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Welcome Welcome You've Got Mail Well how do I turn on like monetization and stuff? Does it give me option to do that? So go to your go to your wait. Did we actually go live? Yeah Oh well. we like we went right. We got some technical.

We got some technical yeah, they're just like gonna start like showing up with that yep and then go to your uh, your live feed, go to content and go to live yeah and then go right there and go right there right there. I'm sure you could do that beforehand. uh no because it's it wouldn't be set up then like they're already in here. Show it up and we're over here screwing all the settings like not even getting it right.

Oh hi guys, Holy smokes yeah they're 363. hey everybody Hello! Okay, okay, we're all set up. I I Think we got this figured out. We got a three-way Zoom call with four people.

you're at my shop A-Rod Came down from Detroit today to get some work on my truck because it's uh, it's Friday and that's the day that I work on my stuff I'm gonna read comments yet don't even don't even comment and uh. so we decided we were gonna do a live stream. So we're trying to figure this out. I don't even know if I can see myself Okay I don't know if I can even see myself.

We're figuring it out. Hang on. So I turned off I need to turn on the YouTube screen too bear. Just bear with us.

Oh yeah, okay. I'll show you. we'll minimize this one. Yeah where I'm sorry.

hit go back here. Hit that little Dot it's gone, go up up up up and the screen keep going. Keep going right there. Okay hit pop-up chat.

Yep it brings you out something else. Get rid of that and I'll pull up that. So now we got the chat and we've got go back to your your live uh your uh your window for YouTube Oh hang on. Yep nope.

this one right here. Yes no click on that. Okay, we're experiencing technical difficulties because I am okay so now you can see you can see and then all your all your pieces can I minimize this background because I'd rather watch you can. yeah let's try that.

we can make that bigger now we're cooking with Crisco All right, All right, we got this. We're figuring I got it figured out. Got it figured out? You nervous? He's pretty nervous CP Garage is here. See him down below.

A-rod's here Rod's background because you're looking at the back of me because he's see there He is right there. Got him. How do we do? How's our setup? Is it working I think it's working I I Am a director. That's awesome.

thanks Thomas He's a director. Hi guys I'm directing we are here Oh lots of comments I know right? hello from South Africa I Got him slowed down. They're slowed down to like uh, like a 60 second delay. but uh thanks Frank Tip jar Frank What's up Frank Wife you that do barbecue? We're doing barbecue.

We're barbecue grilling tomorrow g'day mate because tomorrow we're lighting the uh, the pile of the hurricane trees that are in my yard on fire. That's what we're doing tomorrow. So we're coming to work. We're gonna.
We're gonna do some work around the shop here. Then when we get home we're gonna have the bonfire to get rid of all the trees from the hurricane. Be easy on her. She's embarrassed and has never done such things before.

Not somebody said Kiss Cam you need to text your mom, tell her you're here. All right I'll let my parents know I'm on I like your new intro too Andrew Kemet says that was pretty rad Jesse made the intro that was pretty his last name but that was pretty your name Jesse named the intro. it's on your channel right? Yes! oh my gosh holy Leto hello from the UK hello from Ohio everybody's checking in look at that for San Antonio All around this is great you guys I mean hello from Indy weekend my Seafood boss check engine light Chuck there 2033 1033 I couldn't find it Thanks Cody Thank you sir. Appreciate it.

That's why I'm here behind the scenes. We have I T support now so the trolls can be banned very swiftly and quickly. We won't be tolerating the tomfoolery, that's why that's why it does Show you a watch if you have this. uh, let me show you.

hold on. Oh, hang on. You take this like this. go like that.

No, no, no, no, no Okay. we want this a little bigger. I See how we're doing this now? Okay, hold on. He's got it dialed in.

Hold on. We don't want everybody's still checking in. look Tennessee Ur it support filling up quickly. Yeah, yeah, we're getting there.

We're getting there. Yeah guys like buttons we need. Uh, we need the like buttons. So if you show up, uh, tap our like button for us that is.

I Hope the algorithm likes to see oh which do oh sorry, sorry, sorry uh. He's just like giving me the reach around treatment for the mouse and then the keyboard should have got a wireless. Okay, so now you can see this and now you can see all of universe. Oh I'm sorry, that's my fault.

Don't touch the screen. It's touch screen. It'll uh, look right here. that one.

hang on there later we got they're layered. Go Back to live. totally wrecking this whole live stream. That one there you go.

All right now. we're back now. Put that perfect Okay. fixed it.

We fixed all the technical difficulties, had to fix the chain speeding up. that's wild because I already have it slowed down and delayed and I can't read it again. You guys are you guys are crazy. You're killing me with that.

They're checking in look Atlanta Fort Bragg Wife unit matters. Yes, she does. Wisconsin Riverside California I haven't seen Canadia yet? Canada Not California no no I didn't do the trucks front end. Um, we were actually talking about doing it tomorrow.

Uh, no promises. That's like an all-day job for one guy. There's three of us here right now. Thanks! James You Rock! Cody PTT Oh I Missed one I missed one Wow Rush 21-12 Thank you sir.

Thank you I think I I assume Janet I assume sir Canada here Hey yeah today. Oh my Gosh! Calgary Toronto Ontario Wow. a lot of Canadians you guys are still and more of them. We didn't come out of the gate with the disclaimers that we weren't going to be here all night.
All right. So we we were gonna go live at eight o'clock and it took us 40 minutes to figure out how to set this up. so we're already behind schedule. So I'm thinking we're gonna hang out.

