, it's not even hot today.

That's the best part, right? Yeah, it's it's a normal air conditioning. I like the AC on and the windows down. that way you get a cold breeze and you get airflow that drives people absolutely insane. but that's what I like to do because I'm weird that way.

How about you guys you guys weird? Do you prefer AC on windows down? or if the AC is on, do the windows have to be up? I'm curious. What do you think? Uh AC on Windows Up man. yeah, is that you? Yeah? All right I'm windows down kind of guy. Sometimes it depends climate control I don't see Aaron I think this is a Rivals no no, this is departure.

He is excellent. Excellent. Yeah well. we're not departing.

we're arriving. How'd they know where we were going to be there? he is I think he's in front of us I See you I think that's how yeah, that's him good I Need a haircut? Give me a haircut too. What's up buddy? I Am no you can't give us the finger homie like you're on the internet. You can't do that I Gotta blur that out.
You can't do that I gotta I got it? I Don't know how you guys deal with this. It's life. This is life. Oh it's not even hot right now.

Dude. Oh my goodness. I've got to put so many beliefs in this video. Beliefs are funny to me.

I'm gonna go over here now. Yeah yeah, did you get any sleep? Let's just promote that Racer Kids Instagram thing or whatever. I'm trying to record A-Rod on the phone back there and not paying attention. Dumb dude comes to Florida with like jeans on.

That was an error. That was an error in judgment, you know I keep joking with the idea of buying that billboard I'm just putting like my Channel logo on it I Think that'd be it would be ridiculous. It'd be kind of funny. but I don't know.

Yeah, we're here. We're here. Yeah, where do you think we were going I don't know we're there. Oh, you're gonna get the gate.

now. you're quite a gentleman and a scholar sir. You get the gate. I Can't wait to release my back Teeth release the Kraken go back.

Teeth is floating all right I'm not gonna pick him up. he's gonna walk. Ah, there's a Jody's Volkswagen right there. It's parked in front of my trailer here.

Hold this park right here. Parking caring down. he's gonna kill people I didn't tell anybody. but I put in this other bigger light right here and it's on a power strip.

Yeah, 40 amps on a power strip. Oh yeah. all right, enough screwing around. I need to get to.

uh, what we were getting to. There's the there's the goods. Come here. uh another cool.

come here. I Can't carry it. It's all slimy from the detail gloss. All right.

No unboxing. really? because we already kind of unboxed all this stuff. I'm just gonna reopen the boxes. That's the pedal monster.

What's this one? That's the oh, and I opened it inverted. Hang on. Hang on. failure.

That's the eye. Dash Yeah and this one. haha that's the air mouse, not a circuit board. It's just a very cool background.

This is a outside probe that feeds the eye Dash auxiliary data. so it can make more accurate calculations. Banks Calls this a mobile or portable weather station. That's pretty cool.

This is the stuff we're going to get installed. That is why Aaron is here A-Rod He is aware of the pedal monster. He has one side of his chord and uh, we're gonna put one in my Duramax today. Okay, so I really have to close the door this time.

It's my ventilation fin. but I have to close it because dirty Max is coming in here because we're putting the eye Dash and the pedal monster in the truck restarting the engine. All right. let's sneak this bad boy around this corner without running into it.
and uh, we're gonna pop the doors open here and get to work on that eye. Dash Install This is going to be good. I'm excited he's gonna do it right. Ah, Five right here.

All right. Here is what we're gonna do: I Finally found these I Was looking for metal ones and I kept going through all the bags and boxes and couldn't find the metal ones because it came with plastic ones. I did not even. you didn't even occur to me what are you doing All right that's going in there and that's a tight squeeze.

Holy smokes, look at that look look. you might want to plug this. Hang on I Need I need light? We might. Well, I might want to plug this in before you were a brilliant man, sir.

What we're gonna do here. You're making a horrible video. We're all just dirty nerds getting our way through this. I got, where's that plug? I'm gonna use the splitter.

use this for later and see what we got. that side. Nope. We're Not Gonna use that blood.

Nope. Nope. The noise is everywhere. Loud noises.

There's like three phones in here and every time one goes I'm reaching for phones that aren't even mine I think that one goes I didn't read the instructions. Probably should have. Foreign good, brilliant idea Cody Brilliant. You hold that I will hold that I'm almost I have to get this painted to match the interior, but it'll work for now.