Let's call it. What do you guys say? Like 9 30? How long should we say? What do you think? Oh Larry Smokes big baller. Thanks buddy. I'm buying more brake clean.

That's the deal Sarah Silver in the house. You saw that one too Canada Canada hello Dave Glad you're learning something Dave That's excellent. That's why we're here. That's what we do this for.

That's it Sydney Australia Sydney Thank you Sydney David Thank you. It's awesome! Uh, voice of Walt Disney I I Don't know if I can do that. We talked to a guy improving stuff but scripted or something where I've gotta like follow along with like program Brandon Thank you I I can't really what's the oldest vehicle you've worked on he says I worked on a 26 Chevrolet one time oh nothing was metric I didn't know what to do Gamer: X Thank you gamer Thanks Freddy Thank you Niagara Falls Wow Hey look it's safe Lasagna he's up there by Eric Oh Niagara Falls that's where uh South Main Auto Channel is or near there region. 40 minutes to figure out how to schedule.

yeah I know it took us 40 minutes to figure it out. Yeah yeah, it was Silly Unit hi Jill WE Post Lots of the kids. uh we locked them at home. They're fine.

We threw some food and water in the room. no no, they're with their grandparents. Don't call on us Ryan Thanks buddy. Thanks Brian consider live streaming.

Your date um, you know I thought about live streaming all day but I think it would. it would take away from from the value in the interaction of it because if I was just running around all day live streaming then I wouldn't really be able to interact or hang out with you guys. so it would just kind of. Be Me Wandering around looking for tools.

um I don't know I Still think that would do very well. Appointments for locals? Email me. Yep, Yep, we're doing appointments. but email me.

I I'm I'm putting it together a website and the website will be available to the general public that includes the viewers and in that website, it will bring you guys to, uh, an email address for the shop right here and then what we're going to do is have you guys email us, we contact you, and then then we can set up an appointment for for drop-offs and kind of go from there that way. I Don't have you know all the contact information just floating around willy-nilly on the internet because you guys will just call me all day. I mean I like I like hanging out with you a bit. You'll you'll call me all day long and this is not gonna work respectfully.
So we're working on a plan to to get everybody in here and you usually hear from me. I I Will call and make the appointment Saw, call and get your information, have you scheduled in. That's the plan so you'll be the it works on paper. We'll see how it's going to work out real life, but that's the plan.

That's the plan as long as everybody, if everyone behaves themselves, this will go smoothly. If people don't behave themselves, then yeah, we'll have to figure that out if that happens. Yeah, like I'm You guys know I'm on the non-plan plan at all times it works. but I'm missing I'm missing the opportunities to say thank you Fluffy I Got to back this up Fluffy.

thank you Jason I missed you Randy I think I missed you from Colorado hello Colorado inspired you to work on your car says Jason 15 years Seriously, well welcome back to the game I think I'm caught up if I missed anybody else earlier I'm sorry you guys salute from Romania Welcome brother hello Oregon is it or you guys say Oregon or Oregon Oregon I got I got the reprimanded for saying that. um Gone in 60 Seconds Gone in 60 Seconds Favorite movie It's a good one. Reviews night to Pawn Gaming. Thank you thank you buddy! What advice would you give someone who wants to start or wants to become a mechanic? Oh where do you start? Learn patience.

You will need patience. You will need patience with everyone and everything that you encounter. You'll need patience with the boss. You're going to be patients with your customers with your actual work.

You have to learn patience Like that was my key to happiness. I was Angry Technician Once Upon a Time because I'm an impatient person and where is this and where is that and why are you guys doing what what you need to be doing and and I learned that I was becoming very unhappy because I was upset over all that was wrong in the world and once I learned patience and I could just step back and not have to own everything. That's what helped the rest of it. It's nuts and bolts that's easy.

read the books, learn the theory. but patience is what's going to say Today at the end of it all Am I Wrong hey Rod what do you think I agree with you 100 brother Ford Boss was here uh uh I didn't see him suspicious screen name. you are you're you're muted man you should unmute. You cannot Echo off with you.

oh um, pull the other table up that way you can use my mic. Nope. Khan's Mac Been at the dealer for 22 years. same dealer started when I was a young lad and uh in Ford but I did work on a Duramax today so that was quite uh interesting.

Call Your Girlfriend Yes Customs buying my wife unit shirts that I made everybody's wife gets away from church wonderful. Heck yeah. I wonder how many wives are like really? yes they open it up and stuff Christmas gifts? It is me. hey hey, it is me.
Live It's not just me. We have guests wife units here. A-rod's here. Cp's garage is here.

kids aren't here George asking about the kids. Nope, they're not here. No kid units we could not. no question above his weight.

Yeah, but that's the only way we can do it. Yeah Hi Rob I see you CP sitting at the Kids Table future wifey in it? well maybe we'll get there. but then shirts? no no oh what about future I was like no, this one's mine which is better power joke or dirty Max hmm our joke. that's not nice.

they don't know any better I mean I guess it all comes down to what, uh, what you want to work on I've been with four, uh, repairing vehicles uh not? Ford Motor Company uh but a dealer for, uh, quite some time. so sure people slap. CJ I'm glad you like your wife need a shirt? Yes person Dyson says click she's the order taker. Yep, Correct.

Right on. Put it on the roster. We could do something. Do we want torque wrench clicks? or just like, uh, like a caption kind of Click what kind of click? Yeah.

I think Rey's opening up an EV uh Branch he's going to be specializing in just EVS Whether or not. yeah, dude. yeah, he's not allowed around kids. What'd you do? no he said I'm not allowed else Sports Rock yes Canada we need merch That says someone has what the wife it was.

The wife unit was debuted in The Cone Heads back in there and date first, but he's back. Yeah, a little bit, a little bit. do you get that gift? Green Man Which one mom unit? sure that Harbor Freight grinder and wire wheel? when did you send it Sam Valentine sent it Harbor Freight Grinder and wire wheel set as a gift? When did you send it? Sam All right because I got to be honest I have mail that is in rotation to be opened and I have not opened all of my mail. uh usually it's like a week behind from once.

I Pick it up. So how many jobs does the wife you have? all of them she has. She has all of the jobs, She makes the house not burn down and we all have wings with fed most of the time. Oh I Feel so appreciated.

Love you And and she she does. She does things. Everything that she does is the things that I'm not capable of doing as a human being. period.

And I Owe all of it to her. She's still yeah. Thanks so thanks. Chris Thank you.

Cheers! Another: Christopher Thank you congrats in the shops in the shop. Thank you for your service tonight! coupon Oh A jet engine mechanic. Nice getting out working on cars. There's money to be made working on cars.

I mean you, You've got. You've got the foundation for the military fixing the uh, the jet engines and it's it's nuts and bolts Man and patience. Lots of patience. Very clean.

Monkey Brick clean Funds great clean. Mafia Yeah Break Clean Mafia. Hey did we get ratioed on the like buttons on this live like the last one. 947.

We're getting there. 947 like buttons and 1600 people watching. Yeah well. this was pretty late too.
It's nine o'clock Eastern So I think people are sleeping? Yeah, we're almost ratio. Wow, it's an insufficient way. What was that? I Oh I Missed it and missed it. 32-year airline mechanic here.

thanks for keeping them playing for sure in October they fit I Do not have a rough country shirt? No No. I I don't have a rough country shirt. it's pretty hard Project: Jeep All right, All right I got Australian Project cheat Okay, so I went looking around for a limited slip or a locking differential for the Dana 35 rear axle and I found several of them. Okay, take your pick which brand you want to buy.

The problem is is all of the Locking diffs available for the Dana 35 are only available in a axle gear ratio of like 3.56 and up numerically higher. and this Jeep has a 307 ratio. so there is not a locking differential on the market that can accommodate the 307 ratio ring and pinions. So and I spent like days trying to figure this out.

So what I came up with is I found a limited slip I think it was a Yukon I ordered a Yukon limited limit slip words and I ended up getting a ring and pinion re-gear set to uh, 356 gears, 355 or 356. I'll look it up later. So I ended up getting it a ring and pin for the rear along with the locker and the rebuild kit and I got another ring and pinion for the front. so I'm actually 354.

you got it. Lightning's got it. So I'm re-gearing it from 307 to 354 which I think is going to work out perfect because there are larger newer model Jeep tires on that Jeep so that's where I'm at. So I kind of got in a pinch and I have to work more I I've got to do more work on it South Main Auto no no, I'm not going to call it South South Main Auto here in Canada not California Remember I remember that last time Ca's Canada not California I can't call a South South Main Auto Nobody will be happy about that except for like six people.

Audio is lagging. I'm sorry probably we're running three streams off of one Wi-Fi and one router in two different networks. Uh, it and we're trying it. Sounds crispy over here I'll tell you that are you? Are you? Fresh and clean and crispy for 30 years? Not in the Jeep DS What's up dude? 4 30 years for 30 years not I could I can run they got them up in the fives so those Wranglers up in the fives it'll be just fine.

60 to 70 all day long I don't know it's a Jeep I wouldn't drive you could by Charlie Babbitt yeah on Sunday you wrote bad Bert You got it wrong. it's Babbitt just saying wifeying it auto repair. there you go then I'd have to learn a whole new trade. thanks Andrew from Australia our clicks clicks go all the way down south eh? see what? I did there Canadian or the shop hmm yeah no no uh no.

Rough Country shirt PTT is streaming out of the gas station men's room 75 years? Nope. oh that's it I know CA is also Canada yes but when when folks do the super chats and the super stickers, it shows up as a CA and last live stream I was like California and I caught myself halfway through I'm like no, that's Canada it's not California because it's showing. it's showing like a Canadian dollars not American dollars Kansas City yo I Went to high school once upon a time in Kansas City Kansas thank you for cleaning that. That's great and then you made another one right after.
that's Bradenton Area Yeah Brinton Bradenton's a very interesting town. It's It's very very nice section here and over here and over here and then there are not so nice areas kind of in between. It's it's all just a mishmash of I I Think the the geography and topography of the land kind of kind of dictates or has influence over time how the areas are. Dennis Thank you.

So yeah, Sabrings is pretty cool. Was that an owl prepared? Um, was that you back there? Yeah, because I was I was. uh, the arm flailing flag guy was oh Dennis he's oh I have a screen over top of your Zoom So I didn't see you on my screen and however, so we're in the back here in Winter Peg you guys called up there in Canadia Kevin I'm glad your wife likes her wife unit shirt. that's awesome.