This is a cover for the existing A-pillar cover. Do you need to plug this one in too? No. that one goes on the end of this one. Well, that's four.

that's Hang on. we're something's we gotta. You know what we need to mock up everything before we do anything. Cut that one is.

Yeah, yeah, that was kind of short. So then what's the deal with the splitter? that does you need the splitter for for another eye? Dash Or another eye Dash that guy or the module that plugs into that which we cannot plug in? All right. it's the same cable. Yep, All right.

You were wrong. You failed, Failed me. We all fail. Everybody failed.

This is the hardest install ever. There's like an IQ of like 9000 here. When it comes to this stuffing, we're all like, what do we do? Well, that's why you got to do it first. So when you do it, no, no, we're just gonna shoot this raw and just see how it works out.

Wait, why do we need two cables? It's going to go down this way and that's just how it is. Wait, that's the four pin? Yes. Okay, so then wait. what's the splitter for That will probably when you get another gauge when you get that module for that guy.

Got it? Okay, see. Oh, there we go. See Okay, split primary, secondary and there's the splitter. So we got a splitter and a splitter that comes off the cord splits to whatever you want and then if I'm doing another gauge I split again.

Got it? Okay yeah. if you would unplug one of those that would be plugged in then you daisy chain to the other day got it? Then you got all your modules. So right now we don't need the splitter. I bought it in case I needed it I didn't know I needed the module when I bought the air mouse it I must have missed the disclaimer and it's my fault I didn't know.
Let's bundle up these wires. Ah hey, Rod hold these real quick. So what I like about these cables? even when we did our install on our super duty, they are flat and when you're using multiple cables like this, um, it makes it really easier to run into. uh, the cravat, the crack where the weather stripping is, and the plastic trim pieces.

So we got two because we're using the pedal monster and an eye. Dash But if you had multiple gauges, would you'd have a, uh, what was it? We had a jumper over here. You'd be using one of these jumpers here to go from input to gauge to another gauge here. So you guys will have to pick what you want to do here.

I Found some. check it out, found them cut it on a diagonal so you cut yourself next like that again. Oh I Got it. What a dagger? Oh you? Yeah, There we go.

There we go. that's beautiful. Good to tear it below should we use all black ones? so they're all camouflaged and you can't see? Yeah, we got to think about the next guy absolutely every time. Oh these ones are cute little tiny guys.

The leftovers from a Harbor Freight kit I know exactly what you're talking about. You know to get the tub, the tube, or this thing, that thing The Leftovers all the ones that you never use. And yeah, now these are the the time and place to use these tiny what would I use these types of hair? One more, let's do one more zip tie teamwork. That's funny.

it's going the other way now. We figured it out. Yeah, with the tripod and the GoPro Mount look at this gonna work. That's beautiful.

Let me get that shot. I Like it. Now we're gonna fix this light nonsense. Hang on guys.

We're fixing this. We figured out the light issue like we've got a we got the drop light hanging off of the Streamlight supported by the Matco stream light and then we'll turn it. It's got to work right? Is this gonna work? Does it have to go there? We go All right? Yes. Okay, you gotta check it out.

Okay, look I don't even know what to call that. It's all serving a purpose too. Even the little clip in the back that is GoPro film. it's all right number.

This is ridiculous. No, it is. it is. Now you got 12 battery left.

Uh-huh and you don't get all right now. hang on though. this is gonna be hard to do because there's no space in there. We have to get that collar already.

Got it on you did not already get it on. Seriously, what do you think this is? Uh wait I'm not sure on the phone we were over here like it's stupid. What do you think this is Amateur hour we were making like can you guys see that? oh this is kind of turned down there I got I have small little hands so I don't know if it makes a difference which way these go on. All right we got we have not I got I keep saying I got it's not I got I have nothing because I have the other other Bowl so if you still I know I'm turning it around I'm turning around so I can get this this white one.
where's your one my hair. oh we'll give it to me. Well you didn't ask for it. so hang on I think that's gonna look good.

This is how it's gonna sit in the truck. Oh my gosh, it's upside down. Ah, you failed. You're loosening it.

Maybe we should mock it up first, huh? Well no. then we're gonna turn up. No, no, that's about right dude. Is that about it like that? I can adjust it later.