Awesome! Yeah yeah, it was gonna go one or two ways. Ladies were gonna like it or it was gonna into an antique car. like a like a 60s antique car or a 30s antique car. generally.

the EFI sit I'm kidding. generally the EFI systems are pretty Plug and Play you just you follow their directions, put everything where it's supposed to Aloha creepy thing and they're usually um, self-sufficient and kind of Standalone From my my understanding, you're right, they're easy. Yeah, definitely. Well they make them easy those they you know it's a it's a mass-produced product and it can't be extremely difficult to install otherwise they would never sell any units.

Whatever RSA is just getting that looks like yep, step drills, whatever. Donate: uh, donate a car to someone I don't have a car to donate. Let's suppose I mean if I had if I acquired a car that I had no interest in I could CP tell us about you? We've got people asking about CPS they want some words of wisdom. He has to talk louder because his audio is muted.

What kind of words the whistling do I have? Yeah, what are we looking for? Always waiting to thank you for waiting on the videos. Appreciate that. Greetings from Singapore Yeah, what kind of what kind of wisdom do we want from CP he is a a wealth of knowledge. Chick-fil-A switching it too.

but I'm not going to move those lifts? No no, that's I'll have to pay the guys to come and do that. The shop won't work for a day. Um also if I have the big lift switch with the other not as big lived lit big lift and I have something on the first one when I drive in, then it pretty much is going to block out access to the second lift. So I I think after some some reevaluation of the situation it's in its best as it's going to be.
swap rear drums. uh I Don't know how hard it would be to put rear disc brakes on a Sentra Um, what I would do is see if there's a Sentra model uh, within the same year that's offered with disc brakes and just try to buy those from the salvage yard and try to swap them over. Um, you'd have to do a lot of research on that to swap them over to uh to a disc brake setup. I'm sure it can be done, but how much effort and and finances do you want to put into it? Mark Smith Can I can can I work on your Nissan 2011 Ultimo to your Gainesville North of me? um I can work on a Nissan Altima that the problem is with Far Away Folks is, we've got to get your car down here.

and nine times out of ten I don't finish it the same day for various reasons. um I've got a lot of distractions during the day I'm usually working on the business until about three o'clock and then from three to like six or seven. I'm working in the business so to come by in the morning to get me to work on a car I probably can't facilitate that in one day, which puts us at a sticky situation of where do you stay while your car is hanging out in my shop I Mean it can be worked out, but it I I Think it's going to end up being a larger inconvenience than anything. Now if you send, send it down here on a triple A Truck and you guys hang out in your living room nice and cozy, then we can work on it.

But if you're not here in town, or if you're kind of waiting around I I think we're setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure. Plus I'll be really stressed out knowing yeah, I'm under a time frame. Does that make sense? Like, what do you do with that I Totally agree with you on that. The only thing that you could really do is is do some light diag, maybe a couple of prelims and at least you know, get parts ordered or get to that next stop.

and that step in the diag process, you know. Thanks AJ Appreciate you man. If you help me walk on water, all right, what are you doing? I Had no idea. Yeah I don't know I'm gonna ban you I Think you're starting to troll? Uh, controlling? Yeah? I'm getting close.

Don't do it again. Yeah I think you're just trolling. Knock it off I live right where they have the Woodward Dream Cruise every year it's so awesome to see. Ah I know where you're at now it's a PCB valve.

This contents or comments are going pretty quick again. Yeah, trying to keep up I Know water. should you do your own breaks or get a winner? Checkup? No. Go get go, get a winner checkup first and then do your breaks.

You might not need breaks. For some reason everyone thinks that their brakes always need to be replaced and you know we're starting to see cars now with a 90 hundred thousand miles on them and still have brake pad life left. So get it. Get it checked up first and then if it needs breaks, do that.
install a ball pit or Uncle room for the work for the way I Don't have any space for the waders I cannot accommodate equators like I just don't have space for them and plus this is kind of a it's kind of a private commercial area. There's other businesses working around here. There's a tow lot here and some of those businesses don't. really.

They're not very comfortable with a lot of foot traffic. you know. I mean when you're holding stuff that's been impounded from arrests or um, whatever reason, when you have cars that are impounded, you have to keep that stuff locked up. Alex hello Ray My unit respectfully.

of course. that's the most respectful ever. Yeah, 2.0 by Turbo is absolutely puff of blacksmith on initial startup. hey Rod you want to handle that one with in Fordland I missed it.

It's uh, he's got a Ford 2-liter bi-turbo Diesel and it Puffs a bunch of black smoke on initial startup. um. injector leak? low mileage. It's highly maintained.

What should we look at first? Well, Smoke's either going to be oil. uh, probably not fuel since it's right on. Startup So black? Maybe maybe we got. maybe we have some valve stem seals leaking down.

Possibly Well, we don't really have problems with the diesel ones since Ray wouldn't appreciate it. Max Oh thanks. Mad Max The white Chairman I forgot it I I The White Camry is in the parking lot. um, at the place I used to work at and I I completely forgot to take it with me when I left and it's just it's still sitting there.

That's where that's where the gross white Camry is. Yeah, I was thinking of going back and getting it I don't know where the keys are right now I might do that one day, but nobody called me to say I need to come pick it up. So right now it's free storage. Whatever.

Sap guys, we mean sup guys, what's up I was so scared of breaking that EGR tube on that Santa Fe yeah it was. It was an All or Nothing kind of situation I don't know what I'm getting a doobie Dooley phone yeah I'll figure it out I don't Well, the phone doesn't ring a lot because not everybody has the phone number so that's part of the process. I Kind of can't give out the phone number on the internet, but once you've made customer contact, then I can give out the phone number so the phone doesn't really ring a lot. not yet.

When did I start my career? I was 18. Kiss Cam I think I was 18 I Got a job working for a place called Kauffman Tire I Went there to get a flat repair a retire repaired and they had a sign that said career opportunities um apply within. So I was like hey, what's up with your sign and they're like here's your application, you're hired I'm like all right. So I went to work uh, busting tires and then I learned to do alignments and then I learned to do breaks and then I learned to do alignments and breaks better and I just kind of just kept at it.
Get a phone that sounds like Eric post no Eric already sent me um, his brake clean sound and then I used it and then people thought that he stole the sound from me after seeing the sound on his video. So I can't I can't steal his his phone ringer. Also, it's just too much plagiarism. just can't do it.

Warren likes to watching me work I like that you guys like to watch, watch me work or ramble. or work. and ramble. What am I getting a torch later if there's other stuff to get I mean I got the mapcast.

it worked. Yeah, we need the Torches you guys don't need because I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty. He showed me a few things. I'm I'm learning the lingo and her van has a has a pulsation when braking and it's got a few other things It's gotta run out in the rotors.

Do you guys want to see her do her own brake job? breaks wife unit doing her own brakes? yeah that would be interesting I think it would I think she can do it I I can dictate and narrate Get her one of those bandanas I'll guide her through it and she can do her own brake job. What do you guys think I would love to learn how? Family Values Love the channel. Thank you thank you sir! Bringing life to the industry I I Aim to upset things I need to do breaks on the duty I wonder if my wife is still a Camry everyone yes Scotty if Scotty wants that Camry he can have it I will like drive it up to him here. just take take they all all that that is oh my God see her do breaks pay-per-view wife unit brake job We should.

We should make that pay-per-view that's funny and I think pay-per-view I think wrestle me Yeah I could. Yeah well yeah yeah. I could do members only and I can do um I can do it on Patreon so that would be pay-per-view Yeah that means okay. The verdict is in: I should do my own break.

You're doing your own brake job and oil change ready to get the tools life click. That's funny. She's gotta run somebody that has a tool boxer. She's got to run them.

Thanks Doug Doug Hanks Thank you sir. Changed your block feeder element right on. That's not fun. Was it a Duramax block heater one in the side of the block? I'd pay just under that call.

So much pulsiveness sometimes donations for Rain Man, when will you do a live feed? We're doing a live feed right now. Yeah, that's probably not what you meant, but this person came to my head. sorry about to put you on the spot. Asante am I Glad the Asante Faye I am I'm Glad that Yasante Bay is gone I mean it was fine after it was fixed.

but yeah, in the middle of all that I was not happy with the Asante Faye from Petoskey Michigan Hey what up buddy! It's a good idea. Like you just got your own brand. Your own brand just cultivated you got. Shirts Mugs Stickers Brake jobs.

Blame it Rack Yeah. I'll need a bigger I need a bigger shop for an alignment rack and I just moved into this one. So not right now. This is live.
Yes, they don't know it's live. Yes, this is live. It says live no really. like it says live When you're scrolling it's like hey Red oh she is this live Yes, we're totally live man.

Yeah, yeah, everybody's everybody's live Look, wife unit does the brake job and Ray does the road testing I have too much insurance for that. Ah, it's a walking hey there. I Was there doing the like button ratio thing where 1400 likes and 1800 watching right now? Yeah, they're everybody's doing it. A lot of Michiganders here.

Hello? where would you employ someone from your old garage? Sure. Maybe My gloves on maybe seven. a ride by glass iron on dishwashing and laundry. She does do the dishes and the laundry.

Yes, she literally was just talking about that like an hour ago all day. Five Unit breaks the Internet title name I should change that right now. Are you breaking the internet It's not broken yet because there's more viewers than likes. Sorry guys, it's not broken yet Hi Greg Lansing Michigan What up our first yo-yo from the D CSP California again Pita is not late in work here so she's not here.

he works at the other place. Oh Livonia New Vending Wisconsin Thank you lady! Love the videos. Uh demolition derby driver just rebuilt the small but fit nice nice nice. Hey how do you not get Whiplash when you're like wrecking your car into the other cars, you guys have like a head helmet like a like a like a strap or a safety harness for your helmet too so you don't get the neck Wick neck Whiplash Words I've always been curious about that Honolulu I got somebody I gotta look at their truck doesn't exist on Sunday Yeah GM Diesels don't have fuel pumps.

mine doesn't the older one or the newer ones do. Yeah a-rod's from Michigan Yes sir you guys say Michigan no or do you say Mish or Mitch this again chat's going super fast again Central Kansas Fly Over States that's okay I've got no problem with flyover states CP garage that you that people race home Yes Cody was it right when we were at the well we were at? Freedom Factory Yeah Yep. I didn't make a video about that. How did they know they have no idea? How did how did you guys know he was here when I didn't make a video when he was there I'm on to you something.