What? What's not supposed to happen? Whoops. We gotta try this again. We are. We figured it out.

We figured it out. now. All right this is. we had to work.

Hold on You got to show them our lighting lady I got him I'm the key. okay I'm just the key grip. Yeah, just hang on to it. This is this.

Should have thought of this first. This is ratio I'm just the key grip I don't even know what's going on. This is this is your show right now. dude.

this is freaking awesome if you guys just wasn't, if you guys weren't paying attention and listening to the lollygag. and this Is pretty much what the end result's gonna be. The collar goes right over those studs no big deal and then, uh, just use those Teflon little plastic nut washer things that are got the little uh I don't know textured so you can spin it but then you're gonna turn it in the way you want it on your A-pillar gauge or A-pillar uh pod I should say and we'll let Ray Once he gets in there he can do his final the final torque to it. That'd be nice I really like how that came out I'm excited for the Super Duty one just to keep it.

Mine's off the windshield like right up here against my current A-pillar and my windshield. but I think it looks really really nice mold down. so let's go mock it up and see what it looks like. We we need to pull the the pillar out.

that's gonna have to come out because we need to feed those uh, those cables down behind the dash and we're not going to be able to do that with this thing on it. Yeah, let's just get a scene mocking it up. Let's just put it in it's ready to go. Let's do it.

We need to mock it up. I Lied to everyone. No knocking, no mocking. Let's just pull it out.

just grab it and it's clipped in. Let me get the weather seal weather strip What? I am amazed about is this truck doesn't have one piece of rust on it. I am not accustomed to this whatsoever. You should have seen his face when I showed him the cab corners.

It's gonna come out. Oh okay that Dash wasn't scratched before you did that. Oh man. I got you I know a guy.

All right. We'll just leave that guy like that. It was. It really was.
He didn't do that. You don't have to I'm not that guy. We don't have to disconnect that. Let me see that.

what's in there. The speaker. Yeah, so I think but wait, no, we need to. We do need to disconnect it because we have no holes, right? We have to put that over this drill.

The holes put the pins in. So yeah, pull the speaker and let's go back to the bench. I've learned my lesson so far in this project. We're going to read the instructions.

Those aren't helpful. No seriously. every time I haven't read the bank's instructions I have failed. So I'm just going to start reading them.

No I need the picture I Just by reading the directions. what I meant was see what the picture says it looks like and then do that with the stuff that we gave you to do that with. That's what I meant by reading the directions not actually read them word for word. Do you like the red brick thing over the green break? One The red spray clean is a lot stronger than green grape cleaning.

I Believe it is a more expensive brake clean. so I saved the red brake clean for when. I really need to break clean something that has not been break cleaned correctly. Mafia Yeah I didn't say it was chlorinated.

I Just said it's stronger because some of the greens are watered down. like if you spray oil and then let it hang out on the floor for a second like let it hit the floor and then Watch What Happens the oil goes off to the side and then the water will pull up in the middle. Yeah, did you just put that together when we weren't looking? Yeah, other than the wires, you can't really go well. Maybe well.

we can make a hole in it. We could. We're we will need to make a hole in it. Yep, because I don't think the wires are gonna fit real well though.

Say what, We've got these push pins that come with it. Let's drill a hole in the thing. Okay, we use a step drill. We'll drill a hole in it, run the cables through, and then we'll drill smaller holes wherever, and then push the Clips in and then put the thing on.

We're good to go. Let's pull that speaker out. Pop that guy out too just to get it out of the way and it'll help us align things if the speakers out. Confidence your speaker don't break it.

No, go away. Let me see it. This guy. We need the screwdriver.

We need a screwdrivers. Got it. There it is. It might be harder than you know I don't think we have to do this man.

Hang on you're it's a lot of effort. Yeah I'll put a lot of effort into this. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about I think this is more trouble than it's worth? Yeah, yeah, let's let's back up and not do that. wire needs to come through.

so let's drill it right right in the middle like right here. I Don't want to drill my uh, what do you call that insulation piece? Yeah, that one. Let's just drill it right here in the middle. right there.
let's make a hole. My micrometer tells me that is right here I Like it. We're gonna drill it right here. I wonder if it's just gonna crack me in this water crop? No, no, it's cool Man, it's gonna be fine.

Yep, yeah, it's not gonna crash. We got it so you know it's really cool. that's plenty of hole is uh, my shop Auto teacher uh I knew I was coming down here. you're coming to see Ray Oh that sucks I saw him in my comment section I didn't know you were gonna be here.

hey chap. Oh just disconnected. Well that's that's. easier said than done because we went through all that work to go ahead.

let me get let me get I got it. I Can get in there I Can get in there. Got the screwdriver? Check it out. Let's give me a team effort.

We need light Aziz Light you remember right? The Mummy You probably can't say that I don't know I don't know. cancel culture I know, right? Well yeah, you might want to edit that out I don't know if this is gonna work. No dude, this is no, we're gonna. We're gonna break the PCB and it's blue so you know it's good I was like to try to take this one serious.

Go away. This is the this is the far away one. surgical light I need light I Can't wait I need the longer screwdriver too here. close that we're dumb foreign driver joint effort.

Uh-huh You go? Yeah, got it. Got it. Didn't have to be that hard, but we didn't think that far ahead. we just didn't think that far ahead.

it happens. These are just for mocking up purposes. Okay, now we're just gonna put it in dude I Just got myself. What the oh oh he just I forgot they were there I didn't poke myself right here.

It was great. Who did that here? I Can't believe I got myself with my own booby trap. It's terrible. all right now.

We need the push pins and the drill bit to drill the holes. Hold on. Let me get DS drill bit Taylor a drill bit I did I actually turned around and looked. wait a minute.

Okay drill bits. So what we're going to be doing right now, we're going to be taking uh I don't know what size do you open eight I think it's an eight eight and we're going to be drilling a couple of holes through the plastic panel and our OE panel. and yeah, fumble Johnny fumble nuts over here. We uh, just dropped one of these push pins.

but this is this is what we're going to be using. uh to go bring them together. Yeah, where'd it go? Oh here it is. searching.

Recovery We have five of them. Don't lose them. We don't need these. Oh who's putting the stickers on them? They're kind of rubbery.

kind of cool. I think those I think those look like they'll be going on a toolbox? Yeah, it's a nice bit. I saw that you saw Uncle Fester or Uncle Dude I worked with the guy that looked like a professor. Yeah, see.

The problem is if I record everything and then we have a bunch of bloopers, it's gonna take me like days to edit this. No seriously, you do. You're using my words against me. All right.
It's been 24 minutes later. there was a there was a there was a distraction. All right I need to put these little rivet guys through this thing to secure this little cover which is the housing for the gauge through the thing. The themaroo, that's the one.

and I want to do it evenly. or at least as evenly as possible. So what? I'm going to do? Yeah, a little fake tea maker right? How many do we have? We got five? six. We have six, three on each side.

so we'll do one here and I'll do one up at the top. Then what we'll do is figure out our distance here. We got a different stick right? A yardstick at least I don't have the folding Carpenters uh yardstick? We'll do eight and a half. That's what I'll call it.

So 8.5 that's right here. spaced out appropriately. Oh, you know what we do have Precision Instruments right here. We can build engines with this thing.

This is precision. I'm not measuring these ones. we're eyeballing it. or should we get stainless steel? Nuts and Bolts stainless steel fasteners I think should we better? Those look really cool.

really. I'll upgrade them later. Yep, thank you I ruined it. Hang on across the other side.

you could have did two holes at the same time. Negative negative, negative there. Now we're good. nice I Kind of like this.

better in Black than I do the uh, the OE color I like it. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments right now this is hard all right. I can't even I don't even know I'm just gonna go in. Oh don't hit me with that light dude.

I'm just what I'm doing I'm trying to just find my fingers. you're not talking about Yeah, yes. trying to find my other finger. Yeah, my brain knows where it is.

My eyes cannot help I cannot seem to find it. Captain Oh, all right I got the other end. Yeah, we had to switch I have the other end. How much do you guys go through today? Plenty of space.

Man it's got my bank shirt dirty. Oh that's a fail. All right this one. that's a fail.

That's a fail Epic Well it's a brand new shirt I hate getting a brand new shirt right here. Absolutely definitely a t-shirt Guys: I think I own about 900 t-shirts 899 I Want this behind this? Oh clever look at what you did right there. Look what he did right there. Did you guys see my wires? All right? We're going underneath deep into the bowels.