That's that's a lie. He's got a little weird. somebody's following us around. Ray is a closet local boy from Oahu I lived on Oahu How'd you know brother? Yeah, you heard that if you're from the island, you've heard that show on the handwork from Michigan I lived in Michigan here Mission here.

hang on it didn't I didn't Oh, there's a delay I didn't see it hey rods from from here. It sounds more elegant when you say it Lyle Life unit Drive she drives a car I live in Venice leaving Venice needs to work on my 4Runner how can we connect Doug email um females in the uh about sections Gmail and then with and then we'll email me, email you back and we can get phone numbers and all that good stuff established. You can give it efforts replacing accents to his legs I don't know where those are. Talk to me I had one Uh sensors and solve actually suggest 200 Any updates on the Mustang fish Mustang Mustang Guy killed yet? Oh no no no no no no um got a lot of leads on Mustang Guy and the the biggest problem with the Mustang situation is I couldn't get a tag number and we even took the footage I took raw footage and a viewer.
Actually his profession is to analyze uh, forensically video footage and try to recover things Aloha and we had it looked at forensically I Don't know how they do that like enhance, enhance, enhance and they could not. They could not pull the tag number off the Mustang Um I Got a couple people that sent me some photographs of what they thought was the Mustang but I was able to find discrepancies in my footage versus the photographs that they sent. so I I failed to identify the Mustang unfortunately. but I'll never forget.

No invite you feel cheated on dude. Four bosses in the house. Listen man, it took us like 45 minutes just to figure out how to do this. It was oh my.

God It was ridiculous. It was failing. You want to come in? Just give him give him yeah hey hey right. Can you send them the link? you can come in? Uh, you got to send it from your email.

Oh, you're hooked up. Don't mess it up I'm not gonna mess it up I'm not gonna Rich Do you want to come in? Let me send you the link. Don't do it like I Did it and end the whole damn thing. You have to hit it.

You gotta go to the meeting this. Sunday uh I Don't know. Yeah, yeah. I Sure do.

hang on I Go over here to More No More is where you end the live stream We're not gonna do that I'm gonna make it bigger if you view More Stop live stream. See, we're doing it again. Participants Invite: There we go. Hey what? hey? what's Rich is? uh I Need the email Paul Send See, We're right back to trying to figure out how to do this.

Say goodbye to my emails. No. are we still alive? Are we still alive? Yeah, we're looking for Rich's email address. We're gonna get this right.

He's coming in. Yeppers right. Click the joint call I think Zoom is orange. Yeah I don't I don't know how.

Wait. go back. You got it. Oh bro.

Hang on I got it right there. Delete. Delete your comment. Yeah, delete that.

Don't put your thing on there. he has No Reservations there he is ascending now. I've got to let him in. So this is all uh-oh what'd you do? No I didn't do anything I didn't do anything.

it's still it's all good. Hang on Look, we no invite I feel thank you right here. This is not where we're supposed to be I've ruined it. Hold on.

we need help over here. What'd you do? No no he got he's well. I think we're good. See here's the zoom meeting.
Okay, so he should come in. Yep, he should come in once he? no, let's go up. uh up here to hide that one. Yeah close.

Yep. so you sent him the email already right? Sure did so, but just leave it alone right there. I'll hit it. Pops up all right.

Good night. Bingo There he is. there's Ford Boss me four bosses here connecting audio because I Jump again. Stand here.

Yeah, there you go. What's up buddy? Mm-hmm Oh yeah. Hola como estas Hey check this out. This is not even on the market.

How do I unmute the audio I can hear him. He's like up here. we're gonna try to do this without feedback or lost to you know that's not gonna work. You ready? You ready to see this? Aaron Okay, I'm looking.

let's see. people are rolling their eyes like it's not that hard to figure out a zoom call. You guys really isn't hybrid traffic? Yeah, that's way too much feedback. What it is, right? It's from Turtlewatch and you know you know I've been working with the company uh Turtle Wax and he's the only smart one that brought headsets gravity Zone on the floor only I Can they got their stuff shut off because of the feedback? Yeah.

I can't hear you Rich anyway? uh, you're not a troll. it's from. uh, you know Turtle Wax Marvel Mystery Oil are the same company? Oh really? Turtle Wax and marbles Mystery Oil is the same company. They're they're they're owned by the same corporations I didn't know that owned by the same Corporation Well and I do.

Everything's owned by the same Corporation it's it's weird because because I don't Ray can't hear me and when I'm talking or whatever he's saying something and then it feeds into screwing up. they want one conversation. I think we're having like six. Yeah, well.

richest. Anyway, this stuff is. It's a graphene acrylic trim restore that's not even on the market yet. Well, my computer just wigged out.

It doesn't come out until uh, 2023. It doesn't come out to 2023.. yeah, they wouldn't I think that'd be good stuff. They went ahead and sent it to me ahead of time and they said it's supposed to be the best stuff on the market.

Hmm yeah, somebody said who farted I need to have said wife unit gravity zone no Mad Max do we have more wife unit videos? Ray Well she's right here. I Mean you know? just let's get through this one first and then we'll do another one later. You should become more comfortable in front of the camera. embarrass her.

Embarrass her no, Do it. no no no no no no no I'll leave. I'll leave. Now you can't You're trapped in because there's a desk over here to the right and you cannot Escape can you plug this one? Oh oh what? Hang on we I don't even know if we have a jack for this on Monday does Cody have him I don't know I don't know I don't think I have a plug for it.

You want to check? see if we have one here? Yeah, let me see, is this? Oh yeah, right there. Oh we got some headphones. plug it in. oh I had to put it in all the way.
put it in all the way you got it. spray it with. PB Blaster Is this gonna work Say Something Rich check check check check. Problem is we're hearing the lagged audio, not current audio.

It's messing with my head. Yeah, it's YouTube muted. It's lagged high for me. Is that product from the PRI show in? Minneapolis That's where they are showing off new products before releasing the general public.

Yeah, it's a show by invite only. Yeah, it should. It should. Uh, it should be.

That's what she said. Did you see the oil results in your calendar? No, not yet. Mobile By far bombed the whole test. It was a Valvoline Advanced protection.

that was number one and then it was Castrol Edge that was number two. Then it was Castrol mag detect it was number three. liquid Molly was number four. they are not.

They are not kind of living up to their whole liquid. Molly 100 synthetic German-made the additive package is not that great in liquid Molly at all. and then mobile one just completely bombed it. Foreign.

What are you guys doing there was gonna mute his YouTube no, what are you guys doing there? Oh yeah for YouTube Muted yeah oh do you okay yeah. I Have that muted. Hello Good night. Yeah.

I'll lock up. That's fine. Put it inside. Thank you.

Yeah they'll agu. She had no idea like the neighbor lady came by to station to sleep. She had no idea we were on a live stream. It's positive it's yeah.

Can I spin this around Aaron How do you do? focus on the zoom meeting I am focusing on the zoom meeting I don't know how to use either one of them. There you go I can't hear anything you guys trying to break YouTube personal audio I heard something for it? No I don't look at the cash of oil. dang I don't know. Don't plug that.

Yeah, it's the same feeling. What we need to do is get a table with a big Set of Lights yeah one day or boss that interesting about this side. Real made in China The actual Turtle Wax Factory is here in Illinois uh the corporate office and the Marvel Mystery Oil uh office are here in Elk Grove Illinois Zoom noobs. Is that what it is? I'm I'm almost 40.

I can be a zoom new if I want to? Yeah yeah, what are you guys working on? Uh, we were working on an 07 Dirty. Max um and uh, so far that's it. No sassy. We have no audio now I'm almost 40.

yeah I think I fixed it I had cheese for dinner. We fixed it and there's no feedback. Oh Rich you try it. Say something.

We fixed it. You're a spring chicken. This is getting his feet wet here. No, this is my second day.

I'm already a pro. Yeah, all right. yeah, you got a lot of you know what I was looking at and and this is not to put you on a spot. your videos and your content does so well on your Channel that I was comparing something the other day just because I'm bored sitting at home and I looked at like Eric Oh and Scotty and everybody else and I'm like man, it takes them like five or six days plus to get the amount of views that your subscribers support you in like a day or two.
Like you're already there in like 24 to 48 hours where it takes them like an almost almost an entire week. That says a lot about the great weapon. I I got her. That's why they're they're looking at her.

How many people? How many of the 1400 guys watching or 1400 uh, people watching? Um, work with their wife? Are they part of the dynamic that provides food for the family? Um, does one do it one stay at home? Or are you guys are you guys working together as a team? I Think that's kind of a a different situation that you're normally accustomed to because usually both husband and wife will work different jobs to provide. Um. but when they're working together and one environment being the shop. I Think that kind of provides a you know, a crutch for for this side, a crutch for the side.

Um, we get along better now like we used to, we used to bicker at nothing and we just didn't seem to be on the paint same page. and now that we're spending daytime time together outside of our house I Think that's the world actually doing something. We we're we're just mentally on the same page and we just we don't bigger schools anymore, which is really cool. We worked, we work very well together.

You're not, um, a husband and wife. you guys are. but you're a team. Yeah, yeah.

think about what you were bringing home before, right? You were bringing home the work stress, the customer stress, everything that was going on in your life. Now you're in complete control for the most part of everything that's going on. So your life stabilized. Now it's well, we should we share this dress.

So you know I don't come home and I'm like oh, this happened and blah blah blah. she knows what's going on. So yeah, I know yeah I was there and you know, just just over the last few days of me being home doing my own thing around the house, working on our own vehicles and stuff like that, my stress level has been so much less of just focusing on what I need to focus on being in complete control of my life. And I think to myself sometimes how stressful can it be not only for us, but all these people watching and stuff that have to work for somebody else, that that have to bring that stuff home and bottle it up and keep it all inside.

and uh, have to do that every single day, day in and day out and eventually it ends up building up and building up. the stress gets crazy. You start getting crabby and irritated and taking it out on people not even realizing you're doing it. Okay, yeah, it does it it.

You know it's kind of like when you're injured, you're real irritable and you got a short temper. Things are just. they get under your skin real quick. and I think you know being high stress it's the same thing you're real irritable.
you're quick. Snap on people. it's you know and what I've learned about when you're under a lot of stress or you're carrying a lot of it is you don't realize how much has been built up until it's over and then do you have like this let down and then you look back and you're like man I was going through stuff I couldn't believe like I was that upset over this, that that and that and that and now that it's all gone, you almost don't know what to do with yourself because you're not managing a bunch of nonsense that you had to Wade through on a daily basis. You know that's you know it's odd right here.