This is such a bad idea Dude. Yeah, we got it. Hang on right there. I Need boom? Well, it's not a bad idea.

it's just like got it. Oh, you're laying on that. Nerf Bar And there's two dudes in the floorboard of one truck. All right, that's what's going on.

Two dudes. one floorboard, two dudes. one truck. There we go.

Did I get it I Did hit you in the head though, didn't I There we go. See the button on it. Nice dirt falling out of that. Okay, so we got the pedal.
Monster pedal monster going in and pretty simple. It's just here to intercept the signal. That's it. Add-on done now.

I Suppose you could have routed the wires first, but it doesn't really matter because there's enough room and slack where we can just route this module up into this cavity right here where we're gonna connect and leave. Which one do I use either? Really? Yeah, Whatever. Fantastic. That was a mini click.

You hear that weak little uh yeah right now. I Gotta figure out how we're gonna secure that thing. There's really nothing. You know what? Check it out.

We can zip tie it right to the heating duct. That's perfect. Duck or duct. It's ducked with a t.

Oh, it's totally ducked. What do you say? Do you say duck? I say duct tape. Is it like quack quack duct tape? d-u-c-k Good. it's called duck.

It's called duct tape. Well, we have just started Culture Wars 2.0 The t is not silent. Look at that contortion. I can't see and I can't lean over here at all.

This is you that way you have space to come over here. This is a bad idea. I Lost the module. Hang on All right I needed both arms.

That's what I'm doing here. Dude is straight up straight up upside down and these ones we're gonna actually cut off the well. we're not We're Not Gonna Not like this. We're not sure.

Oh, mine is. Oh, you grabbed it. Okay, cool. Seen those blue Clipper things.

so I can get out of here All right I Need to get out of here. You know this happens sometimes there's gonna be plenty of them. Needs the grab handle. That's good for the back.

Actually, there was a process getting in I had to slide down. There's plenty of them. sweetheart. it's all the way over.

Yeah, we're hard over captain. How's that trash can back there? See the trash can? Yeah, we're doing the two-pointer Iceberg right ahead as long as we don't hit. Project G I Don't know what that was. but I ran it over.

What is that brake drum can I cut it? Yep. Sure. Yep. All right.

I'm cutting it. thank you. It's not like a 550. Transmission: Oh, we're getting a little stuck now.

Oh, we got it right. The the back side is a little too far over. Looks like we're doing like a four-point turn. There's that brake drumming in.

Is it moving over? Great job just moving it over with my wheel. That's great, you know I like the backup alarm kids, Bro kids. Yep, this is part of the trailer hitch. I'm gonna run into a transmission.

No, you're clear I think I'm clear I'm gonna make it, you're clear bud and then out back I'm gonna run into an exhaust. Oh look at that wipe unit's waving us back. Look at that. She already knows how this is gonna work.

That's beautiful I See everything? That's what's up. Whoa I Felt that right away. Like right away. Big difference.
This instantly goes into the throttle. Ah bite. big difference. I Want a hammer on it? but there's cops over here? Yeah, it's it's immediate throttle response and a left rear door ajar.

Warning: that's not from the pedal monster. that's that's from my door being open. Now you're not gonna get it from the inside. Nope.

Oh yeah, don't even try it. Don't even see that child lock. Oh I'm so the rude guy I could pull out. Whoa.

that was fast. You feel that was it's still on eight? Yeah, hang on throttle. it just came up on Boost Did you hear it? It thinks I'm asking for like 80 throttle right now is like as if I had my foot to the floor. That was one third of the pedal.

Yeah, throttle you're giving. That's amazing. The best dude I know. Like I said, the biggest difference you'll make on your truck without any tuning.

I Don't see why these are so controversial. Everybody's like oh, they don't do anything and because they have never tried one, there's a lot on the market and Banks has come inside. The the module is is very high quality components and on top of having a Fail-Safe were these relays are no not relays until I Guess they are a little relays in there. They're normally closed so when they are energized everything is open.

And if they were to ever fail and fail closed and not uh, fail into an open state of you know, acceleration or whatever. Okay so if you're if your app fails, is that what Ford calls them apps? Yeah if that fails, then the banks module won't do anything. it'll It'll take itself out of the equation. Or if the bank's module fails, if the pedal monster fails, it goes back.

it just takes itself out of the equation, goes back to stock. You know man, all this work and I got a light bulb out. look at that. It's ridiculous.