What Mitch said Uh I could see what goes on. Uh, you know when you do work goes through at work? Yeah and yes and I do appreciate it more that I know exactly what he does because I couldn't do it that is. And it it really gives me a sense of it's amazing appreciation of what he does. Yeah, she has taught me patience.

My way of doing things is like the the exact opposite of her way of doing things. and and she does stuff and I'm like stop it, stop it Like why, but just do it this way. And I've just had to just be cool. And then the kids came into my life and then I really learned some patience because you can't.

They run the show. Don't tell them that, but they're they're in charge. The kids are all right. Here's something that we often don't think about though.

She knows what's going on, they're probably watching right now. Hey, she knows what's going on in your life now and she's a part of your life completely now. like across the board like she's She's involved in it. She knows what's going on and stuff like that.

You guys can talk to each other and stuff I have to call you Ray or I have to call Aaron or I have to call Cody and I have to vent to you guys and talk about what's going on in the industry. in my life and stuff in general. Because my family, they don't deal with that, they don't know how to deal with that, they don't know how to talk about that stuff. and sometimes what we have to go through on a daily basis a lot of people couldn't.

They couldn't handle the stress, the crazy customers, the part shortages, the all the stuff that we had to demand, people yelling and screaming at us. The job needs to be done now now two days ago and it's uh, it compounds and it just gets out of control. Okay, you know we were just talking. um, you know earlier today.

um you know I'm guilty as charged with with uh, getting, uh, upset or you know, letting the situation get, uh, the best of you sometimes and you know I was explaining to Ray There's three lanes in life that we have. We have your lane, your personal Lane This guy's laying behind you and the universe. You're not going to control the universe and you damn sure ain't control them. That guy's Laney You can only worry about your lane and I get so far from that uh, realization sometimes that I immensely have to tell myself like dude about yourself, don't worry about yourself guilty as charged your honor I'm I'm keep be real 100 minutes.
It's a it's a daily battle. Just just yeah it's hard but that's what you gotta do. Mom and dad said yes, the kids are watching. um it's hurting Yeah was like we should jump on a plane and go surprise those guys.

Hi kids, come on down. Yeah yeah the kids are watching on the 80 inch Tv. It's probably it's not an 80 but last live stream we were touting 80 inch TVs because people said they were watching 980 inches so our kids are on the they're watching on the big screen. Yeah, she makes 25 of shop income.

No, the wife makes all of the shop income because I could not function here if she wasn't here to to do with all the other stuff. she's 100 of the income. Yeah, a lot of guys you guys are you know, really? uh, really nice with the comments and you know I feel a lot of you guys can relate to what we're what we go through, you know, on a daily basis with work and what you encounter in your job. I wonder how many people in the comments section do What do what we do every day? How many people following are actually technicians that do this stuff that that know that'd be cool just to like one of the one of Ray's live streams that you know got.

He's got a full audience just to kind of get a check in. like here. how many of you are actually in the field to do this? This is a definite uh, huge audience compared to the you know, 150 200 that we have. So it's it's really I haven't looked yet I didn't look? uh yeah, it was like 1850 people I've seen at one point right now.

that's a lot of posts. It's a lot of people. Yeah late to the party Jeff You're late to the party. Everybody point and laugh Jeff's late.

we're at 2.1 Yeah. Jeff you actually are lady. We were about to sign off pretty soon we called it. Uh, we're gonna get out of here at 9 40.

it's 9 45 now. yeah, you're very late. If you guys liked the live stream before you leave and head out, make sure to hit that like button. We're gonna put all of our infos in the description.

Make sure to stop by uh Cp's garage Ford Boss Channel and uh uh mind Powerstroke Tech talk with A-Rod uh we're almost at 100K We got a big giveaway we're going to be doing. We got stuff from Thanks! We got stuff from SNS um some Ford stuff you guys We we completely forgot about the bank stuff like we. We went on this live stream to tell them that we were here in my shop making videos of the eye Dash and the pedal monster in the truck and we're We're over here taking off like wait. We never did what we came here to do.

That's because it took us 45 minutes to set this up. We completely forgot. You ruined it. Yeah, so be on the lookout.
maybe tomorrow I don't know. maybe Sunday I've got at least one video of A bank's Eye Dash and a pedal monster install on my Silverado Um, everyone put together a couple shorts already and he's got a video coming out of the install also. so there's like two angles of this single installation I think that's gonna be really cool to watch. Yeah, yeah, but yeah, next couple days or so we're coming out with another one, uh, collaborated joint venture.

That's that's why we're here. That's why Aaron's in the office. that's that's what we're doing today. so we do have some Bank stuff coming out.

What'd you see I said I see his head back there finally I was trying to yeah, there he is now I see it. he's even got. Oh we even got the bank shirts on look I got mine on yeah Aaron's got his bank shirt on. That's cool.

Hey love the flag man I Love the flag. That's awesome! First thing baby. First thing I came in. are you talking about my flag or his flag? Both the flags on the shirt I flew mine.

yeah mine went up. That was the first thing I did when I got here is I put that flag up right there all day for all the veterans out there. Thank you for your service and we hope the Army's Legion Hope you guys have uh great holidays with your with your friends and family. All right guys! I Think we're gonna go ahead and sign this one out.

I'm good to go. It's getting late. we're taking.

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