Hang on, Don't worry buddy, don't move. I Got you see you did. He didn't listen. they don't They don't have to listen.

Pressure goes to it's 26 000. That happened fast. cool. It's dark but we can kind of see moving on in.

Hey Rod's the only person to drive my truck ever since I bought it. Nice throttle response. A-Rod made a mistake. He left me alone with his phone.

All right. The terror is I can commit with his phone. Oh hey hey buddy, what's up All right guys, we're back at the shop I'm done. We're done done.

I Almost hit wife unit with the door but uh I gotta put my uh I gotta get my uh a little panel back on and uh, we're good to go here. So I'm gonna close this video out. uh as always like thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

Hey, they're looking at me while I'm trying to do a sign off I'll skip it. just wait, wait bye everybody. way bye everybody Cp's garage Powerstroke Tech Talk with A-Rod Wife Unit Yours Truly Thanks for watching. No repetitive boring intro here.
end of transmission I Find it unpleasant we're next to Tropicana The Orange Juice Joint A-Rod Can smell the the orange peels there. What they do is they bring the oranges in and they peel them off or whatever. Then they I think they burn the Peels and incinerate the homogenization. The word of the day homogenization process of the juice that makes the smell something makes the smell anyway.

I was trying to reset this thing to uh you guys see now set this to sport mode and see what happens. Thanks Modules Pedal Monster, it's on. City We're gonna go to Sport. It's on Sport level eight.

What is that man? Man, it's like right into it. That's even better. that's so aggressive. That's awesome.

All right. we're gonna leave it on sport mode for a while. I'm gonna check that out I Don't even know if I've got the stones to go into race mode I Really don't just put it on. Put it in.

Uh, put it in. Was it race or stuff? It's it's in Sport right now. Yeah. Track Mode: put it on track.

Just put it on track four. I Like these lights I Don't you know? Oh those are those are defects. Actually they're They're not supposed to be uh, like blacklight colored or whatever. but they I understand that they built a bunch of LED lights and then the lights.

uh came out with some kind of defect and nobody realized until they were already installed. That's my understanding. Anyway, so what are we doing? We're going into Sport. We're going to Track Mode I better put it on four before I touch this accelerator pedal.

Oh hang on. Oh good. We're coming up to a stop sign so we're in track mode. We're gonna go down to level and we're going to make that like Track full.

Oh no I went too far again. Track Mode: Track Level four. Let's do track Four. oh my.

God that was I touched it and it was just like bam. Thirty percent throttle. There's probably a cop around here. believe it.

Oh, Get out of here dude. That's ridiculous. I'm telling you, this is hands down no way. the best add-on to any vehicle without tuning in.

Instant. Like no joke. instant man. Get out of here.

We're gonna lose some gas mileage today. I Love it. but isn't that? You also can put the uh, an SD card in there in case you want to data log. Yes, this was the Data Monster.

Oh at once got it! So we got we have Green Man's Eye Dash and Pebble Monster all set up. Um right now we are gonna be going to Pedal Monster and we're gonna be adjusting the levels. when you guys first get this all set up and the calibration complete. Uh, we show you that on uh my installation on the Super Duty one where they had to activate the accelerator pedal from the floor all the way up uh has your release and depress it.

but once you do it slowly because it's doing a sweep and looking at all those values. Well once the Pedal Monster intercepts that, it is going to adjust it. So we have four levels. We have stock City Sport and tracking and if you guys it is crazy silly.
uh, you will melt your tires off. So stock right now. Six seven, Power Stroke I had lines on City We're gonna put Rain Man's on City and I have mine on level eight. Each of the four selections has 10 increments, 10 power levels.

We're gonna go all the way down to eight City Double check got it out and I'll get the gauge ready to go rocking and rolling. So we got their RPM IAT FRP and nice. So if you guys want to check this out really quick, you can actually go down to Um gate selection I'm sorry gauge layout and pedal monster and now you can actually see what mode you're on and what power level increment you're at. So accelerator you can actually see adjustment compared to the stock adjustment from you know, factoring.

So let's go take this thing. Out For A Rip Nice.

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